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Research from USA Department of Justice puts violent crime at a cost of $420 billion dollars per year in the USA.* The effect of mass meditation on this cost has been shown in studies in Washington DC, and Liverpool England to reduce crime in the local region of the meditators by up to 20%.

The average minute of meditation is calculated to save $.20 cents per minute. That minute reduces crime by

0.00015 of a violent crime! We are affecting the people

around us, and also around the world!



"If you are responsible, you will not express power, you will express energy!" ~ Paramahamsa Nithyananda

CONTENTS Volume 1, Issue 8, December, 2012

Who is Nithyananda ? ... 6 My Dear Ones ... 7 Life Strategy : Why So Confused? ... 8,9 Vedic Renaissance : Saptapadi, the Seven Vows of Marriage ...10, 11 Yoga & Kriya: Kriya to Banish Depression ... 12,13 Siddha & Ayurveda: Tulsi, the Holy Herb ...14,15 Bliss Bites: Sabudana Khichdi ... 16,17 Be Unclutched: Sadhana, to Unclutch from Depression ... 18, 19 Main Story: Walk out of Depression .. 20-25 Beyond Mind: Nirbhaya Dhyana, the Death Meditation ... 26, 27 Kailash: Kailash, the Mystical Journey ... 28, 29 Esoteric Realms: Death, the Ultimate Guru. Akashic Readings on Death by Kaalabhairava through Paramahamsa Nithyananda ... 30, 31 Creative Juices: Jingle Bells, Bliss Version ... 32 In the Llife Of: Life After Death ... 34-36 Tritha: Kaashi, the City of Moksha ... 38-40 Paraabhakti: One Fine Day I Met Swami Nithyananda! ... 41-46 Abhyasah (Practice): Crossword & Gentle Kicks ..48, 49



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Who is Nithyananda ?


Paramahamsa Nithyananda is a global leader in the science of enlightenment. Nithyananda is revered as a living avatar (divine incarnation) by millions worldwide. He is the most-watched spiritual teacher on with more than14 million views, and the author of more than 300 books published in 27 global languages. Nithyananda was recently named among the world's top 100 most spiritually influential personalities of 2012 by renowned esoteric magazine 'Mind Body Spirit' from Watkins.

A spiritual genius with an enlightened insight into everything from management to meditation, from relationships to religion, and from success to spirituality, Nithyananda brings to us a wealth of practical wisdom, meditation techniques, kriyas and tools for lasting inner transformation. A trained yogi, a powerful spiritual healer and a siddha, Paramahamsa Nithyananda is working actively with scientists and researchers worldwide to decode the mystical yogic sciences of the East, including levitation, teleportation and manifestation (materialization).

When Paramahamsa Nithyananda ascends the traditional seat of deeksha daana (initiation) every morning and starts his discourse (satsang), thousands of people from over 30 countries participate live via 2-way video conferencing, while thousands view it live on Nithyananda TV.


My Dear Ones, If you are carrying a depression in you, be very clear, you have a gap between your words and your being, between your words and what you believe. Any person who does not have depression is enlightened. If you are not enlightened, Be very clear, you carry depression, the gap between your word and what you believe as you. If you can remove that gap, you will not have the tumor which I call depression.

Be Blissful!

Paramahamsa Nithyananda Spiritual Founder of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam

life strategy


Why So Confused? Taken from Nithyananda’s Daily Morning Discourses on the Bhagavad Gita at the Bidadi Ashram, India


dilemma and turmoil are the oldest

face didn't wash his face." Again, the scholar shook his

problems known to mankind. The most powerful head. He said, "The man with the clean face looked at solution is that of common sense. By looking at the the man with the dirty face and thought his face was problem with simple awareness, there will be no stress laid on the inner space.


story that helps grasp this idea better:

There was once a student who wanted to major


in Logical Studies. He approached a scholar of logic and asked him to be his guide. The scholar was apprehensive, but agreed to guide the

student if he could pass the test. The student obliged, and the scholar put forth a situation.

He said, "Two men came down a chimney. One

man's face was dirty, the other's was clean. Which man washed his face and which one

didn't?" The student pauses and says, "The one with the dirty face, naturally". The scholar

shook his head. He said, "The man with the dirty

face looked at the man with the clean face and thought his face was clean. So the man with the clean face washed his face, and the man with

the dirty face didn't wash his face." The student

was in awe and said he never looked at it that way. He asked the scholar for another chance to prove himself.


scholar repeated his question. The student

also dirty, so he washed his face. The man with the

dirty face saw him wash his face and so he washed his

then said, "We just established that the man with the face too." The student was taken aback. He pleaded for clean face washed his face, and the man with the dirty another chance.

life strategy


The scholar obliged and repeated the question. This At this, the scholar put forth the same question. This time, the student said confidently, “Each man washed was too much for the student, who said, “Why don’t

his face “. Once again, the scholar shook his head and you move on to another question?” The scholar then said, “The man with the dirty face looked at the man said, “All your knowledge of programming is clearly with the clean face and thought his face was clean, so insufficient. Stop and ask yourself if it is even possible

he didn’t wash his face. The man with the clean face for two men to descend from the same chimney, one the a dirty face and another with a clean face”.







productive. It causes endless mulling over and mulling over adds fuel to confusion, creating a vicious circle. Looking at the problem with nothing but simple awareness is enough to realize that the problem is hypothetical and any solution derived, no matter how “clever”, will be hypothetical too.



Inner Space

engaged in

nonexistent problems and adding convoluted logical patterns is what can be called “Maya”. Finding solutions to these hypothetical problems and thinking of it as a worthy achievement is what can be termed as ego and BREAKING this pattern is INTUITION.

All it takes is a simple bend in logic for it to decided he wouldn’t wash his face either, assuming it was clean”. The student was now desperate. He pleaded for a last chance.

become a mess that reaches new levels of perversion. With just a little awareness, the line of thinking can remain straight and unnecessary patterns of confusion and dilemma can be prevented.

vedic renaissance


Saptapadi, The Sacred Vows of Marriage Saptapadi or ‘seven steps’ is a very important rite in a Vedic marriage ceremony. At the time of marriage, the couple sit in front of the sacred fire and take seven vows in the presence of the Guru or God that they will both live a blissful married life. These vows in the Vedic marriage have a very deep meaning and are designed to help the couple to evolve together in a holistic way. They pertain not only to the worldly pursuits of the couple together, but also their mental, emotional, social, ecological, and spiritual attitudes. If followed with authenticity they lead to enlightenment itself. The following are the Saptapadi mantras and their interpretation: 1st sacred vow: Concept of sharing @kim;e iv:[uSTva ANvetu, ekamiñe viñëustvä anvetu | Let us both create, secure and enjoy all the things and comforts related to the physical body like food, clothing, shelter and other wealth needed for the physical body.This very vow hits at the dowry system.The dowry system asks for wealth and other things from the girl’s family. This vow clearly states that the couple will create wealth and sustain it together.’ 2nd sacred vow: Mental and spiritual strength, work towards enlightenment Öe ^jeR iv:[uSTva ANvetu, dve ürje viñëustvä anvetu | Let us join together without ego, to do all that is needed to increase the Shakti (energy) inside our body and thus enhance our intellectual strength by meditation, yoga etc. 3rd sacred vow: Living independently dependent ÇIi[ ìtay iv:[uSTva ANvetu, tréëi vratäya viñëustvä anvetu | I will not force myself upon the other at the physical or mental level when the other does not prefer it.

Couples have the wonderful opportunity to go through a vedic marriage ceremony

during the Inner Awakening Program (which is conducted by Nithyananda himself) where

they consciously commit the seven vows to each other and enter a fresh phase of married life.

vedic renaissance


4th sacred vow:Transcend maya by teamwork cTvair mayae Évay iv:[uSTva ANvetu, catväri mäyo bhaväya viñëustvä anvetu | I (the man) will help the woman overcome the illusions she holds in the form of her fear and insecurity. I (the woman) will help the man overcome the illusions he holds in the form of lust. 5th sacred vow: Social and eco-friendly responsibilities p pzu_y> iv:[uSTva ANvetu, païca paçubhyaù viñëustvä anvetu | Let us look after our ancestors and elders who are alive, our Guru, Devatas and all animals that support us, like cattle or pets, and the entire nature like trees, hills, rivers etc. 6th sacred vow: Support each other without suffocating ;f&tu_y> iv:[uSTva ANvetu, ñaòåtubhyaù viñëustvä anvetu | Let us support and strengthen each other in all moods and in all seasons, in all situations, at all times and spaces, not only when one of us is weak or in low mood, but let us share when we feel strong or when we are in high mood as well. 7th sacred vow: Comply with promises and live as friends sÝsÝ_y> haeÇa_y> iv:[uSTva ANvetu. saptasaptabhyaù hoträbhyaù viñëustvä anvetu || We promise to follow all that is covered here and all that is not covered here as well. There could be many things that may not have been included in the previous promises. So this promise covers all those that have not been covered in any of the previous promises. After the seven steps are over the husband has to call his wife “soe” (sakhe) meaning “Oh my friend”.

soayaE sÝpda ÉÉUv

sakhäyau saptapadä bhabhüva By making these seven promises, we both have become friends. I have got your friendship and you have mine. We shall not let this be lost. We shall live forever as compatible companions. By taking these vows the couple agree to be friendly to each other By chanting these mantras, the union between the husband and wife is solemnized in the presence of the Guru or God.They are united in their thinking and in the way they act. They pray that they may have pure love towards each other. By this mantra they vow to become people who are like-minded in opinion and thus enjoy being together.

yoga & kriya


Kriya to Banish Depression Kriya given by Nithyananda in his Daily Morning Discourse, on 31st October, 2011 at the Bidadi Ashram, India

Depression or Clinical depression is characterized by an all-encompassing low mood accompanied by low self-esteem, and by loss of interest or pleasure in normally enjoyable activities. Clinical depression is a disabling condition that adversely affects a person’s family, work or school life, sleeping and eating habits, and general health. Depressed individuals have shorter life expectancies than those without depression, in part because of greater susceptibility to medical illnesses and suicide. Depressed people may be preoccupied with, or ruminate over, thoughts and feelings of worthlessness, inappropriate guilt or regret, helplessness, hopelessness, and self-hatred. In severe cases, depressed people may have symptoms of psychosis.

For more kriyas visit: DISCLAIMER: This technique is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment. Individuals with any type of medical condition, the elderly, children below 14, women who are pregnant or suspect they may be pregnant are advised to seek professional medical advice before practicing this technique.Viewers who are not on two-way video conferencing are cautioned that they are practicing these techniques at their own risk.


yoga & kriya 1. PADMASANA Place the right foot on the left thigh and similarly the left one on the right. Cross the hands behind the back and firmly catch hold of the great toes of the feet so crossed. Place the chin on the chest and fix the gaze on the tip of the nose.

2. SHEETALI PRANAYAMA Continue to sit in Padmasana. Close the eyes and relax the whole body. Extend the tongue outside the mouth and roll the sides of the tongue up so that it forms a tube. Inhale slowly through the tongue. At the end of inhalation, roll the tongue in, close the mouth and exhale slowly through the nose. Do this 21 times.2.

BHASTRIKA Continue to Sit in Padmasana Inhale slowly through the nostrils and fill the abdomen completely. Exhale quickly and forcefully through the nose by contracting the abdominal muscles towards the spine. Do this 21 times.

siddha & ayurveda

Tulsi, the Holy Herb Ocimum sanctum (holy basil) popularly called tulsi in India, is ubiquitous in vedic tradition. Perhaps its role as a healing herb was instrumental in its “sacred” implication. Tulsi is the most common and revered of all household plants in India. Lord Krishna says, “I give Myself to a devotee who offers me merely a tulsi leaf and a palmful of water”.

Tulsi (holy basil) has delicate purple and green leaves, flower tassels like miniature temple spires and an arresting sweet fragrance famous for attracting the minds of devotees. The whole plant and all its parts are useful. It is really simple to grow tulsi in pots. It grows only through seed propagation and requires a good amount of sunlight and water daily. The leaves are to be collected from the plant tips so as to allow it to grow into a thick lovely bush.


siddha & ayurveda


This plant has a long list of medicinal implications. To list a few, the essential oil in tulsi has antimicrobial effects, specifically antiviral effects. Various formulations of tulsi significantly shorten the course of illness in patients of viral Hepatitis. Its extracts have marked mosquito repellent activity. Hence, it is believed that growing a tulsi plant in front of our homes, for the above said two reasons, markedly purifies the air, making it free from air-borne microbes and checks the entry of mosquitoes too.

The most common implication of this holy basil is in combating respiratory disorders and sore throat. As a home remedy, some tulsi leaves along with a few pieces of ginger and pepper and a little jaggery can be boiled together in water and filtered to get an extract. This is consumed while hot in intermittent sips. Or an easier way is to collect a few fresh leaves of holy basil, crush them gently to squeeze out its juice. A few drops of this juice relieve one from running nose, sore throat, fever and cough. Recent research has shown that tulsi powder taken over a period of two weeks reduces the fasting blood sugar by around 17%.

Tulsi has a positive effect over blood pressure and also acts as an effective detoxicant. A tonic may be prepared by mixing 1/4 tsp of dry tulsi leaves with a spoonful of butter and little honey, taken twice a day, first thing in the morning and before going to bed at night. One of the major constituents of the leaves, ursolic acid has been reported to possess antifertility activity attributed to its anti-estrogenic effect responsible for arrest of spermatogenesis in males and inhibitory effect on implantation of ovum in females. This may prove to be a promising antifertility agent devoid of side effects. Some other uses of it include as a mouthwash for relieving toothache and the whole plant’s decoction for relieving headache.

bliss bites

Sabudana Khichdi Sago, or sabudana as it is called in India, is a starch taken from the pith (center) of sago palm stems. Traditional Indian medicine uses sago in combination with rice to cool the body. Therefore, sago can function as an herbal remedy to treat ailments resulting from too much body heat, such as the production of excess bile. Sabudana is, hence, a good food ingredient for people with an unbalanced pitta dosha. As a starch, the health benefits of sago come primarily from carbohydrates. This carbohydrate content allows sago to function as a staple food in several regions of the world. Sago is also low in fat and has no protein. People often mix sago with other ingredients that offer essential vitamins and nutrients, such as milk or fruits and vegetables. In Indian cuisine, sago is used in puddings (payasam), in gruel or soup, and in khichdis. Sabudana khichdi is the perfect dish for a light breakfast which is easily digestible and provides a quick boost of energy.

Preparation Ingredients 1 cup Sabudana (Sago) 2 Red chillies 1/2 cup Peanuts 1 Boiled and peeled potato 2 tsp Oil 1 tsp Cumin seeds 1 Pinch Hing (Asafoetida) 1 tsp Lemon juice Salt to taste A few Coriander leaves A few Curry Leaves


bliss bites


Directions • Wash the sabudana well and then soak it in enough water to cover the sabudana pearls. Leave it soaked for 5-7 hours before cooking. Fluff the sabudana pearls every 2-3 hours with a fork or spoon. The sabudana needs to be soaked until they are perfectly soft. You will know when they are ready to be cooked by their soft and round shape and because they will be double of their original size. • Chop the potatoes into small cubes. Heat the oil/ghee in a pan and add cumin seeds. When the cumin seeds crackle, add the red chillies and curry leaves. • Add the chopped potatoes and stir well. Allow them to cook until they are light brown on the outside. Add the soaked sabudana and mix gently.

Cook for 10-15 mins,

stirring occasionally. When the pearls get translucent and shiny, sabudana is ready. • Add crushed peanuts and salt. Stir well to make sure everything gets mixed well. • Garnish with coriander leaves. Add some lemon juice and serve hot.

be unclutched!


Sadhana, to Unclutch from Depression Whenever you are caught up with depression,

relate with me at all. Even the strong remembrance of

unclutching or separation from being absorbed into

me will not be able to put you into the joy and ecstasy

suffering or from that depression, is called as feeling

of bhakti. It will make you think that you lost your

connection or bhakti . This has to be practiced with a conviction that does not pull you down. Please do not disconnect yourself from this bhakti and sadhana (spiritual practice). Let it become a survival need within you rather than a choice. One of the biggest mistakes made by my devotees is that they keep thinking - why do I need to practice it, Nithyananda is in my heart. But if you do not do sadhana, the bhakti

spiritual strength thus you end up succumbing into your suffering and falling into depression.

Everyday, hundreds of people lose the ability to unclutch from suffering, nor are they able to retain the bhakti just because they did not do their sadhana regularly. Bhagwan Sri Krishna (Incarnation worshipped as a Hindu God now) reiterates this in the Bhagavad Gita (Hindu religious book with universal

you have towards me will be destroyed because it is

significance) that you should be the friend of your

only by sadhana that the bhakti is strengthened and

Self through continuous practice, if not your own

grows. In the absence of regular sadhana, the layers

Self will be the enemy. Practice the presence of God

and layers of suffering increases until suddenly one

continuously to unclutch from suffering and the other

day you are completely disconnected and not able to

things that pull you down.

Taken from Nithyananda’s Daily Morning Discourse on 23th September, 2012 in Thiruvannamalai Ashram, India

be unclutched!


It is very unfortunate that you enjoy the

so also can the control of the mind be brought about

suffering because it gives the feeling that you can

by the absence of depression. Hence it is very much

always put the blame on somebody else. However

possible. Do NOT stop your practice of unclutching

when that same suffering is repeated again and

from suffering. Do NOT let anything disturb your

again until it becomes a pattern in you, your life

bhakti because a broken spiritual practice signifies

is destroyed. Gaudapada, a great spiritual master

that you are allowing your mental patterns to pull you

who was Adi Shankara’s paramaguru, another

down. By practice anything is possible. You can even

great spiritual Master from ancient India, beautifully

empty the ocean with a kusha grass with continuous

describes the power of continuous sadhana when he

effort for years. Same way, why not conquer the mind

said that just as the ocean can be emptied with the

by the absence of depression? It is possible. And

help of the tip of the blade which can hold just a drop,

sadhana is the way.

main story


Walk Out of Depression What is Depression? Depression is nothing but the mood of the mind which does not flow with life. It is nothing but the energy of your being not being able to cope up with the reality. You have two things - the imaginary life and the real life. Whenever your being does not meet the real life you fall into depression. The conflict between the real life and your being, the reality and your imagination is depression. Most of the time our attachments to the concepts, to the ideologies, to the philosophies, makes us not to move ahead. When society becomes sophisticated, affluent, depression is a luxury. You can have it only when you have other things and not if you don’t have basic needs.

Two Types of Depression Depression has two types: 1) The depression supported by your ego 2) The depression that makes you feel total inability. The depression that makes you feel total inability is better. You will understand that you need help from outside. The depression that is supported by your ego will be interested only in the solutions which you feel are solutions. So you may expect some teacher who will support your solution which you already have, which you strongly believe in, even in depression. Depression is not wrong, but depression supported by your ego is something seriously wrong. Even if you have depression, there is every possibility you can be saved if your ego is not supporting your depression. If your ego is supporting your depression you will not listen to the master’s teachings. You will listen only to the teacher who is ready to support your depression, your understanding, your ambition, your ideas, your thoughts. Even if the teacher is trying to move a little away from your conclusions you will shout at them. The worst thing that can happen to a jeeva (soul), the worst mess he can create for himself is supporting his depression by his ego. Depression itself is not wrong. But while you expect your own solution and expect the master to support your solution, you are in a big soup. You can’t be saved. Naturally you will start searching for a teacher who will support your ego. By fulfilling ego you can never walk out of depression.

Taken from the collect subject of “Depression

main story


ted talks of Nithyananda on the n�

The Science of Depression Human being is a great potential bound by distracting, deluding kind of a net, prison. Every single cell of you is having a kind of a covering. That covering constantly represents mortality, delusion. Your cell is constantly struggling to experience immortality. Every single cell in your body, which is the smallest unit in the physical body and thought – the smallest unit in the mental body and the pure light in your conscious body - all put together constitute as the cell. All your smallest units are directly connected. All your smallest units are covered by delusion. In each level your smallest unit is struggling to break from that delusion. At body level that struggle is to get rid of disease and death. At the mental level that struggle is to get rid of depression and disorders. At the conscious level that struggle is to get rid of the delusion and achieve enlightenment. So the point to be understood here is that all your struggles are nothing but struggles to achieve enlightenment. Start struggling directly, you will not waste your time and energy in diluted, diverted attention or direction or decisions. Your struggle to get out of depression is rooted in the same unit where your struggle for enlightenment also happens.

main story The Only Way Out is In

Even when you have the small struggles, look into the smallest unit where that struggle is happening - that cell, where that struggle is happening. Whenever all the struggles in you are aligned, immediately you are out of delusion. Delusion is nothing but thinking or believing that all these struggles are independent of each other.

Don’t Resist!

Your being needs its own space. Your being needs a little bit of aloneness. But your resistance to give aloneness, your resistance to give space for your being only creates depression. Depression is like a black hole. If you don’t resist and enter into it, it can create a big bang. As long as you resist, depression is a death. When you allow it to happen, it just rejuvenates you totally. When you live totally you will know how to leave totally. If you know how to get depressed totally, you will know how to express yourself totally. The very word depression has a condemnation to it. You do not want to get depressed. You resist continuously with the depression. You resist the black hole. That is why you never let the big bang happen.


main story


From Depression to Expression

Depression has become our nature now. Using the depression as a method is the only way to reach the divine, the way to reach the deep state of expression. As long as you resist the depression, except some more problems, nothing else can be achieved. No medication can help depression. As long as you fight your depression, there is no way to come out of it. It is like fighting with your own shadow. Depression is the seed of expression and expression is the way to depression. They are just cycles of life and death. They are nothing but peak and valley of your being. Peak of your being is expression. Peak of your valley is depression. If you know how to go deep with the depression, how to travel with the depression, then even depression cannot depress you. The very idea of depression will be lost. You can label any experience as a depression or as an expression. It is just your label which makes something as depression or something as expression.

main story






Depression Truth from shaastra - shashtras (knowledge weapon) can create ecstasy in the inner space and energy to expand in outer space. Unless you have the courage to go near the truth, the real healing will never happen. When you fall into depression the thoughts which bring you out of the depression, the clarity which brings you out of the depression are the self-healing thoughts which are actually created by shaastra-shastras. Whenever depression attacks you, life brings different scenes in front of you, during which the shaastrashastras (knowledge weapons) can be used so powerfully that you can just come out of the depression. The more and more you accumulate the self-healing thoughts inside your system, you will see that depression will have fear to come near you. If you want the truth to do the process of healing in you, it has to be digested, internalized. When these truths are added in to you, you will completely re-think, you will re-design your whole life. When the load is taken out of your inner space, there is nothing but healing.

main story


Power of a Feeling Connection With the Divine Feeling connection to something which is higher than you, either God or Guru, nullifies things from the constant harassment you go through from your body and mind. Feeling connection is the ground where, if the seeds of truth are sown, they become the reality of experience, the tree of experience. There are problems which may not be solved by unclutching, which will be solved by a feeling connection. The pains which you can’t heal, the problems which you can’t get out by unclutching, can be solved only by a feeling connection with something higher than you. A lot of things with which your ignorance survives, a lot of things with which your mind thrives, a lot of things on which your suffering is built, will be taken away from you. Feeling connection with the divinity is the capacity to convert the wisdom into lifestyle with expression, not depression.

beyond mind


Nirbhaya Dhyana - Death Meditaion Taken from the Akashic Readings on Death by Kaalabhairava through Nithyananda on 29th September, 2012

Every fear you accumulate, every fear makes you feel agitated, every fear which you do not want to think, remember, go through, go into all those fears consciously, neither deciding to save yourself from that fear nor having greed to achieve what you are afraid of. So without having the greed or fear, enter into the fear. Naturally the fear will lose its quality of fear when you do not carry fear or greed for the fear. Greed has its quality of greed because of your greed for greed and fear about the greed. Same way the fear has the quality of fear because of your fear for the fear and indirect greed towards the fear.

So when your fears are approached with fearlessness and greed-lessness, the straightening out of your consciousness everyday





consciousness from jagrat to swapna, swapna to sushupti, the waking state to dream state and dream state to the deep sleep state, happens because your awareness is not straightened out.

beyond mind


Either the bumps of the fear or bumps of the greed are responsible for your consciousness jumping from waking state to dream state or dream state to deep sleep state. If you remove all the bumps of the fear before falling asleep you will not fall asleep, you will fall into something called restful awareness which is recorded by the word turiya by the earlier mantra drashtas (Evolved ones who perceive the mantras through visualization). So the word “turiya� denotes the state of falling into the restful awareness without the bumps of fear or greed. Every night remove all the bumps you created during your daytime through fear or greed. Continuous practice of removing all the bumps of fear and greed by facing them will help you to fall into the state of turiya. This is what Mahadeva calls as death process - nirbhaya dhyana.



Kailash, the Mystical Journey By Helen Castner, California, USA A trip to Mt Kailash is profound in every way.

For a day and a half we were all sitting at the foot of Mt

The high altitude and the blue sky combined with the

Kailash with a clear blue sky, so close to our Master, being

presence of our beloved Master is truly the experience

in his breathing space. Many hours of Puja was done. We

of a lifetime. From the very beginning the trip was fully

were just soaked in his grace with gratitude. The Akashic

charged with high energy. We visited temples and did

Records reading happened at the last part of our first

several pujas and homas. Throughout the trip I was only

day at Mt Kailash. Lord Shiva sent the message to all of

able to sleep 4-5 hours per night. In spite of this I still

us saying that that was the turning point of our life. He

felt energized during the day, except for the two days

said he will bless the whole the world, including all of us,

when I had a high altitude reaction. I still remember

and will shower on us through snow. When we left Mt

vividly; since the first night when we crossed the border

Kailash next afternoon it was clear blue sky. After about

of Tibet, I started having intense dreams every night until

half an hour drive all of a sudden the weather started

we reached Mt kailash. The teachings in the dream were

to change. Hail started coming down, one little ice ball

written on a board line by line. On the night we arrived

even jumped into the slightly opened car window and

at Mt Kailash the teachings in the dream were all about

hit my face before we realized what it was. Then we all

Enlightenment. For all those days we were in Tibet it

started shouting: “Yea, we got the blessing!” Minutes later

seemed like there was not much difference between the

the hail turned in to snowflakes. Swamiji has mentioned

sleeping and waking state. I either would be awake or the

several times in satsangs afterwards how he turned on

minute I fell asleep I would enter into the dream teaching

the shower at Mt Kailash and ran away from the morning

right away. When I woke up it felt like I didn’t sleep at all.

Satsang. He was referring to this incident.

Finally I got a chance to ask the Master why I had those kinds of dreams. The Master answered me without a doubt. He said: “The dreams mean that a lot of karma is

Another great experience was that we all had

leaving you.” Wow! How could a person expect a spiritual

a chance to dump one of our samskaras (engram or

journey like this?

engraved memory) in to Lake Manasarovar. I dumped my judgement. Now I am very conscious whenever I intent

We all had one after the other amazing experience.

to pass a judgment.


29 Speaking of the Akashic Records reading at

something else. The next evening I was like an honest

Mt kailash; when the reading was finished I realized

student handing my homework to the teacher to ask

that my question was missing. They lost my question

for help. When Swamiji read my request he laughed

which means they lost a once in a life time opportunity

and told me he would break the pattern for me. “He

for me! I was so angry! Although I was told that I could

must be happy for me to notice my fault�, I thought to

ask the same question at the final energy darshan, I still

myself. Then he asked me what my question for the

couldn’t get over it. Finally the truth hit me! I realized

Akashic Records reading was. I told him and he blessed

that anger was actually one of my strong patterns and

me that I will have income through singing after the trip.

it just showed up again at the right time to remind me,

Yes, that is our Master. He gives what we ask for with

that this was why my question got lost. Once I saw

great compassion and love. He does way more than a

the truth I decided to take this opportunity to ask our

mother does for us. Thank You my Master and Guru! I

Master to break the pattern for me instead of asking for

am forever grateful for you!

esoteric realms


Death, the Ultimate Guru Akashic Readings on Death by Kaalabhairava through Paramahamsa Nithyananda




Shivaya Namah Shivaya.

if you do not have the awareness to look into them you get deluded by them. Even while they come to

Death is guru and god, not

reveal the truths about them, it

oblivion as perceived by body

is like mistaking a friend to be a

centered individuals. Death is a boiling process. Whenever your engrams, desires, fear, greed, everything is boiled in the high

enemy, and before even the friend expresses his friendliness, you thinking he is enemy and dealing him with a different attitude.

energy, there is a possibility your desires can become reality, your

So when the desires and

fears can be conquered. You can

fears come in front of you

be free from both desire and

during the moment of death, have

fear if you are ready courageous

patience and restful awareness to

enough to face the process with

look into them. They are coming

consciousness. Understand, during

in front of you just to tell you

the death your desires come in

their disillusionment and their

front of you just to make you

ability that they can’t frighten you

understand the disillusionment

anymore. By not looking at them

which can be caused by their

with a deep restful awareness,

presence. Fears come in front of

those desires are given a wrong

you make you understand they

extension of life by your unaware

cannot frighten you anymore. But

unconscious mind.

Taken from Nithyananda’s Akashik Readings on 29th September, 2012

esoteric realms


When the desires are given a wrong extension of life, what you experience is heaven. When the fears are given the wrong extension of life, what you experience is hell. With restful awareness when you deal both of them what you experience is liberation.

Death can be a great guru to liberate you and god to give you the ultimate. Having restful awareness in every moments of your life during the great attacks of fear and greed while you are in the body is the best way to prepare for the death, and ability to handle your fears and greeds which you may encounter while you leave the body. Moment of the leaving the body is of great importance. That moment will decide the way you are going to continue your further journey.

So prepare yourself with restful awareness,




jeevanmukta, practicing living enlightenment, being established in restful awareness, during all the chaos or the tsunamis of fear and greed attacks in your life.

creative juices

Jingle Bells, Bliss Version! By Ma Nithya Shantananda, Bidadi, Bangalore, India

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! My Master is winning, you are whining It’s been simple all the way! Hey jingle bells!

A day or two ago You thought we all would go Little did you realize. That my master is more than just plain wise! Hey! Jingle bells!

Jingle bells, jingle bells! Jingle all the way! My master is coming, you are going Make way in a royal way, hey! Hey jingle bells, jingle bells! Jingle all the way!

Oh, it’s so much fun and salsa! With Nithyananda Paramahamsa We welcome all the crew Who want to be the lucky few! Hey jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!



in the life of


Life After Death Death is a mystery, but more importantly, it is a cremation grounds and continuously observe bodies man’s greatest fear. In some Catholic nunneries, the nuns being burnt while visualizing himself being burnt. Almost lie down in open coffins every morning and meditate that all mystical traditions on the planet use this technique they are dead. In Vedanta this is one of the most used to achieve the highest possibility. Logical mind finds it techniques for enlightenment. In Buddhism, anyone difficult to understand how one simple experience can initiated into sannyas has to spend three months in the give such courage.

in the life of


Nithyananda himself had this particular Rama’s name is the ultimate truth. There is no special experience in Varanasi. When he went to Varanasi, he saw that per day three hundred dead bodies were being

ritual involved. Three times the bodies are dipped into the Ganga as they say ‘Raam Naam Satya Hai’.

cremated in a place called Manikarnika Ghat.

Nithyananda sat there to watch what was Traditionally, it is believed that if somebody leaves the body in that area, or if their body is burnt in that area, they will be liberated. Ramakrishna confirms


and says that he saw


himself to




and unclutching every soul from its



liberating them. The men working there would carry the


going on, and an hour later, death was no more a strange incident that happens once in a blue moon to a distant relative. Bodies of all size, gender, age, colour, community and religion were burnt in that hour. When one sees so many bodies, it feels like there is nothing to it. Everyone has to leave their body some day and they will have company as well! The breath that goes into them does not come out, that is all.

Knowing that death is inevitable will bring down the respect that one has for the ego. Whatever that one thinks should not leave them is their ego. When one knows for sure that everything is going to leave them, the respect for the ego goes down immensely. Being a very straightforward person, Nithyananda immediately dropped his ego and decided that if he’s going to die after all, he should have a death experience now itself

to and live without the fear or die and see for himself. He

the Ganga river, sat down in a small Shiva temple nearby and started reaching

After his mission started, Nithyananda visited the very spot of his death experience at the Manikarnika ghat in Varanasi along with his devotees in Jan 2006.

there watching the dead bodies being burnt. The big ‘click’ that

by evening. As he remembers even to this day happened when an old they walk, they lady’s body was being burnt and he could see the fat from keep

chanting her stomach melting. This fat made the fire burn brighter


Naam and this made him think that the very same thing is going

Satya Hai’, which to happen to him. This opened up a deep, terrible fear of means that Lord death in him and he faced it consciously.

in the life of


The fear was spreading all over his body became alive to him. Till the previous day, because he and when it met his awareness, it became a death was alive, Vishwanatha was a dead stone. experience. He saw clearly that his body was dead. For two and a half days, he did not sleep, eat, drink or think.

When a fear is suppressed, it stays inside the

Suddenly the ‘click’ happened that his body is dead but person. When one does not consciously face the fear, he still exists. This was such an intense ecstasy that the it shakes his whole nervous system. However, when it fear of death just left. Slowly he opened his eyes, and the is faced consciously, it becomes a death experience. As first thing he felt was a deep gratitude. He performed Mahadeva says in the Shiva Sutras, “Visualize the fire a small pooja for Vishwanatha and he could see clearly rising out of your body slowly, let your form be burnt, let that Vishwanatha was alive. When he died, Vishwanatha your body turn to ashes, but not you”.




Kaashi, The City



Varanasi, a city situated on the western

Temple is a living embodiment of the timeless cultural and

banks of the Ganges River in the north Indian state of spiritual tradition of India. Uttar Pradesh, is a cultural and spiritual hub for all of India. Kashi, as it is also known, is said to have been residence to Shiva (The Hindu God of Rejuvenation) and his consort, Devi Parvati, where they lived and offered blessings and boons to devotees. It is no surprise then, that located within this vibrant city are numerous temples and holy sites dedicated to the Hindu Gods and Goddess.


of the most famous aspects of this

extraordinary monument is the fact that the temple itself is home to one of the twelve ‘Jyotirlinga’ shrines of India. In Hindu belief, the Jyotirlingas are located at places where Shiva Himself appeared and gave blessings to his devotees, symbolised by naturally formed Shiva lingas at these temples called jyotirlingas. Situated throughout India,


on such a site, one of the most

famous temples in all of the Hindu religion, is the Kashi Vishwanath Temple. Resting near the banks of the mighty Ganges, the Kashi Vishwanath Temple has a rich cultural and spiritual heritage that has inspired, motivated, and offered solace to visitors from every walk of life.


these shrines are some of the most sacred sites in all the land. The holy shiva linga of Viswanatha Temple is placed on a silver altar in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. However, history deems that fearing destruction from invaders, the original Vishwanath Jyotirlinga was hidden at the bottom of a well. Known as Jnana Vapi, or ‘wisdom well’, it is located within the temple walls and still believed to contain the original Jyotirlinga to this day.

to have been built in 490 AD,

the Kashi Vishwanath Temple was destroyed during


than half a mile away from the

numerous invasions of India and in 1776 it was rebuilt temple structure lies another famous Hindu location, the in its present state by the Maharani Ahilya Bai of Indore. Manikarnika Ghat. A “ghat” is literally a flight of steps that The Sanskrit words ‘Kashi’ mean “shining” in English and descends down to a body of water. One of many ghats in ‘Vishwanath’ translates to “Lord of the Universe,” denoting the city, the Manikarnika Ghat, located along the Ganges Shiva. The significance of this holy edifice cannot be river, is known for being a site of cremation. It is believed understated, from its placement amidst the Ganges to that Vishnu, the Hindu god of preservation, was the its location in sacred Varanasi. The Kashi Vishwanath builder of this particular ghat.



Manikarnika Ghat, Varanasi





literally to die in Varanasi and get cremated at Manikarnika Ghat

means “ear jewel�. Tradition states that after Sati, the assures one of moksha, or liberation from the cycle of birth

incarnation of Aadishakti preceding Parvati, sacrificed herself for the honor of her consort, Lord Shiva and her body was cut up into many different pieces by the sudarshana chakra, disclike super weapon, of Lord Vishnu. The places where her body parts fell are regarded as sacred places of worship and are known today as Shakti Peethas (energy seats). In all there are 52 Shakti Peethas all over India, and Manikarnika Ghat is

and death. The fire in the pyres of the Manikarnika Ghat have been continuously burning for centuries.

Varanasi is regarded as one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world, and the oldest in India. The Kashi Vishwanath Temple and Manikarnika Ghat, although significant Hindu sites both steeped in the culture and tradition of the land, are only two of the myriad

one of them, as Sati’s earrings fell at this spot. Moreover, Hindu relics and religious places the city has to offer. A each of the peethas are guarded over by a Bhairava, a fierce place of fine arts, culture, and spirituality, Varanasi stands manifestation of Lord Shiva. In Varanasi, Kaala Bhairava, as a testament to the living tradition of the Hindu religion the Lord of Time, is the custodian. Hindu belief holds that and lifestyle.


anand yogam



One Fine Day, I Met Swami Nithyananda!

By Ananda Yoganandini (aka Arti Agarwal), Bangalore, India Photographer, Writer & Artist. B. Arch, IIT Roorkee.

In the year 2008, I was depressed. “Depressed” is

To run away from the hurt, I ran away from home -

too small a word actually. I am depressed every now

to the oil rigs, in the middle of the sea, where I used to

It’s like having a cough or cold, it disappears in 2-3

in the middle of the night, I would stand on the railing,

and then even now, that’s not such a big deal though. days. In 2008, I was suicidal. my life was a black hole

with nothing but more and more pain getting sucked into the black hole with every passing day.

Someone had hurt me and insulted me real bad and I was wilting from the hurt, losing any desire to live

ever again. When I say suicidal, I don’t mean I wanted to kill myself, I never had the courage to do that. But every day I used to sit in my bedroom window and

pray to God to please end my life soon because I did not see any point in living. I lived in Mumbai, which

meant it was almost always raining - both in my heart and outside the window.

work. Where there was no place for emotions. Often,

watching the waves rise and fall in the moonlight, with nothing but water till as far as the eye could see, and

wonder how big the world is and how small I am, and where is God. Is He out there somewhere, watching me? Is there anyone out there who can help me ? The

lines from a song kept ringing in my head “ You gave me a life, now show me how to live”. My friends and

family were in no place to help me & after a certain

point I decided to stop bothering them, it pained them to see me like this too, so I kept quiet. I let the work fill

up my mind and time. So much so that by November, I had almost 45 vacation days remaining to be used and my manager literally banned me from coming to work for the next few days.


43 the same time, during my travels, I

any one Swami can grant you anything you want. She

stumbled upon a book by Osho “The Fish in the Sea is

sent me the flyer for Kalpataru. I saw a black and white


Not Thirsty”. I had no idea who Osho is. But I flipped through the book and liked it. I read it on the rig. It made me feel a little better. But it didn’t last. It just made me even more aware of a hollowness in my life. Then I started reading books by Paulo Coelho, which I loved too. But these were some happy breaks from my own empty life, nothing more. Nothing and no one could give me a solution of how to change the underlying misery in my life.

On one such day when I was sent home from office and told to not show my eager-to-work face for atleast a week, my sister called me from US and told me to go to a program in Bangalore called “Kalpataru” where you can ask a certain Swamiji for anything in life and He will grant it to you.

I did not believe in Swamis. I thought they were all fake and talked a whole lot of mumbo-jumbo preachy stuff which carried no relevance for everyday life. But

picture of Swamiji with his brilliant heartfelt smile. ( The same one which I have now put in front of my work desk, which I look at all the time ). Something happened and I told my sis - “I know he is enlightened, I will go see him”. I have no clue what made me say that, and who in the world I was to even know who is and isn’t enlightened. But I booked my tickets and went to Bangalore. I was totally new to Bangalore and to the ashram. I hired a cab for the day (I was rich in those days - with a lot of money and no desire to spend anywhere) to go to the ashram and see this Swamiji.

I was roaming around in the ashram, completely clueless of what is where and while strolling I reached the temple. I wasn’t a temple-loving person in those days. Even as I was outside the temple, I suddenly saw everyone stand still where they were and fold their hands. Someone in an orange robe came out of the temple, right in front of me, with some other people. I had no idea what was going on. In a few minutes, I could guess that this was probably Swamiji. He then

the idea of asking for anything in life kind of stuck in

turned around, smiled and raised his hands to bless

my head and I asked my sister to send me the details.

us, and he looked at me too. I didn’t realize it, but I was

Now that I look back on it, even though I was a highly

also standing with my hands folded, standing sort of

qualified person and all that, I never questioned how











standing next to Swamiji. But this was the only chance I had to save myself. I told Swamiji in one sentence about how someone broke my heart & hurt me real bad. He

Throughout the K alpataru meditations

asked me “You want him back?” I told him, “No Swamiji...” Then he asked me, “You want to be healed?” and I said

I was crying like I would never stop crying and was really “Yes Swamiji, I just want my life back”. He hugged me and thankful for the eye-bands so that no one could know that it was me crying so hopelessly. I was also thankful that no one knew me there. Gnana mhj was conducting the program and I remember asking him some very stupid questions. He smiled at me really sweetly and assured

told me, “Don’t worry, you will be completely healed”. I blanked out again, and felt a great calm come over me afterward. All my inner worrying suddenly stopped. I had a throbbing headache but it did not matter. I just knew, if this Swamiji cannot heal me, no one in this world can.

me that I would experience God in the meditation itself. I had blanked out in one of the meditations, and guessed


that this must be what he meant. When I went up for

2009. It was almost like waking up after sleeping for

darshan, I was really really shy, because some people were

an overly long period of time.










went on working

my contact lenses so I was almost blind and I could see

with my job, and never found any time to go and see

Swamiji properly only when I was really near him. After

Swamiji again, though I really wanted to. My job did not

the darshan I was standing on the stage, pretty clueless

even allow me to go and see a doctor, leave alone going to

of where to go... when someone came to help me and

see a Guru. People at my work made fun of my spirituality

helped me down the stairs, because my eyes were almost

and my rudraksh mala. I just responded to them as acidly

closing from the pain.

went by and

as possible and told them to keep their noses out of my


personal life.

that day,


never had any more

doubts about my job. I quit my job with great joy.

In January 2010 I

decided to quit my

My manager asked me” What do u want? Do you want

job which gave almost everyone a big jolt, since I had a

a promotion? Do you want a transfer? Do you want a

job which paid me up to 4000$ in a month. Everyone in

different job role? Do you want a vacation? What do you

my office mocked me. I was missing Swamiji so much.

want? “. I smiled at him, and said “ I want to quit”. i was not

Just then, one day I subscribed to the ashram newsletter.

going to barter my life for money anymore.

The very next day, I got an email saying that there was a Kalptaru in Mumbai on 26th Jan! I was overjoyed. That

And then, just when I had freed up

was just a day or two away. I went to the Kalpataru. In

life to do programs in the ashram, the scandal broke out.

my darshan, I just couldn’t find any words. I felt Swamiji

I remember March 2nd, 2010. I was completely restless

already knew me, He is God, & just by seeing me He

that day, without knowing anything. I don’t watch the

knows what all is going on in my life. I said “ Swamiji, what

news. My sister called me and told me what happened. I

can I tell you, you already know everything...” He hugged

was just in pain over what was happening - Why are they

me and said “Don’t worry, I will take care”. I remember I

doing this to my Swamiji? All he has ever done is good to

had a throbbing migraine that day also and I was almost

this world. I already felt that Swamiji was an inseparable

the last person to go for the darshan. I had removed

part of my life and nothing and no one could change that.


paraabhakti My

friends mocked at me. They didn’t just mock at

46 Swamiji's discourses, and having nothing to do in life,

me, they continued to do so for a long time. I told them I sat with her to see the discourses. It is unbelievable, to disappear from my life altogether. I was infamous for but even after loving Swamiji for almost 2 yrs, I had not using words like arrows. I had the capacity to make any seen even a single discourse of his. I started seeing his man feel like crawling into a hole when I start yelling at discourses and following all the techniques he gave. them. I used this skill to my advantage now. I told these Small miracles started happening in my life. Now, I was "friends" to never show me their faces again, because just waiting to attend the NSP, the first one after the if they do, they will be responsible for anything that scandal. happens. I can easily scare people. And I did that now.

In the NSP, I had the first most mystical experience All through the scandal, I never felt that I was doing of my life & I knew that my life would never be the same anything great or anything like that. I was just standing again. After the NSP, one day, I suddenly decided to up for my love for someone who saved my life. I was move to Bangalore and say goodbye to Mumbai for not going to let a bunch of morons interfere with my life good. It was a really sudden decision, with no prior and my love for Swamiji. That is all there was to it.

planning at all, and my apartment owner made me pay 26k extra as one month rent for moving out so


lot of other things went wrong in my life in

suddenly, but being close to Swamiji was all I wanted

the next few months, and by July, I was yearning to see in my life now. Swamiji again. I was in one more hell by the time Swamiji came out of prison. One more depression. For almost a


reality, this story has only a beginning, and

week I was just in my parental home, lying in my bed no end. So this is the beginning of how one day, one crying all day because my best friend who I was in love darshan with Swamiji changed my life to something I with had broken up with me - on the eve of my birthday. could never have imagined it to be. I am ending it very Now that I think about it, it was a strong pattern in my abruptly because I realize that I cannot do justice to the life, I came closer to Swamiji every time something entire story by writing it as a note. And the book I have went awry in my relationships. My sister used to make been writing about my struggle needs to see the light me sit on her lap and comfort me. She used to watch of day some day, very soon.


Visit and for more information

abhyasah (practice)






It is considered to be the oldest Indian city.

Among the Pandavas he is considered to be

Kaala Bhairava liberates anyone who leaves his body

the finest archer and a peerless warrior. Bhagavad

in this holy city.

Gita was delivered to him



The Sanskrit name of the prayer offered at the

lotus feet of revered Guru. (two words separated by hyphen) 7.

Sanskrit name of Samyama where one can go

beyond sleep. According to Mahabharata, Arjuna mastered this Samyama. 10. The most revered Guru of Jain tradition. He was the 24th and the last Tirthankara.

Name of the Dhanush i.e. the bow, which Arjuna

used in the war of Mahabharata and was invincible. 5.

She is the goddess of Nourishment in Vedic

Tradition. She is a form of Devi Parvati, the consort of Shiva. 6.

The famous sage who is the author of


11. Sanskrit name of skullcap, which sages and saints


Sanskrit name for the ritual of making offerings

have used as a bowl for receiving Bhiksha(asking for

to the sacred fire. They are an integral part for most


of Sanskar ceremonies.

12. The virtuous king who donated his entire kingdom


to the sage Vishwamitra and walked away with his

does not create inertness in us is called ‌.............

wife and son.


The kind of food which keeps us energetic and



abhyasah (practice)


Gentle Kicks Below there are a few questions which we call

Answers from the master:

as a hitch. What you have to do is to think of a solution according to your understanding.

Gentle Kick 1: Just imagine. If the music

Then read the answer given by the master.

was without any gap, how would it be?

Read just one question at a time and check

Cacophonic, is it not? Your idea of melody

its answer. The beauty of this exercise is that

and rock is decided by the gaps of silence

the answers given here will act as gentle kicks

added to it. The silence in between is also the

given by a trained soccer player which will lead the ball directly to the goal post. Your honesty here is going to decide the level of benefit. So enjoy! Hitch 1: How are silence and the sound of music connected? Hitch 2: What do you think about depression

silence within. Gentle Kick 2: It is a gift given by God to the selected intelligent ones; who will see it with awareness and turn towards spirituality for a solution. Gentle Kick 3: Out of your own unconscious

which comes after success?


Hitch 3: Why did I take birth?

Gentle Kick 4: Tell me what is not! It depends on the attitude of the person.

Hitch 4: What is meditation? Gentle Kick 5 : The person who wants to Hitch 5: Who has to get corrected first?

correct others.


Akashic Readings by Nithyananda

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