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Sex drive is the desire to engage oneself in some kinds of sexual activities that may be a sexual

intercourse or an outer course. •

It depends upon the biological, social, and

psychological conditions of the person. •

The incidence of low libido in women is more

than in case of men.

Women have a tendency to suppress their sexual urge due to various social factors.

Due to pregnancy, menopause or similar kinds of situations, a woman’s sex desire may be affected.

Usually, low libido in women is temporary which is restored within a few hours to a few days.

If it persists longer, it is a cause for concern, and needs to be treated.

A woman’s sex drive is closely associated with her menstrual cycle.

Majority of women experience enhanced sexual desire for many days immediately preceding ovulation.

Testosterone level increases gradually from around 24th day till ovulation, and during these days women experience heightened sexual urge.

Menopause is a factor in low sex drive in women.

The estrogen levels decrease after menopause, and hence, women have less sexual urge.

However, the reverse of it may be the case with some women.

Treatment of low libido in women naturally is possible by a nutritious diet, physical activities, and healthy lifestyle.

A woman must be biologically, physically, and psychologically sound to have strong sex drive.


This disorder can be very effectively treated by Kamni capsule.


This capsule is an herbal preparation containing natural herbs as its ingredients, and so, it treats low libido in women naturally without any side effects.


It elevates the level of energy, and reduces toxin level in the body.


The herbs used to prepare this capsule supply the female body with the necessary nutrients depleted due to unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet, menopause, and pregnancy.


Kamni capsule contains such rare and natural herbs as Akarkara, Sonth, Laung, Jaipatri, Abrak Bhasm, Bang Bhasm, Ras Sindhoor, Hingul, Sulphur, Opium to name a few.


These herbs contain immense medicinal properties, and can cure all sex related problems

including low libido in women fast and naturally.


That is why; Kamni capsule helps secrete estrogen, enhances immunity of the body, strengthens muscles including pelvic muscles, repairs tissues of the female genitals, and provides strength and stamina to women.


The increased flow of blood to the female genitals

enhances sensation and sex drive.


The regular use of two capsules twice daily for three to four months can provide the best results.

How To Treat Low Sex Drive In Women Fast And Naturally?