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THE LIST THE PUBLISHER If anyone knows about falling for nightlife, it’s yours truly. My fascination with all things nightlife-related gave wings to NiteGuide Magazine. There’s something about the ritual of putting on new threads, the smell of the evening air, the thrill of loading into a limousine and embarking on a journey into the night that keeps me coming back for more. In this issue we’ve highlighted the top clubs in Las Vegas, listed happy hours, beach bars, and provided our standard listings of the best clubs and live music found in Southern California. As always we’ve got insight from industry insiders, highlighted the best places to grab a bite, and featured the very best in music. From one nightlife lover to another, I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I do. Justin Stearman Publisher

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Up for a night out? I know I am. Whether enjoying the skyline in Las Vegas or the club scene in Hollywood, I’m constantly falling for nightlife. In this issue’s “What’s Hot,” we found some essential nightlife enhancers that will add to any evening, and highlighted the best clubs and restaurants in Southern California and Vegas. As much as we love nightlife here at NiteGuide, we also love summer festivals. Over the past few months NiteGuide covered Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, Bonnaroo, Warped Tour and more, with this month’s issue featuring San Francisco’s Outside Lands Festival, Identity Festival, and the new SoCal Music Festival. We can’t wait for next summer’s round of fests, and in the meantime, we’ll be looking forward to all things nightlife. Nicole Lloyd Director of Operations


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What’s Hot

WHAT’S HOT By Kimberly Fisher

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Featured Food



ith an inventive approach to otherwise traditional Japanese fare, these three visionaries take the freshest specialty fishes and present them in intriguing form, making for the most succulent sushi in the region.

Sushi By Drew Leahy

Nigiri and Sashimi Platter


Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna

Chef Selected Sashimi on an Ice Igloo Bed



Titillate your palate with the Chef Selected Sashimi On An Ice Igloo Bed: twelve pieces of succulent sashimi including Albacore, Salmon, and Yellowtail, all hand cut and prepared by Geisha House’s world-renown sushi bar.

The Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna captures the signature Japanese cuisine of skillful Master Sushi Chef Katsuya Uechi. Abound with flavor, this succulent dish exemplifies Chef Uechi’s precise blend of traditional Japanese flavors to the American palate, and is the dish Katsuya is most famous for.

Zip Sushi & Izakaya

Geisha House

Katsuya by Starck

744 E 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90013 213.680.3770

6633 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood, CA 90028 323.460.6300 |

Locations throughout Southern California

estled in the fascinating Art District of Los Angeles, award-winning owner, Jason Ha’s Zip Sushi & Izakaya serves artfullycrafted tapas-style Izakaya plates along with a list of cocktails and beers. Made with fresh ingredients year-round, Zip’s wide variety of specialty fish, seafood and poultry plates make them a mainstay in a competitive L.A. market. Zip’s new sleek and organic decor features floor to ceiling glass walls and modernistic sea landscape cut outs; and its art gallery, featuring the work of local artists, fittingly parallels the neighborhood art community. Zip Sushi & Izakaya’s Nigiri and Sashimi Platter is a favorite among patrons, complete with eight pieces of hamachi, snapper, salmon, yellowtail, and the unusual, succulent white tuna. Enjoy this ambrosial platter with a sip of Soju on the intimate back patio of Zip for a memorable night in Downtown L.A.


ocated on Hollywood Boulevard, Geisha House envelopes Los Angeles with traditional Japanese culture while maintaining a hip, sophisticated clientele. From its Japanese cuisine, sushi and sashimi, to its embracing of Japan’s rich sexual history prevalent in its high-class Japanese brothel decor and theme, Geisha House recreates a sexy dining experience with an added flare of excitement. With a laudable selection of rare sake’s, traditional Japanese cuisine with a contemporary spin, and the joining of finedining with the theme of sex, Geisha House creates a complete stimulation of the senses.

ake inventive designer Philippe Starck and pair him with Master Sushi Chef Katsuya Uechi and you get Katsuya by Starck, an indelible rendition of Japanese cuisine set in a chic, sophisticated dining atmosphere. With unique rolls, specialty cocktails, and artfully crafted sushi and sashimi platters as spectacular and aesthetically pleasing as the decor, Katsuya by Starck makes for a truly breathtaking dining experience keen to all five senses. Made with the freshest ingredients and exacting precision, Katsuya offers invigorating dishes with distinctive flavors.


Featured Food




hether it be alluring views, authentic sounds of a foreign land, or good ol’ Southern fun, these three restaurants and their respective dishes make for an enchanting night on the town.

By Drew Leahy

Famous Lip Smacking Ribs


Robata-yaki Photo By Claire Thomas


rom the tropical northern coast of South America to the heart of Beverly HIlls, Coupa Cafe indulges its patrons in shade grown, handpicked, patio sun-dried Arabica coffee beans and an array of Venezuelan delights. Coupa Cafe revives authentic Venezuelan tradition with its international dining experience and commitment through the use of organic fair trade ingredients. Inspired by the “slow food movement”--the antithesis to fast food; inspirited by a strong desire to preserve traditional and regional cuisine-- Coupa Cafe’s authentic culinary attractions are a testament to the bold flavors of Venezuela. As if its menu was not enough, Coupa Cafe complements its cuisine with live acoustic music on Thursday nights, creating a unique nightlife atmosphere for a dinner experience apart from any other. Enjoy the authentic sounds of Venezuela while indulging your taste buds with the traditional Pabellon: a generous portion of carne mechada, black beans, delicious sweet fried plantains, and queso paisa.


.B. King’s Blues Club’s intimate supper club style restaurant brings the soul of the South to the Mirage in Las Vegas. Known for hearty Southern cuisine and world class house bands, B.B. King’s Blues Club successfully blends live music with genuine Southern sustenance. Belly up to one of B.B. Kings’ four full-service bars Thursday through Saturday night and regale with the sounds of great live bands like the Memphis All-Stars. For those who fancy the nightlife, B.B. King’s makes for an enchanting night out. Augment your night out with B.B. Kings’ famous lip-smacking ribs, rubbed with BBQ and spices, and hickory smoked for hours until “fall off the bone” tender. Served with a side of brown sugar BBQ baked beans, sweet and tangy coleslaw, and freshly toasted garlic bread, B.B. Kings’ lip-smacking ribs put the meaning in Southern hospitality.


atana’s Robata-yaki cuisine features traditional Japanese comfort food including seafood, vegetables, meat, and poultry grilled over Japanese Bincho Tan coals. An array of Sushi, Tempura, and Noodles accompany this boundless menu of fresh Japanese inspired items, and a beautifully designed decor featuring protruding railroad spikes and polished redwood bar tops made from 400-year old fallen redwood trees adorn the restaurant. The finishing touch: an outdoor heated patio with voluminous views of the Sunset Strip that make Katana a premier dining destination for lovers of the night. Savor Katana’s Robata-yaki by sampling several variations of the Bamboo skewered items pictured above: (from top in clockwise rotation) cherry tomatoes wrapped in bacon, Chilean seabass, chicken meatballs, jumbo shrimp wrapped with bacon in a chili garlic sauce, American Wagyu with black pepper sauce, grilled asparagus, and chicken wings. Complement your Robata-yaki with one of 40 labels of sake, a glass of fine red or white wine, or one of Katana’s many exotic cocktails.

Coupa Cafe

B.B. King’s Blues Club


419 North Canon Dr. Beverly Hills, CA 90210 310.385.0420 |

3400 Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89109 702.242.5464 |

8439 W. Sunset Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069 323.650.8585 |

10 11


Featured Cocktails Angel’s Punch

Angels and Kings [Hollywood]

1708 N. Las Palmas Ave Hollywood, CA 90028 | 323.468.8815 By Drew Leahy Situated on Hollywood Boulevard, Angels and Kings distinguishes itself from other bars by providing its guests with the luxurious furnishings of Hollywoods most exclusive establishments minus the guest-list only policy. In true democratic fashion, Angels and Kings takes intimacy and sophistication and fuses it with a neighborhood bar feel that is welcoming to all. With music as its main attraction, local musicians are welcomed to share the stage throughout the week, and patrons can enjoy tasty menu items while they listen. Order the Angel’s Punch when visiting Angels and Kings and enjoy all Los Angeles has to offer without experiencing the elitist attitudes ubiquitous in most Hollywood night-haunts. This scintillating libation is a mixture of cinnamon, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, orange bitters, orgeat syrup, tea, tequila silver, and white curacao.

Passion and Spice Cocktail Sushi Roku

Locations throughout Southern California | By Drew Leahy A true pioneer of contemporary Japanese cuisine, Sushi Roku takes traditional sushi and combines it with non-traditional ingredients like jalapeños from Latin America and olive oil from Europe for a truly unique execution of sushi. Sushi Roku’s core ethos embraces innovative ideas while still paying homage to tradition in a seamless bridging of the past and present. The hip and fashionable decor of Sushi Roku typifies the creativity of modern Japanese design and is surprisingly serene. The Passion and Spice cocktail epitomizes the creativity and innovation imbued in Sushi Roku’s imaginative menu and design. Consisting of Skyy passon fruit vodka, the essence of orange Curaçao, crushed jalapeños, orange slices and lemon juice, this exotic cocktail is as luscious as it is refreshing.

Irish coffee Tom Bergin’s Tavern [Los Angeles]

840 Fairfax Ave Los Angeles, CA 90036 |323.936.7151| By Drew Leahy Tom Bergin’s Tavern’s rich historical legacy dates back nearly eight decades to 1936 when the tavern was originally opened. Almost eighty years later, Tom Bergin’s quant Irish style cottage with cathedral-like ceilings and paneled wooden decor still maintains tradition and the integrity of the historic institution. With a warm neighborhood feel and a wide variety of ales and hard liquors, Tom Bergin’s is one of the most popular watering holes in Los Angeles. Though proprietors of one of the largest Irish whiskey selections in the country, the genuine Irish Coffee ruminates best with Tom Bergins’ clientele, and has been a staple of their menu since the tavern’s inauguration. Made with fresh coffee, Bushmill’s Irish whiskey, demerara sugar and topped with cream, the Irish Coffee makes for a suitable alternative to sweet cocktails, and a preventative measure against hangovers after a long night out. Photo by Alex Berliner



Featured Alcohol

Ease Into Fall With

include La Poire (a delicious Anjou pear vodka), L’Orange (a refreshing orange-flavored vodka), Le Citron (a crisp Menton lemon vodka), and their timeless GREY GOOSE Original vodka.


Bringing that French “Je ne sais quoi,” GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir is made with the finest winter wheat and Gensac spring water like each of its critically acclaimed predecessors. It is then blended with GREY GOOSE Original vodka in the famous city of Cognac, where it’s made to match a superlative flavor profile under the expert eye of the Maître de Chai, Francois Thibault.

Cherry Noir

By Megan Harvey


s summer unwinds into fall, the seasonal changes come into play. Southern Californians are hanging up their beach towels in favor of light blankets for evening couch-cuddling. The barbecues are under cover and out come the richer, more sophisticated tastes of autumn… cinnamon-baked apples, creamy brie cheese-smothered baguette slices, and a beverage light enough to still cling to summer but decadent enough to usher in the changing season.

An heir to elegance, GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir has been uncorking its famously frosted bottles at Hollywood events ranging from the Grammy Awards to the Sundance Film Festival. With its bold flavor and inherited bragging rights, it’s no wonder why. Not only is the vodka a visually posh addition to any event; it also boasts a sweet aroma of fresh black cherries and sweet red fruits with layers of spice and a long, warm, lingering finish. Why not sweeten up a fall soiree with some of these signature cocktails like a delectable GREY GOOSE Cherry Lane, or perhaps an elegant GREY GOOSE Cherry Moon? This season, evenings take a dark (but sweet) side with GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir.

Enter: GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir. Introduced just this year, GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir brings succulent black cherries to a family of the worlds most impressive and sophisticated vodkas, which


GREY GOOSE® Cherry Noir

Cherry Moon

GREY GOOSE® Cherry Noir

GREY GOOSE® Cherry Noir

Cherry Lane

Black Cherry Cola




GREY GOOSE® Cherry Noir 1 ½ Parts

GREY GOOSE® Cherry Noir 1 ½ Parts

GREY GOOSE® Cherry Noir 1 ½ Parts

Lemon-Lime Soda 3 ½ Parts

BÉNÉDICTINE® Liqueur ¾ Part

Cola 3 ½ Parts

Grenadine ½ Part Preparation

Lemon 1 ½ Parts

Grenadine ½ Part Preparation

1. Fill glass slightly above rim with cubed ice.

Simple Syrup ¾ Part

1. Fill glass slightly above rim with cubed ice.

2. Pour ingredients in order listed to 1/2 inch from top of glass

Bitters 1 Dash Preparation

2. Pour ingredients in order listed to 1/2 inch from top of glass

and stir.

1. Mix all ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice and

and stir.

3. Add soda straw and garnish with a cherry. Tips: Building

shake vigorously.

3. Add soda straw and garnish with a cherry. Tips: Give the

or layering these ingredients results in a beautiful spectrum of

2. Strain into a martini cocktail glass and garnish with cherries

cocktail a slight stir with the straw prior to serving to mix the ingre-

color that adds to the appeal of this cocktail. Resist the urge to

on a cocktail pick. Tips: The minimal effort it takes to use fresh-

dients, but do so gently, so as not to release all the carbonation.

stir to maintain the gradient of color.

squeezed lemon juice is worth it, especially in this cocktail. The fresh acidity and light flavor are essential to maintaining the delicate balance of flavors.


By Emmanuel Cayanan

Dubai is the second largest country of the United Arab Emirates and in recent years has become a hot tourist destination for luxury travelers. Cutting edge first-rate hotels, Western-friendly alcohol laws, and tax-free shopping have fueled tourism to Dubai. There’s no shortage of excitement when the sun sets over the desert, sea, and city lights. While there is an obvious emphasis in luxury and extravagance, the bar and club scene cater to a diverse, international crowd. The city is rich in fine dining, drinking, and dancing. Many international musicians and DJs perform in here, and it is no secret that Dubai is the premiere place for nightlife in the Middle East.


People by Crystal People by Crystal took this year’s honor for Best Club in the Time Out Dubai Awards. Glamorous and lavish, this hot spot earns its place at the top of the chain with flashing light shows, thumping beats, and incredible city views that give a “top of the world” vibe to an already upscale interior. The club is seated at the top two levels of a large glass pyramid from which club goers can party amid a 360 degree panoramic view of skyscrapers, desert, and sea. The venue is abundant in leather and velvet couches, as well as dancing spaces and bars. From 10 p.m. to 11:45 p.m., you can enjoy a host of light appetizers or sweets. At the bar, indulge in the Caramel Martini or a wide variety of champagne. Reservations are required at this exclusive venue. Contact information is available on their official website

Boudoir The elite Dubai party society is known to frequent this Persian-themed luxurious club and bar. Boudoir’s décor recalls the days of the French Court with its emphasis on luxury and riches. It prides itself as “an enticing environment for entertainment,” one that sees the likes of Leonardo Dicaprio, Naomi Campbell, and Cristiano Ronaldo frequenting the VIP sections. Crystal chandeliers, rich and intricate fabrics, and oil paintings add color and sparkle to the venue. House, hip-hop, pop, and rock frequently bump on the sound system here, and the dance floor packs in an international crowd.

Cavalli Club Celebrated designer, Roberto Cavalli, captured the opulence and extravagance of Dubai in this nightclub’s ambiance. Animal print upholstery and shiny black quartz flooring with crystal dust give the place that signature Cavalli look. The walls sparkle with Swarovski crystal curtains, and the dining area offers traditional Italian food with fresh, fine ingredients flown in from Italy. Also in the club’s restaurant are sushi and wine bars. A night here can get expensive, as proven by a recent photo of a $105,630 Cavalli Club receipt that went viral on the Internet in January.

Chi @ The Lodge Chi @ The Lodge re-opened in 2007 after a major face-lift to this four-room, multi-theme venue, which caters to a wide variety of crowds. It has grown in popularity since then and opens each night to a long line at the door, especially on weekends. The first of the four spaces, Chi Garden, features R&B, house, and disco for those who want to move, and most visiting DJs also rock their sets here. Chi Club is an all-white modern setting that is often packed shoulder to shoulder. Chi Red features a fresh and funky décor and classic rock and indie music to set the mood. Chi Lounge features hip-hop, funk, and soul. Chi @ The Lodge is the most versatile venue in Dubai.

360° One of the best locations in all of Dubai’s bar scene belongs to 360° on top of the Marina Seafood Restaurant at the far end of a jetty, about one kilometer out to sea. Elegant and laid-back, this terrace bar offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Dubai skyline. It is one of the most relaxing settings in the always-buzzing city of Dubai. This is the best place to catch the Dubai sunset. Live sets from some of the best DJ residencies in Dubai happen most evenings. The sofas are easy to sink into, and the outside venue is perfect for sitting back with a cocktail. Thursdays and Fridays are now guest list only. 17

Movers & shakers Featured PR Amanda Logan | Diamond Headphones

portant than it is now for DJs. All of us have

tracks coming from Lux are going to skyrock-

watched our industry go from underground to

et him to superstardom. I’m grateful everyday

mainstream almost overnight, which in return

that I get to interact with artists of that caliber.

has put DJs in the spotlight and made them

I mean, they took my breath away.

these huge superstars. The way I explain my job to people is this; I’m the middle person between my artists and the public and media… There’s so much more that goes into being a DJ publicist, I can’t even begin to touch on it.

NGM: How often do you travel? AL: A lot. My bags are pretty much always packed. I’m actually leaving for Vegas tomorrow and then I leave for LA. I love it though!

But I think you get the general idea. I’m here to make the life of the artist easier so they can focus on the music.

Founder and Director of Diamond Headphones Public Relations, Amanda Logan, operates one of the premier up and coming boutique PR agencies in the EDM world. Breaking into the role of a publicist somewhat accidentally, the Scottsdale, Arizona local travels from Miami to Vegas and everywhere in between to further her burgeoning company.

NiteGuide Magazine: How does PR play into nightlife? Amanda Logan: Wow! Where do I start! Having a publicist has never been more im-

Featured VIBE Manager Jason Lent | Hard Rock Cafe Jason Lent took his passion for music and applied it to working in the nightlife industry. After growing up in Florida, he spent time in Hawaii only to find himself calling Las Vegas home. Now sharing his stories of rock and roll as a VIBE Manager at Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas Strip, this nightlife lover has music knowledge and nightlife know-how. NiteGuide Magazine: What lead to working at Hard Rock? Jason Lent: I was touring as a music journalist with Cowboy Junkies. I was looking to combine my passion for music with my background in hospitality management. NGM: What’s a typical night like? JL: No night in Las Vegas is ever the same but the crowd definitely changes as we approach midnight. More international guests dine with us later giving it a global vibe that can be a lot of fun for the entire staff. NGM: Can you share with us the concept of a “VIBE Manager?”

18 20

NGM: Tell us about any artists you are excited about right now? AL: Other than Kristina Sky, I would say Eric Prydz and Adrian Lux. I was just at Identity Festival in Phoenix and had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Prydz and Lux, and oh my god! I don’t say this lightly. I’m probably one of the biggest music snobs you will ever meet, but we were sitting in the tour bus after the show and both of them were sharing some of their new unreleased tracks with me and I was absolutely 100% blown away. They’re brilliant artists! Prydz can produce an epic track in 30 minutes and the new

NGM: What advice can you offer to someone wanting to break into the industry? AL: Everyone’s path is different. But my best piece of advice is to stay humble. It’s easy to get caught up in all the glitz and glamour, but it can all be taken from you in a heartbeat. Don’t forget where you came from. Build a network of people in the industry you can call for advice, help or if you need a favor, these people will become somewhat of a family to you. Be kind to everyone, you never know where he or she will end up. And don’t forget about your friends that aren’t in the industry. They will be there to pick you up or put you back in your place if you need it. My two best friends have definitely had to do both for me.

JL: As a VIBE Manager, I work with my team to ensure we share our brand story with the guest and create authentic experiences with music tailored to their tastes. We are also storytellers, bringing to life the world’s largest collection of rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia.

JL: When you visit any Hard Rock Cafe, tell us your favorite band or your first concert. Let’s talk music! We probably have something from your favorite artist on the wall and we might even be able to put their videos on while you’re enjoying a cocktail.

NGM: Do you ever run into any celebrities? Relaxing, performing or otherwise? We’d love to hear any stories you can share. JL: One of my favorite memories in Las Vegas was hanging out with The Dandy Warhols after they played our club. Zia, the synth player, wanted to try roulette so a small group of us hit the tables. By the time we stumbled back to the Hard Rock, the tour bus had ditched her. We drove around town until we found the tour bus parked at a dive bar. The rest of the night is a bit foggy. The only time I ever found myself tongue tied, though, was when Holly Madison was standing next to me during a promotional appearance.

NGM: What’s one thing you’d advise a table never to do? JL: Hesitate to let us know how we can improve your time with us. We’re on the floor to make sure you have an amazing experience. Let’s have some fun!

NGM: Is there any advice you can offer our readers that would help them better access the advantages of a VIBE Manager?


DJ FINGAZ has a quirky charm that accentuates his live performances, where he enjoys spinning an expansive collection of beats. With influences ranging from Mix Master Mike to Ryan Wellman & DJ Five, this Southern California native knows how to get people on the dance floor. NiteGuide Magazine: Tell us about your sound? FINGAZ: Well, it reflects my personality for sure. I love to spin every genre of music when I DJ from rock to rap, electro to 80’s. Just good music, no gimmicks! NGM: How did you become motivated to be a DJ? FINGAZ: I already had the desire and drive, I just added persistence and hard work, but unlike a lot of new DJ’s, I really have talent. You can’t buy that. NGM: What’s the most exotic place you’ve performed?

Featured cocktail server Karla Luna | LAVO Karla Luna is a cocktail server at LAVO Restaurant & Nightclub, located at the Palazzo in Las Vegas. She approaches her job as a “fun enforcer,” keeping customers happy with her quick wit and smile. NiteGuide caught up the with the Vegas local to gain insight on surviving Sin City, and what it takes to make it in the nightlife industry there. NiteGuide Magazine: What keeps you in Vegas? Karla Luna: My friends are here and I love my work. NGM: What do you like to do in your spare time? KL: I relax by going to the movies and watching HBO. NGM: What led you to the nightlife industry? KL: It was a great opportunity and a chance to make good money. NGM: What role does personality play in

FINGAZ: As far as exotic I don’t know, maybe South of France? Or the Island of Tortola. I can tell you the craziest place I have been to was Iraq! NGM: Tell us about some of the industry heavy-hitters you’ve worked with? FINGAZ: I have DJ’d shows with a rolodex of artists and celebs over the years, but I guess Beyoncé, Snoop, Black Eyed Peas, Drake, XZIBIT. So many, really.

I’m back to my resident gigs now. San Diego at a club called F6ix is my main spot on Fridays. I also do Ivy & Hard Rock there. Then Vanity in Las Vegas and Pure, and I have a monthly in Moscow Russia at a club called Gipsy. But you never know where in the world I will pop up! I’m like Where’s Waldo, but better looking.

NGM: What’s your opinion on the SoCal EDM scene? FINGAZ: I really think a lot of that scene is overrated. It’s cool for what it is, but that’s not the era I come from. I come from a hip hop background. NGM: What do you want the crowd feeling after one of your sets? FINGAZ: Happy, horny, hungry, hung over. NGM: When and where can we find you behind the decks? FINGAZ: I just got done touring with Xzibit the past four years over seas off and on, so

the nightlife industry? KL: I like to call myself a “fun enforcer.” It’s my job to make sure everyone has a great time, and you have to have a great personality to make that happen. NGM: What’s the pace like at LAVO? KL: It’s a smaller venue so we really have the ability to create an intimate party with a lot of energy.

Photo by Chrissy Kim

Check my site for details

personally, socially, physically and emotionally. NGM: What’s a good rule of thumb to use when planning the best nightlife experience in Sin City? KL: The best rule is no rules.

NGM: What makes LAVO different from other clubs on The Strip? KL: The size. I feel like being in a boutique venue allows us to cater to our guests really well, with more interaction, better service and an amazing party. NGM: LAVO is known for bringing out the stars. Can you share any interesting celebrity stories? KL: I plead the fifth. NGM: Does working in Vegas keep you on your toes? KL: Absolutely, being in the industry requires a lot of hard work and upkeep,

Photo by Al Powers/Powers Imagery 19

Los Angeles

Featured Band

By Heidi Darby


aw. Energetic. Passionate. When asked to describe Dead Sara, front woman Emily Armstrong doesn’t hesitate to spit out these three words. A four-piece founded by Armstrong and guitarist Siouxsie Medley, the LA-based group throws a punch into a waning rock scene.

The pair met as teenagers, eventually translating their love for music into the full throttle sound that’s climbing into the hearts of rock lovers across the country. The group released their self-titled debut album with bassist Chris Null and drummer Sean Friday, spawning the groups single “Weatherman.” After creating a ruckus at South by Southwest last March, the group toured with Chevelle, The Used, and Warped Tour, making 2012 a bit of a breakout year for the musicians. The group made their national television debut via The Jimmy Kimmel Show, and were tapped to open the festivities this year at The Sunset Strip Music Festival. In addition to opening SSMF, Armstrong was invited onstage to perform “Soul Kitchen” with The Doors, who were highlighted this year at the festival. “We were the first ones up on the main stage [at the Sunset Strip Music Festival], and there was something wrong,” Armstrong shared. “There was something wrong with a barricade, so doors opened like an hour later. We were just kind of sitting up there while they fixed this thing. So when it opened people just rushed the stage, and they were all running up to us. It got pretty f*cking full! I was like, ‘Is this really happening? That’s sick!’ We had no idea what to expect.” The group’s momentum shows no signs of slowing. Now on tour with Neon Trees and The Offspring, Dead Sara also rounds out the bill of one of Southern California’s most anticipated rock shows, Epicenter, where they join a lineup featuring Stone Temple Pilots, Deftones, and Bush. What makes Dead Sara standout lies in their commitment to their craft. They pride themselves on being a live band, who unleashes unbridled energy when they step on stage. Medley is a prime example of their commitment, considering the guitarist sustained a fractured rib while banging her Les Paul against her during performances. “We love sounding live, we love playing live,” says Medley. “Most of our following was gained by playing live, and we wanted to convey that on our recording. We wanted to give the fans what they get at a show.”

Keep up with Dead Sara at

“We love sounding live, we love playing live. Most of our following was gained by playing live, and we wanted to convey that on our recording. We wanted to give the fans what they get at a show.”

-Siouxsie Medley 20

The Insiders E

ver wonder why you’re stuck waiting in line at the club for forty-five minutes while a group of charged party goers hop out of their limo, by-pass the line, and head straight to a reserved table with a bottle of Grey Goose waiting for them? Knowing how to access all the nightlife industry has to offer is vital in making a night out one to remember.

VIP Get express entry and often times enjoy an area with great views of the DJ, bottle service options, plush seating, and in some venues a separate bar.

Bottle Service Kick back and relax while your bottle host pours you a cocktail! Part of the VIP experience, bottle service includes express entry and a seating area equipped with a view. A great option for groups or bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Express Entry Why wait? Express entry offers shorter or more quickly moving lines and is included in guest list, VIP, and bottle service packages.

Party Bus / Limousine Rolling in a party bus or limousine provides the ultimate pre-party atmosphere. Be your own DJ, enjoy a drink, and party with friends as you prepare for the night ahead. With pre-arranged round trip transportation, not only do you arrive in style, you arrive and return safely.


Map to Nightlife Guest List “I’m on the list.” Contact your Nightlife Concierge to obtain guest list options, call 714.393.5944

Know the DJ The DJ is the maestro of the night. He determines the vibe, the crowd, and the energy level, so take time to explore various DJ options. With an endless variety of electronic genres to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Stay In The Know offers free guest list options, the ability to view flyers, photo galleries and more. It’s an online community for club goers and nightlife lovers alike. Visit

Nightlife Concierge Services for the perfect night out are obtained through a nightlife concierge. MyClubScene is Southern California’s premier nightlife orchestrator. Bachelor/bachelorette parties, group outings, birthdays and more are made easy by offering party planning that includes transportation, guest list, discount tickets, and bottle service opportunities. For the best in nightlife in OC, SD, LA and Vegas, contact or call 714.393.5944. 23

Top Picks

Happy Hour & Beach BarS

NiteGuide’s Nitelife Top Picks: By Electra Keller


ooking for the best places to party? No need to scour the internet, NiteGuide composed a list of the best happy hours and beach bars in Southern California and Las Vegas.





Happy Hours

Happy Hours

Happy Hours

Happy Hours

El Carmen

La Puerta


2nd Floor

Known to have LA’s best and cheapest margaritas. (323) 852-1552

All drinks half priced every Sunday from 3pm-7pm and 10pm-close. (619) 696-3466

$20 all you can drink draft beers and well drinks? Yes, please! M-F from 3pm-6pm. (702) 737-0444

Casey’s Irish Pub


Close to the beach, with great deals on food and drinks. Monday-Friday 3pm to 6pm $3 beer, $5 Sailor Jerry drinks, 1/2 off appetizers (714) 969-9000

Happy hour specials all day Sundays and Mondays. (213) 629-2353

The only place where you can have lobster pizza for happy hour. (619) 239-2423

The Edison

Craft and Commerce

Speakeasy style lounge offering martinis buy one get one for 35 cents on Thursdays from 5pm to 7pm. (213) 613-0000

$30 punch bowls for up to five people to share, M-F from 4pm-7pm. (619) 269-2202

Firefly Half priced drink specials and $12 sangria pitchers M-F 3pm-6pm. (702) 369-3971

Posch Happy Hour 4pm to 8pm, $5 beer and $8 specialty martinis (949) 833-1900

C-Bar All you can drink for only $19.99 from 5pm to 9pm. (702) 383-4777 Nightlife/Bars-Lounges/C-Bar

Bar Louie Drink and small plate bargains until 7pm Monday through Friday and all day Sunday (714) 495-4170

Beachside Bars

Beachside Bars

After Party Hangouts

Beachside Bars

Hennessey’s Tavern

Wave House


Blue Beet

The best hot spot for 20 somethings to unwind. (310) 372-5759

The ambiance creates the perfect California beach setting. (858) 228-9283

The #1 after-hours club in Vegas. (702) 737-7801

Includes a rooftop bar and live music. (949) 675-2338


Hurricanes Bar & Grill

Blue Lounge Moonshadows

Sneak Joint

A beautiful and exclusive afterhours club. (702) 891-7183 tabu-ultra-lounge.aspx/

Offers the only Electronic Light Show and Dance Floor in OC. Featuring Ladies Night every Thursday night with $2 shots and $4 cocktails. (714) 374-0500

Located right on the beach, who could ask for more? (310) 456-3010

Big Deans Oceanfront Perfectly located right on the Santa Monica Pier. (310) 393-266


Right location, right price. (858) 488-8684

South Beach Bar and Grille A great local hangout with the best seafood tacos around. (619) 226-4577

Peppermill Fireside Lounge A retro 70’s style lounge located in Downtown Vegas. (702) 735-4177

Rooftop Lounge Offers the best view in Laguna Beach. (949) 497-2446

Top Picks

Dance Clubs & Live Music

The Ultimate Guide to Partying L

ove music? NiteGuide has you covered. Our list of live music venues hosts the best in rock, hip hop and indie, and our top dance clubs attract world-renowned DJs from multiple EDM genres.




Dance Clubs

Dance Clubs

Dance Clubs

Dance Clubs

Playhouse Nightclub


Marquee Nightclub


Hollywood’s popular nightclub featuring world class DJs and lighting, complete with a Funktion-One sound system. (323) 656-4800

Features the best go-go dancers in Southern California. (619) 232-8100

Includes weekly performances by world renowned DJs. (702) 333-8700

This 100 year old building is a Santa Ana historical landmark that hosts top EDM talent. (888) 862-9573

Hard Rock Hotel

Palms Casino

Offers the best in nightlife from their rooftop lounge, Float, to Downtown SD’s hottest bar, 207. (619) 702-3000

You’re guaranteed to have a great time at any of their three well-known clubs: Moon, Rain and Ghostbar. Located in the Palms Towers. (702) 942-7777


TAO Nightclub

Heat Ultra Lounge

Considered the “it” nightclub according to many high profile celebrities. (702) 388-8338

One of the OC’s hottest nightclubs. (714) 776-4328

Exchange LA Teams up with Insomniac to create a spectacular atmosphere. (213) 627-8070

From Salsa Tuesdays to EDM nights, Ember has something to offer to everyone. (714) 991-5101

Voyeur Supperclub One of LA’s most eccentric nightclubs. (323) 466-1900

Perfectly located right in the heart of the Gaslamp district. (619) 756-7678

Live Music Venues Live Music Venues

Live Music Venues Live Music Venues


Belly Up Tavern

The Joint

Detroit Bar

Helped launch the careers of some of today’s biggest names in music. (310) 276-6168

A San Diego local favorite. (858) 481-8140

The best intimate venue in Vegas, hands down. (702) 693-5583

The perfect place to hear live local music and buy cheap drinks. (949) 642-0600

House of Blues


Located inside the Mandalay Bay, this HOB location is one of the best. (702) 632-7600 clubvenues/lasvegas

Bringing in quality music with great views of the stage. (714) 957-0600

House of Blues The Greek A beautiful outdoor venue possessing state-of-the-art acoustics. (323) 665-5857

Has a reputation for bringing in the finest musical acts of every genre. (619) 299-2583 clubvenues/sandiego

Fonda Theatre

4th and B

A classic and intimate venue where seeing the performer up close doesn’t cost extra. (323) 464-0808

San Diego’s most talked about music venue. (619) 231-4343


Grand Garden Arena Brings in top performers of today. (800) 929-1111

The Grove Always features today’s hottest performers and is in a perfect location. (714) 712-2700

Lindsey Harrod

September 2012 VIXEN photo by Arthur St. John Designer Shameless Swimwear See more photos of Lindsey at:

Brides-to-be take notice:

TAO and LAVO in Las Vegas are hosting the “World’s Largest Bachelorette Party” By Heidi Darby and everyone is invited.


he weekend of September 21st - 23rd TAO and LAVO will build the largest congregation of pre-nuptial partiers in the history of Las Vegas. Sin City earned a reputation for being the ultimate destination for brides and grooms-to-be bidding farewell to single life, but now there’s a long list of reasons to schedule a getaway in September no matter what month the “I do’s” occur.

Slipping into something sexy and hitting the strip is part of the bachelorette party ritual, but this particular weekend offers perks beyond the norm. On Friday, TAO Beach hosts a “Most Blinged Out Bride” contest with a $1000 prize, along with a raffle for a honeymoon retreat and a prize wheel touting thousands of dollars worth of prizes. Carrying the festivities over into the evening, the sleek boutique nightclub LAVO offers a club night tailor-made for fiancés with “Girl’s Night Out.” Sound like a weekend’s worth of bachelorette mayhem? That’s only the beginning. The rest of the weekend holds endless sweepstakes opportunities and VIP gift bags courtesy of brands including Chinese Laundry, Yandy, and the Kardashian Kollection. Sponsors for the event include Red Bull, Champagne Lanson, Skinny Girl Vodka, The Knot, and Canyon Ranch Spa Club. Other spicy options offered throughout the bachelorette-themed weekend include private “Stripper 101” pole dancing classes and an attempt to break the world record for the largest champagne toast. Rounding out the pre-matrimony bash is a bachelorette photo shoot, and “Final Fling” parties at TAO Beach and LAVO. Considering Sin City is already a highly sought after bachelorette party destination, the World’s Largest Bachelorette Party will undoubtedly cause a ruckus worthy of leaving your camera at home. For information on packages for the “World’s Largest Bachelorette Party” email


Club Directory EMBER [Anaheim] 401 N. Anaheim Blvd. 92805 714-991-3686



San Diego

Las Vegas

Avec [Huntington Beach] 18582 Beach Blvd, 92648 714-475-4660

AV Nightclub [Hollywood] 1601 N. Cahuenga Blvd, 90028 323-466-1400

207 [San Diego] 207 5th Ave, 92101 619-764-6926

Gallery Nightclub [Planet Hollywood Hotel | Las Vegas] 3667 S Las Vegas Blvd, NV 89109 702-818-3700

Heat Ultra Lounge [Anaheim] 321 W Katella Ave # 214, 92802 714-776-4328

Avalon [Hollywood] 1735 Vine St, 90028 323-462-8900

Andaz @ The Ivy [San Diego] 600 F Street, 92101 619-814-2055

Hyde Bellagio [Bellagio Hotel | Las Vegas] 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, NV 89109 702-693-8700

Float [San Diego] 207 5th Ave, 92101 619-764-6924

Marquee Nightclub

Fluxx [San Diego] 500 4th Ave, 92101 619-232-8100

moon Nightclub [Palms Casino Hotel | Las Vegas] 4321 W Flamingo Rd, NV 89103 702-942-6832


Tao Nightclub [Venetian Hotel | Las Vegas] 3377 S Las Vegas Blvd, NV 89109 702-388-8338

Voyeur [San Diego] 755 5th Ave, 92101 619-756-7678

xs Nightclub [Encore Hotel | Las Vegas] 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, NV 89109 702-770-0097

Shark Club [Costa Mesa] 841 Baker St., 92626 714-751-6428 Incahoots [Fullerton] 1401 S Lemon St., 92832 714-441-1666 Posch [Irvine] 18912 MacArthur Blvd., 92612 949-833-1900 The Observatory [Santa Ana] 3503 South Harbor Blvd, 92704 714-957-0600

Drais [Hollywood] 6250 Hollywood Blvd, 90028 323-962-1111 Playhouse [Hollywood] 6506 Hollywood Blvd, 90028 323-656-4600 Supperclub [Hollywood] 6675 Hollywood Blvd, 90028 323-466-1900

TRU Nightclub [Hollywood] 1600 Argyle Ave, CA 90028 323-461-1600

The Yost Theater [Santa Ana] 307 N. Spurgeon St. 92701 888-862-9573

The Vault [Downtown Hollywood] 801 South Hill Street, 90014 1-800-725-1184

[San Diego] 454 6th Ave, 92101 619-544-9500

[Cosmopolitan Hotel | Las Vegas] 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, NV 89109 702-333-9000

Visit to view the top clubs & bars in your area. View upcoming events, get on the guest list, see photos, videos, reviews and more.

Las Vegas

Featured Hotel

By Kristen Newman

By Kristen Newman


eciphering where to stay in Las Vegas? ARIA Resort & Casino offers everything from a luxurious pool lounge to fine dining to a sophisticated nightclub that keeps partygoers dancing all night long. Erected in 2009, its rooms come equipped with the latest in touch-screen technology that allows guests to control everything from the lights, music, room temperature and more without ever having to get out of bed.

LIQUID Pool Lounge is the perfect atmosphere for anyone looking to relax and still have an amazing time. The two VIP pools, 50-seat restaurant, and eight private cabanas all contribute to the sizzling environment. After lounging in the sun all day, guests can further unwind at The Spa & Salon at ARIA, which features a full-service salon with 62 treatment rooms, an advanced fitness center, and an outdoor infinity-edge pool. Once guests are fully rejuvenated and ready for a promising night out in Vegas, they can start off the evening by dining at ARIA’s wide range of establishments, including some of Vegas’ finest restaurants with world-renowned chefs. AMERICAN FISH by Michael Mina offers a twist on American classic dishes such as their Shrimp & Grits topped with jalapeño, aged white cheddar cheese and Serrano ham or Truffled Mac & Cheese. While Sage also offers a unique take on contemporary American cuisine, it gets its fame for having the most comprehensive selection of absinthe on The Strip. After dinner, guests can experience a full-scale Vegas night out without ever having to leave the comfort of their hotel by visiting HAZE Nightclub, which features the world’s best DJs. The 70 foot tall light wall mixed with the revolutionizing sound system creates an atmosphere like no other. It’s easy to see why so many people choose to unwind here and dance until the sun rises. All in all, ARIA is the ideal hotel to stay at on the strip as it offers essentially everything required to create that perfect, once-in-a-lifetime Vegas experience.

Photos by MGM Resorts International 32

September 2012 Events Listing:

LOS ANGELES Every Monday [Playhouse] Social Mondays: Text SOCIAL to 67777 for FREE guest list info. Every Friday [TRU] Fun House Fridays Every Friday [Avalon] Control Fridays Every Saturday [Avalon] Avaland September 7, Friday [TRU] DJ Cobra September 8, Saturday [Playhouse] Politik September 10, Monday [Playhouse] KaiserDisco: Text SOCIAL to 67777 for FREE guest list info September 12, Wednesday [1616 Club] Labyrinth September 13, Thursday [LURE] Alex Gaudino September 14, Friday [Supperclub] DJ Vice September 15, Saturday [Roxbury] Morse Code September 15, Saturday [Drai’s] Swimsuit Model Fashion Show After Party Presented by Powertec M&F September 15, Saturday [Supperclub] The Cataracs September 15, Saturday [TRU] Carlo Astuti September 17, Monday [Playhouse] Donald Glaude: Text SOCIAL to 67777 for FREE guest list info September 20, Thursday [LURE] Nathan Scott September 20, Thursday [Playhouse] DJ Homicide September 21, Friday [Playhouse] Stafford Brothers September 24, Monday [Playhouse] Nocturnal Wonderland After Party: Text SOCIAL to 67777 for guest list info September 27, Thursday [Playhouse] d-nice September 29, Saturday [Playhouse] Jermaine Dupri Log on to now to see more events and get on the list! 33

Photo by Chelsea Lauren

Las Vegas

Featured Show


By Heidi Darby n the wake of reality television and talent competitions, turning a dream into a reality reveals a new concept of attainability. For dance troupe Jabbawockeez, their dream of making a living from dance and entertainment came to life in Las Vegas after taking the title of America’s Best Dance Crew in 2008.

Jabbawockeez catapulted into the spotlight after taking top honors on MTV’s cult hit, and are currently experiencing a successful run at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino. The group’s celebrated show MÜS.I.C. earned the honor of being the first show to feature a dance crew as a headlining act. The set is funky and fun, with a larger than life trademark mask as part of the set. The show includes a variety of music, ranging from treasured Michael Jackson tracks to unexpected classic rock tributes, with current popular dance music mixed throughout. Member Ben “B-TEK” Chung explains that the motto of the group has always been to inspire the audience through music and dance, and keep fans engaged by constantly changing up the format. “From creating the storyline, choreography and all the production elements, it definitely took a few solid months to create MÜS.I.C., but no two shows are ever the same,” Chung says. “Through the art of ‘freestyle’ each performance becomes unique and different from any other show.” After their win on America’s Best Dance Crew, the agile group made appearances on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Dancing With The Stars, and The Jimmy Fallon Show. Hitting their stride in Sin City has enabled them to access an environment for their talents. MGM Resorts International reports that after finishing their run at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino, Jabbawockeez will set up a permanent home at Luxor Hotel and Casino in Spring of 2013, where the crew will continue dancing in a brand new, state-of-the-art theater and a completely new show with a style that only Jabbawockeez can deliver. For more information visit


September 2012 Events Listing:

September 2012 Events Listing:



Every Thursday [207 Hard Rock] Mynt Thursdays Every Thursday [Fluxx] EDM

Every Thursday [Hurricanes HB] LADIES NIGHT: DIAMOND Giveaway & $5 Martinis! Bottle of champagne on us for groups of ladies. Email

Every Sunday [Float | Hard Rock] Intervention: Join

Every Friday [Avec] Haute Fridays every Sunday for discounted tickets email

Every Saturday [Yost Theater] Get on the FREE guestlist to

September 2, Sunday [Hard Rock] Intervention: Martin

most events! Email

Solveig. Email for discounted tickets

September 9, Saturday [Ember] Scotty Boy

September 8, Saturday [Voyeur] Digitalism

September 11, Tuesday [Yost Theater] Crooked Cowboy

September 13, Thursday [Fluxx] R.O.B.O.T.

September 13, Thursday [Hurricanes HB] LADIES NIGHT:

September 13, Thursday [Voyeur] Helicopter Showdown

DIAMOND Giveaway & $5 Martinis! Bottle of champagne on

September 14, Friday [Fluxx] Brett Bodley

us for groups of ladies. Email

September 14, Friday [Voyeur] Sultan & Ned Shepard

September 14, Friday [Heat Ultra Lounge] DJ Turbulence

September 15, Saturday [Fluxx] DJ Karma

September 15, Saturday [Yost Theater] Stafford Brothers

September 15, Saturday [Voyeur] Zen Freeman

September 15, Saturday [Ember] Mexican Independance

September 16, Sunday [Hard Rock] Intervention: Dimitri

Day w/ DJ HEM

Vegas & Like Mike. Email for dis-

September 20, Thursday [Hurricanes HB] LADIES NIGHT:

counted tickets

DIAMOND Giveaway & $5 Martinis! Bottle of champagne on

September 17, Monday [Fluxx] Industry Night XIII

us for groups of ladies. Email

September 20, Thursday [Fluxx] Fedde Le Grand

September 21, Friday [Heat Ultra Lounge] DJ Splyce

September 21, Friday [Fluxx] Ricky Rocks

September 22, Saturday [Ember] DJ Felli Fel

September 22, Saturday [Ivy | Andaz] Alex Dreamz

September 22, Saturday [Yost Theater] Revolvr

September 27, Thursday [Ivy | Andaz] J.U.I.C.E Art Show

September 27, Thursday [Hurricanes HB] LADIES NIGHT:

September 27, Thursday [Fluxx] Cold Blank

DIAMOND Giveaway & $5 Martinis! Bottle of champagne on

September 28, Saturday [Fluxx] DJ Scooter

us for groups of ladies. Email

September 29, Saturday [Ivy | Andaz] DJ Fingaz

September 28, Friday [Heat Ultra Lounge] DJ Cobra

September 29, Saturday [Fluxx] DJ Cobra

September 29, Saturday [Ember] Hyphy Crunk

Log on to now to see more events and get on the list!

Log on to now to see more events and get on the list! 35

Live Music Events Listing: SoCal Los Angeles


September 4, Tuesday [The Greek]

September 7, Friday [Observatory]

September 6, Thursday [Belly Up Tavern]



Dinosaur Jr

September 4, Tuesday [El Rey]

September 8, Saturday

September 7, Friday

[Verizon Wireless Amphitheater]

[Cricket Wireless Amphitheater]

Miguel September 9, Sunday [The Roxy] The Ataris September 11, Tuesday [The Fonda]

Dave Matthews Band September 11, Tuesday [Observatory] The Hives September 13, Thursday [Observatory]

Swans September 11, Tuesday [The Wiltern] My Morning Jacket September 14, Friday [The Greek]

Brother Ali

Dave Matthews Band September 7, Friday [Belly Up Tavern] Atomic Groove September 9, Sunday [Belly Up Tavern] Beats Antique September 10, Monday

September 13, Thursday [Detroit Bar] Justin Soileau September 14, Friday [Observatory]

[Cricket Wireless Amphitheater] Linkin Park / Incubus September 14, Friday [Belly Up Tavern]

Fiona Apple

She Wants Revenge

September 19, Wednesday [The Fonda]

September 15, Saturday [Observatory]

Band of Skulls

The Walkmen


September 19, Wednesday

September 15, Saturday [Detroit Bar]

September 15, Saturday [4th & B]

[Bootleg Theater]

Nosaj Thing and Free The Robots

Adam Ant

September 20, Thursday [The Grove]

September 15, Saturday [Belly Up Tavern]

Matisyahu and The Dirty Heads

The Atomic Punks

September 20, Thursday [Detroit Bar]

September 22, Saturday [Belly Up Tavern]

Blackfeet Braves

English Beat

September 21, Friday [The Grove]

September 22, Saturday [4th & B]

Autolux September 23, Sunday [The Roxy] Orgy September 25, Tuesday [The Fonda] Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra September 25, Tuesday [El Rey] Dragonette September 28, Friday [The Wiltern]

Lila Downs September 21, Friday [Observatory] Dead Kennedys September 22, Saturday

Citizen Cope

[Verizon Wireless Amphitheater]

October 1 & 2 [The Fonda]

Epicenter with Stone Temple Pilots, Deftones,

The Lumineers

Bush and more

October 2, Tuesday [El Rey]

September 28, Friday [Observatory]


GZA playing Liquid Swords


Pat Benatar September 14, Friday [Soma]

Sean Paul September 24, Monday [Belly Up Tavern] Dragonette September 25, Tuesday [4th & B] Buckcherry & Lit September 27, Thursday [Belly Up Tavern] Serj Tankian September 29, Saturday [Cricket Wireless Amphitheater] Jason Mraz


Featured DJ/Producer By Heidi Darby

NiteGuide Magazine: How did the two of you meet? Do you remember the first DJ you ever saw together? Nero: We met when we were about sixteen, we grew up in the same part of London. Hard to remember who the first DJ was but it was probably someone like Andy C at Fabric. That’s where we first got inspired.

By Fred Dyoll


ero’s impact on the dubstep movement broke major ground with the release of their album Welcome Reality, which includes genre anthem “Promises” and features vocalist Alana Watson. The British duo continues to tour extensively and their post apocalypticthemed album shows no signs of losing momentum. Amidst recent performances at Hard Summer and Lollapalooza, NiteGuide caught up with Dan Stephens and Joe Ray to discuss the album, dubstep vs. jungle, and where Game of Thrones falls on their list of creating a perfect a night out.

NGM: Do you still have time to catch shows together? If so, who do you find interesting right now? Nero: Not really so much, we’re so busy with our own shows we don’t get as much time to ourselves, but the last show we probably got to see together was Justice at Brixton Academy in London. NGM: The tracks on Welcome Reality spread like wildfire. Did you construct the album with a concept in mind? Nero: Thank you, yeah, we worked really hard to make the album sound like one big extended piece of music rather than being split into numerous tracks, and it did almost end up being a concept album. It just seemed to fit into a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world, hence track titles such as “2808” and “Doomsday.” The album fit into place dealing with the effects of that and there’s a love story set amongst that world. NGM: With the rise of dubstep, where do you feel jungle and drum and bass fall in the EDM scene today? Nero: It’s funny, over here people sometimes don’t know the difference. I remember being asked at a rave “What was that really fast dubstep you played?!” I think the sounds are now pretty similar and we still play jungle in our sets a bit. NGM: What is your idea of a perfect night out? Nero: Sushi, beer, wine, bowling, pool, salted cashews, IPA, shuffleboard, Jason Hong, shots, bar, sheen, club, music, Game of Thrones, bed.

Keep up with Nero at



By Justin Olsen

ith over two decades of the French dance music scene under his belt, DJ and Producer Martin Solveig finally makes his debut overseas with Smash. His fifth studio album, Smash, packages Solveig’s most popular hits with an array of fresh new tunes.

Opening Smash with a delightfully upbeat and outgoing greeting, the first track and summer anthem “Hello” features the Canadian electro-pop band Dragonette, whom can also be found on tracks “Big In Japan,” “Can’t Stop,” and “Boys & Girls.” The second track “Ready 2 Go” is another huge tune that brings in appealing vocals and a tasty synth riff to get your night started. Tantalizing your party-mode button, Solveig really sets it off with his collaboration with A-Track entitled “The Night Out,” good luck getting this one out of your head. Released over a year ago in Europe, Smash may be seen as Solveig’s first US album but is more of a greatest hits album to his European followers. Opening with three huge singles allows for Solveig to ease the listener into his new unheard content. The album seems to capture Solveig’s upbeat, boyish kind of charm that keeps everything lighthearted and fun. Remixes of “Hello,” “The Night Out,” and “Ready 2 Go” are featured by highly popular artists Dada Life, Madeon, and Hardwell, that reignite the original’s already catchy vibes. Overall, Smash is the perfect album for Solveig to make his American debut with. Compiling a blend of already proven, noteworthy tunes with new commercially friendly electronic beats and remixes, Solveig entices your fun-loving party side and prepares you to spend “The Night Out.” 39

August IN REVIEW: FEATURED OC’s Ultimate DJ Competition Yost Theater [Santa Ana]

By Electra Keller | Photos by Emmanuel Salgado Hundreds of EDM and house music fans flocked to the infamous Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa on August 7th to cheer on their favorite finalist of OC’s Ultimate DJ Competition. The four finalists included: Menikmati, Universe, Aaron Marcus, and Known 2 Own. Each DJ competed one-on-one with each other totaling three rounds. At the end of the third round, DJ Universe, aka Jesus Franco, was announced the winner. Franco was awarded $1,000 and won an opening slot for Funkagenda at the Yost Theatre for the premier of White Rabbit’s Havoc Thursday’s on August 30th. During the five-week competition, Franco competed against fifteen other Orange County DJs. Each week the audiences voted for their favorites via text messaging and those votes accounted for sixty percent of the vote. The remaining forty percent were determined by the judges. The final round, however, was strictly decided by the judges. The judges varied from well-known nightlife staples such as Daniel Park of Acropolis RPM, national rave legend Thee-O, and popular newcomer DJ Peacetreaty. The Event was hosted by entertainment and event company, The White Rabbit Group, and was dubbed a great experience and opportunity for ambitious DJs to have their music exposed to the world.

FELIX DA HOUSECAT Avalon [Los Angeles]

By Megan Harvey | Photos by Michael Melwani

As the summer winds down and night owls seek out long-lasting locales to bring the heat, not much can top LA’s Avaland at Avalon Hollywood. With hours pushing through 7:00am, Avaland is the place to be for those looking to keep the party going once most clubs have called it a night. Saturday, August 18th, the venue brought yet another packed house to see a heavy DJ lineup featuring Felix Da Housecat. The doors opened with Los Angeles native Torin Schmitt’s impressive 2 ½ hour set, energizing the crowd for the after-after hours to follow. British DJ Funkagenda then took the booth, further amplifying the scene with an unbelievable set that brought the entire club to their feet and their hands to the air as smoke machines billowed through their fingertips. By the time headliner Felix Da Housecat took the stage, the static of the crowd was nearly tangible. The Chi-Town legend threw a mind-bending set into the wee hours of the morning, giving old and new fans alike something to dance to with unfaltering enthusiasm. It was a performance only a House-veteran like ‘Da Cat could deliver, and the smiles on faces throughout the crowd were evidence of another perfect LA night.


AVEC HOsts U.S. OPEN after party AVEC [Huntington Beach]

By Drew Leahy | Photos by Martin Clara On August 3rd, the eve of professional surfing’s foremost weekend, Avec Nightclub along with hosts Ezekiel and fashion-forward men’s and women’s apparel store Collective (Newport Beach), celebrated the U.S. Open in grandiose fashion. With Dim Mak Records newest wunderkind, Clockwork, at the helm and Orange County’s EDM virtuoso Kedd Cook there to support, tasteful beats, heavy bass lines, and an enthralled at-capacity crowd filled the night. The chic, sophisticated decor of the Paris-inspired, Neo Baroque design of Avec’s interior provided exuberance and grandeur missing from other clubs in Orange County. Adorned with dazzling chandeliers, intimate lighting, and a crystal-leafed tree centerpiece, Avec’s unparalleled atmosphere superlatively complemented an already invigorated night. Daniel Minaya opened the night with a sprightful selection of house beats while the crowd arrived in waves. Direct support, Kedd Cook, followed and showcased his experience and expertise by enlivening the crowd with a tasteful, energetic and original set worth the price of admission alone. On the cusp of his forthcoming EP release, Titan (now available), and with no shortage of fat bass lines in his repertoire, Clockwork ascended the stage with an arsenal of heavy-hitters. With a playlist spanning all genres, from electro and house to moombahton and dub-step, Clockwork proved a dynamic DJ capable of reading a crowd and catering to their needs. From start to finish, the night was unrelenting, and amid a crowded sea of U.S. Open after-parties, Avec undoubtedly hosted the best.

Rukes’ Photography exhibition W Times Square [New York, New York] Celebrated EDM Photographer On August 29th, the W Times Square in New York City hosted an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the electronic music scene through famed DJ photographer Rukes’ view at the premiere of the hotel’s “Inside The Booth” exhibition. The exhibit, free and open to the public through September 30th, features never before seen images of six well-known EDM DJs including Deadmau5, Kaskade, Zedd, Steve Aoki, Dada Life, and Dirty South taken at festivals like Coachella, Electric Zoo, and more intimate venues such as The Palladium. The exhibit included all-encompassing DJ and fan photos, as well as more candid and fun individual artist shots. In addition to the photos, there was an interactive component to the event – guests listened to tracks by the featured DJs at docking stations with Sol Republic headphones throughout the space. This allowed guests to hear the music that inspired Rukes to take the photo before them. VIP guests included Mick Rock and Junior Sanchez, who mingled with the crowd. Guests enjoyed signature cocktails from Chopin Vodka and listened to sets from up and coming DJs Funkagenda and Disco Fries while viewing the various photos. A truly unique event, Rukes’ “Inside The Booth” exhibition provided an interactive look inside the best of EDM. To learn more about Rukes, visit www.

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Photos By Matt Copley Story and Photos by Megan Harvey


n San Francisco, among the rolling hills and the jangling trolleys, there is a festival. Every summer, droves of musicians and their fans gather together for three days of celebration with a musical force that has become this summer’s hottest soundtrack. Massive crowds arrive and inhibitions are laid aside as people gather for the now-famous music, food, art and drink festival called Outside Lands.

Held in the historic Golden Gate Park, Outside Lands has become a musical force to be reckoned with- featuring headliners from Metallica to Sigur Rós to Skrillex. An almost overwhelmingly great lineup brought fans from near and far to partake in an experience that only a music mecca like San Francisco could give. Friday started just after noon with Futurebirds as the first band to take one of the six stages. From there, artists like The Walkmen excitedly brought crowds into a cool ‘Frisco evening, when rock legend Beck took Lands End Field. Despite shoulder-to-shoulder crowds, some fans managed to shove over to the neighboring stage to catch up-and-comers Of Monsters and Men perform a few songs before filing back over to see Foo Fighters pummel out over an hour of hits from “Everlong” to “The Pretender.” Andrew Bird brought fans some melodic relaxation from Lindley Meadow just before Neil Young & Crazy Horse performed a two-hour set on the neighboring stage. EDM fans could also head over to see Justice, who brought the crowd to new heights with a mind-blowing set which lasted until just before 10pm.


Any lack of sleep from the night before vanished as attendees lined up for a cup o’ joe to face their Saturday. It wasn’t until mid-afternoon, however, that the festival’s most underrated group, Alabama Shakes, completely blew everyone away. Though not playing the biggest stage and lawn, the Shakes brought in a crowd every bit as massive as the headliners for the weekend, causing some people to even climb trees for a better view. Saturday’s events were particularly exciting for artist Tigran MiMOSA, who boasted to NiteGuide, “I’m having a fantastic time. I’m in Golden Gate Park right now. This is my home, San Francisco. This is where my heart is!” Although he was rushed off to another event in SoCal shortly after his performance- he managed to join the hundreds of fans after his set to enjoy Outkast’s Big Boi as he delivered an amazing performance. Fans were then thrilled to hear the ever-charming Norah Jones, who surprised audiences by including an appearance by Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir. Festival-goers then had their choice of adrenaline-inducing Metallica or the Icelandic ambience of Sigur Rós, whose calming stage presence joined forces with an almost mythical mist rolling in from the bay to create one of the most moving sets of the weekend. The main stage was the place to be for most of Sunday, delivering performances by Franz Ferdinand, Regina Spektor, Jack White, and the legendary Stevie Wonder. The neighboring stage, however, was the place to be for early risers lucky enough to witness Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello crack open the final day by inviting the audience to join him on stage for a sing-along. The crowd invite, alongside a spontaneous backwoods performance by Jack White, were easily the weekend’s most exciting surprise events. The overall spirit of the weekend was embodied in Morello’s parting words when he said, “it started with a one man revolution, and it ended with a worldwide rebel song.” 43

Orange County

Event in Review

Huntington Beach welcomes U.S. SURF OPEN


he Nike U.S. Open of Surfing –the pride of Huntington Beach– was held from July 28th through August 5th and is the largest surfing competition in the United States, drawing in surfers from around the globe competing for the championship title. This annual event has been a staple in the surfing industry for decades since it’s debut in 1959. While fans gathered to cheer on their favorite surfer, Julian Wilson (men’s division) and Lakey Peterson (women’s division) took home their division titles. The Surf Open has evolved significantly over the years, bringing in additional sports competitions such as freestyle BMX and skateboarding to the roster. Extreme sports weren’t the only thing featured in the event. The U.S Open of Surfing also included an art wall where aspiring artists gathered to paint a mural. The fourteen acre stretch of vendors which included Hurley, Red Bull, Olympus and Paul Mitchell, also drew the crowds in. Hundreds of music lovers gathered around the concert stage where a three-day music series took place celebrating the competition. Best Coast and Walk the Moon kicked off the concerts on Wednesday August 1st, followed by Grouplove, Hindu Pirates, and White Arrows on Thursday. TV on the Radio and Toro Y Moi wrapped up the concert series for the event on Friday, rocking the competition. The celebration was still in full swing well past the competition and concerts. Many bars and restaurants honored longer happy hours, featured local DJs, karaoke competitions, parties, and meet and greets from previous Surf Open winners. The nine day event was once again a huge success, drawing thousands of surf fans and beach goers, continuing as the most anticipated surf event of the year.


Story by Electra Keller | Photos by Matt Copley

San Diego

Event in Review

Identity festival hits san diego


Story by Paterson Wolfgram | Photos by Matthew Copley |

he Cricket Wireless Amphitheater of San Diego held yet another killer summer event on August 18th, the Identity Festival. Porter Robinson, Eric Prydz, Excision, and Paul Van Dyk were just a few of the many artists who performed at the San Diego location. This annual traveling festival treats fans to an afternoon and early evening of intoxicating music, tasty beverages, and good vibes from an energized crowd with tickets going from $25-$60. The festival utilizes the amphitheater’s main arena for the iHome Main Stage, the parking lot for the Rockstar Energy Drink Festival Stage, and the middle pathways for the LED Stage. The feel for this festival is much more laid back than others, with the energy level bubbling on ecstatic. Numerous drink stands and merch tables covered every inch of the venue, allowing attendees to stay engaged every moment. Audrey Napolean, new to the Identity Festival this year, shared with NiteGuide how she felt about her experience on the tour saying, “The entire tour has been incredible, [getting] to know everyone and being with artists that inspire me. Miami and San Diego stick out the most to me because... you guys just get it.” Napolean also shared that the tour was a great way to express herself as an artist. The tour, in conjunction with her new EP, Ornamental Egos, allowed her to embrace the “Identity” themed festival. “It [Ornamental Egos] really defines me as an artist, and who I am right now.” One of the more unique things about this festival is that it’s held from 2:00 pm-11:00 pm. Many attendees mentioned that they liked these hours due to the fact that they could head down to the Gaslamp District after the show for


post-event fun. However, an even greater buzz was vocalized in hopes that the festival would last into the early morning next year, much like stationary festivals. Now that the tour is over, producers are already looking ahead to make next year’s festival even better. For more information about this year’s tour, check out

Orange County

Labor Day Weekend



mber of Anaheim presented upbeat DJ Spryte to a dance floor full of excited guests, providing the music for a night to remember. The event took place on Saturday, September 1st, and was a great way to enjoy a night out over Labor Day Weekend. With over 6000-square-feet, the venue offered ample room to stretch out and enjoy the music stylings of DJ Spryte. Throwing down a set that kept bodies on the dance floor for the entirety of the performance, the music man led the way for a spectacular evening. There was a drink in nearly every hand and with the fair prices and bite of the cocktails, the party held strong. Girls stepped out in edgy, sexy attire and the guys kept up the standard with their dress as well. While DJ Spryte continued to groove and elevate the energy, guests packed the dance floor and fell under the spell of the DJ’s beats. Spryte hails from the Windy City, but was seasoned in Southern California, and his charismatic nature and up-tempo taste in music had Ember going full throttle for the holiday weekend event. With the DJ booth situated somewhat in the center of the room, attendees were able to catch a great view of the entertainment while dancing the night away. With high-caliber live entertainment, a great staff and energetic clientele, Ember of Anaheim is a great place to party; and with a night featuring DJ Spryte, Ember keeps presenting Orange County with great music and memories.


Story by Fred Dyoll | Photos by Martin Clara

San Diego

Labor Day Weekend

Inaugural SoCal Music Festival


Story & Photos by Jeremy Wassink | n Saturday, September 1st, McFarlane Promotions, Inc., Eventvibe, and RMD Group joined forces to present the ultimate party on Labor Day Weekend, the SoCal Music Festival.

SoCAL Music Festival brought the Southern California lifestyle to the streets of San Diego’s East Village. This all-day festival included four music stages that featured over twenty-five DJs and live bands, as well as interactive art exhibits displayed throughout the streets. There was an eclectic mix of sound on the bill, ranging from EDM to hip hop to blues rock. Vokab Kompany performed their mix of rap/rock with a tinge of electro. Also carrying clout on the lineup was Grammy Award winning DJ Roger Sanchez. Too $hort kept the rhymes going, and the Cold War Kids closed out the event just before midnight with a solid set that included hits “Hospital Beds” and “Hang Me Up To Dry.” The festival not only provided great music, it offered attendees a variety of side attractions. A Red Bull half-pipe, full size carnival rides, art vendors, and go-go dancers peppered the streets. The art held a SoCal vibe, with one of the more notable pieces being a multi-colored, painted surfboard. The festival spanned roughly three blocks, and the street-fair appeal was perfect for strolling from stage to stage and meeting new people. As with any music festival, variety was key and SoCal Music Fest provided plenty of options for enjoying music and taking in the Southern California way of life. With world-class acts, a party that lasted well into the night, beautiful weather, and great people, the festival had a successful inaugural year.

Highlights included: Roger Sanchez • Too $hort • Felguk • Designer Drugs Krewella • Cold War Kids • Norin & Rad • Vokab Kompany


Los Angeles

Labor Day Weekend

Tommy Trash Drai’s hollywood


Photos courtesy of | Brian Brown

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Los Angeles

Photo Recap PlayHouse Playhouse

Photos courtesy of Brandon Peters & | Martin Clara

Hollywood Hollywood


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Las Vegas

Photo Recap Rusko Residency PlayHouse

Photos courtesy of N9NE Group Las Vegas

Rain Nightclub | Palms Casino Hollywood


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