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Our Mission

NIU Housing & Dining is committed to providing our students a safe, supportive, and educationally empowering community where students can learn, grow, and be successful within a complex and diverse world. Through our facilities, our programs, and the collaborative efforts of staff, student leaders, and campus partners, we promote respect, individuality, and personal responsibility.


Housing & Dining students, staff, and visitors hold a shared responsibility to work towards inclusiveness, educational equality, and ongoing personal growth. We value mutual respect, and we embrace those around us for who they are.


We encourage you to visit the campus and residence halls during tours available on the following days: Monday–Friday Campus tours begin at 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. throughout the year. Saturday Campus tours begin at 10:30 a.m. September through May. No appointment is needed. Visitors meet at the Barsema Alumni and Visitors Center (BAVC).

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Welcome Who Lives in the Residence Halls? Life on Campus & in DeKalb Living Together: Roommates Room Amenities Floor Lifestyles Living Learning Communities Your Program Neptune Hall Grant C Tower Lincoln Hall Douglas Hall Stevenson Towers New Residential Complex Amenities Comparison Safety & Security Where to Eat Dining Plan Technology Academic Support Leadership Employment Opportunities Your Next Steps Room & Board Rates


to the NiU residence halls Congratulations on Your Acceptance to NIU! Each year, approximately 5,000 NIU students live in the residence halls on our DeKalb campus. Like you, many of these students are freshmen or transfer students who will live together, learn together, and learn to lead.


Residence halls are great places to meet new people and form lifelong friendships. Living on campus provides many opportunities to meet people from different cultures, countries, and ethnic backgrounds. In an NIU residence hall, you have the ability to quickly become a comfortable, full-fledged member of the NIU community, where your residence hall is your new home, and the Housing & Dining staff is committed to providing you with a safe, supportive, and educationally empowering residential community.


Living in an NIU residence hall enhances your college experience, because residence hall communities let you live and socialize with other students who share your academic and career goals. Collaborative partnerships with faculty and student support services enhance your learning experience so that you can learn, grow, and be successful within a complex and diverse world. We are dedicated to your academic success and support your personal pursuit of excellence.


Housing & Dining at NIU is dedicated to providing you with opportunities to develop the leadership skills necessary for both a successful academic career and a productive professional career. The Residence Hall Association (RHA) provides such opportunities for leadership through participation in the hall governance system, wherein governing bodies make decisions about changes in the halls and ensure that the concerns of individual residents are heard by the larger University Community. Future leaders are born and trained through these important leadership opportunities. So, welcome to the NIU residence halls where students live, learn, and lead together. Join us in the residence halls, where Huskies and Huskie Pride are born!

Michael Stang Executive Director of Housing & Dining



where Huskies go to grow On-campus living offers valuable opportunities to make new friends, to become part of a learning community with others in your academic major, to participate in campus activities and service projects, and to focus on your academic efforts.

WHO LIVES IN THE RESIDENCE HALLS? • Freshmen and transfer students • International and domestic students • Undergraduate and graduate students


Living in the residence halls provides many conveniences, so you can focus more time and attention on academics. Most living costs, such as utilities, Internet, cable TV, and food, are included in one simple bill placed on your student account. Living off campus may not supply the ready-made amenities that residence halls provide, including such services as oncampus dining, technology support, computer labs, tutors, and study groups. Because connecting with other students is essential to having a satisfying college experience, residence hall living is a great place to start your career at NIU. Life at a major university may differ greatly from your experiences at other institutions, so transfer students are encouraged to start their NIU careers in the halls, where Transfer Student Community welcomes new transfer students. All students must live in the University residence halls if they are classified as freshmen (less than 30 hours of NIUaccepted college credit), under age 21 by September 1, single, not residing with their parents or legal guardians, and not living within established (65 miles) commuting distance from the NIU main campus.


As part of our mission to provide students a supportive environment, we have established a residential curriculum that is the basis for meetings and events that the housing staff plans for our students. As part of the residential curriculum, we aim to teach students how to manage personal relationships, how to contribute responsibly to the residential and greater communities through engagement opportunities, how to identify and implement healthy life choices, how to succeed academically, and how to actively create an inclusive climate within the residence halls.


Northern View Community is an on-campus apartment community designed for students with dependents and/or partners, graduate and professional students, non-traditional students, and students at least two years post high school. Northern View Community features mostly two-bedroom units, but also offers a limited number of one-bedroom and three-bedroom units. All units are equipped with full kitchens, washers and dryers, phones, campus cable TV service, and Internet access. Amenities within the complex include a community center equipped with a computer lab and wireless Internet, community rooms, study areas, and a playground. For more information, visit

LIFE ON CAMPUS AND IN DEKALB where Huskies go to have fun

A variety of scheduled events keeps many residents busy during the week and weekends. Campus activities include comedians, concerts, intramural sports, themed dinners, and festivals. Recent entertainers have included Carrie Underwood, Drake, Jason Mraz, Casting Crowns, T.I., and Ludacris. On campus you can bowl or play billiards and video games in the Holmes Student Center. Living on campus keeps you aware of such opportunities.


Within walking distance of campus are Starbucks, Panda Express, Chipotle, Topper’s Pizza, Potbelly’s, Sharks, Jimmy John’s, a cinema, and more. Along Sycamore Road you will find Target, Old Navy, Wal-Mart Supercenter, Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, multiplex movies, Buffalo Wild Wings, Steak ’n Shake, Portillo’s Hot Dogs, Panera Bread Company, Noodles & Company, Culver’s, Qdoba, and Caribou Coffee. DeKalb also offers an array of unique shops, music venues, and restaurants like Moxie’s, The House Cafe, Fushi Yami restaurant, Thai Pavilion restaurant, Rammy’s Subs, The Junction restaurant, Eduardo’s restaurant, and Egg Haven Pankcakes & Cafe.


The Huskie Bus Line makes on-campus living easy with routes that frequent student housing areas and the Northern View Community. To reduce the need for car travel during the academic year, these buses regularly stop at residence halls and carry students throughout DeKalb and its shopping areas.


Although you may bring a car to campus, most parking for residents is in the West Campus area. You will not be able to drive to classes. Most classes are less than a 10-minute walk away. Check out the Parking Services website at


LIVING TOGETHER respect & discovery

NIU surveys and national research show that first-year students with roommates are more likely to be satisfied with their college experience, more likely to remain in college, and more likely to graduate than those who live alone.


If you already have a roommate in mind, you have the opportunity to select a room together when you choose your room via the online room selection process. Before choosing online, it is important to agree on what type of community, room, and floor you would prefer. If you decide to start your residence hall life with a roommate you do not already know, a fresh face may make your journey of discovery more exciting and less stressful. Many of our incoming students meet potential roommates on the NIU Admissions Facebook page.

Learning to live with others 4

For many students, the experience of sharing a room is new. All students will make a roommate agreement form to help communicate expectations and boundaries; roommates may avoid many conflicts this way. If you are like most roommates, you will learn to respect each other’s needs and rights, enjoy each other’s company, and develop a lasting friendship. To help facilitate this process, we provide a roommate agreement form that you, your roommate, and your Community Advisor will discuss after you move in.


Each floor has its own live-in Community Advisor, a carefully selected and trained student staff member. In addition to building a sense of community among floor residents, Community Advisors help students grow as individuals, plan and direct the floor’s yearlong residential curriculum, and act as a resource for student concerns.


If you need accessible housing accommodations due to a medical condition or disability, notify Housing & Dining when you submit your contract. For more information on services available to students with a medical condition, please contact Health Services at 815-753-1311 or visit For information on the full range of NIU resources available to students with disabilities, please contact the Center for Access-Ability Resources (CAAR) at 815-753-1303 or visit


Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer (LGBTQ) students may have specific questions about living on campus at NIU. Each year, residence life staff members are educated about the needs and concerns of LGBTQ students. If you are an LGBTQ student and have questions about living on campus, we will be happy to discuss options to best meet your needs. If you would like assistance or more information about LGBTQ support services at NIU, we invite you to contact the LGBT Resource Center at 815-753-5428 or visit

Coming to NIU is an opportunity to begin a new and exciting chapter in your life

Navigate through the exciting academic and social opportunities at NIU: Every year, fifteen residents get to go to the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH) national conference. NACURH is considered to be the largest student-run organization in the world. This opportunity lets residents travel to schools like San Diego and Colorado State. Forge bonds that last beyond your years at NIU: At NIU, 81% of our residents report that they are satisfied with their opportunities to meet other people in the halls. Get to know faculty members both inside and outside the classroom: At NIU, students have the opportunity to live in Living Learning Communities; they build strong relationships with faculty members who help them succeed academically and find jobs, internships, or graduate schools. Meet new people from a variety of backgrounds: At NIU, 30% of the students are ethnic minorities, and nearly 1,000 are international students from more than 100 nations. Interaction with peers has been found to be the most important predictor of student satisfaction in a university experience. We know you will have a satisfying experience living with us at NIU.

Double rooms, our most common room type, accommodate two students, and are available in nearly all of our halls. Single rooms are available in Grant, Stevenson, and the New Residential Complex. Triples, larger rooms that three students share, are limited in number.


the features you need


• Twin bed, desk, desk chair, dresser, lockable unit, and closet or wardrobe for each resident • More than 50 cable TV channels, several HDTV channels, and 21 cable FM signals • MicroFridge (combination refrigerator/freezer/microwave) • High-speed Internet access—bring your computer, Ethernet/wireless card, and Ethernet cable • The majority of rooms at NIU are traditional double rooms.

Suites for four students are offered in two of our halls. Each four-person suite has two bedrooms and a furnished living room. Some suites have their own bathroom. Four-person suites can be purchased as doubles so that two people share a suite. Clusters are for twelve students who live in six minisuites. In clusters, the students share a common area, kitchen, and laundry facilities. The mini-suites contain two single rooms with a shared bathroom. Apartments are available in Northern View Community, which is designed for students with dependents or partners, graduate and professional students, and any students who are at least two years post high school. Northern View Community offers many amenities in its one-, two-, or three-bedroom apartments, including a full kitchen and laundry unit in each apartment.


YOUR LIFESTYLE your floor options


Although most residents share a double room with one roommate on a coed floor, students do best in the environment that lets them feel most comfortable. The lifestyle option that may be best for someone else may not be best for you. Read more detailed descriptions of your residential lifestyle options on our website. Residence halls have no curfew. Twenty-four hour visitation is permitted with roommate agreement for a maximum of 72 hours; guests must be registered after 11 p.m.


quiet lifestyle

Quiet lifestyle floors enjoy quiet hours twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week (except for Friday evening and noon to midnight Saturday). Quiet hours require that noise does not interrupt an atmosphere conducive to effective study or sleep.

Alcohol free

Alcohol-free floors prohibit alcohol possession or consumption by students or their guests, regardless of age. Students under twenty-one are not allowed to have alcoholic beverages anywhere on the NIU campus.

Single sex

Single sex floors offer an alternative to coed housing.


Coed floors offer rooms for males and females. Roommates must be of the same sex. Coed living is offered only on floors that have separate bath facilities for each gender. With roommate agreement, twenty-four hour visitation is permitted. All spaces in NIU residence halls are smoke-free.


Living Learning Communities A Living Learning Community (LLC) consists of several floors dedicated to students from the same academic interest or lifestyle area. Living Learning Communities bring together floors or halls of motivated students who learn as they live together. LLC residents take part in the same social and educational activities enjoyed on other floors, while also enjoying special programs, speakers, field trips, and activities. To support activities in the houses, LLC residents are charged an additional programming fee. For a complete description of NIU’s LLCs, visit Living Learning Communities are co-sponsored by Housing & Dining and NIU academic schools and departments or student support offices. Dedicated faculty members serve as guides to students as they pursue their academic goals and hone their professional skills.

Living learning communities Eligibility In most programs, priority is given to students who have a major, or who intend to have a major, in the academic field related to the program. In some cases, students with a strong interest in the academic discipline are accepted. Acceptance into the LLC is not automatic. Some programs require a minimum GPA or ACT score.

Benefits of Living learning communities

The focus on a particular field of study enables an LLC to offer additional benefits: • Out-of-class interaction with professors in your academic field; • Additional opportunities for career information, internships, and networking with faculty members and professionals; • Programs and special facilities that will enhance your classroom learning and leadership skill development; • Social and cultural activities with students, faculty, and staff; • Improved academic performance—on average, students in LLCs earn a higher GPA.



explore your interests


Gain greater awareness of business through informal and professional development activities with College of Business faculty and staff. Enjoy field trips to nearby corporations and firms. “In times where I am stuck or in trouble with a class, there is always someone who has prior experience. We push each other through.”


If you are unsure of your major, take advantage of opportunities to explore various majors and career interests. Residents of the house have access to programming that includes workshops, brunch with faculty members, and Internet-guided major exploration.


“It’s great to have people and resources that help me find out what type of major or career fits me the best.”


Live with other students from the Schools of Art, Music, and Theatre and Dance. Interact with guest artists and faculty members at dinners, receptions, informal discussions, seminars, and performances. “I particularly like the Fine Arts House because we are all very different but still very like-minded.”


Dine and Discuss with faculty, develop relationships with health professionals, and learn to be an effective member of a health-services team. Coordinate blood drives, prepare workshops, and take field trips to area health-service agencies, laboratories, and hospitals. “I enjoy it. It’s more of a community feeling. Most of the people here have a lot of the same classes.”


Interact with peers in an enhanced academic environment for work and relaxation. Attend “Souper Wednesdays” for discussions with faculty members, or participate in intellectual, cultural, social, and community service projects with other members of the House. “Living with other Honors students helped me make many close friends quickly.”


Join NIU’s global village with students from various majors and backgrounds, as well as with international faculty guests. Interact with students interested in international politics, business, and global issues. “Living with students of different cultures and racial backgrounds furthers the experience. I have made friends from Russia, Mexico, Japan, and France. World culture is embodied on the floor.”

SCIENCE/ENGINEERING/TECHNOLOGY (SET) HOUSE IN DOUGLAS HALL Focus on science, computer science, engineering, and engineering technology. Deepen your career preparation through trips to regional laboratories and industrial facilities. “It’s excellent. The floor promotes teamwork in getting our studies done.”


Build your career through activities, conferences, seminars, and leadership skill development. Through experience, learn professional skills such as how to plan field trips and incorporate service projects into your curriculum. “I know the Dean. Getting into the college and meeting people can help you out early on.”


Make your new home at NIU in the Transfer House—a community designed specifically for new transfer students. Transitioning can present challenges socially and academically, and NIU is here to support you. “I’m really happy with my transfer floor community because of all the new people I’ve met and how easy it was for me to adjust to NIU.”


Join other students who desire to live their spirituality while engaging others in conversations about multi-faith commonalities. This floor will celebrate open-minded intellectual curiosity, tolerance of multiple beliefs, and the freedom to practice one’s own spirituality.


Live with other students who are part of NIU’s ROTC program and have a similar schedule. A number of rooms are on reserve for continuing and new cadets.

Neptune Hall Neptune Hall is conveniently located in the center of campus and offers many amenities suited to Visual & Performing Arts majors who choose to live in the Fine Arts House Living Learning Community. Neptune consists of three buildings (East, West, and North) and is located next to the Holmes Student Center. Students who choose to live in Neptune appreciate its close proximity to the academic buildings and enjoy the smaller size of the Neptune buildings. In-Hall Amenities: Dining commons located in Neptune Central Fine Arts House and Exploring Majors House Dance Studio Piano Practice Rooms Drafting/Art Room Art Gallery in Neptune North Computer Lab Smart Classroom Study Lounges Laundry Facilities Community Safety Center Fireplace Lounge (Neptune Central) Wireless Internet in All Lounges


Grant C tower Grant C Tower is located on the northwestern edge of campus. Three of the four towers in this building are currently under renovation. Grant C, the newly renovated wing, is open for students this fall. Grant D will be open for students in fall of 2013. Grant currently features the Grab ‘N Go breakfast bar, the Northern Lights Grill, and the popular Sunday brunch (subject to change in fall 2012). This residence hall complex features many double rooms and single rooms. It is directly across from Eco Park (the West Lagoon) and close to sports fields and tennis courts.


In-Hall Amenities: Smart Classroom Study Rooms Computer Lab Wireless Internet in All Lounges Wireless Internet in All Rooms Laundry Facilities Community Safety Center Air Conditioning Business Careers House

Lincoln Hall Lincoln Hall is located on West Campus at the corner of Annie Glidden Road and Lucinda Avenue. It is close to two of our on-campus work-out facilities, the Chick Evans Field House and the Campus Recreation Building. Lincoln Hall consists of four five-story wings, with most rooms having double occupancy, using twinsize bunk beds. Lincoln is also one of the two halls that offers triple room options (a larger room shared by three people). Lincoln Hall houses mostly freshmen and Living Learning Community students.

In-Hall Amenities: Lincoln À La Carte Dining Computer Lab Lincoln Late-Night Dining Neon Lights Grill Wireless Network in All Lounges Smart Classroom Tutoring Center Laundry Facilities Study Rooms Community Safety Center Teacher Education and Certification House (TEACH)

Douglas Hall Douglas Hall is located on the West Campus near the Student Recreation Center and Huskie Stadium as well as other athletic fields. The residential set-up is similar to that of Lincoln Hall; a five-story, four-wing building. Most rooms are for double occupancy and have twin bunk beds. Douglas also offers triples, larger rooms shared by three students. The primary occupants of Douglas Hall are freshman students or members of a Living Learning Community. Douglas currently features the popular Dog Pound Deli dining facility. In-Hall Amenities: Dog Pound Deli Computer Lab Tutoring Center Wireless Network in All Lounges Smart Classroom Laundry Facilities Study Rooms Community Safety Center International House Science, Engineering, & Technology (SET) House Health Professions House Journeys of Spirituality & Meaning Floor

Stevenson towers The Stevenson complex is located on the western edge of the campus and consists of four thirteen-story towers. Stevenson Towers also features the popular food-court style dining hall, as well as a late-night grill. Stevenson A and B Tower are restricted to upper-division students. Stevenson C and D Towers are open to all students. This residence hall complex includes many suites with baths, suites without baths, double rooms, and single rooms. It is directly across from Eco Park (the West Lagoon). It is also close to sports fields and tennis courts. In-Hall Amenities: Writing Center Stevenson Food Court Stevenson Expressway Late-Night Dining Smart Classroom Computer Lab Wireless Network in All Lounges Study Rooms Laundry Facilities Community Safety Center Air Conditioning Transfer House


New Residential Complex A brand new, 1,000-bed residence hall complex will open to all students in fall 2012 just north of Lincoln Hall. This new community will feature two residential buildings where students can live in small group clusters of twelve bedrooms. Cluster living arrangements offer enhanced privacy (every bedroom is a single). The New Complex offers semi-private bathrooms shared with one other student. There is a common space for each group of twelve residents that includes a study area, living room area, and kitchen-like area. The New Complex also features a large community center with a food-court style dining area, a recreation facility (for residents only), and a wireless lounge/gaming area.


In-Hall Amenities: Wireless Internet in All Lounges Wireless Internet in All Rooms Tutoring Center Study Rooms Laundry Facilities in Each Cluster Community Safety Center Single Rooms Cluster & Mini-Suite Living In-Hall Recreation Facility Air Conditioning Honors House LLC

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Residence Halls





building a strong community NIU residence halls are our students’ homes, so we strive to partner with our students to keep them as safe as possible; 82% of our residents reported that they feel safe in their room, and 80% reported that they felt safe in their residence hall.



• All floor entrance doors remain locked 24/7 • Elevators require keys or proximity cards to access residence floors • Exterior hall doors are locked 11 p.m. – 7 a.m. • Hall entrance after 11 p.m. requires OneCard and Hall Entry card • Access Control, managed by the NIU Department of Police & Public Safety, operates night security • Registration is required for guests after 11 p.m. Guests must show a picture ID. • All guests must be accompanied by their resident host • Surveillance cameras are appropriately placed in Residential Complexes


• They are located in all Residential Communities • University police officers are on duty in the halls, night and day • All officers are emergency medical technicians (EMTs) • NIU Police are sworn officers within the state of Illinois • Officers are available as a student resource as well as a safety measure


• NIU’s Late Night Ride Program brings students home free of charge from anywhere in DeKalb • Huskie Student Patrol “Walk Safe” Program escorts students on campus on weeknights • Campus blue light and emergency phone system accesses assistance

DINING CHOICES great selections

For multiple dining options in the halls, check your specific Residential Community. Dining service is available in most halls from 7:00 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekdays. During weekends, dining is available between 10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. Weekly menus, along with nutritional information, are available on the Residential Dining website:

DESTINATION DINING a place for everything


The Main Street à la carte food court in Stevenson Towers offers hot meals, cold salads, pizza, pasta, grill items, made-to-order sandwiches, and more, seven days a week.


The Dog Pound Deli in Douglas Hall, another great à la carte destination, serves fresh deli sandwiches made to order, along with excellent salads and desserts.


Throughout the halls, you can find all-you-care-to-eat offerings seven days a week. Also, a spectacular Sunday Brunch is perfect for visiting families. Douglas offers all-you-care-to-eat Monday–Thursday at dinner.


The Stevenson Expressway Café offers late-night snacks, pizza, and grill items to help satisfy those late-night hunger pains. The Neptune Trident Grab ’N Go offers a variety of coffee drinks, Pepsi fountain drinks, Vitality Juices, deli sandwiches, side salads, and NIU Bakery pastries and desserts until 11 p.m. Monday–Thursday and until 6 p.m. on Friday. Lincoln Hall offers à la carte menu items, including vegetarian, vegan, and meat entrées and side dishes. Douglas Hall has Grab ’N Go options for breakfast and lunch. The Northern Lights Grill in Grant Towers serves pizza, salads, sandwiches, Bosco Breadsticks, BOCA Burgers, and a variety of other grilled food items daily. Discover the Choices All-You-Care-to-Eat Dining Centers Grab ’N Go Locations Late-Night Destinations Made-to-Order Grills Custom Delis Food Court with Variety


NIU was chosen as a finalist for the prestigious title of peta2’s Most Vegan-Friendly College in the Country. This nomination was made based on both the quality and quantity of vegan options available to students on campus. Dining prides itself on its variety of options. Discover the endless possibilities with our vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, allergy friendly, and health-conscious choices.



choose your level for your life style Students living on campus have one of three declining balance meal plans. Each Monday, the amount you have chosen will be credited to your meal plan account. During the week, as you buy meals, snacks, and beverages, the amount purchased will be deducted from your weekly account balance. Consider your current eating habits when selecting your meal plan allowance. Do you usually eat a full breakfast, or do you sleep in? Eat a full lunch or grab a sandwich? How you live may change in several ways once you arrive on campus, so don’t be surprised by a change in your eating habits.


Meal Plan options

For 2012-2013 prices, visit Meal plans are available at the following levels: Gold Platinum A Lite meal plan is available to on-campus residents who are involved in full-day (seven hours or more) academic assignments (e.g., student teaching, nursing clinical assignments, or internships) for two or more days a week at least eight weeks per semester. If it is more compatible with their schedules, due to off-campus academic assignments, on-campus residents are eligible to apply for this reduced meal plan once the semester begins. All meal plans are also available for any off-campus student at any time.


Huskie Bucks is a pre-paid declining balance program similar to the declining balance meal plan; however, it is offered by the OneCard Office. Select how much you wish to deposit in your Huskie Bucks account; then use your account for purchases and services. Huskie Bucks roll over from semester to semester. At the end of your career at NIU, you may withdraw any money that remains in your account. If your meal plan’s allocation is less than you need in a particular week, Huskie Bucks can be used at any dining location. Huskie Bucks can also be used for laundry, for copies, and at many local restaurants. Note: Huskie Bucks CANNOT replace your meal plan. All residents MUST have a meal plan if they live in the halls. When you submit your contract, you have the option to add a request for Huskie Bucks to your Housing & Dining agreement and have that amount billed with your room and board charges. Both Huskie Bucks and meal plan accounts are accessed through your NIU OneCard ID. You will receive your OneCard during orientation. Huskie Bucks are reloadable online with a MasterCard or in the OneCard Office with cash, credit, or check. For more details or questions, visit the OneCard Office website at


stay connected 24/7


The residence halls have their own computer facilities and staff: ResTech. Full-time professionals and a staff of 40 student employees help residents make the most of their technological resources.


All residence hall rooms have high-speed online access to the Internet. Just bring your own computer, 10/100baseT Ethernet card, and Ethernet cable to connect to the Internet. All hall residents are assessed a ResNet Access and Support Charge ($62 in 2011–2012) each semester for high-speed Internet access and support.


Wireless Internet access is available in many areas on campus and in designated residence hall areas. To connect, use a computer and wireless network card.


The ResTech Helpdesk provides support for computer labs, residents’ computers—including Operating System troubleshooting and virus detection and removal—Internet access, and other technology questions. The Helpdesk is located in Stevenson C Tower. For more information on technology in the residence halls, check out the ResTech website:


Computer labs are located in most residential areas and are open 24/7. Any resident may use the lab in any residence hall; however, access is restricted to residents of each area and their guests between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. All hall labs have Windows PCs and scanners and Adaptive Technology stations. Cyber Terminals are found in the lobby of every hall. These computers offer access to the web, e-mail, and Microsoft Office 24 hours a day.



study programs are here for you


Tutoring centers are located in Lincoln Hall, Douglas Hall, and the New Residential Complex. Drop-in tutoring is available for approximately 87 courses from 29 academic departments. More than 1,000 students receive assistance annually. These free centers are open to all NIU students five nights a week. Details of academic educational assistance programs can be found at www.



The University Writing Center, located in Stevenson Towers, helps more than 2,000 students annually. Individual coaching, writing workshops, and computer-based instruction provide assistance for writing assignments. Latenight sessions are offered to meet the needs of students’ busy lives.


Why not take a class located in your residence hall? Residence Hall classrooms host more than 120 college-credit courses per school year. Smart classrooms offer Internet connections and digital teaching aids.

UNIV 101 AND 201

All new freshmen are encouraged to take UNIV 101: University Experience, a one-credit-hour course designed exclusively for new NIU students. Course content includes adjusting to college life, time and money management, learning to live in a diverse community, and making the most of University resources. Transfer students are encouraged to take UNIV 201, an introductory course to NIU that draws from previous college experiences to orient new transfer students. For your convenience, some sections of UNIV 101 and 201 are taught in the residence hall classrooms.


involvement & responsibility NIU offers many exciting ways for students to get involved in the University. No matter what a student’s interest may be, an organization or group shares that interest. Organizations offered to students in the residence halls include the following: Residence Hall Association (RHA) hosts the Welcome Back Block Party, plans trips to sporting events, and coordinates the annual Lil’ Sibs weekend. Officers serve important roles on Housing & Dining and University committees. At NIU, residents have a voice that is heard across campus. Hall Council is a branch of the Residence Hall Association that handles business for each hall, makes decisions about hall improvements, and ensures that the concerns of residents are voiced to the larger community.

Believing in Culture (BIC) provides cultural activities and information for residents of NIU. Committee members promote awareness of cultural diversity and hall participation. National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) recognizes the achievements of the top 1% of residence hall leaders nationwide. Friendship and other leadership opportunities are available in more than 200 University-recognized student organizations that hold meetings in the residence halls and elsewhere on campus. Ninety-two percent of residents report that they are satisfied with their opportunities to participate in hall government and other social activities. For more information about RHA, Hall Councils, or BIC, visit



work where you live


More than 600 Housing & Dining positions for student workers are filled each year. We have openings to troubleshoot at the ResTech Helpdesk, work in the kitchen or dining areas, staff each hall’s front desk, or perform many other duties across the hall system. Housing & Dining is a 24-hour-a-day operation, and student workers are needed around the clock. The hiring process begins before the start of the academic year, and new openings occur throughout the year. To learn about our positions and to request an application, see the employment section at


Students who have not been officially released to live off campus may not cancel their contract unless they will not be attending NIU. Requests for the cancellation of a housing contract must be made in writing to Housing & Dining. Students have three (3) business days after initiating their Housing & Dining contract to submit written verification of their wish to void their contract. After this three (3)day period, students usually are not released from their contractual obligation. To commute from home or move to alternative off-campus housing are not sufficient reasons for release.


YOUR NEXT STEPS apply early

We strongly recommend you contract for on-campus housing as soon as you confirm your attendance at NIU. To apply for on-campus housing go to It takes just a few simple steps, as well as a $150 prepayment, to complete your online application. Later in the spring semester, you will return to the website to select your room. Be sure you are ready to make this commitment before you submit your contract. Your contract is for the entire 2012–2013 academic year (August–May). Once a contract is submitted, students are not typically released from that contract to commute from home or move to alternative off-campus housing. You may not break the contract at any time during the contract period as long as you are enrolled at the University. Only students who will graduate during fall semester, who will be studying abroad, or who will have an internship or student teaching assignment outside of DeKalb County are typically released from their contract.

A non-refundable administrative processing charge may be retained unless the University is unable to offer an assignment. For cancellations received by May 1, the room and board prepayment ($125) will be fully refunded. The $25 contract-processing fee is non-refundable. Cancellations received between May 1 and July 1 will receive a partial refund ($75). After July 1, the pre-payment is nonrefundable.


Read the Fine Print The specifics of residence hall contract policies are explained in the housing Contract, the Contract Addendum, and the Guide Post: Housing & Dining Policies and Procedures. The Guide Post includes policies and expectations, and is found on our website. For answers to questions about Housing & Dining regulations, call 815-753-1525 or drop by the Housing & Dining Residential Administration Office in Neptune Hall East, just west of the Holmes Student Center. You can also e-mail us at or explore our website at


Housing & Dining

ROOM and BOARD RATES a great value

The 2011–2012 room-and-board rates for a student who lives in a double room (the most common housing type for freshmen), has one roommate, and chooses the Gold Meal Plan ($60/week board plan) range from $9,346 to $10,420 per academic year. Each student’s room rate will be based on the room type, hall, and Living Learning Community that a student might select. Rates and fees are subject to change. Additional room-andboard rates, including those for suites and Northern View Community, are posted on


All of our residence halls remain open during Thanksgiving and Spring Break at no additional charge. You may also contract for Winter Break housing in some halls for a small additional charge. Not all halls remain open during Winter Break, so be sure to check that the hall you choose during the room selection process remains open year-round if you think you will stay during any portion of Winter Break.


Payments for tuition, fees, and housing are billed through your MyNIU account. The Bursar’s Office handles payment issues, and will provide complete billing information at Orientation.

Web: E-Mail: Phone: 815-753-1525 Fax: 815-753-9669 Mail: Housing & Dining, East Neptune Hall Northern Illinois University DeKalb, IL 60115 Residential Administration Housing assignments Move-in/move-out information Billing and contract obligations


Residential Life 815-753-1526 Roommates and community living Leadership opportunities Residence hall programs Residential Technology 815-753-6267 Computer, Internet, and technology Information Residential Facilities 815-753-4948 Room furnishings and measurements Maintenance and repair Residential Dining 815-753-0561 Special programs Dining service hours and menu options Housing & Dining Human Resources Over 600 employment opportunities



NIU Housing & Dining Northern Illinois University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.

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