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• Herbs that have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties are the most effective remedies to help relieve arthritis and joint pain. • The benefits of using these herbal products are they don’t have any side effects on your health. • Herbal remedies to help relieve arthritis and joint pain: • Boswellia is one of the best anti-inflammatory agents, and Dharmanis.Com

can be used in treating problems associated with arthritis.

• Capsaicin or cayenne, which is a burning agent found in chili or capsicum is a wonderful pain reliever. • Ginger tea or grated ginger is helpful in relieving arthritis joint pain. • Two grams of devils claw should be taken three times a day. • It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that help to overcome the signs of arthritis. Dharmanis.Com

• Take a teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix with one glass of water and take it every morning on empty stomach, it helps in reducing inflammation. • Consume a paste made out of aspen bark and white willow for effective results. • Horsetail is filled with silicon and it is very good for strengthening the tissue. Dharmanis.Com

• Extracts of licorice root and celery seed are wonderful antiinflammatory agents for arthritis. • Blue berries, hawthorn berries and cherries have compounds such as proanthocyanidins and anthocyanidins. • These are good for increasing and maintaining collagen. • In order to reduce the stiffness in joints you can use hot castor oil and massage on your joints. Dharmanis.Com

• Oil from angelica root should be added to warm water and used while bathing to treat swollen joints. • Applying moist, hot fenugreek packs on swollen joints help a lot in relieving pain. • A mixture made of celery seeds, willow leaves and wild yam may be combined with warm bath water. • This is a good remedy for inflammation in joints. Dharmanis.Com

• You can also take willow bark tea two times a day. • It is good for treating pain and swelling in joints. • Extracts of ginger are beneficial in treating arthritis pain. • Ginger is a good antioxidant that helps the body in getting rid of harmful oxidizing agents. • Willow bark tea works like aspirin in relieving pain. • A cup of tea made out of papaya seed may be consumed Dharmanis.Com

often to help relive arthritis pain.

•Taking garlic cloves fried in butter helps in reducing pain and inflammation. • One glass of warm water combined with honey and apple cider vinegar helps in reducing the pain. • Cod liver oil helps in treating swollen joints. • According to studies both Rumoxil oil and capsule act as a safe remedy in treating joint pain, inflammation and Dharmanis.Com


• Lack of side effects is main advantage of using Rumoxil capsule and oil. • If you are looking for an ideal remedy to treat this condition, it is recommended to use capsule along with Rumoxil oil. • In order to get the best result, ensure that you apply the oil before bath. • Improving joint flexibility and cartilage regeneration are the important advantages of using these products. Dharmanis.Com

What Can Help You To Relieve Arthritis Joint Pain?  

Rumoxil capsule and oil act as a safe remedy in treating joint pain, inflammation and stiffness. Lack of side effects is main advantage of u...