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Key Interest Areas: Concept Development, Character Design, Look & Feel

This is an assorted collection of work by Nithin Davis Nanthikkara. For a more complete view, please log on to

Animation Films

. from concept to execution


A short animation film about a caterpillar who wished to fly before its time. The story is about a caterpillar who dreams of flying as high as the birds of the sky. The story takes the viewers through the emotions of the young ambitious caterpillar who is rejected by his society and has to leave the colony only to end up in a forbidden forest which was struck by a meteor. In the end the caterpillar becomes a butterfly which is much larger then the others and is not only able to fly as high as the birds but also becomes a savior to the society protecting them from predatorial birds.

StoryBoards and Animatics.

A snapshot of the storyboards that were developed during the process of concept building. The Storyboards were iterated many times before the story flow was finalised. The animatics were made after the storyboards were done, but changes still did happen. To read the original script and view animatics for the film please click on the links below.

Research and BrainStorming.

A snapshot of the Research and BrainStormings that were done during the process of concept building. Before starting to write the complete script, research was done on the living habits of caterpillars and butteflies. The life cycle of the caterpillar was studies and so was the eating patterns of these wonderful creatures. This research was also used in developing the characters and the vegetation for the film.

Character Explorations and Expression Sheets.

Some Character Designs and Expression Sheets that were used in the Film. Character designs were done by studying real caterpillars and merging it with the cute and bubbly feel of a child. The character design process went through some iterations before the character was finalised.

Concept Art.

Some Concept Art was used. And some wasn’t. Concept Art forms the heart of animation film making and decides the look and feel of the final product. Although all of the concept art was never used but many of the simple ideas materialized into wonderful scenes.

Short Projects

. small animation projects

Syncing sound and motion.


An attempt to sync sound with motion. This project was a self inititated project. The aim was to be able to produce an animation which will sync perfectly with a music track. During the making of the clip it was realized that in order to acquire a satisfactory piece of entertainment one needs to go out of sync too. Colors, Motion and Camera Angles were played with to attain a in-sync-with-the-thump animation clip. Click below to view this clip.

The Tower of Arpanpore.

The Tower of Arpanpore. A Story in a StoryBoard.

This is a story about a mobile phone restransmitting tower which quite ironically is a lover of peace and calmness. The story is a witty take on the mobile phone culture which deals with its unavoidable reach and its fuzzy noise pollution parallely. Click below to view the storyboard more clearly. Click to view this storyboard more clearly on


. online games and art

Boo & Me - River Clean Up.

An online game developed at Kreeda Games for Kidsco TV Australia. KidsCo is an international children’s entertainment brand founded by Canadian broadcaster Corus Entertainment’s Nelvana Enterprises, American-based producer DIC Entertainment, and European broadcaster Sparrowhawk Media Group in April 2007. Aimed at kids aged 6 to 10, Boo and Me follows the adventures of Boo the Orangutan who lives in a sanctuary in Malaysia after being rescued from poachers. Boo’s favourite visitors are Aiman and Yasmin, two children who help him learn lessons in environmental conservation. The series charts how Boo a lovable, but carefree animal comes to understand how to love and protect nature - after all - little things can have a big impact.

Click to Play!

Mermaid’s Diamond.

An online game developed at Kreeda Games for SPIL games USA. SPIL GAMES (formerly known as SPILL GROUP) is a global family of more than 50 online casual games websites. The company is a top 50 web property of the world, according to comScore Media Metrix (2009) and the largest online games site. Mermaid’s Diamond is a Hidden Object game targeted at 12 yr olds. UNPUBLISHED + NDA

This game is not yet published and due to NDA clauses further detail cannot be given.

Character Development

. using the design process

The Guilty Father.

The Guilty Father.

Character Design Process. A character designed on the basis of the story ‘The guilty party’ by O’Henry. Building characters for a story involved selecting a story of your choice and then identifying one character which would be most interesting to explore. Selected story: The Guilty Party by O’ Henry Selected Character: The lazy ignorant father of Lizzie Once the character has been selected an extensive research has to be done around the story, the period of the author and the geographical and cultural contexts of the location

Click to view Complete Documentation of the Design Process

Research and Brainstorming.

The process of understanding the problem started. Taking The potato as a form which most closely related to the theme (after brainstorming), made it necessary to understand the ‘nessness’ of a potato. Exploring the potato revealed that a potato is made up of straight lines which turn at a certain frequency in order to give an overall elongated spherical look. The research also put light on the fact that potatos have shoots with a hairy surface on it. And also that potatos are usually found in a muddy form.

Click to view Complete Documentation of the Design Process

Explorations based on Research.

Snapshots of some explorations.

The explorations were done with the research inputs in mind in order to arrive at a character that most closely reflected the theme of the story.

Click to view Complete Documentation of the Design Process

Rough Model Sheets.

Some rough model sheets and silhouttes to understand positive and negative space. Rough model sheets were prepared to understand the characters overall volume. Silhouttes helped in balancing positive versus negative space inthe overall character design.

Click to view Complete Documentation of the Design Process

Clay model and Set Design.

Photographs of Clay model and Set Created for testing. Once all explorations were done, a final test was done by creating the character in 3 dimensions in clay and placing the character in a miniature environment created in accordance with the story. Materials used were mostly thermocol, waste rags etc.

Click to view Complete Documentation of the Design Process

Characters & Artwork

. random thoughts and stuff

A Girl in thoughts. Rapid Life Sketch. Media: Pencil on paper.

Mr. Potato Head. Rapid Imaginative Sketch. Media: Digital Pen on digital canvas.

Eglaar Ignatiuos. Rapid Character Sketch. Media: Pencil on paper.

Rudy Ramstein. Rapid Character Sketch. Media: Colour Pencil. paper, photoshop

The Pandit. Imaginative Illustration. Media: Digital pen on digital canvas.

Scribble a Girl.

Rapid Imaginative Sketch. media: Digital.

Lil Hairy Joe. Rapid Character Sketch. Media: Colour Pencil. paper.

Rapid Character Sketch. Media: Pencil on paper.

Dog and the Ball. Rapid Conceptual Sketch. Media: Colour Pencil. paper.

Cecelia Oblongata. Deformed Psychotic Birth. Character Model Sheet. Media: Pencil on paper.

Life & Object Drawing

. basic drawing skills

Life Drawing. Media: Pencil on paper.

Life Drawing. Media: Pencil on paper.

Object Drawing. Media: Pencil on paper.

Life Drawing. Media: Pencil on paper.

Extra Design Work

. projects other than animation

Concept Ambience. One of the many concept ambience graphics for the India International Jewellery Show 2007, Mumbai, India.

Photography. A photographic calander design. Media: Graphic elements over digital photograph.

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Nithin Davis Nanthikkara

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit http:// or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.

Post-Graduation Diploma in Animation Film Design from MIT Institute of Design, Pune Bachelor of Technology(B.Tech in Computer Science) from Indraprastha University, Delhi mail: ph:+91 9873 181917

Nithin Davis Portfolio July 2011  

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