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hello, My name's Nitin, and I'm a student at the University of Nottingham, studying Product Design and Manufacture, MEng. This portfolio is just a taste of what I have worked on during my time at university so far.


soap dispenser

This was a first year project, the main aim of which was to introduce us to what a typical layout of a design project should look like. It required us to redesign a public soap dispenser; it taught me how to carry out appropriate research, and to always bear in mind the materials and manufacture during the design process, ensuring that the final design is actually realistic. I learnt how to take inspiration appropriately – not just to replicate the shapes that I find during the research phase.

I decided to take inspiration from a geometric form for this project, to provide a sleek feel to something that isn’t usually given much consideration. I tried to encompass a sophisticated look, and envisioned a taller and more slender dispenser, compared to the boxy and bulky ones that are currently on the market. Upon evaluation, I soon realised that I hadn't properly considered the ergonomics of the product, which led to the change from a thumb-operated button, to a palm-operated trigger at the bottom of the product.


waffle maker

This project challenged us to design specifically for three completely different markets. My final concept was supposed to fit into an ‘Executive Contemporary’ style kitchen, from which I interpreted that my product should look high end and have a premium feel to it. I also decided to design for the Alessi brand, and went for a look to fit in with some of their older products, exhuming the metallic finish with dark accents. We were challenged to consider the ergonomics of the handle, the actual mechanism for the opening and closing of the waffle plates, and the handle turning and locking in order to keep the plates secure and as tight as possible when rotating them 180°.

The convenience for the user was to be stressed in this project, as we were also required to redesign the drip tray to collect any spillages made during cooking, and to consider the user interaction with the product, i.e. experiment with different lights and the placement of these lights. Overall, it provided good practice for rendering using Keyshot, as this was the first time that I could put these particular skills into a full project.


ear thermometer

For this product, I took inspiration from a gemstone called the Lunar Moonstone, which resulted in the teardrop shape of the thermometer. This was the first project of my second year at university, so it really set the standard for the rest of the year and allowed me to gain a better understanding of what works when designing in industry. Things that I had to consider much more deeply consisted of ergonomics, the material choices throughout the whole product and the different surface finishes that can be achieved through different manufacturing processes.

The brand was called ‘Aceso’ named after the Greek goddess of healing wounds, which seemed fitting for a medical product as such. The blues and purples found in the logo are often associated with cleanliness, which is why I decided to take these through to the final design of my product.

12 spray bottle

This project challenged us to design for an existing brand, and to redesign a spray bottle that we all know and have used. I decided to design for the Duck brand – most people are familiar with this toilet-cleaning brand, and have seen their iconic television advertisements featuring a talking duck. I took inspiration from the neck found in the silhouette of a duck and the curvature that is so prominent to form the neck of the bottle. This also allowed it to fit in well with the existing products from this brand, enabling a family of different products to form and inclining people to buy the whole set.

From the offset, I took apart and analysed an existing product, to see how all of the parts fit together to make a functioning product. I based my mechanism off the existing product, which meant that I had to fully understand how everything worked in order to be able to design this on CAD and then show this in my renders. I was aiming to achieve a quirky solution to this design problem, to design a product that looked nothing like anybody else’s and stood out above the rest.

15 mobility scooter

This group project began with a very extensive research phase, which enabled us to gain a much more in depth understanding on the way that the different parts of the mobility scooter come together to work. We also carried out some market research in the form of verbal interviews at a local retirement village, allowing us to get a better interaction with some scooters, learn about what the different priorities are for the users, and address these in our designs. We chose the brand name ‘Lunar’ as it provided futuristic prospects when a potential buyer sees the product, and also gives a little industrial feel, providing that sense of integrity and strength in the design of the scooter.

I personally took it upon myself to contribute more with the CAD of this project, as this is one of my strengths. This stretched me to use the surfacing tools on SolidWorks to successfully produce the body work of the scooter that complies with all of the sketch work. These renders show how different materials were applied to the CAD components in order to obtain the most realistic-looking product we could get.

nitin patel designer

education University of Nottingham (September 2017 - present) Average of 67% so far

Hindu Society: As a fresher, I joined the society and had a very active role in participating in the activities that the committee put on for us to enjoy.

about me - a hard-working and outgoing individual - always willing to persist at a challenge - incredibly organised and always meet deadlines - aspiring to become a design engineer

contact me 07583621553

In my second year, I joined the committee as the General Secretary of the society, to help with the administrative and organisational side of the event planning. This really opened my eyes with how to separate my time between design work and other commitments. It has helped me to organise my time according to different deadlines, and has therefore enabled me to never miss a deadline. During my third year of university, I will become the President of the society, showing that I am able to step up to take the lead when I am needed to, and don't find it difficult to explain to people what to do.

Queen Mary's Grammar School (September 2010 June 2017) A-Level Results: Art - A* Biology - B Maths - A Chemistry (AS only) - A Extended Project - A* GCSE Results:

Art - A* Biology - A Chemistry - A Design Technology - A* English Language - A English Literature - A Geography - A* ICT - A Mandarin Chinese - A* Maths - A* Physics - A* Religious Studies - B Further Maths - A* Additional Maths - B 3 Bryan Road, Bescot, Walsall, WS2 9DW



Camp Wildwood - Maine, USA (June 2018 – August 2018): When working at camp in America, I had a double role in the way that I was the Arts & Crafts Counsellor and also a Bunk Counsellor for 10 year olds. The Arts & Crafts side of it meant that I would teach some of the younger kids how to do lots of different things, ranging from making name plaques out of twigs, to making braids and bracelets. The Bunk Counsellor side was a bit more challenging; I was required to look after the children in my bunk, ensuring that they had a good physical and mental wellbeing. Put simply, I was a parent figure for the time that they were at camp.

Tarmac (June 2017 – September 2017): This role involved being a Personal Assistant to one of the senior members of staff. I would make arrangements for travel and overnight stay, and make presentations and preparations for training days. Walsall Football Club Events (December 2016 – June 2017): This involved working as a waiter for evening events at Walsall F.C. In order to be successful at this, I had to be trained and be confident with Silver Service. On match days, I would work in the kiosks, selling hot food and drinks to football fans.

Profile for Nitin Patel

Nitin Patel Portfolio  

Take a look at my work, that I have completed during design projects at university!

Nitin Patel Portfolio  

Take a look at my work, that I have completed during design projects at university!