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Evolution to revolution

A/W 15/16

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This lifestyle trend book for Autumn/Winter 2015 highlights five trends inspired by the lives of humanity. Combining the beginning of time with the end of time. Exploring the land and soaking up all of its glory while gravitating towards a virtual being. Fashion, architecture and design is being transformed into a world of rebirth. The celebration of both natural and technical existence, creating such a war within ourselves accompanied by the cry out to be equal. Letting go of the negativity the past that once consumed us, A compassionate state of being. Caring for each other and the ground that holds us. Saving what have once abused. In this season, lives will began a new and grow into what is was always meant to become. As you explore this digital platform, you will venture to new lands of peace, disperation, hope, togetherness, and the alitmate change. designed to guide design professionals in the right direction, with colors, fabrics, and other arts that support each inspiration.






Capturing a natural presence. This phase will embrace soft delicate fibers knitted and crocheted together. Floral and lace will be incorporated through print work or embroidery. This will lead for a smooth transition from summer to fall. Complimented by tones of ruby reds, golden browns, and crisp shades of green compliments the earth shades of sunset in the night. The appreciation for handmade pieces, furniture and accessories crafted from elements grown from the lands.


Genesis‌in the beginning of time. Getting back to basic, feeding off the land. A natural state of mind, experiencing the Earth with new senses. Fresh and rejuvenating. The appreciation of a re-birth and the celebration of all things pure. A breath of fresh air, serene and inviting.






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There has been a lot of boundaries that world has been put on, from law enforcement to nuclear war scares, we have been conflicted and are each consuming ourselves into a safety. The world is even fighting against the human race, natural disasters of hurricanes, earthquakes, and forest fires. In the mist of that, we are fighting to be individuals, to find ourselves and determine what really makes us happy. Abandonment is the state pf mind in this phase, ways to express the outrage and the cry of the people. Restraints and restrictions and distress represents this. Heavy leathers appeared worn and beat. Accessorized with buckles and weighted metals, forming shackles in an appealing way. Tints of blues and greens express the decay, chipped paint from an abandoned building or something molded and forgotten about.


Tribulation‌destruction of when the Earth fights back. Sense of bondage. A fight within oursleves, a fight against the world, a fight to please others. Being consumed of what is around us. Struggle to be appreciated. Nature’s fight. Natural distruction. The fight to exist and to be accepted. Held captive by our own thoughts and inner findings.




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It is now time to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is now the beginning of the break away. This phase holds a different mood. Lighter hues compliments the mood of looking up and seeing light within the darkness or standing at a wall and pieces just began to chip away. Seeing the brighter side of life circumstances. The feeling of escape is shown in fabrics and other essential elements. During this time fabrics and other essentials are constructed in laser cut out, to hold the essence of something solid being chipped away. The beauty of letting go of things that makes you whole and creating something more unique and stunning within.


Prinicple...Treat those how you wish to be treated. The chance to be free, non-judgment. Equality to all, one love, one race, peace and prosperity. The mirror effect, we see each other within ourselves. An empathy culture, caring for others, surviving for others, striving to save others. Finally a selfish less world. The true meaning of One Nation, I heart, One Sound, One Being.




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In this phase humanity will begin picking up the pieces of shattered dreams, heartbreak, and misconception and taking those little images to make a big picture. Society will strive to better themselves for the sake of self and the ones around them. It is a growing period that will take some time to master. Moving forward in positivity, different movements will form. Peace tribes, survival tribes, along with many other flourishing, humbling, and enriching phenomenon that will lift up this broken generation. Printed fabrics will display pixelated designs, as well as them being shown in other design elements.


Conception...Merger, making two into one and taking the best qualities of both. A new birth, a new movement, a new way of life. Consciousness, awareness of what is fulfilling. Functioning productively, act of adoption, flourishing, and surviving. Reducing negative consumptions. Maintain, support, and endure. Combing to a make a bigger picture.




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Supremacy 39

Humanity has begun to adopt a new way of living. Even though technology has been around for decades, it has advanced and became a part of our lives even more than before. In the home, school, work, and for play, it is the only way that most humans keep a sane mind. The embrace of technology can be seen as a blessing or a curse but either way it is looked at, it will continue to be around for a long time. The escape to our virtual reality rather it is in our mobile or home device, we escape the problems of the world and become our true selves or who we wish to be. This virtual phase is being presented in a more elegant way. The future never appeared to be so sophisticated before. Designed sequins, pearls, and iridescent beading is the best way to compliment any design. The significance of hand crafted. Even in the computerized time having something originally made is important.


Supremacy‌takeover. New world order. The virual world. Mind of matter. Technical innovation. Boarderless world, the final result of where two become one. The virtual world masked with a revolutionary experience. The newer beginning.




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Evolution to revolution  
Evolution to revolution