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Dana Maye













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a d s @ m y n i s y . c o m

a n a D a M M

Photography by Kevin Au


a e y a


Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Dana Maye. I was born and raised in beautiful Vancouver BC. My ancestors are from Sweden and the Ukraine and I love perogies! I am a server to pay the bills but my true passion is modeling and acting. I’ve practiced my runway walk many times walking from table to table balancing martini glasses on a tray!

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How long have you been modeling? How did you start? I have only been modeling for 6 months and wish I had started sooner. I have met many amazing people and am always learning new tricks to the trade. I was always told by friends and family to pursue modeling, but I never saw modeling as something realistic, only a dream that could become a reality for someone else. I began building my portfolio and will never forget the butterflies in my stomach before my very first shoot. I was told that being nervous is a good thing and once you get too comfortable, the magic is lost.

M 12



Did anyone inspire you? I am inspired by everyone, but mostly Kate Moss solely because she wasn’t the tallest model in the world and made it big!

What’s your plan? I plan on continuing modeling and following it to wherever it may take me (hopefully somewhere with no rain!), as well as pursuing acting and gaining more knowledge of the entertainment industry.

a n 15

What else do you like doing in your free time? When I have down time I enjoy painting and sculpting, and when I’m very serious about relaxing I enjoy curling up in my bed with a Big Extra, my dog and watching the fashion channel. :P

What makes up your nightlife? My nightlife consists of my best girlfriends, a bottle of wine and hitting up the beautiful city. On occasion, I’m extremely lucky to walk the runway on a friday night and afterwards letting loose with some of the most beautiful models in Vancouver!

M 16

n Da



a n a D

n Da

May e




re C o n t a c t

a d s @ m y n i s y . c o m



desire for comfort food beyond the realm of the home and family may very well be on its way to being satisfied in a manner both accessible and even with a unique twist. Mixing traditional comfort foods with a chic ambience and more traditionally upscale ingredients, Society manages to provide Vancouverites and tourists alike a dining experience in the guise of a ‘dining lounge’ arguably more common to cities like Las Vegas or Tokyo than to what we traditionally expect in Vancouver.

Words by Marc Terrien


hen one thinks of comfort food, we are often drawn back to memories of home cooked meals made by one’s mother or grandmother, bringing forth a great sense of nostalgia to days gone by and for many of us foreign to this country or too busy with work, it becomes an experience we are desperate to replicate but are often relegated to chances too far and few between. If the successful team behind ‘The Glowbal Restaurant Group’ have anything to say about it, our



As you enter ‘Society’, arguably the most defining feature of the restaurant can be found in the pink chandeliers gracing the ceiling of the venue. That, and the cotton candy machine, further emphasizing this mixture of fine dining and foods designed more for the home. With that having been said, the food on offer is sure to please those looking for more traditional cooking that still manages to appear perfectly at home in the upscale surroundings of Yale town. Offering tasty

treats such as macaroni and jalapenos with cheese both breaded and deep fried and Kobe meatloaf among many other delicious menu items, we encourage you to try everything on offer as while we ourselves have yet to fully try all that is provided, and we have found each and every item thus far truly mouth watering.


In taking one look at their website (, the tag line and remote theme of ‘opposites attract’ becomes easily visible and prominent throughout, and we feel the theme carries true through the experience on offer at Society in its presentation and taste of the food on offer. If you’re anything like us and at times hearken back to the days of simpler food yet find yourself constantly drawn to the atmosphere and night life behind Yaletown, we readily recommend that you visit Society, be it for a drink or something more hearty, we’re sure you’ll come away with a very satisfied smile on your face.



1257 Hamilton Street Vancouver, BC V6B 6K3 604.629.8800






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a d s @ m y n i s y . c o m






eed to get your hair done? Want to have a excellent body spa? Dying to have your nails done? Look no further as MUSE is the one stop beauty salon for all three wishes! With the reopening of Cambie village after the Olympics, it revealed a unique beauty salon. It is not just another salon where you get your monthly haircut, or periodic hair straightening. MUSE beauty salon offers more than that. Aside from the typical hair services, MUSE also provides customizable body massages and professional nail services to satisfy each customer’s needs. Not only does the menu look attractive, the MUSE team are also highly trained professionals. Staff from across the globe all carry high qualifications and uphold high standards. Who could have expected a standard protocol for washing your hair?! MUSE beauty salon carries a high standard of service to their valuable customers in every detail possible.


The product line which MUSE beauty salon carries is also from the best out there including the exclusive Bumble & Bumble hair care products. It does not matter if you have a dry or oily hair type, MUSE acknowledge that every customer’s needs are different and so your individual hair specialist will assist you with only the most suitable products for you. The same can be said for the customizable body massages. MUSE’s own professional masseuse straight from Japan will perfect your experience according to the level of pressure you desire. For those boys and girls who love to get well prepared for your exciting night, MUSE is the one stop place you must visit.



3020 Cambie Street Vancouver, BC V5Z 2V9 604.876.5580 39




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a d s @ m y n i s y . c o m

Photography by Kevin Au

Hidden Celeb


rom a young age, Mick has been in love with performing arts. No one can deny his talent in that. Since high school, Mick has entered numerous singing contests, having won the majority of them. These include the ’04 singing contest by YOURS and the New Talent Singing Award Vancouver by Fairchild TV. Unlike most people who enjoy being in the limelight and having friends and family watch at they compete, Mick prefers to attend alone. “I don’t know why either. But I just don’t feel that I needed that kind of support. Sometimes after the contest, I’ll just hold my award in one hand and flowers in the other and go home by myself.” After all these years as a singer, Mick realizes that is true passion is not singing, but rather Beat Boxing. Mick started beat boxing around 7 years ago when he joined Fairchild TV’s Sunshine boys contest in 2003. His first encounter with beat boxing was back in his high school days when a friend from the choir would beat box. Mick had no




clue what it was or how it was done at the time. To him it was all mere weird noises. Then one day a friend sent him a clip over ICQ of a guy singing with some drum beats in the background. After being told that it was all done by one man beat boxing and singing at the same time, Mick instantly fell in love with the sound. “I love anything that is distinctively unique. That is what attracts me to beat boxing. Making all kinds of sounds with my voice and making it into a song simply amuses me.� At first, learning was very difficult as there were not many beat boxers in Vancouver. Mick was only able to learn from the Internet and kept practicing on his own. He started breaking down songs into a series of sounds and practiced from there. After years of hard work, Mick finally mastered beat boxing and and is now holding classes.


“My dream now is to let more people know about beat boxing and to gain its acceptance from the public as a performing art.” In most people’s eyes, beat boxing is merely just an underground or hip hop thing. DJ Mick on the other hand, believes it should belong to the performing arts family. Mick explains that beat boxing started in the 80’s by a rap crew from the ghettos where expensive instruments were inaccessible to performers. With no other means of producing music, the crew would use


their voices to mimic the background music. Gradually, this technique would receive widespread recognition and become recognized as the term “beat boxing” that we know today. From mimicking background music in the past to solo performances today, beat boxing has come a long way and definitely deserve its place among the performing arts.





re C o n t a c t

a d s @ m y n i s y . c o m