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NIUGINI ORGANICS Organic Virgin Coconut Oil & Soap Range from Papua New Guinea

NIUGINI ORGANICS MELBOURNE OFFICE Importing/Exporting, Distribution, Marketing & Sales, Pauline & Jody Cleaver +61 411953661


Has the worlds 3rd largest remaining rainforest in the world And with 94% of land mass under matriarchal customary ownership

LOCATION Papua New Guinea: the whole country in satellite view showing the lush pristine environment

LOCATION Near the old capital Rabaul, and new town Kokopo

LOCATION Factory is just out of Keravat town - nearby shows one of the village Napapar Number 5

The Keravat River

LOCATION Keravat, Napapar 5 & Napapar 1 in satellite view

‘NIUGINI’ How to pronounce it? Niugini is simply pronounced the same as the country - 'New Guinea' This is the Tok Pisin spelling, the official language of PNG. Other companies in PNG have also used this name, such as Air Niugini (major airline) and also Cafe Niugini, a great NITV show on traditional cooking.

PNG CULTURE Papua New Guinea is an incredibly diverse country spread out over 600 islands The population in 2013 was almost 8 million There are 850 distinct languages in PNG The official languages are Tok Pisin and English

ABOUT US Natural Soap Range

Working with 200+ Smallholders

Single Origin

All Smallholders own their land

Unique Rich Volcanic Soils Pristine Environment, the 3rd largest remaining rainforest

Coconuts paid at fair trade prices- on the day Employment of 40 full time staff in remote region Exporting to Australia and NZ since 2008

Wild Harvest Organic Certification Consumer Award Re-usable Packaging - glass Kilner Jar

No Testing on Animals No impact on the natural environment Consumer Voted Organic awards: Runner up best organic product 2015 & most sustainable organisation 2017

OUR STORY Niugini Organics was founded by Debra & Dennis Hill in 1994, for the local market, and started exporting to Australia and New Zealand in 2008. Debra is originally from Emirau, off New Britain PNG, and has combined her knowledge of traditional methods of pressing coconut oil with the agricultural science education of Dennis, qualified at Melbourne University, Australia. Dennis and Debra have now spent over 20 years developing their unique cold press coconut oil process that produces a coconut oil of the highest possible quality outstanding for taste, smell and texture. The soap range is unique - utilising the premium quality organic coconut oil and the attributes of essential oils. Pauline Cleaver (sister of Dennis) and her daughter Jody, manage the distribution, export and marketing from Melbourne, Australia. Labelling and packaging is sourced from Australia, making it a PNG/Australian family business.

Dennis & Debra receiving award for their PNG range of products, Port Moresby

PREMIUM QUALITY VIRGIN COCONUT OIL 100% Raw Cold-pressed Certified Organic Wild Harvested Not deodorised or bleached Not Refined No Preservatives or additives Shipped in refrigerated containers

PREMIUM QUALITY VIRGIN COCONUT OIL Made to order Made and packaged on site in PNG Stylish reusable jars From certified organic coconuts Each coconut is checked carefully Cholesterol free





SIGHT Crystal clear when liquefied, immaculately white when crystallised No yellow discolouration, especially at bottom

SMELL Fresh and light coconut aroma, reminiscent of the fragrance of freshly expressed coconut milk

STATE Solidifies/Crystallises in temperatures below 23°C, as proof of its purity

TASTE Slightly sweet and mild coconut essence Should be crisp and clean, able to be eaten off a spoon No clammy taste or aftertaste

USES - COOKING Our Virgin Coconut Oil is a raw product with a wide range of uses. It is traditionally used in Asian and South Pacific dishes Has a high smoke point so is suited to higher temperatures than other oils Can be substituted for butter in baking, making it a wonderful vegan option for cakes and breads. Coconut oil is also wonderful as a raw ingredient- crushed with nuts and cacaomany people are inventing raw recipes, where you take in the full health benefits. Recipes can be found on our website:!recipes/ cwn0!recipes/cwn0

USES- SKIN & HAIR CARE Our oil is a premium grade product suited to many different aspects of body care. Used as a moisturiser for face and body, the oil sinks into the pores of the skin and soothes any dryness. Coconut oil has been used in the South Pacific for thousands of years as a moisturiser and hair oil.

NATURAL SOAP RANGE Our everyday coconut soap range is deep cleansing with a luxurious lather. It is handmade, using a traditional boiled recipe. A pure soap made from the same 100% certified Organic Coconut Oil. We then add the purest and highest quality essential oils.

NATURAL SOAP RANGE No Preservatives No Colourings No Perfumes No Palm Oil Unbleached and un-hydrogenated Naturally rich in antioxidants for healthy and youthful skin In our range we have : Pure (coconut only), Patchouli, Lavender & Lemongrass

RAW VERSES RBD What is 100% Raw? Raw is pure, cold-pressed (not exceeding temperatures above 40c) Not processed. Has full health properties and is beautifully white and clear, with a crisp and clean taste. No additives. What is RBD?

Refined, Bleached, Deodorised.

When oils are of inferior quality they can be refined, when they are discoloured they can be bleached, when they have a very strong and clammy taste they can be deodorised (often advertised as ‘tasteless’). All these RBD processes are harmful, and detract from the health benefits that are found in 100% raw. Within coconut oils there is a wide range of different qualities: therefore the pricing reflects this.

WILD HARVEST VS PLANTATION Niugini Organics obtains all coconuts via the natural method of wild harvest - which means: The local environment is not altered- 95% of other brand coconut oils come from plantation based harvesting Other species of flora co-exist with naturally occurring coconut palms, preserving the eco-system Farms do not plant out coconut palms, the are preexisting, and are not pressured to do so as they have more than adequate supply Farmers collect the coconuts as they fall to the ground, so they do not damage or cut down the trees, at any point

SINGLE ORIGIN Niugini Organics is Single Origin - which means: All coconuts are sourced from the one location- in this case it is the Gazelle Peninsula of East New Britain PNG, which includes the villages of Napapar, Gununar, and Vunagogo. As with wine or olive oil, single origin can be defined as coming from a single estate rather than a blend, which may vary from batch to batch - this gives consistency in quality Like other since origin crops coconuts develop taste markers unique to the environment is which they are grown. The coconuts supplied to Niugini Organics are all grown on the rich, volcanic, pumice soils that define the Gazelle Peninsula. All our farmer’s properties are organically certified and consist of pristine tropical rainforest At 4 degrees South, the equatorial weather is warm and humid all year round with very little variation in rainfall or temperature to define the seasons.

Naturally occurring coconut palms live 100+ years

Unique rich volcanic soil of East New Britain

Unique rich volcanic soil of East New Britain

RABAUL’S VOLCANOS The twin volcanic eruptions of 1994 destroyed the capital Rabaul once known as ‘the pearl of the pacific’ Many businesses left and never returned It was evacuated and rebuilt at the new town of Kokopo, which has not regained the status that old Rabaul town had The region is remote without many basic services or employment opportunity

Active volcanos in the region- Mt Tavuvur and Vulcan

Rabaul before 1994 Rabaul after 1994

STAFF Niugini Organics employ over 40 full time staff in the production of virgin coconut oil & soap

Some of the staff are not just working oil & soap production- there are also full time drivers, carpenters, welders, mechanics, gardeners, cleaners & security.

The many different trade jobs within Niugini Organics

We have a smallholder coordinator, Lavinia, who schedules all the growers and ensures everything is adhering to organic certification.

Meet Lavinia and our other full time staff at:!staff/cklz!staff/cklz

Soap and Oil Production to Order

Nothing goes to waste - here the empty coconut shells are used for fuel for the boiler to produce power for the factory

And bags containing the leftover of the coconut after cold-pressing, will go towards feeding the local agricultural projects- cows, chickens, and pigs.

Filling and packing to order: checking quality and quantity, and the shipping chart of the province

FARMERS Niugini Organics source coconuts from over 200+ smallholders

Traditional basket woven from coconut leaves

Vicka Tatani from Napapar #4

Napapar #1 farmer building new housing with help from consistent income from Niugini Organics

Napapar #1 farmer Michael Rangan shows frame of new house with family

Walking through Napapar #1 farmer owned property, seen is naturally occurring coconut palms amongst other vegetation

Children from the family at Napapar #4 coming along for the exciting monthly delivery at the factory

The monthly quota from each farmer: 1000 organic, wild harvested coconuts.

Husking at Napapar #4: Each coconut is husked by hand as seen here. The coconuts are left in a pile to be picked up for delivery. The husks are slowly burnt off for a natural insecticide to discourage beetles and to clear the husks so newly dropped coconuts can be seen. The coconuts are not picked from the tree, they simply drop to the ground. Within one month of dropping gives the right maturity to press the oil. Coconut water requires younger coconuts, that need to be picked and so require much harder work This makes the work easy for our farmers who spend 2-3 days per month collecting and husking 1000 coconuts. Many farmers consider husking by hand to be easy work and selling their coconuts to Niugini Organics is consistent and highly paid, especially compared to Copra industries. Farmers are paid on their delivery day and so can rely on the income.

Interview with Kilala Tatani & Family, Smallholder at Napapar #2!farmers/c1d8i

ANIMALS OF PAPUA NEW GUINEA We are often asked about the welfare of animals at Niugini Organics, especially that of monkeys and Orangutangs. PNG does not have any primates but it does have a large eco-system of unique animals, reptiles, and birds. The most well known is the Bird of Paradise, the Cuscus, and the Tree Kangaroo. We do not alter the natural environment of animals by planting out coconut palms, they simply grow naturally and co-exist with other flora. We do not test on animals, or involve them in any of our processes.

Bird of Paradise


Tree Kangaroo

CURRENT DISTRIBUTION Australia New Zealand Local Range in PNG Germany Korea New Caledonia Hong Kong Japan England

Runner up Best Organic Product 2015

Most Sustainable Organic Organisation 2017

Certification by Organic Food Chain Australia, who send an auditor out to PNG annually

ACO Certification Australia Japan Certification

EU Organic Certification

FUTURE DIRECTION Recent Factory Upgrade has enabled: Production Increase More farmers (many are on a waiting list to supply their organic wild harvested coconuts) Increased staff and therefore employment in the region

TESTIMONIALS See our many customer testimonials on our website


Niugini Organics  

Niugini Organics partners with local smallholders on self owned land in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea to develop our products - a Raw 100% Organi...

Niugini Organics  

Niugini Organics partners with local smallholders on self owned land in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea to develop our products - a Raw 100% Organi...