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Party Under the sun

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THE LIST THE PUBLISHER It’s officially Summer time! Parking is getting scarce near the beaches and sun tan lotion sales are up. There are a lot of great pool parties and events going on throughout Southern California and Las Vegas this Summer. We have included dozens of great restaurants to eat out at in this Issue. There are so many great hot spots along the coast, we had to share them with you. NiteGuide is excited to partner with Wet Electric this Summer. Last year, they took over Wild Rivers and turned it into a full blown, adult pool party event. Wet Electric this year is bringing top name talent and putting even more into production for the event. If you would like to win free VIP tickets to Wet Electric, log onto and sign up on our website for free. You can also receive exclusive invites to our events and special offers and prizes from our sponsors. I hope you enjoy our Summer Issue, make sure you play ‘Find Mr. NiteGuide’ to win free Wet Electric tickets as well! Justin Stearman Publisher

FEATURE CONTRIBUTOR Alejandra Loera is from



Shores area of Long Beach, CA.


started her passion for writing in High School as the Feature editor of her high school


at Woodrow Wilson High




then went to California State University Fullerton as Journalism major and interned for LosAngeles. com writing reviews on restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels. After graduating she pursued a career in Marketing and Advertising but continued

It has been a long, hard month! The NiteGuide team has been working closely together to start taking it to the next level. With the launch of San Diego, I have been able to spend some time in the beautiful city. San Diego has so much to offer when it comes to eating, drinking and partying. The city has a vibe that is different from any other and I really enjoy the ambiance and experience I have when I am there.

her passion for the written word through her blog the Kittysnake. She writes about her adventures at music festivals, events, clubs, bars and vacations for her friends and followers to read. She currently started writing editorials for NiteGuide Magazine over Labor Day weekend and is excited to share her thoughts and passions to our readers. Her fun outgoing personality makes it easy for her to make new friends wherever she goes. She enjoys traveling, dancing, smiling, running, and the beach.


There is so much happening this summer. I love including reviews on the top events in each issue and this month we have added some more. Enjoy this 19th issue of NiteGuide. I will see you at the beach! Nicole Lloyd Director of Operations

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movies COMING OUT IN July

By Daniel Allan

LARRY CROWNE Release Date: July 1 Director: Tom Hanks [Band of Brothers] Cast: Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Bryan Cranston After losing his job, a middle-aged man reinvents himself by going back to college. Until he was downsized, affable, amiable Larry Crowne was a superstar team leader at the big-box company where he’s worked since his time in the Navy. Underwater on his mortgage and unclear on what to do with his suddenly free days, Larry heads to his local college to start over. There he becomes part of a colorful community of outcasts, all trying to find a better future for themselves... often moving around town in a herd of scooters. In his public-speaking class, Larry develops an unexpected crush on his teacher Mercedes Tainot, who has lost as much passion for teaching as she has for her husband. The simple guy who has every reason to think his life has stalled will come to learn an unexpected lesson: when you think everything worth having has passed you by, you just might discover your reason to live.

HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS - PART 2 Release Date: July 15 Director: David Yates [Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix] Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson & Rupert Grint In the epic finale, the battle between the good and evil forces of the wizarding world escalates into an all-out war. The stakes have never been higher and no one is safe. But it is Harry Potter who may be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice as he draws closer to the climactic showdown with Lord Voldemort. It all ends here.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER Release Date: July 22 Director: Joe Johnston [Jumanji] Cast: Chris Evans, Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving and Stanley Tucci “Captain America: The First Avenger” will focus on the early days of the Marvel Universe when Steve Rogers [Evans - Fantastic Four] volunteers to participate in an experimental program that turns him into the Super Soldier known as Captain America. As Captain America, Rogers joins forces with Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) to wage war on the evil HYDRA organization, led by the villainous Red Skull [Weaving - The Matrix].

COWBOYS AND ALIENS Release Date: July 29 Director: Jon Favreau [Iron Man] Cast: Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde and Sam Rockwell A stranger with no memory of his past stumbles into the hard desert town of Absolution. The only hint to his history is a mysterious shackle that encircles one wrist. What he discovers is that the people of Absolution don’t welcome strangers, and nobody makes a move on its streets unless ordered to do so by the iron-fisted Colonel Dolarhyde. It’s a town that lives in fear. But Absolution is about to experience fear it can scarcely comprehend as the desolate city is attacked by marauders from the sky. Now, the stranger they rejected is their only hope for salvation. As this gunslinger slowly starts to remember who he is and where he’s been, he realizes he holds a secret that could give the town a fighting chance against the alien force.

THE SMURFS Release Date: July 29 Director: Raja Gosnell [Never Been Kissed] Cast: Hank Azaria, Neil Patrick Harris and Katy Perry The Smurfs make their first 3D trip to the big screen in Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures Animation’s hybrid live-action and animated family comedy, The Smurfs.When the evil wizard Gargamel chases the tiny blue Smurfs out of their village, they tumble from their magical world and into ours -- in fact, smack dab in the middle of Central Park. Just three apples high and stuck in the Big Apple, the Smurfs must find a way to get back to their village before Gargamel tracks them down.

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dvds COMING OUT IN July By Daniel Allan

July 5


July 12


July 15

- ARTHUR (Comedy) - RANGO (Animation)

July 19

- LIMITLESS (Thriller) - THE REEF (Horror) - TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT (Comedy) - TEKKEN (Action)

July 26

- GOBLIN (Horror) - JERSEY SHORE: SEASON THREE (Uncensored)(Reality TV) - SCREAM OF THE BANSHEE (Horror) - SOURCE CODE (Thriller)

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MuSic COMING OUT IN July By Daniel Allan

July 5 BASEMENT – I Wish I Could Stay Here BRIAN ENO – Drums Between The Bells LITTLE DRAGON – Ritual Union

July 12 ALKALINE TRIO – Damnesia COLBIE CAILLAT – All of You WASHED OUT – Within And Without WILLIAM ELLIOT WHITMORE – Field Songs YES – Fly From Here


July 26 CITY LIGHTS – In It To Win It HEARTSOUNDS – Drifter RELEASE THE SUNBIRD – Come Back To Us RIVAL SONS – Pressure & Time THE HORRORS – Skying TIDELANDS – If… To find more music releases, Log onto 9




By Rachel Salas

BBQ Two Meat Combo Platter Mama Lucille is the mother hen of all barbecue restaurants in Southern California. Lucille Buchanan grew up eating in her grandmother’s lunch shack, placed on a tiny back road in Greenville. She quickly became immersed in the food recipes deriving from her family. Uniquely-spiced ribs and wet ‘mops’ and sauces, and slow-cooked methods were shared by her grandmother who made Lucille vow never to repeat the treasured recipes to another soul. Lucille made use of her grandmother’s secrets and opened up her own restaurant in Long Beach. Today, Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ is known for their delicious barbecue. The BBQ Half Chicken and Two Meat Platter comes complete with a smoked BBQ half chicken, and guests choice of any two meats: spicy hot link, pulled pork, rib tips, or beef brisket, all served with homemade biscuits. Guests also get their choice of two sides. Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ Southern California To find a location near you visit: 10

Baby Back Ribs

BBQ Beef Ribs

Memphis and Kansas City ribs

Phil’s BBQ Restaurant has been

better step aside! Mr. Cecil’s Cali-

taking San Diego by storm for the

Ever seen a shack in the middle

fornia Ribs in Los Angeles has put

past 13 years. Restauranteur Phil

of Louisiana with smoke stream-

California-style ribs on the map.

Pace, knows how to effectively

ing out of its windows? Take that

Innovative Chef/owner Jona-

entice crowds of barbecue-lovers

image and insert it into the heart

than Burrows infuses traditional

to his mecca of slow-cooked, fla-

of OC, and you’ll get the authentic

Western-American methods with

vorful delights. Since its opening

Burrell’s Bar-B-Que in Santa Ana.

a hint of Asian-influence, which

in 1998, this popular restaurant

This tiny red building houses OC’s

results in high quality products

has served over 1 million pounds

finest-tasting barbecue. From their

with distinctive flavors.

of barbecue sauce, and through

popular smoked meat platters,

growing popularity, has expanded

to hand-crafted sandwiches, to

Since July 2000, Mr. Cecil’s Cali-

from its original location in Mis-

delicious peach cobbler, Burrell’s

fornia Ribs has been charming

sion Hills to a spacious site in

is one of the most raved about

Los Angeles residents. The pe-

Point Loma.

whole-in-the-wall destinations in

culiar name stems from a nick-

Bar-B-Que Spare Ribs Lunch Plate

town, with affordable prices.

name given to Burrows’ father

The BBQ Beef Ribs are a spe-

by people who could not properly

cialty and are slow-cooked, allow-

Just like any good-ol’ country

pronounce his name (Selig).

ing the meat to fall of the bone.

cookin’, their signature Lunch

The tangy and sweet barbecue

Plate is a must-have complete

While Mr. Cecil’s California Ribs

sauce compliment the meat per-

with Bar-B-Que Spare Ribs,

hosts a large menu full of deli-

fectly, leaving diners satisfied. The

homemade macaroni, collard

cious-tasting items, the Baby

Beef Ribs are served with guests

greens, and freshly-baked corn

Back Ribs are uniquely popular.

choice of homemade macaroni

bread. Burrell’s serves their food

A full rack and half rack are of-

salad or potato salad.

in handy to-go packaging. Who

fered, both served with guests

needs to travel to far distances

choice of two sides.

to taste real Southern cooking, when the best barbecue resides at Burrell’s Bar-B-Que.

Mr. Cecil’s California Ribs

Phil’s BBQ Restaurant

Burrell’s Bar-B-Que

Three locations in Los Angeles

Two locations in San Diego

305 North Hesperian Street

To find a location near you visit:

To find a location near you visit:

Santa Ana, CA 92703




Hot Spot

By Rachel Salas

Story & Photo by Paige Purmort

Grilled Peach with Burrata & Prosciutto

Piqueo Andino

“21” Spiced 16oz Bone-In Rib Eye

Strawberry Shortcake

Rustica in Newport Beach has become one of Fashion Island’s most frequented restaurants. The quaint California Bistro serves contemporary cuisine with quality dishes that engage patrons. Executive Chef Renieri Caceres focuses on regional cuisine and uses farm-raised meats.

The Red Door in San Diego has

The “21” Spiced 16oz Bone-In Ribe-Eye is a decadent piece of culinary artistry that is served with potatoes, wild mushrooms, and drizzled in a red wine sauce.

Guests of The Red Door are sure

Inka Mama’s is a family-owned Gjelina’s high-energy feel is one of

Peruvian restaurant where the

the many reasons why it has be-

creators (or Mamas) Martha

come Venice’s new hotspot. Sil-

and Angela have taken inspira-

verware clinking together, friends

tion from their mother’s cooking

laughing joyously, and glamour

and have transformed it into a

girls with fashionable clothes can

prosperous Peruvian restaurant.

be seen when visiting this popular

All the dishes prepared by Inka

eatery. The patio is the ultimate

Mama’s are “homemade to order”

California setting, with the cool

and use nothing but the freshest

sea breeze bustling through the

ingredients according to Martha



Gjelina’s lusty cuisine is full of in-

The Piqueo Andino is a featured

novative dishes that cannot be

dish which combines a few of

found at any ordinary restaurant.

the best appetizers on one plate.

The Grilled Peach with Burrata

The Piqueo Andino comes with a

and Prosciutto salad is a delicious

delicious Tamal, Papa a la Huan-

meal that includes shavings of

caina, two savory Empanadas

proscuitto, grilled peach wedges,

and Chicharron de Pollo topped

creamy burrata, tossed in radic-

with onion. The appetizer itself

chio and arugula.

could work as a tasty meal for one and when split between four, this plethora of flavors is a great way to experience Peruvian cuisine in one sitting.

proven to be the new hot spot in town by providing guests with an unpretentious and comfortable dining experience. Seasonal menu items are incorporated in American comfort classics, paired with wines to enhance flavors. to be stimulated with the inviting custom-interior design, complete with clean breadboard walls, and palettes of cream and neutrals to appeal to comfort.

“This is a great time of year to really showcase the season’s offerings and get creative with dishes. My menu uses the freshest vegetables to ensure that we are serving the best tasting, most flavorful dishes,” said Renieri. “I like knowing where my produce and meats come from . Just try my carrots from the unique family-run Weiser Farms, my freerange chicken from Mary’s and my seasonal veggies from Kenter

The Red Room is noted for its one-of-a-kind desserts. The Strawberry Shortcake, which is made with fresh strawberries from the Farmer’s Market, rests on two delicious biscuits, with fresh whipped cream, and topped with a berry and vanilla bean sauce.


Gjelina 1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd

Inka Mama’s


The Red Door

Venice, CA 90291

Southern Orange County

1133 Newport Center Drive

741 W. Washington St


To find a location near you visit:

Newport Beach, CA 92660

San Diego, CA 92103






On the Beach Apple Brined Pork Chop

By Rachel Salas

Cha Cha Chicken

Fish Tacos

Poke Rolls

Cha Cha Chicken located in Los

Big waves, tan surfers, colorful beach balls, and girls in polka dotted bikinis. This is the view from San Clemente’s treasured restaurant on the Pier, Fisherman’s Restaurant and Bar. This coveted beach spot is where locals and visitors alike, gather for breezy cocktails, tasty appetizers, and fresh seafood dishes. Whether you are in the mood for a romantic dining experience, a quick bite, or a refreshing beer, Fisherman’s is the place to frequent to enjoy the dynamic view of the San Clemente coastline.

Duke’s Huntington Beach is an authentic beachfront restaurant that specializes in Hawaiian cuisine, and is dedicated to legendary Surfer, Duke Kahanamoku. This dynamic beach spot provides its guests with clear views of the Huntington Pier along with delicious food. The restaurant exudes a friendly demeanor upon entrance.

The Firefly Restaurant and Bar is

Angeles near the Santa Monica

a waterfront restaurant that re-

Pier is a colorful Caribbean beach

sides in San Diego’s Dana Hotel

shack that houses the exotic fla-

and serves contemporary and

vors of Central America. With a

sophisticated dishes that guests

beautiful garden patio, complete

enjoy. It is the perfect destination

with benches with authentic floral

to partake in a decadent meal, or

tablecloths, Cha Cha Chicken’s

even splurge with an end-of-the-

guests enjoy the eclectic tastes

day cocktail. Diners can observe

of Caribbean cuisine at reason-

views of Mission Bay from indoor

able prices.

and outdoor tables. Cha Cha Chicken is the signature Firefly’s renowned Chef offers

chicken entrée that is smothered

the best seasonal and local in-

in spices and served with Jamai-

gredients and infuses them into

can jerk sauce, tasty dirty rice,

modern cuisine. The Apple Brined

soft black beans, crunchy red

Pork Chop is a Chef specialty.

cabbage slaw and flavorful fried

This distinctive Pork Chop con-


tains rich flavors, and is served with sweet potatoes, broccoli

Guests can indulge in one of Cha

rabe, and mustard jus.

Cha Chicken’s popular fruit-flavored agues frescos, or partake in the generous BYOB option.

Fisherman’s Fish Tacos are plentiful and delicious. The fresh Mahi-Mahi tacos are cajun-wrapped in flour tortillas, with tomatillo mayonnaise, shredded cabbage, homemade pico de gallo, and served with hot chips and salsa.

Duke’s unique Poke Rolls are an unexpected delight. The delicious rolls are made with fresh raw Ahi and Maui onions, sautéed in rice paper.

Ole Awards.

“In Hawaii we greet friends, loved ones or strangers with Aloha, which means with love,” Kahanamoku said. “Aloha is the key word to the universal spirit of real hospitality, which makes Hawaii renowned as the world’s center of understanding and fellowship. Try meeting or leaving people with Aloha. You’ll be surprised by their reaction. I believe it and it is my creed.”

Fisherman’s Restaurant and Bar is an eight-time winner of the San Clemente Times’ People’s Choice

The Firefly Restaurant & Bar

Cha Cha Chicken

Fisherman’s Restaurant & Bar

Duke’s Huntington Beach

1710 W Mission Bay Dr

1906 Ocean Avenue

611 Avenida Victoria

317 Pacific Coast Highway

San Diego, CA 92109

Santa Monica, CA 90405

San Clemente, CA 92672

Huntington Beach, CA 92648






2nd Annual San Diego Oyster Fest Pacific Beach Shore Club [San Diego]

Story by Kristin Halberg | Photography by Heidi Darby On a perfect day by the water in San Diego, hundreds of people gathered for the Second Annual Oyster Festival. Music hummed through the air as eager oyster-lovers walked in, ready to partake in the aphrodisiac of the sea. Entering the grounds, stood an erect tent provided for Chef Kim Labao of Indian Peach Food Company. Labao provided a cooking demonstration of “Grilled Oysters Kilpatrick.” An attendee remarked they tasted like Manhattan Clam Chowder. As this was the only free food for the day, people crowded for their first tingle of the senses. Sitting over a grill as hot as the sun itself, Labao shucked her oysters efficiently, saying “we like it when they pop!” Meandering through the rest of the grounds, people could find all kinds of oysters to eat. There was “Oyster Row,” where crowds gathered for freshshucked oysters. Guinness was available as the endorsed beverage of the day, along with other offerings to choose from. One of San Diego’s newest and trendiest restaurants, Searsucker, was also in attendance. Celebrity Chef and owner Brian Malarkey was there in support of his restaurant and to celebrate the day. As an avid fish enthusiast, Malarkey made himself at home talking with people, taking pictures and enjoying the event. Searsucker’s contribution was a sandwich named “The Slammer” made with barbequed pork, a “baconnaisse slaw” and fried Fanny Bay oysters all on a perfectly toasted bun. Malarkey spoke of the sandwich as a menu item at his restaurant, however the oysters were added just for the festival. The end of the day marked a live show from Pepper, an instant crowd pleaser. As the sun set on the Marina, it is not difficult to see why spending time in San Diego is the perfect ending to any day. 15




By Rachel Salas

TK’s Cheesburger

The Office Burger

Classic Cheeseburger

TK Burger is one of the best beach spots in Orange County. Located across the street from the beautiful blue Pacific herself, TK Burger is the place to indulge in delicious burgers, sandwiches and burritos on a warm summer day. Founded in 1986, TK Burgers began with its first location in Newport Beach. After a thriving demand for their popular cuisine, the chain expanded, adding three more stores. This “backyard barbecue” restaurant is inviting and fun, with a relaxed-feel as soon as guests enter the door.

Exceptional restaurants are not

Jimmy’s Favorite American Tavern (JFAT) in San Diego prides itself as being “authentic, delicious, real comfort food for the foodie.” At a young age, Jimmy was responsible for making his own meals due to the loss of his mother and the busy schedule of his hard-working Air Force Colonel father. He spent much time in the kitchen with his Jamaican nanny, and took with him the aromatic spices from his nanny’s cooking and combined them with simple American-cooking.

TK Burger uses the freshest ingredients in their signature dishes. Their fresh meat is delivered daily, and their buns are custom-made. The TK Cheeseburger is clearly a popular menu item that is charbroiled and made with a secret sauce. The burger is topped with pickles, lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and TK’s special seasoning, and served with fluffy fries.

always dictated by their delicious food, although that certainly is a main component. Often times, patrons become interested in a restaurant due to its ambiance or theme. Father’s Office in Los Angeles is a creative vision, that is made to look like a 1950s office, complete with wood panels engulfing every wall, with cushiony leather chairs lining the long bar top. This timeless Gastropub is home to the acclaimed Office Burger. The Office Burger has been written about in prestigious publications such as the Los Angeles Times. This house specialty is made with prime meat, savory caramelized onions, crispy bacon, rich gruyere cheese, maytag blue,

Today, the restaurant is a busy hotspot for the best burgers in the neighborhood. With one of the best waterside patios in town, Jimmy’s Favorite American Tavern serves the most delectable Classic Cheeseburger, made out of 10 ounces of Myer’s All Natural Ground Sirloin, sharp cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, sliced red onions and topped with a secret sauce. Guests can chose their choice of garlic thyme fries, coleslaw, potato

Build Your Own Burger Story by Paige Purmort

With 312,000 ways to create your own burger, it really is the “variety of all the toppings” which makes The Counter a truly unique experience, according to Betty Evans the General Manager at The Counter in Newport Beach. When you enter The Counter you are given a menu and a sheet of paper with five steps on how to build your burger including type of meat, cheese, toppings, sauce and bun. The choices aren’t your average mayo and mustard, but unique creations like the roasted garlic aioli, apricot sauce and chipotle aioli. The Counter provides the diner with the freedom of creativity and daring bravery, giving the ability to experiment with different flavors and mastering individual combinations.

salad, or simple greens as a side.

So leave behind the traditional ways of making a mundane burger. Venture to The Counter to treat your appetite to a unique-tasting hamburger.

Father’s Office

Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern

The Counter

Orange County

Two locations in Los Angeles

4990 N Harbor Dr


To find a location near you visit:

To find a location near you visit:

San Diego, CA 92106

To find a location near you visit:


TK Burger

and arugula, served with frites. 16

‘INDULGE’ with NiteGuide magazine Story Paige Purmort | Photos by Erin Kaye


n June 22nd NiteGuide Magazine hosted its monthly food and drink tasting event called Indulge. This upscale, 21 and older event brought foodies together to treat themselves to a delightful night of fine dining and tasteful dishes. Commonwealth Lounge & Grill in Newport

Beach (sister location in Fullerton) provided a setting for this appetizing affair while a live band and DJ entertained the crowd. The first to perform was a jazz quartet, Simple Compounds, including a pianist, saxophonist, stand up bassist and trumpet player. One partygoer expressed the music as having a sort of “jazzy reggae feel” which created a pleasant and enjoyable night for all the attendants. DJ J-Heart pumped up the volume towards the end of the night making some of the younger crowd dance and gear up for the rest of their night. While the pleasurable sound of music and savory smells of freshly prepared food filled the air of the upstairs portion of the CommonWealth Lounge & Grill, the downstairs section hosted a wine tasting and art show by Townley Wine and Townley Art Gallery. Chef Jordan Evangelho prepared the food and developed three menus to grace the stage of this flavorsome affair. The three menu options prepared for the attendees of the Indulge event included the Decadence menu, Sinful menu and Indulge menu. The Decadence menu came with Tender Lovin, a CW signature favorite of hand battered boneless chicken, tossed with chunky blue cheese and “Frank’s Red Hot” sauce, Grilled Artichoke, A Prime Dip Slider one Flight of Beer, Wine or Tequila. The Sinful platter came with an Ahi Tuna Tower, DG’s Filet Mignon with Garlic & Romano Mashed Potatoes, Bucketlist Cheesecake or S’mores, one flight of Beer, Wine or Tequila while the Indulge menu combined both the Decadence and Sinful menu’s together to create an extravagant, mouth-watering feast. Drinks were provided by Tres Sietes Tequila, Asahi Beer and Townley Wine which quenched everyone’s thirst after each savory bite of deliciousness. Among these delicious dishes a few of the most talked about were the Ahi Tuna Tower and the freshly prepared S’mores. The Ahi Tuna Tower is one of Commonwealth Lounge & Grill’s signature dishes and was also featured in our June issue while the fresh S’mores’ bestowed a happy ending with its perfectly roasted marshmallow, smooth chocolate and crispy graham cracker. This fun-filled night of good music, yummy food and pleasing atmosphere made NiteGuide’s monthly food tasting event “Indulge” a great success. NiteGuide Magazine looks forward to next month’s tasting and invites everyone to join them as they celebrate the art of food.




Sandwiches Italian Grinder

“French Dipped” Sandwich

The cleverly-named chain Which Wich Superior Sandwiches has taken the mundane style of sandwich-making, and has turned it into something innovative and delicious. This successful corporation was founded by Jeff Sinelli, former CEO of Genghis Grill. Sinelli was frustrated by the limited options for attaining a great-tasting sandwich in a quick-service environment. It didn’t take long before he jump-started a business committed to creating the best sandwiches available at a quick pace. Which Wich Superior Sandwich stores can be found across the country and are set up with a “revolutionary” ordering system. All sandwiches are made-to-order. The Italian Grinder is a popular sandwich made with tasty salami and ham, pepperoncinis, rich mustard, fresh lettuce, provolone cheese, and crunchy red peppers,

By Rachel Salas

Caprese Sandwich

Story by Kristin Halberg

Delicious and authentic sandwiches Philippe’s “French Dipped Sandwich” derives from the story of Philippe Mathieu, who claimed to be responsible for accidentally inventing the popular sandwich. One glorious day in 1918, Mathieu decided to make a sandwich. He dropped the French roll into a roasting pan, filled with hot juices from the oven, and it was then that the “French Dipped Sandwich” was born. This was indeed a fortunate accident or what some like to call a serendipitous event, for now the world knows the magnificent taste of these delicious sandwiches. Philippe the Original is located in Los Angeles, where patrons can enjoy the tastes of the country’s oldest sandwich. With a combination of a soft French roll dipped in one of Philippe’s tasty “jus”, and the roasted meat of one’s liking, guests delightfully enjoy the flavors coming out of this delicious sandwich. Ask for “single-dip,” “double-dip,” or “wet.”

Divino Torpasta

can be found at family-owned Tina and Vince’s Italian Delicatessen in San Clemente. Upon entrance, there is a line out the door on most occasions, full of the town’s local’s who anxiously wait to purchase one of the deli’s homemade sandwiches, pizzas, cannoli’s, or other Italian favorites. Tina and Vince’s has been in existence for nearly 24 years, happily serving the natives of Southern Orange County. Among the array of delicious Italian dishes at Tina and Vince’s is the tasty Caprese Sandwich, which is made with creamy mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, perfectly-sliced tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil, and served on warm, freshly-baked bread. “People love our food,” said owner, Vito Raspatella. “It’s affordable and brings people together. Food is life.”

on soft Italian bread.

Tina & Vince’s Which Wich

Philippe The Original

Italian Delicatessen

Superior Sandwiches

1001 N. Alameda St.

221 Avenida Del Mar, Suite B


Los Angeles, CA 90012

San Clemente, CA 92672

To find a location near you visit:



When walking into Devine Pastabilities in San Diego, a friendly staff and even friendlier owner, Damien Devine, greets each guest warmly. Going over the menu, there are vegan, vegetarian and all-out animallover options. One of the specialties is the Divino Torpasta, which is bowtie pasta, chicken, sundried tomatoes, feta cheese, and basil tossed in a homemade Alfredo sauce that is perfectly seasoned, and stuffed inside a hollowed-out, six-inch French roll. It is hard to believe this Torpasta (code for “sandwich”) isn’t everywhere. The bread was fresh and perfectly toasted. Every bite was packed with flavor, as no ingredient overshadowed another, in this original idea for an Italian sandwich. Devine speaks passionately about his “no waste” goal for his brainchild. “We use everything we make and we don’t throw away food,” said Devine. “With all the hungry people in the world and tossing food away--I’m not into that.”

Devine Pastabilities 3545 Midway Dr # E San Diego, CA 92110 619.523.5441


St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Church [Irvine] Story by Paige Purmort | Photography by Celia Lira The enthusiastic cries of ‘Opa!’ could be heard through the streets on the weekend of June 24-26, as the 33rd Annual Greek Festival ensued at Saint Paul’s Greek Orthodox Church in Irvine. Every year the Foundation Board of the church orchestrates and plans the activities for the Greek Festival. One of their members, Alex Jianas— a man “born with Greek heritage and proud” of it— told NiteGuide that this yearly event provides a good time to teach people about the culture and traditions of Greece, while providing a time for families to have fun, bond and experience a new culture. This sunny weekend in June provided the perfect setting as children rode on rotating tea cups, plunged down a high-standing super-slide, and relaxed on the sightseeing Ferris Wheel. Amongst all the commotion of rides and games, there was also an abundance of adult activities such as cooking classes, clothing booths, raffle prizes, live music and loads of traditional Greek food. Many scrumptious Greek dishes were served including: Gyros, Loukoumades, Kefetethes, and Pastitchio. One particular dish got special attention for its unique name: Saganaki or Greek flaming cheese. This traditional Greek dish is made with a slice of Greek cheese that is dipped in egg wash and brandy; it is then melted in a pan and served over a piece of pita bread. As ticket collector Sandra Solomon truthfully said, “If you’re in a Greek kitchen you know you’ll be well fed.” Saint Paul’s Greek Orthodox Church displayed hospitality as the 33rd Annual Greek Festival took place. As they continue on through the year, they continually look forward to their next Greek Festival.

Dessert Oasis

Sports Club LA [Irvine] Story & Photos by Heidi Darby

On Sunday, June 26 vendors from the fashion and food worlds came together at The Sports Club LA in Irvine to celebrate “Dessert Oasis - A Quest For The Fountain of Sweet” dessert spectacular. Thrown by Sweet Style Productions, the beautiful weather enhanced the outdoor tastings. Vendors showcased a variety of displays poolside, where attendees were able to walk by and taste the various creations by the bakers and candy makers. Tasty Clouds candy company handed out samples of their delicious cotton candy, where founder Nina Rodecker served as a judge for the day. Also handling the cupcake judging was Costa Mesa baker and decorator at “Christopher Garren’s Let Them Eat Cake,” Chris Russom, who appears on the WE networks hit show “Amazing Wedding Cakes.” Rounding out the judging was LA based “Goodie Girl” founder, and Food Network Cupcake Wars winner, Annette Starbuck. Big winner “Lil’ Reds Cupcakery” won the judges heart, and offered mini-cupcakes with flavors such as sugar cookie. The indoor portion of the event hosted various booths highlighting shoes, makeup, and clothing. The fun and youthful clothing line Single was on hand, dressing models for the poolside fashion show. The beautiful models walked along the pool, standing out in their vibrant dresses. The event was to benefit the non-profit organization Divine Choices, a California based group that provides sexual abuse preven 20

tion education to adults who care for, and interact with children. The endless offering of delectable sweets, intriguing fashion, and great weather, kept everyone at the event smiling and enjoying themselves.


Best Dish for

Happy Hour

By Rachel Salas

Photo by Rachel Salas

Sliced Beef Sirloin

Rock Shrimp & Avocado Flatbread

Boasting elegant food, delicious cocktails, and affordable prices,

Happy Hour doesn’t get any

Bayside Restaurant in Newport

better than the swanky Altitude

Beach is well-known for their

Sky Lounge on the rooftop of the

fabulous appetizers on their ex-

Gaslamp’s Marriott Hotel. This

tensive Happy Hour menu. The

alluring location provides a sce-

custom-designed location on the

nic panoramic view of downtown

Newport Harbor displays the fin-

San Diego, Coronado Island, and

est work from Chef Paul Gstrein.


With a unique glass wine cellar, comfortable patio chairs, and

Guests can get cozy next to

the beautiful California weather,

someone new near unique fire pits

Bayside Restaurant is the perfect

and enjoy night-long entertain-

place to visit after a long day at

ment on projection screens. Large

the office.

couches rest below an intricate, wrought-iron garden trellis, where

The succulent Sliced Beef Sirloin

the night sky shines through.

is a delicious tapas that is served with Roquefort blue cheese leek

Altitude Sky Lounge is known

fondue. All items on the tapas

for their half-priced Happy Hour

Happy Hour menu are made high-

specials. The Rock Shrimp and

quality and delicious. This spe-

Avocado Flatbread is a popular

cialty menu is served daily from

menu item that is made with spicy

5 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Lounge

chorizo, roasted red bell peppers,

and on the beautiful terrace.

savory rock shrimp, jack cheese,

Each tapas is affordably-priced

and topped with perfectly ripened

at $5.95, while martinis and select


wines are $6. Altitude Sky Lounge Bayside Restaurant

660 K Street

900 Bayside Drive,

San Diego, CA 92101

Newport Beach CA, 92660



Calamari BeachFire Restaurants in OC places heavy emphasis on individuality, which has set the chain apart from other restaurants. Beach-BumBohemian in decor, with accents of artwork displayed from local artists, an island-inspired menu filled with delectable seafood entrees and fresh salads, has made BeachFire the locals’ favorite hangout.

Roma Tomato Basil Pizza Palomino in Los Angeles is a savvy cuisine that can satisfy appetites of all kinds. With delicious food, extraordinary service, and tastes from Italy and Spain, this Mediterranean restaurant impresses diners with their great Happy Hour specials.

Owners Allison and Dave Donaldson came up with the catchy name one night while driving down PCH. With the smell of smoky wood from a nearby beach fire filling the air, came the concept for the entire res-

The Roma Tomato Basil Pizza is

taurant (which was written down on a cocktail napkin). Since that night, these two restauranteurs have created multiple fun and successful dining establishments.

“Palomino is a stylish, high-quality

BeachFire’s Happy Hour is one of the best around. The delicious $6 calamari is dusted in rice flower, fried to a golden brown, tossed in sweet Thai chili, sesame seeds, wasabi cream, mesclun greens, and green onions.

Leader, Tom Marzano told Re-

BeachFire Southern Orange County

Palomino 10877 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90024 310.208.1960

generous in serving and topped with shaved garlic and fresh mozzarella. This delicious pizza is priced at $6.

restaurant with an unbuttoned atmosphere complemented by traditional, freshly-made old world classic dishes,” Palomino Brand “Our three-course dinner for $30 is a great reason to enjoy an evening out at Palomino.” 21


Summer Time Cocktails

By Rachel Salas

The Epicurean Experience is a delicious tour of Domaine Chandon, that also allows guests to partake in a sampling of small bites paired perfectly with Chandon wines in the luxurious étoile Restaurant. Chandon Sparkling Wine has boldly made a name for itself in the world of notable wineries. The elegant spirit is dynamic in taste and is the perfect compliment to any summer cocktail. Whether its sailing the deep blue sea with friends, or engaging in a night out to a popular club, Chandon is the fuel to an exciting outing. “With roots in France and hearts in California,” Chandon traveled to Napa Valley to be a part of the best vineyards. With 30 years of cultivation, Chandon’s

Chandon leads Summer of 2011 with three must-try cocktails.

Chandon Liberty Fizz

is the perfect spirit to sip on during the triumphant fireworks on the Fourth of July.

The explosive drink is made with pomegranate juice, Grand Marnier, and topped off with Chandon Blanc de Noirs.

experts excelled in the making of traditional varietals of French Champagne, among other wines. Chandon’s centuries-old wine-making infuses the practice of using quality California fruit to create the perfect-tasting sparkling wine. The flavors are rich and bold, just like California

Chandon Brut Mojito

herself. But don’t think French tradition is lost when indulging in a cool glass of Chandon’s finest bubbles. This winery knows how to compliment the old with the new by maintaining France’s méthod traditi-

is another refreshing cocktail that is perfect on sunny day.

onelle. Chandon is a brand that is sure

It includes Chandon Brut Classic, Cane rum, simple syrup,

to provide the highest quality in every

crushed mint leaves, and lime juice. This classic cocktail was


introduced to America by none other than our classic writer, Ernest Hemingway.

Tom Tiburzi is Chandon’s leading sparkling wine maker. With a degree in Environmental Studies and Biology from the University of California at Berkeley, Tiburzi has combined his love for food and wine with his knowledge in Science to create the perfect bubbles. His skills have played a large role in the cre-

Chandon Cucumber Peel

ation of Chandon’s diversified cuvées.

is “cool as cucumber.”

Chandon offers a variety of one-of-a-

The relaxing drink is made with

kind tours. During the Cocktail Tour

Chandon Classic Brut, raw

and Tasting, guests are guided by

cucumber peels, simple syrup,

a knowledgable ambassador who

and spearmint leaves.

teaches patrons how to create three remarkable cocktails. The tour is

Take a cold bottle of Sparkling

reasonably priced at $32 for anyone

Wine’s finest brand to the

over the age of 21.

beach for a memorable summer day full of fun and thrills.

FEATURED DRINKS World Famous Bali Hai Mai Tai Bali Hai [San Diego]

2230 Shelter Island Drive, 92106 | 619.222.1181 | By Rachel Salas

Yes, Mai Tai’s are delicious and refreshing, but they’re also a dime a dozen. Well, not all of them. Bali Hai in San Diego is home to the world’s most famous Mai Tai. This exceptional drink was sold 2 million times in March 2010. Numbers talk, and they are saying that this is the drink that stands out among the rest. Bali Hai’s World Famous Mai Tai will be sure to knock your socks off. It is made with Coruba Jamaican Dark Rum, Ron Rico Light Rum, orange liqueur and sweet and sour, and garnished with a fresh pineapple. There is no additional fruit juice added.

Mango Margi

Hapa J’s [San Clemente] 2016 South El Camino Real, 92672 |949.276.6657 | By Rachel Salas

The Mango Margi is a specialty drink made with Sauza Tequila, a shaken blend of mango purée, orange liqueur, Japanese sweet and sour, served in a unique martini glass over ice, with a salt rim, and garnished with a fresh lime.

Photo by Rachel Salas

Summertime has arrived, and many people flock to beautiful California beach towns to relax and indulge in enjoyable cocktails. Hapa J’s in San Clemente is the perfect island-restaurant to visit, where guests can sip on delicious hand-crafted cocktails made by friendly bartenders and owners.

The combination of Hapa’s Mango Margi and gentle ambiance is sure to leave guests feeling refreshed.

Millionaire Mojito Tommy Bahama’s [Nationwide]

To find a location near you visit: By Rachel Salas

Just when we thought Tommy Bahama couldn’t gain any more success... The notable fashion designer has broadened his artistic vision by experimenting with an entire new business venture: restaurants. With the rapid expansion of his 13 restaurants across the country, Tommy Bahama has indeed been successful. So why not go a step further and create his own rum? The Millionaire Mojito is a restaurant specialty made with Tommy Bahama White Sand Rum, fine sugar, fresh mint, sparkling soda, and crushed ice. The refreshing drink is garnished with a fresh green lime. 23


Commonwealth Lounge & Grill | 2406 Newport Blvd, CA 92663 | 949-675-4444 |



Float [San Diego]

Galaxy Theatre [Santa Ana]

207 5th Ave, CA 92101 619-702-3000

3503 South Harbor Blvd, CA 92704

Fluxx [San Diego]

Heat Ultra Lounge [Anaheim]

500 4th Avenue, CA 92101 619-232-8100

321 W Katella Ave # 214, CA 92802 714-776-4328

Voyeur [San Diego]

Sutra [Costa Mesa]

755 5th Ave, CA 92101

1807 Harbor Blvd, CA 92627



Ivy Nightclub [San Diego]

Avec [Huntington Beach]


600 F Street, CA 92101 619-814-2055

On Broadway [San Diego]

Onyx Room [San Diego]

Spin [San Diego]

LOUNGEsix [San Diego]

615 Broadway, CA 92101 619-231-0011 852 Fifth Ave, CA 92101 619-235-6699 2028 Hancock, CA 92110 619-294-9590 616 J Street, CA 92101 619-531-8744

AIRR Nightclub [San Diego]

526 Market Street, CA 92101 619-546-8306

Stingaree [San Diego]

454 6th Avenue, CA 92101 619-544-9500


18582 Beach Blvd, CA 92646 714-475-4660

Eye Candy Bikini Bar [Costa Mesa] Commonwealth Lounge [Fullerton] Shark Club [Costa Mesa]

Envy [Fullerton] 8Eighty8 [Newport Beach] Ember [Anaheim]

1562 Newport Blvd, CA 92627 949-548-6984 112 East Commonwealth Avenue, CA 92832 714-525-8888 841 Baker St, CA 92626 714-751-6426 120 West Wilshire Avenue, CA 92832 714-525-8051 4647 MacArthur Blvd, CA 92660 949-660-1010 401 N, Anaheim CA 92805 714-991-5101

Playhouse | 6506 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028 | 323-656-4800 |



SOL [Carson] NOW OPEN!

Rain Nightclub [Las Vegas]

313 E Carson St, CA 90745 310-518-0177

4321 West Flamingo Road, NV 89103 702-942-6832

Sevilla [Long Beach]

Haze [Las Vegas] 3730 Las Vegas Blvd South, NV 89103 702-590-8000

140 Pine Ave, CA 90802 562-495-1111

Drais [Hollywood]

TAO [Las Vegas]

6250 Hollywood Blvd, CA 90028 323-962-1111

3377 South Las Vegas Blvd, NV 89109 702-492-3906

Mai Tai Bar [Long Beach]

Marquee [Las Vegas]

97 Aquarium Way, CA 90802 562-435-1200

3708 South Las Vegas Blvd, NV 89109 702-521-4005

TRU [Hollywood]

1600 Argyle Ave, CA 90028 323-461-1600

XIV [Hollywood]

8117 West Sunset Blvd, CA 90046 323-656-1414

The Penthouse [Santa Monica]

1111 2nd Street, CA 90403 310-394-5454

The Highlands [Hollywood]

6801 Hollywood Blvd #433, CA 90028 323-461-9800

Voyeur [Santa Monica]

7969 Santa Monica Blvd, CA 90046 323-654-0208

Kress [Hollywood]

6608 Hollywood Blvd, CA 90028 323-785-5000

Moon [Las Vegas]

Vanity Nightclub [Las Vegas]

4321 West Flamingo Road, NV 89103 702-942-6832 4455 Paradise Rd, NV 89109 702-693-4000

LAX [Las Vegas]

3900 South Las Vegas Blvd, NV 89119 702-492-3960

XS [Las Vegas]

3131 Las Vegas Blvd South, NV 89109 702-770-0097

Jet [Las Vegas] VooDoo Lounge [Las Vegas]

3400 South Las Vegas Blvd, NV 89109 702-693-8300 3700 W. Flamingo Rd, NV 89103 702-492-3960 25


Playhouse in LA... Not Your Typical One Night Stand By Paige Purmort


t’s no secret that LA is full of one-night

Photos by Eric Voake & Vivien Killilea

stands, and I’m not just talking about the many young singles who invade the

streets at night. I’m talking about the nightclubs. Most LA born nightclubs know that in order for people to remain interested they must constantly renovate, re-imagine and rebrand their clubs in order for people to keep coming. Playhouse Hollywood is an exception to this rule.

The Fox Theatre has undergone a

performance). Its resident DJ’s are Manufac-

complete transformation in order to

tured Superstars, Chris Garcia, EDX, Scooter

make the Playhouse Hollywood a capti-

& Lavelle, Richard Grey, DJ Ruckus, DJ Poli-

vating nightclub. The innovative-conceptual

tik, Eric Dlux, DJ Reach and DJ Irie.

staff artfully designed the club to have strategically placed lighting, intelligently planned

Whether you’re a regular Playhouse

sound systems, and intriguing design ele-

Hollywood resident or a first-timer you

ments to keep the party people in awe and

will not want to miss Playhouse Hollywood’s two year anniversary weekend event which will feature a special DJ Set By Lil Jon along side resident DJ Eric D-Lux on

Playhouse Hollywood is happily ap-

Thursday night. Friday night house music will

proaching its two year anniversary (July

tear up the floor with electronic-dance-mu-

7th, 8th, and 9th) and cleverly dubbed their

sic icon Cedric Gervais and hip-hop-electro

new ad campaign with an appropriate slogan

group Party Crash (aka DJ Ruckus & Cory

entitled, “Not Your Typical One-Night Stand.”

Enemy) conquering the stage Saturday night.

The reason Playhouse Hollywood has been able to maintain a relationship with the ever changing world of Hollywood is because it stands apart from all other LA hotspots. Where else does your bartender double as a trapeze artist or your server transform into a talented aerialist? Playhouse Hollywood has remained a hit sensation because it truly is the first nightclub in Hollywood to bring the surprising, dazzling and rip-roaring fun that you can only get in Vegas.

amazement. Although Playhouse Hollywood is receiving great success now some critics were not as credulous to their initial ambitions such as weekly Friday night house music. However Dirty Sexy House has been going on for two years now every Friday night at Playhouse Hollywood and is paving the way as other competing nightclubs jump on the house music bandwagon. Playhouse


wood has attracted an insane amount of celebrities such as Justin Timberlake,


Bradley Cooper and the Kardashians while also featuring the hottest artists such as Lil Wayne, Black Eyed Peas, Dirty South, LMFAO and Tiesto (who recently graced the stage June 22nd for a pre-EDC 26

See what all the fuss is about the weekend of July 7th and see how this premier Hollywood hot-spot has survived in a town full of ever changing nightclubs.

Playhouse | 6506 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028 | 323-656-4800

INDUSTRY MOVERS & SHAKERS Featured Bartender Patty Buathong By Paige Purmort

Patty Buathong is our featured Bartender for this month’s issue, not just for her unique background and spunky attitude, but because of her dream-big mentality. Originally from Bangkok, Thailand, Patty moved to California when she was six with her family to attend school. Patty

Featured VIP Host Glenn Jaenisch

pursued her education further by attending Cal State University, Long Beach, where she received her BA in Theatre. Patty hopes to one day dance and perform on Broadway and is already on her way working as a dancer at Disneyland, performing in Disney’s Parade of the Stars and Disney’s Christmas Fantasy Parade. Patty has seven years experience in bartending, and works as lead bartender at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Costa Mesa. Mastro’s Steakhouse is well known for their upscale dinning, whimsical seafood towers, juicy steaks, and signature Warm Butter Cake. As far as drinks go, Patty would recommend the delicious Pomegranate Martini, spicy Desert Heat Cocktail and the Mastro’s Cosmopolitan Martini which contains dry ice, making the drink fizz and smoke. In honor of this month’s summer issue Patty spilled some of her favorite sum

mer you’ll definitely want to contact Glenn Jaenisch. He is the ultimate connection for everything you want to do in Vegas. He’ll get you into the hottest night clubs (surpassing all lines of course); bring you to all the scandalous pool parties (furnished with a pool side Cabana just for you) and providing fabulous limo service to take you to the hottest strip clubs in Vegas. Glenn is definitely your one-stop shop to all the craziness Vegas has to offer. Glenn is an Independent Vegas Host, meaning he is independently contracted by different companies to create the theme, bring the party-goers, provide bottle service, and ensure everyone is having the best night possible. Glenn’s incredible work ethic and 10 years experience has proven to be very fruitful, with celebrity connections such as Angelique Morgan (better known as 28

Patty loves to bartend because of the fast pace environment and social atmosphere. Bartending for Patty has been a great way to connect with people and network towards other projects such as meeting directors and choreographers who have caught her numerous auditions. For Patty’s big ambitions, bartending has proven to be beneficial towards her large aspirations. Patty’s awesome networking skills have driven her to great heights and as her hopes of becoming a Broadway star continue, NiteGuide Magazine wishes her great success in all her endeavors.

Frenchy), Alexis Amore and Darin Brooks—

passion for what he does, his dedication to

Glenn knows exactly where the party’s at.

the client and his extensive connections in Las Vegas. Be sure to contact Glenn Jae-

By Paige Purmort

If you’re planning a trip to Vegas this sum-

mertime hobbies. Since she is one athletic chick, it was no surprise that some of those hobbies included golfing, beach volleyball, and training in Brazilian Jujitsu. Patty also enjoys DJing and plans to spin at some bars and clubs this summer with her crew Milk Carton DJ’s.

Glenn got started in this business when he

nisch at

attended his first music festival—Electric

or call him at (714) 402-7572 as you plan

Daisy Carnival— where he immediately fell

your next trip to Sin City.

in love with the friendly people and good vibes. He started off as a promoter where his sole job required getting people to the party. As time progressed, Glenn eventually moved into DJing where he had a 5 year career as DJ React. DJing led him to meet many investors and club owners; these connections gave base for starting his own company—Total Break USA—teaching him the ins-and-outs of event planning: creating the theme, promoting the event, making guest lists, and capturing it all with his camera. Glenn eventually got so big that companies started hiring him to make their companies big such as “Back Music” which employed Glenn to start up their company and get their name known. The difference between Glenn Jaenisch and any other Vegas Host is his whole-hearted

Featured DJ DJ Special EFX Graphics by Tommy Lafleur

By Paige Purmort

DJ Special EFX is this month’s featured DJ due to his his friendly demeanor, can do attitude, and eagerness to fulfill his dreams. His upbeat style filled with creativity, passion and love instills a vibe over the crowd that leaves every party goer feeling buzzed and energized. We sat down with DJ Special EFX to find out just how he made it in the night life industry. NGM: When did you start your DJing career and how long have you been DJing for? DJ Special EFX: I started DJing at the age of 16, but my career officially begun when I was 20 years old when I started DJing at clubs/events. I’ve been DJing for 15 years. NGM: What led you to start DJing? DJ Special EFX: I always loved music as a kid growing up! One day I saw a DJ for the first time and I was in love with what I saw; that same week I bought turntables and records at the local music store so I could learn how to mix. NGM: What’s your favorite thing about DJing? DJ Special EFX: Besides the love I have for it my favorite thing about DJing is being able to control a crowd of people the whole night with whatever type of music I’m playing, and being able to set a vibe for whole the night. It feels awesome to get an instant


getting her inspiration from her mother who

By Paige Purmort

her “mother’s prodigy” as Nikita puts it. Nikita

If you see Nikita at the club, for the love of Nite-

ning her dance education in ballet, jazz and tra-

Guide please just let her dance! However, if you

ditional Chinese folk dancing. Nikita is currently

see her walking around, please approach her

on tour with XDC extreme drift circuit hosting

for theirs nothing Nikita loves more than meet-

and judging the Go-Go dancing competition.

ing new people and making connections. Niki-

Nikita’s career has taken her to many places

ta is our featured Go-Go dancer this month for

such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, Guam

that precise reason; she’s a fun-loving, good

and her favorite destination Australia, where

hearted Go-Go dancer who has a passion for

the natives got a taste of just how American

modeling, acting and of course dancing.

girls dress and dance.

Nikita was first inspired by the idea of Go-Go

Nikita dreams of one day becoming a Holly-

dancing when she would dance at the clubs

wood star on the big screen and is already on

and see the girls up on stage or in cages, un-

her way, appearing in her first motion picture

bothered by the many guys who approach

entitled “Shiver,” a horror film in which Nikita

girls when they dance. Nikita longed to go to a

plays the first victim of a deadly killer. Nikita

club where she could just dance and not worry

hopes to continue her career in modeling

about being interrupted. Nikita found that pos-

and Go-Go dancing, but her ultimate goal is

sible when she started Go-Go dancing, being

to become an actress and spread her talents

able to move to the beat without disturbance

worldwide. Be sure to check out Nikita every

and then socialize with people on her break.

Wednesday and Thursday night at the Palms

Nikita Esco

response from the crowd while I play. NGM: Do you having any place where you are the resident DJ? DJ Special EFX: I’m currently a resident DJ at club Ember in Anaheim every Saturday Night! NGM: Where was the best place you’ve ever played a show? DJ Special EFX: The best place I’ve ever spun at was at an event called “Massive” in LA back in 2004. It was a huge sold out event with almost 5000 people; it was the first time I ever DJed for so many people. The feeling was so intense I’ll never forget that night! NGM: Is there anything in particular you want our readers to know about you as a person and as a DJ? DJ Special EFX: I consider myself a very humble and down to earth kind of guy. I respect everyone and other DJ’s equally. As a DJ I want people to leave events I’ve played at saying “wow I had a good time tonight and the music was really good.” For me that’s the ultimate reason I do this! For more information, visit: Booking Info:

was a famous Taiwanese dancer—definitely has been Go-Go dancing for 10 years, begin-

Casino Lounge in Las Vegas dancing with the Nikita has been dancing since she was little,

hottest new group “Kahsino”.

Photo by Moses Marquez 29

July 2011 Events Listing:

LOS ANGELES Every Tuesday [Mai Tai Bar] Steele Rod Live Band Karaoke Every Wednesday [Mai Tai Bar] DJ Party & Beer Pong Every Thursday [My Studio] DJ Marshall Barnes Every Saturday [Exchange] ALL IN Every Saturday [Level 3] Club DV8 18+ Every Sunday [MaiTai Bar] Paradise Sunday Live Music & Hawaiian Dancers Every Sunday [Kress] Sweet Sundays July 1, Friday [SOL] GRAND OPENING w/ DJ Felli Fel & Trevor Ariza’s Birthday Celebration July 3, Sunday [Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood] WET Pool Party w/ Miguel Migs July 4, Monday [Playhouse] PLEASUREKRAFT w/ DJ S C July 6, Wednesday [ECCO] Danielle Tavella July 7, Thursday [Playhouse] Eric Dlux w/ Lil Jon (DJ Set) July 8, Friday [Playhouse] Cedric Gervais July 9, Saturday [The Standard, Downtown] Soleil Pool Party July 11, Monday [Playhouse] DADA LIFE July 9, Staurday [Mai Tai Bar] NiteGuide Magazine event w/ DJ Peter G and DJ Slander July 13, Wednesday [Playhouse] ESPYS Awards After-Party July 14, Thursday [Playhouse] DJ Reach July 15, Friday [Downtown LA] Alexander East & The Architects July 15, Friday [Vanguard] Mark Farina July 16, Saturday [SOL] NiteGuide Mag’s July Issue Release Party email to get on the list! July 18, Monday [Playhouse] Blake Lewis’ Birthday w/ DJ Dan, EC TWINS & Friends July 22, Friday [Playhouse] Nathan Scott July 23, Saturday [The Playboy Mansion] Summer Solstice 2011 July 28, Thursday [Playhouse] DJ HOMICIDE July 30, Saturday [LA Coliseum] L.A. Rising July 30, Saturday [ECCO] Danny B’s Birthday Log on to now to see more events and get on the list! 30

Makeup/Hair: Sunset Blonde Makeup Artistry Swimwear by: b. swim | Swim Systems | Photography: Michael Voorhees

Rachel Bernstein July 2011 VIXEN

To see more photos of Rachel Bernstein log onto

July 2011 Events Listing:

ORANGE COUNTY Every Thursday [Commonwealth Lounge NB] “The Living Room” featuring DJ Scotty Coats (Deep House, Disco) Every Thursday [Commonwealth Lounge Fullerton] Ladies Night feat. Jay P, Zeb1, J Fresh, Remark Every Thursday [Ember] “3AM” Thursdays 18+ Every Friday [Ember] Super Estrella host Alexx Every Friday [Avec] Haute Fridays July 6, Wednesday [8Eighty8] Edward Maya July 6, Wednesday [Commonwealth Lounge Fullerton] Miss Dakota (New Burlesque Show w / Live Band) $5, 8pm July 7, Thursday [Sutra] EC Twins July 7, Thursday [Ember] DJ Drew July 8, Friday [Sutra] DJ E-Man July 9, Saturday [Ember] DJ Eddie One and VDJ Dini July 9, Saturday [Sutra] DJ Rush July 15, Friday [Sutra] DJ Reflex July 16, Saturday [Ember] DJ Lunacy July 16, Saturday [Sutra] Mr. White July 17, Sunday [Commonwealth Lounge NB] The Expanders (Reggae, Dub - Afternoon Show 3pm -7pm) July 21, Thursday [Ember] DJ Metric July 22, Friday [Sutra] DJ Spryte July 23, Saturday [Sutra] DJ scooter July 27, Wednesday [Commonwealth Lounge Fullerton] Miss Dakota (New Burlesque Show w / Live Band) $5, 8pm July 28, Thursday [Sutra] Morgan Page July 29, Friday [Commonwealth Lounge NB] DJ Ron Sleezy & Bobby Soul July 29, Friday [Sutra] DJ Kevin Scott July 30, Saturday [Ember] Violent Lips Duo/ Playboy Playmates DJs Rhiannon and Heather Von Ziper July 31, Sunday [Commonwealth Lounge Fullerton] Breakestra (Deep Funk, Soul, Jazz)

Log on to now to see more events and get on the list! 32

3503 S. Harbor Blvd | Santa Ana

7/1 7/2



The Bangles By Heidi Darby

The Bangles lit up the 80’s with hits like “Walk Like An Egyptian” and “Eternal Flame.” Set to release their latest album Sweetheart Of The Sun this fall, the California songstresses

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look forward to touring and sharing the new record. “It’s very homegrown,” says vocalist/guitarist Vicki Peterson.



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own, Susannas’ (Hoffs), and our friend Matthew Sweets’. It days as a band, because some of the tracks are very raw and rock, and some are very acoustic, and almost folk-rock flavored.” The new record draws inspiration from the book “Girls Like Us,” by Sheila Weller, which follows the lives of Carole King, Joni Mitchell, and Carly Simon. The title track and first single off the album, “Anna Lee (Sweetheart of the Sun)” was a loose incarnation of the three singers. “She’s sort of a composite fictional character. Somebody who came before us as an artist, and believes in herself and her femininity, and also has enormous strength and character. It’s been fun to play around with these ideas. It definitely informs the feel of the record in certain ways,” Peterson said. The Bangles are arguably one of the most recognizable all-

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girl bands in pop music history. The 80’s benefitted from their contributions, scoring multiple hits in the US and across the world, allowing the group to work with 80’s music royalty including Prince and Cyndi Lauper. When asked about being an inspiration, Peterson shared, “We’ve had people come up to us that look like they’re not even old enough to know who The Bangles are, and say that

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they’ve been listening to us since they were little, and that’s the reason they’re playing the drums or the guitar. I think


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there’s a lot of energy and forward motion for young women


to play today. There’s certainly not as many voices saying

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they can’t or they shouldn’t. I think that is amazing.”



“We literally recorded this in peoples homes, including my kind of has an intimate feel to it. It also reflects our earliest

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(feat. Colin Blunstone & Rod Argent) THE STRAWBS (Acoustic)


July 2011 Events Listing:

SAN DIEGO Every Wednesday [Sidebar] Industry Night Every Saturday [Fluxx] Sid Vicious Saturdays Every Sunday [Hard Rock Hotel] Intervention Sundays July 2, Saturday [SD Sports Arena] Day Glow Party ‘The World’s Largest Paint Party!’ July 2, Saturday [Float | Hard Rock Hotel] Gabriel and Dresden July 3, Sunday [Voyeur] Dirty South July 3, Sunday [Float | Hard Rock Hotel] Intervention Sundays w/ Edward Maya July 4, Monday [Voyeur] Cosmic Gate July 8, Friday [Ivy] Rico DeLargo July 8, Friday [Fluxx] DJ Brett Bodley July 9, Saturday [Fluxx] Sid Vicious & Rico DeLargo July 17, Sunday [Float | Hard Rock Hotel] Intervention Sundays w/ DJ Vice July 14, Thursday [Fluxx] Infected Mushroom: Live July 15, Friday [Voyeur] Cedric Gervais & Audrey Napoleon July 16, Saturday [Spin] Mark Farina & Doc Martin July 17, Sunday [Float | Hard Rock Hotel] Intervention Sundays w/ Morgan Paige July 17, Sunday [Sidebar] Five/Ten with Scooter July 20, Wednesday [Voyeur] Zedd 18+ July 21, Thursday [Sidebar] Superfox with Theorycraft July 22, Friday [Fluxx] DJ Karma July 24, Sunday [Float | Hard Rock Hotel] Intervention Sundays w/ REDFOO & LMFAO DJ Set July 25, Monday [Fluxx] Industry Night w/ Sid Vicious & Surprise Live Performance July 27, Wednesday [Voyeur] Skyler Grey 18+ July 28, Thursday [Fluxx] EDM July 28, Thursday [Sidebar] Fishfonics & Digital July 29, Friday [Fluxx] DJ Cobra July 29, Friday [Voyeur] Bobby Burns July 30, Saturday [Sidebar] Fresh One Log on to now to see more events and get on the list! 34

“There is always a party in paradise...” By Emmanuel Cayanan


hether you’re a bona fide casino

Aura, a 9,000-square ft. nightclub operated

Charlie’s: Charlie’s Club is another hot spot in



by PURE Management Group. Luxurious and

Nassau. Be sure to adhere to the formal dress




stopper or you just want a drink

sexy, Aura offers a modern atmosphere with

code or don’t bother trying to get past the door

with an umbrella in it, the odds are always in

a glass dance floor surrounded by banquette

man. Open Wednesdays and Friday-Saturday,

your favor in the Bahamas. One of the most

seating. Aura opens at 10 p.m. Thurs. through

Charlie’s employs an elegant speakeasy kind

popular tourist destinations in the Atlantic

Sat. Attire is upscale casual. Dress to impress.

of feel. This is grown-up setting that is a

Ocean, the Bahamas offers a wide variety of

departure from the spring break crowd.

casinos, restaurants, bars and nightclubs that are as vibrant and exciting as the posters and

Club Waterloo: By day, this lakeside mansion

brochures make it seem. About an hour flight

operates as Shooters Sports Bar & Grill. By

from Miami, the Bahamas are the third richest

night, it become the number one nightlife

place of the Americas and is a picturesque

attraction in Nassau. Club Waterloo has been

island dream. There is always a party in

packing in party people for over 28 years.

paradise. The various scenes throughout the

Still young and hip as ever, Waterloo offers

29-island territory offer a plethora of nightlife

the largest selection of music on the island,

experiences, all with the promise of bronzed

Aura Nightclub

beach bodies looking to heat things up.

with DJs spinning hip hop, reggae, rock and calypso. On Fri. and Sat., experience the sound of live local and visiting bands rocking

Paradise Island

New Providence

out to classic and alternative rock. There is

Atlantis Casino/Aura Nightclub: Much of

Bambu Music Bar Lounge: Open Thurs.

plenty of room to mix and meet with other

the action on Paradise Island happens at

through Sat., Bambu Music Bar Lounge is

people, with indoor and outdoor party areas.

Atlantis Casino. This 50,000-square ft. casino

infamous for enforcing its strict dress code.

Five bars throughout the club keep the crowds

embodies a sense of glitz and glamour

The music at this club ranges from pop, to

hydrated. Come to Club Waterloo if you’re into

comparable to the Las Vegas strip, with

R&B, to euro house. It is located in the heart

poolside mansion party atmospheres.

blackjack tables, baccarat, craps, a Carribean

of Downtown Nassau and overlooks the city’s

stud poker gaming area and over 1,000 slot

harbor. The open air bar brings a euro beach

machines. The casino is surrounded by a

bar vibe. Open 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., the action

number of dining options to start your evening.

at Bambu really gets started past midnight.

The main nightlife attraction at Atlantis is

Bambu is Nassau’s hottest spot for dancing.


Club Waterloo

Sparkey’s eclectic mix of locals, tourists, and vacationers who never left. In the later part of the evening, the DJ heats things up with an upbeat mix of reggae, rock and alternative music. Sparky’s offers the Rum Runners

Grand Bahama Island

Sparky’s: Located in the Port

Rum Runners: On the way to wherever it is

Lucaya Marketplace, Sparky’s

you’re going on Grand Bahama Island, be

is a martini lounge and bar

sure to stop by and pull up a chair to the bar

that attracts many visitors

at Rum Runners. Specializing in coconut-

and locals on Grand Bahama

flavored drinks, Rum Runners exemplifies

Island. The Wet Your Whistle

typical Bahamian ambiance in both indoor and

happy hour starts at 5 p.m.

outdoor settings. Travelers often rave about

and sets sail at 9 p.m. Half-

the service at this joint. The bartenders are

priced martinis on Mon., $3

generally charismatic and humorous. Soak up

drinks on Wed., and 2-for-1

the booze with delicious and inexpensive bar

mojitos on Thurs. are just

food from a menu that includes tasty burgers

some of the drink specials

and delightfully seasoned fish & chips. This is

that keep regulars coming

some of the cheapest beer on the island. Have

throughout the week. Strike

a few as you interact with passers-by outside.




perfect island vibe.

the 37

By John Helmrich

Legends carry on their legacy long after they are gone.....


hese individuals are so iconic within the fabric of our culture

a mighty musical force to be reckoned with solely through their

that they create complete change in the course of history.

songwriting and live delivery, that they need no gimmicks. The

Music legends are even more unique.

Not only do they

Strokes have resurrected seventies-style feel-good rock and roll and

effectively impact the course of music, but they generally affect many

effectively related it to the masses, spurring a music-and-style trend

surrounding cultures and environments– fashion, politics, sexuality,

in rock. But none of these bands are creating a decade-defining

war, language, and values. This intense power of influence is extremely

movement that I can see. And at that, there are only handfuls in the

rare, and it seems as if there is an expectation subconsciously woven

mainstream that are doing anything sonically interesting. Rock badly

into our minds that our great music icons should possess and exercise this power rightfully.

needs a deeply talented and controversial front-man to notify the rest “Up your game!” The waters of hip hop are largely muddy and

The Beatles created groundbreaking, timeless

confused, but there are a few shining areas

music that fused all genres and carved a

of clear blue. Big Boi is proving to make

new path for every band we hear today.

it past the solo-career tipping point of

They were political and fashionable and constantly gave the press something

a typical MC with insane flows, live

to chew on. In the nineties we had

delivery and original productions.

the Kurt Cobain, 2Pac, and Bjork

Mos Def is always leading trends

that kept us enthralled for days; due

in hip-hop successfully creating a

to the tremendous substance that

stellar acting career, and through

lied beneath their advertising, chart

it all is never afraid to say what’s on his mind.

ratings and wild publicity antics.

Kanye is a great

artist - on another level - though Some of The Buzz I’m hearing this

he’ll never reach the stature of past

month is that we don’t have many of

legends if he can’t grow up publicly ,and start taking a {meaningful} stand

these iconic giants in the scene today.

on issues. I believe he wants that sort

Let’s start at the top and take a look: the

of stardom and right now the only one

sensation of Lady Gaga. Gaga is good at

standing in his way is himself.

what she does, which is take the brilliant work of Madonna, and a few other notable females like Marilyn Monroe and Cher, and make it 21st century. Her music is good but it sounds oddly familiar to a lot of other hits that

For good or for indifferent, the only group I can think of that has recently spawned a genre, culture, lifestyle and brand

are on the charts at any given time. Beyonce is arguably the force to

- is LMFAO. Redfoo and Skyblu are responsible for capitalizing on

be reckoned with. Artistically she’s strong, passionate and visionary.

the lifestyle of an entire generation. They can break the charts in ten

She pulls influences from all over. To me – if you took “Run The World

countries, do a string of shows in the top US clubs whilst rocking

(Girls)” and “Single Ladies” and put them in a ring with two songs from

side by side their team of branded dj’s, and then sell out arenas

any other female pop-star in the last 10 years, these songs would


give a swift uppercut to TKO by the first note of the first chorus (Katy

rockstar fashion and are musically trend-setting in their own

Perry might last another round or two). And the rest of her life fits –

right. They have formed a language of their own that they market

passionate women’s rights advocate; long and diverse career; married

voraciously and everyone from sixteen to thirty-six speaks it fluently.

to one of the biggest players in hip hop; and has a glowing beauty that

Most importantly, they have delivered the epitome of what all of the

shines like a star amidst any glitzy awards show.

drinking, clubbing & shuffling young 21st century party-rock animals

They have reinvented a melting pot of 80’s-nerd-

need: A Party Rock Anthem. Mumford & Sons have brought an uplifting folk-rock combo that is easily the freshest sound in rock in the last decade. Muse is such 38

Join in the conversation:


Photo by Julia Arielle Cox


ebuting at #73 on the Billboard charts with their album Lucky Street, Go Radio continues to spread like wild fire throughout the music scene. After locking down their slot on The Warped Tour, the Florida natives experience the nuances of recording, and explore new avenues of inspiration. Lucky Street boasts thirteen tracks by the up and coming musicians, who tapped Tim O’Heir (The All American Rejects, Say Anything) to come on board for the album. The highly regarded producer encouraged the group to push themselves, and strive to make an impact. After completing two EP’s, Go Radio rose to the challenge of making a full length album. “It was incredibly scary. EP’s are fun and quick. It’s like staring through a window to see what your bands about, and what you’re doing. When you do a full length - much less your first - it’s a statement of who your band is,” says frontman Jason Lancaster. “You have more time to say what you want, but then you have so much more to say. We had 60 songs for this record, and just weeded through. We got into the studio with Tim (O’Heir) and he would go ‘Is this song gonna change somebody’s life? Is it gonna change the world? If not then it doesn’t belong on this record.’ It was very high expectations, if from no one else, from our producer.” Lancaster operates as the primary lyricist for the four-piece, though the band prides themselves on working as a cohesive group. Taking a slight

Story by Heidi Darby

departure from their previous works, the songs on Lucky Street show maturity both in musicianship and lyric. Expanding beyond the ideals of love and relationships, the group pursued greater themes and experiences. “We realized that girls, relationships - and leaving them - were everywhere in pop culture and mainstream music right now. Everything’s about a girl. I got sick of it, if we’re being completely honest. I was tired of hearing about everyone’s relationships with their girlfriend. There’s so much more that’s important. We wanted to write a record that was about life,” says Lancaster. “We wrote about death, we wrote about being born, we wrote about faith and lack of faith. We wrote about who your friends are, about being sad over where you’re at in life, and we wrote about being incredibly happy and grateful about where we’re at.” With the momentum of Lucky Street behind them, Lancaster, alongside bassist Matt “Burns” Poulos, drummer Steven Kopacz, and guitarist Alex Reed look forward to playing all dates on one of the most popular tours in America. “We’re all really excited about playing Warped Tour. Anytime you play in front of 40,000 fans you’re gonna grow your fan base,” says Lancaster. “But more than that, this tour is where you earn your stripes. Warped Tour is punk rock summer camp. They tell you that. But it’s also punk rock boot camp.” 39


Galaxy Concert Theatre [Orange County] Story by Paige Purmort | Photography by Tristan Copeland & RonLyonPhoto

Badfish appeared at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana alongside reggae legend Don Carlos and his Dub Vision Band on June 5th. Performing their beloved party hits, the homegrown group’s energetic performance reinforced to both old fans and new, that the resurgence of Badfish is in full effect. As one of the premier concert venues in Orange County, the Galaxy Theatre has seen many great performers come through its doors, including Badfish who have played there numerous times. Featuring a large stage, spacious standing area, several booths for dinning and multiple bars, this venue balances that big show feel with the intimacy of being able to practically touch the performers. Badfish (not to be confused with the Sublime tribute act) is an original West Coast band established in 1998, which blends the Santa Ana streets with Jamaica’s island rhythms. Paying homage to the roots of reggae and hip hop, Badfish brings an authenticity to their signature sound that continues to resonate with the Cali roots community. Not only has Badfish made their presence felt at home, but they also jettisoned their music to Japan where their debut album Soundbwoy Killas was re-released. The overseas success ignited a worldwide buzz that has lead Badfish back into the studio where they are currently finishing their long awaited Strictly Original EP.

Soleil Pool Party & Live Art Show The Standard Hotel [Downtown Los Angeles] Story by Paige Purmort | Photography by Chris Bormann

What’s the best thing to do on a hot summer’s day? Why relaxing at the pool of course! How about adding three live DJs to entertain you, beautiful ladies to keep you company and a fully stocked bar to quench your thirst? Sounds like a good way to spend a hot summer’s day doesn’t it? The Standard Rooftop Bar in downtown LA did just that. On Saturday June 11th Soleil hosted a pool party at the Standard Rooftop Bar, in which proceeds were donated to the Japan Relief Fund. Musical artists Sex Panther, Andy D’Arrigo, and Aaron Colbert were all in attendance and performed live, keeping the energy up and dancing continuous. Graffiti artist James Haunt entertained the crowd by creating an original piece of art which stood roughly seven feet tall and portrayed a woman sucking on a Popsicle, wearing a hat and sun glasses (his inspiration must have been close by). In the midst of all the squirt gun fights and flinging paint James Haunt was still able to create a fun, chic and sexy piece of art. The Soleil Pool Party and Live Art Show proved to be a great success, and set summer 2011 off to a great start. Make sure you don’t miss the next Soleil Pool Party on July 9th. 40


The Bootleg Theatre [Los Angeles] Story & Photography by Heidi Darby

Reports of a successful run at the Sasquatch Festival in Washington were vindicated by the Bootleg Theatre gig, and the five piece has more festival and headlining dates throughout the summer. Full of kindred spirit and welcoming vibes, Givers are a band to keep your eye on.

The Bootleg Theatre in Los Angeles welcomes a variety of off the beaten path bands, and on the night of June 2, the venue hosted the quirky Louisiana based group Givers. The young five piece came together in the Lafayette area after playing in various other bands, where multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Tiffany Lamson met guitarist/vocalist Taylor Guarisco. After discovering their shared love for live music, they began seriously pursuing their musical career, attracting drummer Kirby Campbell, and bassist Josh LeBlanc. Suffice it to say that the music world is benefiting. Jovial and charming, Givers created a strength onstage, a visual and auditory statement of cohesiveness. To put it simply, they played together. No struggling for time signatures, no grappling for the spotlight, the quintet emanated with the joy of being onstage, jamming through songs off their debut full length album, In Light. Though the band is obviously young, they managed to thread together a convincing set flecked with zydeco and cajun moments, all contributing to their fun jam-based sound. Keyboardist Nick Stephan aided in the band’s unique appeal, with occasional samples and flute solos. Lamson served as a compelling front woman, trading duties on vocals, as well as playing drums, xylophone, guitar, and melodica. Front man Guarisco played off her vocals, and maintained total immersion in his guitar.

Mist Boat Party

Pacific Avalon Yacht Charters [Newport Harbor] Story by Paige Purmort | Photography by Erin Kaye There wasn’t a cloud in the sky on Sunday June 12th when Identity Events and Sutra hosted Mist, The Boat Party. Many daring and adventurous party goers of Orange County happily boarded the Majestic to sail around Newport’s own Balboa Island for some high class yachting and partying. This 21 and older event brought together Orange County party goers for some much needed sunshine and summer activity. This daytime party on water lasted from 12-7pm, sailing around Balboa harbor and circling back in various intervals to pick up additional party people. In typical fashion, everyone arrived in their full blown summer gear with girls wearing playful dresses, sexy swimsuits and tiny shorts, accessorizing with hats and sunglasses. The men came showing off their muscles either in a tank top or with no shirt at all! The performing artists included: Dean Mason, Steve, Paida, Jamie Schwabl, DJ Fonz 66, The 3 Amigos and Big J, who kept the crowd charged, entertained, happy and of course, dancing. The music not only filled the yacht with happy vibes but scattered sound across the harbor letting passerby’s know just where the party was. A full bar was present on board the Majestic with everyone sipping on the #1 Japanese Beer— Ashai— while the appetizing Sanchoz Tacos in Huntington Beach catered the event maintaining full belly’s to the newly transformed sailors. 41

Photography by Brian Quach & Matthew Copley

Story by Alejandra Loera


Insomniac managed to revolutionize the biggest Electronic Music concert in North America, originating in Los Angeles, into the most magical music festival that Las Vegas has ever seen. For their 15th annual Electric Daisy Carnival they went beyond expectations and transformed the Las Vegas Motor

Speedway into a utopia of music, art, beats, lights, world renowned DJ’s and the happiest people on earth. Even though we had to travel afar and endure the 103 degree dessert weather the excitement was taking over as I walked down the bleachers into this new world. I couldn’t wait to share it with my friends who are new to Electronic Music and with the ones who are veterans to this scene. We managed to get there Friday just in time to see one of the top DJ’s in the world, Tiësto. I love how he’s progressed from a Trance based DJ, to a wider range of Electronic Music with Indie Rock inspired songs. This was a perfect move for him because now he is capturing an even bigger audience. His visuals intensified and flowed beautifully with the song selections of the first half. Steve Angello, who never fails to put on a great show, pumped up the crowd with his tantalizing house sound. Sander Van Doorn closed out the show with his heart thumping beats and unique style. He knows how to play everything from melodic Trance to Tech House. Being my first all night massive, it was surreal watching one of the most talented music genre crossing DJ’s until 6am from atop a Ferris wheel as The Nevada sun rose.


If we thought things couldn’t get better after that perfect first day, Saturday proved us all wrong with its unbelievable energy and performances. After pool partying all day Vegas style we made the trek all over again for day two of the shenanigans. The massive speedway was created into an astounding carnival like festival filled with entertaining things to do and see. Benny Benassi rocked the Kinetic Field stage with his Electro House songs. Everyone danced and sang along the entire time; especially when he played Skrillex’s remix of his new hit “Cinema.” Right after, David Guetta took the stage and surprised everyone. It’s no question why he reached over 20 million facebook fans; David Guetta is the most successful DJ to cross the Electronic House scene with Urban and Pop artists. Yet at EDC he played nothing mainstream, instead he played a stunning array of old-school classic House songs and new Electro sounds pleasing the ears of all his fans. It was only to be followed by Above & Beyond’s amazeballs 90 minute set. It was at this moment that I looked around at all my friends and felt the peace, love, and unity all around us. Everyone had let their guard down; no one was too preoccupied in looking cool anymore. Everyone had been set free and became happily lost in the music. The euphoric sounds were so sensational they were tear worthy. When “Sun & Moon” came on, the remarkable energy made me want to be in this far off destination forever. I realized my friends’ lives had been changed too and they had fallen in love with Electronic Dance Music. They now joined a group of fans who are like unlike any other music lovers in this world. Because to us it doesn’t matter what you wear, what you look like, how much money you make or how many friends you have. All that matters is that the same music brings us all together and we can express ourselves and be free without caring what anyone else thinks. We could only imagine what breathtaking adventure Sunday would bring. The last day was all about trying to catch everything we didn’t see before. We explored the big acts, different stages, art exhibits, performers, stilt walkers, helicopters, fireworks and fire shows. Swedish House Mafia put on a spectacular performance with people skydiving/parachuting into the event and millions of confetti pieces greeted the crowd. Afrojack released phenomenal new songs and got the crowd raging by jumping on a trampoline while spraying everyone with champagne. And speaking of champagne, Dada Life put on an incredible show with hundreds of people dressed as bananas going nuts on stage! Even the new young guys like Nicky Romero and Avicii seemed like pros on what is now the biggest stage ever built in North America. As we left the rural Vegas desert, even though we stayed up until sunrise for three days straight, were dirty and hungry, we wouldn’t prefer to be anywhere else in the world. We could say we survived the extraordinary Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas for the first time, and we were certain we would be back to do it all over again next year.

Jack Ok

ie Classro

om 43

Third Annual Spirits Festival

Story Kristen Halberg & Photos by Brian Hmurovich


an Diego’s much-anticipated Third Annual Spirit Festival was held on June 25-26 at the Port Pavilion Pier on Broadway. This two-day celebration honored the creation of spirits, cocktails, and local culture.

Strolling down the Broadway Pier past displays of local artists, the weather in downtown San Diego offered a beautiful weekend for a party. Inside the Port Pavilion on the Pier, festival-goers got a chance to taste many different liquors and new cocktails made from various mixologists and ambassadors. Among the variety of distinct liquors, the most popular choice was Tequila. Walking into the venue, the first table showcased Master Tequilier Mario Marquez. A knowledgeable professional on Tequila, he personally walked beginners through the process of distillation: What Tequila is, how it is made, and the history of the name Tequila, derived from the town of Jalisco. Marquez held a master class for anyone who walked by; and those that did were lucky to have stumbled upon him. Every table had an expert like Marquez at their compound. The participants willing to learn about each alcohol were in for a treat. Weaving through the crowds of drinkers, entire worlds opened up on various subjects involving spirits. It was a celebration of what people often think of as a way to say goodbye to the chaotic week behind us: Alcohol! National Brand Ambassador Gaston Martinez has shared his talents and inventive cocktail recipes to many different restaurants, in and outside of San Diego. Martinez spoke of his cocktails like an Italian mother would of her family recipes; with passion and love for what he does. He discussed each of his drinks, based off of the “Freshest Margarita” recipe, working with this “mother

sauce” and adding creative variations using fruits, herbs and even vegetables. San Diego Mayor, Jerry Sanders, sent out a letter displaying excitement for the two-day event, and Sanders is particularly proud of this experience in “America’s finest city!” 103.7 Sophie Radio, a local rock station in San Diego, was responsible for their own “Musical Cocktail,” showcasing local music acts each day. Not a bad way to spend the weekend downtown! We can only hope this year’s Spirit Festival will assist in a resurrection of a cocktail lounge scene in San Diego.


Photos Courtesy of | Christopher Bormann

Benchwarmer Party The Colony, Hollywood


Photos Courtesy of | Tristan Copeland

MAI TAI BAR Long Beach


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Photos Courtesy of 9 Group

Palms pool


Palms Las VEgas 47

Rain Nightclub Palms | LAS VEGAS


Photos Courtesy of 9Group

Photos Courtesy of 9 | Tristan Copeland


Sevilla Long Beach



Photos Courtesy of | Brian Hmurovich

Intervention hard rock, San Diego presents: Paul Van DYk Fluxx San Diego


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Cancer | June 21- July 22 By Kristin Halberg

Cancer’s Year in Review Dear Cancer this is a time especially for you. It may not be the best year you’ll ever have, but expect some big rewards to pay off for handling your business correctly.

This is a

time for you to concentrate on just that- you! As a sensitive sign, you may find yourself wanting to help others with their own problems, maybe as a way to ignore your own. This is a year to break the habit, and turn the attention on you! Summer proves to be a wonderful time, so get your act together and start celebrating the wonderful person that is you! Romance: This is your most trying aspect of your life this year, Cancer. If you’re still single, you may not be loving it, as you may be realizing how sensitive you really are. Taking on others emotional baggage is probably getting to be too much for you. This is a year for you and your personal growth, so start unloading what you can. If you are linked up, take the time to listen to your partner. You are not always correct, and he or she may have some valid points. It’s time to get serious about your personal life. Go with your gut and you might end up on the winning side of things come years end!. Career: If you have put in the right amount of dedication and hard work, you will reap the rewards for it. The summer months should yield some positive financial results, but don’t get complacent- keep working towards your goals, and you should come out of the year just fine! If a business trip is on the horizon, seize the opportunity! This may be the break you were hoping for!

Lucky Days: 3, 7, 11 (and Mondays!!)


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Is It Okay to be With Mr. “Right Now”? As little girls we are taught that someday our Prince will come and sweep us off of our feet. We will meet him (after he slays a dragon or two), fall in love and live happily ever after. After all, that’s how every fairy tale ends. Unfortunately, I don’t live in a fairy tale. When I became single again, I knew finding Mr. “Right” was going to be a daunting task. After all, I thought I had already found Mr. “Right” once. So what were the odds that I will successfully find him this time? For most people there is a time in a new relationship when you have to make a decision about whether or not this relationship is working. Is this Mr. or Mrs. “Right”? A lot of people judge a relationship on whether or not they can picture themselves with this person forever. But when is it okay to be in a relationship with someone who is Mr. “Right Now”? Does every relationship have to have the possibility of being forever? I was talking to a friend of a friend who is newly single and found out that he was not dating because he was dismissing girls as soon as he found any small flaw that would make her “not wife material”. So what is so wrong with spending time with someone who isn’t “wife material”? I’m pretty sure that I’m not “wife material” right now. So, should I be dismissed? Why can’t we just enjoy a relationship for what it is at that time and not worry about what the future holds? Each relationship we have, whether it is with a parent, a friend or a boyfriend/ girlfriend, influences how our future relationships will be and who they will be with. When we end a relationship with a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse it is important to learn from it. What went right? What went wrong? Knowing and really understanding this will hopefully help us avoid repeating our mistakes and make us better partners in our next relationship. When I started dating again, I went into it knowing that the first person I started dating would probably not be the person I ended up with forever. After all, most of us need that rebound relationship after a long relationship ends. It gives us the confidence that we can date again and shows us that we can restart our lives and everything is going to be okay. After meeting and dating a number of different people, I met someone who I really clicked with. We enjoy the same things and have a lot of fun together. But, we have different goals for our futures that will effect whether or not we will be together forever. We both know that and we have talked about it. Most likely, our relationship has a shelf life. We just don’t know how long that shelf life is. So, for now we enjoy spending time together and we’re not really worried about the future. We’ve been together for almost a year now and our relationship has had its ups and downs (like all relationships). But I know that no matter how long (or short) our relationship ends up being, I’m a better person because of him. If I (or he) had ended the relationship because we didn’t think that the relationship could be forever, we both would have missed out on some wonderful experiences together. And who knows, maybe we’ll find a way to make it work. But if not, I’m glad we choose to just enjoy the time we have together. After all, we never know what the future holds. For more dating and relationship advice, email your dating and relationship questions to Alysia Batchelder is the owner of Pink Kitty in Irvine, CA & is a sex expert and educator.


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