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Changing trend of

corporate office interiors

Introduction When you hear interior design the first thing that comes to your mind is your wealthy friend’s lavish house or bungalow in Mumbai. The truth is interior design is an art and more and more people are paying attention to details either to boast their wealth or to provide a good working atmosphere in corporate office interiors.

Concepts of collaborative workplace The work life style of today’s corporate office interiors is changing into a more sophisticated place where all the miniscule issues we had in the earlier times have disappeared and all we have left now are concepts like collaborative workplace.

Major factors of designing Best interior designers keep in mind major factor is cost reduction and liveliness of the workplace, as well as best designers in the country are making blueprints of the floor design that ensures maximum productivity. They also try to introduce all the safety aspects in the plan as it shouldn’t be too crowded during time of an emergency.

Subordinates with team Senior managers in a corporate company no longer demand for an office room as the culture is shifting to a state where the manager sits in a cubicle along with the rest of the team. Like this he or she can monitor the work closely and it helps him in developing a great relationship with his subordinates.

These additional office spaces allotted for the managers are now being converted into meeting rooms and recreational rooms for yoga and games by the interior design firms in Mumbai.

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Changing trend of corporate office interiors