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Research from USA Department of Justice puts violent crime at a cost of $420 billion dollars per year in the USA.* T he effect of mass meditation on this cost has been shown in studies in Washington DC, and L iverpool England to reduce crime in the local region of the meditators by up to 20%.

The average minute of meditation is calculated to save $.20 cents per minute. That minute reduces crime by 0.00015 of a violent crime! We are affecting the people around us, and also around the world!




is raising yourself up,

raising your anyakara* to the person to whom you have surrendered ~ Paramahamsa Nithyananda *anyakara - others’ expectation of you

CONTENTS Volume 2, Issue 2, February, 2013

Who is Nithyananda: About Swami Nithyananda ... 6 My Dear Ones: Message from Swami Nithyananda ... 7 Guru Vaak: Message for 2013 .. 8, 9 Around the World: Jayanthi Day Celebrations ... 10-12 Vedic Renaissance: The Story of Saint Dakshinamurthy ...14-17 Siddha & Ayurveda: The Benefits of Almonds ... 18, 19 Be Unclutched: Unclutch as a Couple ... 20, 21 Main Story: Life Starts with Completion .. 22-27 Technique: Svapoornatva Kriya ... 28, 29 Esoteric Realms: Unrevealed Mysteries of the Mystics... 30, 31 Nirahari Lifestyle: How I Became a Yogi ... 32-35 Beyond Mind: Hamsa Mantra Dhyaan ... 36, 37 Science Meets Spirituality: The Science of Pranayama ... 38-40 Paraabhakti: The Divine Leelas of Nithyananda ... 42-44 Abhyasah (Practice): Crossword ... 45 Abhyasah (Practice): Gentle Kicks ..46



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Who is Nithyananda ?

Paramahamsa Nithyananda is a global leader in the science of enlightenment. Coronated as the

293rd pontiff of the world’s most ancient Hindu organization, the Madurai Aadheenam, Nithyananda is revered as a living avatar (divine incarnation) by millions worldwide. Nithyananda is revered as a living avatar (divine incarnation) by millions worldwide. He is the most-watched spiritual teacher on with more than14 million views, and the author of more than 300 books published in 27 global languages. Nithyananda was recently named among the world's top 100 most spiritually influential personalities of 2012 by renowned esoteric magazine 'Mind Body Spirit' from Watkins. A spiritual genius with an enlightened insight into everything from management to meditation, from relationships to religion, and from success to spirituality, Nithyananda brings to us a wealth of practical wisdom, meditation techniques, kriyas and tools for lasting inner transformation. A trained yogi, a powerful spiritual healer and a siddha, Paramahamsa Nithyananda is working actively with scientists and researchers worldwide to decode the mystical yogic sciences of the East, including levitation, teleportation and manifestation (materialization). When Paramahamsa Nithyananda ascends the traditional seat of deeksha daana (initiation) every morning and starts his discourse (satsang), thousands of people from over 30 countries participate live via 2-way video conferencing, while thousands view it live on Nithyananda TV.


My Dear Ones, Create the ambiance inside you for you to practice integrity and authenticity, and create an ambiance around you for people to live in integrity and authenticity. You should prove to them with your actions that when they approach you, you will only create an ambiance for integrity and authenticity for them also. Be Blissful!

Paramahamsa Nithyananda Spiritual Founder of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam

guru vaak


Message for 2013: Enrich with Enlightenment Taken from Nithyananda’s Daily Discourse given to a live audience on 1st January, 2013 in Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore

This year’s core message with which we Bring will all work is “Enriching with Enlightenment!”

authenticity in the way you hold

yourself for yourself and for others to perceive you. Enrich yourself with authenticity. When you

This simple statement has many layers enriching yourself, enriching others, enriching the whole world with enlightenment! Bring

have integrity and authenticity, when you are ready to give your life to fulfill your words, the cosmos itself intervenes and fulfills your words.

integrity into the words which you utter to others and to yourself. Bring authenticity in the way you hold yourself and the way others experience you.

Responsibility Whenever you






Bring responsibility in your inner space for every everything that is happening, all the problems get happening. Drop the past record; past track never dissolved and just disappear. An important secret

gives you the confidence for future possibilities. to feel responsible without becoming powerless Unless you see the possibility, life does not flow is - never give up on people! I never give up on in you. The excitement does not happen in you. people even when they give up on me. I continue Past record always brings a deep sorrow because to work on them. past record by its nature is death. Possibility by its very nature is life.

Take this as an important key. This is the

These four words are the keys to enrich with


responsibility, enriching.


math of life, the number of people on whom you have given up are the negatives in your life,

authenticity, and the people you have still not given up on are the positives of your life. Make the balance

sheet of your life. This will decide whether you


means integrity in the words are in profit or loss, whether you are in success

and the thoughts. You should have integrity in or failure. Whether you are a failure or a success the words you utter to others and to yourself. is not decided by the incidents but by your spirit.

Stand by your word. When you are ready to give Nothing has been lost if you have not lost the your life for the words you utter, those words will inspiration. become reality.

What are a few years? Time is eternity.

guru vaak


I am going to be available continuously here for experientially where life is happening to you. You eternity even after I leave the body. When I am in have to stand where your experience of life is. the body I will be doing this, when not in the body, Experience of life happens to you based on others. I will do same thing in a different plane. Similarly, Unless you enrich others with enlightenment, you will be doing this when you are in this body your life is not going to be completely enriched

and you will do the same thing when you leave with enlightenment. If you have to learn only the body in a different plane. If inspiration is lost one thing from me, learn that I never give up on then everything is lost. By the divine grace of Kala people. If you give up on people very soon you will Bhairava, Mahadeva, we have not lost inspiration. give up on yourself. You will lose your confidence. So nothing is lost!

Life happens to you outside. Life happens


with enlightenment means

to you in relation to others, not with you. enrich yourself and others with these four great Enrich them. Only by enriching them your life truths - integrity, authenticity, responsibility, gets enriched. Don’t be selfish, your life does enriching, and not giving up. Let the whole not happen to you only inside you. Let’s see universe be enriched with enlightenment. `

around the world

Jayanthi Day Celebrations


( 6th January, 2013 )

Nithyananda gave darshan to


devotees on his


Day (birthstar celebrations) during the celebrations in Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India, the birthplace of Nithyananda.


Nithyananda delivers his message of enriching

with enlightenment for the year 2013, on the auspicious occasion of “Mission Day� of Nithyananda Dhyanaapeetam, completing ten years since the mission was first started by Nithyananda in Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore, India

around the world

around the world

Vibhooti (holy ash) Materialiastion around the padukas of Nithyananda on Jayanthi Day in Slovakia, “Shivaloka� Satasng Center and Paduka Mandir



around the world

vedic renaissance


The Story of Saint Dakshinamurthy Adapted from Nithyananda’s Shiva Sutra Discourses, delivered in November, 2007 at the Nithyananda Vedic Temple, Los Angeles, California, USA

This is the story of a great saint called

but was not afraid to die since his body and

Dakshinamurthy Swamigal, a Paramahamsa mind had already experienced whatever who always lived a life of freedom and a maximum peak could be experienced in the very highly evolved enlightened being from saint’s presence and in the best interest of the southern part of India who used to sit in the king asked him to visit the saint just once the forest under a banyan tree. His presence and sit in his presence. was so intense and powerful that one could touch and see God.





king was caught by ego,


got inspired

day the official poet of the by the many stories he had heard about

king’s court sang thousand verses on Saint enlightened beings in the earlier times and Dakshinamurthy praising the power and the decided to visit the saint. The king went heroic qualities of that Master, conferring with his whole paraphernalia to visit the upon him the honor named ‘bharani’ which saint sitting under the banyan tree. There is the honor given to great warriors who kill was such an intense vibrating silence. The one thousand elephants in the war. When moment king entered the Banyan tree’s the king came to know about this his ego got shadow, something happened in him. If a hurt because the king was the only guy who person observed an intense silence in the

had killed thousand elephants in the war in master’s body language, whether they want the whole region and so he was the only guy it or not, it will penetrate their inner space. who had that song and title. Now the deeply This is what happened to the king who had hurt king called the poet and asked him originally come with the idea of shouting at to justify his decision of singing the same or questioning the saint. thousand songs about that naked beggar who was sitting under the banyan tree and threatened him that else he would cut the





poet’s head. The poet calmly explained that happened between the Master and the he did not have any reason or justification king. All that the king received was one

vedic renaissance


Saint Dakshinamurthy Deity under the sacred Banyan Tree in Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore, India

vedic renaissance

Nithyananda offers his respects to the sacred Banyan tree and Saint Dakshinamurthy by offering them the traditional “Arti� (offering of lit lamp)


vedic renaissance


nod by the Master indicating ‘sit’. The king sat and because the king sat, the whole army sat and Master again resumed into the silence. The silence was so intense that neither did the king want to break it nor he had the energy or guts to break it. Even after a week had passed, beyond logic the king did not feel any thirst or hunger or even the idea of time. And the story says after one week, the Master was so compassionate that he just moves his eyes, looks to his poet, his disciple and in a very jovial way says that he thought the kingdom needed the king back. He smiles and suddenly all of them come back to the normal mind or mood. They realized one week had passed; there was no thought, no communication, no food or water or sleep, but only deep fulfillment physically, mentally and spiritually.


says that the king built a

beautiful huge temple and mutt under the same banyan tree in the place in southern India known as Thiruvarur. And in the temple he had this whole story engraved with his earnest sharing of how he ended up requesting the poet to write more on the saint since one thousand verses of ‘bharani’ looked too less for him.

siddha & ayurveda


The Benefits of Almonds Almonds (botanical



amygdalus) are the oldest and most widely

grown of all the nut crops. Whole almond seeds are eaten raw or roasted, while almond oil is used as massage oil for alleviating dryness in the skin and scalp hair. Almonds are highly regarded in Ayurveda for their nutritional value and Vata - pacifying (Air element-pacifying) effect.

What’s in an almond? When

consumed in moderation, up to ten nuts a day, almonds provide essential

proteins and Vitamin E for the body. They are rich in magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and manganese. If taken in excess, they can cause vitiation in the balance of the 3 doshas, thereby leading to gastrointestinal disturbances.

What does an almond do? Sweet

almonds which possess a mild sweet taste and hot potency are the best for

pacifying Vata dosha (Air-element) in the human body. As per the science of Ayurveda, almonds lubricate the skin and the micro-circulatory channels and support all the seven dhatus (tissues), especially Shukra dhatu (reproductive tissues) and the Ojas (the overall vitality). Due to their heavy nature, one needs a strong jataara agni (digestive fire), to metabolize them.

siddha & ayurveda


How are almonds to be consumed? The outer skin of almonds can be hard to digest, so Ayurvedic texts suggest prior soaking in water. The best way to prepare them is to soak them overnight and peel the skin off in the morning. This enhances their digestibility to a great extent. If eaten without soaking, they can aggravate Pitta (fire element) in the blood.


cases of a dry cough


not associated with phlegm), dryness of

mouth or hoarseness of voice, one can take peeled almonds (which previously have been soaked overnight), and roast them in a small amount of cow’s ghee (clarified butter), until they turn slightly brown and give off their characteristic aroma. They can also be sprinkled with a pinch of table salt. Consumed thus, they give immediate relief.


a rejuvenated and clear face , a homemade face pack can be used.

For making this pack, three to four almonds which have been soaked overnight are taken and made into a paste. To this, milk cream and a teaspoon of sandal powder are added and mixed in a bowl. This paste is applied as a face pack and left until dry. It is then washed off to leave the skin looking fresh and glowing. This can be attributed to the Vitamin E content and the skin penetrating effect of almonds.










maintaining their health and aiding in fetal development. The combination of 2-3 soaked and peeled almonds, a little red sugar candy and a little saffron, ground well, can be taken along with cold milk every night for optimum results.


also contain several nutrients than can help to enhance

memory and improve brain function. They can be especially beneficial for growing children. A traditional way to incorporate almonds into their daily diet is to consume them in the form of almond milk. It is a much more delicious and healthy alternative to many of the off-the-shelf packaged drinks and easy to make. Eight to ten almonds are taken and soaked overnight. The peeled almonds are blended along with milk in a mixer/grinder and sweetened with jaggery or honey. One can also add cardamom powder and saffron to it for additional flavor.


almonds offer a host of benefits, and can form an important part

of a sattvic diet.

be unclutched!


Unclutch as a Couple! Taken from Nithyananda’s Discourse on the Patanjali Yoga Sutras in March, 2009 in Vancouver, Canada

Unclutching leads to blissful relationships. The mahavakya of Nithyananda, “Unclutching” happens on creating a space where we live with integrity.


to be unclutched as a couple?

You will be greatest Samsar when you understand how to be

able to be a couple without friction only if you are in the other’s space. All great things are achieved #first able to unclutch yourself. Body and mind by effort. You need to spend time and energy to

are just like husband and wife. If you know how to understand. Understanding is the shortest route.

clutch and unclutch your body and mind without For a good relationship, you need to input some

creating friction and within yourself, you will know work. You need to be sensitive about the whole how to clutch and unclutch with your spouse.


the mind wants is

different from what the

body wants. What a man wants from a relationship

thing. A Relationship is not a business. It is not a

bargain. It is an art where you need to spend time, energy, intelligence, and creativity!

is different from what a woman wants. The man Relationships

do have many benefits.

If you are

has to decide to become a woman to be in a interested in a relationship, you will have to work for

relationship. Likewise, a woman has to decide it. Working with the relationship itself is a sadhana ( to be a man to be in a relationship. The woman spiritual practice). should understand she should become a man and

give what a man wants; Man should understand he Learn to be unclutched so that you can be intensely, should become a woman and share what a woman lovingly, and deeply clutched without friction. The wants. The Mind should understand to become the extraordinary joy of sharing love can become a

body and stand by the body as it wants. The Body lifestyle for couples when you just know how to

should understand the mind and stand by the mind unclutch and know where to set the boundaries Where the other person needs you and where you

as it wants.


use the term



Samsar”. It is the

need yourself. The whole fight is always within.

be unclutched!



need to be yourself

and the other person’s or am I just saying “No” for the sake of saying “No”

need for yourself actually never clashes, but you to the other person?’ If you look in, you will realize

create it in your imagination saying it clashes. that the “Yes” to the other person and the “Yes” in Then saying “No” to the other person becomes an you never clash with each other. You need to know,

important identity for you! You start building your understand and remember this basic truth. Saying identity whenever you say “No” to the other person “No” the other person is not always saying “Yes”

or when you torture the other person. Thousands to you and saying “Yes” to you is not always saying of marriages break everyday just because of this “No” to the other person. misunderstanding - believing that saying “No” to

the other person is saying “Yes” to yourself. When Even if you have made the decision of marriage out you say “No” to the other in ignorance, you are of ignorance, don’t continue to live in ignorance. actually saying “No” to yourself. Because you don’t Ignorance can be destroyed. That is the greatness really look in and ask: ‘Am I really saying Yes for me of ignorance.

main story


Life starts with Completion! Taken from the collected talks of Nithyananda on the subject of “Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility & Enriching” delivered in December, 2012, January & February, 2013

‘Poornatva’, Completion The



with them. If you can’t fulfill it authentically with your adopted lifestyle, drop those ideas and fantasies. Authentically listen to the cries of your heart.





enlightenment is ‘poornatva’ - completion of

all the patterns you carry. What is a pattern? It is an action unfulfilled as per your fantasy - either because of outside hindrance or inside hindrance. It is incompletion. If your expectations are not met by your own self or by persons outside, they remain as incomplete. For example, you always wanted to wake up early morning and practice yoga but you never succeeded in that; it remains as an incompletion. You always wanted your father to be very loving and caring and he never honoured your expectation. That remains as an incompletion.






the basic step in life. For whatever hurts you are carrying inside, reach out to the person involved and complete with him/her. If you are not able to reach out to that person, atleast sit in front of a mirror, invoke that person’s presence and complete. Unless poornatva happens, nothing can be done. Life does not start.


way, if you have certain fantasies

or ideas about you within your own self, either fulfill them or drop them. If you can afford to fulfill them with your adopted lifestyle, then fulfill

main story

23 Your heart continues to cry for your attention.


can happen in three ways.

Listening does not mean you will just do whatever First is ‘Svapoornatva’, completing with yourself. your heart says. Even if you are ready to give your Second is ‘poornatva’, completing with others. ear to your heart, after telling, your heart says, ‘It Third is catharsis. There are some incompletions is okay. You have heard me, that is enough.’ Many like your incompletion with a tree, a river, a ghost a time even in your family, in your team, people etc. These can be completed through catharsis. do not want you to solve their problems; they just want you to listen to their problems. Once you listen even if you don't solve the problems, it is okay.

Prayashchitta, Restoring Integrity Prayashchitta




completion of your chitta . Chitta means

mind or inner space. Restoring the completion of your mind is prayashchitta. Prayashchitta is not going back to inauthentic ways. Prayaschitta is what you will do in order to remind yourself not to go back to your inauthentic ways again and restoring the damage done to yourself and others. Prayaschitta is not punishment. It is a technique to remember not to fall back into inauthenticity again. You need to think about how the restoration can happen. If you feel, ‘Just by my commitment I have restored, I have done prayashchitta, I don’t need to do anything else’, that is perfect, you can go ahead. It is finally you who is important, not anything else. As I said, even for one person to become authentic is worth a hundred crores. Because, even if a few authentic people are left to live in this world, I know for sure that the torch which I brought to this world will be kept alive forever. Everywhere the light of authenticity is what keeps you live and radiates light for others to live.


are four rules of prayashchitta

that the person who is giving the prayashchitta to someone must always keep in mind. There should be 1) no anger on the person who is doing

main story


prayashchitta 2)no favouritism of the person who if you have the pattern of spontaneously lying, is doing prayashchitta 3) no keeping in mind about she will never be able to add this to your life. The personal relationships 4) no anger on the person same goes for the wife, if you have this pattern that the person missed doing the task for which of spontaneous lying with your husband, you will never feel security from him. Spontaneously lying

the prayaschitta is being given.

Spontaneous Lying Stops Master’s Grace on You!

is the silliest pattern with which you stop the


Spontaneous lying is the first step which

Master’s grace on you.


first effect of the sun rising will be

the fog clearing, the temperature rising, flowers blooming. The first effect of authenticity will be

prevents the Master’s energies from transforming that you stop lying spontaneously. You are still you. I can see people still maintaining this lying spontaneously to save your skin. When pattern. Whether it is in your office, in your house you are cornered, countered, out of fear, you or anywhere else, spontaneous lying prevents blurt out a lie. Still the first step of authenticity your further transformation in life. When you has not happened in you. Spontaneous lying spontaneously lie to your wife, what she is prevents transformation from happening in you. supposed to add in your life will never be added. Spontaneous lying is like a shield which prevents You may expect her to add love to your life. But the Master’s energy from working on you. The

main story


spontaneous lying pattern stops Banyan tree, true. But, the timer starts moving me from giving you any blessing. only when the seed declares, ‘I will become the Break this spontaneous lying. The banyan tree!’ When does the seed start sprouting? most difficult part, but the first step The clock does not start when the seed is still in for transformation is breaking this confusion or rationalizing. It starts when you declare, “I am standing with, by, for the anyakara

spontaneous lying pattern.





If there is an ulcer in the stomach and your intestines are dehydrated, your mouth will smell. If you eat a

of Swamiji.”


will stand…’

No! That is debating. The seed can sit there

radish, your belch will smell of it. and debate for 1,000 years or 2,000 years and still If you are dishonest, your mouth nothing happens. If it is stuck with this concept,

will smell of spontaneous lies. ‘Oh, when will I become this Banyan tree?’ it never Spontaneous lying is the skin of the happens. Only when the seed says, ‘I AM standing, seed which is unbroken: the seed I will become the anyakara of this tree’, does the cannot become a tree. I want each clock start. Even if you have one doubt, ‘Oh how

one of you to look at your life and can I become like him?’, your clock hasn’t even find which zones in your life where begun ticking. The time period of a thousand you are adopting spontaneously years, which is the time it takes for the seed to mature into a tree, does not even start until lying.

the seed gives the declaration, the affirmation

How can a Banyan Seed Become a Banyan Tree? There

is a


seed that gets dropped

on land. The seed is in one corner. The Banyan

of standing up to embrace the anyakara of the Banyan tree, to become a Banyan tree. Without the declaration, time may be passing by, but the clock of the 1000 years does not even start.


first opening happens in the seed

tree is saying, ‘Come on seed, sprout! I am your when it sprouts. The first stoppage in the anyakara. My anyakara (expectation and views of sprouting of the seed is the spontaneous lying someone else about you) about you is that you pattern. can be me. I am your expectation about you.’

The Banyan

tree tells the seed, ‘Become

me. “Become the Banyan tree”, is my expectation about you.’ And, becoming the Banyan tree should be the seed’s expectation also.


the seed needs time to become the

Happiness vs. Authenticity People

ask me again and again, ’After all,

happiness matters, no?’





main story


main story


good for you. Sugar is pleasant but not good for


you. He who chooses the pleasant misses the true


is more important.


end of life.

you become authentic, the oozing of life starts



will bind you more and

more. Goodness will bind you to the true end -


always choose authenticity bliss, freedom. He who chooses pleasantness is

even if it does not look pleasant. So many of us not wrong, but not right. Even goodness binds

go on choosing pleasant instead of authentic.

you to more and more good until you become the best. Pleasantness binds you and leads you to a


that medicine is not pleasant but different result.

Nithya Dhyaan Yoga Apr 20th - 21st, 2013 Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore, India (in Tamil) Apr 27th - Apr 28th , 2013 New Delhi, India (in Hindi & English) Venue: Hindi Bhawan, 11 Vishnu Digambar Marg. New Delhi - 110002 Have you wondered why the experience we receive from life is always the same, no matter how much we strive to alter it? Our endeavors to find happiness, success and better relationships may yield varied results, but at the end we are usually left feeling that nothing has changed. The reason for this limited experience of life is the behavioral patterns which are deeply engraved inside us. Each pattern is associated with one of the seven major energy centers (chakras) in our system, which subtly influence our emotional behavior. In this intensive 2-day workshop, we learn to apply the four sacred principles* of blissful living, to heal our chakras and go beyond the influence of these limiting behavioral patterns. * Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility, Enriching For details, contact 080-2727 9999 or write to



Relive ...

Photo Š Rising Damp



To Relieve Adapted from Nithyananda’s Discourse on the Nithyananda Sutras on 10th November, 2010 delivered in Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore, India


beautiful verse in

the Patanjali Yoga Sutras, ‘Samskara sakshat karanaat purvajati

jnanam’ states that by doing samyama (an intense spiritual process) on the previous thought waves, one obtains knowledge of their past lives. Swami Vivekananda translates this as ‘through the perceiving of impressions comes the knowledge of past life.’ This is a very powerful technique. Once, a claustrophobic person re-lived a past life wherein he was buried alive in an earthquake. It became evident that once the trauma was released he was able to overcome the fear, exhibiting strong healing evidence of reliving the past.


or doubt, is

a demon that makes life uncomfortable for you everywhere.

The extraordinary tamas (lethargy) creates an intense doubt about everything in life. There are different levels of doubt - doubting persons, doubting relationships etc. The extreme is doubting the very space you are living in. Claustrophobia is nothing but an extraordinary doubt; doubting even the very space one lives in. If a person is claustrophobic, they can meditate on that samskara (engraved memory from the past) questioning themselves why they feel the way they feel. This will open the first and second layer of past. In the same way, if a person has the fear of projecting their past trauma or doubt, or have a distrusting relationship with someone, they have to dig into it. This way, one will be able to rewind their first layer and second layer past, not just from this birth but from earlier lives too. It is a very powerful process for past life regression.

Every moment, the samskaras and experiences added, and the strategies and decisions made are responsible for the future. So, analyzing the past and healing the past is the right way to create the right strategy for the future.


the past means

nothing but learning the lessons from past life incidents which

were supposed to be learned when they happened. When any incident which happens in life is dealt with awareness, all the lessons needed to be learned will become energy and all the unnecessary things will just leave the mind. It’s just like a digestion process. But when a person does not have enough awareness and patience, they dump that incident inside them as an engram (engraved memory) and decide to take care of it later on. These stored engrams which have not become intelligence in a person are the past wounds. Now re-living them with intelligence will digest them naturally, letting the energy and the wisdom stay while the unnecessary part will just automatically disappear from the system. This is called healing the past. Whatever is right becomes part of life and whatever is not needed leaves the system, hence healing the past.

esoteric realms


Unrevealed Mysteries of the Mystics Taken from Nithyananda’s Daily Discourse delivered on 4th December, 2010 in Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore, India

Beings who reveal the unrevealed mysteries flawless identity with Reality or God) have revealed that to the world are called incarnations. With tremendous every human body has 72000 minor nadis (according compassion and love, so that the human consciousness to traditional Indian spiritual science the nadis are the can experience the unrevealed super consciousness, channels through which the wind or air is said to flow), incarnations reveal these mysteries. I will give a glimpse 24 major nadis and one central nadi. So based on each of the science behind miracles using an example. The attraction and fantasy of the individual, one of the nadis human body, which represents the individual self, is like will be engaged. For eg, if an individual has a craving for a mirror that reflects the rays of the sun, where the sun a particular food, then one nadi will retain the memory represents the super consciousness. These rays fall on about that food craving and the satisfaction that is the mirror creating a reflection which represents the enjoyed by that individual when he or she is eating world.

that particular food. Similarly nadis store memories about people or objects that cause fear, tension, worry,

Suffering is created when the mirror accepts attachment and other emotions. If the individual uses some parts of the reflection and rejects some other too many nadis then he or she is caught up in pravritti parts, instead of looking up towards its source. When (worldly life). If the individual is flowing towards the this happens for a while, the mirror slowly misses its source from which it reflects, then he or she is living purpose of existence and loses itself into experiencing nivritti (an enlightened life). fear, rejection, pain, sorrow and horror because of liking and disliking something instead of looking back

Many people are caught up with too many

towards the source. Furthermore, since the human body choices in the world without possessing choice-less is a reflection of the super-consciousness, it changes its awareness. Too many nadis are engaged in these choices form based on its likes and dislikes. That is why when an and that is responsible for drugs, teenage suicide and the individual fantasizes about food, music, sex or anything deep depression that modern day youth is facing. Living else the very quality of the body changes based on the with too many choices without possessing the choicefantasy. Thus the very quality of the body is changed less awareness is like having hundreds of varieties of based on its likes and dislikes. When the mirror starts food in front of a person whose tongue is cut off. It is a looking back towards its source instead of being caught dangerous idea. up in liking or disliking some parts of the reflection, it is called sadhana or period of intense spiritual practice..

If all the 72000 nadis are spent on what is seen without looking back at the source, then that person is

Siddhars (beings who have attained the in depression. Out of the 72000 nadis, if at least 10,000

esoteric realms


are focused towards the source then that individual is kundalini energy (the dormant potential force that lies living a balanced life. This can be done by spending an at the base of the spine of a human being) is awakened. hour or two centered on higher ideals, centered on the According to the siddha tradition, when the kundalini super consciousness. If 50% of the nadis are diverted is awakened in a person, if he/she can lift something towards the source, then that person is living a jeevan equivalent to their own body weight it is called “bal”. If a mukta (enlightened) life. That individual does not need person has one “bal”, either the left or the right nadi will be perfect. Similarly if the person can lift twice his/her weight, he/she is said to possess two “bals” and in that person both the nadis will be active and alive. If the person possesses



then all three nadis are active and at least 10,000 nadis out of the 72000 are centered towards super consciousness.

When I awakened the kundalini of my ashramites






the sannyas lifestyle in an ashram) they were able to lift 2-3 times of their own body weight without any effort. I can demonstrate to bother about the focus of the remaining 50% of the the same even with the participants however I strongly nadis.

caution that it should be done in controlled conditions and only under the direct guidance of an enlightened

If the focusing of the nadis towards the source master. I can do all these miracles and create time is established, then the individual will start expressing out of consciousness because all my 72000 nadis are miracles. More than 10,000 nadis of an individual can centered on the source and I am completely free from be centered towards super consciousness when his/her my reflection.

nirahari lifestyle


How I Became a Yogi By Sumithra Swaminathan, Bangalore, India

This is a journey of an ordinary housewife

food, just on juices and buttermilk for 21 days;

to a Yogi - a Nirahari (One who does not intake that I would have increased awareness on how I eat, that my eating pattern will change (maybe I solid food). will eat less) once I get back to my home. Now I


always thought a yogi is someone

who, after renouncing everything, goes to the Himalayas; someone who does tapas (penance),

know that I will follow all this as a lifestyle.

Living without food didn’t just give me

standing on one leg and achieving great powers good health, but also courage and clarity towards like living without food, materializing objects, life. All our actions are based on what society developing the power to take prana from the air. has taught us. When you know through direct Someone who exhibits extraordinary powers experience that you don’t need food to survive, which a normal householder cannot even imagine. you feel a total freedom. You have your whole life Little did I know that there is a hidden yogi in each in front of you which you can enjoy as you wish. and every one of us. These powers, which are You can go after your dream instead of money hidden in our bio-memory, can be brought back (which we earn for food), not out of fear or greed to life with the help of an incarnation without but out of simple choice - the choice made out of doing any tapas from our side. When I became a freedom. Nirahari, it was a shock for me to find out that I can actually live without food.

What happened to me in the 21 days other than my whole life changing?


you are wondering if it can happen to

you, the answer is: yes! All you require is just 21 days of your time and 21 initiations from the master to find out that your body does not need food to survive anymore.


physical body changes were as

follows. First my excess fat got reduced. I lost 10 kg in the first few days into the Samyama (spiritual process) and stopped reducing after that. My face looked younger (anti- aging started happening)

When I went for ‘The Samyama’ (Nirahara

and a new sense of respect towards my body

Samyama program - beyond fasting and feasting), started to happen. The feeling of how blessed I thought that I would be living without solid I am to have a body like this and the desire of

nirahari lifestyle


After THE Samyama

wanting to live for more years happened in me. so strong you will be able to do it, literally I will I felt good about myself and started to accept be “bolting” this experience in you all. I have myself, which in itself is a tremendous healing awakened the bio-memory to absorb prana for both body and mind. When you break big directly from ether and your body does not patterns like food, a tremendous confidence and need food. However, all the mental craving courage arises to stand for what you believe in. you have when you see food, you have to take responsibility for that.” There that was a click for


a few days before the Samyama me. Without me taking the responsibility to be a

ended I was still not feeling that I could live yogi, a Nirahari, nothing will happen. without food. I shared my concern with Swamiji. I said: “Swamiji, I feel, with your initiations and the group energy and seeing hundreds of people living without food I am able to do it now. But once I go home I have a fear that I will not be able to continue this as my lifestyle.”


understood then that without taking

responsibility, not only in the outer world but also in the inner world we cannot achieve anything. Be it a CEO of a big company or a person doing tapas in the Himalayas; without the attitude of responsibility nothing can be




initiation is achieved. “Surrendering with responsibility is

nirahari lifestyle


Before THE Samyama

enlightenment�. This was a huge click in me.

not to fight with others but the courage to face my very own mind - and I know I am winning.


the past,


have tried to convince many

people living around me about the path I am

When I



will continue to be a

traveling, but I was never able to inspire or Nirahari, I wondered about myself, the new me convince them. What I was not able to achieve and said: “Loving others is easy. Loving oneself is being a normal housewife following a spiritual path, I was able to achieve by being a Nirahari. Instead of me talking about the great truths to

more difficult.� And yes, I have fallen in love with myself, which is the ultimate gift.

everyone, when I start living them I can inspire more people to walk on this path. I know now for

If someone can make an ordinary housewife

sure: action is always stronger than words. Such a into a yogi in just 21 days, we can only address and strong courage has happened in me - the courage revere that person in one word: INCARNATION.


nirahari lifestyle

Upcoming Dates: 8th - 28th May, 2013

beyond mind


Hamsa Mantra Taken from the Nithyananda’s talk on the Shiva Sutras, delivered on 11th November, 2007 in Mont Clair, California, USA


is a very beautiful


world. Tell yourself that you have enough

called the “Paramahamsa Upanishad”. It says in the outer world, and enough in the inner that anybody who repeats a mantra is a fool. world, and accept yourself completely. Decide According to this Upanishad, a psychological that there is no need to develop yourself in the revolution should happen in a person in such outer or inner worlds. Even if you feel you have a way that their very breathing should start have ego, fear, guilt or greed, accept yourself repeating the mantra. This can only happen as you are. when they are in a deep peace. This mantra which is repeated constantly by the breath, is called Hamsa mantra. The person who is able to hear the ‘ham’ and the ‘sam’, which is the sound of inhaling and exhaling, is said to be established in the Hamsa mantra. Buddha has always spoken of taking the middle path, or Madhyapantha. A person who is on the middle path and is in complete acceptance of the present moment, as well as the infinite possibilities of the future, will be able to hear the ‘ham’ and ‘sam’ sounds of their breathing. The person who carries this understanding in their heart for all twenty four hours, including in the dream state, is a Paramahamsa.


this in a very relaxed way, without

moving your body. Body movements will create thoughts. If your body is stable it can take you into a deeper silence. Whatever objection your mind raises about not accepting yourself, accept that also. Accept the present moment and all the future moments. Accept everything your mind brings up, even the worst scenarios. Accept all your fears and worries about the future. If it happens, it is inevitable, so accept even that.


do not have to chant any mantra,

just sit with this acceptance. The moment you accept yourself, there will not be any thoughts. Automatically you will see that your

I nstructions Sit


breath is flowing with a deep ‘Ham-sam’ sound. and


consciously, Just become silent and you will be able hear

with a very strong decision. Intensely create this mantra repeating constantly. Do not try an intention that you are accepting yourself to consciously create this sound, it will happen as you are, in the outer world and in the inner by itself.

Taken from Nithyananda’s Shiva Sutra Discourse 37 series in Montclair, California, USA

beyond mind

in 2007


meditation is not supposed to be

Human beings are constantly talking,

done at any particular time, it is supposed either to each other or themselves, and this to be practised constantly. Continuously, is why the Hamsa mantra is never heard. As whenever you feel that rajas or restlessness one practices this, they will see that their is happening in you, you should come back to this state. Initially start doing it with some simple tasks, like talking to your close friend, discussing a simple business deal, playing with a child or moving your body in a simple way. Try all these small actions with the balance of Hamsa mantra and you will see that within a few days, you will be constantly centered on Hamsa mantra while performing all your activities.

thoughts will slowly begin to reduce. From a hundred, they will come down to ten, and then gradually there will be none. Yet, they will be able to perform all their daily activities smoothly, whether professional or personal. They will be constantly centered on sattva, with the right understanding of the self as well as the world, and will fall into the divine. This is called living enlightenment - to be liberated while living.

science meets spirituality

T he S cience



P r anayama

Adapted from Nithyananda’s collected Discourse on the subject of “Pranayama”

The word ‘prana’ has a deeper meaning in Sanskrit; it means the source of life, the life force or the energy which is the basis for existence. It does not simply mean air. ‘Prana’ is a kind of vibration which goes inside along with the breath. This vibration stays inside and continues to add more vibrations or frequency to the life energy. Even when one feels that the breathing has almost stopped during deep meditation, prana continues to go in and come out. Prana, the life force is independent of breathing. During meditation, air going in and coming out may reduce but the prana going in and settling increases and this is the main reason why meditation rejuvenates a person.

The practice of breathing without thoughts being awakened is called the science of pranayama. Now one can understand why the definition of pranayama as control of breathing might be a misnomer here, because prana and breathing are not equivalent words. The sacred scripture Patanjali Yoga Sutras clearly gives the definition of pranayama as cessation of breathing, where cessation means stopping the very act of breathing which one experiences every day, every moment, which awakens thoughts along with the air movement.

“Tasmin sati shvasa prashvsayoh gati vichchhedah pranayama” The science of absorbing the prana or life energy directly without any unnecessary load on one’s system, and in the highest frequency without awakening any thoughts, is what Patanjali calls as ‘Pranayama’.

Along with the air movement if thoughts are also awakened, a person is not inhaling pure prana, the life energy. When there are more thoughts, the breath will carry lesser life energy inside, and vice-versa. But unfortunately most of the time one takes in too much of air without any prana flow inside, instead of the ideal situation of taking in only life energy and no air. Hence there is a need to learn the science of breathing without giving rise to thoughts. If one’s mind is interfering with their breathing, it will always be unfulfilled. If one feels that they have everything in the outer world but still there is no fulfillment, it simply means their breathing is not fulfilled. The first thing such a person needs to fulfill in their life is breathing. When one is able to fulfill their breathing, everything will be fulfilled for them in spite of complexities in the outer world. When this is not the case, only deep emptiness prevails. Human body is like a desert filled with sand. Any air movement which happens in the body is similar to the air movement in


science meets spirituality

the desert, where the dust is lifted and the whole air every moment. Every single breath goes in and touches becomes dusty, full of sand. Ordinary body is filled with the inner consciousness. Just before it turns to come so much bio-memory that breathing by its very nature out, there is always a gap where one does not breathe, awakens too many thoughts and makes a person where breath is not happening. If one can relax in this restless. Hence if one wants to achieve breathing gap and be aware of that space, a sudden explosion of without any thoughts, they should take up the sadhana consciousness can happen in the person. If a person is (intense commitment to practice) of integrating comfortable in this neutral zone, they will rejuvenate themselves and unclutching. The complete balancing again and again and will be flooded with energy. To of prana can happen in a person while unclutching.

be comfortable in this space, all one needs to do is overcome the fear of losing one’s identity, which does

Breath is the bridge which connects a person not exist in this neutral zone. Incoming breath is life with the cosmos. It goes through Shiva consciousness and outgoing breath is death. On every inhale the

science meets spirituality


person will be filled with energy and on every exhale

When constantly thinking with integrity,

with intelligence, leading to a continuous cosmic

all the air taken inside will be converted as energy

game of Shiva and Shakti dancing in one’s inner space. or prana. All the air which goes inside, if it becomes One becomes active and alive by the energy and energy by the bio-memory and the muscle memory, intelligence, which will become the source for their then no other source of energy from outside will be life. Such a state is what is called God-consciousness.

required. Breathing will be very deep and the person will have a strong experience of fulfillment.




The Divine Leelas of Nithyananda By Ma Ananda Andal alias Zeina Rezaei, Iran

Nithyanandam! I first heard about Sri One night I was on Facebook and found Nithyananda Swami in summers, when I was out Swamiji had a Twitter account. I was kind of in 7th grade. At that time I was going through scared to talk to him but I just felt like I should, so depression and I hated myself and wanted to die. I went on Twitter. I was feeling lost and wanted In the summer break my aunt just told me one him to prove to me that he is God. So I asked him day that there is this temple she is going to and "Swamiji can you please make a miracle happen there is a special event. She asked me if I wanted right now to me?" and he said "Hi turn back I am to come along. I was bored so I went with her sitting there and tell me the dress color". I quickly and the moment I walked in the temple I saw the turned to my left and saw nothing, then turned to Krishna and Radha and just fell in love! When I my right and on the table along my bedside, I have walked in, this huge light, joy, excitement and life a black and white picture of Swamiji and it says "I just exploded into my face. I was so attached to the am not here to give you words; I am here to take temple; I was smiling and just felt like laughing and you beyond words". That is when I just got shaken. dancing after a very long time. I felt so free and I was crying in joy, my hands were shaking and I open as if I am a part of it all. After that we visited quickly replied to Swamiji saying "I have a picture the temple every weekend. I just asked my aunt of you behind me and you are wearing white!". to take me there and I would go do volunteering He told me "You will see me in your vision now". I work there.


later, when

wrote to him asking how I will see him and if I will


was in


see him in my dream. He said “As you want”. Then grade I told him “I am so blessed that you are talking to

my aunt stopped going to the temple and so I me, I have so much to ask you, can we have a chat couldn't go. I went through depression since I was in my dream?” and he replied “Ok sweetie.” away from Swamiji. I felt lost and unwanted. Then suddenly I got an urge to prove my love for him


chats that


had with



so I went on a strike until they would take me to Twitter made me have no doubt in Swamiji. They the temple again. I would sit with my Krishna and made me grow more close to him. I also asked Shiva and Ganesha and all the other ones and him for a spiritual name on Twitter and he gave Swamiji and I would cry to them all day. At school me Ananda Andal. During these times, I started I wouldn't even listen to the teacher. I was in my having dreams about Swamiji. One dream was own world seeing Swamiji’s face everywhere. I - I walked into a class and right when I entered I stopped eating food regularly and just kept crying saw Swamiji sitting on his golden throne wearing and praying to Swamiji to allow me to come back bright orange and Nandi sitting at his feet playing to him.

with a ball. In the dream I wasn't surprised to see



Ma Priya Poojitha and Ma Ananda Andal during Inner Awakening Darshan of Ma Ananda Andal during Inner Awakening

him there. I started talking with him casually and and slowly backed away and was about to cry. he was talking with me casually about school and Then Swamiji put his IPad down gave me a little other things, and then I went close to his throne. smile, opened his arms and told me to come! I He was on his IPad, he looked up at me and smiled was so happy I jumped into his arms and I merged and went back to what he was doing. Then I finally into him! Then suddenly (I was still hugging him) got the nerve to say Swamiji can I have a hug. behind him became a huge cave and inside there He looked at me and looked back at his IPad, so was a light. I looked closely and saw it was Shiva I thought I did something wrong. I felt really bad himself sitting on the rock meditating! That was



Ma Priya Poojitha and Ma Ananda Andal during Inner Awakening

a really amazing darshan and the first hug I had and saw that Swamiji is laughing at us! Haha it was from him!


embarrassing! Also one more thing that happened experience was in


was during breakfast me and Priya Poojitha were during

one of our darshans when I went up to Swamiji.

I wanted to see if he could read my mind and in my mind I was thinking Swamiji if you can read my mind please give me a hug. When he put his hand on my head he was looking me in the eye and I knew he got my message after he removed his hand he pulled me into a hug!

standing in line to get food. Just for fun I lifted Priya Poojitha and she started screaming and saying “Put me down what if Swamiji comes and sees this”. Just when I was about to say “It’s okay”, Swamiji walked past us. He was laughing at us and I got shy. So I just threw Priya Poojitha down and Swamiji walked away laughing at us!

Also one funny thing happened during Thank you Swamiji for the best IA ever IA. One day when Pada Puja was over I was and for accepting me as your daughter and always drinking the water. Priya pulled the cup from watching over me! You are my mother, father, my mouth and made me spill the water all over God, Guru, and best friend. Without you life is not myself. Just then we both looked up to the stage, sweet and rich! Thank you for being in my life!

45 abhyasah (practice)


11. Sanskrit name for the crown centre which literally



means thousand petaled lotus.

The largest spiritual gathering on planet earth,

happening at Prayag, Allahabad. (two words separated by hyphen) 4.

An Indian legendary weapon that uses a heavy

head on the end of a handle to deliver powerful blows. In Vedic tradition. It is the main weapon of Lord Hanuman. 6.


Another name of Adi-Shesha (the serpent) who

was used as a rope during the churning of milky ocean. 3.

Another name of Lord Shiva, which literally

means “Lord of Universe” . A famous temple by this name exist in Kashi.

You fulfilling the word and thought you give to


You being established and responding to life

yourself and to others and experiencing a state of

from who you believe yourself to be for yourself, who

Poornatva – completion with yourself and with life is

you believe yourself to be for others, and, what others

called ….............

believe you to be for them is called …............



Incarnation of Lord Vishu, who is considered to

The trifoliate leaf which is used as an offering to

be half lion and half man. He incarnated to protect his

Lord Shiva.

devotee named Prahalad.



is worshipped to have the grace of Goddess Lakshmi.

Sanskrit term for cosmic archives of everything

A yantra created by Adi-Guru Dattatreya, which

happening in present, happened in past and that which


will happen in future. (two words separated by hyphen)

Vairaghis, Yogis or renunciates.

An organization of the different sects of Sadhus,


abhyasah (practice)


GENTLE KICKS Given below are a few questions, which we Hitch 5: Why do I feel hatred?

call a hitch. What you have to do is, to think of a solution according to your understanding. Then read the answer given by the master. Read just one question at a time and check its answer. The beauty of this exercise is that the answers given here will act as gentle kicks given by a trained soccer player which will lead the ball directly into the goal post. Your honesty is going to decide the level of benefit. So enjoy!


Gentle Kick 1: Because you like the feeling. There is a sympathy wave that happens within you when you feel disappointed. This wave feeds your passive ego and keeps you in comfortable zone. Gentle Kick 2: Incidents which we don’t expect and which end well.

Hitch 1: Why do I feel disappointed? Hitch 2: What is luck?

Gentle Kick 3: You cannot find the master. The master finds you. Only a God can find a God.

Hitch 3: How will I know who my master is?

Gentle Kick 4: A scientist of the inner world.

Hitch 4: Who is a Rishi?

Gentle Kick 5 : When you don’t get what you love, you hate. Hatred is embedded love.



Upcoming Dates: 6th-7th April , 2013 13th-14th April , 2013 in Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore , India

For more Information, visit http:// www.nithyananda .org/events

Nithyananda Times - February 2013  

Official magazine of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam. Entertaining, entraining, enlightening!

Nithyananda Times - February 2013  

Official magazine of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam. Entertaining, entraining, enlightening!