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Portfolio Alicia Rosslee Quales

Artist Statement The aim of my work is to bring my audience to a point of compassion through forcing them to face a situation that they would not normally be faced with. This is accomplished through the communication of a real life situation where a young woman is forced into a position of choice, the communication device that I used to accomplish this is Graphic Design. Graphic Design has been a very prevalent medium used in regards to publicizing the issue of abortion and women’s rights. Within this body of work, the language of Graphic Design will be used to bring about awareness that our life experiences may find us in a position where we could make a choice contrary to our particular views, and that we should be compassionate to others in such positions. The aim of my work is to bring about compassion through education. I have chosen to form this body of work around the real life story of a young woman who is very dear to my family. The story is that of a young woman who lives and works in a society where women have no choice and no rights. Where pregnancy outside of wedlock is punishable by death, as is abortion. She has been raped, and is now pregnant. The ground work for this body of work is established in my piece named “Circumstance”, which outlines the societal constraints. I am unable to offer more information as to the geographical location of where this has happened and as to who this young woman is, as this would place various people in danger. She can and may lose everything regardless of what she chooses to do. She would lose her livelihood, her social position, her family, and her life if she chooses to continue the pregnancy. She would also lose everything if she has an abortion and anyone found out. The font used throughout this body of work is based on the characters produced from old typewriters. It is a font associated with the late 19th century and early 20th, a time period when illegal abortions were common, when organizations such as “Jane” which provided “safe” illegal abortions would have been drafting and printing work using a typewriter. Thus I have chosen to use a font that is inspired by such associations to reflect the desperation of the situation presented so as to drive my audience to compassion. It is important to note that this body of work does not aim to comment on the abortion debate, but rather to illicit a compassionate response apart from personal belief. This body of work is an embracing of Post-Modern Graphic Design Esthetics as can be seen through the composition, color palette, and conceptual ideas that the work is founded on. My work is influenced stylistically by the work of Barbara Kruger, Siegfried Odermatt, and Max Bill. Barbara Kruger’s work advocates women’s rights and forces the audience to face a social issue or stereotype through employing shock. My intent is to employ these same tools to bring my audience to a suspended point in time where they are faced with this young women’s situation and driven to a point of compassion. I communicate this idea through applying the concept of compassion, of choosing to have compassion, as a brand to my work. This is visually developed throughout the pieces within this body of work and not meant to be seen within one piece alone. I have chosen to develop a branding identity throughout the various pieces displayed, a web presence, and ephemera so as to not only display this work within a gallery setting but to allow for it to step outside of that, and accomplish what it is intended to. To create change in the way many people view choice, to educate and to bring about understanding and compassion for those in such circumstances as the young woman who is the inspiration for this campaign. Through applying consistency to my work, and advertising under a single identity, I have expanded my target audience and also allowed for a paradigm shift by taking such a sensitive issue and re-contextualizing it to apply and appeal to 21st century America.

There are places

beaten and tortured

44x88 Vynl Banner Title: Circumstance

24x36 Poster Title: Raped

Poster Sequence i.e. 4 24x36 Posters Title: Stalemate

24x26 Poster Title: Compassion

Fold out booklet

Red V-neck t-shirt stickers

Personal Business Cards themed for exhibiion


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