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Manage Your Diabetes Better With These Tips

Most people do not like the idea of having to prick their fingertips with needles, but this isn’t the main reason they are scared of having diabetes. However, other conditions that can occur with diabetes, like the eye disease known as diabetic retinopathy, can be frightening. Do whatever you can to prevent your diabetes from progressing that far. In the following paragraphs, you’ll find advice that will help you take control of your diabetes. There has been some debate about drinking moderately to reduce the risks of developing diabetes. It is important to avoid alcohol if you already have diabetes though because it has effects on a person’s blood sugar levels. Make sure you talk about your alcohol consumption with your doctors. TIP! One myth is that you have to avoid all sugars. Do not get rid of sugar entirely, simply stay away from foods too rich in sugar such as sweets.

If you are afflicted with diabetes, six smaller meals can be better than three traditional ones each day. Eating small healthy meals, several times a day, will keep your blood sugar stable. Plus, by eating regularly you are less likely to have an eating binge due to being hungry. One of the key things you need to understand is what ketoacidosis is and what causes it. When blood sugars run high, it is often because of ketoacidosis, or an increase in acid within the blood. This creates ketones, which are acidic byproducts that raise the levels of blood acid. This can be very harmful and may even result in a coma. The symptoms include fruity-smelling breath, confusion, and extreme thirst. You can treat these symptoms with insulin as well as making sure to get yourself hydrated. For prevention of ketoacidosis, keep a close eye on your blood sugar levels, take your prescribed dosage of insulin and know the symptoms of this condition. TIP! The glycemic index is a number that reflects how much effect different foods have on your blood sugar level. For diabetics, the GI numbers should be as low as possible.

Upon receiving a diagnosis of diabetes, a person should gain as much knowledge about the disease as possible. By learning a lot about diabetes, you could be able to care for yourself better. Diabetes is best handled with knowledge and a sense of responsibility. Do not overeat if you suffer from hypoglycemia. While it is important that you consume an adequate mount of sugar in your diet, however, excess sugars can raise your blood glucose levels, which can lead to further health problems.


TIP! If you’re a diabetic and you’re experiencing problems related to your vision, see to it that you consult your doctor. Cataracts, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy can be the result of uncontrolled diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes If you are expecting and suspect that you might have gestational diabetes, it is imperative that you ask your doctor to help you. If you do have gestational diabetes and you choose to look the other way, you are not only putting yourself in harm’s way, but your baby’s health as well. A physician can give you prescription medication safe for pregnancy and good dietary suggestions. TIP! Keep meal schedules consistent. Skipped or delayed meals can cause a diabetic’s blood glucose levels to become out of control.

Exercise can be an effective way to maintain healthy levels of blood glucose by increasing insulin sensitivity in you body. Do resistance training and aerobic exercise for best results.

Sleep Apnea TIP! Get some exercise regularly. Regular exercise will contribute to the stabilizing of blood sugar levels.

Get tested for sleep apnea if you suffer from diabetes. If you have sleep apnea, get it treated as soon as possible to keep yourself healthy. As the introduction of this article mentioned, it’s the potential to go blind and other debilitating side effects associated with diabetes that really scare people. You can work past the fear and use the information you’ve learned here to ensure that you’re never a victim of these nasty complications. TIP! If you live with diabetes, it is critical that you find healthy ways to indulge. You don’t have to eliminate all the sweets you enjoy.

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Manage Your Diabetes Better With These Tips  

TIP! One myth is that you have to avoid all sugars. Do not get rid of sugar entirely, simply stay away from foods too rich in sugar such as...

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