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We have previously launched the first Online Initiative which made a really big success, that’s why we’re launching the second one once we reach 500 likes on our facebook page! The campaign will last for 10 days, in which we will post each day what to eat to attain a weight loss of 4-6 kg! So, come on! Share our page on your timeline to be part of this weight loss initiative and help you rself or anyone you care about lose weight “healthily”.

Diet Tip Have a fat free yoghurt with fruits with some almonds on top of it as a healthy snack at mid noon. Adds up only around 100 calories!

Skinny Plates Skinny Fajitas (390 calories per portion, 5g fat) 1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6. 7.

Cut one onion longitudinally and stir-fry with 1 tbsp of oil in a flat pan. Add colored long-cut bell peppers and corn and stirfry with the onions for 2-3 minutes. Add 500g of striped skinless chicken breasts (portion by portion) to the pan and stir-fry quickly with salt and fajitas peppers. Remove the mix and divide it into 4 portions Spread 1 tsp of light mayo or crushed avocado on each of 4 light tortilla breads Add one portion of the chicken into each tortilla Wrap the tortillas and toast them in a pan or in the oven

From our Menu Walnuts are a great source of omega-3, essential proteins, and fiber! Eating just 2 halves per day fulfills your daily requirement of omega-3. So go ahead, choose this perfect combination of walnuts, rocca, and grilled chicken from our menu for a perfect dinner! Choose your meal at: mealchoice



NeeVie Sante

Forever Slim Reader’s Corner The Weekend Lunch Idea: P. F. Chang’s sweet and sour chicken (2 Tbsp of the dressing) with 1 portion brown rice (450 calories) Dessert Idea: ½ Foret Noir cake at any patisserie (200 calories)

It is astonishing how creative some clients are! Our client Mrs. K.F. (We hope you don’t mind the initials too!) is a big fan of pastries or better said “Mou3ajjanet” and she won’t give up on them that easy! So we sat down together and shared our expertise, she in cooking, and us in losing ;) And the result: A healthy, low cal, full of fiber “3ajineh” for you to use in making your “mou3ajanet”  1. Mix 2 cups of brown flour and 1 cup white flour 2. Place 2 cups of All Bran cornflakes in your moulinex , crush them in 2 rounds only and add to the flour 3. Add also 1 tbsp sugar, sprinkle salt, 3 Tbsp oil and 1 tbsp yeast (“Khamireh”) and mix then start adding water until its soft enough. Enjoy!

In Lebanon Only!

Best Diet Myths Diet Sodas will make me gain weight No they won’t! In terms of calories, they will not. Those drinks are truly almost zero in calories. But, since they are sweetened with an artificial sweetener, they may fake your brain into thinking that the body has eaten sugar, but where is it? So in your brain’s search for actual sugar, you will be craving sweets. So if you control this craving, they won’t cause weight gain. Also, they may cause bloating and indigestion which gives you the sensation of gain weight. Not the healthiest drinks though, so have water instead!

Only in Lebanon do people order like 10 appetizers in a Lebanese restaurant and main meals (grilled meats), but they never make it to the main meals!

NeeVie Sante - By Nivine ElAlami Licensed Dietitian and Clinical Nutritionist from the American University of Beirut Mobile: + 961-3-789096 e-mail:


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