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Indian Institute of Management Indore PGP-UAE Batch of 2012-2014


ear Seniors,

It has not even been a year since you welcomed us into the fold. But here we are today, preparing for your farewell, trying to gather enough memories in the next few weeks, to last a few decades. It is that bittersweet time of life, where you finally look forward to those niche jobs you have worked your way to, while saying goodbye to teachers, colleagues and the best of friends, many of whom you might not come across, as often as you will wish. But these are not bonds that shall break easily. Sometimes people think that an MBA is where the student learns; teachers teach and points are produced at the end of two years. But it is about so much more Because how shall you forget those days spent at the PI shop, or the rush to beat the 11.30 P.M hostel deadline? As the flag-bearers of IIM Indore abroad, you have gone through several highs and lows together, and have created a platform on which future batches shall continue to flourish, years from now. For the batch of 2014, it has indeed been a momentous journey. Two years ago, you joined as aspiring marketers and financial top-dogs, and now you shall pass-out; ready to take on the world again. But as you look ahead to a rosy future, we have created this yearbook for you to store in a cosy corner, hoping that in moments when you seek so, it gives you solace and brings out a smile‌..

Media and Corporate Communication Committee On behalf of batch of 2015

“They're not that different from you, are they? Same haircuts. Full of hormones, just like you. Invincible, just like you feel. The world is their oyster. They believe they're destined for great things, just like many of you, their eyes are full of hope, just like you. Did they wait until it was too late to make from their lives even one iota of what they were capable? Because, you see, these people are now fertilizing daffodils. But if you listen real close, you can hear them whisper their legacy to you. Go on, lean in. Listen, you hear it? - - Carpe - - hear it? - - Carpe, carpe diem, seize the day, make your lives extraordinary. - Dead Poets Society

Profile Section

Abhijit Kumar

Abhimanyu Garg

Abhinav Nigam

Abhinav Kumar

Abinash Behera

Aishwarya Pothula

Akshay Sabnis

Anand Gourab

Aneesh Pani

Aniket Harsh

Ankit Gupta

Ankur Tyagi

Ankur Sinha

Anoop Kumar S

Anshul Agarwal

Arjun R K

Debpratim De

Deepa Sundaram

Dhruv Chadda

Harish Raghupatruni

Ishant Singhal

Kartik D Hambardikar

Kumar Abhishek

Kunal Krishna

Naveen Venugopal

Niranjan M

Parth Amin

Pradipta Majumder

Prakhar Rathee

Prasanna Venkateshan

Rahul Raman

Ramesh Goud Ediga

Rohit Koul

Sambhav Jain

Sandeep Ganapa

Sudipta Kumar Jena

Udit Dureja

Vikram S Shekhawat

The Beginning

Abhinav Kumar

Akshay Sabnis: Pande ji is the most helpful person I met in the batch. He is cheerful, down to earth and fun to be around . A good adviser, philosopher (only when he gets drunk :) ) , avid sports lover and full of life describes him best.

Also known as: Pandey ji Date of Birth: 28/06/1987

Ankit Gupta: Pandey Ji .... The Porn Star ... Galat jagah admission le liye ho

Address: Bailey Road, Patna, (Bihar) Contact No: +971528846107

Anand Gourab: A guy whom you can trust on, if he doesn't want to help you then he will tell you in advance but


will never put you in trouble. And the best part is, he doesn't keep friendships for any benefits.


Sinha always claims that pandey never visits city with him, the truth is pandey never visits any place of others'


choice, instead you have to join him if he plans to visit somewhere ;)

Specialization: Marketing & Operations If not MBA then: ???

Debpratim De: Abhinav (Pandey Ji) is a fellow ex-Cognizant and one of the earliest of my acquaintances in the

Favourite Professor: Prof. Rohit Kapoor

batch. One of the first things, one can notice about him is undoubtedly his cheerful face with a smile on it.

One thing that you will miss the most: Friends' company Favourite place in Indore: Sharafa, Vijay Nagar, TI Favourite place in Dubai: Dubai Mall, Jumeirah Beach Favourite incident/moment: Conversation with my crush who was from indore campus senior batch :)

Aishwarya Pothula: the only person who fell for my prank when i said deepa and i are having real bad issues

Abhinav Nigam Also known as: Nigammm Nigammm Nigamm... Date of Birth: 09/01/1986 Address: 104 A/375, 80 Feet Road, Kanpur, UP Contact No: +918197107894 Email: LinkedIn: Facebook: Specialization: Finance & Strategy If not MBA then: A restaurant owner :P Favourite Professor: Prof. Srinivas Gunta One thing that you will miss the most: Hostel Life and CP's :) Favourite place in Indore: JAM and Common Rooms with TT tables Favourite place in Dubai: Jumeira Beach & JBR Walk Favourite incident/moment: Not one but many incidents that revolves around Bantering sessions, hangout places around Dubai/ Indore

Aishwarya Pothula: can expand sentences to fit any word limit

Aishwarya Pothula

Harish Raghupatruni: You are the gal with an exceptional set of skills. No one can beat you (both figuratively and literally) once you get started. Hope to see you soon as the leader of our constituency. :P Naveen Venugopal: One of my best friends. Aishwarya a.k.a padayappa has this resolve to stand up for what she

Also known as: aishpot

believes in and she does so with conviction. I would say she is super courageous not only because she joined this

Date of Birth: 09/05/1991

course but also she slept off thrice in one of Ashish Sir's class . It must be noted that Ashish sir himself woke her

Address: 67-11-2,l.b.nagar,Kakinada-533005,Andhra Pradesh,India

up the first 2 times :p

Contact No: +919160167777

She is a rockstar!!

Email: LinkedIn: Facebook: Specialization: Finance If not MBA then: would have been employed Favourite Professor: Prof. Madhukar Dayal for his entertaining classes One thing that you will miss the most: night mess Favourite place in Indore: campus Favourite place in Dubai: 107 abidos Favourite incident/moment: mazzaak chal raha hai kya ganapaaaa

Akshay Sabnis

Aishwarya Pothula: (OB class) sabnis: (takes notes for the full form of NIGYSOB till NIGY) Aishwarya what does SOB stand for? Aish: SO for Son of

Date of Birth: 11/5/1986 Address: G6, Torna co-op hsg society, shivtirth nagar, kothrud, Pune 411038 Contact No: +918446260884 Email: LinkedIn: Facebook: Specialization: Finance If not MBA then: Software professional Favourite Professor: Prof Rohit Kapoor One thing that you will miss the most: GPLs during birthdays Favourite place in Indore: 26 Favourite place in Dubai: Dubai mall Favourite incident/moment: Drinking session during chitrakoot trip

Sabnis : okay and B for?

Anand Gourab

Debpratim De: Anand is one of the stalwarts of this batch in terms of his industry experience - and, remember, those 4 years are not just a piece of statistics; they are what has made Anand into what he is :P But, he is actually a person of gold from inside (the poetic heart to be more precise and to avoid any potential confusion).

Date of Birth: 02/02/1984 Address: Flat C2, Tirupati Tower, Ranchi College Road, Ranchi

Aishwarya Pothula: prof: why don't guys play with barbies?

Contact No: +919003061699

anand: i dont play with barbies...because i am a boy

Email: LinkedIn: Facebook: Specialization: Marketing If not MBA then: Software Professional Favourite Professor: Jayasimha K R One thing that you will miss the most: friends Favourite place in Indore: chappan Favourite place in Dubai: marina walk

Aneesh Pani Also known as: Pani Date of Birth: 14/11/1990 Address: 47,Spectrum Layout, Gandhinagar , Berhampur, Odisha Contact No: +971528846135 Email: LinkedIn: Facebook: Specialization: Marketing If not MBA then: Keyboardist Favourite Professor: S.K. Mishra One thing that you will miss the most: Frantic, last moment assignment submissions Favourite place in Indore: Sunset Point Favourite place in Dubai: Balcony, Abidos 104 Favourite incident/moment: Teaming up with Naveen Venugopal to troll Ankur Sinha in the steam bath(by impersonating an Arabic national and asking him (Ankur) to GTFO when he tried to enter the room)

Aishwarya Pothula: lots of pre convo fun judging girls for their fashion sense

Ankit Gupta

Dhruv Chadda: Very fierce friend. Itna pakka hai ki jo ache dost honge unke liye kisi ki bhi ** **** dega. Aishwarya Pothula: relentless class participation...

Also known as: Gupta Date of Birth: 01/03/1985 Address: Kanpur Contact No: +971528846077 Email: LinkedIn: Facebook: Specialization: Finance If not MBA then: Baba Ban Jata (Himalaya mein) Favourite Professor: Prof. G.S. Gupta One thing that you will miss the most: CP :P Favourite place in Indore: My Room Favourite place in Dubai: My Room Favourite incident/moment: Drinking with Friends

but i learnt to question because of you

Ankur Tyagi

Harish Raghupatruni: You are one of the most-composed guy in our batch. Happy to be working with you on those marketing assignments of Prof. Jayasimha. All the best!

Also known as: Tyagi Date of Birth: 10/06/1984

Prakhar Rathee: Tyagi, the gentle giant....

Address: 80, Chanakyapuri, Chuna Bhatti, Bhopal

There is chilled out level and then there is Tyagi. He is so chilled out that he was offered to play Arnold

Contact No: +971528846113

Schwarzenneger's role of Mr freeze in the batman series... fortunately he declined it...


One of the nicest people in the class... and a really good friend...


cheers and all the best :)

Facebook: Specialization: Marketing & Operations One thing that you will miss the most: Night Mess

Aishwarya Pothula: most feared birthday "celebrator"

Anoop Kumar S Also known as: Nair Date of Birth: 18/10/1987 Address: Malickathazahthu House,Iringole.P.O, Perumbavoor,Ernakulam,Kerala Contact No: +919037430929,+971553158305 Email: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Specialization: Finance & Strategy If not MBA then: Shutter Bug Favourite Professor: Prof. Ganesh One thing that you will miss the most: Indore Campus Favourite place in Indore: Sunset Spot Favourite place in Dubai: The Walk,JBR Favourite incident/moment: Birthday at IIM Indore

Aishwarya Pothula: You always punched me and shut off my laptop...I'll have my revenge :p

Anshul Agrawal

Ankit Gupta: Always loved ur cunning smile :)

Also known as: Baba

Dhruv Chadda: Baba lagte bade seedhe saadhe ho par andar se ho pakke harami. One of the nicest guys around.

Date of Birth: 27/06/1988 Address: 1433, Kayasth Mohalla, Mhow, Indore Contact No: +971528846093

Aishwarya Pothula: The sweetest looking/sounding guy i know

Email: LinkedIn: Facebook:

Naveen Venugopal: Anshul is one of the calmest and coolest dudes I know.Rightfully so, I named him Baba- The

Twitter: @ansh2709

calm one. The name stuck and he had been called the same henceforth. We have had fun times during project and

Specialization: Finance

our group sessions. Especially the marketing 2 ones. The walk with Baba was a famous stress reliever for many in

Favourite Professor: Prof. Deepak Kapur

the batch. Baba's memory is legendary which we have put test to. Had it not been for him I would not have ex-

One thing that you will miss the most: Friends

plored Indore much. Bro... You Rock!!

Favourite place in Indore: Home Favourite place in Dubai: JBR

Arjun R K

Akshay Sabnis: Arjun is industrious and brilliant guy. He is a brilliant chess player and a wise adviser. He Normally is silent in the class but is quite talkative

Also known as: Watt Man?

with close friends.

Date of Birth: 05/03/1987 Address: 9, Tank Street,Kodambakkam,Chennai Contact No: +971528420136 Email:

Aishwarya Pothula: got a call from you almost every


evening asking me to tell rahul to come to your room



Specialization: Finance If not MBA then: Cricketer Favourite Professor: Prof. Deepak Kapur One thing that you will miss the most: Indore Main Campus Favourite place in Indore: TI Favourite place in Dubai: JBR Walk Favourite incident/moment: Jumeirah Beach

Debpratim De

Harish Raghupatruni: Boy, you’ve got some knowledge of history and religion! Few can beat you at that in our batch, I betcha! Had a lot of fun doing those business communication classes and the group assignments, haven't we? ;) You are probably the coolest guy in our batch. All the best in your future.

Also known as: Debu Date of Birth: 11/11/1988

Anand Gourab: 1st year at RAK;

Address: Flat 1C, Block 2, Clubtown Residency, 57/3 M. M. Feeder

We had exam in the morning, bus had arrived, deb was still sleeping.

Road, Rathtala, Belgharia, Kolkata - 700056

"Itni subah hai exam, kaisi hai na-insafi,

Contact No: +971528846204

Tum so jao Deb, tumhe toh hai maafi"


A true guy, does lots of analysis on Islam, communism, casteism, and other similar topics.


No inspiration or motivation in life except for GF, he wakes up in the morning to eat, smoke, and drink.


Sometime he wakes up to sleep again :-P


He has great potential which he has not yet recognized. Very sharp at mind with keen interest on everything

Specialization: Marketing-Strategy-Operations

other than study, like history, geography, politics, etc. I wish he gets chance to be grilled on AMR in his next

If not MBA then: IT Professional

interview :-P

Favourite Professor: Prof. Jayasimha K. R.

We taught him how to say "No" when he is emotionally forced by someone, and he started saying "No" to only

One thing that you will miss the most: 'Back Gate' - Gate 2 of Indore

us ;)

Favourite place in Indore: Sarafa Favourite place in Dubai: Al Karama

Dhruv Chadda: Debu isi tarah moh maaya se upar rehna aap.

Favourite incident/moment: An unintended altercation with our former Director, Prof. Ravichandran, during a presentation about

Aishwarya Pothula: you used to kill hens!!..ever since yout old me..somehow that is the first thing which pops into

our rural-immersion-visit to Chitrakoot

my head ...apart from your hysterical "guntaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" screams :p

Deepa Sundaram

Harish Raghupatruni: You’re the gal with loads of energy and a kid at heart. You know where your heart is at, so keep at it and you’ll get what you wanted eventually

Also known as: Deeps / Deepu / Deepai Date of Birth: 19/01/1988

Niranjan M: Deepaaiii... Sincere in work, more sincere in trying out newer dishes at a restaurant. A lovely foodie

Address: No.B1A, Ist Cross St, Skylark Nest, Hindu Colony,

companion and a person who can compare any comic episode to scene from kollywood. She'z perhaps da only

Nanganalur, Chennai

person who can pull off tanglish better than every body else in TN. A person with a very cheerful and contagious

Contact No: +919894943687 / +971553189285

laugh. Wish you good luck. :)

Email: LinkedIn: Facebook: Specialization: Wrong Decision :p If not MBA then: Travel Writer Favourite Professor: Prof.Jayasimha One thing that you will miss the most: Life at IIM Indore.. Night Mess Favourite place in Indore: Sarafa Market@Night Favourite place in Dubai: Burj Khalifa - Fountains Favourite incident/moment: Every moment was fun and unforgettable

Aishwarya Pothula: my true gossip soul mate

Dhruv Chadda

Parth Amin: abey MC-BC !! If by any chance, he was the lead actor of a film, 90% of his dialogues would had to be censored :-P Football crazy, sorry M.U. crazy and die hard fan.

Also known as: Chadda

Very much focused in whatever he does, a beautiful mind i must say and a good friend indeed!

Date of Birth: 08/05/1990 Address: M-7/1, Kakatiya Nagar, Habshiguda, Hyd - 07

Sambhav Jain: The sports boy who can play each and every sport pretty well. The Poker King. Die hard MU fan and

Contact No: +919000523396

watches each and every match with so much dedication and involvement. I am really impressed with your dedica-


tion and focus. A very good friend. Hats off to u!!!

LinkedIn: Facebook:

Prakhar Rathee: He will be getting 2 gold medals this year, one from Mr Guha for being the batch topper and the

Specialization: Marketing

other from the class for having the record of venting out expletives at a rate faster than the speed of sound

If not MBA then: Sportsperson


Favourite Professor: Prof. GUNTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

My room mate number 2 and an extremely close friend....An amazing guy, extremely balanced in life... humble,

One thing that you will miss the most: Cheap Bihari songs @ 904

intelligent, an avid Manchester united fan and one of the nicest people i have known... always thought of him as

Favourite place in Indore: 26 Hills

my younger brother... :)

Favourite place in Dubai: JBR

Soon to become the Male Kiran Majumdar shaw ..another entrepreneur in the making...

Favourite incident/moment: Getting cake put inside my jeans on

Cheers :)

23rd Bday.. the feeling of sliminess back there will never go away Aishwarya Pothula: the most practical and fun loving guy....crazy abuses...

Harish Raghupatruni

Niranjan M: Gary... The level headed power yoga practitioner. This guy is perhaps the most active bloke in the batch. Lotsa valuable guidance from this fella...thanks for all of them harry-boy. All the city trips and the groupwork with you were indeed memorable. Wish you an excellent future bro!

Also known as: Gary Date of Birth: 03/06/1984

Prakhar Rathee: He should be renamed as hyper harry.... harish was made in a lab by mixing red-bull and coffee

Address: Visakhapatnam

with a cheetah's dna in a jack in the box.. :)

Contact No: +971528846187

Someone who was otherwise very hardworking, quiet and minded his own business...


but Harish's one quality which stands out is that he is some one who wont shy away from helping you... he has


done it time and again :)



Twitter: @harishrag9 Specialization: Finance

Aishwarya Pothula: i once saw something zoom past into the kitchen in my apartment, only to later realize that it

If not MBA then: Cricketer

was you.

Favourite Professor: Prof. Guarav Singh Chauhan

gary's been amazing knowing you (apart from the fact that you flicked spoons from my apartment)..keep

One thing that you will miss the most: Eat outs with friends

up the energy levels ;)

Favourite place in Indore: Sharafa Bazaar Favourite place in Dubai: JBR Favourite incident/moment: The trips to chitrakoot, jhabua and paatalpani

Ishant Singhal

Ankit Gupta: Singhal .... Never ever visit to Khajuraho again ... I am damn sure you will commit suicide next time :D Sambhav Jain: Hey roomie. We have spent 2 of the best years of life together and have some great memories of it. We have a very good connection and understands each other very well. He was always there with me to support

Also known as: Ishant Sharma

SACHIN. He is a very good friend and is like a younger brother to me.

Date of Birth: 07/10/1990

You are the Best Comedian that I have ever seen. Dude you have great mimicry skill. I always tell you about you

Address: 19-B Nagnechiji scheme, pawan puri, bikaner

being into a wrong line instead you should be a stand up comedian. You has a calibre to surpass Kapil Sharma

Contact No: +917597068518

behind. One phrase to describe you - "complete entertainer"


Prakhar Rathee: Known as OOnth and Shandaar , both the names were not due to any fault of his own, but due


to a certain someone...


A really close friend and a mimic par of the funniest guys in class.... :)

Specialization: Finance

Wish you all the best

If not MBA then: started a business or would have become full


bakchodi specialist

Dhruv Chadda: Abbe *********** *********** ******* teri *** ** *****. **** maardunga samjha *******.

Favourite Professor: Prof. Deepak Kapur

UAE mein ek do saal aur ek doosre ki **** maarni padegi lagta hai.

One thing that you will miss the most: Bakchodi sessions with

Aishwarya Pothula: i will not write the most expected word :P

prakhar rathee

you've been an amazing friend by always trying to ruin my already vain attempts at dieting, counting the number

Favourite place in Indore: night mess

of mango lassis i had, abusing coz u thought i dint download your stupid game and by being sure of when i'd bunk

Favourite place in Dubai: JBR Walk

class ;)

Favourite incident/moment: when I entered IIM Indore's campus for

ok...i cant resist it ...oonth bhai oonth bhai

the first time. Everything was so serene and calm. I just loved that feeling.

Kartik D Hambardikar

Harish Raghupatruni: You’re the math-wiz of the batch and of course, the party-loving guy who keeps the group

Also known as: Krappy

Niranjan M: Kartik= Mr Sense of Toilet Humour. A baddi champ, bakchodi king, and a patriotic punekar. This guy

Date of Birth: 20/04/1988

has the capacity to convince the entire country that Pune can b made the capital of India. Cheerful friend and a

Address: 20, Shakuntala, Nanak Nagar, Salunkhe Vihar Road,

very street smart bloke. Got a lot to learn from him. Probably the busiest guy i've ever met, but no one on Pune

Kondhawa Khurd, Pune 48

( Read Kartik's earth) knows what keeps him busy! Anyways glad to have met him. Cheers...!

together. Hope you would make many such friends in the future. Be an actuarian!

Contact No: +919730584344 Email:

Aishwarya Pothula: My dear son ...who gets drunk on hookah..who keeps 3 month old soda(which i end up


drinking)..who ensures either of us atleast is awake during a lecture..who has the cutest wink...and lots more.


we've had hell loads of fun together:)

Specialization: Finance If not MBA then: Actuary

Naveen Venugopal: Krappinder Singh Sharma!!

Favourite Professor: Prof. S K Mishra

He is one of the funniest dudes in the batch. You feel super relaxed after spending time with him. Krappy's face

One thing that you will miss the most: Friends

glows every time we have had the coffee shop discussions. In RAK we used to go for Hookahs. This one time , he

Favourite place in Indore: Terrace top of SR2

got super high after having hookah. Our guy here is also known as the official ambassador for Pune. He wants eve-

Favourite place in Dubai: Room No 105

ryone to come to Pune :)

Favourite incident/moment: Playing Badminton at 4 am with Sudipta

I remember Niranjans Library bounce kept us laughing all night long once

and Niru

Amazing fun time I have had with Krappy. Be it badminton, coffee, hookah or the malls, he had been super fun to hang out with.

Naveen Venugopal

Harish Raghupatruni: You’re our social guy who gels with any kind of person. You aced the marketing simulation and by some margin! You are one of the few who I would expect to start and excel in a business. start it soon and we will put all our money on you. ;)

Also known as: the mallu Date of Birth: 16/05/1985

Prakhar Rathee: Known to his friends and enemies as Mallu... He is the original mallu, despite 3 from the same

Address: navneetham ,p.o. kallettumkara, thrissur -680683

region in our class....

Contact No: +919739646504

Some words to describe naveen would be... A good friend, chilled out, flag bearer of the media-comm, very funny,


genuinely nice guy and someone with an excellent marketing acumen... although he couldnt beat me at the


marketing simulation :P


Cheers and all the best...

Specialization: marketing

P.S Take care of the twins

If not MBA then: would have been in VLSI Favourite Professor: Prof. K R Jayasimha

Aneesh Pani: *mallu rocks!! *

One thing that you will miss the most: the coffee, the walk and the

One of the most dynamic and enigmatic guys in the batch. Will remember the amazing fun we had, especially


trolling ankur sinha in the steam room. And donot worry, australia will be yours. you have my permission :)

Favourite place in Indore: canteen and terrace Favourite place in Dubai: the room ,the creek and the beach

Dhruv Chadda: NVG where were you in the second year man?

Favourite incident/moment: the library bounce, the amazing green saree incident, mediacom interview, fresher party & Convocation:

Aishwarya Pothula: if dhirubhai ambani was the one who could not take no for an answer...naveen is the one who

The shoe incident

cannot say no to a request

Niranjan M

Harish Raghupatruni: You’re our creative guy with loads of energy and enthusiasm. Usually laid-back but when it

Also known as: Sleepy Boy

what you do. All the best.

comes to doing anything you never stop it until you complete it. There’s nothing stopping you once you choose

Date of Birth: 21/10/1990 Address: In the Mumbai..., all over India!

Aishwarya Pothula: the guy who named me aishpots..a guy who always gave a warning message before I shared a

Contact No: +971528846114

secret ;)


you've brought out the counselor in me!


times sudipta u and me encountered the director on our night walks...crazy. we've had good fun :)

Facebook: Specialization: If not MBA then: Gully cricket with loud music! Favourite Professor: Prof. SK Mishra One thing that you will miss the most: Everything except the components of evaluation! Favourite place in Indore: Library. Just kidding. Badminton Court and night mess, undoubtedly. And yeah the road in the periphery. Loved the walks there. Favourite place in Dubai: Fountain Show, Dubai Mall Favourite incident/moment: Indoor Cricket in F Block; When I bounded in the library at 2:30AM while trying Shawn Michael's Sweet Chin Music

Parth Amin

Sambhav Jain: Gujju.. A great dancer, performer and a die hard Hrithik fan. I still believe that the dream I had of you becoming a superstar like Hrithik will surely come true one day. I will be eagerly waiting for that day to come true. All the best yaar!!! :D

Also known as: Gujju Date of Birth: 02/06/1990

Prakhar Rathee: A hard core Hritik Roshan and Narendra Modi fan. So much so that he has decided to name his

Address: Tirth, Besides Shrushti Flats, Kankaria , Ahmedabad -

first born Narendra Roshan (irrespective of the child's sex)... A core member of the C-group and one my best

380 008, Gujarat


Contact No: +919712486677

Jokes apart, an extremely creative guy and a fabulous dancer, wont be surprised if ten years down the line he is


the owner of a successful venture.


I wish you become a bigger gujju business man than ambanai and adani combined.



Twitter: @_parthamin Specialization: Marketing & Operations

Dhruv Chadda: Narendra Roshan tere jaise jugaadoo aadmi ko dhanda karna chahiye. Teri gujju brain isi ke liye

If not MBA then: Actor/Dancer

bani hai. Ye sab chhod fatafat bijniss chaalu kar. Sanedo Sanedo. Oh and btw aaj tak ka biggest secret jo saari

Favourite Professor: Prof. Jayasimha, S K Mishra & S Gunta

duniye tumse chhupa rahi thi, NPV = IRR.

One thing that you will miss the most: C Group Favourite place in Indore: 12 AM table @ night mess

Aishwarya Pothula: one who actually did something(excel sheet) when bhavin shah said " you wanna do it

Favourite place in Dubai: 904, Abidos Hotel Apartment

now it now"

Favourite incident/moment: The incident cum accident in which I sent a mail to Pradip Nair instead of Pradipta from Ramesh's email and writing "I love you. I am a tiger"

Pradipta Majumdar

Parth Amin: BONG... He used to be a sane person when he entered the program, but by the end of it, he lost it almost completely :-P acha khaasa JP Morgan (his previous organization...the place where he used to work before) mein Point no. 1 and

Also known as: Globe and setting the projector in class

no. 2 se presentations deta tha, yahan is course mein aa gaya.!!

Date of Birth: 20/03/1987

Overall a person to look up to, can guide you in your problems (although he cant guide himself enough) and a relia-

Address: B-10/7547, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi - 110070

ble friend.

Contact No: +971528846054 Email:

Prakhar Rathee: One day the international system of units will have a measurement for slowness and it'll be


called "Pradipta's". E.g The snail is moving at 30 pradipta's. Popularly known as Bong, Oogway (reference due to


speed again not wisdom) amongst friends...

Specialization: Oil & Gas (was intended)

Typical IITian, first bencher, topper, really intelligent, and also extremely chilled out :).. not to forget confused ...

If not MBA then: Writer

A really close friend, big time foodie and a regular diner at abidos 904....

Favourite Professor: Prof. Jayasimha

Cheers and all the best... I hope one day you own an oil well, sit around it drinking black dog and dancing with

One thing that you will miss the most: Classroom Lectures and arbit

Gori titliyan ‌

discussions off-classes Favourite place in Indore: Patal Lok Staircase

Dhruv Chadda: I am writing about the fun loving Pradipta Majumder, not the boring, job hunting super serious

Favourite place in Dubai: Dubai Mall (went nowhere else yet)

other dimension of the split personality. Pradipta on his good days is super cool and awesome fun to hang out

Favourite incident/moment: Chitrakoot bus journeys

with. One of the smartest ******** around. Aishwarya Pothula: one who can convert even an abuse into corporate talk

Prakhar Rathee

Harish Raghupatruni: You are our social networking guy, and the guy with some seriously good sense of humour. You are the best mimic I've come across. Wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Parth Amin: KYA MAUT...KYA MAUT...lappad pe lappad...

Also known as: Rats

-- Anku ki kasam, main aa raha hoon ankuuu.....

Date of Birth: 15/12/1985

"Ab tum humein yeh sikhaaoge...haan ?"

Address: 1346 B/1, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 70

These were just few of the most dramatic and happening lines we used to get up to from bed or sleep while

Contact No: +919999612013

bursting out in laughter. And I can say that it were the most happening times we had.


Disciplined, Furious, Facebot (The Facebook Robot :-P) , nothing can ever go unnoticed on FB by him. he is ALWAYS


there ...


Almost has knowledge to talk about anything, i mean anything...bhaai kahan se padh paate ho aur yaad rakh paate

Specialization: Marketing and Operations

ho sab? hahaha

If not MBA then: Physicist

A true friend whom I know will always be there :-)

Favourite Professor: Prof. Srinivas Gunta

Sambhav Jain: There is only one person who is more active than Rajnikanth on Facebook, and it's YOU. The FACE-

One thing that you will miss the most: Late night movie shows - time

BOT. He is so fast that he can like the post/comment before anyone publishes it. The database of Indore/Mumbai.

pass sessions, numerous discussions over tea in the mess

His knowledge is not limited to IIM Indore but other B schools also like IMT, MDI, etc etc etc....

Favourite place in Indore: 26 Hills

He is like an elder brother to me who is always there to support and help. :)

Favourite place in Dubai: Jumierah Beach

Dhruv Chadda: Ratheebhai Ratheebhai Ratheebhai wo bandi kaun hai? Sabse badaa kamchor jugaadoo ****** .

Favourite incident/moment: Looking back and realizing that I

Isliye apni itni banti thi :p.

survived the MBA

Aishwarya Pothula: the wittiest

Prasanna Venkateshan

Sambhav Jain: My "24" series buddy. A great cook and a singer. I don't understand one thing dude, your hindi is not good and you don't watch hindi movies as well but then how do you remember each and every hindi songs. :P One thing that bothers me about you is your silence streak that you sometimes has.

Also known as: Anna

And how can I forget to mention the word "KARAMA". He loves eating good food. I think we have covered each

Date of Birth: 09/05/1989

and every veg. restaurants in and around karama. But now, our search of finding veg. restaurants came to an end.

Address: 13 - C, Type - 3, Block - 9, Neyveli, Tamil Nadu

Prakhar Rathee: When you first see Pras, you will think he a typical Tam-brahm, who is studious, hard working

Contact No: +919731066243

and will break into an paralytic fit, if you ask him to chill-out..


BUT.. you will be proved massively wrong...


Got to know him much better in the second year, and made a very good of the sharpest, chilled out


and nicest guys I have known... Really intelligent and very helpful....

Specialization: Finance, Operations and Strategy


If not MBA then: Singer

Dhruv Chadda: Annagaaru 2nd year mein tere saath mazaa aaya. How do you know the lyrics of every hindi song

Favourite Professor: Prof. Ganesh Kumar

that has been created till date?

One thing that you will miss the most: Hang out with friends

Aishwarya Pothula: prasanna garu...who introduced mango lassi and karama to me and many others

Favourite place in Indore: Night Mess

Naveen Venugopal: Amazing guy actually. Prasanna garu, as I call him is very dependable and meticulous in what-

Favourite place in Dubai: Al Karama

ever he does. Known to few,he is also this one liner king of our batch.

Favourite incident/moment: Staying up the whole night to go to the

We have had great times in the canteen for the 12 am coffee

sunrise point

The ensuing coffee shop plans and the resulting discussions kept us excited for a while. Moreover,he taught me MAC , which otherwise would have been a disaster . Prasanna garu and I have had fun times in these 2 years . Hope this will continue in the future

Rahul Raman

Harish Raghupatruni: You’re the one who stood up when others backed out of being the Head of the PC. That

Also known as: Roman

Niranjan M: Rahul sir.. A person with high integrity and responsibility. I've seriously been amazed and intrigued at

Date of Birth: 17/11/1987

this guy's patience to kinda be knowledgeable to a considerable extent about almost everything he comes across-

Address: 1-A, Alpine Heights, SI Properties, DPI Junction, Thycaud,

be it the ingredients of a food item or the processor of a new phone in the market. He'z been one person who'z

Trivandrum, Kerala

never failed to say a bold no to things he wasn't convinced about. That is something which I was certainly very im-

Contact No: +971528846132, +919995340559

pressed with. All the best bro. Cheers!

shows character and appreciate the effort you put in so far. All the best!

Email: LinkedIn:

Prakhar Rathee: Rahul Raman, the uncrowned prince of place-com.


Calm, composed and a very level headed and ethical person.

Specialization: Finance and Operations

Unselfishly and doggedly worked for the class in a role that is not only thankless but can give you a bad name...

If not MBA then: Software Test Engineer

hats off.. seriously :)

Favourite Professor: Prof. Jayasimha K R


One thing that you will miss the most: Our class trips Favourite place in Indore: Badminton Court Favourite place in Dubai: Key Pee Mart Favourite incident/moment: When the class testimonials video was screened for Professor Sushanth Mishra

Aishwarya Pothula: ultimate cheesebuddy!

Ramesh Goud Ediga

Harish Raghupatruni: You’re our apt leader and no one could have done a better job of it. Apart from that, you're

Also known as: Rams/Rammy

Parth Amin: kuka kaka ka khana keka !!

Date of Birth: 24/09/1984

hahaha...I thing almost everyone who has tasted your cooked food knows how awesome cook you are!

Address: Damagnapur Vil, Mahabub Nagar Dist

Those tom and jerry fights between us will always be remembered by me and everyone who got entertained by it.

Andhra Pradesh 509409

Though, I always emerged out to be superior :-D , I sometimes used to let it go to keep the party moving...

Contact No: +919032436944/9685355891

Ya, thanks for teaching me to cook dal. I will always be thankful to you...


So, yeh job ke chakkar mein mat pad...Jo dowry aayein usse restaurants ki chain khol dena ..hahaha


theek hai !! samjha na ...Aeyy saala ...maar daalunga

an expert cook. Hope you take up many such leadership roles and reach many highs in life.

Facebook: Specialization: Finance

Sambhav Jain: The master chef!!! A really good cook and a great person. The amount of work that he has done for

If not MBA then: IAS

the batch and for this program is commendable. A great leader and manager. Dude, we have many things in com-

Favourite Professor: Prof. Srinivas Gunta

mon like TCS GG4, this program and then CBC and I hope our companionship will continue in the future as well. :)

One thing that you will miss the most: my CR Post :P Favourite place in Indore: Night Mess

Dhruv Chadda: Ramesh Goud Eddi Gaa. Kaka aur humaara lamba rishta hai. Kaka humaare ghar ke asli mard hain.

Favourite place in Dubai: 904, Abidos Hotel Apartment

Kaka ki jai ho! Situation jo bhi ho, friend's ka maamla jab aata hai you don't think twice, and I think that is the best

Favourite incident/moment: Fun @ house party on

part. Don't get too happy you are still a *******.

February 23, 2014 Aishwarya Pothula: jugaad personified

Sambhav Jain

Parth Amin: One word "GOD" Abey tu zindagi mein bahut patient hai be...Its actually good. you never lose your calm, badwords aanj tak nahi sune teri zabaan se..

Also known as: God

tum kaun ho ? kya aap farishta ho ? No. 10 ? :-P ...hahaha

Date of Birth: 10/08/1988

A true sachin fan by heart, still you didnt go to witness his last match...thats alright ..shit happens ! :-P

Address: 61/21 - A, Ramjas Road, Karol Bagh,

Awesome person to be with, a good photographer (we always took you with us so that we have lots of pics) :-D lol

New Delhi, 110005 Contact No: +919871768257

Prakhar Rathee: Known to his followers as God.... Doesnt drink, doesnt smoke, doesnt eat non veg... doesnt use


swear words, doesnt even look at girls (sorry last one was a lie )...Nobody is complete saint..


One of my close friends and soon to be colleague...


Sambhav is definitely one of the most sincere and studious people in I have met in my life... Only thing more


popular than sambhav was his Excel sheet.... ;)

Specialization: Finance

All the best..

If not MBA then: Cricketer

P.S "CP Jaana hai yaar, khatam karo yaar"

Favourite Professor: Prof. Ganesh One thing that you will miss the most: Fun and masti with all friends

Dhruv Chadda: Sam Bam Jain. Keval tumhaare hi testimonial mein no gaalis because you are a sant aadmi. Sam

Favourite place in Indore: JAM station

Bam you are a very straightforward guy and I think that is the best part. It has been fun hanging out with you and

Favourite place in Dubai: JBR Walk

in future hope to start something together. Thanks for PM assignment.

Favourite incident/moment: Not one but many. Like winning Cricke Basher's tournament, DJ parties, World Record at Jumeirah Beach an

Aishwarya Pothula: i saw god's magic...when a particular door wasn't opening no matter who tried...but the mi-

finally complete "bak****" with friends

nute you tried opening..creeek

Sandeep Ganapa

Harish Raghupatruni: You're our chotu and, really took that role seriously once you got into it. :P. Jokes apart, you are our finance tutor-you are clearly the best in our group. Hoping you will be the first to start a business.

Also known as: Ganapa/Bloody Date of Birth: 08/08/1990

Niranjan M: Ganapaaa.... A very well balanced and a composed personality. How could someone have learnt tamil

Address: Flat No112, Silicon Avenue Building, Silicon Oasis. Dubai

by following sun tv?? Ask ganapa! One person who had the "its 11:30, i need to hit the bed, f**K the assignment! "

Contact No: +91971552369694

attitude. I owe the timely submissions of half my assignments to you...! Cheers ! Wish u good luck bro..!

Email: LinkedIn: Facebook:

Aishwarya Pothula: there r so many instances clouding my mind many many shopping

Specialization: Finance

much many many amazing patch was an amazing journey

If not MBA then: Mobile Application Developer Favourite Professor: Deepak Kumar One thing that you will miss the most: Night walks with my buddies Favourite place in Indore: Rajwada Favourite place in Dubai: Down Town Burj Favourite incident/moment: Dandiya Night at IIM Indore

Sudipta Kumar Jena

Harish Raghupatruni: You’re our chief architect and a great badminton player. Very methodical in operationalizing anything. Keep at it and you’ll shine in life. :)

Also known as: Coach Date of Birth: 22/02/1988

Niranjan M: Ahh...Sutta! Not a place in either of the cities where we must have not visited. Not a single topic of

Address: Facebook

discussion which we dint brainstorm. A fabulous buddy and an amazing sportsperson...! A very straightforward

Contact No: +971528846136

person with the immaculate thoughtfulness about how to control a situation. I can never forget the kind of sup-


port he'z been through my highs and lows over the last two years. There can be no match to the way we've built


fascinating castles in the air and see some of them manifest in reality. Bitching about someone couldn't have been


more fun with anyone else. Cheers buddy, wish u loads of success. And well we better stay in touch!

Specialization: Marketing If not MBA then: sports Favourite Professor: Prof. Patturaja

Aishwarya Pothula: sudipta....god knows how many anda frys and kurkure you sponsored for me.

One thing that you will miss the most: my batch mates

I am the only witness for the ultimate violence committed on you :P:p

Favourite place in Indore: the stairs to sports complex

Youve been a great friend :)

Favourite place in Dubai: the waterloo common room Favourite incident/moment: The library incident in Indore where Niranjan showed his prowess as a bouncing ball

Vikram S Shekhawat

Parth Amin: 1 2 ka 4...4 2 ka 1‌ Hey are chotu siren of the batch. -- always making noise -- your historical "chalo bhaiya..." shout all these things and much more ;-) are always gonna be remembered and laughed upon.

Also known as: Django Date of Birth: 18/07/1990

Sambhav Jain: Django aka Chotuuu aka Nanhe aka IPM kid. The naughtiest in the batch. Love to tease everyone

Address: plot no 153, Sri Ramnagaer A, khirni Fatak Road, Jhotwara,

and especially me with his seet voice tone "Sambhaaavvvv". One sentence that describes him well - "Chota packet

Jaipur Rajasthan

badha dhamaka". Par yaar tu ab to dubai chala gya aur ab CP mein milne kaun aaega mujhse. :P

Contact No: +971528846543 Email:

Prakhar Rathee: Known in popular folklore as Django, the D is silent ;)


My room mate and one of my best friends. An awesome guy.. Very chilled out.. Liked to pester others with his little


antics... and also gets up at 4 in the morning like a freaking robot....


All the best ..I hope you keep growing fatter by the day and get whatever you wish for... that includes an insurance

Specialization: Finance & Operations

policy in your honor... :)

If not MBA then: Actuarial Science


Favourite Professor: Prof. Vedpuriswar One thing that you will miss the most: irritating u all :)

Dhruv Chadda: Chaar bata ek. Naach meri bulbul toh paisa milega. Chikni chameli raat ko milna same time same

Favourite place in Indore: 26 Hills


Favourite place in Dubai: 904!! Aishwarya Pothula: were always there for me whenever i wanted to share something :)

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