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So it’s the old scenario. You go to the dietitian, she gives you the usual diet or you pay her for your meal delivery subscription. Then, you either bust your diet or eat meals in addition to the ones sent to you. We’re here to tell you: STOP. Visit us to get a special personalized diet plan according to your lifestyle with meal delivery incorporated on some days to enjoy delicious foods and more importantly love your diet and LOSE WEIGHT permanently!

Diet Tips Have edamame (green soya beans) at any Japanese restaurant as an appetizer. They curb your appetite, add to your protein intake, and not add much to your calories! (1\2 cup = 100 calories)

In the kitchen Skinny Stroganove (420 calories per portion, 4g fat) 1. 2.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Cut one onion longitudinally and stir-fry with 1 tbsp of oil in a flat pan. Add 500g of striped lean beef meat (portion by portion) to the pan and stir-fry quickly with salt and black pepper Remove the mix and add 2 to 3 cups of skimmed milk to the pan Add 200g mushrooms, black pepper, 1\2 tsp mustard and salt to the milk Dissolve 2 tsp of cornstarch flour with water and add gradually to the boiling milk to achieve a thick broth Add the meat to the thickened broth Divide into 4 portions each with 10 tbsp of rice and enjoy!

From our Menu Omega -3 helps you fight infections, reduce your blood triglycerides, protect your heart, and help you in weight loss. Why not have your daily requirement with our Salmon and veggies plate? (270 calories). Choose your meal at: /mealchoice

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Skinny in Bikini The Weekend Lunch Idea: 1 Guilt-Free burger from Crepaway with green salad

400 calories Dessert Idea: 2 scoops fruit flavored ice-cream from Pain D’or

200 Calories

Reader’s Corner A special Asian Dressing by a special client: Ms. Amira Bizri – A Plus Plan Client “Here is a dressing to elaborate our light meals. It goes great with shrimp salad or grilled veggies and steak :) Asian Light Dressing: 2 garlic gloves (crushed) 1 tbsp fresh ginger (crushed) 1 tbsp light soya sauce 1 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp white vinager 1 tbsp mustard Spices: black pepper, cajun and salt (to taste) Add a bit of water and fine herbs to taste as well Sahtein :):):)” – Amira Bizri

In Lebanon Only!

Best Diet Myths Vitamin Supplements will make you gain weight! No they won’t! Unless the vitamin supplement is an appetite stimulant (usually made for kids), then it will not stimulate your appetite. Those supplements usually contain the vitamins and minerals that we all need to consume daily in adequate amounts. Since no one can get100% daily of all of them, you should all take a multivitamin supplement daily.

Best Lebanese post Saturday party snack? Hotdogs! With ketchup, mustard, chips, soft bun, cheddar and pepsi!

Not less than 900 calories that’s for sure

NeeVie Sante, a concept By Nivine ElAlami Licensed Dietitian and Clinical Nutritionist from the American University of Beirut Mobile: + 961-3-789096 e-mail:


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Our second issue from our monthly newsletters. Enjoy the tips and tricks! :)

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