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Welcome to the 4th edition of the NRRGG. I would be lying like a lemming on fire if I told you that the start of this publication has been easy, because it really hasn’t. However, I am glad to announce that the magazine is growing nicely, and from this edition there will be more presence at venues and stores in Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Somerset West. From September 2011, the NRRGG will also be available online at Thank you for your support. Nick Owen 12th Avenue frontman Mark Haze hits the top 10 on Idols! At the end of July, Mark Haze, vocalist and guitarist from the rock band 12th Avenue, was voted into the final 10 of this years Idols competition. Mark’s vocals both in this competition and in 12th Avenue can only be described as captivating and fresh, with him holding the card of having had years of singing and playing experience. I think I speak for many when I say that the Cape Town music scene is right behind you!

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Ashtray Electric @ Klein Libertas Theatre 27 July 2011 A dismal turnout at Klein Libertas and no opening band made what could have been an amazing event become nothing but a night you wished you rather stayed at home. Ashtray Electric delivered a solid performance, although the Afrikaans jokes in between songs did sound a bit strange. Asbak Elektries? No thank you. The 40 or so people who did show up had an great evening, with Jagermeister bottles being given to the crowd and being returned completely empty 5 minutes later. It was the first time that I went to see a band who braved the crowd on their own - no opening act and no closing act. I have to say, I did miss the extra entertainment. When you go out to any show, you feel that there’s something missing when the entire night’s live entertainment only lasts for 45 minutes and costs R40. Jagermeister included or not., I would’ve liked to see the band pair up with one of the many local Stellenbosch bands who would’ve jumped at the opportunity to play with them and possibly have brought a few more people. All in all not a bad show from the band, but next time how about less fancy lighting and more good music?

My Flawless Ending, Liberty Attain, The Mysticcs and Silent Side @ The Nameless Pub 30 July 2011 The night was kicked off with a good performance from The Mysticcs. The crowd reactions were very ordinary half way through the bands first song, but then with a slash of utter brilliance, front man Ebi Johnstone broke into some very technical and enjoyable leads. After he finished his first solo, the crowd of roughly 30 people applauded The Mysticcs, and this set the show off on a good foot with the band really getting more confidence as their set progressed. A good performance by Silent Side was next up, good female vocalist, good band dynamics and the crowd seemed to enjoy it too. However, I do feel that the band could risk carrying a ‘sounds like’ addition at the end of their name as the music was good and tight, but definitely lacking in original creativity. My Flawless Ending hit the stage next, but I couldn't help to notice that something was missing. Having seen this band play around town for a few months now, I have become used to very tight performances and a unique stage presence. I cannot discredit the band though, it was a very enjoyable set, the people who were jumping up and down to the music are proof of that, but definitely not the bands best performance. Last band of the night was local Boland rockers, Liberty Attain. Now I definitely feel that this is a bunch of muso’s who should be further in all meanings of the word. The set was good, complex drumming definitely kept people interested together with front man, Lafras doing a lot of interaction with the crowd. Liberty Attain have a nice diversity of songs ranging from mellow and acoustic to hardcore with drips and drabs of screaming in between which is always cool. All in all, the show was very good. As usual we only paid R20 on the door, the weather was kind, and the Nameless drink specials kept us entertained during the breaks.

Stellenbosch Wine Fest This year’s Stellenbosch Wine Festival was definitely one of the best wine festivals we’ve seen in 2011. Excellent organisation, good food, great wine, live entertainment and a beautiful setting welcomed thousands of wine lovers to Stellenbosch on a weekend blessed with lovely weather. Friday saw a formal industry evening with winemakers and sellers taking the opportunity to build relationships and make new contacts. Saturday the Festival was the place to be and the crowd appreciated all the fabulous wines on offer to such an extent that some of the farms and wine shops ran dry! Sunday was a lazy, relaxing family day and in my opinion the best day to be at the Festival. With a wide variety of different foods available, wine from as little as R25 a bottle and free live entertainment, stopping by the Stellenbosch Wine Festival is certainly one of the better ways to spend your weekend in the Winelands. I can’t wait for next year’s one!

Friday the 22nd of July marked the 50th show for Niva Records. Their label has thus far run a plethora of gigs all year long if you haven’t noticed. They have since last year been putting all their time and effort into promoting the local rock music scene along with founder Nick Owen who is a very young, enthusiastic guy looking to gain experience from all these endeavours and getting it done. Now typical as it is in Cape Town, I arrive a little early as to avoid cues, because nobody likes them. I enter to a very quiet night it seems. The bands have sound checked and the bar upstairs is now open for business, the show will start at 9:30 pm even though it states 9pm on the flyer. Maybe it was to be there 9 for 9:30, not sure, so I get a drink, nice specials though. The line up at

the night’s festivities were, from start to finish, the winners of the Ni va Kin g of th e Stag e competition - The Mysticcs, Gravity Wins Again, My Flawless Ending - the Niva Battle of the Bands winners and 3rd World Spectator, who are currently signed to Universal Music. While I milled around, the venue was starting to swell, numbers of interesting characters moved in, some over to the bar others the dance floor, there was movement on stage, oh and away we go. The first group The Mysticcs, as they call themselves, proved eager in their delivery of an interesting blend of Jimmi Hendrix inspired rock and blues. The dismal turnout compromised mostly of friends and girlfriends didn’t stop these kids’ overdriven guitars, tight rhythm section and strong vocals from tasking at least a few prisoners. The fluidity of the set was staggered a bit, but was followed by good crowd interaction between songs which made it barely noticeable. The lack of a bassist does not play in their favour considering their style and performance as a band, where less is more. I felt some songs still needed maturity but

given time might blossom into some really great rock songs. They had a set that was short and sweet as were their size. The last thing worth mentioning was the fact they did a cover of Robert Johnston’s “Crossroads” - great song to end your set on. After a short delay between set changes, which personally frustrates me, the next band was ready to kick it. At least the music that was played in between sets made the wait bearable. Gravity Wins Again was the next act to grace us and so they did with their style, a sort of Green Day 90’s inspired college frat boy rock. It was fun yet flat, the music a bit bland and judging by the crowd they felt it too, but with a running commentary between the band members, their performance seemed to just hang onto the bit of support they had. Their vocalist seemed to struggle through a few songs, as if his voice was thrown through his nasal cavity, the musicians’ look comparable to most 3 piece soft rock bands of a broken art whose sides don’t match. Nevertheless they pulled through a pretty average set of songs, had fun and were on their way. It seemed gravity has yet to win again. As in


Article by: Joe Slo Photograph: Niva Records

it was a tad rough for my more seasoned taste and age. This then transpired into My Flaweless Ending, who are signed to Niva Records. They ultimately then ripped into something I think could have been a clash between AC/DC and the Rolling Stones inspired rock anthem gems. They knew their songs well and played with their hearts on stage; only little nuances I noticed were inexperience and a bit of guitar solos disappearing here and there through some songs. Their the words of their vocalist “we are drummer, it seemed, was losing the best Kenny G cover band in a bit of time during a song but Cape Town”, and I struggle not to their recovery was great - always disagree. making sure to entertain their I made a beeline for another drink fans. The crowd in my opinion because this next band had been gave this band their due, lots of mentioned by a few patrons and the energetic jumping around and organizers and, from previous positive comments I could hear experience, if people are talking coming off the dance floor area. about a band, good or bad, it’s Their lack of experience being always worth checking out. They their only downfall, yet still able came in with a very emo sort of guitar solo/vocal acapella supplied to deliver a solid set. Watch out for these boys. as a line check before the set;

This was followed by quick bathroom break and water run to only just get back in time as the last act to grace us was 3rd World Spectator. They took a little while to set up considering their extras on stage. A kind of Manic Street Preachers meets Placebo effect was on the menu for these guys. A well put together band in terms of interesting instrument changes and flow throughout their set, such as intros falling into songs with a lack of precision, but entertaining to say the least. The crowd had ebbed by this point due to the previous act but were still engrossed as they had matured by definition as the kids filtered out. The vocalist impressed with his instrument changes from keyboards to vocals to guitar but was hindered by his lead guitarist who seemed to want to be louder than everyone else on stage. A few technical problems persisted here and there but with a solid rhythm section these boys held on. Their crowd towards the end had ebbed as they chose bedtime lullabies over midnight disco slowly filtering out downstairs. They have what I call this new indie rock sound that’s tearing through the mainstream, it’s a lot like whales moaning but at times pleasurable, the crowds reactions were mixed with some loving it and others mockingly waling back to the lead. I had mixed feelings but was at least a bit entertained, after that I was studiously moved out by myself and in a cab home while most patrons as they do at Mercury after a show - pour into the Shack next door for the rest of the night’s entertainment.

Show review Saturday the 23rd of July saw the Cape Town part of the Dirty Skirts’ album launch tour for their Lost in the Falls album. Markus Wormstorm was there to warm up the crowd before the Skirts’ set, but with the crowd not shy in sharing their opinions with “Get off the stage!” and “Play some real music!” he soon bowed out to a mixture of jeering and applause. The Skirts rocked the stage with their new material, occasionally throwing in some old songs for the audience to sing along. The new music, such as “Evil Comes”, is much darker than their previous stuff, but was perfectly complemented by an acoustic version of “Daddy Don’t Disco” before ending the night off with a bang. The Skirts gave their audience exactly what they came for – good music, a good performance and one hell of a night.

Interviewed by Ciska Esterhuizen Photo courtesy of Niva Records

The Nameless Pub Main Road, Somerset West Tel: 072 555 2356

Perigators 381 Crescent Road, Pringle Bay Tel:082 457 9403 6th - Pete Stanford 4th - The Rites 7th - Frank Opperman 5th - Rock vs Metal feat The Bearded Bastard 13th - The Vans 6th - Tripjas, Ballistic Blues and Cherry Vinyl 20th - Gerald Clarke (tbc) 7th - The Akelian Circus 27th - Stephan Dixon 11th - The Rites 13th - The Summer Underground and Guests 14th - The Akelian Circus 18th - The Rites 20th - The Wild Eyes, The Kiffness, Alive Drum & Bass Trio and Alphaculture 21st - The Akelian Circus 25th - The Rites 26th - Absinthe Trance 27th - Pik Swart, Ethan Storm, Solid Borne Noise, Four a Penny, My Friend’s Bread and more TBA 28th - Michelle Pineda

Mercury Live and Lounge 43 De Villiers Street, Zonnebloem, Tel: 021 465 2106 1st - Sixgun Sessions 2nd - LMG Pub Quiz 5th - Graeme Watkins Project, Kill Disco and Junkyard Parade 6th - Homegrown drum & bass 8th - Sixgun Sessions 9th - LMG Pub Quiz 12th - Gnolium, Lyderkane and Bicycle Thief 13th - Rub a Dub 15th - Sixgun Sessions 16th - LMG Pub Quiz 19th - Charity event feat Rosemary Townsend, Gary Thomas and Six Gun Gospel 20th - The Sleepers 22nd - The Kiffness and To Our Divine 23rd - LMG Pub Quiz 25th - Emerging Sounds Challenge 26th - Plush and Andy Lund 27th - TBC 29th - Sixgun Sessions 30th - LMG Pub Quiz

Klein Libertas Theatre Du Toit Street, Stellenbosch Tel: 076 416 7230 19th - Homegrown with Hyphen, Niskerone, SFR, Mix ‘n Blend and more 31st - Plush and guests

The Assembly 61 Harrington Street, District 6 Tel: 021 465 7286 2nd - Pecha Kucha #14 3rd - See you next Wednesday 5th - Discotheque 6th - Bilal (USA) 10th - See you next Wednesday 12th - Discotheque 13th - Yoav & Ard Matthews 17th - See you next Wednesday 19th - Discotheque 20th - Jack Parow & P.H.Fat 24th - See you next Wednesday 26th - Discotheque

Bertie’s Mooring Harbour Island, Gordon’s Bay Tel: 021 856 3343 6th - Graeme Watkins Project 7th - Gerald Clarke 12th - Bed on Bricks 14th - Boulevard Blues Band 19th - Jesse Jordan Band 21st - Natasha Meister Band 26th - Gian Groen Band 28th - Boulevard Blues Band

Silvertree Restaurant Kirstenbosch Gardens,Newlands Tel: 021 762 9585 14th - Zebra & Giraffe 21st - Hot Water 28th - Gugulethu Tenors Winter Concert

ROAR 299 Lower Main Road, Observatory Tel: 083 330 0700 6th - Strident, With Dawn and All Guns Full Ammo 19th - Mind Assault and Haggis & Bong 20th - Hot Water and Haggis & Bong 22nd - Someday Rush and Badfeather

Send your upcoming gigs to

Cape Town +27 83 774 3404


Send your upcoming gigs to

Purple Turtle Cnr Shortmarket and Long Str Tel: 021 424 0811

The Waiting Room Long Street, Cape Town Tel: 072 891 3937

3rd - The First Descent, Stonecollar and Autumn of August 4th - Ekapa Underground Hip Hop 5th - Mungus Fungus 6th - Stepdog, Youth and Dogtown 10th - Skelmbosch 11th - Ekapa Underground Hip Hop 12th - Mungus Fungus 13th - Obsessie Met Als, Saintfearless and Woodstock Mafia 17th - Blackstoneradio, Sam Jam, The Ghostbone Collective and DJ Sideshow 18th - Ekapa Underground Hip Hop 19th - Mungus Fungus 20th - Firefly, When Karma Sleeps, Shotgun Tori and Wolftown 24th - Rosemary Town Send, Bicycle Thief, Like Knives and DJ Sideshow 25th - Ekapa Underground Hip Hop 26th - Mungus Fungus 27th - Kill Disco, Reburn and McCree

2nd - Joshua Grierson and Laurie Levine 9th - Coal 23rd - Gary Thomas 30th - Miss Texas 1977

Pakalolo 10 Main Road, Hout Bay Tel: 021 790 0700 5th - Jack Mantis Band 8th - Abbott Nu Jazz 12th - Hellfire Blues Club 19th - Space Man

Zula Sound Bar 194 Long Street, Cape Town Tel: 021 424 2442 1st - COME Comedy Evenings 2nd - Acoustic Sessions 5th - The Rudimentals, The Little Kings, ETC Crew and Jitsvinger 8th - COME Comedy Evenings 9th - Acoustic Sessions 15th - COME Comedy Evenings 16th - Acoustic Session 22nd - COME Comedy Evenings 23rd - Acoustic Sessions 29th - COME Comedy Evenings 30th - Acoustic Sessions

&Union 110 Bree Street, Cape Town Tel: 021 422 2770 3rd - Joshua Grierson 17th - Shotgun Tori

Bohemia Victoria Street, Stellenbosch Tel: 021 882 8375 4th - Hot Water 11th - Taxi Violence and New Mustangs 18th - Irvine and Holiday Murray 25th - The Rivertones

Atom Festival Fairways, Ceres 6th August 3 Radikaal Clarify Obsessie Met Als Gerald Clark 3rd World Spectator Jesse Jordan Band

Other 5th - MUTHA FM launch party with Bed on Bricks, Reburn, Wolftown, Thought Police, Chasing Friday, My Flawless Ending, Zaria and Anton Syndrome at Voom Voom 5th - Stereo Zen and DJ Stylin at The Melting Pot 6th - My Flawless Ending and Woodstock Mafia at Banned Rock Lounge 6th - Back to Varsity party at Hidden Cellar 13th - Black Orchid Burlesque, The Pits, Peachy Keen and The Great Apes at Obz Cafe 19th - Reburn, Thought Police and guests at the Viper Lounge 20th - Woodstock Mafia, Obsessie Met Als and Supercancer at Aandklas

Die Boer 5 Chenoweth Street, Bellville Tel: 021 979 1911 3rd - Peter G Magic 6th - Saudiq Kahn 9th - Sarah Theron 19th - Koos Kombuis 20th - Jan Blohm Band 23rd - Jan Blohm Band

Reviews Fuzigish album launch 16 July @ Mercury Live After about an hour of eagerly waiting around, Peachy Keen opened proceedings to a jam packed Mercury. An ‘old school’ vibe, keyboard and girls with tattoo’s, this is a band with a fresh sound filled with attitude. Hog Hoggidy Hog took the stage next and as soon as they started, it was party time! With the bands ska-punk vibe, there is no wonder people were half killing each other to get closer to the stage. The Hog’s were also responsible for the first stage dive of the night, which is always cool to see as it just doesn't seem to happen much anymore. With the two opening bands done and dusted, South Africa’s favourite skanking-ska band, Fuzigish, took to the stage. Not even one song into the set it was clear as daylight that these guys were here to rock our socks off with the majority of the crowd singing along to every single word. Fuzi delivered a flawless performance with song after song after song showing emotion, passion and a pure love for their music. So, what do you get when you put three great bands into a rocking venue? One of the best album launch shows this year has seen!

THE USED IN SOUTH AFRICA By the time you pick up this magazine, you will no doubt already have bought your tickets, taken out all your old The Used cds and posted all over Facebook how much you love the band and how much you’re looking forward to seeing them play live in South Africa. HOWEVER, if you have been living under a rock, or in a bush, or been on holiday to a retreat in the Australian Outback - here are the details: American alternative rock/punk/screamo band The Used were announced to replace Chevelle at the Oppikoppi Festival on 7 August and at Grand West Casino in Cape Town on the 8th.Formed in 2001, The Used comprises singer Bert McCracken, guitarist Quinn Allman, bass player Jeph Howard, and drummer Dan Whitesides. Their most recent album, 2009's 'Artwork', is the last offering in the band’s 8 year career, having sold over 3 million albums worldwide. Get your tickets at Computicket from R250. Supporting them at Grand West will be Fokofpolisiekar and P.H. Phat.

What is the message behind songs like ‘drink’ and ‘sex drugs and rock n roll’? It's something you can't explain.. Kinda like that movie Inception.. Except we're planting the idea of Rock n Roll instead of what ever Matt Damon was trying to implant. With Jeremy finishing school later in the year, how do you think this will influence the band and its progress? When Jimmy leaves school all hell will break loose.. We're struggling to fit in two practices a week, imagine us when we actually know our set list and have prepared for a gig. What is your message to bands starting out in the local scene? Don't hold back, don't be shy, don't listen to your parents and if you need help, we are here for you!


We're currently building a studio from home which we intend to use to help young upcoming bands. South Africa needs this!

As a band, what has been your proudest moment of 2011? Right now, exactly where we are and how far we've come. This is our pride and joy, our little baby which will grow With the band finding its footing in the into the great revolution. Our music. local scene, tell us what’s next for MFE? We're currently undergoing a top secret operation called ‘project mind fuck’! It's very confidential and highly contagious. What I can say is that we're working towards not only melting the faces of our local community but in the long run the faces of the Mercury Live 22 July international industry.

My Flawless Ending

Photograph courtesy of Niva Records

Hanging with the guys

Photographer: Deborah Russouw Models supplied by 3D Management Band: My Flawless Ending



Artist: Michael Jackson Album: Thriller Genre: Pop/Rock Copies sold: 110 Million Year: 1982

Artist: AC/DC Album: Back in Black Genre: Hard rock Copies sold: 49 Million Year: 1980

Artist: Pink Floyd Album: The Dark Side of the Moon Genre: Hard rock Copies sold: 49 Million

Artist: Whitney Houston Album: The Bodyguard Genre: Soundtrack Copies sold: 44 Million Year: 1992

Artist: Meat Loaf Album: Bat Out of Hell Genre: Rock Copies sold: 43 Million Year: 1977

Artist: Eagles Album: Greatest Hits Genre: Rock Copies sold: 42 Million Year: 1976

Artist: Various Album: Dirty Dancing Genre: Soundtrack Copies sold: 42 Million Year: 1987

Artist: Backstreet Boys Album: Millennium Genre: Pop Copies sold: 40 Million Year: 1999

Artist: The Bee Bees Album: Saturday Night Fever Genre: Soundtrack Copies sold: 40 Million Year: 1977

Artist: Fleetwood Mac Album: Rumours Genre: Rock Copies sold: 40 Million Year: 1977

Artist: Shania Twain Album: Come On Over Genre: Pop Copies sold: 40 Million Year: 1997

Artist: Alanis Morisette Album: Jagged Little Pill Genre: Rock Copies sold: 33 Million Year: 1995

Artist: The Beatles Album: Sgt Pepper’s Genre: Rock Copies sold: 32 Million Year: 1967

Artist: Celine Dion Album: Falling into You Genre: Pop Copies sold: 32 Million Year: 1996

Artist: Mariah Carey Album: Music Box Genre: R&B/Pop Copies sold: 32 Million Year: 1993

Artist: Michael Jackson Album: Dangerous Genre: Pop Copies sold: 32 Million Year: 1991

Artist: The Beatles Album: 1 Genre: Rock Copies sold: 31 Million Year: 2000

Artist: Celine Dion Album: Let’s Talk About Love Genre: Pop Copies sold: 31 Million Year: 1997

Artist: Elton John Album: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Genre: Soft Rock Copies sold: 31 Million Year: 1973

Artist: The Bee Gees Album: Spirits Having Flown Genre: Pop Copies sold: 30 Million Year: 1979

MY FIRST FESTIVAL In the canal I rolled the one-wheeled walking stick roughshod over the concrete floor, through the broken yellow grass, up onto the worn-out footpath, under the lilies of the greeting arms, up to our front door. We lived a neo-bohemian life. Didn’t believe in curtains nor did our neighbours’ early morning domestic affairs. The colour sepia set the tone in this frantic time. It felt like a long weekend in spring- forgotten hard work of this year and the impending event of the next 3 years just behind those doors. The excitement was stereotypically surreal and the door of tomorrow had just started to shatter as if in slow motion with bright, glorious light breaking through the fragments of the wooded door. Wooded chardonnay-bold and strong and true and crazy- this is what we were, bold and strong and true and crazy. Crazy in tune with our souls and living that day out like it had started out as any other day of energy, but sure to end in a fulfilling sunset. i c a n’ t s l e e p t o n i g h t m y d r e a m s a r e t o o r ealiw annabetherenow We broke the boundaries, running down the hill on toward our house from the hilltop festival. There were crowds of the same kind of people you would find in the markets of Woodstock ’69 and somehow a more opinionated and commercial flow to their talk. Was this what we planned for? Who were these fashionistas that were invading our festival, our dream, and our last 8 months of planning, branding and signing sponsors? Where have all the dreamers and doers gone? d o n ‘t l i tt e r It came time to announce the parting couple of the festival. The parting couple were two people that were honoured on their exit due to excellence of some sort or other. They had been chosen because their aim in life was close enough to the final target, much like Granddad Hamish had said that when playing golf you need to land your approach shot close to the green, in order to end up with a good score. He said to me: you can’t be far out away from the green if you want to make an impact on the green. If you are too far out then you won’t have a shot at the hole with only three strokes in hand.

Had too much of my life been spent avoiding the green? Did I fall under the same spell my father and his father fell into? That to achieve anything worthwhile one needs to suffer for it, the easy way in life is too good to be true. Who would know? Not the previous speakers. Nevertheless, the couple that were being honoured right then had just as you would say in the great game of golf life: “stroked it right” and the ball was on its way to the edge of the green. (The hardest part, of course, is the art of the gentle chip of the ball onto the green, much like the art of raising a child, not too hard and not too soft). But there was a deeper lesson here- the elders were saying: we’re with you, every step of the way. Come rain or shine or hail or feast, we’re with you and in a way are living our dreams through you, oh honoured ones. y o u k n o w i ‘l l b a c k y o u u p i f i t’ s t h e l a s tthingido Later that night, at the shed on the lake, people were mixing drinks and worlds in our after-sunset jam. A band of less fortunate young men and women were gifting us with their raw talents and everyone was at peace. I walked back into the house and saw a snake in the grass: a previous confidant-turned-betrayer had crawled into my network. I commanded a presence that sent fear and panic through his broken bones and set the tone for a runaway. He didn’t run, he merely avoided my energy and sewed self-righteousness elsewhere. A pity there were harmless souls around but a blessing the group concept excelled over the singularity of an imitating spirit. thesum oftheconnectedpartsisgre aterthanthetotaloftheindividuals addedseparately I’ve been in the music industry for a few years and have had some amazing experiences of travel, playing kickass festivals and getting invited back, meeting *too cool* people, playing charity shows where you can really serve a need, playing with ‘famous’ people, earning good money and being treated like a rockstar and you’re ‘living the dream’.

There were also some really tough experiences I’ve had where mere communication is the reason why you didn’t get paid; ‘you’re pushed off the train’ or just left out of the loop in the clique; the ego and arrogance of that one ‘in-denial lead singer’ got in the way of the bands impending brilliance; and where there’s just one too many snakes in the grass in that wonderful hazy world of music management and contracts and business and all that ‘stuff’. In 2011 I say: either way it has been an incredible journey so far and i feel like I’m an idiot everyday for committing to this jealous lover, but will be an even bigger fool if I walk away. One of the first things i learnt was to shut my mouth unless I had something meaningful to say. So this better be meaningful to someone. This is how I wanted to express a dream I had of running My First Festival. The commentary in between is meant to, hopefully, paint a picture of a future for perhaps our children’s First Festival where commerce would have dug the speck out from its own eye along with the ‘so non-European’ but proudly pathetically South African view on the public supporting the arts. Don’t stress if another ‘someone’ or band or whoever knocks you down to get ahead- they’ve only climbed over you because you had something they didn’t and yes it’s their bad karma they are sewing! Forgive and learn. Believe in your goals and talents. Dream big enough for an army. The big sharks of yesterday’s Record Industry are losing their jobs and it’s almost a pseudo-level playing field again. So, create and love. Read up on some of Gus Warden’s musical contributions on Facebook (getonthebuswithgus)

Band scout My Friend’s Bread Having stumbled upon this band a few months ago at the Purple Turtle, I have spent time getting to know the band and the music. With one look at the band backstage, you can pretty much sum up that their music isn't going to be is a crazy mix of attitude, freedom and doing what makes them happy. Do yourself a favour and make a plan to see My Friend’s Bread at one of their upcoming shows, you will not be disappointed!

20 August- ROAR, Observatory 27 August - Nameless Pub, Somerset West

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Fuzigish, 16 July, Mercury Live

Four a Penny, Gecko Bar, Hermanus

Ebi Johnstone The Mysticcs, Mercury Live 22 July

NRRGG Issue 4 - August  

The fourth edition of the Niva Rock&Roll Gig Guide, published August 2011.

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