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Stellenbosch has a new surf shop! Boost Surf Shop recently opened their 2nd branch in the newl y r e vam ped Eikestad Mall. If you are a fan of Hurley clothing, t hen w elc ome to heaven. The guys at Boost offer a range of guys and girls clothing, wetsuits and accessories. What sets them apart from the average surf shop is their dedication to and involvement with the local music scene. They have recently sponsored local band Bright Blue City and are selling local band cd’s in the store. Hats off to the boys from Boost, the service is great and the prices are not half bad either. Good luck with the new shop, from us all at The Niva Rock And Roll Gig Guide.

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In 2009 the band entered into the studio with acclaimed Producer Mark Trombino, to record their Sophomore full length Record entitled 'Long Live Tonight'. The record was released in June 2010. Dance, You're On Fire!

The group’s debut album, ‘This City Needs a Hero’ was released in 2007 with the album being recorded and produced in part at London’s Miloco Studios by the Grammy nominated team of Colin Richardson and Matt Hyde. In August 2007 ‘Serenade’, the first single from the album, reached 5FM's Top 40 and Hi5@5 charts, as well as all campus radio stations around the country, peaking at number 1 on numerous charts. The ‘Serenade’ music video also received extensive play & remained at number 1 on the MK video charts for a number of weeks. It was also the most voted for song of 2007 by the South African public on the 5FM Hi5@5 chart. The band's second single ‘Get Away’ followed soon after also achieving many number 1 slots on both 5FM and on campus radio stations. ‘Heroes’, the third single from the album was also play listed on 5FM and campus radio stations and the song's supporting video is currently receiving extensive play on MK, MTV Africa and SABC3. Internationally the single ‘Broken Skyline’ enjoyed success on the UK market after being added to Kerrang Radio’s play list as well as their annual ‘Kerrang Unsigned’ Compilation.

Described by many as a good fuse between Fallout Boy and Panic At The Disco, the band describes themselves as a mixture of rock&roll with the aim being to be able to deliver tracks with both a pop sensibility and an element of creativity. Their live performances are energetic, powerful and flawless, making them one of 2011’s hottest bands. The band has spent a lot of time playing around South Africa building a steady following wherever they play. In April 2010 the band released their first single, ‘Blockade’, which was play-listed on 5fm, featured on MK on high rotation, and charted on a number of national and campus radio stations including a number one position on Tuks-FM. CrashCarBurn have completed four nationwide tours, The band then released their second single, 'Little including the “XBOX 360 Summer Tour” in 2007 and War' in late 2010 to television and radio with similar the “Powerzone Roadshow”, “God Save the Clubs success. It too was playlisted on 5fm and featured on Tour” and the “Powerzone Summer Tour” in 2008. high rotation on a number of commercial and During 2008 they also supported the American band university based radio stations. With a powerful album OK go! on their South African tour in February and out, and an extensive touring schedule on the were chosen to play at the MyCokeFest festival in horizon, Dance, You’re On Fire are without a doubt, one of the hottest acts to watch this year. *catch the April, supporting Muse, Good Charlotte, 30 Seconds to band in action on their Niva Cape Town tour in May! Mars, Chris Cornell & Korn. CrashCarBurn performed at the MTV Africa Music Awards Media Launch Party and were nominated in the 21st YOU Spectacular awards in the ‘Best Male Newcomer’ category, held at Emperors Palace. The band expanded internationally in 2008 winning the MTVU Freshmen competition for their "Serenade" music video, as well as having significant play on MTV Africa. They also took part in the Vans Warped Tour 2008, performing sixteen dates across the east coast of America and two dates in Canada to crowds in excess of 14 000 people per show. They performed alongside international bands Angels and Airwaves, Paramore, Story of the Year, Reel Big Fish, Pennywise and Katy Perry amongst others.

Catch Dance, You’re on Fire at The Viper Lounge on Saturday 28th May supported by Thought Police. 3

What has happened to real rock and roll? I mean, the sort of rock and roll that makes you want to tear your shirt off, and run around naked? I don't know what happened to rock and roll other than MTV, but I’m glad to report that it has returned in the form of Milnerton rockers, My Flawless Ending! Cape Town based rockers My Flawless Ending are not entirely new to the music scene. Having been around since early 2008, the trio have been steadily building a following just as crazy as them, with fans known to randomly join the band on stage during performances, singing along to every word so passionately which always seems perfectly delivered by the band. While their 2009 EP “Chapters in a Book” made little waves in the Cape Town music scene, 2011 has seen them rise to the top of many venues’ list as a must-have act. The band kicked off 2011 with the closing slot at Rock the River and ended up putting on one of the best performances on the entire weekend. In February 2011 MFE won the first round of the Niva BOTB by scoring 97% on their judges scorecards and simply seemed to gently step over all 11 of the competing acts on the night. A day we cannot forget will be the Niva BOTB Finals where MFE once again dominated the stage with their highly energetic stage performance and old school insane guitar solos from Justin kept everybody jumping. My Flawless Ending are definitely a “perfectly crafted band” in the sense of the band sounds exactly the way they look, and acts exactly the way they sound. The band has turned many a head over past months with performances getting better and better, show by show. May sees the band prepare for their biggest shows yet with Crash Car Burn and Dance, Your On Fire! All the details to these events can be found on the pull-out gig guide.


...Show after show, the band’s performance is amazing. This is a MUST SEE act...

This is a band you don't want to miss, so check their gig line-up on Facebook, bring a camera, cigarettes and a lot of energy to one of these shows! Catch them at the following gigs in May: 06 May - Nameless Pub, Somerset West 18 May - Zula Bar, Cape Town 25 May - Purple Turtle, Cape Town 27 May - Klein Libertas Theatre, Stellenbosch

WINNERS of the 2011 Niva BOTB!

WIN 2 TICKETS to the upcoming Dance, You’re on Fire! Cape Town tour!!! Send us a photo of you and your mates at any My Flawless Ending show before 15 May 2011.

You know the feeling we all get when we hear a new ‘super long’ Afrikaans band name? Haha, well I am pleased to state that after attending at least 5 gigs where Die Seisoen Na Somer were playing, I have become able to give you an accurate and interesting scoop on the band. Die Seisoen Na Somer was formed on the 24th of October 2008, replacing their band at the time which was called Samaritan. Since the formation of DSNS, the guys have formed a strong reputation and following, especially in Somerset West, Strand and Stellenbosch. The band has shared the stage with many great SA bands including Straatligkinders, EF -EL, Glaskas, Van Coke Kartel, Heuwels Fantasties and Taxi Violence. After getting to know the band on a personal level, I noticed a passion and drive for success which we don't see in every band these days. Studying, girlfriends and a band….still not enough to come between the amazing friendship they all share. Eurice (vocalist) described it like this: “without our friendship, there is no band.” DSNS has been represented by Grim Republic Music and currently signed to Niva Records. If I could describe the music I would have to say that I can hear definite influences from bands such as Fokofpolisiekar and Breaking Benjamin. The band’s latest release called “Vir wat dit werd is” has been played on 5FM, MFM, UCT Radio with the guys ready and set to release their follow-up music video within the next 2 months. I just have to say shot for supplying us with something different and I am sure that we are all awaiting news on a 2nd studio album!

Die Seisoen Na Somer is, to me, a band as diverse as the 4 seasons, with their music ranging from commercial poprock to posthardcore.

Download the band’s tracks from their Facebook page!

Beach Road, Strand 079 770 7105

WIN a copy of this album by answering this simple question:

Q: How many members are in Die Seisoen Na Somer? E-mail your name and answer to 5

Fokofpolisiekar Straatligkinders Glaskas

30% 9% 9%

Die Seisoen Na Somer 30% Valiant Swart 17% Gee Oor 5%

NEXT MONTH’S POLL: Which is your favourite venue? Mercury Live/Lounge Berties Mooring Gecko Bar

The Nameless Pub Purple Turtle Aandklas

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Venue of the month: Purple Turtle Ladies and gentlemen of our rock&roll community, we have without doubt noticed the steady decrease of our beloved Purple Turtle over the past while right? Well, let me be the dude to tell you that you better hold onto your socks, because the guys at PT have been putting in an amazing amount of time and effort to ensure the venue can be right at the top once again. Introducing Supernova Student nights...PT has filled my Wednesday evening for the past few weeks with awesome performances by bands such as When Karma Sleeps, Arno Carstens, SGQ, Obsessie Met Als, Checked Zebra, Saintfearless, LoveGlove, My Flawless Ending, The Bone Collectors, Anton Syndrome and many many more...and to top this all off, students get in cheaper with a student card making PT the host of amazing drink specials for the “mid-week student crisis”.

A full house at Purple Turtle greeted the finals of the Niva BOTB in March.

Don’t forget to catch Supernova Student Nights @ Purple Turtle every Wednesday evening! Crash Car Burn and Dance! Your on fire will be tearing the stage on Wednesday 25th May along with CT rockers My Flawless Ending.

As musicians and people who live for rock and roll, it is our duty to assist this venue get on top of our struggling industry. Are we not tired of rock clubs having 1 or 2 band nights and 3 or 4 electronic nights per week? Its up to us to bring back Purple Turtle as I know we all miss the Turtle more than our stolen cellphones and broken marriages...they just cant compare to the history and rock and roll scent that has been embedded in the floors and walls of the legendary Purple Turtle! Hats off to the guys at Turtle for putting in the hours and attention that will revive our favourite venue in Cape Town!

“We have been working really hard at getting some great acts on our stage and its amazing to see the support that we have rekindled over the last 18 months! “ Marius, Purple Turtle

Photographer: Chris Ludweag, Styling: Marica Models: Irina and Cindy from 3D Model Management Photos supplied by 3D Model Management



5th - Classics Party 6th - Durex Ultimate Battle Finals 7th - Homegrown drum & bass 13th - BOO! & Boombox Troopers 14th - Rub-a-Dub 17th - Stoncollar, Natasha Meister

Mercury Live and Lounge 43 De Villiers Street, Zonnebloem, Tel: 021 465 2106

4th - The Great Apes 5th - Southpaw 6th - Kool out Live 7th - Captain Stu and Stereo Zen 11th - The Legalos with Forgotten Superhero 12th - Merike 14th - Kings of Vegas 18th - NIVA This Good Rebellion 20th - The Plastics

9th - Monday night Jazz Jam with Ramon Alexander 11th - Plush CD Launch 13th - Homegrown Stellenbosch 16th - Monday night Jazz Jam 23rd - Monday night Jazz Jam 27th - NIVA CrashCarBurn, Dance, You’re on Fire with My Bright Blue City

Klein Libertas Theatre Du Toit Street, Stellenbosch Tel: 076 416 7230

7th - Starkravingsane 8th - McCree and the Sleepers 14th - Bed on Bricks 21st - Friends of Syd Kitchen 22nd - Dino Mirada

10th - 12th Avenue 14th - BOO! 21st - EJ van Lyrik & Captain Stu

6th - 12th Avenue, Die Seisoen Na Somer and My Flawless Ending 21st - NIVA My Flawless Ending, Bright Blue City 29th - NIVA Dance, You’re on Fire, Zula Sound Bar 194 Long Street, Cape Town Tel: 021 424 2442

Cape Farmhouse Junction M66 & M65, Scarborough, Tel: 021 780 1246

Aandklas 43A Bird Street, Stellenbosch Tel: 021 883 3545

The Nameless Pub Main Road, Somerset West Tel: 072 555 2356

Hidden Cellar Cnr Bird & Herte, Stellenbosch Tel: 021 883 3512 5th - NIVA Anton Syndrome with The Bone Collectors and Fingers in the Sky

1st - Boulevard Blues Band 6th - Jesse Jordan 8th - Gerlad Clark 13th - Akkedis 15th - Boulevard Blues Band 20th - Joint State 22nd - Natasha Meister 27th - Bed on Bricks 29th - Valiant Swart

Bertie’s Mooring Harbour Island, Gordon’s Bay Tel: 021 856 3343

20th - Sailor Jerry’s Holy Smoku 21st - Heathens, Suiderbees and A Walk with the Wicked 25th - The Ghost Inside (USA) 28th - NIVA - CrashCarBurn, Die Seisoen Na Somer and When Karma Sleeps

1st - Southern Gypsy Queen with When Karma Sleeps and Anton Syndrome 4th - Red Huxley, Dead Alphabet 7th - Arno Carstens, Fox Comet 11th - Nevay, Liberty Attain, Black Moscow, Firefly 14th - Captain Stu, 7th Son 18th - Jax Panik, Popstar, Stepdog 21st - Fox Comet, Woodstock Mafia, Anton Syndrome 22nd - Tidal Waves, Hot Water 25th - NIVA Dance, You’re on Fire, When Karma Sleeps, My Flawless Ending 28th - Ard Matthews, Witness to Wolves

Purple Turtle Cnr Shortmarket and Long Str Tel: 021 424 0811

21st - Fire Through the Window, New Holland and Like Knives 25th - McGuyver Knife 26th - 5 Levels up 28th - The Rockerfellas

26th - NIVA - Dance, You’re on Fire and Four A Penny

ROAR/Gandalfs 299 Lower Main Road, Observatory, Tel: 083 330 0700

6th - Cuberpunkers feat Kennedy, Dank, George Daniel and more 7th - Holiday Murray Album Launch 13th - ”Night of the Black Cat” 14th - Plush Album Launch 20th - Double Adapter, Spektra, etc 21st - Gazelle 28th - Goldfish

The Assembly 61 Harrington Street, District 6 Tel: 021 465 7286

28th - ESP Jazz Band with Ramon Alexander 30th - Monday night Jazz Jam

SEND US YOUR ARTICLES GIGGUIDE@NIVARECORDS.COM Let me tell you a story of the little band that could. They practiced hard and social networked their hearts out. But they still had to deal with poor sound, small audiences, late nights and little to no help from the venues that they were helping to sustain. They tried to get opening slots with bands that had over 200 fans on Facebook. They printed posters and flyers and they played weeknights and evenings when bigger bands had bigger shows on elsewhere.

iPod playlist. This is what you get in Cape Town. But, you also get venues who want their audiences to have a good time, with good sound, good lights and good bands. You get bands that want to entertain however many people braved the evening to listen to them play. You get managers and promoters who love what they do and will do almost anything to push a band they feel has potential. This too, you get in Cape Town.

This seems to be a rather strange story for kids with dreams of rock stardom. But this is what you get And you get the audience who understands that when you play in Cape Town. without all of these elements – without the holy trinity of venue, band and audience – we would You get venues who want bands so that they can not have any scene to complain about in Cape sell alcohol in the guise of providing entertainment. Town….By Kevin Stuart. Venues who don't care that their audience is standing outside during the set breaks because the canned music is simply too loud and prevents them Send your music related stories from socializing. Venues that open early and expect to their audience to wait around for another 2 hours before they can hear the music that they came to hear. Venues that are dingy, dirty and in poor repair. Venues that expect bands to bring their own crowd and then expect that band to be grateful for whatever little slice of the pie they may get. This is what you get in Cape Town. Business opportunities within Niva currently include You get bands that define their success by the the services of photographers, engineers, booking number of fans on their Facebook page when less agents, event co-ordinate’s and journalists. If you than 15 of those fans will come and see them possess these skills and are interested in working perform. You get bands that don't honor their within this industry, then contact us via commitments and bands that have “lost their own self-respect”. Bands that won't do anything to help others for fear of losing “their” fans to that band. Bands that don't appreciate help given by another band, for whatever reason. You get managers who think that a band is theirs to control. That they can decide what the band looks like, sounds like and acts like, which instruments they play and even what they wear. You get promoters who book bands into venues with the wrong crowds. Promoters who get offended the first time a band is unable to take a gig for whatever reason, despite any previous track record. Promoters who won't return emails and, when phoned, will ask to be emailed. You get audiences who want the already-famous the next big thing as long as it's already big. Audiences that think that if it's local, it's bad and that only international music is good enough for their

If you are interested in advertising in this magazine at unbelievable introductory rates, please contact us at

1000’s ATTEND K-DAY 2011 ON A 40°C SUMMERS DAY! KFM’s annual music festival turned out to be one of the hottest events this year, in both senses of the word. While the temperature peaked at a scorching 40°C, acts like Prime Circle and Goldfish burnt up the stage and set the crowd alight with their tight beats and incredible performances. The Capetonians once again turned out in masses, filling up the beautiful Val de Vie Wine and Polo Estate near Paarl, which was hosting this event for the first time this year. As before, KFM and Santam organised a great event with a wide variety of food, drink and merchandise on offer to entertain and serve the crowd between performances. Just a note for those of you planning on attending the event next year: Remember to take your own umbrellas. The shortage of umbrellas at this year’s event led to a few near-outbreaks of fist fights. Seems like people are taking their sun protection more seriously and are willing to break a few legs to keep their family in the shade. Other than that, well done to KFM and Santam for providing us with another opportunity to enjoy some awesome local music.


SWEDISH SUPERGROUP ROXETTE! LOOK OUT! Roxette, known for their many hits including “Joyride” and “Dressed for Success”, are returning to South African shores in May as part of their first world tour in 16 years. The duo consists of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle and has been performing together since the late 1980’s, releasing the first Roxette track “Neverending Love” in 1986. They went on hiatus in mid-1990’s after Fredriksson was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The next time they took to the stage was in 2009.

VENUES AND DATES Tickets available on

Grand West 08, 10, 11 May 2011 Tickets R250 - R375 Sun City 13, 14, 15 May 2011

Their songs, dated yet still popular, continue to receive radio time and “It must have been love” and Listen to your heart” have both recently received awards for achieving over 4 million radio plays each. Over 60 million of their records have been sold worldwide. Apart from the recently extended world tour, Roxette released a brand new album on 11 February 2011 entitled “Charm School”. The first single off the album “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)” has made it into the Top 10 German Singles chart and just entered the UK Radio Airplay Chart. Catch them in Johannesburg and Cape Town during May. Catch them playing in Grand West Casino and Sun City Casino and Resort during May.

The brand new Roxette Singbox app is now available on iTunes! The Singbox is a karaoke machine for your phone, with Roxette tracks and videos to sing along to.



When I planned on bringing you a review on the new tracks, I realised t ha t a ft e r se ein g t he ban d’ s performance on their CD launch a few weeks ago, that there is something you must know before I even begin talking about the CD...I LOVE THIS BAND!!!

On another note, I did certainly feel that the band should have recorded a full CD because there is nothing worse than enjoying a CD, skipping to track 7, but it just isn't there. I am sure that a lot of us were expecting a few more songs on this album.

12th Avenue released their new selftitled CD to a fully packed Mercury (grrr) on Friday 1st of April. With each new song carrying the original feel and tone of the older stuff, the new songs had me on the edge of my seat (even though I was standing) with the duration of the show picking up momentum. In my opinion, 12th Avenue fits their genre perfectly, and although they have aged (yes, musicians do get older) their music certainly hasn't. If you have an extra R100 in your wallet, and want some ear candy, you Catch 12th Avenue @ The Nameless Pub in Somerset west on the 6th better get your hands on this release! of May along with My Flawless Ending and Die Seisoen Na Somer. Recorded at Juxta studios, the band has managed to top previous releases Track listing: with a CD that combines the guys we know and love with a new dimension 1. Walk on the water that will attract new and old. Vocalist 2. Wasting time Mark Haze is at the top of his game it 3. Sally seems with this album, showing a 4. Taking my heart with you diversity from previous work and 5. Lost in confusion holding a captivating power in his 6. Nightmare vocals throughout the album.

If you spend some time on the guitar forums, and review pages, you will find endless opinions on what is better Multi effect units, or individual effects pedals. The real choice in the end comes with your ear. The common argument is "multi effects sound harsh and digital". This may be true with some older models, however, with the right setup, the latest units can produce sounds equally organic and soul-full as most single effects pedals.

ZOOM G2.1u multi effects pedal Introducing The G Series from Zoom. Each G Series Pedal offers two algorithms: One for live and one for recording. The sound you created at practice or in the studio can now be brought straight to the stage. Or take the sounds you worked out during a rehearsal and apply them seamlessly in the recording studio. Your creative scope has suddenly doubled. 54 High-Quality Effects Made Possible by 32-Bit Processing. A total of nine effects modules are included, including dynamics, ambience, drive, and modulation. Together they offer 54 types of effects. The Harmonized Pitch Shifter lets you play along in key. Use long delays or multi-tap delay of up to 5000 milliseconds. Select dynamic flanger and have the effect level controlled by picking intensity. Select from 3 types of modulation waveforms for the tremolo. A multitude of high-performance choices opens up totally new territory in this class. Touch up the harmonic register with the 6-band equalizer. The cabinet simulator gives a choice of mic positions. The G Series has an incredible level of flexibility and the ability to create an awesome array of great tones. Thanks to the speed of Zoom's new processors, that annoying interval when switching patches has been all but eliminated. With its amazing speed of 0.005 seconds, the G Series pedals never miss a beat. When changing from rhythm to lead, you no longer need to press the switch slightly in advance. Simply push the foot switch and start playing the solo phrase. No more fear of losing the rhythm when making patch changes. Depending on your style of play, this pedal will either contribute or take a lot away from your sound. Expect to pay just over R2000.00 for the G2.1u. *Information courtesy of

Durable unit that can handle a gigging lifestyle, but can it actually give you what you need from a pedal? Hmmm...


Liberty Attain started out with jam sessions in the misty mountains of the Helderbrg nearly 5 years ago and have previously played under band names such as Sandy’s Remington Collection and Myesilodye. The three founding members being Willem, Nicolas and Lafras, started jamming together in 2005 and after 2 more years of jamming together the band met paths with the current guitarist Frikkie, and bass player Peter. Since then, the hard rock band has entered the next stage of their careers by heading in and out of the studio, working with the likes of Bed On Bricks Drummer Tim Rankin, who brought the band a powerful and quality first release. Liberty Attain promotes a “come as you are” message, with this message travelling through each song on the album, providing the listener with an accurate description of the band. “We play for God” - Liberty Attain

The Inside Job met in April 2009 with their first gig following soon after at Corner Bar in Durbanville. The band consists of Lionel John (guitar), Shawn Adams (bass) and Melony Phoenixx (drums), with both Shawn and ’LJ’ being internationally qualified sound engineers. These skills within the band assisted The Inside Job in releasing their first batch of songs. The band is very diverse, and they seem able to adjust their style of play according to the atmosphere they have been handed. They have shared the stage with bands like aKING, Van Coke Kartel, Zinkplaat and The Rudimentals. “We are ‘The Inside Job’ and this is our job” The Inside Job 20

Travis Barker - PRAISE OUR LEGENDS! Tattoos, piercings, clothing lines, TV shows and a custom drum kit... This has become the life of rockstar drummer Travis Barker. As one of the worlds most talented musicians, Travis Barker has achieved what most will only ever dream of! Travis Barker grew up in Fontana, California, with him receiving a drumkit as a gift in 1979 aged 4! Travis started taking drum and trumpet lessons the following year with his mother always being the most influential person in his life and musical career. Travis lost his mother just a day before joining Fontana High School. He was devastated but not discouraged. Before she died, Travis’ mother told him to continue playing drums since he was good at it and didn't want him to give up. With this in mind, Travis made use of every opportunity he got to play drums. While at Fontana High School, he joined the marching band and performed at regional competitions and festivals. In his last year of school, Travis was invited to tour with his first band, Feeble. Travis graduated from High School in 1993 and played drums from there for Feeble, The Aquabats (Travis’ name was ‘Baron Von Tito’) and Suicide Machine. As music was not yet a steady pay check, Travis taught drums to students and did other odd jobs to get through each month with a steady meal plan. This continued until early 1998. In this year Travis Barker was on tour with The Aquabats and were playing with a friends band Blink 182. Travis got the opportunity to fill a slot for Blink 182 drummer Scott. I have heard a lot of stories about this up until now, I believe he had a drinking problem and got axed. Travis obviously had a challenge ahead of him in the form of learning songs just before the Blink 182 set! Well, as you probably guessed, Travis nailed it and went on to become the permanent drummer for Blink 182. Since then, Travis has proved society wrong by becoming one of the most successful musicians ever to grace the land of drumming! Travis Barker has drummed for 9 studio albums for artists like Blink 182, Boxcar Racer, The Transplants, The Aquabats and has recently revolutionized the drumming world by becoming the first drummer in the world to be signed as a solo artist at Geffen Records. Travis released his album titled ‘Give the drummer some’ in February of this year. "I started this record about three years ago when I wasn't in a band, I wasn't in Blink-182, and I wasn't in the Transplants. I was working with DJ AM and doing a lot of remixes. Then I started working on the record, and unfortunately my plane crash happened, so that stopped things for a while. After I recovered, it took me about a year to finish all the recording. I was on Blink tours, and I spent a lot of time in Europe. I remember I took a boat ride across the Atlantic, and I worked on it there. I brought a little drum kit and a mini studio with me, so that was pretty interesting - six days, floating across the Atlantic to Europe, working on an album.” Travis Barker’s debut single was released in February 2011. In the album, he collaborates with Slipknot vocalist: Corey Taylor, Linkin Park vocalist: Chester Bennington, rapper BOB, Slash, Rage Against the Machine guitarist: Tom Morello, Snoop Dogg, and Lil Wayne. Travis Barker produced this album himself and was assisted by The Neptunes and DJ Khalil. Due to the airplane crash in 2008, Travis Barker will not fly in a plane, thus making tour plans a nightmare.

The front man and lead guitarist of SGQ will stand out immediately because of his enthusiasm for tequila, tight pants and tattoos. Gareth Wilson re-introduced super skinny jeans and a passion for performance. His untreated approach to performing has become synonymous with impromptu jam sessions and the bringing together of unlikely musicians and their often converse music genres. When asked what career he would have perused instead of music, Gareth simply stated that, “When I realised that making a living from music was a reality, being a muso was an easy choice”. He believes that in an age when music can be over produced, it’s important to give your audience a well rehearsed and honest show – spontaneity adds an essential energy and dimension to all of SGQ’s li ve performances. On the drums, on the vocals, Mr Paul Wilson...who is not only the talented SGQ drummer but also one of SA’s hottest male celebrities, as voted by Heat readers nationwide. As brothers, Paul and Gareth have been playing together for as long as they can remember. “Paul and I have been playing together and brawling for the last 20 yrs, it’s all we know”. Like the two other band members, Paul settled into his career as a musician from an early age, “Music just took over”. He can be described as a high energy drummer who pays equal attention to his technical delivery as well as his crowd pleasing performance. Like the legendary John Bonham and Keith Moon, he will never just be the guy at the back of the stage h o l d i n g d o w n t h e b e a t . Don’t let the attentive brown eyes and petite frame of this dinky bass player fool you into a false sense of stereotype. The sheer volume and quality of this little lady’s voice brings the house down every time and makes Tammy Wilson an irreplaceable asset in this close nit trio. The trained ear will be able to pick up Tammy’s classical music background. She began her formal music studies in vocal and cello before taking up the position of bass player in SGQ. She started touring straight after school and hasn’t looked back since.


The crowd goes insane at the Niva BOTB Finals at Purple Turtle, Cape Town

Rock fans at Gecko Bar, Hermanus

One lucky Arc Reactor fan walks away with a signed poster

Sol from 3rd Minute Effect rocks out at Nameless Pub, Somerset West

Shaun and Cliff enjoying good music at a Niva show

Ryan and Amanda chose a good night for a date..

Pic of the month: Die Seisoen Na Somer, Gecko Bar, Hermanus, .

1 OF SA’s HOTTEST BANDS! DON’T MISS THEIR CT TOUR! Catch the band at the following venues during the month of May. 25 May Purple Turtle, Long Street, Cape Town Supported by My Flawless Ending and When Karma Sleeps R40 - R30 (students with UCT student card) 26 May ROAR, Lower Main Road, Observatory Supported by Four A Penny and band TBA R30 27 May Klein Libertas Theatre, Bird Street, Stellenbosch SPECIAL GUESTS - CrashCarBurn! Supported by Bright Blue City R60 - R40 (Students with valid US student card) 28 May The Viper Lounge, Marine Circle Drive, Tableview Supported by Thought Police R30 29 May (Nameless Pub’s B-day bash) The Nameless Pub, Main Road, Somerset West ONLY R10 (Unplugged show)

NRRGG Issue 1 - May 2011  

The launch issue of the Niva Rock&Roll Gig Guide, May 2011.