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- No rules street photography -


NO RULES Street photography (I.e. non-photography)

From the bent and twisted mind of


This book is published in conjunction with the non photography website at Pictures in this book were taken by me [Nitsa] in New York Los Angeles San Francisco Boston Austin San Antonio and Santa Barbara. Clever portions of text were written by me. More books by Nitsa OR AT

Credits David Morgan - Text Proofing George Kleiman Photo Editorial Advice (So if there’ s anything wrong with the text or the choice of photos please contact them as you can see I have nothing to do with it) Front cover design – Noa and Sivan. Back cover design - Amit. Special thanks (and lots of love) to Nahom0 Noa0 Sivan and Amit. Also many thanks to everybody I know and everyone else as well.

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Read this. Now. Or else.

Ok, this is not re lly n introduction; I just w nted to m ke sure you re d it. Sorry bout th t.

Although this wonderful book de ls distinctively with photogr phy, m inly, street photogr phy, the ide s in this f nt stic book c n be e sily pplied to every re in your life where rule c n be b ndone d.

And also‌ In no w y sh pe or form re the purpose of this book nd/or the existence of nonnon-photogr phy to introduce yet nother useless outr geously unconvention l, r dic l, v nt v nt-g rde ide out there.

The purpose of non-p is to free nybody who’s interested in the cre tive side of life from ny unnecess ry restrictions nd bound ries.


Are you still h ere?

Th en you must be s eri ousl y c onsi derin g ph ot ogr aphin g with out th e rul es, an d sinc er el y in t erest ed in expl or in g n ew avenu es. .. or i s it th at you ar e intri gu ed t o f ind out how a book about n on-s om ethin g will devel op? or m aybe you sim pl y h ave n othin g bett er t o read at th e m om ent Eith er w ay . . .


Littl e It al y, M anh att an 7

[End of day] New York City



Non photography? -----------------------------------------------------------9 The science of photography ---------------------------------- 16 The history of rules ------------------------------------------ 21 Abandoning the rules ---------------------------------------- 26 Deep simplicity ---------------------------------------------- 27 Recipe: non(fat) photograph---------------------------------- 28 What about me? ----------------------------------------------------------- 31 Accidental work ------------------------------------------ 32-35 Stuff ----------------------------------------------------- 36-39 An interview with Nitsa ----------------------------------- 40-41 More stuff ------------------------------------------------ 42-46 How?

------------------------------------------------------------- 47 The challenges of street photography ---------------------- 48-57 How’s the weather? --------------------------------------- 80-64 When the night comes down ------------------------------ 66-67 What about color ----------------------------------------- 69-71 Alternatives in street photography ------------------------- 72-82

Why not?

------------------------------------------------------------- 86 Street photography?--------------------------------------- 87-88 2 more things ------------------------------------------------ 93 Dear Nitsa--------------------------------------------------- 94 Entries from the photo-blog------------------------------- 95-98 What are they saying? ------------------------------------99-101 About ------------------------------------------------------ 104


At some point in time During the human evolution Man had put

R u l e s

Upon photography

[Downtown S n Fr ncisco]

Can you live without the rules? 10

nonphotography? 11




T r c I n R t A E H c s I

h u o n a e o l x e o c f

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s e p t u d s th ce r mp en b

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ho C it d, l er p gh en ll li a ak



s o e r n o l g e e r

togr reat ion, thi sett man a "n she cy," ery ng, re s ing

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Yahoo! Picks April 2002

Non-p hotograp hy is a delig htful abandonment of the customary

ru les

of photography. It is the exercising of the right to a

WorryWorry - free

, Non- pologetic

picture making while u nconce rne d at th e standard de fi ni ti on of Excellency. It is ab out making p ictures while b ein g free of the typ ical p hotog rap her's extra ca rg o of filters, styli sh len ses a n d other exp en sive eq uip men t. 13


T h e

n o n - p h o t o g r p h e r ' s

r e



m i n

open mind


t o o l s nd

h o p e fu l l y s o m e C R EA TIV I TY . Non-p h s no use for the usu l photographer's accessories (too he vy) instruction books (too boring) calculations (too c lcul ted) And


need for

of ll there's no re son ble







{ Non-photography rules! }


Rules Rules



Texas nights (6TH Street, Austin)


Rules Rules Rules Seems like from the beginning of time, even before NiĂŠpce produced the first photographic image, many artists chose to follow the same politically correct path, forming the rules of arts, reaching a mutual understanding of what is and pleasing to our delicate eye and without offending any known scientific law.


Subw y st tion, New York 2005


The science (art?) of photography As it is, photogr phy is highly


One better know ll bout the qu lity of light,

texture, SHADE, reflection, brig ht ne ss



It is very

perspective, p i c t u r e , refraction,

import nt to underst nd the the aspect

ratio of a


and the best

the point of interest.




Let’s not forget the existence of implicit



shapes, and

patterns. nd this is before even going into the

rule of thirds, the mount of



depth of

focusing, film's

sensitivity, the science m o t i o n , optics of lenses,



d i s t n c e

from the subject, pl cement of other essenti l

b l nce

objects in the fr me,


the two,


contr st,

the desired

depth of field‌



No rules street photography  

Simple and direct view into street photography. Tips and techniques alongside many pictures, to help you navigate your way through the stree...