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THE LIST THE PUBLISHER This month’s issue is an adventurous one! We scoured Las Vegas for the best in cuisine, clubs, hotels and more to bring our readers insight into Sin City. We also found the best pool parties and nightclub events that run concurrent with Electric Daisy Carnival, and supplied a list of essentials for those heading out to the amazing event. Read up on our cover story, where we were able to interview Tony and Jono of Above & Beyond just before they performed at The Shrine in Los Angeles. After the killer night in LA, we headed to Wet Wonderland in Las Vegas to catch A& B in action while hanging poolside at Marquee Dayclub. Be sure to grab next month’s issue, where we will have coverage of Electric Daisy Carnival and the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. Justin Stearman Publisher

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THE CREATIVE DIRECTOR NiteGuide took over the Palms Resort and Casino once again, where we held our search for the next MyClubScene Vixen. We had some of the most beautiful girls from across the west coast turn out for the opportunity to be featured in this month’s issue. Big congratulations to Angelina Rogers who won the honor! I’m looking forward to summer coming into full swing, and all the events that come along with it. In this month’s issue we have great coverage of nightclubs, dayclubs and electronic acts that signal the beginning of my favorite season. Are you ready for hot summer nights? I know I am! Nicole Lloyd Director of Operations


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S E V E N Ways to Sin in Las Vegas


as Vegas is the only North American city that offers asylum for those who banish otherwise earthly virtues and ethics in favor of vice. Appropriate considering Vegas derives its pseudonym from the Seven Deadly Sins, but more appropriate considering that in Vegas, your desire for excessiveness By Drew Leahy and over-indulgence becomes your greatest attribute. Here’s why . . .

1. Greed – The bigger the wager, the bigger the payout! Where covetousness in all other aspects of your earthly life will lead to the pangs of personal gain, in Sin City, greed is your most powerful attribute. DOUBLE DOWN!

2. Envy – Vegas nightclubs are sexy and elegant, and

host the best DJs in the world thanks to an unrelenting desire to be better than the next club. Envy at its finest.

3. Gluttony

– When the sun starts to set, the dance-floor beckons, and your body needs refueling, not only do you need a hardy meal, you need to eat it fast. There’s only one thing that will help you do this: the buffet line!

4. Lust – In Vegas, escape the fiery torments of damnation and find your lustful passions a home amongst the thou-

sands of strip clubs that promote your lack of self-control and excessive thoughts of sexual deviance.

5. Pride

– The desire to be more attractive has made Vegas home of the most beautiful hotels and resorts around the globe, equipped with top of the line accommodations and décor.

6. Sloth

– What better way to enjoy the summer sun and escape the desert heat than floating down the lazy river at one of Vegas’ many hotel pools? Forgo diligence and fold your cards to the almighty vice of sloth, and forget about your life at home while basking in the sun.

7. Wrath – Pool parties, nightclubs, no last call, after-

hours, open containers on the strip? What does this equate too? RAGE. Unleash your Capital Vice of wrath in the city that welcomes it: Las Vegas!

Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Sin City 1. Over 38.9 million people visit Las Vegas each year


2. The Bellagio has 3,933 hotel rooms. That’s a higher number than the population of Bellagio, Italy.


Howard Hughes enjoyed an extended stay at the Desert Inn, so much so that the hotel asked him to leave. He then bought the hotel. Seventeen of the twenty largest hotels in the U.S. are in Las Vegas.

3. The largest payout on a slot machine jackpot was on March 21, 2003 7. Wynn Las Vegas opened in 2005 for a mere $2.7 billion, making it the on a Megabucks machine at the Excalibur Hotel for $39,713,982.25.


The average number of weddings in Las Vegas per day is 315.


most expensive hotel and casino in the world. 7



Beats &



hese restaurants are as tasty as they are fun to party at. They all have wonderful dining and great music to get down to afterwards.

By Jeff Fliegler

Caprese Salad

Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass

Tropical Papaya Grilled White Shrimp

Photo by Martin Clara


elebrating 25 years of artful dining, Bistango has been a mainstay in Irvine for years. An extensive cocktail list of classics and house specialties and a 400-bottle wine list has helped Bistango become one of the very few restaurants to be awarded by Wine Spectator magazine. Live music consists of mostly jazz and contemporary rock songs to dance to almost every night. At Bistango, they showcase featured art collections that are definitely worth checking out. The Lounge is classy, providing a place to drink great wines and share some intelligent words of wisdom. Bistango has something for everyone but the best reason to go there is simply the food, which has been delicious for years. The chefs have always kept up with all the latest food trends to serve creative cuisine to patrons for years now. It’s clean, crisp and beautiful. The Caprese Salad is one of the exquisite culinary treasures you’ll find at Bistango. Mozzarella, tomato, basil, and balsamic are plated in style, mirroring the architecture of this gem of a restaurant.

Bistango 19100 Von Karman Ave Irvine, CA 92612 949.752.5222 | 8



The cuisine is Asian Fusion with the extra addition of a Sushi Bar. The appetizers and starters are all creative dishes. The one dish that stands out is the Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass. The Chilean Sea Bass is glazed with miso and broiled so the edges get just a little char. This gives it a wonderful blend of salty and sweet and makes the fish extremely tender. No need for a knife for this one, it melts in your mouth.

Satiate your appetite with a variety of Posch’s steaks, pastas, seafood, and salads, but be sure to indulge in the Tropical Papaya Grilled White Shrimp with seasoned grilled vegetables, crumbled feta, cilantro tomato sauce, and aged citrus balsamic vinaigrette.

ao translates to “the path” or “the way “ in English, and whatever path creators took to design this absolute stunner of a restaurant and nightclub was the right path to travel down. Tao is located in the Venetian on the Vegas Strip. It’s a beautiful restaurant and nightclub in an already beautiful hotel. There is a statue of Buddha that seems to touch the sky, there are bathtubs filled with beautiful women dancing and a wall featuring opium pipes that have been used through the centuries.

osch Restaurant is the latest contemporary dining experience brought to you by world-renowned chef, and former owner of Forty Carrots, Garden Bistro (South Coast Plaza), and Jimmy Z Grill (Irvine), Chef Jimmy Z. Known for his mastery of herbs and spices and emphasis on fresh produce and ingredients, Jimmy Z’s approach to Posch’s French Mediterranean inspired cuisine is innovative and authentic, and sure to make for an indelible dining experience. Beyond the doors of the French auberge, compliment your cuisine with the added sophistication and intimacy offered by one of Posch’s six uniquely designed rooms, all with their own exquisite motif.

By Drew Leahy


Posch Restaurant

3355 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas, NV 89109 702.388.8338 |

18912 MacArthur Blvd, Irvine, CA 92612 949.833.1900 |






hese restaurants serve up some grub in a truly beautiful manner. It’s almost hard to eat food so beautiful. Then again why waste something so scrumptious?

By Jeff Fliegler

Agnello AI Carciofi


ine Street in the heart of downtown Long Beach has one of the nicest restaurants in Southern California. L’Opera is an Italian Restaurant that believes in a warm and elegant approach to fine dining. This isn’t your corner joint with checkered table cloths; L’Opera is very professional with career waiters making you feel like a king as you feast on the handmade ravioli and scaloppini. On the weekends, there are actual Opera singers serenading you as you dine! Wine Spectator has awarded L’Opera for its impressive wine list, and Open Table gave it the “Best of Long Beach” most recently. Chef Walter Cotta has many great creations, but the Agnello AI Carciofi is a definite winner; New Zealand lamb rack served with fried baby artichokes and roasted potatoes. L’Opera uses only fresh fish from local markets, prime grade beef, New Zealand lamb and free-range chicken and all pastas and breads are made daily on the premises. Next time you have a special occasion or just want a great experience, do yourself a favor and go to L’Opera.

Beet Salad

Date and Kamut Fritters



Susan finally opened her first solo project in LA

Chef Micah Wexler’s resume is as impressive as any chef in Southern California. He worked for Chef Joel Robuchon, who is acknowledged by many as the chef of the century, and a few other Michelin star restaurants in Europe. His food is absolutely stunning and his flavors are simple, yet when combined they are delicious and complex. The Beet Salad is a perfect example: roasted baby beets, goat cheese and crunchy garbanzo beans are presented, creating a picturesque composed piece of art for your eyes and taste buds alike.

emember back in the day when Emeril Lagasse was on the food network every other show? One of the other shows was called “Two Hot Tamales.” It stared Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger and they showed the American public how to make crazy exotic food for the time; dishes like Guacamole and Pico de Gallo… Crazy! Susan was in the second season of Top Chef Masters and was “the last woman standing.”

called Street. The restaurant is unpretentious and serves street food from around the world. All of the dishes have just the right amount of Susan’s flare. The Date and Kamut Fritters with yogurt sauce, rose petals and almonds is a perfect example of a common street dish that is elevated to a whole new level. These exotic ingredients come together just right, like the “exotic” Guacamole did years before.

ff La Cienga Boulevard in West Hollywood, there is a Mediterranean style restaurant called Mezze. It’s a small place with a bright atmosphere partially created by a sun roof in the middle of the restaurant. There are also a few small trees that add a rustic touch to this beautifully simple eatery. The food is served on small plates, which is perfect because the word “mezze” translates to sharing in the Arabic language.


Susan Feniger’s Street


101 Pine Ave Long Beach, CA 90802 562.491.0066 |

742 N Highland Ave Los Angeles, CA 90038 323.203.0500 |

401 N La Cienega Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90048 310.657.4103 |




By Jeff Fliegler

From the creators of Tao comes the next great addition to Las Vegas’ already legendary nightlife: LAVO. Located at the Palazzo, this restaurant and nightclub adds serious spark to The Strip.


Photo Credit: Warren Jagger

major component of LAVO’s allure is the cuisine. With a lounge and terrace open 7 nights a week, and the lavish upstairs nightclub boasting some of the best nightlife in Las Vegas, Executive Chef Massimiliano Campinari creates inspired Southern Italian food that appeals to every nightlife lover. There are inventive dishes like the Kobe Rice balls, or try all the usual suspects: Shrimp Scampi, Beef Carpaccio and everything in between.

Pictured above Chef Massimiliano Campinari

We caught up with the Sin City Chef to discuss his influences and what he considers his favorite dish. NiteGuide Magazine: Where did you get your passion for food? Massimiliano Campinari: Everything comes from my family, and my grandmother and my father were great influences inspiring my love for food. NGM: What is your favorite dish to eat? MC: Gnocchi with Genovese Pesto NGM: What is your favorite dish to make? MC: I would have to say the dish I will make tomorrow. I always want to be inspired by something new. NGM: What is your favorite ingredient? MC: My favorite sweet ingredient is Nutella and my favorite savory ingredient would be slippery lobster.

NGM: What is your favorite tool in the kitchen? MC: My copper pots are my must have tool when working in the kitchen. NGM: If you could give our readers a word of advice when coming to Las Vegas, what would you tell them? MC: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. NGM: What is your favorite food trend? MC: I think food on a stick is a growing trend. You can be creative while making something that is easy to eat. NGM: What is your philosophy on food? MC: Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are. NGM: Fish or Steak? MC: Fish NGM: Who is your biggest influence? MC: My Italian family NGM: What should our readers have at LAVO? MC: Our signature one pound Kobe Meatball and/or Bolognese Sauce. For dessert they should try our Strawberry Shortcake. Any Italian Chef that claims inspiration from his Grandmother can no doubt cook up some great eats. Next time you’re in “Vegas Baby” check out the food at LAVO, and then dance your ass off all night long.

12 13



Tamarind of London [Newport Beach]

7862 E Coast Hwy, CA 92657 | 949.715.8338 | By Jeff Fliegler Tamarind of London couldn’t ask for a more beautiful location, sitting directly in front of the Crystal Cove State beach. The Michelin awarded Indian cuisine from Britain has decided to expand to Newport Beach, where the West Coast’s fresh produce, seafood, poultry and lamb could be used in their Indian Cuisine and crossover dishes. The food has flavors galore with exotic spices rubbed and cooked into all of your favorite entrées. The bar is a great spot to go and gaze over PCH onto the beautiful Pacific Ocean and have some traditional British cocktails. One you may not have tried, but is a favorite of cricket, tennis and polo fans, is the Pimms o’clock. Pimms no.1 is a gin-based liquor made years ago for an oyster bar in London. We don’t see it much here in the states, but it’s a favorite at sports events, particularly Wimbledon in July. At Tamarind of London they serve Pimms o’clock with Pimms no.1, strawberries, cucumber, oranges and lemonade. It’s a refreshing and super tasty way to feel proper and British.


The Hudson [West Hollywood]

1114 N Crescent Heights Blvd, CA 90046 | 323.654.6686 | By Jeff Fliegler The Hudson is a neighborhood bar that is hip enough to attract a mix of visitors and locals alike, and serves up some great eats. The bar interior is dark wood with a fine classic layout. There are a few TV’s if you want to catch a sporting event during the week. On the weekends you’ll find good music being spun by the local DJs, along with a photo booth for documentation if you end up having too much fun. This place is lively enough to let loose with some friends, but not over baring to the point where you can’t have a conversation with them. The Bartenders serve up really great cocktails; none better than the one called “SPELLBOUND.” Jasmine green tea infused Grey Goose, ginjo sake, fresh mint and orange juice are shaken and served up with a burnt orange zest. Delicious! If you’re ever in West Hollywood, check out this fun bar right off Santa Monica Boulevard.


The Palazzo 3327 Las Vegas Blvd S, NV 89109 | 702.607.3478 | By Jeff Fliegler FIRST Food & Bar located inside The Shoppes at The Palazzo brings the authenticity and character of the neighborhood bar concept back to life, minus the kitsch. This hip yet comfortable restaurant and lounge is set in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip and has the vibe of a late-night spot blended with the casualness of a local eatery. FIRST caters to those who stagger in to feed their late-night cravings, as well as those looking for a mid-day business lunch or dinner. From the high, open ceilings to the tribal tattoo imagery embedded in the floor, FIRST reflects an industrial, urban design. The furniture mashes up styles that are modern, vintage and gothic set to a palette of dark, warm colors making the more than 10,000 square foot restaurant feel intimate and edgy. Try one of Sammy D’s Cucumber Gimlets with Hendrick’s Gin, cucumber and fresh lime.




COCKTAILS SKYY SKINNY COLADA 2 oz SKYY Infusions® Coconut ¼ oz SKYY Infusions® Pineapple 2 oz Club soda Splash of pineapple juice Squeeze of lemon Mix over ice in a highball glass.


By Keiry Cruz

½ oz SKYY Infusions® Coconut ½ oz SKYY Infusions® Pineapple 4 oz Coconut water ¼ tsp Agave nectar Shake and serve in a rocks glass.

COCONUT PARADISO 1 ¼ oz SKYY Infusions® Coconut ¾ oz SKYY Infusions® Pineapple ½ oz Lemon juice ½ oz Half and half ¼ oz Simple syrup


KYY Infusions stands apart from other flavored spirits. Not only is it ranked number one in taste amongst other competitor brands, it has a bright flavor combined with natural ingredients that provides a refreshing taste experience and continues to garner industry praise. SKYY’s Infusion line offers options that include Dragon Fruit, Blood Orange, Ginger and Pineapple. In fact the brand releases a new flavor each year, with 2012 introducing SKYY Infusions Coconut. When it comes to creating a drink that meets critic’s high expectations head on, SKYY has the formula mastered. The Coconut incarnation was awarded 87 points, and rated #1 in taste by the Beverage Taste Institute. The entire Infusion line was also credited with the “Growth Brand Award” and was ranked #1 in its entirety by the Beverage Taste Institute. With accolades such as this, it’s no wonder they’re outshining other brands. Fu16

eled by natural ingredients and unique taste, this aromatic drink provides exceptional flavor. With a surprisingly reasonable price point, SKYY Infusions Coconut doesn’t have to be a once a year indulgence. Drinkers can enjoy the refreshing accented vodka year round. SKYY Infusions Coconut caters to every nightlife lover, from fireside beach gazing, to pre-party cocktails in the limousine, and every occasion in between. It’s also perfect for daytime pool parties and afternoon piña coladas. SKYY Infusions Coconut creates diverse flavors from creamy, dark cherry overtones, to juicy tropical explosions of luscious pineapple. With summer heat being imminent, feel free to experiment with different flavors of this original brand and create the perfect cocktail that can cool you off from the fierce rays of the summer sun. Short on ideas? Try one of these great cocktails to ignite any summer get together!

Skyy Coconut Chill Recipe Featured Above

NITELIFE Around the World By Emmanuel Cayanan

Tokyo, Japan Not much can be said for the city sights and sounds of Tokyo by day. It’s pretty much the standard hustle-andbustle type of metropolitan area. The daytime urban landscape of Japan’s capital city pales in comparison to its nighttime appearance. When the sun disappears from Tokyo’s sky, the city blossoms into a spectacular extravaganza of color and excitement with neon lights and paper lanterns. While life in Tokyo is characterized by intense work schedules that move at a fast pace, so too does its nightlife scene thrive with overworked city dwellers looking for release and a chance to party. Things start up after sundown and the party keeps rolling until the subways start running again at 5 a.m. and people go back to work. Throughout the city, neighborhoods like Ginza, Kabukicho, and Roppongi offer many different nightlife settings that cater to a wide range of people. Each hosts a variety of bars, nightclubs and restaurants that are sure to impress.




Tokyo’s cocktail bar scene is full of hidden treasures and wellknown hot spots. One of those hot spots is Tender Bar, one of Tokyo’s most legendary cocktail bars where world-famous bartender and mixologist, Kazuo Uyeda perfects his craft. Inventor of the “hard shake”—a skill which utilizes a vigorous riff when mixing drinks—Uyeda’s drinks exist in a caliber of their own, and he mixes in unique ingredients to create some of the most interesting concoctions. His perfectionism is carried throughout this establishment, and every bartender knows his cocktail mixing process inside and out. The setting is small and intimate, leaving the focus almost entirely on the drinks, which are seen to many as works of art.

Hobgoblin is a U.K. chain import and somewhat of a “British invasion” on Tokyo’s nightlife scene. Its popularity among foreigners and locals indicates that it is a welcome addition to the nocturnal landscape, with four locations throughout the city. Hobgoblin Akasaka has become legendary in its own right. There are eight brews on tap, and it’s one of the best venues in the city to watch sports, mix with locals, and drink until the late hours of the night. Happy hour is from 5 p.m. to

GASPANIC Gaspanic Bar has been the premier spot for both locals and foreigners in their 20’s since it opened. Loud music and wallto-wall people make Gaspanic Bar a fun and wild place to spend your night in Tokyo. The best night to go is Thursday, when people pack in for drink specials as low as ¥500. Thursday through Saturday, Gaspanic Bar opens its basement for Club 99, for dancing. Posted on the walls in Japanese, English, and Spanish is the bar’s brilliant beverage policy: “You must be holding a drink at all times.”

ENJOY! HOUSE This intimate establishment features a 1960s-style décor and a friendly atmosphere, as its name suggests. The music here varies from ‘80s pop to reggae, and the vibe is always relaxed. Enjoy! House is open Tuesday to Friday from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m., Saturday and Sunday from 3 p.m. to 4 a.m. and there is no cover charge—all the more reason to enjoy.

7 p.m. (Mon-Fri only).

PETERS Overlooking Tokyo from the 24th floor of the Peninsula Hotel, Peters has become known as one of the city’s hippest cocktail bars. Metallic trees surround just about every area of the main room and give an ethereal indoor-outdoor ambiance. The mood is also set by digitized projections on the walls and soft electro music in the background. Beer lovers and wine drinkers do have options here, but the cocktail menu at Peters is the real star of the show.

NEW YORK BAR Located on the 52nd floor of the Park Hyatt Tokyo, New York Bar is one the most spectacular venues for live music in the city, featuring jazz by internationally renown artists. The dark wood and ebony chairs contribute to a pristine environment. The spectacular view outside the floor-to-ceiling windows is perhaps the best in all of the skyline. On clear days, you can see Mount Fujiyama. Offering a casual dining menu, New York Bar serves up classic and original cocktails, premium cognac, brandies, and the largest American wine selection in Japan.

TWENTY-EIGHT Hotel Bars are top notch in Tokyo. They embody the kind of sophistication, class and calmness that the Japanese have mastered. Twenty-Eight is a prime example of this. Located at the Conrad, Twenty-Eight is stylish in its simplicity, with soft muted colors and warm lighting. Twenty-Eight is elegant and contemporary. Try the Tei-en, which is their signature cocktail

To learn more about these venues and local events log onto

mixing vodka, cucumber, kiwi, and cardamom seed. 19


You never know what you are in for, but it’s always a good time.

vibe of a venue? AP: The DJs make the party come alive.

NGM: Sum up your bartending style in three words: AP: Sassy, spicy, and sensational.

NGM: When and where can our readers find you slinging drinks? AP: Tuesday and Saturday nights at AGENCY

Anna Pheil is a Mid-Western girl who journeyed to the coast looking for adventure. Her start in the service industry began as a barista in a small town Wisconsin coffee shop, where the owners (who also operated the bar across the street) took note of her magnetic personality and asked if she’d rather pour cocktails. Now lighting up AGENCY in Hollywood, Anna took time away from captivating her bar crowd to chat with NiteGuide. NiteGuide Magazine: Do you go by any nicknames? Anna PheiI: I guess I go by “Hey Sweetheart.” [Laughing]

Photo by Ben Lin /

By Heidi Darby

NGM: What is your biggest pet peeve as a bartender? AP: I hate when someone snaps or claps at me, or when they ask for their Long Island to be made stronger. Or for a “strong” vodka martini—it’s all vodka people! NGM: Describe your ideal night out in Hollywood: AP: AGENCY is pretty much it. It’s an intimate, cool, fun vibe. Otherwise I’m a small town girl, so back in the day it was dive bars, and now a delicious dinner does the trick.

NGM: Tell us about AGENCY, and what a typical night is like? AP: AGENCY is an intimate setting where you (the guest) feel like the party is meant for you, where we get to know you. The staff is a sexy, quick-witted, fast-pouring, fast working, fun crew and the DJs are amazing.

NGM: What do you like to do in your spare time? AP: Yoga. Read. Write. I have some TV shows I watch that I’m too proud to mention, too.


the night, which means CRAZY costumes.

By Amanda Warlick

NGM: What is the most challenging element of

AR: That would be bikini top layering. It’s always

being a Go-Go dancer?

fun to have multiple tops to give a pop to your

Born and raised in beautiful Orange County, Go-

AR: That would have to be, not being able to

outfit. I also like wearing different types of fishnet

Go dancer Angelina Rogers is filled with Califor-

party with my friends when they come to visit.

stockings like thigh high or lace. And don’t for-

NGM: How do you feel music affects the

up your Go-Go outfit?

Angelina Rogers

get your fuzzy boots!

nia-girl energy. When she’s not pumping up a crowded club with her Go-Go dancing moves,

NGM: What is your favorite song to dance to

you can find her out in the sun long boarding,

that gets the crowd amped up?

laying out, or catching waves with friends.

AR: I love dancing to “Save the World” by Swedish House Mafia. Every time it gets played

NiteGuide Magazine: When did you start Go-

I see the crowd go crazy and I love it! I get all of

Go dancing and what made you decide to get

my energy from the crowd.

into it? Angelina Rogers: I started Go-Go dancing

NGM: What is the most exciting part about all

about two years ago. My friend started dancing

the attention you receive while Go-Go dancing?

and it looked like so much fun. She got me an

AR: Getting to meet and party with all the fa-

audition and it was all uphill from then.

mous DJs! Interacting with the crowd by throwing out the DJ giveaways is great!

NGM: Where is your favorite venue to dance at and what makes it different from other places?

NGM: What is something about you that most

AR: My favorite venue would be the Yost Theatre.

people would not expect?

I absolutely love dancing for the House of Dreamz

AR: I am currently studying to become a per-

on Fridays because everyone on staff has been

sonal trainer, and as much as I love fitness and

nothing but amazing to me and there is never a

the lifestyle, I can’t resist fast food. Sad to say I

dull moment. Every week has a different theme of

have an addiction.

20 20

NGM: What are the key components that make

Catch Angelina guest bartending the first Monday of every month for MyClubScene Mondays at Sharkeez in Huntington Beach. Photo by Ryan Kerns

By Maxfield Southern California based DJ Ever is making serious waves in the industry, pasting his name all over the area through countless appearances at the hottest venues, and with his own spotlight on Power 106 FM. NiteGuide had the opportunity to catch up with this superstar in the making, who continues to attract attention for all the right reasons. NiteGuide Magazine: What is your genre of choice? DJ Ever: I can’t say I have a favorite genre because I love all types of music. I mainly play hiphop and house in my club sets, but depending on the crowd and how I’m feeling, I’ll add some flavor with something out of “left field.” NGM: How did you get into DJing? DJ Ever: When I was growing up, our nextdoor neighbor was a mobile DJ. One day, I walked by his apartment and noticed he was watching a video with a lot of DJs playing at the same time. It was footage of a battle between two of the most influential DJ crews of all time;

FEATURED MIXOLOGIST Chelsey Dunkel By Heidi Darby Chelsey Dunkel isn’t your run of the mill bartender. The sassy Pennsylvania native is a mixologist and partner at Bounce Sporting Club in New York. NiteGuide caught up with the libations expert to learn what makes a mixologist different than a bartender, and what drink she would make for the rowdy girls in stilettos. NiteGuide Magazine: What makes a mixologist different from a bartender? Chelsey Dunkel: A mixologist is to a bartender as a choreographer is to a dancer. My art is in the creation where a bartender’s art is in their craft and interpretation. NGM: What makes bounce different? CD: Bounce Sporting Club, unlike most “mixology bars” is extremely high volume and extraordinarily fast paced. Customers expect their drinks in less than a minute, and are not necessarily impressed by a bartender extracting the oil of a mint leaf or serving their cocktail with fresh pressed juice and the zest of a clementine.

The Invisibl Skratch Piklz vs. The X-Ecutioners. I was fascinated by making music with a turntable. The rest is history. NGM: What artists are you most inspired by? DJ Ever: I’m inspired by artists and DJs that are creative and aren’t afraid to think outside the box. Kanye West, Vice, A-Trak, DJ Q-Bert, to name a few.

in the country. At any given time, there can be up to two million listeners tuned in. DJing at the #1 station in Los Angeles has definitely taken my career to another level.

Tune in every weekday at 3:00 p.m. on Power 106 to catch DJ Ever, and follow him on Twitter at

NGM: How/When did you start playing on Power? DJ Ever: I got my first on-air slot at Power 106 in October 2006. I can’t say I’d be on the radio today if it wasn’t for DJ Echo, Eric D-Lux, and DJ E-man. Those guys saw something in me and gave me a chance. I remember handing out Echo demo tapes for almost a year. He wanted to see how hungry I was. I must have given him a million CD’s! I’m very fortunate to be living my dream at Power 106.

NGM: How has it affected your career? DJ Ever: Working at Power 106 has opened so many doors for me. I’ve been able to work with talented artists and travel all over the world! It is the most listened to station not only in LA, but

Photo by Mike Prado

DJ Ever

NGM: What’s a drink you recommend to your customers? CD: For an individual or a small group at the bar I would recommend the “Sack Dance,” made with Ultimat Vodka, Lillet, apple juice, fresh lemon and honey infused simple syrup. For the rowdy girls in stilettos, bouncing around on the top of their booth, I would recommend our house infused banana Jameson-- super chilled and in a shot glass.

fathom what I will be doing next week or month or year. Although it’s cliche, the possibilities really are endless here, in this city that really never does fall asleep. There is always fun to be had and I am excited to be a part of the industry that is always throwing the party.

NGM: Does bounce present opportunities for celebrity sightings? CD: Celebrity sightings occur daily at BSC. I love watching the starry eyed hostesses on their first day of work as they seat an academy award winner in the library or bring menus to five players in the NFL who are sitting next to a booth of victoria’s secret models. BSC has a little something for everyone. Ordinary and extraordinary.

Photo by Shannon Stiggins


NGM: What’s your favorite part about working in NYC? CD: I love working in New York because it is refreshing waking up every morning having no expectations as to how my day will go, let alone 21



of LAS VEGAS By Megan Harvey


ummer is officially here, and longer days with adventureseeking nights can mean only one thing: it’s Vegas time. Obviously if you’re going to do it, you have to do it right. You’re not driving out to Sin City, Nevada to stay in some shady motel. You’re looking for class and style, and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is where you’re going to find it. The Cosmopolitan is located at 3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South, right at the heart of The Strip. Aside from its ideal location, this is the perfect place for an impromptu “No Plan” plan, because the resort allows guests to show up and dive into what they call “just the right amount of wrong.” Start right on Thursday night with some poolside billiards and live music at BLVD Social Club – Thursdays Live. There, you can watch live performances by up-and-coming bands like AWOLNATION (July 19 at 9 p.m.) and Fun. (Aug. 16 at 9 p.m.) while cooling off in the Boulevard Pool. Along with The Cosmopolitan’s Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub, the Boulevard Pool is becoming one of the most frequented places on The Strip with upcoming performances by bands like Foster The People, Bloc Party and The Fray. If you’re here to mix pleasure with pleasure, be sure to dine at any of The Cosmopolitan’s thirteen impressive restaurants. With options from Jaleo’s Spanish tapas to the Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar &Grill, they’ve got something for everyone. The ambience of The Cosmopolitan is that of class and sophistication, drawing guests in as they walk through the stylishly decorated lobby and into one of their five impressive bars. Play every bit the part with something “shaken, not stirred” at Bond, which embodies the zest for adventure from its namesake with LED Lights and surprise musical performances. Get versatile at Book &Stage by placing bets on your favorite sporting events while watching live bands. If you’re looking to take your weekend to new heights, visit the architecturally stunning three-level bar, The Chandelier. This lavish multi-level locale is not something you want to miss. For those looking to “work hard and play hard,” look no further. Play hard here, at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. For more information, visit their website at and for effortless event updates you can follow them on Twitter or “like” them on Facebook.


By Allie Imai


or the past few years, escaping the revolution of electronic dance music and its infamous loyal following of festival enthusiasts has been impossible. No event fits the bill more than Electric Daisy Carnival, an annual summer festival with an unbeatable talent list and theatricality to rival the best stage productions nationwide. First held in 1997 at the Shrine Expo Hall, the event has since expanded from one to three days and crossed state lines last summer to its new home at the massive Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Known for being a city with no concept of time, Las Vegas provides the perfect atmosphere for the festival to run from dusk to dawn, keeping the energy high and stage lights flashing until the sun rises. As the festival’s tagline reads: “It’s all about the experience.” EDC has become a multi-million dollar extravaganza of amusement park rides, acrobatic performers, pyrotechnics, art installations, and six stages of A-list electronic talent. Headliners include the likes of Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Above & Beyond, and Sander van Doorn, with 100plus artists following that are just as easy to boast about. In moving the festival to Sin City, attendance age was raised from sixteen to eighteen and the venue enforced strict security procedures. With 230,000 attendees over the span of last year’s weekend, there’s no stopping the new age “children of the revolution” considering this year’s event has completely sold out with an expected attendance of 300,000. Insomniac Events is the company behind the magic, producing an expanding repertoire of innovative events and festivals for millions


of music enthusiasts worldwide since 1993. This May, Electric Daisy Carnival made its New York debut to a massive crowd at MetLife Stadium. The overwhelming response to the festival’s first East Coast appearance made it clear that young people across the nation are embracing these events with open arms, hoping Insomniac will be the company to quench their musical thirst. CEO and mastermind Pasquale Rotella has taken on the role of evolving the growth of these events, while buffering the negativity, stereotypes, and ill faith from those who misunderstand what this music means to its fans. The future of electronic music has been at a tipping point for some time now, and the industry’s success rests on how these events are perceived by the public eye. Beginning June 5, Insomniac is launching its inaugural “EDMbiz” conference held at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. The conference will feature three days of keynote speakers, panel discussions and insightful presentations from some of the EDM industry’s top producers, labels, promoters, managers and advertising agencies. With this gathering, Insomniac hopes to provide a discussion platform to facilitate any concerns and curiosities surrounding electronic dance music and where its growth is headed. Wherever the direction of the industry may be headed, it’s clear that these events provide a place for the EDM masses to call home, and Electric Daisy Carnival has set its roots in a place where it can only continue to flourish. The festival makes its much-anticipated return to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway June 8-10.



FRIDAY, JUNE 8TH Encore Beach Club Calvin Harris

TAO Beach Nicky Romero SATURDAY, JUNE 9TH Encore Beach Club Steve Angello Palms Pool Roger Sanchez Marquee Dayclub Dirty South and Tommy Trash

SATURDAY, JUNE 9TH Electric Daisy Carnival Day 2 Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Lavo Hardwell

Marquee Kaskade

SUNDAY, JUNE 10TH Encore Beach Club Tiesto

TAO ATB and Dash Berlin

TAO Erick Morillo

Marquee Dayclub Avicii and Gareth Emery

Surrender Bingo Players

TAO Beach Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten

FRIDAY, JUNE 8TH Electric Daisy Carnival Day 1 Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Wet Republic Bob Sinclar

Marquee Dayclub Bassrush Free Pool Party with EC Twins

Marquee Dayclub Above & Beyond and Mat Zo

THURSDAY, JUNE 7TH Marquee Benny Benassi, Cedric Gervais, Alex Gaudino

TAO Beach Cosmic Gate, Arty and Glenn Morrison

THURSDAY, JUNE 7TH Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan EDMbiz conference Free Pool Party w/ Miguel Migs and Jason Bentley

MONDAY, JUNE 11TH Encore Beach Club Afrojack Marquee Dayclub Danny Tenaglia, Victor Calderone and Nicole Moudaber

Surrender Calvin Harris XS Steve Angello SUNDAY, JUNE 10TH Electric Daisy Carnival Day 3 Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Marquee Armin van Buuren, Sander van Doorn, EDX, Jochen Miller

XS Afrojack

Lavo A-Trak

Drai’s After Hours Loco Dice

TAO Fedde Le Grand Surrender Steve Aoki

MONDAY, JUNE 11TH Marquee Party Rock Monday w/ Redfoo and Chuckie

XS Sebastian Ingrosso

XS Skrillex TAO EDC Week Closing Party

5 ESSENTIALS FOR EDC 1 COMFORTABLE SHOES Dancing from dusk til dawn is no easy task. Add a dusty desert speedway into the mix and you’ll be happy you sported your old sneakers.


CASH In case of an emergency (and to avoid the risk of misplacing your debit card) bring in a little cash each night for water, snacks, and souvenirs.


WATER Stay safe and beat the heat. Plastic water bottles are available for purchase inside the venue as well as free refill stations to keep you hydrated all night.

4 VENUE MAP Make a list of your top must-see artists each night and snag a festival map at the venue to ensure you stick to your plan and make it to each stage on time.

5 FESTIVAL WEAR When it comes to a music festival in Vegas, the “fashion police” don’t exist. Be creative, experiment with bright colors, and have fun with your outfits! Photo by | Matthew Copley 25

“I think a lot of the commercialization of electronic dance music is something that’s happening outside of us, we’re trying to sort of stick to our guns and do stuff for the long term.” -Tony McGuinness 26

Photo by Andy Willsher

By Heidi Darby


ith an inundating flood of “Superstar DJs” funneling into the mainstream, three producers are championing the underground –a place that for all intents and purposes is constantly evolving. Tony McGuinness, Paavo Siljamäki and Jono Grant comprise Above & Beyond, a trio of electronic musicians currently sweeping the nation.

The three cavaliers built their reputation on nurturing the drive to “be yourself,” translated not only through the group’s music but through real-time messaging via LED screens. Amidst stunning laser light shows, the screens produce messages including “Reach Out” and more appropriately, “Time For Some Group Therapy?” Group Therapy is not only the name of A&B’s wildly successful album, it’s the name of their previous and current tours. “Group Therapy Part II” continues to sell out venues across the country, making it one of the most sought after tickets of the summer.

To be clear, A&B are by no means newcomers to the electronic dance music scene. Forming in 2000, the group started through their self-styled record label Anjunabeats, which eventually led to the sub-label Anjunadeep, The term “Group Therapy” both serving as outlets for the has served as a beacon for “Everyone needs an outlet for their best in upcoming electronic A&B fans. Tony, Paavo, and emotions. Musicians and artists tend to music. With the momentum Jono are often humbled express them through their art. I think you of their success, Above & Beby stories from across the can do the same by dancing and enjoying yond will be hosting their own globe of people who have stage at the world-renowned found solace and hope in the music as well. Electric Daisy Carnival in Las their genre-bending music, That’s what it’s about. Coming together Vegas, in addition to a double creating a genuine sense of and shared experiences.” Jono Grant performance at New York’s community during their live Electric Zoo where they will shows. Throngs of people again be hosting their own stage. So how does a musical act sell with signs, t-shirts, and even tattoos supporting the group ignite out shows across America, headline their own stages at the best with every performance. Word of mouth continues to propel Above EDM festivals in the country and still function as champions of the & Beyond into iPods across the world, and their Group Therapy underground? Semantics. The heavy infiltration of commercial album and subsequent tours have made them the unsung heroes electronic music has occurred around the group, rather than to of electronic dance music. them. While their music may not be in heavy rotation on commercial radio, it’s building a loyal fan base from the inside out. “Group Therapy does exactly what it says. It’s in a very broad sense what we do as musicians, and I think it’s heightened by the kind “We’ve already seen this once, it happens every few years,” Jono of music we do,” Tony says. “We’ve always found making music shares just before the first of three shows at The Shrine in Los is therapeutic, listening to music is therapeutic, and when we play Angeles. “It’ll go underground again. In a few years time this will gigs and release records and songs it’s kind of a group therapy peak and then something else will blow up again in 2016. I think experience. It’s never more true than when you do a gig like this, the most important thing is to just focus on what you’re doing you’ve got people who know the music and who’ve listened to the as an artist, rather than get too involved in the hype of it all and music and the songs kind of melt into their life. We all experience it the trends. There’s a danger if you’re an artist who just jumps on at the same time. A group therapy experience.” trends, you’re not being yourself. “ Keep up with Above & Beyond and their Group Therapy Tour at 27

Group Therapy World Tour Photography by | Christina Montaldo | Matthew Copley & Brenton Ho for Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub




in 8 Minutes with


Questions By Heidi Darby


rance and progressive house prodigy Mat Zo storms the Above & Beyond Arena at this years Electric Daisy Carnival and continues to hijack dance floors with his track “The Sky.” With a full-length album due out this October, the London native shared his thoughts on touring with Porter Robinson, and how Above & Beyond affected his career.

NGM: Do you listen to music outside of your genre? MZ: I try to. I try and listen to as many genres aside from dance music when I’m not producing. When I’m not producing I hardly listen to anything with a 4/4 beat. NGM: How did you become affiliated with Above & Beyond? MZ: They started supporting me quite early on. When I was about 17 they took me into the studio and gave me some pointers. They were good DJs to look up to. NGM: So Tony, Pavo, and Jono just pulled you in off the street one day? MZ: [Laughs] I think they heard my remix of Tiësto’s “Driving To Heaven” and asked me if I had any original material. NGM: What can you tell me about your gig at Electric Daisy Carnival? MZ: It’s going to be big. There’s going to be a lot of people. And I have no idea what I’m going to bring yet. [Laughing] NGM: Tell us about The Language Tour with Porter Robinson and The M Machine? MZ: It’s going to be about 30 dates starting in Reno and coming all the way back around to New Mexico. So it’s going to be the whole North American continent. There are very few breaks in between, so it’s going to be a full schedule. It’s gonna be fun. NGM: Sounds like it. Plenty of partying to look forward to? MZ: I’m not sure how big of a party animal Porter is. We’ll see. NGM: What’s your favorite part about performing? MZ: Playing music to people that want to hear your music is the biggest reward you can possibly get. NGM: What’s one thing people should know about you? MZ: I’m not as lonely as I appear on Twitter. Keep up with Mat Zo at Photo By Andy Willsher


[HOLLYWOOD] 1601 N. Cahuenga Boulevard, 90028 310-943-5800





AVEC [Huntington Beach] 18582 Beach Blvd, 92646 714-475-4660

AVALON [Hollywood] 1735 Vine St, 90028 323-462-8900

207 [San Diego] 207 5th Ave, 92101 619-764-6926

GALLERY NIGHTCLUB [Planet Hollywood Hotel | Las Vegas] 3667 Las Vegas Blvd S, NV 89109 702-818-5700

EMBER [Anaheim] 401 N. Anaheim Blvd. 92805 714-991-5101

EXCHANGE [Los Angeles] 618 S. Spring Street, 90014 213-627-8070

HEAT ULTRA LOUNGE [Anaheim] 321 W Katella Ave # 214, 92802 714-776-4328

DRAIS [Hollywood] 6250 Hollywood Blvd, 90028 323-962-1111

IVY NIGHTCLUB [San Diego] 600 F Street, 92101 619-814-2055

HYDE BELLAGIO [Bellagio Hotel | Las Vegas] 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, NV 89109 702-693-8700



[San Diego]

[Cosmopolitan Hotel | Las Vegas]

454 6th Avenue, 92101

3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, NV 89109



FLOAT [San Diego] 207 5th Ave, 92101 619-702-3000

MOON NIGHTCLUB [Palms Casino Hotel | Las Vegas] 4321 W Flamingo Rd, NV 89103 702-942-6832

FLUXX [San Diego] 500 4th Avenue, 92101 619-232-8100

TAO NIGHTCLUB [Venetian Hotel | Las Vegas] 3377 Las Vegas Blvd S, NV 89109 702-388-8338

VOYEUR [San Diego] 755 5th Ave, 92101 619-756-7678

XS NIGHTCLUB [Encore Hotel | Las Vegas] 3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, NV 89109 702-770-0097

SHARK CLUB [Costa Mesa] 841 Baker St., 92626 949-751-6428

PLAYHOUSE [Hollywood] 6506 Hollywood Blvd, 90028 323-656-4600

INCAHOOTS [Fullerton] 1401 S Lemon St., 92832 714-441-1666

SUPPERCLUB [Hollywood] 6675 Hollywood Boulevard, 90028 323-466-1900

POSCH [Irvine] 18912 MacArthur Blvd., 92612 949-833-1900

TRU NIGHTCLUB [Hollywood] 1600 Argyle Ave, CA 90028 323-461-1600

THE OBSERVATORY [Santa Ana] 3503 South Harbor Blvd, 92704 714-957-0600

VANGUARD [Hollywood] 6021 Hollywood Blvd, 90028 323-463-3331

Visit to view the top clubs & bars in your area. View upcoming events, get on the guest list, see photos, videos, reviews and more.


Live the Sweet Life

at Hyde Bellagio By: Megan Harvey


talians have long made one phrase the keystone to their existence: La Dolce Vita. It breathes into the way they eat, the way they love, and the way they savor each and every moment. Translating to “The Sweet Life,” La Dolce Vita represents the Italian philosophy to make each day as full of pleasure as possible. America may not have The Coliseum or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but among the lights of Las Vegas one can surely live the sweet life at Hyde Bellagio. Located at 3600 Las Vegas Boulevard South in the Bellagio Hotel & Casino, Hyde unwinds the evening with style and class. Starting at 5p.m., guests can order small gourmet plates like Oysters and Caviar from Bellagio’s Circo restaurant. One can also heighten their early evening experience with drinks from Hyde’s award-winning mixology program. While evening turns into night (or sooner, because this is Vegas) guests can help themselves to an extensive drink menu. Hyde offers any of the 1,500 bottles from the Bellagio’s award-winning wine program in addition to a seasonally influenced Bellini menu. They also offer a bevy of spirits and the bars specialty is its signature

Cucumber Watermelon Margarita, while the mixology cart features liquid nitrogen cocktails that create a tableside spectacle. Hyde stepped onto the Las Vegas scene last year as a hotspot on the strip, with special appearances by DJs such as Paul Oakenfold and events for celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Lauren Conrad. The club’s elegance is further accentuated by its primary draw: front row seats to the world-famous Fountains of Bellagio. Class speaks for itself while guests can relax in any of the 40 VIP tables or on the olive tree-lined terrace to take in the breathtaking water show periodically displayed on Lake Bellagio. The Grand Salon and Upper Living Room also offer sights and sounds to be enjoyed with a reclaimed wood fireplace fronting its DJ booth, where some of the hottest DJs can be found on any given night. Hyde is perfect for private parties, which can be arranged through their website at www. For more information, follow Hyde on Twitter or “like” the club on Facebook. 33

4TH OF JULY Looking for a good time under a firework-lighted sky? We’ve tracked down a variety of places to ensure your 4th of July will be filled with food, fun and fireworks. By Amanda Warlick By Kimberly Fisher & Heidi Darby



Celebrate your patriotic weekend at the Hollywood Bowl with pop icon Barry Manilow. He will perform his hit songs as well as traditional patriotic music. Following the night will be fabulous fireworks making the Hollywood Bowl Los Angeles’ place of celebration this year. Barry not your bag? Try hitting the South Bay area (Hermosa, Redondo, and Manhattan Beaches) for a more mischievous 4th of July celebration.

Start the 4th of July off right with a parade down Orange Avenue in Coronado at 10:00 a.m. with various activities surrounding Spreckels Park. As soon as night hits, San Diego’s largest firework display, Big Bay Boom, can be seen from any of your favorite spots while being launched from the Imperial Beach Pier.

LAS VEGAS Not only can you quench your thirst in Las Vegas, you can celebrate the hot summer day of July 4th at a pool party. Start off the holiday weekend at Encore Beach Club with DJ pumping up the music poolside, and end at Rehab hosted by the Hard Rock.

SANTA BARBARA Santa Barbara’s SPARKLE 2012 Freedom Celebration event will feature live music on West Beach at 7p.m. Arrive to the waterfront early so you can enjoy all the delicious food and beverages provided by vendors along Cabrillo Boulevard. SPARKLE will be lighting up the sky from West Beach with fireworks starting at 9 p.m. 34

ORANGE COUNTY Prepare to celebrate the 4th of July at the Red, White, and Brew pub crawl! Some of the best bars in Orange County have been selected to help satisfy your brew throwbacks this holiday weekend. For a more family friendly celebration, join the Disney characters and watch the beautiful fireworks light up the night sky at Disneyland.

LONG BEACH The Queen Mary is hosting a “Red, White and Blues” event for all ages to enjoy. Here you can enjoy slow smoked BBQ, two stages of live music, and a special area provided for kids. Fireworks glowing off of the Long Beach harbor are a sight that you won’t want to miss. 35


June 2012 Events Listing:


LOS ANGELES Every Thursday [Playhouse] Skam Artist Djs-Hip-Hop

The Lion The Beast The Beat

Every Friday [TRU] Fun House Fridays

By Heidi Darby

Every Friday [Avalon] Control Fridays


race Potter and The Nocturnals operate on their own playing field. Their fourth studio album, The Lion The Beast The Beat, unleashes Grace’s trademark power vocals and allows the group to continue on their ever-evolving path of musical prowess. With each album the band takes one more step outside of the box, and The Lion The Beast The Beat is no exception. The opening, title track is a battle cry that digs deep into the heart of the listener. Clocking in at over five minutes long, the song begins with a slow building call to arms and picks up into all-out rock anthem. GPN seldom strays from their rock foundation, but the first official single “Never Go Back” slips into a sexy dance groove. This track begs to be remixed into a club hit –all of you DJs out there looking for the next great power vocal to sweep the dance floors of America, look no further. This girl-power tale of a lovelorn woman swearing off a former lover would translate into an amazing remix.

Every Saturday [Level 3] Club DV8 18+ Every Saturday [Avalon] Avaland June 7, Thursday [Playhouse] DJ Five June 7, Thursday [Greystone Manor] Dirty South June 8, Friday [Avalon] Congorock June 9, Saturday [Playhouse] Jermaine Dupri June 14, Thursday [Playhouse] Eric Dlux June 16, Saturday [Playhouse] TABOO- Black Eyed Peas

One of the standout tracks, “Stars,” rolls her tenderness, strength, and affinity for storytelling into one powerful ballad. It’s satisfying to hear a performer sing from her gut, whereas the airwaves today are largely overpopulated with auto-tuned pop tarts singing someone else’s love song. When Grace opens her mouth to sing, she’s a woman with conviction baring her soul. When discussing a performer comparisons are often lackluster –though stating she’s got the spirit of Janis, legs that rival Tina, and a tone reminiscent of Bonnie is unavoidable. Her lyrics are well orchestrated and her vocals provide a believability that’s the mark of true artist. This isn’t everyday mind-numbing pop music. The Lion The Beast The Beat is at its best while driving with the top down, promising to never look back. The Lion The Beast The Beat drops June 12. Catch Grace Potter and The Nocturnals at Angels Stadium on July 14.

June 16, Saturday [Greystone Manor] LA Riots June 17, Sunday [XIV] Manufactured Superstars June 21, Thursday [Greystone Manor] Paul Oakenfold June 21, Thursday [Playhouse] DJ Homicide June 22, Friday [Avalon] Pleasurekraft June 22, Friday [Playhouse] MyClubScene 3 Year Anniversary Party! Email for FREE guestlist June 23, Saturday [Playhouse] Politik June 24, Sunday [XIV] Afrojack

Photo by Williams + Hirakawa

June 28, Thursday [Playhouse] DJ Ross One June 29, Friday [Playhouse] Swanky Tunes June 30, Saturday [Playhouse] Mick Boogie Pre B.E.T Awards Party! Log on to now to see more events and get on the list! 36

June 2012 Events Listing:

ORANGE COUNTY Every Monday [Sharkeez HB] MyClubScene Mondays Prize giveaways! email for details Celebrate your birthday with us and we will buy you a bottle of champagne & food platter for your entire party on any Monday of the week! email

Every Thursday [Heat Ultra Lounge] Glam Thursdays Every Friday [Avec] Haute Fridays Every Friday [Shark Club] Limelight Fridays Every Friday [Heat Ultra Lounge] Privilege Fridays June 7, Thursday [Yost Theater] Congorock June 11, Monday [Sharkeez HB] MyClubScene Mondays: Go-Go Guest Bartenders June 15, Friday [Yost Theater] Dave Aude June 15, Friday [Sharkeez HB] Summer Kick off Party! June 16, Saturday [Yost Theater] DJ Scotty Boy’s Birthday Celebration June 18, Monday [Sharkeez HB] MyClubScene Mondays: With Go-Go Guest Bartenders Jamie Michelle & Angelina Rogers June 21, Thursday [Yost Theater] Sharam June 23, Saturday [Posch] MyClubScene 3 Year Anniversary Party! Email for FREE guestlist June 23, Saturday [Heat Ultra Lounge] Powerhouse After Party Hosted by Snoop Dogg June 25, Monday [Sharkeez HB] MyClubScene Mondays: With Go-Go Guest Bartenders Jamie Michelle & CeCe Jean June 27, Wednesday [Yost Theater] Bart Claessen & Kristina Sky

June 2012 Events Listing:

SAN DIEGO Every Thursday [207 Hard Rock] Mynt Thursdays Every Thursday [Fluxx] EDM Every Sunday [Float | Hard Rock] Intervention June 7, Thursday [Fluxx] Aly & Fila June 8,Friday [Voyeur] Dave Aude June 8, Friday [Fluxx] DJ Evil One June 8, Friday [Hardrock | 207] Live Performance by Asher Roth June 9, Saturday [Hardrock | Float] Chris Cutz & Esteban Diaz June 9, Saturday [Voyeur] LMFAO June 10, Sunday [Hard Rock] Intervention: The Cataracs & Cobra Starship June 14, Thursday [Voyeur] Classixx June 14, Thursday [Fluxx] Wippenberg June 16, Saturday [Fluxx] Sid Vicious & Rico DeLargo June 17, Sunday [Hard Rock] Intervention: Bad Boy Bill June 21, Thursday [Fluxx] Richard Durand June 22, Friday [Voyeur] Sharam June 22, Friday [Fluxx] DJ Reflex & Ricky Rocks June 23, Saturday [Fluxx] DJ Cobra June 24, Sunday [Hardrock] Intervention: MyClubScene 3 Year Anniversary Party with Morgan Page! Email for FREE guestlist June 29, Friday [Fluxx] DJ E Rock June 29, Friday [Voyeur] Sasha

June 29, Friday [Yost Theater] Bass Kleph Log on to now to see more events and get on the list!

Log on to now to see more events and get on the list! 37

Live Music Events Listing: SoCal LOS ANGELES


June 5, Tuesday [Staples Center]

June 7, Thursday [Observatory]

June 4, Monday [Belly Up]

LMFAO / Far East Movement

(Constellation Room)

Donavon Frankenreiter

June 8, Friday [Gibson Amphitheatre]

Maps & Atlases

June 7, Thursday [Belly Up]

Freestyle Explosion

June 7/8, Thursday/Friday [The Grove]

Balkan Beat Box

June 8, Friday [The Greek]

Bow Wow

June 8, Friday [Belly Up]

Primus / Fishbone

June 9, Saturday [Detroit Bar]

Coco Rosie featuring Tez and

June 8, Friday [The Roxy]

Project Moss / Allensworth

The Rafasthan Roots

Balkan Beat Box

June 10, Sunday [House of Blues]

June 9, Saturday [Orpheum Theatre]

Collective Soul

Jackson Browne

June 13, Wednesday [Observatory]

June 10, Sunday [The Roxy]

Walk Off The Earth


June 14, Thursday [Observatory]

June 10, Sunday [The Greek]

Allen Stone

Chickenfoot / Black Stone Cherry

June 15, Friday [Observatory]

June 12, Tuesday [House of Blues]

Smut Peddlers

Collective Soul

June 16, Saturday [Detroit Bar]

June 14, Thursday [The El Rey]

American Royalty

Walk Off The Earth

June 17, Sunday [Observatory]

June 15, Friday [The El Rey]

(Constellation Room)

The Cribs


June 15, Friday [The Wiltern]

June 17, Sunday [Observatory]

Mayer Hawthorne & The County

J Boog & Fiji

June 20, Wednesday [The Wiltern]

June 21, Thursday [Observatory]

Glen Hansard

Israel Vibration

June 29, Friday [The Greek]

June 22, Friday [Observatory]

Summerland featuring Everclear, Gin Blos-

Jenny Lewis

soms, Lit and Marcy Playground

June 22, Friday [Verizon Wireless

June 30, Saturday [The Greek]


The B-52’s

Def Leppard

June 8, Friday [Soma] Jonny Craig June 9, Saturday [Belly Up] Wayward Sons June 9, Saturday [Belly Up] The Early November June 9, Saturday [4th & B] Tha Alkaholiks June 15, Friday [Belly Up] Israel Vibration June 15, Friday [4th & B] J Boog & Fiji June 19, Tuesday [Belly Up] Dawn Mitschele


June 21, Thursday [4th & B] Warped Tour Battle of The Bands Finals June 21, Thursday [Anthology] Vicci Martinez June 22, Friday [Belly Up] Common Sense June 27, Wednesday [Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre] Vans Warped Tour


“WET WONDERLAND” By Courtney Seard

Just in time for summer,

Photo credit: Al Powers & Brenton Ho for Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub

The “Wet Wonderland” party brings the best dance music poolside delivering one of the worlds hottest parties every Sunday from 10am to 6pm this summer in Las Vegas.

Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas and Insomniac have joined forces to create “Wet Wonderland,” a daylife party experience unlike any other. The “Wet Wonderland” party brings the best dance music poolside, delivering one of the world’s hottest parties every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. this summer in Las Vegas. A newcomer to the day life scene, Marquee Dayclub is the pool club to keep your eye on. Insomniac (the successfully mad minds behind the world renowned Electric Daisy Carnival) transform the spectacular venue into an energetic party everyone waits all week for, showcasing what Insomniac and Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub do best. A toast to the weekend, it’s a celebration with energetic intensity that makes “Wet Wonderland” a place you want to be. The day party launched Sunday April 29, 2012, with Kaskade, as tracks from “Fire & Ice” played Sunday poolside at the club; Kaskade brought the crowd to their feet. Sunday, May 20 the party was in full swing once again, seeing Above & Beyond bring their “Group Therapy” tour to the Marquee Dayclub. One of trance’s most successful groups, Above & Beyond wowed the crowd. The British trio known for their DJ performances, production and remix work provided the partygoers just what they where looking for; cutting edge trance beats that kept the energy going all day into the early night. The magnetic performance by Above & Beyond was kicked off by up and coming DJ Kristina Sky. Sky (who has done tracks with Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk) began building up the energy with her blend of trance and progressive house that she’s known around the world for. The return of the sold out Electric Daisy Carnival to Las Vegas the weekend of June 8-10 will bring new meaning to the terms “exclusive” “sought after” and “must attend” as Insomniac hosts the official EDC day life party experience at “Wet Wonderland” on Sunday, June 10 with Avicii. The extravaganza continues with Sander van Doorn July 8, Cedric Gervais July 29, closing with Gabriel & Dresden August 26. “Wet Wonderland” is an adrenaline filled daydream, full of luscious beats and sensory treats that make it the ultimate day party experience.

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By Drew Leahy | Photography by | Brian Brown On Saturday, May 12, Insomniac’s “Enhanced Concert Series” welcomed Swedish House Mafia member, Steve Angello, and his Size Matters tour to the infamous Hollywood Palladium, along with special guests AN21 & Max Vangeli and Junior Sanchez. With a commanding three-hour set of house, bangers, techi-house, and progressive house, Steve Angello proved that it’s all about size! Junior Sanchez started out the night with his unique rendition of house while the crowd slowly filtered in. Shortly after, AN21 & Max Vangelli took the stage and kicked up the energy, dropping multiple emotional, melodic tracks from their forthcoming, full-length studio album, preparing fans to witness the arrival of Steve Angello. You could feel the veneration for Steve Angello by his loyal fans as he ascended the stage and the crowd began to sway with unequivocal glee. The filtered sound of SHM’s latest single, “Greyhound,” purged from the speakers, and Angello’s first drop was gigantic. His repertoire consisted of mostly high-energy bangers like “Atom” from Nari & Milani, and “Hertz” from Deniz Koyu, as well as progressive and minimal tracks. If you expected the same old SHM set, then you were in for surprise. All in all, Steve Angello proved why he is one of the scenes most revered artists, showcasing his keen eye for reading the sold-out crowd, his mastery for mixing behind the decks, and his ability to sustain an unrelenting three-hour set.


By Megan Harvey | Photography Courtesy of Locotorp Photography Avalon in Hollywood is famous for breathtaking performances, and the headliner on May 18 was no exception. With fiery electricity pulsing through the crowd, fans watched a giant screen counting down for Joachim Garraud to take the stage. Excitement manifested itself in hundreds of vibrant smiles as the clock struck zero and the renowned French DJ blew everyone away with his mind-blowing set. This is the standard for Joachim Garraud. Along with holding international magazine titles for Best French DJ and Best Electro DJ, he is also a remixer and a producer for icons including Perry Ferrell of Jane’s Addiction. Habitually working with DJs like David Guetta and Steve Aoki, he performs at events such as Southern California’s Coachella Music Festival. Garraud comes armed with a Keytar and a stack of his notorious Space Invader alien masks to distribute to his adoring fans, making his live music performances the embodiment of spectacular and unique. For more information on the upcoming Electric Daisy Carnival performer, you can check out his website at, follow him on Twitter, or “like” him on Facebook. Also download tracks from his album Invasion Box 2011 and check out ZeMIXX, his sixty minute nonstop mix radio show on iTunes.


R3HAB: ON THE “ROAD TO EDC” Playhouse [Hollywood]

By Allie Imai | Photography by | Dave Orell

With Electric Daisy Carnival just around the corner, Insomniac Events expanded its reach and embarked on a nightclub tour to ease the anxiety of ticket holders until the festival opens its gates in Las Vegas on June 8. On May 26, Playhouse Nightclub in Los Angeles welcomed powerhouse producer R3hab to continue Insomniac’s “Road to EDC.” Playhouse never fails to live up to its standards in consistently booking the best talent in Los Angeles, and partnering with the masterminds of Insomniac to bring in R3hab only sealed the deal for success. For the extent of his 2 hour set, the Dutch DJ rocked the venue and its packed dance floor of locals, keeping the adrenaline pumping and the bass lines heavy. He knew just what to play and satisfy people’s musical taste, staying just as energetic and animated as the crowd in front of him. The club erupted in a chaotic blend of confetti and screams when he finally dropped his infamous remix of Calvin Harris’ “Bounce.” A sea of ringing ears and sore feet could surely measure the night’s success, and only confirmed that R3hab’s talent is just as impressive in person as on paper. If you miss him in action at EDC, he’ll be rocking clubs nationwide through the end of summer.

SCOOTER & LAVELLE IN SIN CITY Liquid Lounge [Las Vegas]

By Allie Imai | Photos Courtesy of | Geoff Garbowski Liquid Lounge at Aria is the picturesque Vegas escape of your dreams- the architecture is sleek, the ambiance is contemporary, the guests are beautiful and the talent is top-class. Complete with opulent daybeds and an exclusive location, this poolside experience is anything but ordinary. On May 12, the resort welcomed San Diego residents DJ Scooter and Lavelle Dupree to bring the heat off the strip and into the pool. House legend Mark Knight provided the opening sounds as the sun made its way over the packed pool of tan bodies. Behind a shaded canopy overlooking the clear water, he played hit after hit with hands raised and unwavering vigor. Next up, award-winning duo Scooter and Lavelle jumped on the stage. The two DJs are an unusual pair with their opposite musical backgrounds. Scooter’s familiarity with hip hop combined with Lavelle’s progressive house roots make them unstoppable on the decks with no genre boundaries to hold them back. Always traveling with four turntables, these producers are energydriven and love an excitable crowd to reverberate their good vibes. The duo has held a Saturday residency at Liquid Lounge since late March and will continue their stay through the duration of summer.

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Karly Cali Love Pool Party runs all summer long. Email VIP@NITEGUIDEMAG.COM for more info. Say NiteGuide at the door for FREE entry every week!



magine beautiful models with long, sun-kissed legs, tiny bikinis, and looks that could kill; this is what the scenery looked like hanging out at the Cali Love Pool Party produced by Till Dawn Group on May 19.

NiteGuide Magazine took over Palms Pool & Bungalows for their “Model Takeover,” searching for the next MyClubScene Vixen model to be featured in the June 2012 issue. Vixen hopefuls traveled from all across the U.S. for the opportunity. The music was pumping, people were dancing, and drinks were flowing, typical for a Las Vegas pool party, but creating an atypical atmosphere with the addition of flashing cameras. NiteGuide Magazine generated a buzz at the photo shoot, where photographers shot the models in their stunning bikinis, trailing behind them from one end of the pool to the other. The cabanas were 44

the favorite spot for pool-goers to watch, as the models had a little more freedom to be creative in their poses. Every so often you could catch the crowd increasing as the shoot carried on. It was great entertainment for those who expected a relaxing day in the sun, experiencing an additional bit of industry excitement. Men and women alike surrounded the models to catch a glimpse of the girls as they worked. This already great pool party transformed into a one-of-a-kind NiteGuide event filled with the lovely models. Taking home the MyClubScene Vixen title was Southern California’s Angelina Rogers. The brown eyed beauty is featured in this month’s issue, and after a great shoot at the Palms, it’s no surprise why. Keep an eye out for more events like this in future issues of NiteGuide Magazine, and be the first to know about them and join the party.

By Madeleine Trafficanda



Photography by Ben Taylor, Geoff Garbowski & Krystle Lina | Hair & Makeup by Maricela Martinez | Hair by Cynthia Konstantakis | Location, Palms Pool & Bungalows



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n Saturday, May 26, NiteGuide Magazine celebrated the release

NiteGuide ensured the party intensity as well, rolling out the red carpet to

of their May “Product Issue” at Posch in Orange County. The

create an air of sophisticated fun. The company photographers were on

Memorial Weekend event welcomed a packed venue full of

hand to catch the red carpet poses in front of the sleek building, as well

beautiful smiles and great drinks in an energetic atmosphere.

as inside snapping shots of the partygoers. The magazine also provided additional perks for the evening, showcasing a variety of The Outer Edge

Posch is one of OC’s hottest venues, and on the night of the release party

products that were featured in the magazine. Copies of the issue were

hosted electronic musical act The

passed around all night long and with the stunning Jen Gonzalez gracing

EC Twins. The brothers, Marc and

Allister Blackham, are known for their infectious high-energy shows and

the cover, it was a truly picture perfect evening, at the perfect venue.

this particular party was no exception. Their music filled the beautifully decorated venue, which features multiple rooms, fireplaces, and a roomy

To get on the guest list for NiteGuide Magazine events email

dance floor. Chef Jimmy Z ensured the eats were on par with the decor, and for more information on Posch go to

atmosphere, and music, serving delicious plates into the late evening. or

Chef Jimmy and his son, partner and Marketing Director Page Parvin have created a great restaurant and nightclub that’s perfect for people in search of a great night out.


Photos by | Martin Clara



I LOVE THIS CITY INVADES SAN DIEGO Story by Allie Imai | Photos by Brian Hmurovich | Waves of fans poured into the venue gates sporting sparkling tutus, neon sunglasses and sunscreen to ward off the early Sunday afternoon sun. Whether attending with their parents or big groups of friends, the crowd was animated and the simple, artist-centric atmosphere was a refreshing break from the big production events that regular festival enthusiasts are accustomed to. Show stealer Skrillex rattled the amphitheater’s main stage with his signature sound while French


prodigy Madeon dropped live mash-ups amidst the crowd’s favorite n Sunday, May 27, Cricket Wireless Amphitheater in Chula

hits. The two smaller stages held the likes of dubstep kings 12th Planet

Vista was invaded with a new festival by the name of I Love

and Cookie Monsta, satisfying fans with their reverberating beats and

This City. Live Nation Entertainment partnered with San Diego

wobbling basslines.

event company LED and brought a new kind of Memorial Day Weekend party to locals craving something different than a day at the beach.

While stilt-walkers, carnival rides and art installations were nowhere in sight, the festival focused more on booking A-list talent and embracing

Live Nation doubles as a ticketing service and entertainment company,

a younger generation of EDM enthusiasts looking for a different way to

and has been putting a recent emphasis on promoting electronic dance

channel some energy on their holiday weekend.

music amidst the usual big-ticket concert tours. The festival occurred over the weekend synonymously in San Diego and at Northern California’s Shoreline Amphitheater, quenching musical thirsts up and down the California coastline. For its debut, the 16-and-over event booked an impressive lineup of EDM talent ranging from Skrillex, 12th Planet, The M Machine, A-Trak, Wolfgang Gartner, The Crystal Method and more on three different stages.




Photos courtesy of | Dave Orell



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Photos courtesy of Brandon Peters


Photos courtesy of Brandon Peters




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Photos courtesy of | Christina Montaldo




Photos courtesy of Brandon Photos courtesy of | Christina Montaldo & DavePeters Orell

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Welcome to Las Vegas!  

June 2012- This issue is dedicated to the Vegas nightlife. Check out our exclusive interview with Above & Beyond!!

Welcome to Las Vegas!  

June 2012- This issue is dedicated to the Vegas nightlife. Check out our exclusive interview with Above & Beyond!!