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Actividad: Identificar ligandos de proteinas Tubulin: 4FFB: A Tog:alpha/beta-tubulin Complex Structure Reveals Conformation-based Mechanisms for a Microtubule Polymerase

Rhodopsin: 2PED: Crystallographic Model of 9-cis-rhodopsin

P53: 4D1M: Tetramerization Domain of Zebrafish P53 (Crystal Form II)

Arp2/3: 3DWL: Crystal Structure of Fission Yeast Arp2/3 Complex Lacking the Arp2 Subunit

Myosin : 1W8J: Crystal Structure of Myosin V Motor Domain - Nucleotide-free

Coronin: 5CX2: Structure of Coiled Coil Domain of Leishmania Donovani Coronin

NCAM: 2VKX: Human Ncam, FN3 Domains 1 and 2, M610r Mutant

Scramblase: 4WIT: Tmem16 Lipid Scramblase in Crystal Form 2

Selectin: 1ESL: Insight Into E-selectin(slash)ligand Interaction From the Crystal Structure and Mutagenesis of the Lec(slash)egf Domains

Integrin : 1U8C: A Novel Adaptation of the Integrin PSI Domain Revealed From ITS Crystal Structure