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With a rocking month having passed by, I have spent most of it trying to improve the magazine in any and all ways possible. The NRRGG will now be online, circulating to a much broader readership with the web statistics already proving to be healthy. In this months 3D photo shoot there will unfortunately be no bands featured, just hot model chic’s...not a lot wrong with that! Southern Gypsey Queen have graced the NRRGG cover page this month ahead of their upcoming few shows around Cape Town and Somerset West later this month. Do yourselves a favour and head out to one of their shows. I also have the pleasure to announce that the NRRGG now has 2 independent reviewer’s/ writers. Clinton and Slippery Lizard...Thank you!

Nick Owen


Photo and article courtesy of Southern Gypsey Queen

Cape Town +27 83 774 3404


Zebra & Giraffe have had a busy year and it doesn’t seem like the band plans on slowing down any time soon. What keeps you motivated to make music, to keep recording, keep touring, keep performing night after night, year after year? I think what keeps us going is that more than anything, we love music...we love performing it and learning more about it every day. This is our career and we got to keep building on it to make it successful & have longevity. The SAMAs have gotten some bad publicity this year for what many perceived to be bad organisation. As one of the bands performing at the event, what was your experience of the weekend? The SAMA's are a such an honour to be a part of, and such a prestigious award to win as a South African band, however the logistics & production were not up to the usual standards. Having said that, I know they will be very sure not to repeat those mistakes. Zebra & Giraffe now has the honour of being the first SA band to film a video for a song entirely on an ipod. How did the idea for the “Terrified” video come about? It actually came from thinking about how to shoot a video more cost effectively. Videos mainly live on the Internet these days, and people stream them at really low quality. We found this awesome app called 8mm for the iPhone which shoots in HD, shot the entire performance in one night at band practice and quickly edited it. We really enjoy being involved in our own videos, and have just shot, edited, and directed our own video for our latest single 'Undo These Lies' You recently had your first overseas trip as a band. In May you played at the Musexpo in Hollywood along with many international acts. How did the organisers get to hear of Zebra & Giraffe? Greg & Karl (Just Music) went to Midem in 2010 and met Sat Bisla, who is the main main behind MuseExpo, he loved Zebra & Giraffe and he has regularly played us on his radio show Passport Approved which broadcasts across America and on the Internet. Sat is passionate about paving the road for artists to be discovered the world over, he wanted us to go over in 2010 to MuseExpo however we didn't feel ready at the time. We went over in 2011, and it was such a great experience performing in LA alongside bands from all over the world in very similar situations to us. We learnt a lot and made some great contacts.

Interview by Ciska Esterhuizen

Your 4th single “Undo These Lies� is about to be released along with an accompanying video. How has the band’s style of music and musical influences changed over the years? I think at the core, the music is still "Zebra & Giraffe sounding." We have definitely grown and learnt a lot in the last 3 years, and it's very different working with 5 guys, compared to the first album when it was just Greg, however, I feel we have only reached the tip of what we are capable of doing together. We write music that WE enjoy first and foremost, and aren't to phased by whether it sounds like us or not. It's always fun writing music that takes us out of our comfort zones and challenges us, I hope to explore this more and more in our career. Many bands look up to your successes and achievements. Who do you as a band look up to musically? Success & achievements are by no means things that make us look up to bands musically. I think bands that write great music and manage to survive in this difficult climate is what inspires us. Guys like Justin Vernon from Bon Iver and Incubus / Thrice / Mutemath / The New Regime do some really cool things industry wise, but have always kept great music at the core. For me, great live performances from bands are always inspiring, whether it be stripped down acoustic Mumford & Sons or Muse at Wembley Stadium. That's the beauty of the music industry these days, is that the same audience that loses their minds to Muse, does the same with Bon Iver for example. What goals do the band/band members have that you have not yet achieved? What are you working towards? We definitely want to increase our audience locally and internationally. To start breaking some ground internationally would be awesome and we plan on working towards that in 2012... For the rest of 2011 we are gonna be in SA touring and recording an Audio / Video EP towards the end of the year. Touring, recording and performing constantly must take up a lot of evenings, weekends and holidays. How do you know it is worth the sacrifices you make for your music? Yeah, it's difficult, it is definitely the most inconsistent career one could choose. We go from weeks of touring, to weeks of boredom to weeks of studio time etc... It's very up & down and as one gets in to the one thing, it's time to move on. These are our careers, and they support our lives... It took us a while to learn to deal with the inconsistencies and our lives changed paths very quickly, but i feel we have gotten to a point where we are ok with it all. Until of course it changes drastically.

Henk and Dawid Fourie are two brothers from Stellenbosch who have quietly and permanently changed the South African music scene over the past few years. I bet most of you went to see The Used at Grand West last month. And a lot of you go to Ramfest each year. And remember Billy Talent at the Three Arts Theatre last year? Yip, these guys did it. And they are still doing their best every day to bring good quality music to Stellenbosch, Cape Town and the country. I got the chance to hang out with them at the Klein Libertas Theatre on the Saturday afternoon before Metal for Africa and by the time I left there, I knew that I had just interviewed two of the biggest musical masterminds this country has ever seen.

After hosting Fokofpolisiekar as their first live act at Klein Libertas, the brothers spent the next couple of

years gaining industry knowledge and experience by hosting a number of fairly successful trance festivals and hosting smaller international acts. This was the start of Audiomatik Events, the company that now brings us Ramfest each year. Last year’s Ramfest saw Alkaline Trio and Funeral For a Friend hit our shores for the first time, and if Twitter is anything to go by, we might very well be seeing Incubus at the next Ramfest. Not ones to shy away from a challenge, Dawid and Henk will also be taking Ramfest to Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein for the first time next year. Prepare yourselves guys, you’re in for one hell of a party. Dawid and Henk were born and bred right here in Stellenbosch and after finishing school they left for Taiwan to try their hands at teaching. Fast forward a few years to 2003 and Henk, followed soon by Dawid, returns to their hometown, buys the Klein Libertas Theatre and spends a good amount of time and manual labour changing a parking lot into the outdoor stage area we see today. The two brothers had very little experience in the music industry, but did pick up a few tricks of the live entertainment trade from their dad, who owns the DorpstraatTheater,

also in Stellenbosch. Dawid did have a little knowledge of the music business from his time spent in a band called Drain. They might not have made it big, but Dawid did play at Oppikoppi when he was only 16 years old. Little did he know that it was the start of much bigger things to c ome.So, apart from all the happenings, Dawid found the time to form Apollo Artists at the end of last year along with friend Brendan Sterley. Apollo manages a few small artists you might have heard of before – Van Coke Kartel, P.H.Fat and Lark. The two are also the Cape Town partners in the AMOK Tour that brought us Billy Talent last year and The Used this year. So what next for the two Fourie brothers from Stellenbosch? Two words: Spring Scream. Sitting down with Henk and Dawid feels like having a drink with your old school buddies and you almost forget that these guys are responsible for bringing us some of the biggest international acts and best festivals that we’ve seen during the past few years. So next time you’re in Stellenbosc h, s wing by Klein Libertas, introduce yourself to Henk and Dawid, say thank you and buy each of them a beer. Trust me, they deserve it.




In 2002 and 2003 they told him that there was no room for rockers like him in a pop competition. Now, almost ten years later, he’s in the top 8 and has the entire country, especially Cape Town, supporting him 100%. Mark Haze (29) from 12th Avenue is no stranger to the music business. He started singing in church at the age of 4 and started his first band – Novus – immediately after school. In 2001 he started 12th Avenue, named after a street in Bellville. Over the years the band has made waves in the local music industry and they released their latest self-titled album earlier this year. Last year, while on tour with 12th Avenue in the USA, Mark entered The American Idol Experience singing competition at Disney World and won 1st prize – a spot in the next American Idol, no auditions necessary. Unfortunately for Mark, the band had to come back to South Africa and he couldn’t claim his prize. The experience, along with a bit of persuasion from his wife, did however push him to give Idols one more shot. At his audition Mark hit the high notes with AvrilLavigne’s Keep Holding On, earning him four yeses and for the first Idols Spectacular in Randburg he sang Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. The crowd went crazy and have gone wild for each and every performance since. The entire country is rooting for the rock singer from Durbanville. Follow Mark’s progress on Idols every Sunday night on MNET.


Fans can also stay in touch with Mark on Facebook and Twitter.

Cape Town +27 83 774 3404

The Nameless Pub Main Road, Somerset West Tel: 072 555 2356

The Assembly 61 Harrington Street, District 6 Tel: 021 465 7286

Purple Turtle Cnr Shortmarket Tel: 021 424 0811

1st - The Rites 3rd - Liberty Attain, Die Seisoen Na Somer and The Inside Job 4th - Pik Swart 8th - The Rites 10th - Bulletscript, Wargrave and Emboldend 11th - Akelian Circus 15th - The Rites 17th - The Mysticcs, Anton Syndrome and Dutch Phobia 18th - Akelian Circus 22nd - The Rites 24th - Southern Gypsey Queen, My Flawless Ending and Joint State (TBC) 25th - Akelian Circus 29th - The Rites

1st - Red Bull Music Academy World Tour 2nd - Red Bull Music Academy World Tour 3rd - Red Bull Music Academy World Tour 7th - See You Next Wednesday 9th - Discotheque presents Haezer and Friends 10th - Red Stag presents Desmond & The Tutus, Double Adapter, Dance, You’re on Fire, One Night Stands and Shadowclub 14th - See You Next Wednesday 16th - Discotheque presents Richard the Third, George Daniel, Candice Heyns and more 17th - Devastation: Code Red Save Yourself 21st - See You Next Wednesday 23rd - Discotheque presents Audiophile 021, Tommy Gun, Mao, G-zis, ILLtastic and Devastation 24th - Miller Music Series 28th - See You Next Wednesday 30th - Discotheque presents Clouds (UK)

1st - Ekapa Undergr 2nd - Mungus Fungu 3rd - Van Coke Karte Stepdog and Like Kn 6th - Funny Bones C 7th - Llevado, CY.ST 9th - Mungus Fungu 10th - AAA Fundrais 13th - Funny Bones 14th - Crimson Hous Tombstone Pete 15th - Ekapa Underg 16th - Mungus Fung 17th - Bateleur, Like O’LTalk 18th - Vintage Sunda 20th - Funny Bones 21st - Southern Gyp Syndrome and The 22nd - Ekapa Under 23rd - Mungus Fung 24th - Taxi Violence, Saintfearless 27th - Funny Bones 28th - Holiday Murra La.Vi 29th - Ekapa Underg 30th - Mungus Fung

Perigators 381 Crescent Road, Pringle Bay Tel:082 457 9403 3rd - amaBhulu & The Jeremiah Brimstone Band 9th - Jo Martin - Windgat Festival 10th - Tribal Echo - Windgat Festival 17th - Stefan Dixon 24th - Vince Connell, Resonance Rocks, Howlin Mad

Zula Sound Bar 194 Long Street, Cape Town Tel: 021 424 2442 2nd - Don’t Party 3rd - Cool Out Live, 7th Son EP Launch, 7ft Sound System, The Rudimentals and The Little Kings 9th - Balconology Feeder party, Fred Spider, Toby2Shoes and Maoriginal 10th - Machineri 16th - The Rescu, Woodstock Mafia EP Launch, Wolftown, The Great Apes and DJ Sideshow 17th - Wrestlerish 24th - The Rockafellas 30th - Party People

Silvertree Restaurant Kirstenbosch Gardens,Newlands Tel: 021 762 9585 4th - Louise Carver 11th - Wrestlerish 18th - Ashtray Electric 25th - Captain Stu

Aandklas 43A Bird Street, Stellenbosch Tel: 021 883 3545 17th - The Sleepers, 3rd World Spectator and Black Moscow 20th - Crimson House Blues, The Sixgun Gospel and Willem Welsyn en die Sunrise Toffies 21st - Obsessie Met Als and guests 24th - Charity Event 27th - The First Descent

The Jolly Roger 155 Main Road, P Tel: 021 797 7272

2nd - Die Gunstons a Riots 3rd - Red Ribbons, R Monitor 4th - Soulful Elemen 9th - Black Stone Ra 10th - 30 From Ace a 16th - Icon 17th - Christiaan Ros with Reason 24th - Jolly Roger La Smokin SailorJerry, Genitalia 25th - Kevin Rule an Sparkle 30th - Junkyard Para

t and Long Str 1

ound Hip Hop us el, Red Huxley, nives Comedy TR and Still To Fall s er Comedy se Blues, South and

ground Hip Hop us Knives and DJ

ay Sessions Comedy psey Queen, Anton Mysticcs (TBC) ground Hip Hop us , Reburn and

Comedy ay, Beach Party and

ground Hip Hop us

Plumstead 2

and Black Market

Rolling Thunder and

t adio and MacGuyver Knife

ssouw and Playing

aunch Party feat Holi Bob’s Beasties and

nd Tape Hiss and



Bohemia Victoria Street, Stellenbosch Tel: 021 882 8375

Klein Libertas Theatre Du Toit Street, Stellenbosch Tel: 076 416 7230

1st - Isochronous 4th - Akelian Circus 8th - Pretty Blue Guns 15th - Gerald Clark and Band 22nd - 7th Son 29th - Mr Cat and the Jackal

2nd - DJ Kent’s Spring bash 14th - Fokofpolisiekar, Pretty Blue Guns 17th - LMG Party ft La.Vi, Ashtray Electric and Wrestlerish 23rd - Karen Zoid and aKing

Mercury Live and Lounge 43 De Villiers Street, Zonnebloem, Tel: 021 465 2106

Polana Kalk Bay Harbour Tel: 021 788 7167

1st - DJ Fallo and Azhul 2nd - The Sleepers and Isochronous 3rd - Homegrown 7th - Fingers in the Sky, The Bone Collectors and Shotgun Tori 8th - Bluestown Blue Sessions 9th - BOO! 10th - Rub A Dub 13th - LMG Pub Quiz 14th - Guthrie Govan Guitar Clinic 17th - Ladies of the MIC Charity Event 23rd - Dustland Express, The Windy City and Saintfearless 24th - Black Celebration and Axxon 27th - LMG Pub Quiz 29th - Sixgun Gospel 30th - Stonecollar, Sabretooth and Woodstock Mafia

3rd - Natasha Meister 11th - Dave Ledbetter and the Clearing 18th - Dave Ledbetter and the Clearing 24th - Natasha Meister 25th - Dave Ledbetter and the Clearing

Other 2nd - Four A Penny, Stonecollar and Anton Syndrome at Viper Lounge 2nd - Junkyard Lipstick at the Privelege Cave 3rd - My Flawless Ending, Fox Comet and Woodstock Mafia at Carnival Court 9th - The Bone Collectors and Stepdog at Blizzard 9th - Glaskas and Die Seisoen na Somer at the Charles Morkel Stadium 10th - Them Tornadoes at Fat Cactus 11th - Them Tornadoes at Kilarney Race Track 13th - Hot Water at The Waiting Room 16th - The Natasha Meister Band at Pakalolo 21st - Them Tornadoes at &Union 23rd - Rock night at Gecko Bar 30th - Junkyard Lipstick at ROAR

Cape Farmhouse Junction M66/M65, Scarborough Tel: 021 780 1246 17th - Nate Maingard 24th - The Jack Mantis Band

Bertie’s Mooring Harbour Island, Gordon’s Bay Tel: 021 856 3343 3rd - The Boulevard Blues Band 4th - Gerald Clark 9th - Jesse Jordan Band album launch 11th - The Blues Broers 16th - Bed on Bricks 18th - Valiant Swart 23rd - Taxi Violence 25th - The Boulevard Blues Band 30th - Akkedis

Die Boer 5 Chenoweth Street, Bellville Tel: 021 979 1911 7th - Glaskas 11th - Karen Zoid 12th - Karen Zoid 21st - Adam Tas 23rd - Southern Gypsey Queen 26th - Chris Chameleon


Anton Syndrome. Photo courtesy of PRETOGRAPHY.COM

The 5th of August hosted the official launch of the new online radio station, MUTHA FM. With launch shows at Trinity, Voom Voom and La Vie, it really came down to everybody’s personal preference in music as to which venue to attend. Having never attended a rock event at Voom Voom, I’m sure I speak for many when I say that I had no idea what to expect from the venue, sound quality, vibe etc. I am glad to report though that the mammoth line up consisting of Anton Syndrome, Pik Swart, My Flawless Ending, Dogtown, Reburn and Though Police was a great success with all the bands giving their fans exactly what they came out to see...a super performance! Although the drinks were very expensive and the cover was R50, the guys from MUTHA FM need to be complimented on a well run event that hosted a disappointing but satisfying turnout, great sound supplied by Tyron Munnik and of course for their effort in promoting the local scene.

Alive Music @ Obz Café. 24 August A cold night out in a very bohemian part of Cape Town marked the Alive Music Club’s open mic nights, hosted every Wednesday night free of charge. Obz theater, a quaint and intimate style venue, laid host to the nights entertainment to follow. A plethora of acts was on the menu tonight, so I braved the cold streets of Observatory to see what the fuss was all about. My night began by hitching a ride with the boys from the Crimson House Blues band, a likable bunch of aspiring artists hungry to prove their metal. We arrive early to drop gear and do all those things bands do to prep themselves for the gig ahead. I see firsthand that originally the gig was marked Obz café but don’t confuse yourself, it is on your first right as you enter into the theater which is situated behind the bar, you can’t miss it. Oh, by the way watch out for the sliding door, it is regularly closed at will, exercise caution you have been warned. The opening act was a duo of interesting tapestry; they wove fun, yet heartfelt vocals over a classic acoustical twist of fun folk rock inspired guitar. The duo is, The Washline Spiders, consisting of Bob Ashman on guitars and Stella B on vocals; this was a collaboration of fun light hearted yet at times seriously sentimental tunes that evoked images of adventure and self discovery. This audible love affair was perfect to open the Alive Music Club’s open mic night. After a short break it was onto the next act, a solo musician named Vince Connel, he was described on the Alive Music Clubs forum as, “unique and brilliant” and so this individual did not disappoint. A very enthusiastic multi faceted individual, Vince loves multiple genres of musical styles and instruments. His seamless integration of harmonica, guitar and vocals established an air of sentimental finesse that takes us back to an art that evolved out of hardship. Following this act was upcoming newcomers to the blues scene, The Crimson House Blues Band. You have to see this quintet to fully experience their originality and skill, which each individual brings to the fray. With a trio of guitars and a solid rhythm section to boot, these boys are here to stay and blues rock your socks off. An interesting blend of influences transpire the CHB sound, from folk to

rock to metal, their vast repertoire transcended onto an audience that ate it up and reciprocated with shots and hoots. Last to close the evening’s fun was an authentic rock outfit mostly playing covers called, Barcode – the Band. These boys can rock and rock is what we got, great grooves and solid hammering got the crowd off their seats and swinging their hips. This band is surely a party rock band that delivered a healthy dose of adrenaline to a night that was full of chilled vibes. The Alive Music Club’s efforts at sourcing out fun and musically great acts is admirable, a small intimate affair that for a Wednesday comes highly recommended. By ‘Slippery Lyzard’

The Nameless Pub 27 August A courageous effort and well executed dynamics of the evening of Saturday the 27th made having bands inside and outside nothing but pleasurable. The evening kicked off a half hour later than expected with Solid Borne Noise opening the inside stage. Good performance from the trio who pulled off the unplugged set very well, only lacking in diversity and complexity. Next I made my way outside for the opening of the outside entertainment. Now when crazy was handed out, I think these guys stood in front of the line...silly wigs, leather pants, vuvuzella’s and whistles added to the already insane combination of sounds and melodies. Chasing Friday definitely planted a ‘go back and see them again’ seed in my head. Their amazing energy on stage definitely a key factor here. Back inside I went whilst the bands were switching only to be welcomed to an emotional sounding set of songs by the solo artist, Ethan Storm. A few glitches in the vocals here and there, but overall a very strong and emotional performance by the young man. Back outside I went to watch a performance by a band called My Friend’s Bread. A young bunch of guys who hosted a fresh and unstructured set, attitude to drop their pants during a set as front man Matt Weir did with no shame at all. An entertaining bunch of songs from a band who are also worth another listen. A beer and toilet run is all it took for me to get caught up in conversation and miss most of Silent Side’s set. Not to worry though, I did catch their last 2 songs and that was definitely enough to be satisfied by yet another good performance on the night. The last band to hit the outside stage was Stellenbosch rockers Four A Penny. The band put on a performance much like all the rest we have been seeing this year...a tight performance lacking in diversity and stage presence. The band was unfortunately cut short due to complaints from residents down the road, never cool! Back inside, it was a cover song paradise from Pik Swart who definitely topped the entertainment of the inside stage. Singing popular songs to a bunch of people sitting in a pub with a fireplace until 2:30am is always going to be a great way to end an awesome night! Overall, this was one of the most enjoyable events I have attended at Nameless for some time and hope to see it happen again soon.

Emerging Sounds Competition With the Emerging Sounds competition well under way throughout the country as it has done for the past few years, it is a competition whereby bands stand a chance to win thousands of Rand’s in cash, studio time and an opportunity to showcase their music in other regions in South Africa. ROAR, Observatory, 26 August With the competition deciding to host 2 events on the same night, one being at Mercury Live and the other being at ROAR, I decided to attend the event at ROAR not for any specific reason, possibly for the R8 beers during happy hour. The bands who participated in this years event at ROAR were Fingers in the Sky, Blood White Scarlet, Spaceman, One Song On, All My Circus Friends, Haatspraak, Very Ape, Black Market Riots, My Flawless Ending and Ripcord. Sure you may not have heard some of these names before, but having attended the event, I have definitely come to respect a few bands from the night. The night started off at 8pm and by 11pm, it was already running over 40 minutes late. I feel it was because of over filling the line up and requiring each of the 10 bands to set up their own amps before their set - with 10 bands on the line up, did nobody think of having a static backline to make change overs quick? Obviously not. My Flawless Ending strapped another successful competition show to their belts by pulling out all the stops during their 5 song set. The band will be performing at The Bohemian as part of the Final round. I will keep you posted on all the happenings of the Emerging Sounds competition in next month’s edition. By Nick Owen

Models Supplied by 3D Model Agency

Grand West Arena, 8 August Another manic Monday was definitely not on the cards on the 8th of August. I jumped in my car really early and headed to Grand West to avoid standing in queues and all that hoo-haa. To my disbelief, the place wasn't packed and by the time they opened the doors, the queues really weren't what I expected. The first performance of the night was a really disappointing one in my opinion. Not only did P.H.Phat not suite line up of the show, but they definitely failed in turning me into a fan as the music seemed really out of place at a show where if you are not playing some sort of rock, please don't bother playing! Not to sound like a dick here, but the arena seemed pretty quiet with a shit load of people preferring to squat on the grass outside and chat as opposed to watching P.H.Phat. Next up came a band who did manage to transform me into a fan. They go by the name of Lark. Solid performance and catchy tunes kept the crowd jumping and seemed to be a very good vibe-creator for the bands who followed. Finally, it was time for me to watch a band who I actually wanted to see. Fokofpolisiekar stirred up the crowd with their well known songs and energetic stage performance. Having never seen the band play live before this, I was very impressed with every dynamic of their performance. The arena’s attendance began to grow before The Used. Possibly people who didn't want to sit through 3 other bands when all they really wanted to do was watch The Used. Fair enough, I get that. It was almost impossible to stop screaming and smiling in the anticipation of watching The Used. But finally, they came on stage and surely lived up to everybody’s expectations with the band playing songs from all their previous albums. Front man Bert McCracken seemed to have spent a little too much time backstage with Francois Van Coke from Fokofpolisiekar, as in a humorous prank, he looked at a person in the crowd wearing a yellow shirt or something, and swore at the dudes mother in Afrikaans (of which I cant write here), it was awesome to see that Americans actually are fast learners! Bert also pinky promised the crowd that it won’t take them another 10 years before they return to South Africa. I really hope its true! An awesome night out with friends, a few good bands, expensive beer and sloppy sound were all on order at Grand West on the night. Not that it really bothered me when The Used started playing, bad sound or even no sound, I was watching The Used, a dream that came true for me and I’m pretty sure that most who attended the event will say the same.

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The 27 Club is the title for a group of influential musicians who all died at the age of 27 and are all known for leading a Rock & Roll lifestyle. Although people die at any age, there is a statistical spike for musicians who die at the age of 27.

Date of death: 3 July 1969 Cause of death: Drowned

Date of death: 18 Sep 1970 Cause of death: Asphyxiation

Date of death: 5 April 1994 Cause of death: Suicide

Date of death: 4 October 1970 Cause of death: Heroin overdose

Date of death: 3 July 1971 Cause of death: Heart failure

Date of death: 23 July 2011 Cause of death: not yet known, some say from alcohol withdrawal

T212 TE G CRATo be insane or not to be sane. August has come and gone, the rains are hopefully over soon and spring is looming, lots of sun and the rising warmth is set to follow…such is not the same with the music scene, it seems through hardships or not, underground to pop the music will always evolve along with its surroundings, the music is always a great indicator of the times at hand, check what your local and international artists are currently releasing and for what every its worth the music will continue to thrive, its just never going to die. The first thing anyone should know about music and what makes it so damn special is that to most, if not all of us, from the pop heads to the underground junkies is that it has some effect that gets people going from all walks of life in their own unique way. Its has the ability to give you that feeling your pet, mom, friend or foe gives you, that “its going to be OK”, paraphrase everyone likes to hear no matter what place their head is at, once you have listened to your favorite track or band. I’m not sure myself what it is, but what I do know is this, at 6:30 in the morning when I catch that bus ride to work and its pouring down with rain and everyone whose outside is losing their heads, I push play and when I hear that first track kicking off in my headphones and my eardrums start to beat to that familiar tune, nothing else in this world could take me away from that place, it transports my mind, making us forget about this mundane day ahead. You could argue that it acts as some sort of adhesive that sticks our music theory 101 to our psyche, bridging that gap of no mans land between insanity and sanity. Most peoples daily lives are full of and surrounded by what is deemed as socially accepting sane citizens who then award musicians, bands5and DJs, the T6 title of genius cum psycho to quell the rising madness brought TE Gon by monotonous CRAfrom routine, it has some clandestine power to drive you away or off that cliff, just remember to pay at the pearly gates. So as of now the world economy seems as bleak as the weather outside and young people face a hardship they have never known but will learn to survive as they grow into adulthood and their kids will never know there is one lesson which will always remain strong and to the point, music the audible art will prevail on all levels and get us through any apocalypse that is put forward by our world, we are all the same and will want to aspire along to something and music is one of those vessels to take us to brighter days and warmer weather. By Slippery Lizard







NRRGG Issue 5 - September 2011  

The September 2011 edition of the Niva Rock&Roll Gig Guide