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GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15



-¶-X h‑n-Z‑y‑m-`‑y‑m-k k‑u-I-c‑y-a‑p-Å H-c‑p \‑m-S‑v F-¶ k‑z-]‑v-\-¯‑n-s‑â k‑m-£‑m-X‑v¡‑m-c-a‑m-W‑v c‑m-a-]‑p-c-s‑¯ s‑P‑w-k‑v t‑I‑m-f-P‑v. K-h. t‑I‑m-f-P‑p-I-f‑p-s‑S ]-c‑n-a‑n-X‑nb‑p‑w _‑n-c‑p-Z‑, _‑n-c‑p-Z‑m-\-´-c‑, {‑]-^-j-W t‑I‑m-g‑v-k‑p-I-f‑p-s‑S B-h-i‑y-I-X-b‑p-a‑mb‑n-c‑p-¶‑p k-l-I-c-W t‑a-J-e-b‑n C-¯-c-s‑a‑m-c‑p Ø‑m-]-\-¯‑n-\‑v h-g‑n X‑p-d-¶-X‑v. P-\-§-f‑p-s‑S I‑q-«‑m-b‑v-a-b‑nÂ‑, k‑m-[‑m-c-W-¡‑m-c‑p-s‑S a-¡Ä-¡‑v I‑p-d-ª N‑n-e-h‑n ]T‑n-¡‑m³ A-h-k-c‑w \Â-I‑p-I-b‑p‑w \‑m-S‑n-s‑â h-fÀ-¨-b‑n \‑m-g‑n-I-¡-Ã‑m-b‑n a‑m-d‑pI-b‑p‑w s‑N-b‑v-X‑p-s‑h-¶ N‑m-c‑n-X‑mÀ-°‑y-a‑m-W‑v F-s‑¶ G-s‑d k-t‑´‑m-j‑n-¸‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑v. {‑]-X‑o-£-I-Ä-¡‑v F-{‑X-t‑b‑m a‑p-I-f‑nÂ‑, k‑w-Ø‑m-\-s‑¯ G-ä-h‑p‑w a‑n-I-¨ k-l-I-c-W t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑m-¡‑n \‑n-§Ä C‑u Ø‑m-]-\-s‑¯ a‑m-ä‑n-s‑b-¶-X‑v A-`‑n-a‑m-\-t‑¯‑m-s‑S k‑va-c‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. G-s‑X‑m-c‑p a‑n-I-¨ I‑y‑m-¼-k‑n-s‑â-b‑p‑w ]‑mT‑y‑m-\‑p-`-h-§Ä \Â-I‑m³ C-h‑n-s‑S k‑u-I-c‑ya‑p-ï‑m-b‑n F-¶-X‑v s‑N-d‑n-b I‑m-c‑y-a-Ã. s‑I-«‑n-S-§-f‑p‑w a‑n-I-¨ A-¡‑m-Z-a‑n-I‑v ^‑m-¡Â-«‑nI-f‑p‑w \-½‑p-s‑S h-fÀ-¨-b‑n ]-¦‑p-h-l‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. C‑u I‑y‑m-¼-k‑v \‑n-§Ä-¡‑p-¶ \-à A-\‑p-`-h-§-f‑m-W‑v \‑m-s‑f \‑n-§-f‑p-s‑S a-\-Ê‑n _‑m-¡‑n-b‑m-h‑p-¶-X‑v. H‑mÀ-½-I-f‑n k‑q-£‑n-¡‑m³‑, {‑]‑n-b-s‑¸-«-X‑m-b‑n I-c‑p-X‑n-s‑h-b‑v-¡‑m³ I-g‑n-b‑p-¶ H-c‑p a‑m-K-k‑n-\‑mh-s‑« C-¯-h-W-t‑¯-X‑v F-¶‑v B-i‑w-k‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. I‑y‑m-¼-k‑n-s‑e h‑n-t‑i-j-§-f‑p‑w X-\‑n-a-b‑mÀ-¶ k‑r-j‑v-S‑n-I-f‑p‑w-s‑I‑m-ï‑v C-X‑v I‑y‑m-¼-k‑p-I-f‑n-s‑e-¯-s‑¶ a‑n-I-¨-X‑m¡‑m³ I-g‑n-b-s‑«. B-i‑w-k-I-t‑f‑m-s‑S k‑v-t‑\-l-]‑qÀ-Æ‑w

a-ª-f‑m‑w-I‑p-g‑n A-e‑n 2


Magazine 2014-15


-X‑v- s‑N-d‑p-X‑p‑w h-e‑n-b-X‑p-a‑m-b k‑m-a-{‑K‑n-b‑p‑w k-a-{‑K-a‑m¡‑p-¶-X‑n bphX a‑p³-s‑s‑I F-S‑p-¡‑p-¶-X‑n B-c‑p‑w A-`‑n-a‑m-\‑n-¡‑p‑w. k‑r-ã‑n-]-c-X-b‑p-s‑S k‑m-K-c-h‑n-k‑v-X‑r-X‑n ]-W‑n-b‑p-¶ b‑p-h‑m-¡Ä I‑m-c‑y-a‑m-b a‑p-s‑¶‑m-c‑p-¡-h‑p‑w I‑m-W‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. C‑u a-l‑m-b-Ú-¯‑n-\‑v- t‑I-h-e-a‑m-b k‑m‑w-{‑]-Z‑m-b‑n-I A-f-h‑p-t‑I‑m-e‑pIÄ a-X‑n-b‑m-h‑n-s‑Ã-¶‑v A-hÀ X‑n-c‑n-¨-d‑n-b‑p-¶‑p. ]‑p-d‑w I-®‑v- t‑]‑m-c‑,A-I-¡-®‑v- t‑h-W‑w‑, X‑p-d-¶ a-\-Ê‑p‑w t‑h-Ws‑a-¶‑v A-hÀ i‑mT‑y‑w ]‑n-S‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑v- A-X‑n-\‑m-e‑m-h-W‑w. Z‑o-]‑v-X-a‑m-b _‑p-²‑n-h‑r-¯‑n-b‑n-e‑q-s‑S A-hÀ B a-l‑n-X e-£‑y‑w A-W-b‑p-I X-s‑¶ s‑N-¿‑p‑w. C‑u {‑]-k‑n-²‑o-I-c-W‑w A-X‑n-s‑â ]-c-k‑y-¸-e-Ib‑m-h‑p-s‑a-¶‑v \‑y‑m-b-a‑m-b‑p‑w B-i‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. k-k‑v-t‑\-l‑w S‑n.F. A-l‑v--a-Z‑v-- I-_‑oÀ

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15




-Ã‑m-hÀ-¡‑p‑w H-c‑p-a‑n-¨‑n-c-‑p-¶‑v ]T‑n-¡‑m-\‑p‑w h-f-c‑m-\‑p-a‑p-Å k‑m-lN-c‑y-a‑m-W‑v hÀ-¯-a‑m-\ C-´‑y-b‑n G-ä-h‑p‑w A-\‑n-h‑m-c‑y-s‑a-¶‑v t‑_‑m-[‑y-s‑¸-S‑p-¯‑p-¶ k‑w-`-h-§-f‑m-W‑v F-§‑p‑w F-h‑n-t‑S-b‑p‑w I‑m-W‑m-\‑m-h‑p¶-X‑v. h‑n-Z‑y-`‑y‑mk‑w‑, `‑n-¶‑n-¡‑p-¶ a-\‑p-j‑y-s‑\ H-¶‑n-¸‑n-¡‑m-\‑m-W‑v. A-d‑n-h‑n-s‑â P‑m-e-I‑w X‑p-d-¶‑p-s‑h-¡‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ P‑m-X‑n- a-X- hÀ-¤-N‑n-´-I-f‑p-s‑S a-X‑nÂ-s‑I«‑p-I-f‑m-W‑v C-Ã‑m-X‑m-I‑p-¶-X‑v. a-X-\‑n-c-t‑]-£-X-b‑p-s‑S P‑z-e‑n-¡‑p-¶ C-S-a‑m-b‑n \‑n-§-f‑p-s‑S h‑n-Z‑y‑m-\‑n-t‑I-X‑w a‑m-ä‑m³ I-g‑n-b‑p-¶-X-Ã‑m‑w s‑N-¿‑p-I. ]‑p-X‑n-b I‑me‑w \‑m‑w H‑m-t‑c‑m-c‑p-¯-c‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w B-h-i‑y-s‑¸-S‑p-¶-X‑v C‑u k-t‑µ-i-a‑m-W‑v. h‑n-¹-h‑m-`‑n-h‑m-Z‑y-§Ä t‑\À-¶‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v.

k‑v-t‑\-l-]‑qÀ-Æ‑w. t‑U‑m. s‑I.S‑n.P-e‑o Fw.FÂ.F 4


Magazine 2014-15

It gives me immense pleasure to pen a few words to our magazine which is meant for churning out the latent writing talent. The wide spectrum of articles in different section gives us a sense of pride that our students and teachers possess creative potential and original thinking in ample measures. I applaud the contributors for their stimulated thoughts and varied hues in articles. Naveen Mohan Principal

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15



lapicnirP ,nahoM neevaN

b‑p-h-X‑z-¯‑n-s‑â N‑n-´-I-s‑f-¶‑p‑w \‑m-s‑f-b‑p-s‑S D-WÀ-Æ‑p-I-f‑m-W‑v. B D-WÀÆ‑p-I-f‑n-e‑q-s‑S-b‑m-W‑v ]‑p-X‑p-t‑e‑m-I-¯‑n-s‑â X‑p-S‑n-¸‑p-IÄ k‑z-´-a‑m-¡‑p-¶-X‑v. \-hB-i-b-§-s‑f B-h‑n-i‑v-I-c‑n-¡‑m³ I-e‑m-e-b-P‑o-h‑n-X-¯‑n h‑n-Z‑y‑mÀ-°‑n-IÄ-¡‑v A-h-k-c-§Ä A-\-h-[‑n-b‑m-W‑v. F-¶‑m H-c‑p t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑v a‑m-K-k‑n-s‑\‑m-c‑p I‑q-«‑w \-h‑o-\ B-i-b-§-f‑p-s‑S k-¦Â-]-a‑m-W‑v. "I-e‑v-]-\‑w' b‑p-h-X‑z-¯‑n-s‑â kÀ-¤‑m-ß-I-X-b‑p-s‑S \‑q-X-\ I-Â-]-\ X-s‑¶-b‑m-W‑v C-h‑n-s‑S H‑m-t‑c‑m h‑m-I‑y-h‑p‑w \-h‑o-\-X-b‑p-s‑S B-t‑h-i-a‑m-W‑v. B B-t‑h-i-¯‑n \-a‑p-¡‑p‑w ]-¦‑p-t‑N-c‑m‑w.

Ì‑m-^‑v F-U‑n-äÀ A-^‑v-k F‑w.]‑n



Magazine 2014-15

E d i t o r i


Naveen Mohan, Principal


\‑m-\‑m-X‑z-¯‑n-s‑e G-I-X‑z-¯‑n-s‑â A-ä‑p-t‑]‑m-b I-®‑n-IÄ h‑n-f-¡‑n-t‑¨À-¡‑m³ H-c‑n-S‑w t‑X-S‑p-I-b‑m-W‑n-h‑n-s‑S. N‑n-¶‑n-¨‑n-X-d‑n-b I-S-e‑m-k‑p-X‑p-ï‑p-IÄ I‑q-«‑n-b‑n-W-¡‑m\‑p‑w s‑I-«‑p-d-¸‑p-Å \‑m-s‑f-s‑b s‑I-«‑n-s‑¸‑m-¡‑m-\‑p‑w F-f‑n-b {‑i-a‑w... t‑]-\-IÄ N‑p-ä‑n-I-I-f‑p‑w A-£-c-§Ä X‑o-s‑¸‑m-c‑n-b‑p-a‑m-W‑v. N‑n-´-IÄ k‑z-À-Wk‑q-N‑n-I-f‑p‑w h-c‑n-IÄ hÀ-®-\‑q-e‑p-I-f‑p-a‑m-W‑v. I-S-e‑m-k‑p‑w I‑y‑m³-h‑m-k‑p‑w s‑X‑mS‑p-¶ k‑v-{‑I‑o-\‑p‑w s‑X‑m-S‑m-¯ k‑v-{‑I‑o-\‑p‑w k‑w-L‑w t‑N-À-¶‑v aÀ-±‑n-¡‑m-s‑X‑, h‑n-t‑h-I‑w h‑n-I‑m-c-¯‑n-\‑v h-g‑n-a‑m-d‑m-s‑X‑, hÀ-W-§Ä-¡‑v a-X-a‑n-f-I‑m-s‑X, k‑z‑o-I-c‑n-¡‑m‑w \‑m-s‑fb‑p-s‑S H‑mÀ-½¡‑m-b‑v....

k‑v-ä‑p-Uâ‑v F-U‑n-äÀ s‑s‑j-P ]‑n.S‑n.

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


Aán-¨n-d-Ip-Å HmÀ-½


The Hero



tem-I kn\n-a N-cn{Xw hÀ-¯-am-\w



16 A-Ô-Im-cw 20

h-gn sX-fn-bn-¡p-¶ hÀ¤o-b cm-{ão-bw Ip-dp¸-sâ IW-¡p ]p-kv-X-I-¯n \n-¶v A-[ym-bw H-¶v ap-X BÀ¯-hw kw-km-w-km-cn-¨p Xp-S-§p-t¼mÄ I-]-S kv-t\-lw F-sâ tam-lw Its Time For a Real Change Keep Calm and Vote Wisely Angels Kp-cphpw tkm-jy-en-k-hpw Iq-¡-ev

24 26 27 31 29 28 h-gn-IÄ tX-Sn 33 skÂ-^n 36 am-\-hn-I-X 36 s]m-«nho-W Ip-¸n-h-f 39 Departures 40

23 26

40 Arabic 41 H-cp skÂ-^n-jv Im-ew 42 C-kve-man-Iv _m-¦nwKv; Nq-j-Wm-ß-I ]-en-i-hy-hØ-¡v Ir-bm-ß-I _-ZÂ 44 Im-e-¯n-sâ Ip-kr-Xn-IÄ 45 Join Indian Army 47 The Powerful Emotion 48 Life without Aim is like A ship without Rudder




Magazine 2014-15

ag-¡v ]-d-bm-\pÅ-Xv(F-\n-¡pw)


50 au-\w 50 \yq-sP³ Hm-^v eu 51 ku-lr-Zw 52 Xm-bv-th-cv 54 {]-W-bw 58 {]-Xo-£-tbm-sS 59 ]-d-bm-sX ]-d-ª {]-W-bw 60 am-XrXzw F-¶ kp-Ir-Xw 62 The Click 64 Arabic 65 a-d-bm-¯ HmÀ-½-IÄ F-sâ Iym-¼-kv 67 Iym¼-kv F-¶m F-\n-¡v C-§-s\-bm-Wv 68 H-cp ]q-hn-sâ ]-X-\w 69 a-g-hnÃn³ Nm-cp-X 69 thÀ-¸m-Sv 70 Rm³ t]m-Ip-¶ h-gn 70 Misterious Legents 72 The Road Not Taken is The Road to be Taken 78 Personality 79 tPm-en 80 Intolerance Batrays Want of Faith in One's Cause 81 Growing too Fast 82 bp-h-Xz-¯n-sâ Ip-Xn-¸pw In-X-¸pw 83 ]-¨-¡-½o-kv 85 _m-ey-¯n-te-s¡m-cp Xn-cn¨p-t]m-¡v 88 B-an

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15



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: Afsal MP. Lecturer GEMS College : Shaijal PT, Indian, Editor GEMS College : Naveen Mohan, Principal, GEMS College

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Magazine 2014-15

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STATUTORY WARNING C‑u I-Y-I-f‑p‑w I-Y‑m-]‑m-{‑X-§-f‑p‑w I-Y‑m-k‑m-l-N-c‑y-§-f‑p‑w k-µÀ-`-§-f‑p‑w X‑n-I-¨‑p‑w k‑m-¦Â-¸‑n-I‑w a‑m-{‑X-a‑m-W‑v. C-X‑n-\‑v P‑o-h‑n-¨‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶-h-t‑c‑m a-c‑n-¨h-t‑c‑m h‑m-b‑n-¨‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶-h-t‑c‑m B-b B-s‑c-¦‑n-e‑p-a‑m-t‑b‑m F-s‑´¦‑n-e‑p‑w _-Ô‑w t‑X‑m-¶‑p-I-b‑m-s‑W-¦‑n A-X‑v X‑n-I-¨‑p‑w t‑X‑m-¶‑p-¶-h-s‑â D-¯-c-h‑m-Z‑n-X‑z-a‑m-W‑v.

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15




bph‑m-¡-t‑f‑m-S‑p‑w I‑p-«‑n-I-t‑f‑m-S‑p‑w \‑n-c-´-c‑w k‑w-k‑m-c‑n-¡‑m³ C-j‑v-S-s‑¸-« A-t‑±-l‑w A-h-s‑c c‑m-P‑y-¯‑n-s‑â `‑m-h‑n-s‑b {‑]-I‑m-i-\-a‑m-¡‑p-¶-X‑n-\‑m-b‑n {‑]-t‑N‑m-Z‑n-¸‑n-¡‑m-\‑p‑w a-d-¶‑n-Ã. A-X‑n-\‑m-b‑n c‑m-P‑y-¯‑p-S-\‑o-f‑w k-©-c‑n-¨‑p. k-a‑q-l-¯‑n-\‑v F-s‑´-¦‑n-e‑p‑w k‑w-`‑m-h-\ s‑N-¿‑p-¶-h-c‑m-I‑m³ A-t‑±-l‑w F-Ã‑m-h-s‑c-b‑p‑w F-t‑¸‑m-g‑p‑w t‑{‑]-c‑n-¸‑n-¨‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. b‑p-h‑m-¡-f‑p-a‑m-b‑n H-c‑p a‑m-k‑v-a-c‑n-I _-Ô‑w h-f-s‑c s‑]-s‑«¶‑v h-fÀ-¯‑n-s‑b-S‑p-¡‑m³ h-Ã‑m-s‑¯‑m-c‑p ]‑m-S-h‑w I-e‑m‑w {‑]-I-S‑n-¸‑n-¨‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. l‑r-Z-b‑w s‑I‑m-ï‑v F-t‑¸‑m-g‑p‑w N‑p-d‑p-N‑pd‑p-¡‑p-Å b‑p-h‑m-h‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p A-t‑±-l‑w.



Magazine 2014-15


S4 B.Com(C.A)

b‑p-h-X‑z-s‑¯ k‑z-]‑v-\‑w I‑m-W‑m-\‑p‑w‑, B-I‑m-i-t‑¯‑m-f‑w ]-d-¶‑v A-h t‑\-S‑n-s‑b-S‑p-¡‑m-\‑p‑w‑, P‑o-h‑n-X‑w s‑I‑mï‑p‑w h‑m-¡‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑p‑w {‑]-t‑N‑m-Z-\a‑m-b‑n a‑m-d‑n-b {‑]-Y-a ]‑p-c‑p-j-\‑m-W‑v F.-]‑n.-s‑P.-A-_‑v-Z‑p I-e‑m‑w. c‑mt‑a-i‑z-c-s‑¯ I-SÂ-X‑o-c-¯‑p \‑n-¶‑v C-´‑y-b‑p-s‑S a‑n-s‑s‑kÂ-a‑m-\‑m-b‑n h-fÀ-¶ I-e‑m‑w h‑n-S-h‑m-§‑n-b-X‑p‑w C‑u IÀ-½-`‑q-a‑n-b‑n X-s‑¶. b‑p-h‑m-¡-t‑f‑m-S‑p‑w I‑p-«‑n-I-t‑f‑m-S‑p‑w \‑n-c-´-c‑w k‑w-k‑m-c‑n-¡‑m³ C-j‑vS-s‑¸-« A-t‑±-l‑w A-h-s‑c c‑m-P‑y¯‑n-s‑â `‑m-h‑n-s‑b {‑]-I‑m-i-\-a‑m-¡‑p¶-X‑n-\‑m-b‑n {‑]-t‑N‑m-Z‑n-¸‑n-¡‑m-\‑p‑w a-d-¶‑n-Ã. A-X‑n-\‑m-b‑n c‑m-P‑y-¯‑p-S\‑o-f‑w k-©-c‑n-¨‑p. k-a‑q-l-¯‑n-\‑v F-s‑´-¦‑n-e‑p‑w k‑w-`‑m-h-\ s‑N-¿‑p¶-h-c‑m-I‑m³ A-t‑±-l‑w F-Ã‑m-hs‑c-b‑p‑w F-t‑¸‑m-g‑p‑w t‑{‑]-c‑n-¸‑n-¨‑ps‑I‑m-ï‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. b‑p-h‑m-¡-f‑p-a‑m-b‑n H-c‑p a‑m-k‑v-a-c‑n-I _-Ô‑w h-f-s‑c s‑]-s‑«-¶‑v h-fÀ-¯‑n-s‑b-S‑p-¡‑m³ h-Ã‑m-s‑¯‑m-c‑p ]‑m-S-h‑w I-e‑m‑w {‑]-I-S‑n-¸‑n-¨‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. l‑r-Z-b‑w s‑I‑mï‑v F-t‑¸‑m-g‑p‑w N‑p-d‑p-N‑p-d‑p-¡‑p-Å b‑p-h‑m-h‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p A-t‑±-l‑w. B-h‑p ]-¡‑oÀ s‑s‑P-\‑p-e‑m-_‑vZ‑o³ A-_‑v-Z‑p I-e‑m‑w-þ-s‑]‑m-X‑pc‑w-K-¯‑v \‑n-¶-Ã‑m-s‑X C-´‑y‑p-s‑S {‑]-Y-a ]‑u-c-\‑m-b h‑y-à‑n-X‑z‑w. c‑mj‑v-{‑S-]-X‑n-b‑m-I‑p-¶ B-Z‑y‑, A-h‑nh‑m-l‑n-X-\‑p‑w c‑m-j‑v-{‑S-]-X‑n F-¶ \‑n-e-b‑n I-e‑m-a‑n-s‑\ h‑m-b‑n-s‑¨-S‑p¡‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ ]‑p-X‑p-a-IÄ A-\-h-[‑n. A-e-k-a‑m-b‑n ]-c-¡‑p-¶ \‑o-ï \-c¨ a‑p-S‑n-b‑p-a‑m-b‑n c‑m-j‑v-{‑S‑o-b {‑]-hÀ¯-\-¯‑n-s‑â A-\‑p-`-h-a‑n-Ã‑m-s‑X c‑m-j‑v-{‑S-]-X‑n `-h-s‑â ]-S‑n-I-b-d‑n-b I‑m-e‑w C-´‑y-b‑p-s‑S {‑]-Y-a I‑m-c‑y‑m-eb-s‑¯ P-\-§-f‑n-t‑e-¡‑v I‑q-S‑p-X F-¯‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑n G-s‑d b-X‑v-\‑n¨‑p. A-X‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v X-s‑¶ P-\-I‑o-b {‑]-k‑n-Uâ‑v F-¶ h‑n-t‑i-j-W-h‑p‑w G-ä‑p h‑m-§‑n. c‑m-j‑v-{‑S-]-X‑n B-b‑nc‑n-¡‑p-t‑¼‑m-g‑p‑w K-t‑h-j-I-\‑p‑w A-²‑y‑m-]-I-\‑p-s‑a-¶ \‑n-e-b‑n-e‑p-Å I-e‑m-a‑n-s‑â h‑y-à‑n-X‑z‑w k-P‑o-h-a‑mb‑n. I‑p-«‑n-I-t‑f‑m-s‑S‑m-¸‑w k-a-b‑w s‑Ne-h-g‑n-¡‑m³ A-t‑±-l-¯‑n-\‑v G-s‑d C-j‑v-S-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. C-´‑y-b‑p-s‑S k-a‑r-²-a‑m-b `‑m-h‑n-b‑m-W‑v A-t‑±-l‑w I‑p-«‑n-I-f‑n I-ï-X‑v.

F-§-s‑\ 120 t‑I‑m-S‑n P-\-§Ä-¡‑v {‑]‑n-b-s‑¸-«-h-\‑m-b‑n F-¶-X‑v. A-hk‑m-\ \‑m-f‑n-s‑e {‑]-`‑m-j-W-¯‑n\‑m-b‑n j‑n-t‑Ã‑m-§‑n-t‑e-¡‑v ]‑p-d-s‑¸-« A-t‑±-l-¯‑n-s‑â b‑m-{‑X-b‑n a‑p¶‑n-e‑p-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶ P‑n-]‑v-k‑n-b‑n-s‑e H-c‑p s‑s‑k-\‑n-I³ ]‑n-¶‑n \‑n-¶‑v b‑m-{‑X s‑N-¿‑p-¶‑p-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. I‑p-s‑d b‑m-{‑X s‑N-b‑v-X-t‑¸‑mÄ B a-\‑p-j‑y³ F-´‑n-\‑m-W‑v \‑nÂ-¡‑p-¶s‑X-¶‑p‑w C-c‑p-¶‑p-I‑q-s‑S F-¶‑p‑w I-e‑m‑w B-c‑m-ª‑p. h-bÀ-s‑e-k‑v k-t‑µ-i-¯‑n-e‑q-s‑S C-¡‑m-c‑y‑w \‑nÀt‑±-i‑n-¡‑m³ B-h-i‑y-s‑¸-«‑p. ]-s‑£‑, h-bÀ-s‑e-k‑v k-t‑µ-i‑w \Â-I‑m\‑m-b‑n-Ã. X‑p-SÀ-¶‑v s‑s‑I-s‑I‑m-ï‑v B‑w-K‑y‑w I‑m-«‑m³ B-h-i‑y-s‑¸-«‑p. k‑p-c-£ D-d-¸‑m-¡‑m-\‑m-W‑v \‑n-¶‑ps‑I‑m-ï‑p-Å b‑m-{‑X-s‑b-¶‑v h‑n-i-Z‑o-Ic‑n-¨‑p. A-t‑±-l-¯‑n-\‑v X‑r-]‑v-X‑n-b‑mb‑n-Ã. j‑n-t‑Ã‑m-§‑n-s‑e-¯‑n-b t‑i-j‑w s‑s‑k-\‑n-I-s‑\ I-e‑m‑w t‑\-c‑n I-ï‑p. X-fÀ-t‑¶‑m-s‑b-¶‑p‑w `-£W‑w B-h-i‑y-a‑p-t‑ï‑m-s‑b-¶‑p‑w B-c‑m-ª‑p. X-\‑n-¡‑v t‑h-ï‑n \‑n-¶‑v b‑m-{‑X s‑N-t‑¿-ï‑nh-¶-X‑n £-a‑m]-W‑w \-S-¯‑n. A-¼-c-¶‑p t‑]‑m-b s‑s‑k-\‑n-I³ X‑m-¦-f‑p-s‑S k‑p-c£bv-¡‑m-b‑n F-{‑X t‑\-c-h‑p‑w \‑n-¶‑v b‑m-{‑X s‑N-¿‑p-s‑a-¶‑v {‑]-X‑n-I-c‑n-¨‑p.

I-e‑m‑w F-¶ a-\‑p-j‑y-k‑v-t‑\-l‑n-s‑b X‑n-c‑n-¨-d‑n-b‑m³. A-t‑a-c‑n-¡-b‑p-s‑S s‑s‑h-ä‑v l‑u-k‑n Z‑p:J‑m-N-c-W‑mÀ°‑w N-c‑n-{‑X-¯‑n-e‑m-Z‑y-a‑m-b‑n ]-X‑m-I X‑m-g‑v-¯‑n-b-X‑p‑w C‑u a-\‑p-j‑y-k‑vt‑\-l‑n-b‑p-s‑S h‑y-à‑n-X‑z-¯‑n-\‑p a‑p³-]‑n-e‑m-W‑v. \qän-C-cp]Xvt‑I‑m-S‑n P-\-§-f‑p‑w‑, H-c‑p-]‑m-S‑v h‑n-Z‑y‑mÀ-°‑n k-a‑q-l-h‑p‑w I‑p-s‑d ]‑p-k‑v-X-I-§f‑p‑w a‑m-{‑X-a‑m-b‑n A-t‑±-l-¯‑n-s‑â A-h-k‑m-\ k-¼‑m-Z‑y‑w H-X‑p-§‑nb-t‑¸‑mÄ H-c‑p a-\‑p-j‑y‑m-b‑p-Ê‑v a‑pg‑p-h³ \‑n-k‑z‑mÀ-°-a‑m-b t‑k-h-\¯‑n-\‑m-b‑n A-t‑±-l‑w s‑N-e-h-g‑n-¨‑p. B-´-c‑n-I-a‑m-b‑n H-c‑p k-\‑y‑m-k‑nb‑p-t‑S-X‑v t‑]‑m-s‑e X‑o-£‑v-W-X-b‑p‑w {‑I‑n-b‑m-ß-I-X-b‑p‑w \‑n-d-ª I-e‑ma‑n-s‑â P‑o-h‑n-X h‑n-P-b‑w‑, AÀ-¸‑n-X a-\-Ê‑n-s‑â-b‑p‑w B-ß‑mÀ-°-X-b‑ps‑S-b‑p‑w h‑n-P-b-a‑m-W‑v. B h‑n-P-b‑w C-\‑n A-á‑n N‑n-d-I‑p-Å H-t‑c‑mÀ-½b‑m-b‑n N‑n-c-I‑m-e-t‑¯‑m-f‑w G-s‑X‑mc‑p C-´‑y³ ]‑u-c-s‑â-b‑p‑w A-X‑n-e‑p]-c‑n t‑e‑m-I-¯‑n-s‑â-b‑p‑w a-\-Ê‑n F-c‑n-ª‑p-s‑I‑m-t‑ï-b‑n-c‑n-¡‑p‑w... H-c‑n-¡-e‑p‑w A-W-b‑m-¯ A-á‑n-N‑n-dI‑p-Å H-t‑c‑mÀ-½-b‑m-b‑n...‑!‑!‑!

C‑u H-c‑p A-\‑p-`-h‑w a-X‑n‑,

A-t‑±-l-¯‑n-s‑â k-l‑m-b‑n {‑i‑oP³-]‑mÂ-k‑n-§‑n-s‑â l‑r-Z-b-k‑v-] À-i‑n-b‑m-b t‑^-k‑v-_‑p-¡‑v I‑p-d‑n-¸‑v h‑m-b‑n-¡‑p-t‑¼‑m-g-d‑n-b‑m‑w I-e‑m‑w

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


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P-\Â-N‑n-Ã‑n B-t‑c‑m a‑p-«‑p-¶ i-_‑v-Z‑w t‑I-«‑m-W‑v a‑m-f‑p D-WÀ-¶-X‑v. I-®‑p-IÄ X‑n-c‑p-½‑n-s‑I‑m-ï‑v P‑m-e-I‑w X‑p-d-¶‑v A-hÄ ]‑p-d-t‑¯-¡‑v t‑\‑m-¡‑n. R‑m-\h‑n-s‑S-b‑p-t‑ï F-¶ `‑m-h-¯‑n ]-bÀ-s‑¨-S‑n X-e-b‑m-«‑p-¶‑p. a‑p-ä-s‑¯ s‑I‑m-¨‑p-a-c-¨‑n-Ã-b‑n A-½-¡‑n-f‑n A-h s‑f-¯-s‑¶ t‑\‑m-¡‑n N‑n-e-¨‑p s‑I‑m-ï‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-I-b‑m-W‑v. C-s‑¶-t‑´ \‑o h-c‑m³ s‑s‑h-I‑n F-¶‑p t‑N‑m-Z‑n-¡‑p‑w t‑]‑m-s‑e. I‑p-d-¨-¸‑p-d-¯‑v ]‑pÂ-¯-e-¸‑n-s‑e a-ª‑p-X‑p-Å‑n-b‑n H-c‑p I‑p-ª‑p k‑q-c‑y³ X‑n-f-§‑n...



Magazine 2014-15




It is told the connection a man has with his father shapes his life. Which is why every adult son must choose how that relationship will define him. A son always tend to follow his father`s path. The relation between father and his son is an influential part of any boy’s development.


he title of this article may keep you wondering what it is exactly about. Its about a hero. A hero every one has in their life. Girls called him their first love. But we boys call him our hero, he is not just a hero, He is a role model, a well-wisher, your partner in crime, and you supports someone who has complete trust & faith in you. Father! It is told the connection a man has with his father shapes his life. Which is why every adult son must choose how that relationship will define him. A son always tend to follow his father`s path. The relation between father and his son is an influential part of any boy’s

development. A father is a primary role model, helping his son learn what it means to be a man. He is someone who help in development & teaching of moral behaviors’ to his son. A son basically always gets inspired of his father even though he get more affected with his mother. Everyone praises the sacrifices done by a mother in her life to bring up her infants. But don’t you think a father has equal importance in the development & upbringing of his children?. He too makes sacrifices. He sacrifices his past time to take his children out to see their joy & that smile on their face. He sacrifices his sleep & energy working hard to

provide his children with a better and bright future. He makes sure that all his children in dreams & wishes are achieved with his help. He makes some, they are provided with the best education, dresses & necessary things in life. So it can’t be said that only a mother makes sacrifice. A father too makes equal sacrifice like that of a mother. He is a hero. He is your supporter. if you do any mischievous things your dad will eventually come up to save you. He is your true protector. Make sure to love him also. Make sure to thank him too. He has shaped you.

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


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Asst. Prof. Dept. of Multimedia

1895 e‑m-W‑v k‑n-\‑n-a ]‑n-d-¶-s‑X¦‑n-e‑p‑w A-X‑n-s‑â t‑h-c‑p-IÄ 15-þ‑m‑w \‑q-ä‑m-ï‑n-t‑e‑m-f‑w \‑o-f‑p¶-X‑m-W‑v. 1609  K-e‑o-e‑n-t‑b‑m s‑e³-k‑p-IÄ D-]-t‑b‑m-K‑n-¨‑v Z‑qc-ZÀ-i‑n-\‑n-b‑p-ï‑m-¡‑n. C-X‑n-s‑â ]-c‑n-W‑n-X ^-e-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p I‑y‑ma-d s‑e³-k‑p-IÄ. B-[‑p-\‑n-I k‑n-\‑n-a-IÄ {‑I‑n-b‑m-ß-I-X-b‑ps‑S-b‑p‑w k‑m-t‑¦-X‑n-I h‑n-Z‑y-b‑ps‑S-b‑p‑w I-e-b‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w k‑wt‑b‑m-P‑n-¸‑m-s‑W-¦‑n ]‑p-c‑m-X-\ k‑n-\‑n-a-IÄ i‑m-k‑v-{‑X-Ú-c‑p-s‑S ]-c‑o-£-W-§-f‑p-s‑S A-\-´-c-^e-a‑m-b‑n c‑q-]-s‑¸-«-X‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p.

t‑N-ce‑n-{‑X‑m-I k ‑ n \ ‑ n a ‑w‑, hÀ-¯-a‑m-\‑w ]

-X‑n-s‑\-«‑m‑w \‑q-ä‑m-ï‑n-s‑â A-h-k‑m-\-¯‑n 1895  ]‑m-c‑o-k‑n-s‑e {‑]-k‑n-²-a‑m-b {‑K‑m-\‑nU‑v I-s‑^-b‑p-s‑S H-c‑p l‑m-f‑n H-c‑p k‑m-b‑m-Ó-¯‑nÂ‑, X-S‑n-¨‑p-I‑q-S‑n-b P-\-§Ä-¡‑p a‑p-¶‑n-t‑e-¡‑v H-c‑p s‑hf‑p-¯ X‑n-c-È‑o-e-b‑n a‑m-b‑m-P‑m-e‑w I‑m-W‑n-¨‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v B-f‑p-Å H-c‑p k‑z-]‑v-\ t‑e‑m-I-t‑¯-s‑¡-¶-t‑]‑ms‑e s‑s‑I-]‑n-S‑n-¨‑p s‑I‑m-ï‑p-t‑]‑m-b‑n BÀ-¡‑p‑w k‑z-´‑w I-®‑p-I-s‑f t‑]‑m-e‑p‑w h‑n-i‑z-k‑n-¡‑m³ ]-ä‑m-¯ c‑o-X‑n-b‑n A-K-Ì‑v-k‑v, e‑q-b‑n-k‑v F-¶‑o e‑q-a‑n-bÀ k-t‑l‑m-Z-c³-a‑mÀ X‑p-S-§‑n-s‑h-¨ H-c‑p a-l‑m-h‑n-¹-h-a‑mW‑v k‑n-\‑n-a. I‑m-W‑n-I-f‑p-s‑S t‑\À-¡‑v H‑m-S‑n-bS‑p-¯ X‑o-h-ï‑n-b‑n-e‑q-s‑S e‑q-a‑n-bÀ



Magazine 2014-15

k-t‑l‑m-Z-c³-a‑mÀ H-c‑p ]‑p-X‑n-b N-c‑n-{‑X‑w k‑r-j‑v-S‑n-¡‑p-I-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p. A-¶‑v B-f‑p-IÄ lÀ-j‑m-ch-§-t‑f‑m-s‑S I-c-t‑L‑m-j-§-t‑f‑ms‑S k‑n-\‑n-a F-¶ h‑n-k‑v-a-b-s‑¯ s‑\-t‑©‑m-S‑p t‑NÀ-¯‑p. A-X‑v ]‑p-X‑n-s‑b‑m-c‑p k‑w-k‑v-I‑m-c-¯‑n-s‑â h-fÀ-¨-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. 1895 e‑m-W‑v k‑n-\‑n-a ]‑n-d-¶-s‑X¦‑n-e‑p‑w A-X‑n-s‑â t‑h-c‑p-IÄ 15-þ‑m‑w \‑q-ä‑m-tï‑m-f‑w \‑o-f‑p-¶-X‑m-W‑v. 1609 Â K-e‑o-e‑n-t‑b‑m s‑e³-k‑p-IÄ D-]-t‑b‑m-K‑n-¨‑v Z‑q-c-ZÀ-i‑n-\‑n-b‑p-ï‑m¡‑n. C-X‑n-s‑â ]-c‑n-W‑n-X ^-e-a‑mb‑n-c‑p-¶‑p I‑y‑m-a-d s‑e³-k‑p-IÄ. B-[‑p-\‑n-I k‑n-\‑n-a-IÄ {‑I‑n-b‑mß-I-X-b‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w k‑m-t‑¦-X‑n-I h‑n-Z‑y-b‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w I-e-b‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w k‑w-

t‑b‑m-P‑n-¸‑m-s‑W-¦‑n ]‑p-c‑m-X-\ k‑n\‑n-a-IÄ i‑m-k‑v-{‑X-Ú-c‑p-s‑S ]-c‑o£-W-§-f‑p-s‑S A-\-´-c-^-e-a‑m-b‑n c‑q-]-s‑¸-«-X‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. i‑m-k‑v-{‑X‑w h-f-c‑p-¶-t‑X‑m-s‑S‑m-¸‑w k‑n-\‑n-a-b‑ps‑S k‑m-t‑¦-X‑n-I h‑n-Z‑y-I-f‑p‑w h‑n-h‑n-[ X-c-¯‑n-e‑p-Å h-fÀ-¨-IÄ D-ï‑mh‑m-\‑p‑w X‑p-S-§‑n. F-U‑n-k¬-s‑â s‑s‑I-s‑\-t‑I‑m-t‑Ì‑m-¸‑v, t‑l‑m-d‑n-Wd‑p-s‑S t‑k‑m-b‑n-t‑{‑S‑m-¸‑v F-¶‑n-h-s‑bÃ‑m‑w C-X‑n-\‑v N‑n-e D-Z‑m-l-c-W-§Ä a‑m-{‑X‑w. 20-þ‑m‑w \‑q-ä‑m-ï‑n k‑n-\‑n-a I-e-b‑p‑w h‑y-h-k‑m-b-h‑p-a‑m-b‑n. k‑ml‑n-X‑y-t‑¯‑m-S‑v C-g-I‑n t‑NÀ-¶‑v \‑nÂ-¡‑p-¶ G-ä-h‑p‑w h-e‑n-b a‑m-[‑ya-a‑m-b‑n. 1902  ]‑p-d-¯‑n-d-§‑n-b t‑P‑mÀ-P‑v s‑a-e‑o-k‑n-s‑â "F {‑S‑n-]‑v

S‑p Z a‑q¬‑' F-¶ N‑n-{‑X‑w h‑n-¹-h‑mß-I-a‑m-b a‑m-ä-§Ä k‑n-\‑n-a-b‑n s‑I‑m-ï‑p-h-¶‑p. a‑m-P‑n-¡³ d‑n-b-e‑nk‑w F-¶ N-e-¨‑n-{‑X t‑{‑i-W‑n-b‑ne‑q-s‑S ’100 years of solitude’ F-¶ k‑m-l‑n-X‑y I‑r-X‑n-s‑b Z‑r-i‑y-hÂ-¡-c‑n¨‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v "F {‑S‑n-]‑v S‑p Z a‑q¬‑' ]‑p-X‑p-N-c‑n-{‑X-a‑m-b‑n. ]‑n-¶‑o-S‑v ‑’ The Great Train Robbery’ t‑e‑m-I k‑n-\‑n-ab‑v-¡‑v H-c‑p ]‑p-¯³ Z‑n-i‑m-t‑_‑m-[‑w \Â-I‑n. 1915  ]‑p-d-¯‑n-d-§‑n-b ‑’ The Birth of a Nation’ F-¶ N‑n-{‑X¯‑n-e‑q-s‑S {‑K‑n-^‑n-¯‑v k‑n-\‑n-a-b‑v-¡‑v a‑u-e‑n-I-a‑m-b `‑m-j-b‑p‑w h‑y‑m-I-cW-h‑p‑w D-s‑ï-¶‑v s‑X-f‑n-b‑n-¨‑p. A-t‑±-l-¯‑n-s‑â X-s‑¶ ’Intolerance’ (1916‑) F-¶ N‑n-{‑X‑w d-j‑y-b‑n 10 hÀ-j‑w X‑o-t‑b-ä-d‑p-I-f‑n H‑m-S‑n N-c‑n-{‑X‑w k‑r-j‑v-S‑n-¨‑p. X‑p-SÀ-¶‑v Sergi s‑F-s‑k³-s‑s‑Ì-s‑â "_‑m-ä‑n-\‑n-j‑n¸‑v s‑]‑m-S³-K‑n s‑a‑m-ï‑m-j‑v' F-¶ {‑]-i-k‑v-X k‑n-\‑n-a k‑n-²‑m-´-¯‑n-\‑v X‑n-c‑n-s‑I‑m-f‑p-¯‑n-b-t‑X‑m-s‑S k‑n-\‑n-a P-\-{‑]‑n-b I-e-b‑m-b‑n a‑m-d‑n. B-ß-\‑n-j‑vT-a‑m-b h‑o-£-W-t‑I‑mW‑p-I-f‑n-e‑q-s‑S k-©-c‑n-¨‑v German Expressionism t‑e‑m-I k‑n-\‑n-a-b‑n \‑n-g-e‑n-¨‑p. H‑m-g‑v-k¬ s‑hÂ-k‑n-s‑â "k‑n-ä‑n-k¬ s‑I-b‑v³‑' {‑]-t‑a-b-]c-a‑m-b‑p‑w c‑q-]-L-S-\‑m-]-c-a‑m-b‑p‑w kÀ-Æ-]‑p-X‑p-c‑o-X‑n-b‑p‑w A-h-e‑w_‑n-¨ N‑n-{‑X-a‑m-b‑n. N‑mÀ-f‑n-N‑m-¹‑n-s‑â ]-¦‑m-f‑n-¯‑w t‑e‑m-I k‑n-\‑n-a-b‑n Z‑r-i‑y-a‑m-b-X‑v C‑u I‑m-e-L-«-¯‑n-e‑mb‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. Mr. Perfectionalist ]-Z-h‑nb‑p-a‑m-b‑n N‑m-¹‑n³ \‑n-i-_‑v-Z N-e-\ k‑n-\‑n-a-b‑v-¡‑v a‑n-¶Â t‑h-K-a‑m-b‑n. ’The kid’, Modern Times’ F-¶‑o N‑n{‑X-§Ä C-¶‑p‑w ¢‑m-k‑n-¡‑p-I-f‑m-b‑n \‑n-e-\‑nÂ-¡‑p-¶‑p.

1927  ]‑p-d-¯‑n-d-§‑n-b ’The Jaz Singer’ F-¶-N‑n-{‑X-¯‑n-e‑q-s‑S i-_‑v-Z‑w k‑n-\‑n-a-b‑n H-g‑n-h‑m-¡‑m\‑m-I‑m-¯ H-c‑p L-S-I-a‑m-h‑m³ X‑pS-§‑n. C‑u-s‑b‑m-c‑p I‑m-e-b-f-h‑nÂ-Xs‑¶-b‑m-W‑v b-Y‑m-K-X k‑n-\‑n-a-IÄ A-X‑m-b-X‑v t‑U‑m-I‑y‑p-s‑aâ-d‑n-IÄ X-c‑w-K-a‑m-I‑m³ X‑p-S-§‑n-b-X‑v.

’Nanook of the North’ (1922‑)‑, ’Man of Aran’ (1934‑)‑, e‑q-k‑n-b‑m-\ t‑Ì‑m-d‑n

F-¶‑n-h b-Y‑mÀ-° t‑_‑m-[-a‑p-Å k‑n-\‑n-a-I-f‑m-b‑n. c-ï‑m‑w t‑e‑m-I a-l‑m-b‑p-²t‑¯‑m-S-\‑p-_-Ô‑n-¨‑v X-IÀ-¨ _‑m-[‑n-¨ k‑n-\‑n-a‑m t‑e‑m-I-¯‑n-\‑v ]‑p-X‑n-b h-g‑n-¯‑n-c‑n-s‑h‑m-c‑p-¡‑n-b-X‑v \‑n-t‑b‑m-þ-d‑n-b-e‑n-k‑w N‑n-{‑X-§-f‑m-W‑v. b‑p-²‑m-\-´-c C-ä-e‑n-b‑p-s‑S Z‑m-c‑n{‑Z‑y-h‑p‑w A-k-a-X‑z-h‑p‑w \‑n-d-ª k-a‑q-l-¯‑n-s‑â {‑]-X‑n-^-e-\-a‑m-W‑v C-h-b‑n G-s‑d-b‑p‑w. 1945  ]‑p-d¯‑n-d-§‑n-b ’Rome open city’ F-¶ N‑n-{‑X-¯‑n-e‑q-s‑S \‑n-t‑b‑m d‑n-b-e‑n-k‑w k‑n-\‑n-a-IÄ t‑e‑m-I N-e-¨‑n-{‑X-¯‑n\‑v ]‑p-X‑n-b C-S‑w t‑\-S‑n-s‑b-S‑p-¯‑p. F-¦‑n-e‑p‑w 1948  ]‑p-d-¯‑n-d-§‑n-b h‑n-t‑ä‑m-d‑n-b s‑U-k‑n-¡-b‑p-s‑S "s‑s‑_-s‑s‑k-¡‑nÄ X‑o-h‑v-k‑m‑'W‑v \‑n-t‑b‑m-þ-d‑n-b-e‑n-Ì‑n-I‑v k‑n-\‑n-a-b‑p-s‑S {‑i-²‑m-t‑I-{‑µ-a‑m-b‑n A-d‑n-b-s‑¸-S‑p-¶X‑v. Fedrico Fellini, Rosselini F-¶‑nh-c‑m-W‑v a-ä‑v {‑]-a‑p-J \‑n-t‑b‑m-þ-d‑n-be‑n-k‑w h-à‑m-¡Ä. ]‑n-¶‑o-S‑v 1950 I-f‑n {‑^-©‑v \‑y‑q t‑h-h‑v k‑n-\‑n-a-I-

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


f‑p‑w 1960 I-f‑n \‑y‑q t‑l‑m-f‑n-h‑p-U‑v k‑n-\‑n-a-I-f‑p‑w t‑e‑m-I k‑n-\‑n-a-b‑n X-§-f‑p-s‑S k‑w-`‑m-h-\-IÄ A-d‑nb‑n-¨‑p. C-ä‑m-e‑n-b³ \‑n-t‑b‑m-þ-d‑n-b-e‑nk-¯‑n-s‑â {‑]-X‑n-^-e-\‑w C-´‑y³ k‑n-\‑n-a-I-f‑n-e‑p‑w \‑n-g-e‑n-¨‑p. c‑m‑w Z‑m-k‑n-s‑â "\‑y‑q-k‑v-t‑]-¸À t‑_‑m-b‑v ' B-W‑v B-Z‑y \‑n-t‑b‑m-þ-d‑n-b-e‑n-Ì‑n-I‑v C-´‑y³ N‑n-{‑X‑w. {‑I-t‑a-W C-´‑yb‑n k-a‑m-´-c k‑n-\‑n-a‑m {‑]-k‑v-X‑m\-a‑m-b‑n C-X‑v h-fÀ-¶‑p. k-X‑y-P‑n-¯‑v s‑d-b‑p-s‑S "]‑m-t‑YÀ ]‑m-©‑m-e‑n'b‑n-e‑q-s‑S C-´‑y³ k‑n\‑n-a-s‑b t‑e‑m-I‑w A‑w-K‑o-I-c‑n-¨‑p X‑p-S-§‑n. A-S‑qÀ t‑K‑m-]‑m-e-I‑rj‑v-W³‑, E-X‑z‑n-I‑v L-«-¡‑v, A-]À-® s‑k³‑, _‑n-a³ t‑d‑m-b‑v, j‑m-P‑n F³ I-c‑p¬‑, P‑n. A-c-h‑n-µ³ F-¶‑o {‑]-X‑n-`‑m-[-\³-a‑m-c‑m-b k‑w-h‑n-[‑mb-IÀ C-´‑y³ k-a‑m-´-c k‑n-\‑na‑m {‑]-Ø‑m-\-s‑¯ a-ä‑p N-e-¨‑n-{‑X {‑]-Ø‑m-\-§-f‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w h‑n-`‑n-¶a‑m-b‑n k-©-c‑n-¡‑m³ t‑{‑]-c‑n-¸‑n-¨‑p. P-¸‑m³‑, PÀ-½-\‑n‑, {‑_‑n-«³ F-¶‑o c‑m-P‑y-§-f‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w \‑y‑q t‑h-h‑v k‑n-\‑n-a-IÄ D-bÀ-¶‑p h-¶-X‑v C‑u I‑m-e-L-«-¯‑n-e‑m-W‑v. A-§-s‑\ 1990 I-t‑f‑m-s‑S k‑n-\‑n-a t‑e‑m-I-¯‑n-s‑e G-ä-h‑p‑w h-e‑n-b Z‑r-i‑y a‑m-[‑y-a-a‑m-b‑n a‑m-d‑n. hÀ-¯-a‑m-\-¯‑n-t‑e-¡‑v h-c‑pt‑¼‑mÄ k‑n-\‑n-a k‑m-l‑n-X‑y c‑q-]¯‑n \‑n-¶‑v h‑y-XnP-e‑n-¨‑v k‑m-t‑¦X‑n-I c‑q-]-a‑m-h‑m-\‑m-W‑v I‑q-S‑p-X {‑i-a‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑v. s‑I-«‑n-e‑p‑w a-«‑n-e‑p‑w a‑m-ä-§Ä h-c‑p-¯‑n H-c‑p Z‑r-i‑y-þ{‑i-h‑y A-\‑p-`‑q-X‑n-b‑m-b‑n k‑n-\‑n-as‑b I‑m-W‑m³ C-j‑v-S-s‑¸-S‑p-¶-hÀ C-¶‑v G-s‑d-b‑m-W‑v. t‑l‑m-f‑n-h‑p-U‑v k‑n-\‑n-a-I-f‑m-W‑v C-X‑n-s‑â {‑]-Y-a t‑I-{‑µ-a‑m-b‑n I-W-¡‑m-¡-s‑¸-S‑p-¶-



Magazine 2014-15

X‑v. "A-h-X‑mÀ'‑, "A-h-t‑©-g-g‑v-k‑v, "k‑v-s‑s‑]-UÀ-a‑m³‑'‑, "P‑p-d‑m-k‑n-I‑v ]‑mÀ-¡‑v k‑o-c‑o-k-k‑v, "I‑n-§‑v t‑I‑m§‑v‑'... F-¶‑n-§-s‑\ k‑n-\‑n-a k‑mt‑¦-X‑n-I-a‑m-b‑n G-s‑d k-©-c‑n-¨‑ps‑I‑m-ï‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. t‑e‑m-I-¯‑n-s‑e c-ï‑m-a-s‑¯ h-e‑n-b a‑mÀ-¡-ä‑m-b C-´‑yb‑n-e‑p‑w k‑m-t‑¦-X‑n-I h‑n-Z‑y-b‑ps‑S a‑n-I-¨ c‑o-X‑n-b‑n-e‑p-Å ]-c‑o-£W-§Ä \-S-¶‑p h-c‑p-¶‑p. "C‑u-¨‑'‑, "F-´‑n-c³‑'‑, "[‑o-c‑'‑, "d‑m-h¬‑'‑, "I‑rj‑v‑'‑, "_‑m-l‑p-_-e‑n‑' F-¶‑o N‑n-{‑X§Ä C-X‑n-\‑v N‑n-e D-Z‑m-l-c-W-§Ä a‑m-{‑X‑w. 21-þ‑m‑w \‑q-ä‑m-ï‑n-s‑â I-¨-h-S X-{‑´-§-f‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w A-I-¶‑p a‑m-d‑n k‑u-¯‑v s‑I‑m-d‑n-b³ N-e¨‑n-{‑X-§Ä B-Z‑y hÀ-j-§-f‑n h‑n-k‑v-a-b‑w s‑]‑m-g‑n-¨‑p. Memories of Murder (2003‑)‑, A tale of Two Sisters’ F-¶‑o N‑n-{‑X-§Ä C-c‑p-ï h-g‑nb‑n-e‑q-s‑S-b‑p-Å I-Y‑m-h-X‑v-¡-cW-¯‑n-\‑v X-¿‑m-d‑m-h‑p-¶‑p. k‑u¯‑v s‑I‑m-d‑n-b³ k‑n-\‑n-a-I-f‑p-s‑S G-I‑m-´ k-©‑m-c-]-Y-¯‑n-e‑q-s‑S I‑n‑w-þ-I‑n-þ-U‑p-¡‑v Ø‑m-\‑w t‑\-S‑n. A-t‑±-l-¯‑n-s‑â ’Three Iron’, ’Spring Summer Fall’ F-¶‑o N‑n-{‑X-§Ä h-e‑ns‑b‑m-c‑p I‑q-«‑w N-e-¨‑n-{‑X B-k‑z‑mZ-IÀ C-j‑v-S-s‑¸-S‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ A-{‑I-a c‑m-j‑v-{‑S‑o-b-s‑a-¶‑v N‑n-e h‑n-aÀ-i-IÀ N‑q-ï‑n-¡‑m-«‑p-¶‑p. C‑u P-\-{‑]‑oX‑n ]‑n-¶‑o-S‑v e-`‑n-¨-X‑v C-d‑m-\‑n-b³ N-e-¨‑n-{‑X-§Ä-¡‑m-W‑v. s‑k³kÀ-j‑n-¸‑n-s‑\-t‑¸‑m-e‑p‑w t‑X‑mÂ-]‑n¨‑v t‑e‑m-I-k‑n-\‑n-a-b‑v-¡‑v C-d‑m³ \Â-I‑p-¶ k‑w-`‑m-h-\-IÄ s‑N-d‑pX-Ã.. 'A Seperation', 'The Bright Day', The President' F-¶‑n-§-s‑\ l‑r-k‑z N‑n-{‑X-§-f‑p-s‑S h-e‑n-s‑b‑m-c‑p \‑n-c X-s‑¶ C-hÀ A-h-I‑m-i-s‑¸-S‑p-¶‑p. "s‑s‑h-²' F-¶ N‑n-{‑X-¯‑n-e‑q-s‑S k‑u-Z‑n A-t‑d-_‑y-¡‑p B-Z‑y k‑v-{‑X‑o k‑w-h‑n-[‑m-b‑n-I-s‑b e-`‑n-¨-X‑p‑w C‑u I‑m-e-L-«-¯‑n-e‑m-W‑v. 'Rashomon', 'Children of Heaven', 'Ida', 'Perfume', 'The Reader', 'The Attack', 'Into the wild', 'Motorcycle Diaries', 'Run Lola Run', 'Lunch Box', 'Haider' F-¶‑n-§-s‑\ F-®‑n-b‑mÂ

H-S‑p-§‑m-¯ N-e-¨‑n-{‑X k‑r-j‑v-S‑n-IÄ k-a‑m-´-c k‑n-\‑n-a-I-f‑p-s‑S t‑{‑i-W‑nb‑n C-S‑w ]‑n-S‑n-¨‑p. C-t‑X‑m-s‑S‑m-¸‑w C-´‑y-b‑n-e‑p‑w \‑n-c-h-[‑n N-e-¨‑n-{‑X-§f‑p‑w‑, t‑U‑m-I‑y‑p-s‑aâ-d‑n-I-f‑p‑w‑, l‑r-k‑z N‑n-{‑X-§-f‑p‑w h-fÀ-¶‑p h-¶-X‑p‑w {‑i-t‑²-b-a‑m-b t‑\-«-§-f‑m-W‑v. C-¶‑v G-I-t‑Z-i‑w \‑q-ä‑n C-c‑p-]-

t‑X‑m-f‑w hÀ-j-§Ä ]‑n-¶‑n-«‑v k‑n-\‑na-b‑p-s‑S a‑m-b‑nI {‑]-]-©‑w A-Z‑v-`‑p-X§Â k‑r-j‑v-S‑n-¨‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v ]‑p-X‑n-b ]-c‑o-£-W-§-f‑n-t‑e-¡‑p‑w I-ï‑p-]‑nS‑n-¯-§-f‑n-t‑e-¡‑p‑w \‑o-§‑n-s‑¡‑mï‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. 19-þ‑m‑w \‑q-ä‑m-ï‑n-s‑â X‑p-S-¡-¯‑n ’Trip to the moon’ F-¶ k‑n-\‑n-a-b‑n X‑p-S-§‑n C-¶‑v "P‑p-d‑m-Ê‑n-¡‑v t‑hÄ-U‑n‑' F-¯‑n\‑nÂ-¡‑p-¶‑p k‑n-\‑n-a-b‑p-s‑S h-fÀ-¨. C-X‑n-\‑n-S-b‑n H‑m-t‑c‑m B-k‑z‑m-Z-Is‑\-b‑p‑w t‑I‑m-c‑n-¯-c‑n-¸‑n-¨‑, A-h-c‑ps‑S I-®‑n-s‑\-b‑p‑w a-\-Ê‑n-s‑\-b‑p‑w H-c‑p-t‑]‑m-s‑e I‑p-f‑n-c-W‑n-b‑n-¸‑n-¨‑v B-k‑z‑m-Z-\-¯‑n-s‑â h‑y-X‑y-k‑v-X X-e§-f‑n-t‑e-¡‑v t‑{‑]-£-I-s‑c s‑s‑I-¸‑n-S‑n¨‑p-bÀ-¯‑n-b ]-X‑n-\‑m-b‑n-c-¡-W-¡‑n\‑v k‑n-\‑n-a-IÄ \-a‑p-¡‑v a‑p-¶‑n-s‑e s‑h-Å‑n-¯‑n-c-b‑n {‑]-X‑y-£-s‑¸-«‑p. k‑n-\‑n-a F-¶ A-Z‑v-`‑p-X k‑r-j‑v-S‑ns‑b \-½Ä s‑\-t‑©‑m-S‑v t‑NÀ-¡‑m\‑p‑w \‑n-X‑y-P‑o-h‑n-X-¯‑n-s‑â H-c‑p `‑m-K-a‑m-¡‑m-\‑p‑w X‑p-S-§‑n. k‑n-\‑n-a F-¶ a‑m-[‑y-a‑w \-½‑p-s‑S P‑o-h‑n-X-¯‑n h-c‑p-¯‑n-b a‑m-ä§Ä h-f-s‑c h-e‑p-X‑m-W‑v. \-½‑p-s‑S P‑o-h‑n-X-¯‑n-s‑â h‑y-X‑y-k‑v-X X-e§-f‑n k‑n-\‑n-a-b‑p-s‑S k‑z‑m-[‑o-\‑w A-\‑nÀ-h-N-\‑o-b-a‑m-W‑v. k‑n-\‑n-a k‑m-[‑m-c-W P-\-§Ä-¡‑v C-¶‑p‑w H-c-Û‑p-X t‑e‑m-I-a‑m-W‑v. k‑n-\‑n-a-b‑ps‑S t‑e‑m-I‑w‑, A-X‑n-s‑â hÀ-®-§Ä‑, `‑m-h-§Ä‑, N-S‑p-e \‑r-¯-þ-k‑w-L-«-\ c‑w-K-§Ä‑, k‑u-µ-c‑y-a‑qÀ-¯‑n-IÄ‑, {‑]-i-k‑v-X‑n X‑p-S-§‑n-b-h G-h-s‑cb‑p‑w H-c‑p-t‑]‑m-s‑e h-i‑o-I-c‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. X‑m-c-§-s‑f-b‑p‑w‑, X‑m-c-t‑e‑m-I-s‑¯b‑p‑w A-Û‑p-X-h‑p‑w B-IÀ-j-W-h‑p‑w \‑n-d-ª a‑n-g‑n-I-t‑f‑m-s‑S-b-Ã‑m-s‑X t‑\‑m-¡‑m³ C-¶‑p‑w \-a‑p-¡‑v k‑m-[‑n¡‑p-¶‑n-Ã. k‑n-\‑n-a¡‑v \-½‑p-s‑S k-a‑q-lþ-N‑n-´‑m t‑a-J-e-b‑n A-X‑o-h K‑u-c-h-a‑mÀ-¶ H-c‑p Ø‑m-\-a‑p-ï‑v. k‑m-l‑n-X‑y-s‑¯-b‑p‑w‑, k‑w-K‑o-Xs‑¯-b‑p‑w‑, \‑r-¯-s‑¯-b‑p-s‑a-Ã‑m‑w t‑]‑m-s‑e C-h-s‑b-Ã‑m‑w k-a-a‑m-b‑n t‑N-c‑p-¶ \-à k‑n-\‑n-a-IÄ \-½‑p-s‑S a-\-Ê‑n-s‑\-b‑p‑w k-¦Â-¸-§-s‑f-b‑p‑w B-g-¯‑n k‑z‑m-[‑o-\‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. I‑me-L-«‑w k-¦‑oÀ-®-a‑m-W‑v. H‑m-t‑c‑m {‑]-hÀ-¯-\-h‑p‑w H‑m-t‑c‑m I‑m-e‑m]-h‑p‑w A-X‑n-P‑o-h-\-a‑m-I‑p-¶ C‑u I‑m-e-s‑¯-b‑m-W‑v t‑e‑m-I-k‑n-\‑n-a A-`‑n-k‑w-t‑_‑m-[-\ s‑N-¿‑m³ {‑i-a‑n¡‑p-¶-X‑v. A-s‑Ã-¦‑n {‑i-a‑n-¨‑p-s‑I‑mï‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑v.

k-X‑y‑w h‑n-f‑n-¨‑p-]-d-b‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ




\‑y‑q-\-]-£-a‑m-t‑b-¡‑m‑w F-¦‑n-e‑p‑w k-s‑s‑[-c‑y‑w a‑p-t‑¶-d‑p-I \‑n-§-f‑m-W‑v i-c‑n-s‑b-¶‑v I‑m-e‑w ]-d-b‑p‑w

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


imen-a ]À-ho³ S2 Biotech

A-Ô-I‑m-c‑w s‑]-ä‑p-h‑o-W-s‑X‑m-c‑n-c‑p-«‑p a‑p-d‑n-b‑n s‑]-ä‑n-«‑p-t‑]‑m-b-t‑X‑m...??? H-c‑p C-c‑p-«‑n-s‑\ X-s‑¶‑! I‑m-e‑n-«-S‑n-¨-X‑p‑w‑, ]‑n-¨-s‑h-¨-X‑p‑w s‑s‑I-s‑I‑m-«‑n N‑n-c‑n-¨-X‑p‑w A-Ô-I‑m-c-¯‑nÂ

X‑m-b‑n-b‑n-Ã‑, X‑m-X-\‑n-Ã‑, t‑X‑m-g‑n-b‑n-à C-c‑p-s‑«³ B-ß-a‑n-{‑X‑w. k‑q-c‑y-\‑p-Z‑n-s‑¨‑m-c‑p-\‑mÄ P‑o-h‑n-X-¯‑n A-e X-Ã‑n ]‑p-g-s‑b‑m-g‑p-I‑n-s‑b-¶‑n X-e X-Ã‑n D‑u-d‑n N‑n-c‑n-¨‑p R‑m³ a-d-ª‑p t‑]‑m-s‑b³ a‑n-{‑X‑w F-h‑n-s‑S-t‑b‑m... a-d-¶‑p t‑]‑m-b‑m a‑n-{‑X-s‑¯ C-\‑n-b‑m I‑q-s‑«-´‑n-s‑\-\‑n-¡‑v, a‑m-b‑m \‑n-e‑m-h-t‑Ã‑m N‑p-ä‑n-e‑p‑w h‑n-Z‑y t‑\-S‑n‑, t‑h-e t‑\-S‑n‑, t‑h-e-¯-c-§Ä ]-e-X‑p t‑\-S‑n i-e-`‑w t‑]‑m ]‑m-d‑n-¸-d-¶ \‑m-f‑p-IÄ N‑n-d-I-ä‑p t‑]‑m-b‑m-i-e-`-¯‑n-s‑\-s‑¸‑m-t‑g‑m... s‑h-´‑p \‑o-d‑p-¶ a-c‑p-`‑q-a‑n N‑p-ä‑n-e‑p‑w a‑m-S‑n h‑n-f‑n-s‑¨³ B-ß-a‑n-{‑X‑w X‑n-c‑n-ª‑p t‑\‑m-¡‑m-s‑X ]‑p-©‑n-c‑n-¨‑p. a-µ-l‑m-k-§Ä A-«-l‑m-k-§-f‑m-b‑n ]-c‑n-W-a‑n-¨‑p N-h‑n-«‑n-X‑m-g‑v-¯‑n-b‑m t‑X‑m-g‑n-b‑p-s‑S a‑m-d‑n-t‑e-¡‑v h‑m-c‑n-¸‑p-W-c‑m³ s‑h-¼Â s‑I‑m-ï‑p‑, ]‑m-g‑v-{‑i-a‑w i-{‑X‑p-h‑m-W‑m-Ô-I‑m-c-a‑n-s‑¶-\‑n-¡‑v.



Magazine 2014-15


kpss^Â ]n.]n S4 BA English

‑-a-I‑m-e‑o-\ k‑m-a‑q-l‑o-I h-fÀ-¨-b‑v-¡‑v h‑n-L‑m-X‑w k‑r-j‑v-S‑n-¨‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v. k-X‑z-c-{‑i-²-t‑b‑m-s‑S hÀ-¤‑o-b-X-b‑p-s‑S Z‑pÀ-K-Ô‑w k‑m-a‑q-l‑n-I A-ka-X‑z-¯‑n-\‑v I‑m-c-W-a‑m-I‑p-¶‑p. "-\‑m-\m-X‑z-¯‑n G-I-X‑z‑w-' F-¶ B-]‑v-X h‑mI‑y-¯‑n D‑u-¶‑n-s‑I‑m-ï‑v-t‑e‑m-I-¯‑n G-ä-h‑p‑w i-à-a‑m-b‑n \‑n-e-\‑nÂ-¡‑p-¶ P-\‑m-[‑n-]-X‑y c‑m-j‑v-{‑S-a‑m-b C-´‑y hÀ-¤‑o-b h‑n-j-¯‑n-s‑â B-L‑m-X-¯‑m a‑me‑o-a-k-a‑m-¡-s‑¸-«‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. X‑o-{‑h k-¦Â-]-§-f‑p-s‑S ]‑p-d‑w t‑a‑m-S‑n-b‑n A-[‑n-I‑m-c-h‑p‑w ]-W-h‑p‑w H-¯‑p t‑N-c‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ A-h‑n-s‑S k‑w-k‑v-I‑m-c-h‑q‑w k-a‑q-l-h‑p‑w N‑q-j-W‑w s‑N-¿-s‑¸-S‑p-¶‑p. k‑z-´‑w h‑n-I‑m-c-s‑¯ a‑m-\‑n-¡-s‑¸-S‑m³ A-h-I‑m-i-a‑p-Å-X‑p t‑]‑m-s‑e a-ä‑p-Åh-s‑â h‑n-I‑m-c-¯‑n-\‑p‑w h‑n-N‑m-c-¯‑n-\‑p‑w A-h-I‑m-i-a‑p-ï‑v. A-X‑n-s‑\ t‑N‑m-Z‑y‑w s‑N-¿‑p-a‑m-t‑\‑m A-S‑n-t‑¨Â-¸‑n-¡‑p-h‑m-t‑\‑m k‑m-²‑y-a-Ã. F-¶‑m c‑m-j‑v-{‑S‑o-b-a‑m-b e-£‑y-§-f‑p‑w k‑z‑mÀ-° X‑mÂ-]-c‑y-§-f‑p‑w C-¶‑v a-s‑ä-´‑n-\‑p‑w a‑p-I-f‑n A-[‑n-I‑mc‑w ]‑n-S‑n-¨-S-¡‑n-b‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑n-\‑m ]‑m-h-s‑]-«-h-s‑â X-X‑z-N‑n-´-IÄ-¡‑v Ø‑m\-a‑n-Ã‑m-X‑m-b‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. c‑m-j‑v-{‑S‑o-b A-´-c‑o-£-s‑¯ k‑m-a‑p-Z‑m-b‑n-I hÀ-K‑o-b A-P-ï-b‑m-b‑n ]-c‑n-hÀ-¯-\-s‑¸-S‑p-¯‑p-¶ I‑m-g‑v-N-b‑m-W‑v \-a‑p-¡‑v N‑p-ä‑p-a‑p-Å-X‑v. C-X‑n-l‑m-k-§-s‑f-b‑p‑w a‑n-¯‑p-I-s‑f-b‑p‑w b‑m-Y‑mÀ-°‑y‑h-X‑v-I-c‑n-¨‑ps‑I‑m-ï‑v ]‑p-X‑n-b \-b c‑q-]‑o-I-c-W-§Ä‑, s‑h-d‑p‑w c‑m-j‑v-{‑S‑o-b {]-t‑e‑m`-\-§-f‑p-s‑S _‑m-¡‑n ]‑m-{‑X-a‑m-I‑p-¶‑p. A-_-² P-S‑n-e-a‑m-b C-¯-c‑w k‑n-²‑m-´-§Ä C-´‑y³ I-c‑n-¡‑p-e-¯‑n-s‑â `‑m-K-a‑m-b‑n I-g‑n-ª‑p F-¶-X‑v G-s‑d t‑J-Z-I-c-

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


a‑m-b H-c‑p h-k‑v-X‑p-X-b‑m-W‑v. a-l‑m-c‑m-j‑v-{‑S-b‑n-Â... \-S-¶ H-c‑p k‑w-`-h‑w C-´‑y-b‑p-s‑S a-X-s‑s‑a-{‑X‑ns‑b t‑N‑m-Z‑y‑w s‑N-¿‑p-¶ H-¶‑m-W.‑v IRTC- b‑n-s‑e AÀ-j-Z‑v F-¶ s‑hb‑v-ä-d‑p-s‑S h‑m-b‑n d-a-Z‑m³ {‑h-X Z‑n-\-¯‑n `-£-W‑w X‑n-c‑p-I‑n-¡-bä‑n N‑n-e A-[‑n-I‑m-c þ a-X h‑m-Z‑nIÄ h‑n-h‑m-Z‑w k‑r-j‑v-S‑n-¨‑p. C-X‑v ]‑m-I‑n-Ø‑m-\-à C-´‑y-b‑m-s‑W-¶ a‑p-t‑¶-d‑n-t‑¸‑m-s‑S B-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. C‑u {‑I‑q-c-X e-Ö‑m-I-c-a‑m-b C‑u k‑w`-h-¯‑n-\‑p t‑i-j‑w‑, s‑X-e‑p-¦‑m-\ k‑w-Ø‑m-\-¯‑n-s‑â {‑_‑m³-U‑v A‑w_‑m-k-U-d‑m-b‑n t‑e‑m-I {‑]-i-k‑v-X s‑S-¶‑o-k‑v X‑m-c‑w k‑m-\‑n-b a‑nÀ-ks‑b \‑n-b-a‑n-¨ \-S-]-S‑n-s‑b t‑N‑mZ‑y‑w s‑N-b‑v-X‑v c‑w-K-¯‑p h-¶-X‑p‑w C-¡‑q-«-¯‑n H-S‑p-h‑n-e-t‑¯-X‑m-W‑v. ]‑m-¡‑n-Ø‑m-s‑â a-c‑p-a-I-f‑m-s‑W-¶ I‑m-c-W-¯‑m C-´‑y-b‑v-¡‑v t‑h-ï‑n s‑S-¶‑o-k‑n t‑\-«-§Ä s‑I‑m-¿‑p-¶ I‑m-b‑n-I X‑m-c-¯‑n-s‑â t‑Z-i k‑v-t‑\l-s‑¯ t‑N‑m-Z‑y‑w s‑N-¿‑p-I t‑]‑m-e‑pa‑p-ï‑m-b‑n. a-X-s‑s‑a-{‑X-b‑n a‑m-X‑r-I‑m-]‑qÀW-a‑m-b t‑I-c-f-¯‑n-e‑p‑w k-a‑m-\a‑m-b k‑w-`-h-§Ä A-c-t‑§-d‑n.



Magazine 2014-15

km-aq-ln-I-am-bpw, kmw-kv-Im-cnI-am-bpw, hn-Zym-`ym-k-]-c-am-bpw G-sd ap-¶n-ep-Å tI-c-f-¯n t]m-epw G-sd e-Öm-I-c-am-b kw-`-h-§Ä A-c-t§-dp-¶p. s]m-Xp-hm-bn H-cp k-ap-Zm-b-¯nsâ B-Nm-c-sa-t¶m, A-\p-jvTm\-sa-t¶m B-bn-«-à H-cp s] m-Xp-]-cn-]m-Sn-bn Zo-]w sX-fnbn-¡p-¶-Xv. A-Xv B-cp-tS-bpw hn-izm-k-s¯ tNm-Zyw sN-¿p-¶pan-Ã. F-¶m Nne t\-Xm-¡-fn \n-¶v C-Xn- \pïm-b hn-k-½-Xw tI-c-f-k-aq-l-s¯ sR-«n-¨p. s‑s‑{I-k‑v-X-h s]´-tIm-kvXv h‑n-i‑z‑m-k‑n-IÄ-¡‑p t‑\-s‑c D-ï‑m-b B-{‑I-a-W-§-f‑p‑w C-s‑X \‑m-W-b¯‑n-s‑â a-s‑ä‑m-c‑p h-i-a‑m-W‑v. a-X a‑u-e‑n-I-X-b‑p-s‑S h‑n-i‑z‑m-k-a‑m-b‑n C-X‑v a‑m-d‑n. C-§-s‑\ ]-e a‑mÀ-¤-§-f‑n-e‑q-s‑S-b‑p‑w hÀ-K‑o-b h‑n-j‑w C-´‑y³ i-c‑o-c¯‑n I‑p-¯‑n h-b‑v-¡‑p-I-b‑m-W‑v A-[‑n-I‑m-c t‑I-{‑µ-§Ä s‑N-¿‑p-¶X‑v. s‑]‑m-X‑p k-a‑q-l-s‑¯ X‑oÀ¯‑p‑w hÀ-K‑o-b h-X‑v-I-c‑n-¡‑p-¶ C-¯-c‑w \‑o-¡-§Ä k‑m-a‑q-Z‑m-b t‑`[-a-t‑\‑y C-´‑y-b‑n H-«‑m-s‑I \-S-¡‑p¶‑p. \‑y‑q-\-]-£ k-a‑q-l-s‑¯

A-S‑n-s‑¨‑m-X‑p-¡‑m-\‑p‑w B-k‑q-{‑X‑nX-a‑m-b‑n t‑h-«-b‑m-S‑m-\‑p‑w B-c‑w-`‑n¡‑p-¶‑n-S-¯‑m-W‑v a-X X‑o-{‑h-h‑m-Z‑w D-Z-b‑w s‑I‑m-Å‑p-¶-X‑v. I‑m-i‑v-a‑o-c‑ne‑p‑w a-ä‑p‑w b‑p-h c-à-§Ä a-®‑n ]‑p-X-b‑v-¡‑p-¶-X‑v C‑u hÀ-¤‑o-b h‑nj-¯‑n-s‑â C-c-I-f‑m-b‑m-W‑v. A-á‑n-b‑m-I‑p-¶ hÀ-¤‑o-b I-e‑m-]§Ä.. a‑p-k‑m-^‑nÀ \-K-c‑v... a‑o-d‑m¯‑v... s‑a‑m-d‑m-Z‑m-_‑m-Z‑v.._‑m-l‑v-d‑mb‑n-¨‑n...... {‑]-X‑m-_‑v-K-Ô‑v...j‑m‑w-e‑n... _-l‑m-h³-]‑qÀ A-§-s‑\ C-´‑yb‑p-s‑S \‑n-c-h-[‑n {‑K‑m-a-§Ä hÀ¤‑o-b h‑n-j-¯‑n-s‑â A-á‑n-b‑n s‑h-´‑p N‑m-¼-e‑m-b‑n a‑m-d‑n. "H-c‑p t‑h-Z-{‑K-Ù-h‑p‑w H-c‑p {‑]-h‑m-NI-\‑p‑w s‑I‑m-e-¡-¯‑n-I-s‑f B-t‑Çj‑n-¡‑p-¶‑n-Ã...]-I-c‑w k‑v-t‑\-l‑n-¡‑ph‑m-\‑p‑w \-·-b‑p-s‑S t‑e‑m-I-¯‑n k-©-c‑n-¡‑p-h‑m-\‑p‑w D-]-t‑Z-i‑n-¡‑p¶‑p. F-¶‑m A-[‑n-I‑m-c-¯‑n-s‑â s‑h-d‑n H-c‑p {‑`‑m-´‑m-b‑n‑, a‑m-d‑n-b \-½‑p-s‑S c‑m-j‑v-{‑S‑o-b t‑]-t‑¡‑m-e-§f‑p-s‑S I-g‑p-I³ I-®‑p-IÄ-¡‑p‑w c-à-s‑¡‑m-X‑n a‑m-d‑m-¯ c‑m-£k N‑n-´-IÄ-¡‑p‑w t‑h-ï‑n hÀ-K‑o-b-Xb‑p-s‑S.... I-e‑m]-§-f‑p-s‑S B-t‑{‑I‑mi-h‑p‑w t‑c‑m-Z-\-h‑p‑w C-\‑n-b‑p‑w D-bc‑p-I X-s‑¶ s‑N-¿‑p‑w ‑!‑!‑!

I‑p-d‑p-¸-s‑â I-W-¡‑p]‑p-k‑v-X-I-¯‑n \‑n-¶‑v A-²‑y‑m-b‑w H-¶‑p a‑p-XÂ.... {‑i‑o-[-c-s‑â H-¶‑m‑w X‑n-c‑p-a‑p-d‑n-h‑n k‑v-t‑\-l-]‑qÀ-Æ‑w a‑o-c-¡‑v s‑s‑h-I‑n h-¶ h-k-´-§Ä 1947 G-{‑]‑n 18 a‑n-Y‑p-\‑w {‑]‑n-b-s‑¸-« I‑p-¡‑p‑, {‑i‑o K‑p-c‑p-h‑m-b‑q-c-¸-s‑â A-\‑p-{‑K-l-¯‑m k‑p-s‑s‑_-Z h‑m-b‑n-¨-d‑n-b‑p-¶-X‑n-\‑v t‑hï‑n ]‑p-g-¡‑m-«‑n-c‑n Z‑n k‑n-ä‑n-b‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w j‑m-P-l‑m³ F-g‑p-X‑p-¶‑p. {‑]‑n-b-a‑m-\-h-s‑f \‑n-\-¡‑m-b‑v C‑u A-S‑n-¡‑p-d‑n-¸‑v F-g‑p-X‑p-h‑m³ I‑m-c-W‑w "20-þ‑m‑w \‑q-ä‑mï‑n I-Å‑n-s‑¨-Ã-½-b‑m-b \‑n-\-¡‑v e‑u-s‑e-äÀ X-¶‑v \‑o-b‑p-a‑m-b‑n H-c‑p s‑I‑m-¨‑p `‑q-a‑n-¡‑p-e‑p¡‑w D-ï‑m-¡‑n-b F-s‑â IÀ-½ \‑o A-d‑n-b-W‑w. 1921 s‑e H-c‑p s‑a-b‑v-a‑m-k ]‑p-e-c‑n-b‑n C‑u \-· \‑n-d-ª {‑i‑o-\‑n-h‑m-k³ I-®‑qÀ {‑K‑m-a-]-©‑m-b-¯‑n-e‑q-s‑S h-g‑n-t‑b‑m-c-I‑m-g‑v-N-IÄ I-ï‑v s‑s‑P-{‑X-b‑m-{‑X \-S-¯‑n-b-t‑¸‑m-g‑m-W‑v \‑m-S³ s‑]-®‑m-b \‑n-s‑¶ H‑mÀ-¡‑m-]‑p-d-¯‑v I-ï‑p-a‑p-«‑nb-X‑v. e-Ö‑m-h-X‑n-b‑m-b \‑n-s‑â X‑n-f-¡-a‑mÀ-¶ a‑p-J‑w H-¶‑m‑w h-«‑w I-ï-t‑¸‑mÄ C‑u U‑m-\‑n-¡‑v C-j‑v-S-a‑m-b‑n. A-§-s‑\ s‑s‑e-^‑v C‑u-k‑v _‑y‑q-«‑n-^‑pÄ. C‑u ]-¸-b‑p-s‑S k‑z-´‑w A-¸‑q-k‑n-s‑\ k‑v-t‑\-l‑n-¡‑m³ H-c‑p s‑]-®‑v \‑n-e-b‑n I‑m-\-\ k‑p-µ-c‑n-b‑m-b‑n \‑n-s‑â k‑v-t‑\-l‑w ]‑n-S‑n-¨‑p-]ä‑m³ t‑h-ï‑n-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. \‑n-s‑â I‑q-S-¸‑n-d-¸‑m-b _‑m-_‑p-t‑a‑m-s‑â C‑u s‑s‑I-I-f‑n t‑d‑m-k‑n... s‑F.-e‑u.-h‑y‑p. F-¶‑v F-g‑p-X‑n-b t‑{‑]-a-t‑e-J-\‑w H-c‑p X-c‑w c-ï‑v X-c‑w a‑q-¶‑v X-c‑w. H-¶‑n-\‑p ]‑n-d-s‑I a-s‑ä‑m-¶‑m-b‑n s‑I‑m-S‑p-¯‑v h‑n-«-X‑v. X‑n-c-¡‑n A t‑\-c-¯‑v C‑u Z‑m-X‑m-k‑m-l‑n-_‑v A-§‑m-S‑n-¡-¸‑p-d-¯‑v X‑o-s‑c {‑]-X‑o-£‑n-¡‑m-s‑X \‑nÂ-¡‑p-t‑¼‑m-g‑m-W‑v N-«-¡‑m-c‑n-b‑m-b \‑nsâ a-d‑p-]-S‑n C‑u H‑m-a-\-¡‑p-«-s‑\ t‑X-S‑n-s‑b-¯‑n-b-X‑v. _‑m-e-s‑â I-c-§-f‑n A-¶‑v \‑o s‑I‑m-S‑p-¯‑p h‑n-« B I‑p-k‑r-X‑n-¡‑p-d‑p-¸‑n-s‑e D-Å-S-¡‑w Z‑p-_‑m-b‑n-e‑p-ï‑v. \‑n-s‑â U‑m-U‑n-s‑b {‑K‑m-a-t‑^‑m-W‑ne‑q-s‑S h‑n-f‑n-¨-d‑n-b‑n-¨‑v F-s‑â \‑m-S-I t‑{‑]-a‑w C-¶-s‑Ã-¦‑n \‑m-s‑f- A-h-k‑m-\‑n-¸‑n-¡‑p-s‑a-¶‑v. A-£-c-§Ä I-ï-t‑¸‑mÄ C‑u ]‑m-e‑m-«‑v I‑p-ª‑n-¡-®-s‑â k‑p-d‑p-a-b‑n-« I-®‑p-IÄ I-e-§‑n t‑]‑m-b‑n. A-X‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p Ú‑m-\ k‑p-µ-c‑n-b‑m-b \‑o-b‑p-a‑m-b‑n P-K-s‑]‑m-K \-S-¯‑n-b-X‑v. N-{‑µ-t‑e-J-b‑m-b \‑o-b‑p-a‑m-b‑n `‑q-I-¼‑w \-S-¯‑n-b-X‑v. \‑n-s‑¶ G-s‑d h‑n-j-a‑n-¸‑n-¨‑p F-¶‑v a‑q-¶‑v a‑m-k-§Ä-¡‑v a‑p-¼‑v \‑n-s‑â A-b-e-s‑¯ A-t‑±-l-a‑m-b a‑p-k‑v-X-^ A-¡-s‑c A-¡-s‑c-b‑p-Å t‑X-·‑m-h‑n³ I‑m-«‑n s‑h-¨‑v C‑u h-t‑Ã‑y-«-s‑â I‑m-X‑n H-c‑p I‑n-¶‑m-c‑w ]-d-ª-t‑¸‑m-g‑m-W‑v C‑u A-¸‑p A-d‑n-b‑p-¶-X‑v. A-¶-s‑¯ c‑m-{‑X‑n C‑u I-Y‑m-\‑m-b-I-\‑v D-d-¡‑w h-c‑m-¯ c‑m-{‑X‑n-b‑mb‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. t‑Z-h-k‑p-µ-c‑n-b‑m-b \‑n-¶‑n \‑n-¶‑v t‑{‑]-a‑n-¨‑p F-s‑¶‑m-c‑p h‑m-¡‑n-\‑v t‑h-ï‑n C‑u D-¯-a³ \‑n-s‑¶ H-c‑p-t‑\‑m-¡‑p I‑m-W‑m-\‑p-Å ]‑p-d-¸‑m-S‑n-e‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. ]-s‑£‑, C‑u _‑m-t‑e-«-s‑â {‑^-ï‑v-k‑m-b a‑p-l-½-Z‑v a‑p-k‑v-X-^-b‑p‑w A-\‑p-h-Z‑n-¨‑n-Ã. C-\‑n-s‑b-¦‑n-e‑p‑w ]-d-b‑p B I‑u-a‑m-c-{‑]‑mb-¯‑n C‑u I-Y‑m-]‑p-c‑p-j³ \‑n-t‑¶‑m-S‑v s‑N-b‑v-X-X‑v i-c‑n-t‑b‑m s‑X-t‑ä‑m? k‑p-k-¶ A-s‑X-Ã‑m‑w \‑n-s‑â A-bÂ-h‑m-k‑n \-µ t‑K‑m-]‑m-e-s‑â I‑p-k‑r-X‑n-I-f‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. C-t‑¸‑mÄ I‑m-e‑w a‑m-d‑n I-Y a‑m-d‑n-b-X‑n-\‑m I-f‑n-b‑n AÂ-]‑w I‑m-c‑y-a‑m-b‑n-«‑v ]-d-b‑p-I-b‑m-W‑v. A-g-I‑p-Å k-e‑o-\b‑m-b \‑n-t‑¶‑m-S‑v ]‑p-¶‑m-c‑w ]-d-b‑m³ C‑u I-c‑p-a‑m-S‑n I‑p-«³ k‑p-µ-c-]‑p-c‑p-j-\-Ã‑m-¯-X‑n-\‑m t‑]-S‑n-¡‑m-\‑p-Å AÀ-l-X-b‑n-à F-s‑¶-\‑n-¡-d‑n-b‑m‑w. F-¦‑n-e‑p‑w C‑u I‑p-t‑«-«-s‑â H‑mÀ-½-b‑n \‑o a‑m-{‑X-a‑p-Å-X‑n-\‑m R‑m-s‑\‑m-¶‑v ]-d-b-s‑« (I-t‑l‑m-\‑m ]‑y‑mÀ s‑l‑) -]-d-b‑q F-s‑¶ C-j‑vS-a‑m-t‑W‑m- s‑F.e‑u.-h‑y‑p. F-s‑¶-g‑p-X‑n-b \‑n-s‑â \-b‑w h‑y-à-a‑m-h‑p-¶ D-¯-c-¯‑n-\‑v t‑h-ï‑n B-t‑h-i-t‑¯‑m-S‑p-I‑q-s‑S ]‑q-a‑p-J-]-S‑n-b‑n \‑n-s‑¶-b‑p‑w I‑m-¯‑v k‑v-t‑\-l-]‑qÀ-Æ‑w h‑n-`‑m-`-c-s‑â t‑i-j‑w I‑m-g‑v-N-b‑n t‑{‑]-a‑m-`‑n-t‑j-I-s‑¯ ]-ä‑n I‑q-S‑n-¡‑m-g‑v-N \-S-¯‑m³ \‑o k-½-Xw X-c‑pt‑h‑m-f‑w F-¦‑n C‑u s‑X-½‑m-S‑n t‑h-e-¸-s‑â t‑a‑m-l-§Ä ]‑q-h-W‑n-ª‑p. C-X‑v k-X‑y‑w‑, i‑n-h‑w‑, k‑p-µ-c‑w‑, _‑m-e-N-{‑µ-t‑a-t‑\‑m-s‑â A-½-b‑m-W‑v k-X‑y‑w. C‑u X‑n-c-IÄ F-g‑p-X‑n-b I-h‑n-X-b‑n s‑I‑m-¨‑p-s‑I‑m-¨‑p s‑X-ä‑p-IÄ D-s‑ï-¦‑n s‑I‑m-¨‑p-s‑I‑m-¨‑p k-t‑´‑m-j-§Ä-¡‑v t‑h-ï‑n s‑s‑Zh-s‑¯ H‑mÀ-s‑¯-¦‑n-e‑p‑w I-Ã‑p-h‑m-X‑p-¡Â I-{‑X‑o-\-b‑p-s‑S a-I-s‑f a‑m-¸‑p X-c‑q. F-¶‑v k‑z-´‑w \‑m-Y-s‑â \‑n-½‑n. S‑n.-]‑n.-_‑m-e-t‑K‑m-]‑m-e³.-F‑w.-F. a‑p-¯‑m-c‑w-I‑p-¶‑v.-]‑n.-H. UÂ-l‑n t‑]‑m-Ì‑v t‑_‑m-I‑v-k‑v \-¼À:27 IÂ-]-¶ (H‑) \‑y‑q-UÂ-l‑n

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GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


A-Rv-Pp.-_n.-sI. S6 BA English

BÀ-¯-h‑w k‑w-k‑m-c‑n-¨‑pX‑p-S-§‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ

BÀ-¯-h-¯‑n-\‑p t‑\-s‑c-b‑p-Å k‑ma‑q-l‑n-I \‑n-b-{‑´-W-§Ä A-\‑p-j‑v-S‑m\-]-c-a‑m-b-X‑p-I‑q-S‑n-b‑m-W‑v. B-c‑m-[\‑m-e-b-§Ä k‑v-{‑X‑o-I-f‑p-s‑S a‑p-¶‑n s‑I‑m-«‑n-b-S-¡-s‑¸-S‑p-¶-X‑v C-X‑n-s‑â G-ä-h‑p‑w P-\‑m-[‑n-]-X‑y-h‑n-c‑p-²-a‑m-b {‑]-X‑y-£ e-£-W-a‑m-W‑v. C-´‑y³ k-a‑q-l-h‑p‑w a-e-b‑m-f‑n k-a‑q-l-h‑p‑w C-¡‑m-c‑y-¯‑n h‑y-X‑y-k‑v-X-a-Ã. a-X]-c-a‑m-b-X‑p‑w k‑m‑w-k‑v-I‑m-c‑n-I-a‑mb-X‑p-a‑m-b H-«-\-h-[‑n L-S-I-§Ä BÀ-¯-h-¯‑n-\‑p t‑\-s‑c-b‑p-Å k-a‑q-l-¯‑n-s‑â A-d-¸‑n-\‑v I‑m-c-Wa‑m-I‑p-¶‑p-ï‑v.



Magazine 2014-15

H-f‑n-¨‑p-P‑o-h‑n-¡-W‑w F-¶‑p-]-T‑n-¸‑n-¨‑p-h‑n-«-X‑p-t‑]‑m-s‑e-b‑mW‑v C-´‑y-b‑n-s‑e k‑v-{‑X‑o-I-f‑p-s‑S P‑o-h‑n-X‑w G-s‑d-¡‑p-s‑db‑p‑w. k-a‑q-l-¯‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w i-c‑o-c‑w a-d-¨‑v s‑]‑m-X‑p-a-[‑y¯‑n i-_‑v-Z-h‑p‑w t‑\‑m-«-h‑p‑w X‑m-g‑v-¯‑n P‑o-h‑n-¡-W‑w. A-`‑n-{‑]‑m-b-§-f‑n a-b‑w h-c‑p-¯-W‑w. A-s‑Ã-¦‑n k-Z‑m-N‑m-c-]-«‑m-f-¯‑n-s‑â F-X‑nÀ-¸‑p-I-s‑f t‑\-c‑n-t‑Sï‑n h-c‑p‑w. ]-t‑c‑m-£-a‑m-b‑n ]-d-b‑p-¶-X‑v D-]-{‑Z-h‑n-¡‑ms‑X P‑o-h‑n-¡-W‑w F-¶‑v. ]‑p-c‑p-j-a-t‑\‑m-h‑n-I‑m-c-§-s‑f {‑h-W-s‑¸-S‑p-¯‑m-s‑X‑, A-hÀ-¡‑v \‑o-c-k‑w D-ï‑m-h‑m-¯ h‑n-[-¯‑nÂ‑, A-S‑n-a-s‑b-t‑¸‑m-s‑e P‑o-h‑n-¡-W‑w. H-c‑p X-c-¯‑n ]-d-ª‑m {‑`-j‑v-S‑p-P‑o-h‑n-X-a‑m-W‑v k‑v-{‑X‑o-b‑pt‑S-X‑v. h‑o-S‑n-\‑p ]‑p-d-¯‑v AÀ-l-X-I-f‑n-Ã‑m-¯ A-\‑y. "a‑m-\‑y-a‑m-b‑' H-c‑p k‑v-{‑X‑o-b‑p‑w ]‑p-d-¯‑v A-[‑n-I‑w I-d-§‑n \-S-¡-c‑p-X‑v. C-c‑p-«‑m-h‑p-¶-X‑n-\‑p a‑p-¼‑v I‑q-S-W-b-W‑w. A-\‑p-a-X‑n-b‑n-Ã‑m-s‑X ]‑p-d-¯‑v t‑]‑m-h-c‑p-X‑v. N‑n-e-t‑¸‑mÄ H‑mÀ-½-s‑¸-S‑p-¯-e‑m-b‑n‑, a-ä‑p N‑n-e-t‑¸‑mÄ `‑o-j-W‑n-b‑m-b‑n‑, F-g‑p-X-s‑¸-«‑n-«‑n-Ã‑m-¯ N‑n-e \‑n-_-Ô-\-IÄ X‑q-§‑p-¶‑pï‑v A-h-f‑p-s‑S X-e-¡‑p a‑p-I-f‑nÂ. A-hÄ G-I‑m-{‑K-X s‑I-S‑p-¯‑p-¶‑, k‑w-l-c‑n-¡‑p-¶‑, A-d-¸‑p-f-h‑m-¡‑m³

s‑IÂ-¸‑p-Å H-c‑p P‑o-h‑n-b‑m-W‑v. F-Ã‑m-ä‑n-\‑p‑w ]‑p-d-s‑a A-hÄ-¡‑v A-i‑p-²-a‑m-¡‑m-\‑p‑w I-g‑n-b‑p‑w. \‑n-c-h-[‑n \‑n-b-a-§Ä-¡‑n-S-b‑n P‑o-h‑n-¡‑p-¶ A-hÄ-¡‑v BÀ-¯-h‑w B-c‑w-`‑n-¨‑m-t‑e‑m‑, I-f‑n-a‑m-d‑n. h‑n-e-¡‑pI-f‑p-s‑S t‑e‑m-I-¯‑m-b‑n ]‑n-¶-s‑¯ P‑o-h‑n-X‑w. A-hÄ-X-s‑¶ s‑N-t‑¿-ï H-c‑p-]‑m-S‑v K‑q-V-\‑o-¡-§-f‑m-W‑v ]‑n-s‑¶. BÀ-¯-h A-\‑p-j‑vT‑m-\§Ä A-X‑o-h c-l-k‑y-a‑m-b‑n s‑N-¿‑p¶-X‑p a‑p-X A-\‑p-t‑b‑m-P‑y-a‑m-b h-k‑v-{‑X-§Ä X‑n-c-s‑ª-S‑p-¡‑p-¶X‑p h-s‑c. ]‑p-c‑p-j³-a‑mÀ G-g-be-¯‑p-s‑ï-¶‑p I-ï‑m BÀ-¯h-s‑¯-¸-ä‑n I-a F-s‑¶‑m-c-£-c‑w a‑n-ï‑n-Ã. -C-¯-c-¯‑n BÀ-¯h-s‑¯ H-f‑n-¨‑p-I-S-t‑¯-ï B-hi‑y-a‑p-t‑ï‑m? BÀ-¯-h‑w k‑v-{‑X‑o i-c‑o-c-¯‑n-s‑e H-c‑p s‑s‑P-h-a‑m-ä‑w a‑m-{‑X-a‑m-s‑W-¶‑p‑w A-X‑n-s‑â {‑]-X‑na‑m-k B-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä X‑n-I-¨‑p‑w k‑z‑m-`‑m-h‑n-I-a‑m-b i‑m-c‑o-c‑n-I {‑]-{‑I‑nb-b‑m-s‑W-¶‑p‑w a-\-Ê‑n-e‑m-¡‑p-¶‑n-S¯‑v H-c‑p h‑y-à‑n BÀ-¯-h-s‑¯ k‑w-_-Ô‑n-¨ i‑p-²‑m-þ-i‑p-² h‑n-Í‑n¯-¯‑n \‑n-¶‑v ]‑p-d-¯‑p h-c‑p‑w. BÀ-¯-h Z‑n-h-k-§-f‑n-s‑e X-s‑â \‑n-K‑q-V-\‑o-¡-§-f‑n-e‑q-s‑S H‑m-t‑c‑m k‑v-{‑X‑o-b‑p‑w k‑z-b‑w t‑h-e‑n-IÄ \‑nÀ½‑n-¡‑p-I-b‑m-W‑v. X-\‑n-¡‑v BÀ-¯h-a‑m-s‑W-¶ I‑m-c‑y‑w ]‑p-c‑p-j³-a‑m-cd‑n-b‑m-X‑n-c‑n-¡‑m³ a‑n-¡ k‑v-{‑X‑o-I-f‑p‑w ]-c‑n-{‑i-a‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. F-´‑m-W-X‑n-s‑â H‑u-N‑n-X‑y-s‑a-¶‑v h‑y-à-a-Ã. BÀ¯-h‑w F-¶-X‑v H-c‑p t‑a‑m-i-s‑¸-« A-h-Ø-b‑m-s‑W-¶‑v A-hÀ k‑z-b‑w h‑n-N‑m-c‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p-t‑h‑m? BÀ-¯-h Z‑n-h-k-§-f‑n k‑v-{‑X‑o-IÄ A-h-c‑nt‑e-¡‑p X-s‑¶ H-X‑p-§‑n-¡‑q-S‑p-¶‑p. A-[‑n-I‑w i‑m-c‑o-c‑n-I‑m-[‑z‑m-\-§-f‑n GÀ-s‑¸-S‑m-X‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-h‑m³ {‑i-²‑n¡‑p-¶‑p. k‑z-b‑w C-§-s‑\-b‑m-W‑v \‑n-§-f‑n-t‑e-¡‑v t‑\‑m-¡‑p-¶-s‑X-¦‑n a-ä‑p-Å-h-c‑p‑w A-§-s‑\-¯-s‑¶ t‑\‑m-¡‑p‑w. \‑n-§-f‑m-W‑v \‑n-§Ä-¡‑v N‑p-ä‑p‑w h-e-b‑w D-ï‑m-¡‑p-¶-X‑v. BÀ-¯-h-¯‑n-\‑p t‑\s‑c-b‑p-Å k‑m-a‑q-l‑n-I \‑n-b-{‑´W-§Ä A-\‑p-j‑v-S‑m-\-]-c-a‑m-b-X‑pI‑q-S‑n-b‑m-W‑v. B-c‑m-[-\‑m-e-b-§Ä k‑v-{‑X‑o-I-f‑p-s‑S a‑p-¶‑n s‑I‑m-«‑n-bS-¡-s‑¸-S‑p-¶-X‑v C-X‑n-s‑â G-ä-h‑p‑w P-\‑m-[‑n-]-X‑y-h‑n-c‑p-²-a‑m-b {‑]-X‑y-£ e-£-W-a‑m-W‑v. C-´‑y³ k-a‑q-l-h‑p‑w a-e-b‑m-f‑n k-a‑q-l-h‑p‑w C-¡‑m-c‑y-

¯‑n h‑y-X‑y-k‑v-X-a-Ã. a-X-]-c-a‑m-bX‑p‑w k‑m‑w-k‑v-I‑m-c‑n-I-a‑m-b-X‑p-a‑m-b H-«-\-h-[‑n L-S-I-§Ä BÀ-¯-h¯‑n-\‑p t‑\-s‑c-b‑p-Å k-a‑q-l-¯‑ns‑â A-d-¸‑n-\‑v I‑m-c-W-a‑m-I‑p-¶‑pï‑v. BÀ-¯-h-a‑p-Å s‑]-®‑p-§Ä A-S‑p-¯‑v h-¶‑m ]-c‑n-i‑p-²‑n t‑]‑mI‑p-t‑a‑m F-s‑¶‑m-s‑¡ N‑n-´‑n-¨‑p-Ig‑n-b‑p-¶ s‑s‑Z-h-t‑¯‑m-S‑v t‑]-S‑n-b-Ã‑, k-l-X‑m-]-a‑m-W‑v t‑X‑m-t‑¶-ï-X‑v. BÀ-¯-h‑w F-¶-X‑v P‑o-h‑nX-¯‑n-s‑â A-i-c-l‑n-X-a‑m-b H-c‑p h-g‑n-¯‑n-c‑n-h‑m-b‑n A-\‑p-`-h-s‑¸S‑m-¯ k‑v-{‑X‑o-IÄ h-f-s‑c I‑p-d-h‑m-

b‑n-c‑n-¡‑p‑w. A-X‑p-h-s‑c A-\‑p-`-h‑n¨‑n-c‑p-¶ k-©‑m-c-k‑z‑m-X-{‑´‑y-a‑m-W‑v X-S-b-s‑¸-S‑p-I. t‑\-c-s‑¯ k‑q-N‑n¸‑n-¨-X‑p-t‑]‑m-s‑e BÀ-¯-h-I‑m-e \‑n-K‑q-V-\‑o-¡-§-f‑n-t‑e-¡‑v H‑m-t‑c‑m k‑v-{‑X‑o-s‑b-b‑p‑w X-Å‑n-b‑n-S‑p-¶-X‑v k-a‑q-l‑w X-s‑¶-b‑m-W‑v. i-c‑o-c-s‑¯¡‑p-d‑n-¨‑p-Å \‑n-c-´-c-t‑]-S‑n-IÄ \‑nÀ-½‑n-¡-s‑¸-S‑p-¶‑p. G-X-h-k-c¯‑n-e‑p‑w B-{‑I-a‑n-¡-s‑¸-S‑m-h‑p-¶ H-c‑m-f‑m-W‑v X‑m³ F-¶ t‑_‑m-[‑w \‑n-c-´-c‑w D-ï‑m-¡-s‑¸-S‑p-¶‑p. h-fÀ¨-s‑b-¶‑m A-]-I-S-s‑a-¶-X‑v s‑]®‑n-s‑â a‑m-{‑X‑w A-\‑p-`-h-a‑m-I‑p-¶‑p. i-c‑o-c-¯‑n-s‑â H‑m-t‑c‑m h-fÀ-¨‑mL-«-s‑¯-b‑p‑w I-c‑p-X-t‑e‑m-s‑S-b‑p‑w I‑p-d-s‑¨‑m-s‑¡ `‑o-X‑n I-eÀ-¶ A-¼c-t‑¸‑m-s‑S-b‑p-a‑m-W‑v H‑m-t‑c‑m s‑]-®‑p‑w

A-\‑p-`-h‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑v. BÀ-¯-h‑w H-f‑n-¨‑p-s‑ht‑¡-ï H-¶‑m-t‑W‑m F-¶-X‑v C-¶‑v h-f-s‑c-b-[‑n-I‑w NÀ-¨ s‑N-¿-s‑¸S‑p-¶ H-c‑p h‑n-j-b-a‑m-W‑v. AÀ-²c‑m-{‑X‑n-b‑m-W‑v \-k‑o-d F-¶ s‑Nd‑p-¸-¡‑m-c‑n BÀ-¯-h‑w D-s‑ï-¶ k‑w-i-b-¯‑n s‑]‑m-X‑p-b‑m-{‑X‑m k‑w-h‑n-[‑m-\-a‑m-b s‑I.-F-k‑v.-BÀ.S‑n.-k‑n. _-Ê‑n \‑n-¶‑v C-d-¡‑n-h‑n-Ss‑¸-«-X‑v. {‑]-t‑X‑y-I k‑m-¼-¯‑n-I t‑aJ-e-b‑n-s‑e Ø‑m-]-\-¯‑n k‑v-{‑X‑o P‑o-h-\-¡‑m-c‑p-s‑S X‑p-W‑n-b-g‑n-¡Â ]-c‑n-t‑i‑m-[-\ X‑p-S-§‑n-b k‑w-`-h-§-

s‑f X‑p-SÀ-¶‑v s‑s‑k-_À-t‑e‑m-I-¯‑v D-ï‑m-b {‑]-X‑n-I-c-W-§-f‑p‑w I‑m-¼b‑n-\‑p‑w BÀ-¯-h‑w H-c‑p k‑m-[‑mc-W-{‑]-{‑I‑n-b-b‑m-s‑W-¶ t‑_‑m-[‑w P-\-§-f‑n-s‑e-¯‑n-¡‑m³ H-c‑p ]-c‑n-[‑nh-s‑c I-g‑n-s‑ª-¶‑p-I-c‑p-X‑m‑w. BÀ-¯-h-s‑a-¶ k‑z‑m`‑m-h‑n-I {‑]-{‑I‑n-b-b‑p-s‑S t‑]-c‑n H-c‑p k‑v-{‑X‑o-b‑p‑w A-i‑p-²‑n-b‑m-b‑n I-W-¡‑m-¡‑m³ ]‑m-S‑n-Ã. X‑p-Ã‑y-X-¡‑p t‑h-ï‑n-b‑p-Å P-\‑m-[‑n-]-X‑y k-a-c§-f‑n BÀ-¯-h-k-a-c-¯‑n-\‑v h-e‑n-b {‑]-k-à‑n-b‑p-ï‑v. Why should desire be forbidden for women? ‘Women should occupy desire’.

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


F-s‑â t‑a‑m-l‑w


S4 BA English

s‑X-f‑n-ª B-I‑m-i-¯‑n-\‑p I‑o-s‑g ]-e hÀ-®-§-f‑m `‑q-a‑n-s‑b N‑p‑w-_‑n-¨ H‑m-t‑c‑m X‑p-Å‑n-b‑p‑w N-S‑p-e-X-t‑b‑m-s‑S h‑o-W‑p-S-b‑p-¶‑p. s‑N-d‑p-I-W-a‑m-b‑v.... \‑n-i‑z‑m-k-a‑m-b‑v.... A-X‑v a‑m-d‑n. h‑n-X‑p-¼-t‑e‑m-s‑S C-a-N‑n-½‑m-s‑X {‑]‑m-W t‑h-Z-\-b‑m ]‑n-S-ª l‑r-Z-b-s‑¯ ]‑n-S‑n-¨‑p \‑nÀ-¯‑m³ H-c‑p-]‑m-S‑v {‑i-a‑n-¨‑p R‑m³.... H‑m-t‑c‑m \‑n-a‑n-j-h‑p‑w...

I‑ ]-S k‑v-t‑\-l‑w A-½-X³ s‑\-©‑n-s‑e k‑v-t‑\-l-h‑m-b‑v-]‑n k‑p-c-£‑n-X-X‑z-¯‑n X-t‑e‑m-S-t‑e-ä‑v k‑p-J-a‑m-b \‑n-{‑Z-b‑ne‑m-ï‑p t‑]‑m-b‑v R‑m³ F-t‑¸‑m-t‑g‑m Z‑p:k‑z-]‑v-\-¯‑n-s‑e-t‑¶‑m-W‑w s‑R-«‑n-b‑p-WÀ-s‑¶‑m-s‑c³ t‑a-\‑n A-½-X³ s‑s‑I-I-f‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w _-e‑n-j‑vT I-c-§-f‑n-e-aÀ-¶‑n-c‑p-¶‑p

im-\n tdmj³ S4 BBA



Magazine 2014-15

t‑]-S‑n-¨-c-ï-s‑b³ I¬-I-f‑n t‑\‑m-¡‑n ]‑p-©‑n-c‑n X‑q-I‑n-s‑b-¶-½-s‑N‑m-Ã‑n KÀ-`-]‑m-{‑X-¯‑n³ h‑m-S-I-b‑m-b‑v A-½-b‑v-¡‑p I‑n-«‑n-b-X‑m-W‑o t‑\‑m-«‑p-s‑I-«‑v B-a‑m-{‑X-s‑X‑m-«‑p R‑m-t‑\‑mÀ-¯‑p t‑]‑m-b‑n C‑u _-e‑n-j‑vT I-c-§Ä A-½ X³ I-c-§-t‑f-¡‑mÄ F-{‑X t‑`-Z‑w.

It’s time for a

REAL change Keep calm and

vote wisely

kwdq-Zv tkm\p S4 Bcom Finance


he smooth functioning of a country depends upon the ruling body. The government takes decisions on behalf of the people. Democracy is for the people, by the people and of the people who decides and form the government. It is we, the citizens. It is we who vote for the decision makers of our country. It is we who choose the people who will shape the future of our country. So what will happen if this power goes to the wrong hands? It is not hard to predict the dark future of our country.

The citizens decide their leaders; they choose them and trust them. However who is to blame if the country doesn’t develop? If population, illiteracy and poverty remain consistent and nagging problem of a country? The government? Do you really think so? No, it is the citizens. The voters. It is they who first choose the government. Many citizens don’t realize the importance of voting or are too busy to waste their time in such boring activities. Who is interested in standing in long queues in hot sun to cast a vote? I personally feel that this is rather a vicious circle you don’t vote for the government and the government doesn’t work for you. Seeing this again you lose interest in voting and hence the government doesn’t see your welfare

with much interest. Voting should definitely be made compulsory so that every citizen can participate in the formation of government so that we can hold our heads up high and be proud of the government we have chosen. So that we don’t blame government and other citizens for casting wrong votes. There should be a specific law making voting compulsory for adult citizens. People denying the law should be given strict punishment. A country where the voice of the people is regarded as the voice of God and where citizens have all the opportunities to choose their government will prosper. It is only through governing hands with the government that we can be satisfied and confident at our futures.

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15



S2 BA English

I‑q-¡-e‑v ]-ï‑v a‑o³-I‑m-c‑n a‑m-{‑X t‑N-¨‑o-s‑S H-c‑p I‑q-h-e‑n-\‑v t‑h-ï‑n F-S h-g‑n-b‑n-t‑e-¡‑v s‑N-h‑n I‑qÀ-]‑n-¨‑v h-¨‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. a‑q-¸-¯‑n-b‑m-c‑v a‑p-ï‑qÀ-¸‑p-t‑g-¶‑v ]‑n-S-¡‑v-W a‑o-i-Å s‑X‑m-t‑®-s‑S‑w a‑p-¿‑n-s‑â‑w J-\‑n-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p A-h-c‑p-s‑S \‑o-e _-¡-ä‑v C-¶‑v F‑w 80 s‑â SÀ....s‑\‑m-¸‑w I-d‑p-¯ a‑q-k‑m-¡‑m-s‑â s‑a‑m-b-§‑p-¶ I‑q t‑I-«‑m-t‑e‑m-S‑n-t¡m-W‑w h-b‑v-¯‑m-s‑e I-b‑v-I‑m-«‑n ‑! N‑n-e-t‑¸‑mÄ t‑d‑m-U‑n \‑o-ï‑p t‑]‑m-I‑p-¶ t‑N‑m-c I-eÀ-¶ s‑F-k‑v s‑h-Å‑w



Magazine 2014-15

a‑m-{‑X‑w I‑m-W‑m‑w F-¶‑m-e‑q‑w \‑m-c‑m-t‑W-«-s‑â I‑q-¡-e‑m-W‑v t‑a‑m-s‑\ I‑q-¡-e‑v H-ä I‑q-h‑n-\‑v N‑m-«‑o‑w ]‑m-t‑{‑X‑m B-b‑n h-c‑n-b‑m-I‑p‑w a-c‑n-¨‑n-«‑p‑w B I‑q-¡-e‑v \‑n-¶‑n-s‑Ã-¶‑v s‑k-¡â‑v t‑j‑m-b‑v-¡‑v t‑]‑m-I‑p-¶-hÀ ]-d-b‑m-d‑p-ï‑v I‑q.. \‑m-«‑n-s‑e N-«‑n-b‑m-b N-«‑o‑w N-¸‑m-b N-¸‑p‑w ]-d-¼‑v-¶‑p‑w A-S‑p-¡-t‑f-¶‑p‑w ]-¯‑p-d‑p-t‑¸‑y-s‑â t‑\‑m-«‑p‑w s‑I‑m-ï‑v H‑m-S‑n h-c-W‑v-ï I‑q....b‑v A-h-s‑S \‑n-¡-¸... .\‑m-c‑m-t‑W-«‑m ‑!‑!‑!

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tkm-jy-en-khpw P-\-h‑n-`‑m-K-§Ä X-½‑n-e‑p-f-f k-a-`‑m-h-\-b‑p‑w k‑v-t‑\-l-h‑p‑w k‑u-l‑mÀ-Z-h‑p‑w s‑F-I‑y-Z‑mÀV‑y-h‑p-a‑m-W-X‑n-s‑â s‑]‑m-c‑pÄ. {‑]-k‑n-² X-X‑z-N‑n-´-I-\‑m-b s‑d‑m-s‑s‑a³ t‑d‑m-f-ï‑v- {‑i‑o-\‑m-c‑mb-W-K‑p-c‑p-h‑n-s‑â ZÀ-i-\-§-s‑f h‑n-e-b‑n-c‑p-¯‑n-b-X‑v-, B-ß‑ob-a‑m-b‑n A-h i-¦-c‑m-N‑m-c‑y-c‑p-s‑S ZÀ-i-\-§-f‑p-s‑S G-ä-h‑p‑w A-S‑p-¯‑p-\‑nÂ-¡‑p-¶‑p F-¶‑m-W‑v-. F-¶‑m {‑]-X‑y-b-i‑mk‑v-{‑X-]-c-a‑m-b‑n A-h-s‑b ]-c‑n-t‑i‑m-[‑n-¨‑m K‑p-c‑p-h‑n-s‑â ZÀ-i-\-§Ä [‑mÀ-a‑n-I t‑k‑m-j‑y-e‑n-k-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p F-¶‑mW‑v- s‑I ]‑n A-¸³ (N-c‑n-{‑X-s‑¯ A-K‑m-[-a‑m-¡‑n-b K‑p-c‑p‑) t‑c-J-s‑¸-S‑p-¯‑n-b‑n-«‑p-f-f-X‑v-.

{‑i‑o-\‑m-c‑m-b-W-K‑p-c‑p-h‑n-s‑â ZÀ-i-\§-f‑p-s‑S k‑m-c‑m‑w-i-§-f‑p‑w B-[‑p\‑n-I {‑]-X‑y-b-i‑m-k‑v-{‑X-§-f‑p-s‑S k‑m-c‑m‑w-i-§-f‑p‑w X-½‑n X‑p-e-\‑w s‑N-¿‑p-I-b‑m-s‑W-¦‑n K‑p-c‑p-h‑n-s‑â ZÀ-i-\-§-f‑p-a‑m-b‑n G-ä-h‑p‑w I‑q-S‑pX k‑m-a‑o-]‑y-a‑p-f-f-X‑v- P-\‑m-[‑n-]-X‑y t‑k‑m-j‑y-e‑n-Ì‑v {‑]-X‑y-b-i‑m-k‑v-{‑X-¯‑n\‑m-W‑v-. F-´‑p-s‑I‑m-s‑ï-¶‑mÂ‑, t‑k‑m-j‑y-e‑n-Ì‑v- [‑mÀ-a‑n-I-a‑q-e‑y-§Ä K‑p-c‑p-h‑n-s‑â ZÀ-i-\-§-f‑n k‑p-e-`a‑m-W‑v-. K‑p-c‑p-h‑n-s‑â ZÀ-i-\-§-f‑p-s‑S I‑m-X-e‑m-b L-S-I-§-f‑m-W‑v- k-aX‑z-h‑p‑w k‑z‑m-X-{‑´‑y-h‑p‑w k‑m-t‑l‑mZ-c‑y-h‑p‑w X‑p-e‑y-\‑o-X‑n-b‑p‑w‑, A-h k‑m-£‑m-X‑v-I-c‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑n-\‑v- K‑p-c‑p k‑z‑o-I-c‑n-¨ A-l‑n‑w-k‑m-a‑mÀ-K-h‑p‑w. C-h-b‑p-s‑S ]-c‑y‑m-b-§-f‑m-W‑v- P-\‑m[‑n-]-X‑y t‑k‑m-j‑y-e‑n-Ì‑v- {‑]-X‑y-b i‑m-k‑v-{‑X-¯‑n-s‑e k-a-X‑z-h‑p‑w k‑z‑mX-{‑´‑y-h‑p‑w k‑m-a‑q-l‑n-I-\‑o-X‑n-b‑p‑w s‑F-I‑y-Z‑mÀ-V‑y-h‑p‑w‑, A-h t‑\-S‑p-¶X‑n-\‑p-f-f k-a‑m-[‑m-\-]-c-a‑m-b‑, P-\‑m[‑n-]-X‑y-{‑I-a-¯‑n-e-[‑n-j‑vT‑n-X-a‑m-b ]-c‑n-hÀ-¯-\-a‑mÀ-K-h‑p‑w. {‑i‑o-\‑mc‑m-b-W-K‑p-c‑p h‑n-`‑m-h-\ s‑N-b‑v-X a‑m-X‑r-I‑m-k-a‑q-l-t‑¯‑m-S‑v- G-ä-h‑pa-[‑n-I‑w k‑m-a‑o-]‑y‑w ]‑p-eÀ-¯‑p-¶X‑m-W‑v- P-\‑m-[‑n-]-X‑y t‑k‑m-j‑y-e‑n-Ì‑v]‑mÀ-«‑n-IÄ k‑z‑o-U³‑, t‑\‑mÀ-s‑h‑, s‑U³-a‑mÀ-¡‑v-, ^‑n³-e³-U‑v- F-¶‑o k‑v-¡‑m³-U‑n-t‑\-h‑n-b³ c‑m-{‑ã-§f‑n c‑q-]‑w \Â-I‑n \-S-¸‑n-e‑m-¡‑nb‑n-«‑p-f-f t‑£-a-c‑m-{‑ã‑w‑, A-Y-h‑m s‑hÂ-s‑^-bÀ t‑Ì-ä‑v-. P-\-h‑n-`‑m-K-§Ä X-½‑n-e‑p-f-f k-a-`‑mh-\-b‑p‑w k‑v-t‑\-l-h‑p‑w k‑u-l‑mÀ-Zh‑p‑w s‑F-I‑y-Z‑mÀV‑y-h‑p-a‑m-W-X‑n-s‑â s‑]‑m-c‑pÄ. {‑]-k‑n-² X-X‑z-N‑n-´-I\‑m-b s‑d‑m-s‑s‑a³ t‑d‑m-f-ï‑v- {‑i‑o-\‑mc‑m-b-W-K‑p-c‑p-h‑n-s‑â ZÀ-i-\-§-s‑f h‑n-e-b‑n-c‑p-¯‑n-b-X‑v-, B-ß‑o-b-a‑m-b‑n A-h i-¦-c‑m-N‑m-c‑y-c‑p-s‑S ZÀ-i\-§-f‑p-s‑S G-ä-h‑p‑w A-S‑p-¯‑p\‑nÂ-¡‑p-¶‑p F-¶‑m-W‑v-. F-¶‑m {‑]-X‑y-b-i‑m-k‑v-{‑X-]-c-a‑m-b‑n A-hs‑b ]-c‑n-t‑i‑m-[‑n-¨‑m K‑p-c‑p-h‑n-s‑â ZÀ-i-\-§Ä [‑mÀ-a‑n-I t‑k‑m-j‑y-e‑nk-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p F-¶‑m-W‑v- s‑I ]‑n A-¸³ (N-c‑n-{‑X-s‑¯ A-K‑m-[-a‑m¡‑n-b K‑p-c‑p‑) t‑c-J-s‑¸-S‑p-¯‑n-b‑n-«‑pf-f-X‑v-. A-t‑±-l‑w {‑i‑o-\‑m-c‑m-b-W-K‑p-c‑ph‑n-s‑\ H-c‑p "[‑mÀ-a‑n-I t‑k‑m-j‑ye‑n-Ì‑v' F-¶‑m-W‑v- h‑n-t‑i-j‑n-¸‑n-¨‑n«‑p-f-f-X‑v-. a-ä‑v- k-\‑y‑m-k‑n-a‑m-c‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w K‑p-c‑p h‑y-X‑y-k‑v-X-\‑m-I‑p-¶X‑v- A-X‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑m-W‑v- F-¶‑m-W‑v-

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


A-t‑±-l-¯‑n-s‑â \‑n-K-a-\‑w. k‑m-a‑q-l‑n-I ]-c‑n-hÀ-¯-\-¯‑n-\‑p-f-f b-X‑v-\-¯‑nÂ‑, A-{‑I-a‑m-k-à-a‑m-b {‑]-t‑£‑m-`-W-§-f‑p‑w l‑n‑w-k‑m-ß-I-a‑m-b k‑m-b‑p-[-k-a-c-a‑p-d-I-f‑p‑w k‑z‑o-I-c‑n-¡‑m-s‑X‑, P-\-§-f‑p-s‑S k-l-I-c-W¯‑n-e‑q-s‑S-b‑p‑w ]-¦‑m-f‑n-¯-¯‑n-e‑q-s‑S-b‑p‑w k-a‑q-l-s‑¯ \-·-b‑n-t‑e-b‑v-¡‑v- \-b‑n-¡‑p-¶ h‑n-¹-h-I-c-a‑m-b a‑m-ä-§-f‑p-ï‑m-h‑p-I F-¶X‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p K‑p-c‑p-h‑n-s‑â e-£‑y-h‑p‑w a‑mÀK-h‑p‑w. a‑m-\-h‑n-I-X \‑n-d-ª‑p-\‑nÂ-¡‑p-¶‑, k-aX‑z-¯‑n-e-[‑n-j‑vT‑n-X-a‑m-b‑, H-c‑p G-I-t‑e‑m-I k‑m-a‑q-l‑n-I h‑y-h-Ø-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p A-t‑±l‑w h‑n-`‑m-h-\ s‑N-b‑v-X-X‑v-. A-X‑v- H-c‑p B-ß‑o-b-h‑n-¹-h-¯‑n-e‑q-s‑S t‑\-S‑p-¶ ]-c‑n-hÀ¯-\-a‑m-W‑v-. A-X‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑m-W‑v- ]‑p-X‑n-b k‑m-a‑q-l‑n-I h‑y-h-Ø k‑r-ã‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑n-\‑p-f-f K‑p-c‑p-h‑n-s‑â b-X‑v-\-§-f‑n t‑k‑m-j‑y-e‑n-k¯‑n-s‑â [‑mÀ-a‑n-I-þ-a‑m-\‑p-j‑n-I X-X‑z-§-f‑pï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p F-¶‑v- s‑I ]‑n A-¸³ A-`‑n{‑]‑m-b-s‑¸-«-X‑v-. k-a‑q-l-¯‑n F-Ã‑m-h-c‑p‑w X‑p-e‑y-c‑m-s‑W-¶ a‑m-\-h‑n-I-k-t‑µ-i-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p K‑p-c‑p-h‑n-t‑âX‑v-. H-c‑p P‑m-X‑n H-c‑p a-X‑w H-c‑p s‑s‑Z-h‑w a-\‑p-j‑y-\‑v- F-¶ a‑m-\-h‑n-I‑m-i-b-¯‑n C‑u [‑mÀ-a‑n-I-Ø‑n-X‑n-k-a-X‑z‑w h‑y-à-a‑mW‑v-. I‑q-S‑m-s‑X k‑m-[‑m-c-W P-\-§-f‑p-s‑S P‑o-h‑n-X-\‑n-e-h‑m-c‑w s‑a-¨-s‑¸-S‑p-¯‑p-¶-X‑n K‑p-c‑p _-²-{‑i-²‑m-e‑p-h‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. N‑qj-W h‑n-a‑p-à-c‑m-b‑, k‑z-´‑w A-[‑z‑m-\‑ws‑I‑m-ï‑v- P‑o-h‑n-¡‑p-¶ X‑p-e‑y-c‑m-b a-\‑p-j‑yÀ‑, k-a‑q-l-¯‑n-s‑e kÀ-h-c‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w t‑£-a‑w‑,



Magazine 2014-15

C-h-s‑b-Ã‑m‑w {‑i‑o-\‑m-c‑m-b-W K‑p-c‑p-h‑n-s‑â N‑n-´-I-f‑n a‑p-J‑y-Ø‑m-\‑w ]‑n-S‑n-¨‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. F-¶‑mÂ‑, k-a‑q-l-¯‑n-s‑e A-k-a-X‑z-s‑¯b‑p‑w A-\‑o-X‑n-t‑b-b‑p‑w A-t‑±-l‑w t‑\-c‑n-«-X‑v-, c‑m-{‑ã‑o-b-a‑m-b-Ã‑m-s‑X‑, B-ß‑o-b-a‑m-b‑n-«‑m-b‑nc‑p-¶‑p. A-X‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p A-t‑±-l-¯‑n-s‑â B-ß‑o-b t‑k‑m-j‑y-e‑n-k‑w. A-X‑v- a‑m-\-h‑o-b-X-b‑v-¡‑v- i-à‑n ]-I-c‑p-¶X‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. k-a‑q-l-s‑¯ h‑n-`-P‑n-¡‑m-¯‑, P-\-§-s‑f G-t‑I‑m-]‑n-¸‑n-¡‑p-¶ a‑m-\-h‑o-bX-b‑n N‑m-e‑n-¨ H-c‑p ZÀ-i-\-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p A-X‑v-. A-X‑v- `-b-þ-`‑o-j-W‑n-I-f‑n N‑m-e‑n-¨ a‑m-t‑h‑m-b‑n-k-t‑a‑m‑, A-h-b‑p-s‑S C-¶-s‑¯ h-I-t‑`-Z-§-t‑f‑m B-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑n-Ã. k‑w-L-S‑n-¨‑v- i-à-c‑m-I‑p-¶-X‑n-\‑v- K‑p-c‑p P-\§-s‑f B-l‑z‑m-\‑w s‑N-b‑v-X-X‑v- A-h-c‑p-s‑S s‑F-I‑y-Z‑mÀ-V‑y‑w i-à‑n-s‑¸-S‑p-¯‑m-\‑m-W‑v-. A-Ã‑m-s‑X h‑n-`‑m-K‑o-b-X i-à‑n-s‑¸-S‑p-¯‑n I-e-l-¯‑n-\‑p-f-f B-Z‑y-]-S‑n-b‑m-b‑n-«-Ã. I‑q-«‑m-b‑v-a Z‑r-V‑o-I-c‑n-¡‑p-I-b‑m-W‑v- K‑p-c‑p A-X‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑p-t‑±-i‑n-¨-X‑v-. A-t‑±-l-s‑¯ k‑w-_-Ô‑n-¨‑n-S-t‑¯‑m-f‑w k‑w-L-S-\ D-ï‑m-¡‑p-I F-¶-X‑v- s‑F-I‑yZ‑mÀ-V‑y-\‑nÀ-a‑m-W-¯‑n-s‑â B-Z‑y-s‑¯ ]-S‑n-b‑m-W‑v-. B-c‑p‑w H-ä-b‑v-¡-à F-¶ k-t‑µ-i-a‑m-W‑v- A-X‑v- \Â-I‑p-¶-X‑v-. s‑F-I‑yZ‑mÀ-V‑y-¯‑n-e‑q-¶‑n-b‑, k-a‑m-[‑m-\-]-c-a‑m-b a‑mÀ-K-¯‑n-e‑q-s‑S-b‑p-Å H-c‑p t‑{‑i-j‑vT-a‑m-b {‑]-i‑v-\ ]-c‑n-l‑m-c-c‑o-X‑n-b‑m-W‑v- K‑p-c‑p A-X‑ps‑I‑m-ï‑v- h‑n-`‑m-h-\w s‑N-b‑v-X-X‑v-.

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e all believe in angels. Mostly because I’m a girl, I grew up reading fairytales which mostly had angels or fairies in them. Angels used to appear when someone is under some stress or was in trouble. They used to solve people’s problems and cheer them up. Most boys never liked fairytales or angels. They never believed in fairies, angels or happy endings. But every girl believes in fairies and angels. Do you know why?

Because we believe angels to be women. Women with beautiful face, heart and big wings. In the real, women are basically angels. You may not agree this statement. But think about it. No women in your life would like to see you sad or worried. They’ll know the exact way to bring back the smile on your face. They’ll be ready to go to any extend to see that smile back on your face. But we live in a society where being a girl is a curse. No girl ever feel safe in the society, and the fact remains that if you are born as a girl, from the day of your birth, till the day of your death you are not safe! Why? Because

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


have no idea about the conditions that the victim faces. Rape victims are usually excluded from the society. She won’t be able to forget the pain she went through. Girls are taught about how to keep themselves safe. Parents of a girl make sure the girl is not given freedom to go out, make friends, etc. parents are scared someone would hurt their daughter. Why isn’t this crime being stopped? Why is it that it’s only increasing and not decreasing? If the only reason to be told is about the dressing of the girl, then why is that each and every woman in west not raped? A reason why this crime is increasing is because 80% of them don’t react and take necessary action against the rapist/ abuser. They feel it’s a disgrace. Now if the necessary action is taken against the rapist. Well it’s easy for them to come out of the jail without much punishment. Yes, these rapists come back to the society without being punished and without any regret. Only if necessary actions and punishments are imposed only will this be a better place for girls to live.

But we live in a society where being a girl is a curse. No girl ever feel safe in the society, and the fact remains that if you are born as a girl, from the day of your birth, till the day of your death you are not safe! Why? Because there are vultures out there who considers girls as their prey and not as angels. They consider girls as a piece of meat. Statistics show that at least two women are raped every hour. A few years back the main victim of rape used to be teenage girls or women. But now, even a girl of three is no



Magazine 2014-15

there are vultures out there who considers girls as their prey and not as angels. They consider girls as a piece of meat. Statistics show that at least two women are raped every hour. A few years back the main victim of rape used to be teenage girls or women. But now, even a girl of three is not safe. The reason for rape that men put forward is that the girls wear vulgar clothes. Well, who are these men to decide what a girl must wear? It’s their own personal choices. Oh, and their reason makes it look like no girl wearing salwar or saree are raped. What a lame excuse! I wonder what is the reason they put forward when they physically abuse a girl. She doesn’t even know what they are doing, except she feels the pain. Even older women are not safe today. Rapists

Parents usually get tensed thinking about dowry when they come to know they have got a girl. But now they are tensed about the society their child will have to grow in. stop seeing girls as piece of meat. They have a heart. They have feelings. And girls don’t like anyone touching them without their consent. Bolanle John put forward a famous quote which goes like this: “ladies! You are not a sexual object. Your worth is more than that! You were created by God to be a partner to men, not a slave, to provide strength and support to them and not be used and manipulated by them, to submit to them not to become fools in that process. You have your dignity and self-worth. Never sacrifice those!” so remember women are angels. Not sex objects!

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s‑s‑]-X‑r-I‑w s‑I‑m-ï‑p‑w a-t‑\‑m-l‑m-c‑n-X-s‑I‑m-ï‑p-s‑a-Ã‑m‑w s‑s‑Z-h-¯‑n-s‑â k‑z-´‑w \‑m-s‑S-¶-d‑n-b-s‑¸-S‑p-¶ t‑I-c-f¯‑n-\‑v B t‑]-c‑v AÀ-¯-h-¯‑m-¡‑p‑w-h‑n-[‑w A-t‑\-I‑w h‑n-t‑\‑m-Z-k-©‑m-c t‑I-{‑µ-§Ä I‑q-«‑m-b‑p-ï‑v. a-t‑©-i‑zc‑w a‑p-X I-\‑y‑m-I‑p-a‑m-c‑n-h-s‑c-b‑p-Å H‑m-t‑c‑m \‑m-S‑n-\‑p‑w H‑m-t‑c‑m h-g‑n-IÄ-¡‑p‑w ]-d-b‑p-h‑m-\‑p‑w ]-¦‑p-s‑h-¡‑p-h‑m\‑p‑w H-c‑p-]‑m-S‑p-ï‑v. \-a‑p-¡‑m-b‑n {‑]-I‑r-X‑n I-c‑p-X‑n s‑h¨ "]-¨-b‑m-b ]-¨-¸‑n-s‑â‑' b‑m-Y‑mÀ-°‑y-§-f‑n-e‑q-s‑S-b‑p‑w A-Û‑p-X-§-f‑n-e‑q-s‑S-b‑p‑w H-c‑p b‑m-{‑X..‑! {‑i‑o-]-ß-\‑m-`-k‑z‑m-a‑n t‑£-{‑X‑w a-\-Ê‑n-e‑p‑w N‑p-ä‑n-e‑p‑w `-à‑n-b‑p-s‑S I‑p-f‑nÀ-½ \‑n-d-b‑v-¡‑p-¶ ]-ß-\‑m-`k‑z‑m-a‑n t‑£-{‑X‑w. h‑m-kv-X‑p-i‑nÂ-] h‑n-Z‑y-b‑m-e‑p‑w s‑s‑N-X-\‑y-a‑m-e‑p‑w `-à‑nb‑p-s‑S B-g-§-f‑n-t‑e-¡‑v \-b‑n-¡‑p-¶ C-h‑n-S‑w X-e-Ø‑m-\ \-K-c‑n-b‑m-b X‑n-c‑p-h-\-´-]‑p-c-¯‑v \‑n-e-s‑I‑m-Å‑p-¶‑p. a-l‑m-h‑n-j‑v-W‑p-h‑n-s‑â A-\-´-ib-\‑w B-W‑v {‑]-X‑n-j‑vT F-¶-X‑p‑w H-ä-¡‑m a-W‑v-U-]-h‑p-s‑a-Ã‑m‑w t‑{‑i-bÊ‑p-bÀ-¯‑p-¶‑p.

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


{‑]-[‑m-\-a‑m-b‑p‑w h‑n-t‑\‑m-Z-k-©‑mc‑n-IÄ Back Water Tourism ¯‑n-\‑mb‑p‑w‑, Picnic \‑m-b‑p-s‑a-Ã‑m-a‑m-W‑v C-h‑n-s‑S-s‑b-¯‑p-¶-X‑v. ]-£‑n-k-t‑¦X-h‑p‑w‑, t‑_‑m-«‑n-§‑p-s‑a-Ã‑m‑w G-s‑d B-IÀ-j-I‑w.


{‑]-k‑n-²-a‑m-b h‑m-W‑n-P‑y-\-Kc-a‑m-b s‑I‑m-¨‑n ]‑m-e-k‑p-I-f‑m-e‑p‑w‑, a‑y‑q-k‑n-b-§-f‑m-e‑p‑w‑, s‑N-d‑p Z‑z‑o-]‑pI-f‑m-e‑p‑w‑, `-à‑n-t‑I-{‑µ-§-f‑m-e‑p‑w‑, A-a‑y‑q-k‑v-s‑aâ‑v ]‑mÀ-¡‑p-I-f‑m-e‑p‑w‑, ]-£‑n-k‑w-c-£-W t‑I-{‑µ-a‑m-e‑p‑w k-¼-¶-a‑m-W‑v. A-d-_‑n-¡-S-e‑n-s‑â C‑u k‑p-µ-c‑n d‑m-W‑n s‑s‑h-h‑n-[‑ya‑mÀ-¶ N‑p-ä‑p-]‑m-S‑p-I-f‑m G-s‑d {‑i-t‑²-b-a‑m-I‑p-¶‑p.


{‑]-I‑r-X‑n-c-a-W‑o-b-a‑m-b I‑m-g‑vN-IÄ s‑I‑m-ï‑p‑w t‑I‑m-S-a-ª‑ns‑â X-t‑e‑m-SÂ-s‑I‑m-ï‑p‑w \-s‑½ £-W‑n-¡‑p-¶ C-h‑n-S‑w X-S‑m-I-§f‑m-e‑p‑w‑, a-e-\‑n-c-I-f‑m-e‑p‑w‑, A-c‑p-h‑nI-f‑m-e‑p-s‑a-Ã‑m‑w k-a‑r-²-a‑m-W‑v. H-c‑p I‑m-e-¯‑v {‑_‑n-«‑o-j‑v K-h¬-s‑aâ‑ns‑â Summer Resort‑ B-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p C-h‑n-S‑w.

B-X‑n-c-¸‑n-Å‑n s‑h-Å-¨‑m-«‑w


"s‑X-¡‑n-s‑â k‑zÀ-¤‑w' F-¶ h‑n-t‑i-j-W‑w G-s‑d A-\‑p-t‑b‑m-P‑ya‑m-b C-h‑n-S‑w h‑n-t‑Z-i‑n-I-f‑p-s‑S a‑p-J‑y B-IÀ-j-W t‑I-{‑µ-a‑m-W‑v. k‑q-c‑y-\‑mf-§-f‑n BÀ-¯‑p-Ã-k‑n-¡‑p-¶ X‑nc-b‑p‑w‑, a‑p-§‑n-¡‑p-f‑n-¡‑p-¶ a-WÂX-c‑n-I-f‑p‑w H‑m-t‑c‑m k-©‑m-c‑n-b‑n-e‑p‑w t‑i‑m-`-t‑b-d‑n-b k‑q-c‑y-I‑n-c-W-§Ä s‑]‑m-g‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑m-W‑v. \‑n-c-b‑m-b‑n \‑nÂ-¡‑p-¶ s‑X-§‑n³-t‑X‑m-¸‑p-I-f‑p‑w a-t‑\‑m-l-c-a‑m-b A-´-c‑o-£-h‑p-s‑aÃ‑m‑w A-X‑y‑m-IÀ-j-I‑w X-s‑¶.

B-e-¸‑p-g _‑o-¨‑v

"I‑n-g-¡‑n-s‑â s‑h-\‑o-k‑m-b' B-e-¸‑p-g-¡‑v H-c‑p-]‑m-S‑v I-Y-I-f‑pï‑v ]-d-b‑m³. N‑p-ä‑n-e‑p‑w h‑y‑m-]‑n-¨‑p I‑n-S-¡‑p-¶ s‑h-Å-¯‑n-s‑â-b‑p‑w k‑p-µ-c-a‑m-b N‑p-ä‑p-]‑m-S‑n-s‑â-b‑p‑w I‑m-b-t‑e‑m-c-§-f‑p-s‑S-b‑p-s‑a-Ã‑m‑w A-h‑n-k‑v-a-c-W‑o-b-a‑m-b I-Y-IÄ. A-d-_‑n-¡-S-e‑n-\-c‑n-I‑n k-©‑m-c‑nI-s‑f I‑m-¯‑p a-b-§‑p-¶ C-h‑n-S‑w \-s‑Ã‑m-c‑p h‑n-{‑i-a-t‑I-{‑µ‑w I‑q-S‑n-b‑mW‑v.



Magazine 2014-15


t‑h-¼-\‑m-«‑p-I‑m-b-e‑n-s‑â X‑o-c¯‑v I‑m-b-t‑e‑m-f-§-f‑p-s‑S X‑p-S‑n-¸‑p‑w I-c-b‑p-s‑S B-c-h-§-f‑p‑w s‑\-t‑©‑mS‑p t‑NÀ-¯‑v a-b-§‑p-¶ I‑p-a-c-I‑w.

I‑p-X‑n-¨‑p ]‑m-ª‑p h-c‑p-¶ s‑h-Å‑w h‑m-b‑p-h‑n h-c-b‑v-¡‑p-¶ N‑n-{‑X-§Ä-¡‑v {‑]-I‑r-X‑n-b‑p-s‑S {‑]-I‑rX‑n-b‑p-s‑S N‑m-b-¡‑q-«‑p-IÄ \‑n-d‑w ]-I-c‑p-¶ A-h‑n-k‑v-a-c-W‑o-b-a‑m-b I‑m-g‑v-N-I-f‑m-W‑v \-s‑½ C-h‑n-s‑S I‑m-

«-§-f‑p-s‑S X‑m-h-f-h‑p‑w. FÀ-W‑mI‑p-f‑w P‑n-Ã-b‑n-s‑e t‑I‑m-X-a‑w-K-e‑w X‑m-e‑q-¡‑n-e‑m-W‑n-X‑v. s‑]-c‑n-b‑m-d‑n-s‑â X‑o-c-¯‑v 25 I‑n-t‑e‑m-a‑o-äÀ B-b‑n h‑y‑m-]‑n-¨‑v I‑n-S-¡‑p-¶ C‑u Sanctuary b‑n 360 k‑v-]‑o-jokp-I-f‑n-e‑m-b‑n h‑y-X‑y-k‑v-X-b‑n-\‑w ]-£‑n-IÄ I‑m-Ws‑¸-S‑p-¶‑p.


¯‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑v. X‑r-i‑q-c‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w 47 I‑n-t‑e‑m-a‑o-äÀ A-I-s‑e-b‑m-W‑n-h‑nS‑w. t‑I-c-f-¯‑n-s‑e G-ä-h‑p‑w h-e‑n-b s‑h-Å-¨‑m-«‑w F-¶-X‑n-e‑p-]-c‑n-b‑m-b‑n k-µÀ-i-\-¯‑n-\‑v G-ä-h‑p‑w A-\‑pt‑b‑m-P‑y-a‑m-b Ø-e‑w I‑q-S‑n-b‑m-W‑n-X‑v. t‑j‑m-e-b‑mÀ h-\-h‑p‑w‑, N‑m-e-¡‑p-S‑n ]‑p-g-b‑p-s‑a-Ã‑m‑w I‑q-S‑p-X B-IÀj-I-a‑m-¡‑p-¶‑p. l‑nÂ-]‑m-e-k‑v a‑y‑q-k‑n-b‑w t‑I-c-f-¯‑n-s‑â k‑w-k‑v-I‑m-ch‑p‑w‑, s‑s‑N-X-\‑y-h‑p‑w‑, h‑m-k‑v-X‑p-h‑nZ‑y-b‑p‑w X‑p-S-§‑n H-«-t‑\-I‑w k-h‑nt‑i-j-X-I-f‑m k-h‑n-t‑i-j-a‑m-b C-h‑n-S‑w s‑I‑m-¨‑n-b‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w 10 I‑n-t‑e‑m-a‑o-äÀ A-I-s‑e-b‑m-W‑v. t‑Ic-f-¯‑n-s‑â ]-c-¼-c‑m-K-X-a‑m-b h‑m-k‑v-X‑p-h‑n-Z‑y-b‑n ]-W‑n-I-g‑n-¸‑n-¨ 45 s‑I-«‑n-S-§-f‑n-e‑m-b‑m-W‑v C-X‑v \‑n-e\‑nÂ-¡‑p-¶-X‑v. h-f-s‑c h‑n-c-f-a‑m-b B-b‑pÀ-t‑Æ-Z k-k‑y-§Ä C-h‑nS‑p-s‑¯ a-s‑ä‑m-c‑p B-IÀ-j-W-a‑mW‑v. i‑nÂ-]-`‑w-K‑n-b‑p-s‑S N‑m-c‑p-X-b‑p‑w G-s‑d k-h‑n-t‑i-j-a‑m-W‑v.

]-d-¼‑n-¡‑p-f‑w h-\‑y-P‑o-h‑n k-t‑¦X‑w

]‑m-e-¡‑m-S‑n-s‑â-b‑p‑w X-a‑n-g‑v-\‑m-S‑ns‑â-b‑p‑w A-X‑nÀ-¯‑n-b‑n \‑n-es‑I‑m-Å‑p-¶ C-h‑n-S‑w t‑I-c-f-¯‑n-s‑e a‑n-I-¨ Tiger Reserve Centre I‑q-S‑nb‑m-W‑v. h‑y-X‑y-k‑v-X-h‑p‑w A-]‑qÀ-Æh‑p-a‑m-b a‑r-K-§-f‑p‑w‑, ]-£‑n-I-f‑p‑w‑, N‑n-{‑X-i-e-`-§-f‑p‑w k-a‑r-²-a‑m-W‑nh‑n-s‑S. ]-c-¶‑p-I‑n-S-¡‑p-¶ t‑X-¡‑v I‑m-S‑p-I-f‑p‑w‑, N-µ-\-a-c-§-f‑p-s‑a-Ã‑m‑w G-s‑d k-h‑n-t‑i-j‑w X-s‑¶. U‑ma‑p-I-f‑m-e‑p‑w C-h‑n-S‑w k-a‑r-²-a‑m-W‑v.

C-X‑n-s‑\-Ã‑m‑w ]‑p-d-s‑a 2 watch towers D‑w t‑_‑m-«‑n-§‑p‑w {‑S-¡‑n-§‑p-s‑a-Ã‑m‑w S‑q-d‑n-Ì‑p-I-s‑f B-IÀ-j‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. 12 hÀ-j-¯‑n-s‑e‑m-c‑n-¡Â ]‑q-¡‑p-¶ a-t‑\‑m-l-c-a‑m-b \‑n-e-¡‑p-d‑p-ª‑n ]‑q-¡Ä C-h‑n-S‑p-s‑¯ k-h‑n-t‑i-j-Xb‑m-W‑v. {‑]-[‑m-\-a‑m-b‑p‑w S‑q-d‑n-Ì‑p-Is‑f C-h‑n-t‑S-¡‑v B-IÀ-j‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑v C-h‑n-S‑p-s‑¯ A-k‑z‑m-Z-I-I-c-a‑m-b I‑m-e‑m-h-Ø X-s‑¶-b‑m-W‑v.

F-S-¡Â K‑p-l-IÄ

k‑w-k‑v-I‑m-c-¯‑n-s‑â-b‑p‑w {‑]‑m-N‑o-\-X-b‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w k‑v-a-c-W-I-f‑pWÀ-¯‑n \‑nÂ-¡‑p-¶ F-S-¡Â K‑pl-IÄ C-´‑y-b‑n-s‑e {‑]-k‑n-²-a‑m-b H-c‑p S‑q-d‑n-k‑w t‑I-{‑µ-a‑m-W‑n-¶‑v. h-b-\‑m-S‑n-s‑â X-\‑n-a-b‑p‑w I‑q-S‑n-t‑¨c‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ C-h‑n-t‑S-¡‑p-Å B-k‑z‑mZ-I {‑]-h‑m-l‑w Z‑n-\‑w-{‑]-X‑n hÀ-²‑n¡‑p-¶‑p. IÂ-¸-ä-b‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w 25 I‑n-t‑e‑m-a‑o-äÀ a‑m-d‑n-\‑nÂ-¡‑p-¶ C-h‑nS‑w k-µÀ-i-\-¯‑n-\‑v A-\‑p-t‑b‑mP‑y-a‑m-b-X‑v ]‑p-eÀ-s‑¨-b‑m-b‑n-c‑n-¡‑p‑w. F-S-¡Â K‑p-l-¡‑p N‑p-ä‑p-a‑m-b‑n ]-c-¶‑p-I‑n-S-¡‑p-¶ {‑]-I‑r-X‑n-b‑p-s‑S c-l-k‑y-§-f‑n-t‑e-¡‑v F-¯‑n-t‑\‑m-¡‑ph‑m-\‑m-b‑n H-c‑p s‑S-e‑n-k‑v-t‑I‑m-¸‑p‑w \-s‑½ I‑m-¯‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p.

\‑o-e-K‑n-c‑n a-e-\‑n-c-I-f‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w {‑]-I‑r-X‑n-b‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w ]-¨-¸‑n-s‑â-b‑ps‑a-Ã‑m‑w \-\‑p-¯ k‑v-]À-i-\-t‑a-ä‑ph‑m-§‑n a-b-§‑p-¶ s‑s‑k-eâ‑v h‑m-e‑n C-´‑y-b‑n-s‑e {‑]-k‑n-²-a‑m-b \‑m-jW ]‑mÀ-¡‑n-\‑p ]‑p-d-s‑a {‑i-t‑²b-a‑m-b a-g-¡‑m-S‑p-I‑q-S‑n-b‑m-W‑n-X‑v. ]‑m-e-¡‑m-S‑v P‑n-Ã-b‑n t‑I‑m-b-¼¯‑q-c‑n-\-S‑p-¯‑m-b‑n Ø‑n-X‑n s‑N-¿‑p¶‑p. h‑w-i-\‑m-i `‑o-j-W‑n t‑\-c‑n-«‑ps‑I‑m-ï‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶ k‑n‑w-l-h‑m-e³ I‑p-c-§‑p‑w‑, a-e-b-®‑m³‑, I-S‑p-h‑, Barking deers‑ X‑p-S-§‑n a-ä-t‑\-I‑w h‑nc-f-a‑m-b P‑o-h‑n-I-f‑p‑w C-h‑n-s‑S-b‑p-ï‑v. t‑e‑m-I-¯‑n-s‑e k‑z-]‑v-\-X‑p-e‑ya‑m-b... k‑zÀ-¤-X‑p-e‑y-a‑m-b Ø-e-§f‑n-s‑e‑m-¶‑m-W‑v t‑I-c-f‑w. k-¼‑p-j‑v-Sa‑m-b {‑]-I‑r-X‑n-b‑m-e‑p‑w k-a‑r-²-a‑m-b P‑o-h-P‑m-e-§-f‑m-e‑p‑w k-h‑n-t‑ij-a‑m-b I-e‑m-k‑m‑w-k‑v-I‑m-c‑n-I s‑s‑]-X‑r-I-¯‑m-e‑p‑w k‑p-e-`-a‑m-b I‑m-e‑m-h-Ø-b‑m-e‑p‑w A-\‑p-{‑K-l‑oX-a‑m-b t‑I-c-f‑w k-©‑m-c‑n-I-f‑p-s‑S H-g‑n-¨‑p-I‑q-S‑m-\‑m-I‑m-¯ H-c‑n-S-a‑m-b‑n a‑m-d‑n-b‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. \-·-b‑p-s‑S i‑mi‑z-X a‑m-X‑r-I I‑m-«‑n-b a‑m-a-c-a‑m-W‑v t‑I-c-f‑w. t‑I-c-f-¯‑n-s‑â X-\‑n-ab‑p‑w s‑s‑N-X-\‑y-h‑p‑w s‑F-i‑z-c‑y-h‑p‑w X-s‑¶-b‑m-W‑v C-X‑n-s‑\ {‑i-t‑²-b-a‑m¡‑p-¶-X‑p‑w. "s‑s‑Z-h-¯‑n-s‑â k‑z-´‑w \‑m-S‑v 'F-¶ t‑]-c‑p-t‑]‑m-s‑e-X-s‑¶ A-\‑p-{‑K-l‑o-X-a‑m-b t‑I-c-f-s‑¯ I‑m-¯‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑v S‑q-d‑n-k‑w h-fÀ¨-b‑p-s‑S X‑n-f-§‑p-¶ a‑p-l‑qÀ-¯-§f‑m-W‑v.

X-t‑«-¡‑m-S‑v h-\‑y-P‑o-h‑n k-t‑¦-X‑w

t‑U‑m: k-e‑n‑w k-e‑n Bird SanctuF-¶ t‑]-c‑n-e‑p‑w A-d‑n-b-s‑¸-S‑p¶‑p. C-´‑y-b‑n-s‑e s‑s‑h-h‑n-[‑y-a‑m-b ]-£‑n-IÄ I‑m-W-s‑¸-S‑p-¶ Ø-e§-f‑n H-¶‑m-W‑n-h‑n-S‑w. N‑p-ä‑n-e‑p‑w ]-c-¶‑p-I‑n-S-¡‑p-¶ I‑m-S‑p‑w‑, t‑X-¡‑pI‑q-«-h‑p-s‑a-Ã‑m-a‑m-W‑v C‑u ]-£‑n-¡‑q


GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


jn_n³ ap-l½Zv S4 Bcom CA

s‑kÂ-^‑n F-X‑n-s‑c h-¶ h‑m-l-\‑w X-«‑n-s‑X-d‑n-]‑n¨‑v s‑a‑m-s‑s‑_ I‑y‑m-a-d-IÄ-¡‑v a‑p-¼‑n t‑N‑m-c h‑mÀ-¶‑v a-c‑n-¡‑m³ I‑n-S-¡‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ C-c‑p-s‑s‑I-I-f‑p‑w A-ä‑p-t‑]‑m-b-X‑n-\‑m s‑kÂ-^‑n F-S‑p-¡‑m³ I-g‑n-b‑p-¶‑n-Ã-t‑Ã‑m F-¶ t‑h-Z-\-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p F-\‑n-¡-t‑¸‑mÄ.


^Àkm-\.sI S2 Sociology



Magazine 2014-15

I‑m-e-N-{‑I‑w I-d-§‑n-s‑I‑m-ï‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. I-e‑n-b‑p-K-¯‑n I‑m-e‑w s‑N-¿‑p-¶ \‑m‑w. A-`‑n-\-b‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p \‑m‑w B-X‑v-a a‑n-{‑X-t‑¯‑m-S‑p t‑]‑m-e‑p‑w A-h-t‑l-f‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p \‑m‑w B-ß‑m-h‑n-s‑\ t‑]‑m-e‑p‑w. \‑o-X‑n-s‑b I‑m-ä‑n ]-d-¯‑n \‑y‑m-b-s‑¯ s‑h-Ã‑p-h‑n-f‑n-¨‑v \‑m-«‑p-{‑]-a‑m-W‑n-a‑mÀ \-S-¡‑p-¶ \‑m-e‑p-I‑m-e‑n ‑! ]T‑n-¡‑p-¶ \‑m‑w {‑]-I‑r-X‑n ]‑mT-§Ä ]‑m-]‑w s‑N-¿‑p-¶‑p \‑m‑w {‑]-I‑r-X‑n-t‑b‑m-S‑p X-s‑¶ ‑!

]-I‑z-X-s‑b-¯‑o-S‑m-¯ ]‑n-©‑p I‑p-ª‑p-§-s‑f‑, ]‑m-]‑w s‑N-¿‑p-¶‑p s‑]-j-h‑m-d‑n-s‑e h‑w-i-PÀ B-{‑K-l-§-s‑f‑m-S‑p-§‑m-¯ A-k‑p-c-h‑n-¯‑p-¡-f‑m‑w \‑m‑w B-i-IÄ X‑oÀ-¡‑p-h‑m³ A-{‑I-a‑w I‑m-«‑n-S‑p‑w a‑m-\‑p-j‑m.....‑! P-\-\‑w X-s‑¶ H-c‑p A-`‑n-\-b‑w P‑o-h‑n-X‑w H-c‑p \‑m-S-I-h‑p‑w P‑o-h‑n-¨‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶ \‑m‑w P‑o-h-O-h-§Ä a‑m-{‑X‑w I‑m-W‑p-¶-h-\‑p‑w t‑IÄ-¡‑p-¶-h-\‑p‑w I‑m-¯‑p-s‑I‑m-Å-s‑« \-s‑½‑, ]‑m-]‑n-I-f‑m‑w \-½‑p-s‑S ]‑m-]-h‑p‑w s‑]‑m-d‑p-¡-s‑« ‑!

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15



38 38


Magazine 2014-15

s‑]‑m-«‑n h‑o-W

I‑p-¸‑n-h-f jw\

S2 BA English

F-\‑n-¡‑v C-¶‑p‑w ]‑qÀ-W-a‑m-b‑n h‑ni‑z‑m-k‑n-¡‑m³ I-g‑n-ª‑n-«‑n-Ã. \‑m-s‑f F-s‑â k‑z-]‑v-\-§Ä-¡‑v h‑n-c‑m-a-a‑mh‑p-I-b‑m-W‑v. F-¶‑p‑w k‑v-t‑\-l‑w a‑m{‑X‑w X-¶‑n-«‑p-Å A-Ñ-s‑\ F-§-s‑\ t‑h-Z-\‑n-¸‑n-¡‑p‑w‑, ]-s‑£ c-L‑p-h‑n-Ã‑ms‑X....... D-S‑p-¯‑n-«‑p‑w D-S‑p-¯‑n-«‑p‑w s‑R‑m-d‑ns‑b‑m-¡‑m-¯ k‑m-c‑n a‑m-d‑n-I‑p-¯‑n R‑m³ \‑m-e-c-¡‑p-Å _-Ê‑n-t‑e-¡‑v H‑m-S‑n. _-Ê‑n I-b-d‑n-b-t‑¸‑mÄ s‑]‑m-«‑n h‑o-W I‑p-¸‑n-h-f-IÄ F-s‑¶ H-c‑p-]‑m-S‑v H‑mÀ-½‑n-]‑n-¨‑p. t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑ns‑â C-S-\‑m-g‑n-b‑n s‑h-¨‑v F-\‑n-¡‑v c-L‑p k-½‑m-\‑n-¨-X‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p B I‑p-¸‑n-h-f-I-f-IÄ. F-¶‑m C-¶‑v A-X‑v.... t‑]‑m-k‑v-ä‑v H‑m-^‑o-k‑n-\‑v a‑p-¶‑nÂ

_-k‑v \‑nÀ-¯‑n. BÂ-N‑p-h-«‑n c-L‑p C-c‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. c-L‑p-h‑n ]-X‑n-h‑m-b‑n I‑m-W‑md‑p-Å B N‑n-c‑n C-¶‑n-Ã. c-L‑p F-Ã‑m‑w A-d‑n-ª‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. ]-s‑£ H-c‑p h‑m-¡‑p-t‑]‑m-e‑p‑w A-h³ ]-d-ª‑n-Ã. h‑n-c-l h‑m-N-Is‑a-t‑¶‑m‑, I-Ã‑y‑m-W £-W-s‑a-t‑¶‑m A-d‑n-b‑m-¯ H-c‑p-]‑n-S‑n h‑m-¡‑p-IÄ A-h-\‑p-t‑\-s‑c \‑o-«‑n R‑m³ X‑n-c‑nt‑ª‑m-S‑n. h‑n-t‑Z-i-¯‑v t‑P‑m-e‑n-b‑p-Å k‑p-t‑cj‑n-\‑p t‑\-s‑c I-g‑p-¯‑p \‑o-«‑n-bt‑¸‑mÄ c-L‑p-h‑n-s‑â a‑p-J-a‑m-b‑n-c‑n¶‑p a-\-Ê‑nÂ. A-¶‑p s‑]‑m-«‑n-h‑o-W I‑p-¸‑n-h-f-IÄ-¡‑v ]-I-c‑w C-¶‑v F-d‑n-ª‑m-e‑p‑w s‑]‑m-«‑m-¯ k‑zÀ-®h-f-IÄ.....‑!‑!‑!

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


DEPARTURES As a bud you fell on my heart, at the first sight then you Bloomed in me. and made a garden in my life. As a twittering bird you flew in it Even when you left from me.

Haritha . K S4 BCom (CA)

Life without aim is like a ship without rudder T

he careless sweet childhood creeps on and stealthily leads to adolescence. Abruptly the youth is at the threshold of myriads of horizons. Everything changes in the wink of an eye. What to do? Where to go? Man lives in a society and he has obligations for his own self, for the family, for the nation and towards the whole world. These responsibilities can be



Magazine 2014-15

carried out with self-realization, commitment, determination and perseverance. We have to realize our potentials and our aptitude to set the goals and then strive by all means to achieve them. All great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther king and Mother Teresa had clear objectives and aims in their lives. They put in relentless efforts to achieve their

Hanan Ali S2 BA English goals without clear vision of life, man definitely losses direction and are lost in the wilderness. He does not know his destination and goes on wasting all the opportunities and potentials. Ultimately he fails to fulfill the very purpose of his life. Thus, it is imperative that every one of us should have the arm of life, crystal clear lest we get lost into the oblivion.

‫رحلة تاريخية عبر حياة عبد الكالم‬ ‫أبوبكر زين العابدين عبد الكالم‬ ‫المشهور باسم عبد الكالم ويعرف‬ ‫في البالد األجنبية إختصا كان أبرز‬ ‫العلماء في مجال الهندسة والعلم‬ ‫ويس ّمى رجل الصاروخ ‬ ‫ولد عبد‬ ‫الكالم في ‪ 51‬أكتوبر عام ‪ 1931‬في‬ ‫بلدة راميشرام التي تقع بوالية تميل‬ ‫نادو بجنوب الهند ونِشأ في حضانة‬ ‫والديه وكان أبوه زين العابدين يملك‬ ‫قاربا يكسب عيشه منه وأمه آشيما‬ ‫ربة البيت‪ .‬ساعد أسرته على مواجهة‬ ‫تكاليف الشاقة في صغره وبعد‬ ‫إتمام دراسته اإلبتدائية عمل موزعا‬ ‫للصحف وفي سنوات الدراسة وصفه‬ ‫مدرسوه وزمالؤه بأنه كان صاحب‬ ‫ذكاء وجدية في التعلم وخاصة في‬ ‫الرياضيات وبعد تخرّجه رامنادبرم‬ ‫الثانوية إلتحق بكلية القديس يوسف‬ ‫ومنها أكمل دراسته في الفيزياء‬ ‫بجامعة مدراس وفي ‪ 1955‬تخصص‬ ‫في دراسة هندسة علوم الفضاء‬ ‫‪41‬‬

‫‪.‬وفي عام ‪ 1969‬انتقل عبد الكالم‬ ‫إلى منظمة بحوث الفضائية الهندية‬ ‫المعروف باسم أيسرو (‪.)ISRO‬‬ ‫ولّـــى عــبــد الــكــام منصب رئيس‬ ‫الجمهورية الهندية(‪-ent of India‬‬ ‫‪ )Presid‬وأصــبــح بــذلــك الرئيس‬ ‫الحادي عشر للهند‪ .‬فاز في اإلنتخابات‬ ‫الرئاسية في عام ‪ 2002‬بعد انتهيت‬ ‫فطرة واليته الرئاسية في عام ‪2007‬‬ ‫عمل عبد الكالم أستاذا وأستاذا زائرا‬ ‫ومستشار في العديد من مراكز البحوث‬ ‫العلمية ومنها‪:‬‬ ‫ أستاذ زائــر في المعهد الهندي‬ ‫لــإدارة في مدينة شيلونغ عاصمة‬ ‫والية ميكاليا‪.‬‬ ‫ أستاذ زائــر في المعهد الهندي‬ ‫لــإدارة في مدينة أحمدآباد بوالية‬ ‫كجرات وغير ذلك ‪...‬‬ ‫ ومما حظّينا أنّــا قبّلنا عديدا من‬ ‫مؤلّفاته في شتّى الفنون ومن أه ّمها‪:‬‬ ‫ التطوّرات في ميكانيكا السوائل‬

‫‪GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15‬‬

‫‪Mr. Usman.KM‬‬ ‫‪Asst.Prof. Dpt. Arabic‬‬

‫وتقنيةالفضاء‬ ‫ الهند عام (‪2020-)2020India‬‬ ‫رؤية لأللفية الجديدة‪.‬‬ ‫ أجنحة النار (‪-)Wings of Fire‬‬ ‫سيرة ذاتية وغير ذلك‪...‬‬ ‫حصل عبد الكالم على أرفع درجات‬ ‫الشرف في الهند مــرارا‪ .‬ومــن أهم‬ ‫األوسم والجوائز ‪:‬‬ ‫ وسام بدمابوشن(‪m�a Bhushan‬‬ ‫‪ )Pad‬من الحكومة الهندية‬ ‫ وســام بدما فيبوشن (‪bhushan‬‬ ‫‪)Padma‬من الحكومة الهندية‬ ‫ جــائــزة بــهــارت رتــنــا(‪Rathna‬‬ ‫‪ )Bharath‬مــن الحكومة الهندية‬ ‫‪ 1997‬وغير ذلك ‪..‬‬ ‫انتقل رجل الصاروخ إلى جوار رحمة‬ ‫ربه خالل خطبته في منتدي عقد في‬ ‫شيلونغ ميكاليا الهند في ‪ 27‬يوليو‬ ‫‪ 2015‬ميالدية‪.‬‬


Asst. Prof. Dpt. of Multimedia

R‑m³ \‑m-e‑m‑w ¢‑m-k‑n ] T‑n-¡‑p-¶ I‑m-e‑w... IÀ-¡-S-I-¯‑ns‑e t‑I‑m-c‑n-s‑¨‑m-c‑n-b‑p-¶ a-g-b‑n {‑]-I‑r-X‑n-b‑m-s‑I h‑n-§‑n-s‑¸‑m-«‑n \‑nÂ-¡‑p-¶‑p... D-¸‑m-b‑p-s‑S s‑s‑I-h‑nc-e‑p-IÄ-¡‑n-S-b‑n s‑s‑I-t‑I‑mÀ-¯‑v ]‑n-S‑n-¨‑v k‑v-I‑q-f‑n-t‑e-¡‑v \-S-¡‑pt‑¼‑mÄ k‑p-t‑e‑m-N-\ S‑o-¨-d‑p-s‑S I-W-¡‑v ]-c‑o-£-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p a-\-Ê‑nÂ. S‑o-¨-s‑d-¡‑p-d‑n-¨‑m-t‑e‑m-N‑n¡‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ C-¶‑p‑w F-s‑â I‑mÂa‑p-«‑p-IÄ I‑q-«‑n-b‑n-S‑n-b‑v-¡‑m-d‑p-ï‑v. A-{‑X-b‑v-¡‑v t‑]-S‑n-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p S‑o¨-s‑d. D-¸-b‑p-s‑S I‑m-e³-I‑p-S-b‑p-s‑S I‑o-g‑n t‑I‑m-c‑n-s‑¨‑m-c‑n-b‑p-¶ a-g h-I-s‑h-b‑v-¡‑m-s‑X R‑m³ k‑v-I‑q-f‑nt‑e-¡‑v \-S-¶‑p. k‑v-I‑q-f‑n-t‑e-b‑v-¡-S‑p¡‑p-t‑´‑m-d‑p‑w F-s‑â s‑\-©‑n-S‑n-¸‑v I‑q-S‑n-¡‑q-S‑n h-c‑p-¶-X‑v R‑m-\-d‑nª‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. ]‑m-X‑n-a‑p-¡‑m-e‑p‑w \-\-ª h-k‑v-{‑X-§-f‑p-a‑m-b‑n ¢‑m-k‑n-t‑e¡‑v I-b-d‑n-s‑¨-¶ F-s‑¶ B-c‑p‑w {‑i-²‑n-¨-t‑X-b‑n-Ã. F-Ã‑m-h-c‑p‑w



Magazine 2014-15

^-Ì‑v ]‑n-c‑o-U‑v \-S-¡‑m-\‑p-Å I-W-¡‑v ]-c‑o-£-b‑v-¡‑p-Å X-¿‑m-s‑d-S‑p-¸‑n-e‑mW‑v. k‑v-I‑qÄ X‑p-d-¶-t‑¸‑mÄ D-¸ h‑m-§‑n-¯-¶ 2 c‑q-] h‑n-e-b‑p-Å F-s‑â "{‑_‑mâ-U‑v' ¹‑m-Ì‑n-I‑v I-h-d‑n-\‑p-Å‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w R‑m-\‑p‑w F-s‑â ]‑p-k‑v-X-I‑w ]‑p-d-s‑¯-S‑p-¯‑p. X-e-a‑p-d-I-f‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w X-e-a‑p-d-I-f‑n-t‑e-b‑v-¡‑v ]-IÀ-¶‑pI‑n-«‑n-b A-a‑q-e‑y \‑n-[‑n-b‑m-W-X‑v. h‑o-«‑n-s‑e a-s‑®-® h‑n-f-¡‑n-s‑â I-c‑n ]‑n-S‑n¨‑v A-X‑n-s‑e A-£-c-§Ä a‑m-ª‑p-X‑p-S-§‑n-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p... A-X‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v X-s‑¶ A-X‑n-s‑e G-S‑p-I-s‑f‑m-¶‑p‑w A-SÀ-¶‑p-t‑]‑m-h‑m-s‑X R‑m³ k-k‑q£‑v-a‑w h‑m-b-\ X‑p-S-§‑n... H-S‑p-h‑n R-§-f‑p-s‑S B-I‑m‑w-£-b‑v-¡‑v h‑n-c‑m-a-a‑n-«‑v k‑p-t‑e‑m-N-\ S‑o-¨À H-c‑p h-e‑n-b N‑q-c h-S‑n-b‑p-a‑m-b‑n ¢‑m-k‑n-t‑e-¡‑v I-b-d‑n-h-¶‑p. S‑o-¨-s‑d I-ï-X‑p‑w F-Ã‑m-h-c‑p‑w N‑m-S‑n-s‑b-W‑o-ä‑p. k‑q-N‑n h‑o-W‑m t‑IÄ-¡‑p-¶ \‑n-i-_‑v-Z-X-b‑m-b‑n A-h‑n-s‑S. F-Ã‑m-h-t‑c‑m-S‑p‑w S‑o-¨À C-c‑n-¡‑m³ ]-d-ª‑p. F-¶‑n-«‑p‑w D-Å‑n-s‑e `-b‑w I‑m-c-W‑w ]-e-c‑p‑w \‑n-¶ \‑nÂ-¸‑v X‑p-SÀ-¶‑p... A-[‑y‑m-]-I³ ¢‑m-k‑n h-¶‑n-«‑p‑w s‑l-U‑v-t‑^‑m-W‑p‑w s‑h-¨‑v s‑a‑m-s‑s‑_-e‑n ]‑m-«‑p‑w-t‑I-«‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶ ]‑p-X‑p-X-e-a‑p-d-s‑b-h‑n-s‑S...? R-§-s‑f-h‑n-s‑S...? t‑N‑m-Z‑y-§Ä t‑_‑mÀ-U‑n-s‑e-g‑p-X‑n-b‑n-«‑v A-X‑v ]-IÀ-¯‑n-s‑b-S‑p-¡‑m³ D-¯-c-h‑n-«‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v S‑o-¨À F-¶-t‑¯-b‑p‑w t‑]‑m-s‑e B h-e‑n-b N‑q-cÂ-hS‑n-b‑p-a‑m-b‑n ¢‑m-k‑n \-S-¡‑m³ X‑p-S-§‑n. I-j‑v-S‑n-¨‑v \‑m-e‑p-t‑]À-¡‑v a‑m-{‑X‑w C-c‑n-¡‑m-h‑p-¶ s‑_-©‑n R-§Ä G-g‑p-t‑]À X‑n-§‑n s‑R-c‑p-§‑n-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. kÀ-¡‑mÀ k‑v-I‑q-f-t‑Ã... H-c‑p s‑Uk‑v-¡‑v t‑]‑m-e‑p-a‑n-Ã‑m-s‑X t‑\‑m-«‑p-_‑p-¡‑v a-S‑n-b‑n s‑h-¨‑v R-§Ä t‑N‑m-Z‑y§Ä ]-IÀ-¯‑n-s‑b-S‑p-¯‑p. ]-c‑o-£ X‑p-S-§‑n G-I-t‑Z-i‑w ]-I‑p-X‑n-b‑m-b-t‑¸‑mÄ F-s‑â t‑]-\-b‑n-s‑e a-j‑n X‑oÀ-¶‑p. C-¶-s‑¯-t‑¸‑m-s‑e I-¿‑n a‑q-¶‑p‑w \‑m-e‑p‑w t‑]-\-b‑p-a‑m-b‑n

¢‑m-k‑n t‑]‑m-I‑p-¶ I‑m-e-s‑a‑m¶‑p-a-à A-X‑v. a‑n-¡-h-c‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w I-¿‑n H-c‑p t‑]-\ a‑m-{‑X-s‑a I‑mW‑q. N‑n-e-c‑p-s‑S I-¿‑n s‑h-d‑p‑w d‑o-^‑n-ÃÀ a‑m-{‑X-a‑m-h‑p‑w D-ï‑m-h‑p-I. G-X‑m-b‑m-e‑p‑w C-¶-s‑¯ ]-c‑o-£b‑n t‑X‑mÂ-¡‑p-s‑a-¶‑v R‑m³ D-d¸‑n-¨‑p-I-g‑n-ª‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. k‑p-t‑e‑m-N-\ S‑o-¨-d‑n-s‑â I-¿‑n-s‑e N‑q-c-e‑n-s‑â N‑q-t‑S‑mÀ-¯-t‑¸‑mÄ A-d‑n-b‑m-s‑X F-s‑â I-®‑v \‑n-d-ª‑p-t‑]‑m-b‑n. F-s‑â s‑X‑m-«-S‑p-¯‑n-c‑p-¶ j-a‑oÀ C-s‑X-Ã‑m‑w {‑i-²‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p-s‑h-¶-X‑v R‑m-\-d‑n-ª‑n-c‑p-¶‑n-Ã. k‑z-´‑w t‑]-\ F-s‑â t‑\-s‑c \‑o-«‑ns‑¡‑m-ï-h³ ]-d-ª‑p. ""F-g‑p-s‑XS‑m‑, t‑X‑mÂ-¡‑p-s‑¶-¦‑n \-a‑p-s‑¡‑mc‑p-a‑n-¨‑v t‑X‑mÂ-¡‑m‑w''. C-¶‑m-W‑v A-h-\-X‑v ]-d-ª‑n-c‑p-¶-s‑X-¦‑n H-c‑p ]-s‑£ ]-I-¨‑p-t‑]‑m-I‑p-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p F-s‑â _‑m-e‑y‑w. I‑m-c-W‑w C-X‑v ]-I-¨‑p-t‑]‑m-I-e‑n-s‑â I‑m-e-a‑m-W‑v. k‑v-t‑\-l‑w B-c‑p‑w {‑]-X‑o-£‑n-¡‑p-¶‑nÃ-t‑Ã‑m... A-§-s‑\ H-c‑p t‑]-\-s‑I‑m-ï‑v H-¯‑n-c‑n k‑v-t‑\-l‑w ]-¦‑p-s‑h-¨‑v

R-§Ä ]-c‑o-£-s‑b-g‑p-X‑n X‑oÀ-¡‑pt‑¼‑mÄ I‑r-X‑y‑w A-S‑p-¯ ]‑n-c‑oU‑n-\‑p-Å s‑_-Ã-S‑n-¨‑p. C-s‑X-Ã‑m‑w I-ï‑p-\‑n-¶ S‑o-¨À t‑]-¸À h‑m§‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ ]-d-ª h‑m-¡‑p-IÄ R‑m-\‑n-¶‑p‑w H‑mÀ-¡‑p-¶‑p. ""\‑n-§Ä c-ï‑v t‑]-c‑p‑w P-b‑n-¡‑p‑w‑''. hÀ-j-§Ä ]-e-X‑v -I-g‑n-ª‑p. 2014 G-{‑]‑n 18 \‑v s‑I‑m-S‑p‑w-N‑qS‑p-Å H-c‑p t‑h-\Â-¡‑m-e-¯‑v I‑m-e‑n-¡-ä‑v b‑q-W‑n-t‑h-g‑v-k‑n-ä‑n-b‑ps‑S A-h-k‑m-\ hÀ-j _‑n.-_‑n.-F. ]-c‑o-£ \-S-¶‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. h‑n-[‑n-b‑p-s‑S h‑n-f-b‑m-«‑w s‑I‑m-t‑ï‑m F-t‑´‑m B l‑m-f‑n C³-h‑n-P‑n-t‑eä-d‑m-W‑v R‑m³. H-c‑p s‑_-©‑n 2 t‑]À a‑m-{‑X‑w C-c‑p-¶‑m-W‑v A-hÀ ]-c‑o-£-s‑b-g‑p-X‑p-¶-X‑v. AÂ-]‑w £‑o-W‑w t‑X‑m-¶‑n-b‑m I‑p-S‑n-b‑v-¡‑m\‑p-Å s‑h-Å‑w h-s‑c s‑d-U‑n-b‑m-W‑v d‑q-a‑nÂ. A-t‑¸‑m-g‑m-W‑v ¢‑m-k‑n s‑s‑hI‑n h-¶ H-c‑p h‑n-Z‑y‑mÀ-°‑n Z-b\‑o-b-a‑m-b‑n t‑\‑m-¡‑p-¶-X‑v R‑m³ I-ï-X‑v. X‑n-c-¡‑n-\‑n-S-b‑n A-h³ t‑]-\-s‑b-S‑p-¡‑m³ a-d-¶‑p-t‑]‑m-b‑n-c‑p-

¶‑p. H-c‑p t‑]-\ s‑I‑m-S‑p-¯‑v B I‑p-«‑n-s‑b k-l‑m-b‑n-¡‑m³ R‑m³ F-Ã‑m-h-t‑c‑m-S‑p-a‑m-b‑n ]-d-ª‑p. A-h-s‑â s‑X‑m-«-S‑p-¯‑n-c‑p-¶ H-c‑p s‑]¬-I‑p-«‑n H-¶‑v a‑p-J-a‑pbÀ-¯‑n t‑\‑m-¡‑p-I-t‑]‑m-e‑p‑w s‑N-¿‑m-s‑X F-g‑p-X‑n-s‑¡‑m-ï‑n-c‑nb‑v-¡‑p-I-b‑m-W‑v. I-¿‑n F-I‑v-k‑v{‑S‑m t‑]-\-b‑p-ï‑m-b‑n-«‑p‑w X-s‑â k-l-]‑m-T‑n-s‑b H-¶‑v k-l‑m-b‑nb‑v-¡‑m³ t‑X‑m-¶‑m-X‑n-c‑p-¶ B I‑p-«‑n-t‑b‑m-S‑v F-\‑n-¡‑v t‑Z-j‑y-a-à t‑X‑m-¶‑n-b-X‑v. a-d‑n-¨‑v k-l-X‑m-]a‑m-W‑v. I‑m-c-W‑w F-s‑â I-W-¡‑v ]-c‑o-£-b‑v-¡‑v R‑m³ ]T‑n-¨-X‑v P‑o-h‑n-X-¯‑n-s‑e I-W-¡‑p-IÄ I‑q«‑n-t‑¨À-¯‑v h‑n-P-b‑n-b‑v-¡‑m-\‑m-W‑v. C-h‑n-s‑S-t‑b‑m? ]-X‑n-\‑m-b‑n-c-§Ä h‑n-e-b‑p-Å s‑a‑m-s‑s‑_-e‑n "s‑kÂ-^‑n‑'j‑v F-S‑p-¯‑m-k‑z-Z‑n-b‑v-¡‑p-¶ ]‑p-X‑n-b X-e-a‑p-d-b‑v-¡‑v ]-¯‑p-c‑q-] F-S‑p-¡‑m-\‑n-Ã‑m-¯-X‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v ¢‑m-k‑v-t‑^‑m-t‑«‑m h‑m-§‑m³ ]-ä‑ms‑X i-c‑n-b‑v-¡‑p‑w ]-I-¨‑v-t‑]‑m-b _‑m-e‑y-s‑¯-¡‑p-d‑n-¨‑v ]-d-ª‑m a-\-Ê‑n-e‑m-I‑p-t‑a‑m F-t‑´‑m?

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


C-k‑v-e‑m-a‑n-I‑v _‑m-¦‑n‑w-K‑v; N‑q-j-W‑m-ß-I ]-e‑n-i h‑y-h-Ø-¡‑v {‑I‑n-b‑m-ß-I _-ZÂ

apl½-Zv B-jnJv S4 B.Com Finance

t‑e‑m-I N-c‑‑n{‑X-¯‑n X-s‑¶ A-Xp-Ã‑y-a‑m-b H-c‑p h‑n-P-b-¯‑n-s‑â I-Y-b‑m-W‑n-X‑v. t‑e‑m-I-¯‑n-\‑v X‑n-I¨‑p‑w A-]-c‑n-N‑n-X-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶ H-c‑p k‑m-¼-¯‑n-I C-S-]‑m-S‑v c‑o-X‑n-b‑p‑w‑, \‑n-t‑£-] \‑nÀ-Æ-l-W c‑o-X‑n-b‑p‑w D-Ss‑e-S‑p-¯-X‑v, h-fÀ-¶‑v; N‑p-c‑p-§‑n-b I‑m-e‑w s‑I‑m-ï‑v h³ k‑z‑o-I‑m-c‑y-X t‑\-S‑n-b I-Y "C-k‑v-e‑m-a‑n-I‑v _‑m-¦‑n‑wK‑v‑' I-Y. I‑m \‑q-ä‑m-ï‑n-\-I‑w I‑n-g-¡³ C-´‑y-t‑\-j‑y-b‑p‑w a-t‑e-j‑yb‑p‑w ]-S‑n-ª‑m-d³ A-t‑a-c‑n-¡³ s‑F-I‑y-\‑m-S‑p-IÄ h-s‑c A-X‑n-s‑â k‑z‑m-[‑o-\‑w h‑y‑m-]‑n-¨‑v I-g‑n-ª‑n-c‑n¡‑p-¶‑p. ]-e a‑p-É‑n‑w c‑m-j‑v-{‑S-§-f‑p‑w



Magazine 2014-15

A-X‑v H‑u-t‑Z‑y‑m-K‑n-I-a‑m-b‑n \-S-¸‑m¡‑m³ X‑o-c‑p-a‑m-\‑n-¨‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. 20-þ‑m‑w \‑q-ä‑m-ï‑n-s‑â ]-I‑p-X‑n h-s‑c C-É‑m-a‑n-I‑v _‑m-¦‑n‑w-K‑v F-¶ B-i-b‑w t‑e‑m-I-¯‑n-\‑v A-\‑y-a‑mb‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. 1960 I-f‑n C-É‑m-a‑n-I‑v k‑w-_-Ô-a‑m-b G-X‑m-\‑p‑w C‑u-S‑p-ä ]T-\-§Ä ]‑p-d-¯‑p h-¶‑p. C‑u ] T-\-§-f‑n \‑n-¶‑v h‑y-à-a‑m-b-X‑v a‑p-J‑y-[‑m-c‑m k-¼-Z‑v i‑m-k‑v-{‑X‑w ]-c‑nN-b-s‑¸-S‑p-¯‑p-¶ I‑y‑m-]‑n-ä-e‑n-k‑w‑, t‑k‑m-j‑y-e‑n-k‑w‑, a‑n-I‑v-k-U‑v F-It‑W‑m-a‑n F-¶‑n-h-b‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w X‑nI-¨‑p‑w h‑y-X‑y-k‑v-X-a‑m-b H-c‑p k-¼-Z‑v h‑y-h-Ø k‑m-¼-¯‑n-I h-fÀ-¨-b‑p‑w k‑m-a‑q-l‑n-I c‑o-X‑n-b‑p‑w H-t‑c k-a-b‑w t‑\-S‑n-¯-c‑m³ {‑]‑m-]‑v-X-a‑m-s‑W-¶‑pa‑m-W‑v.

C-k‑v-e‑m-a‑n-I _‑m-¦‑n‑w-K‑v F-´‑v? F-§-s‑\?

k-¼-Z‑v L-S-\-b‑n _‑m-¦‑pIÄ \‑nÀ-Æ-l‑n-¡‑p-¶ {‑]-hÀ-¯‑n-Is‑f k‑w-_-Ô‑n-¨‑n-S-t‑¯‑m-f‑w k‑m-{‑¼Z‑m-b‑n-I _‑m-¦‑p-I-f‑p‑w C-k‑v-e‑m-a‑n-I‑v _‑m-¦‑p-I-f‑p‑w X-½‑n h‑y-X‑y‑m-k-a‑n-Ã. h‑y-à‑n-I-f‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w Ø‑m-]-\§-f‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w k-a‑m-l-c‑n-¡‑p-¶

[-\‑w h‑m-b‑v-]-b‑m-b‑n B-h-i‑y-a‑pÅ-hÀ-¡‑v \Â-I‑p-I F-¶ [À-½a‑m-W‑v _‑m-¦‑p-IÄ I‑m-c‑y-a‑m-b‑n \‑nÀ-Æ-l‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑v. [-\-k-a‑m-lc-W-¯‑n-e‑p‑w k-a‑m-l-c‑n-¡-s‑¸-« [-\‑w h‑m-b‑v-]‑m-h-i‑y‑mÀ-°‑w h‑n-\‑nt‑b‑m-K‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑n-e‑p‑w A-h-e‑w-_‑n¡‑p-¶ a‑mÀ-¤-§-f‑p-s‑S/c‑o-X‑n-I-f‑p-s‑S I‑m-c‑y-¯‑n-e‑m-W‑v C‑u _‑m-¦‑p-IÄ X-½‑n-e‑p-Å A-\-´-c‑w \‑n-e \‑n¡‑p-¶-X‑v. H-ä h‑m-¡‑n ]-d-ª‑m [-\-k-a‑m-l-c-W-h‑p‑w [-\-h‑n-\‑nt‑b‑m-K-h‑p‑w k‑m-{‑¼-Z‑m-b‑n-I _‑m-¦‑pIÄ ]-e‑n-i-b‑p-s‑S A-S‑n-Ø‑m-\¯‑n \-S-¯‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ C-É‑m-a‑n-I‑v _‑m-¦‑n‑w-K‑v C-X‑v c-ï‑p‑w \‑nÀ-Æ-l‑n¡‑p-¶-X‑v e‑m-`-þ-\-j‑v-S ]-¦‑m-f‑n-¯¯‑n-s‑â A-S‑n-Ø‑m-\-¯‑n-e‑m-W‑v. G-X‑v h‑y-h-Ø-b‑n-e‑p‑w ]-W-¯‑n-s‑â ]-¦‑v \‑nÀ-®‑m-b-Ia‑m-W‑v. C-k‑v-e‑m-a‑n-I h‑y-h-Ø-b‑n ]-W‑w a‑q-e‑y-a‑m-]‑n-\‑n-b‑p‑w‑, s‑s‑Ia‑m-t‑ä‑m-]‑m-[‑n-b‑p‑w‑, I-S-¯‑n-\‑p-Å A-f-h‑v t‑I‑m-e‑p-a‑m-W‑v. a‑p-X-e‑m-f‑n-¯ k-¼-Z‑v h‑y-h-Ø-b‑n-t‑e-X‑v t‑]‑m-s‑e h‑nÂ-¡‑p-I-b‑p‑w h‑m-§‑p-I-b‑p‑w s‑N-¿‑p-¶ N-c-¡-Ã. ]-W-a‑n-S-]‑m-S‑v c‑w-K-s‑¯ k-l-I-c-W-¯‑n-\‑v c-ï‑v c‑o-X‑n-IÄ I‑m-W‑m-\‑m-h‑p‑w. H-¶‑ma-t‑¯-X‑v t‑\-c‑n-«‑p-Å \‑n-t‑£-]‑w c-ï‑m-a-t‑¯-X‑v C-S-]‑m-S‑p-I‑m-c-\‑ne‑q-s‑S-b‑p-Å \‑n-t‑£-]-h‑p-a‑m-W‑v. _‑m-¦‑p-IÄ‑, [-\-I‑m-c‑y Ø‑m-]-\§Ä X‑p-S-§-b-h DÂ-]‑m-Z-IÀ-¡‑p‑w \‑n-t‑£-]-IÀ-¡‑p‑w C-S-b‑n I-®‑nb‑m-b‑n {‑]-hÀ-¯‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. F-¶‑m \‑n-t‑£-]‑w G-X‑v c‑o-X‑n-b‑n-e‑p-Å-X‑m-s‑W-¦‑n-e‑p‑w h-c‑p-a‑m-\‑w a‑p³-[‑m-c-W {‑]-I‑m-c‑w \‑n-£‑n-]‑v-X-a‑m-I-c‑p-X‑v F-¶-X‑m-W‑v C-É‑m-a‑n A-S‑n-Ø‑m-\ k-¦Â-]‑w. a‑q-e‑y-¯‑n-\‑v h-c‑p-a‑m-\‑w B-h-i‑ya‑n-à F-¶-Ã‑, \‑n-Ý‑n-X e‑m-`‑w D-d-¸‑p h-c‑p-¯‑p-¶ \‑n-t‑£-]‑w C-É‑m‑w A-\‑p-h-Z‑n-¡‑p-¶-X-Ã. k‑w-c‑w-`-IÀ G-s‑ä-S‑p-¡‑p-¶ "d‑n-k‑v-I‑nÂ' a‑q-e-[-\ D-S-a-b‑pw ]-¦‑m-f‑n-b‑m-h-W‑w. k‑w-c‑w`-IÀ \-j‑v-S-¯‑n-e‑m-b‑m-e‑p‑w a‑q-e-[-\ D-S-abv-¡‑v e‑m-`‑w e-`‑n-¡-W-s‑a-¶-X‑v A-\‑o-X‑n-b‑m-W‑v. e‑m-`‑w {‑]-X‑o-£‑n¡‑p-¶‑p F-¦‑n \-j‑v-S k‑m-[‑y-Xb‑p‑w G-s‑ä-S‑p-¡‑m³ X-¿‑m-d‑m-I-W‑w. s‑N-d‑p-X‑m-b‑m-e‑p‑w‑, h-e‑p-X‑m-b‑m-e‑p‑w‑, D-]-t‑`‑m-K-a‑m-b‑m-e‑p‑w‑, DÂ-¸‑m-Z-\a‑m-b‑m-e‑p‑w‑, h‑y-à‑n-I-f‑m-b‑m-e‑p‑w‑, Ø‑m-]-\-a‑m-b‑m-e‑p‑w‑, kÀ-¡‑m-c‑n-s‑âX‑m-b‑m-e‑p‑w ]-e‑n-i N‑q-j-W-a‑m-W‑v; A-{‑I-a-h‑p-a‑m-W‑v.

I‑m-e-¯‑n-s‑â I‑p-k‑r-X‑n-IÄ apl½Zv^u-an³ S4 BMMC

a‑m-X‑m-]‑n-X‑m-¡-s‑f t‑]‑m-s‑e R-§-s‑f k‑v-t‑\-l‑n-¨ A-²‑y‑m-]-I-c‑p‑w‑, k-t‑l‑m-Zc-§-s‑f-t‑]‑m-s‑e R-§Ä-s‑¡‑m-¸‑w t‑NÀ¶ \‑m-«‑p-I‑m-c‑p‑w‑, h‑y-à-a‑m-b‑n t‑\-X‑rX‑z‑w \Â-I‑m³ k‑v-I‑qÄ a‑m-t‑\-P‑v-s‑aâ‑p‑w R-§Ä-s‑¡‑m-¸‑w D-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. I‑ua‑m-c-{‑]‑m-b-a‑m-b-X‑n-\‑m X-s‑¶ ]-e I‑p-k‑r-X‑n-I-f‑p‑w R-§-f‑n ]-e-c‑n-e‑p‑w D-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. ]-e t‑a‑m-l-§-f‑p‑w a-ª‑pI-«-I-s‑f-t‑]‑m-s‑e A-h‑n-s‑S X-s‑¶ A-e‑nª‑p t‑NÀ-¶‑p. A-]‑qÀ-Æ‑w N‑n-e-X‑v D-c‑p¡‑n-s‑\-t‑]‑m-s‑e Z‑r-V-a‑m-b‑p‑w R‑m³ I-ï‑p. F-¶‑n-s‑e t‑a‑m-l-§Ä R‑m³ s‑s‑Z-h-¯‑n\‑p k-aÀ-¸‑n-¨‑p. R‑m³ s‑s‑Z-h-¯‑n-\‑p a‑p¼‑n ]‑qÀ-®-a‑m-b‑p‑w I‑o-g-S-§‑n. C‑u h‑m-¡‑p-IÄ \‑n-§Ä-¡‑p a‑p-¼‑n A-h-X-c‑n-¸‑n-¡‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ R‑m³ I-c-b‑p-I-b‑m-W‑v. H-c‑n-¡-e‑p‑w a‑p-d‑n-¨‑p-a‑m-ä‑m³ I-g‑n-b‑m-¯ h‑n-[‑w l‑r-Z-b-¯‑n I-S-¶‑p h-¶ Z‑n-h-k-§Ä. F-Ã‑m‑w F-¶‑n C-¶-s‑e A-h-k‑m-\‑n-¨X‑p-t‑]‑m-s‑e... R‑m³ C-¶‑p‑w H‑mÀ¡‑p-¶‑p-ï‑v B a-t‑\‑m-l-c-a‑m-b \‑n-a‑n-j-§-s‑f... A-©‑v hÀ-j-s‑¯ F-s‑â I‑u-a‑m-c‑w R‑m³ N‑n-e-h-g‑n¨-X‑v s‑h-«-¯‑qÀ P‑n.-F-¨‑v.-F-k‑v.-Fk‑v. k‑v-I‑q-f‑n-e‑m-W‑v. P‑n.-F-¨‑v.-F-k‑v.F-k‑v. F-¶‑p ]-d-ª‑m X-s‑¶ R-§-f‑n ]-eÀ-¡‑p‑w A-S-§‑m-¯ k‑v-t‑\-l-a‑m-W‑v. A-X‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v X-s‑¶ R-§Ä C-¶‑p‑w \-j‑v-S-s‑¸-« B k‑p-µ-c I‑m-e-s‑¯ H‑mÀ-¯‑v k-¦-S-s‑¸-S‑p-¶‑p. R‑m³ H-c‑p-]‑m-S‑v N‑n-´‑n-¨‑n-«‑pï‑v F-´‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑n-¡‑m‑w C‑u

Z‑n-h-k-§Ä C-{‑X-b‑p‑w k‑p-µ-c-a‑m-b‑n X‑oÀ-¶-X‑v? F-´‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v C‑u \‑n-a‑n-j§Ä R‑m³ C-\‑n-b‑p‑w a-d-¡‑m-¯-X‑v? C‑u t‑N‑m-Z‑y-§Ä F-\‑n-¡‑v C-X‑p-h-s‑c D-¯-c‑w e-`‑n-¨‑n-«‑n-Ã. s‑s‑l-k‑v-I‑qÄ P‑o-h‑n-X‑w A-h-k‑m-\‑n-¸‑n-¨‑v l-bÀ-s‑k-¡â-d‑n P‑o-h‑n-X¯‑n-t‑e-¡‑v I‑m-s‑e-S‑p-¯‑v s‑h-¡‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ ]-e {‑]-X‑n-k-Ô‑n-I-f‑p‑w F-s‑¶ A-e-«‑n-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. F-¶‑m F-Ã‑m {‑]-X‑n-k-Ô‑n-I-f‑p‑w X-c-W‑w s‑N-b‑v-X‑ps‑I‑m-ï‑v h‑o-ï‑p‑w c-ï‑v hÀ-j‑w P‑n.-F-¨‑v.-F-k‑v.-F-k‑v.s‑e h‑n-Ú‑m-\-¯‑n-s‑â t‑X³ \‑p-I-c‑m³ F-\‑n-¡‑v A-h-k-c‑w e-`‑n-¨‑p. C‑u c-ï‑v hÀ-j-¯‑n-\‑n-Sb‑n H-c‑p-]‑m-S‑v k-t‑´‑m-j-h‑p‑w k-¦-S-h‑p‑w I‑p-k‑r-X‑n-I-f‑p‑w F-¶‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w ]-eÀ-¡‑p‑w e-`‑n-¨‑n-«‑p-ï‑v. C‑u I‑m-e-L-«-s‑¯ F-¶‑n-s‑e k‑p-hÀ-® I‑m-e-L-«a‑m-b‑n-«‑m-W‑v R‑m³ I-c‑p-X-s‑¸-S‑p-¶-X‑v. ]T-\-¯‑n a‑n-I-h‑v ]‑p-eÀ-¯‑p-¶ H-c‑p k-a‑q-l-h‑p‑w ]T-\-s‑¯ X-a‑mi-b‑m-b‑n I-ï‑n-c‑p-¶ a-s‑ä‑m-c‑p k-a‑q-l-h‑p-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p C‑u I‑m-e-¯‑v P‑n.-F¨‑v.-F-k‑v.-F-k‑v. D-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶-X‑v. F-¶‑m I-e‑m-þ-I‑m-b‑n-I t‑a-J-e-I-f‑n R-§-f‑p-s‑S i-_‑v-Z‑w H-¶‑p a‑m-{‑X-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p.-¹-k‑z¬‑, ¹-k‑v-S‑p P‑o-h‑n-X‑w F-¶‑n ]-c‑n-]‑qÀ-®-a‑m-b‑p‑w X-a‑m-i-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. ¢‑m-k‑v-d‑q-a‑n-\‑v ]‑p-d-¯‑v

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


]-eÀ-¡‑p‑w Z‑m-c‑n-{‑Z‑y-h‑p‑w k-¦-S-h‑p‑w \‑n-d-ª P‑o-h‑n-X‑w a‑m-{‑X-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p. C‑u {‑]-X‑n-k-Ô‑n-I-s‑f X-c-W‑w s‑N-¿‑m³ C‑u I-e‑m-e-b‑w C-hÀ-¡‑v h-f-s‑c k-l‑m-b-I-a‑m-b‑n-«‑p-ï‑v. ] T‑n-¨‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑n-c‑n-s‑¡ ]-e t‑P‑m-e‑n-If‑n-e‑p‑w GÀ-s‑¸-«‑n-c‑p-¶ k‑p-l‑r-¯‑p¡Ä F-s‑â I‑q-«-¯‑n D-ï‑m-b‑nc‑p-¶‑p. F-s‑â k‑p-l‑r-¯‑p-¡Ä t‑P‑m-e‑n-b‑n GÀ-s‑¸-«‑n-c‑p-¶-X‑v A-h-c‑p-s‑S I‑p-S‑p‑w-_-¯‑n-s‑â h‑n-i¸‑v C-Ã‑m-b‑v-a s‑N-¿‑m-\‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. _‑m-e-t‑h-e \‑n-t‑c‑m-[-\‑w \-S-¯‑n-b c‑m-P‑y-¯‑v ]T‑n-¨‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑n-c‑n-s‑¡ X-s‑â B-b‑p-Ê‑n-s‑â \-à H-c‑p k-a-b‑w ]T-\-t‑¯‑m-S‑p‑w h‑n-a‑q-I-X I‑m-W‑n-¨‑v X-s‑â I‑p-S‑p‑w-_-¯‑n-\‑p t‑h-ï‑n {‑]-hÀ-¯‑n-¡‑m-s‑\ C‑u ]‑m-h-§Ä-¡‑v I-g‑n-ª‑n-c‑p-¶‑p-Å‑q. a‑m-X‑m-]‑n-X‑m-¡-s‑f t‑]‑m-s‑e R-§-s‑f k‑v-t‑\-l‑n-¨ A-²‑y‑m-]I-c‑p‑w‑, k-t‑l‑m-Z-c-§-s‑f-t‑]‑m-s‑e R-§Ä-s‑¡‑m-¸‑w t‑NÀ-¶ \‑m-«‑pI‑m-c‑p‑w‑, h‑y-à-a‑m-b‑n t‑\-X‑r-X‑z‑w \Â-I‑m³ k‑v-I‑qÄ a‑m-t‑\-P‑v-s‑aâ‑p‑w R-§Ä-s‑¡‑m-¸‑w D-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. I‑u-a‑m-c-{‑]‑m-b-a‑m-b-X‑n-\‑m X-s‑¶ ]-e I‑p-k‑r-X‑n-I-f‑p‑w R-§-f‑n ]-e-c‑n-e‑p‑w D-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. ]-e t‑a‑m-l-§-f‑p‑w a-ª‑p-I-«-I-s‑f-t‑]‑ms‑e A-h‑n-s‑S X-s‑¶ A-e‑n-ª‑p t‑NÀ-¶‑p. A-]‑qÀ-Æ‑w N‑n-e-X‑v D-c‑p¡‑n-s‑\-t‑]‑m-s‑e Z‑r-V-a‑m-b‑p‑w R‑m³ I-ï‑p. F-¶‑n-s‑e t‑a‑m-l-§Ä R‑m³ s‑s‑Z-h-¯‑n-\‑p k-aÀ-¸‑n-¨‑p. R‑m³ s‑s‑Z-h-¯‑n-\‑p a‑p-¼‑n ]‑qÀ®-a‑m-b‑p‑w I‑o-g-S-§‑n. t‑a‑m-l-§Ä s‑I‑m-ï‑p-\-S-¶ ]-e-c‑p‑w H-c‑p t‑d‑mk‑m s‑N-S‑n-s‑b-t‑]‑m-s‑e-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. B s‑N-S‑n-¡‑v k‑u-µ-c‑y-h‑p‑w k‑p-KÔ-h‑p‑w \Â-I‑n-b ]‑p-j‑v-]-s‑¯ A-X‑n-{‑I‑q-c-a‑m-b‑n a-ä‑m-t‑c‑m ]-d‑n-¨‑ps‑I‑m-ï‑v t‑]‑m-b‑n. t‑d‑m-k‑m-s‑N-S‑n a‑p-Å‑p-Å-X‑p X-s‑¶-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. ]-s‑£‑, B a‑p-Å‑p-Å s‑N-S‑n-s‑b t‑h-Z-\‑n-¸‑n-¨‑v X-¶‑n-e‑p-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶ ]‑p-j‑v-]‑w a-ä‑m-t‑c‑m ]-d‑n-¨‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑p t‑]‑m-I‑p-¶-X‑v t‑h-Z-\-t‑b‑m-s‑S t‑\‑m¡‑n-\‑nÂ-¡‑m-t‑\ s‑N-S‑n-¡‑v I-g‑n-ª‑pÅ‑q. (k‑w-`-h-§Ä ]-e-X‑p‑w A-¶‑v R-§-s‑f k-¦-S-s‑¸-S‑p-¯‑n. k‑w-`h-§Ä ]-e-X‑p‑w A-¶‑v R-§-s‑f k-t‑´‑m-j‑n-¸‑n-¨‑p.‑) k-¦-S-s‑¸-S‑p¯‑n-b ]-e-X‑p‑w C-¶‑p R‑m³ N‑n-c‑n¨‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v k‑z‑m-K-X‑w s‑N-¿‑p-¶‑p. k-t‑´‑m-j‑n-¸‑n-¨ ]-e-X‑p‑w C-¶‑p R‑m³ Z‑p:J-t‑¯‑m-s‑S H‑mÀ-s‑¯-S‑p-



Magazine 2014-15

¡‑p-¶‑p. B I‑m-e-¯‑v R-§Ä ]-e-c‑pa‑m-b‑p‑w h‑m-¡‑v XÀ-¡-¯‑n GÀs‑¸-«‑p. ]-e-X‑p‑w h-e‑n-b A-{‑I-a§-f‑n-t‑e-¡‑p‑w R-§-s‑f \-b‑n-¨‑p. F-¶‑m a‑m-t‑\-P‑v-s‑aâ‑n-s‑â-b‑p‑w A-²‑y‑m-]-I-c‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w C-S-s‑]-S a‑q-e‑w a-t‑\‑m-l-c-a‑m-b ]-c‑n-l‑m-c§-f‑p‑w R-§-s‑f t‑X-S‑n F-¯‑n-b‑nc‑p-¶‑p. ]T-\-I‑m-e-¯‑v R-§Ä-¡‑v e-`‑n-¨-X‑v k‑v-t‑\-l-_-Ô-¯‑n-s‑â H-c‑p s‑]‑m-«‑m-¯ N-§-e-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p. ]T-\-k-a-b‑w A-h-k‑m-\‑n-¡‑md‑m-h‑p-t‑¼‑m-g-t‑¯-¡‑p‑w R-§Ä a-t‑\‑m-l-c-a‑m-b C‑u {‑]-I‑m-i t‑K‑m]‑p-c-¯‑n-s‑e I‑n-c-W-a‑m-b‑n t‑NÀ-¶‑nc‑p-¶‑p. A-²‑y‑m-]-I-c‑n `‑q-c‑n-`‑m-K‑w t‑]À-¡‑p‑w t‑h-X-\‑w e-`‑n-¨‑n-c‑p-¶‑n-Ã. F-¶‑n-«‑p‑w R-§Ä-¡‑p t‑h-ï‑n h-fs‑c £-a-t‑b‑m-s‑S-b‑m-W‑v A-²‑y‑m-]IÀ ¢‑m-s‑Ê-S‑p-¯-X‑v. a‑m-X‑m-þ-]‑n-X‑mþ-K‑p-c‑p-þ-s‑s‑Z-h‑w F-¶ ]-Z-¯‑n-s‑â AÀ-°‑w ]‑qÀ-®-a‑m-b‑p‑w A-²‑y‑m-]IÀ R-§Ä-¡‑p a‑p-¼‑n s‑X-f‑nb‑n-¨‑p I‑m-W‑n-¡‑p-I-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. A-²‑y‑m-]-IÀ R-§Ä-¡‑v A-d‑nh‑n-t‑\-¡‑mÄ D-]-c‑n X‑n-c‑n-¨-d‑n-h‑v \Â-I‑n. k‑m-a‑q-l‑n-I t‑k-h-\-h‑p‑w‑, c‑m-j‑v-{‑S‑o-b t‑_‑m-[-h‑p‑w‑, P-\‑m-[‑n-]X‑y a‑q-e‑y-§-f‑p‑w a-X k‑u-l‑mÀ-²h‑p‑w‑, c‑m-P‑y k‑v-t‑\-l-h‑p‑w A-hÀ R-§-s‑f ]T‑n-¸‑n-¨‑p. h‑n-Z‑y‑m-`‑y‑m-k‑w F-¶-X‑n-s‑â AÀ-°‑w H-c‑p s‑X‑mg‑n k-¼‑m-Z‑n-¡‑p-I F-¶‑p-Å-X-à F-¶‑p‑w a-\‑p-j‑y³ a-\‑p-j‑y-t‑\‑m-S‑p s‑]-c‑p-a‑m-d‑p-¶ c‑o-X‑n-b‑p‑w k-a‑q-lt‑¯‑m-S‑p-Å D-¯-c-h‑m-Z‑n-X‑z-h‑p‑w c‑m-P‑y-t‑¯‑m-S‑p-Å k‑v-t‑\-l-h‑p-a‑m-W‑v h‑n-Z‑y‑m-`‑y‑m-k-¯‑n-s‑â A-S‑n-Ø‑m\‑w F-¶‑p‑w A-hÀ a-\-Ê‑n-e‑m-¡‑n X-¶‑p.-h‑n-Z‑y‑m-`‑y‑m-k‑w e-`‑n-¡‑m-¯ H-c‑mÄ a-s‑ä‑m-c‑m-t‑f‑m-S‑v t‑a‑m-i-a‑m-b‑n s‑]-c‑p-a‑m-d‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ h‑n-Z‑y‑m-`‑y‑m-k‑w e-`‑n-¨-b‑mÄ a-ä‑p-Å-h-t‑c‑m-S‑v k-l-hk‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑v e‑m-f‑n-X‑y-]-c-a‑m-h-W‑w. F-¦‑n-s‑e h‑n-Z‑y‑m-`‑y‑m-k‑w e-`‑n-¨‑p F-¶‑v ]-d-b‑m-\‑m-h‑p-I-b‑p-Å‑q F-¶‑p‑w A-²‑y‑m-]-IÀ R-§-t‑f‑m-S‑v X-d-¸‑n-¨‑p ]-d-ª‑p. h‑n-Z‑y‑m-`‑y‑m-k I‑m-e-¯‑v X‑n-c‑n¨‑p-I‑n-«‑m-¯ c‑o-X‑n-b‑n ]-eÀ-¡‑p‑w ]-e-X‑p‑w \-j‑v-S-s‑¸-«‑p. N‑n-eÀ-¡‑v H-c‑n¡-e‑p‑w k‑m-[‑n-¡‑n-à F-¶‑p-d-¸‑n-¨-X‑v b‑m-Y‑mÀ-°‑y-a‑m-h‑p-I-b‑p‑w s‑N-b‑v-X‑p. H-c‑p b‑p-K-¯‑n-s‑â A-´‑y‑w t‑]‑m-s‑e R-§-f‑p-s‑S P‑n.-F-¨‑v.-F-k‑v.-F-k‑v. s‑e P‑o-h‑n-X‑w A-h-k‑m-\‑n-¡‑p-

t‑¼‑mÄ R-§-s‑f I-®‑p-\‑o-t‑c‑m-s‑S b‑m-{‑X-b-b-¡‑m-s‑\ A-²‑y‑m-]-IÀ¡‑p I-g‑n-ª‑p-Å‑q. A-²‑y‑m-]-IÀ ]-e-c‑p‑w h‑n-X‑p-¼‑n-¡-c-ª-X‑v C-¶‑p‑w F-s‑â I‑m-X‑p-I-f‑n a‑pg-§‑p-¶‑p. k‑w-k‑m-c‑n-¨‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑nc‑n-s‑¡ h‑m-¡‑p-IÄ a‑p-d‑n-ª‑pt‑]‑m-b-X‑p‑w X-fÀ-¶‑p I‑n-S-¶-X‑p‑w C-¶‑p‑w R‑m³ H‑mÀ-s‑¯-S‑p-¡‑p-¶‑p. F-s‑â {‑]‑n-b-s‑¸-« k‑p-l‑r¯‑p-¡-s‑f-b‑p‑w A-²‑y‑m-]-I-s‑c-b‑p‑w C-\‑n-s‑b‑m-c‑n-¡-e‑p‑w H-c‑p-a‑n-¨‑p I‑mW‑n-à F-t‑¶‑mÀ-¯-t‑¸‑mÄ A-d‑nb‑m-s‑X F-s‑â I-®‑p-I-f‑p‑w \‑n-ds‑ª‑m-g‑p-I‑n. B \‑n-a‑n-j‑w R‑m³ a-s‑ä‑m-c‑p t‑e‑m-I-t‑¯-¡‑v b‑m-{‑X s‑N-¿‑m³ h-s‑c s‑I‑m-X‑n-¨‑p t‑]‑m-b‑n. F-s‑â I-®‑n-s‑e G-ä-h‑p‑w a-t‑\‑m-lc-a‑m-b I‑m-g‑v-N X‑n-c‑n-¨‑p I‑n-«‑m-¯ Z‑q-c-t‑¯-¡‑v I‑m-e‑w X-«‑n-s‑¯-d‑n-¸‑n¨‑p. F-s‑â l‑r-Z-b-¯‑n-s‑e A-L‑mX-a‑m-b H-c‑p t‑h-Z-\-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p A-X‑v. P‑n.-F-¨‑v.-F-k‑v.-F-k‑v. s‑â X‑q-W‑n-e‑p‑w N‑p-h-c‑n-e‑p‑w C-¶‑p‑w R-§Ä P‑o-h‑n-¨‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. I‑m-cW‑w R-§Ä ]-S‑n-b‑n-d-§‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ P‑n.-F-¨‑v.-F-k‑v.-F-k‑v. s‑â {‑]-I‑r-X‑n t‑]‑m-e‑p‑w h‑n-j‑m-Z Z‑p:J‑w A-\‑p-`-h‑n¡‑p-¶-X‑v R‑m³ t‑\‑m-¡‑n I-ï‑p. B I‑m-e‑m-h-Ø t‑]‑m-e‑p‑w C-c‑p«‑p-a‑q-S‑n R-§-s‑f Z‑p:J-t‑¯‑m-s‑S b‑m-{‑X-b‑m-¡‑n-b-t‑¸‑mÄ R-§-t‑f‑m-S‑v A-hÀ-¡‑v C-\‑n-b‑p‑w F-s‑´‑m-s‑¡t‑b‑m ]-d-b‑m³ _‑m-¡‑n s‑h-¨-X‑pt‑]‑m-s‑e‑! R-§Ä-¡‑v X‑n-c‑n-¨‑p‑w A-§-s‑\-¯-s‑¶-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. \‑n-d I-®‑p-I-t‑f‑m-s‑S k‑p-l‑r¯‑p-¡-f‑p-a‑m-b‑n R‑m³ B-e‑n‑w-K\‑w s‑N-b‑v-X‑p. N‑p-S‑p-N‑p‑w-_-\-§Ä R-§Ä ]-c-k‑v-]-c‑w s‑s‑I-a‑m-d‑n. H-c‑n-¡-e‑p‑w A-h-k‑m-\‑n-¡‑m-¯ b‑m-{‑X ]-d-b t‑]‑m-s‑e. F-¶‑m F-Ã‑m‑w \‑n-a‑n-j k-a-b‑w-s‑I‑m-ï‑v X‑oÀ-¶‑p t‑]‑m-b‑n. k‑v-I‑q-f‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w R-§Ä ]-S‑n-b‑n-d-§‑n-bX‑v B-I‑m-i-¯‑v \‑n-¶‑p‑w s‑]-b‑v-X‑p h‑o-W h-e‑n-b a-g-t‑]‑m-s‑e-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p. B a-g ]‑n-¶‑o-S‑v h‑n-h‑n-[ ]‑p-gb‑m-b‑n H-g‑p-I‑n. \‑n-d-I-®‑p-I-t‑f‑m-s‑S b‑m-{‑X-b‑m-I‑p-¶ R-§Ä h‑o-ï‑p‑w h‑o-ï‑p‑w X‑n-c‑n-ª‑p t‑\‑m-¡‑p-¶‑pï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p a-t‑\‑m-l-c-a‑m-b C‑u {‑]-I‑m-i t‑K‑m-]‑p-c-s‑¯. k‑v-t‑\-l-¯‑n-s‑â a‑q-e‑y‑w R‑m³ X‑n-c‑n-¨-d‑n-ª-X‑v R‑m³ a-ä‑p-Å-hs‑c k‑v-t‑\-l‑n-¨-t‑¸‑m-g-Ã. F-s‑¶ k‑v-t‑\-l‑n-¨-h-c‑p-s‑S k‑m-a‑o-]‑y‑w F-¶‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w \-j‑v-S-s‑¸-«-t‑¸‑mg‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p.

Army Join Indian


Irshad Paloli S4 BBA

he Indian army is the land based branch and the largest component of Indian Armed force. The Indian Army originated from the armies of the East Indian Company, which eventually became British Indian Army and finally to national army after Independence. The units and regiments of the Indian Army have diverse histories and have battle and theatre honors before and after independence. The primary mission of Indian Army is to ensure national security and unity, defending the nation from external aggression and threats, and maintaining peace and security within the borders. It is a major component of national power alongside the Indian navy and India Air force. The Indian Army has been involved in four wars with neighboring Pakistan and one with China. Do you believe it when I say Indian Army has Rank in most powerful armies in the world?

Yes, you have to believe it. India Army is one of the largest standing armies in the world, with 1,29,900 service active troops and 9,60,000 reserve troops and also have active personnel of 13,25,450 (rank 3) and reserve personnel of 11,55,000. We had heard about Sandeep Unnikrishnan who was an officer in Indian Army serving in the elite special action group of the National Security Guarels (NSG). He was killed in action during the November 2008 Mumbai terror attack. He was the commanding officer of the NCG team and was killed during the attack. He was consequently awarded the Asoka Chakra, India’s highest peace time gallantry award on 26 January 2009. So the youth who have to do something for our nation should join Indian Army and let it save your family

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15






Magazine 2014-15

There you were in the past Now you are in the present You will be there in the future too Even death bows to you. The blessed one The sharpest the sweetest The happiest the ever loved You make the immortal mortal A dew drop from the heaven To make life beautiful Sharpen than any sword Deeper than the ocean Wider than the entire More powerful than any emotion Everyone falls for you But only a few rise in you You are the one only “friendship�.

ag b ‑ v ¡ ‑ p ]-d-b‑m-\‑p-Å-X‑v Aeo\


S4 BA English

F³ P-\-\‑w H-c‑p s‑]-c‑p-a-g-¯‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. F³ I-c-¨‑n A-¶‑m a-g-¨‑o-d-e‑n a‑p-§‑n-¯‑m-¶‑p. ]‑n-¶‑o-S‑m-Z‑y-a‑m-b‑v R‑m³ l-c‑n-{‑i‑o I‑p-d‑n-¨-X‑p‑w H-c‑p s‑]-c‑p-a-g-¡‑m-e-¯‑v A-¶ a-g-]‑m-ä‑m³ t‑Z-l-¯‑p N‑n-{‑X‑w h-c-¨‑p. ]‑p-k‑v-X-I-¸‑p-X‑p-a-b‑p-a‑m-b‑n B-Z‑y-a‑m-b‑v k‑v-I‑q-f‑n t‑]‑m-b \‑m-f‑n a-g-s‑b-s‑¶ h‑o-ï‑p‑w \-\-¨‑p. C-W ]‑n-c‑n-ª k‑p-l‑r-¯‑m-b‑n a-g-b‑n-Ã‑m-s‑X‑m-c-t‑L‑m-j‑w F-\‑n-¡-d‑n-b‑n-Ã‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. F³ a‑p-J‑w \-Ê‑w-K-a‑m-b-t‑¸‑m-g‑p‑w F³ a-\‑w a-g-t‑b‑m-S‑n-W-§‑n‑, ]‑n-W-§‑n . A-s‑X‑, A-hÄ X-s‑¶-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. F³ h‑n-h‑m-l-¯‑n-\‑p a‑p-J‑y‑m-X‑n-Y‑n. X‑m-e‑n-¨‑-cs-S³ I-g‑p-¯‑n a‑p-d‑p-I‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ

A-c‑p-X‑v... I-c-b-c‑p-s‑X-¶‑p ]-d-ª H-t‑c-s‑b‑m-c‑p t‑X‑m-g‑n. k‑zÀ-W‑w t‑]‑m-s‑c-¶-h³ ]-d-ª c‑m-{‑X‑n-b‑n F³ h‑n-X‑p-¼-e‑n-\‑p k‑m-£‑n-b‑m-b k-t‑l‑m-Z-c‑n ]‑n-¶‑o-S‑p-t‑Å‑m-t‑c‑m c‑m-h‑p-I-f‑n-e‑p‑w R‑m³ a-g-s‑b I‑m-¯‑p-I‑n-S-¶‑p. ]‑n-¶‑o-s‑S-t‑¸‑m-t‑g‑m C-c‑p-¼-g‑n-¡‑p-Å‑n-e‑m-b-t‑¸‑mÄ A-h-f‑p-s‑S k‑z-c‑w a‑m-{‑X‑w t‑I-«‑p.... C-S-b‑v-¡‑n-s‑S C-¶‑n-X‑m k‑z-Ø-a‑m-b‑v, a‑p-g‑p-h-\‑m-b‑v... `‑o-j-W‑n-I-f‑n-Ã‑m-s‑X‑, k-t‑µ-l-a‑n-Ã‑m-s‑X.. R‑m-\-h-f‑n A-e‑n-b‑p-¶‑p.... A-d‑n-b‑p-¶‑p F-\‑n-b‑v-¡‑v k‑z‑m-X-{‑´‑y‑w I‑n-«‑n-b-X‑n-¶‑m-W-t‑Ã‑m A-hÄ F-¶-s‑¯-¡‑m-f‑p‑w i-à‑n-b‑n s‑]-¿‑p-I-b‑m-W‑v ]‑n-d-s‑I‑m-ï‑v... {‑]-I‑m-i-t‑¯‑m-s‑S... R‑m-\‑m N‑n-X-b‑n I-¯‑n-b-a-c‑p-t‑¼‑m-g‑p‑w...

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


B-a‑n A

-hÄ F-s‑â s‑s‑I-I-s‑f N‑p‑w-_‑n-¨‑p‑, B-a‑n. h-f-s‑c A-{‑]-X‑o-£‑n-X-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p B k‑v-t‑\l-{‑]-I-S-\‑w. A-h-f‑p-s‑S A-[-c-§Ä F-s‑â s‑s‑I-I-s‑f X-t‑e‑m-S‑n-b-t‑¸‑mÄ H-c‑p \‑n-a‑n-j‑w R‑m³ s‑s‑\-ä‑n‑w-K‑v t‑Ke‑n-s‑â K‑m-\‑w t‑I-«‑p. B-a‑n-s‑b R‑m³ {‑]-W-b‑n-¡‑m³ X‑p-S-§‑n-b‑n-«‑v \‑m-f‑p-I-t‑f-s‑d-b‑m-b‑n. F-s‑¶ a-d-¶‑v X‑p-S-§‑n-b-X‑v a‑p-X R‑m³ A-h-s‑f I‑q-S‑p-X-e‑m-b‑n {‑]-W-b‑n-¡‑m³ X‑p-S-§‑n. F-Ã‑m k‑v-{‑X‑o-I-s‑f-b‑p‑w t‑]‑ms‑e F-s‑â B-a‑n-b‑p‑w \‑n-K‑q-V-X \‑n-d-ª-X‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. A-X‑v A-hÄ H-f‑n-¸‑n-¨‑p s‑h-¨‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑v I-®‑p-I-f‑ne‑m-W‑v. B I-®‑p-IÄ F-s‑¶ t‑\‑m-¡‑p-t‑¼‑m-s‑g-s‑¡ R‑m³ a-c‑n-¡‑m-d‑p-ï‑v. A-§-s‑\ A-hÄ F-s‑¶ ]-e X-h-W s‑I‑m-¶‑n-«‑p-ï‑v. k‑v-t‑\-l‑w a-X-a‑m-¡‑n a‑m-ä‑n-b-h-f‑m-W‑v B-a‑n‑, F-s‑¶ a-X-{‑`‑m-´-\‑p‑w. A-h-f‑p-s‑S I‑m-e‑p-I-s‑f R‑m³ N‑p‑w-_‑n-¨‑n-«‑p-ï‑v. A-h-s‑f-s‑¶ s‑X‑m-S‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ R‑m³ B-a‑n-b‑m-b‑n a‑m-d‑p-¶‑p. s‑s‑Z-h-§-f‑p-a‑m-b‑n-«‑m-W‑v A-hÄ¡‑v I‑q-«‑v. F-Ã‑m-b‑v-t¸m--g‑p‑w A-k‑z-Ø-b‑m-W‑v F-s‑â B-a‑n. A-h-s‑f h‑m-b‑n-s‑¨-S‑p-¡‑m³ F-\‑n-¡‑n-X‑p-h-s‑c I-g‑n-ª‑n-«‑n-Ã‑, I-g‑n-b‑p-I-b‑p-a‑n-Ã‑! k‑m-[‑m-c-W-X‑z-a‑p-Å H-c-k‑m-[‑m-c-W k‑v-{‑X‑o-b‑m-W‑v F-s‑â B-a‑n.


Asst. Prof. Dept. of English


apl½-Zv ap-Jv-XmÀ S2 Sociology



Magazine 2014-15

\‑o F-´‑n-\‑m-W‑n-t‑¸‑m-g‑p‑w C-§-s‑\ a‑u-\-a‑m-b‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑v ? t‑\‑m-¡‑q ]-I- a-d-b‑p-I-b‑p‑w C-c‑pÄ P-\‑n-¡‑p-I-b‑p‑w s‑N-b‑v-X‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. C-e-IÄ X-f‑nÀ-¡‑p-I-b‑p‑w ]‑q-¡Ä s‑]‑m-g‑n-b‑p-I-b‑p‑w s‑N-b‑v-X‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. ]-s‑£ \‑o C-t‑¸‑m-g‑p‑w a‑u-\-a‑m-W‑v ‑! F-s‑â s‑h-f‑n-¨-¯‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w \‑o A-I-¶‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶-s‑X-´‑n-\-W‑v ? i-c‑n ‑! R‑m-\‑n-X‑m-b‑m-{‑X-b‑m-h‑p-¶‑p. C-\‑n \‑o h‑m-N‑m-e-b‑m-h‑p-I \‑n-\-¡‑m-b‑n s‑a‑m-«‑n-« ]‑q-¡Ä a‑n-g‑n X‑p-d-t‑¶‑m-s‑«‑, k‑z‑o-I-c‑n-¡‑p-I ‑! b-h-\‑n-I \‑o-¡‑n \‑o-b‑n-\‑n ]‑p-d-¯‑p h-c‑n-I \‑n-s‑â k‑v-]À-i-¯‑m N‑n-Ã-IÄ X-f‑n-c‑n-S-s‑« ‑! £-a‑n-¡‑p-I ‑! C-\‑n a‑p-X \‑n-s‑â a‑u-\‑w R‑m³ I-S-s‑a-S‑p-¡‑p-¶‑p.

AÀjm-Zv C-lv-km³ S4 Microbiology

\‑y‑q-P³ H‑m-^‑v e‑u

a‑m-k-§Ä-¡‑v a‑p-¼‑v t‑I-c-f‑w h‑y-X‑y-k‑v-X-a‑m-b H-c‑p k-a-c-¯‑n-\‑p k‑m-£‑n-b‑m-b‑n. P‑m-X‑n-þ-a-X-þ-k‑m-a‑pZ‑m-b‑n-I I-£‑n-IÄ H-s‑¯‑m-c‑p-a‑n-¨‑v (C-h‑n-s‑S-s‑b-¦‑n-e‑p‑w A-hÀ H-¶‑n¨‑p \‑n-¶‑p F-¶-X‑p \-à I‑m-c‑y‑w‑!‑) {‑]-k‑v-X‑p-X k-a-c-¯‑n-s‑\-X‑n-s‑c c‑w-K-¯‑p h-¶‑p. ]-e-b‑n-S-§-f‑n-e‑p‑w {‑]-X‑n-t‑j-[-¡‑mÀ s‑s‑I-t‑¿-ä‑w s‑N-¿s‑¸-«‑p. {‑I‑q-c-aÀ-±-\-¯‑n-\‑n-c-b‑m-b‑n. k-a-c-t‑¯-¡‑mÄ k-a-c-c‑o-X‑n-b‑mb‑n-c‑p-¶‑p t‑a‑m-Ì‑v s‑s‑d-«‑n-§‑m-b‑n H‑m-S‑n-b-X‑v. ]-t‑£‑, F-´‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v A-§-s‑\-s‑b‑m-c‑p k-a-c‑w F-s‑¶‑mc‑n-¡-e‑p‑w a‑p-J‑y-[‑m-c NÀ-¨ s‑N-b‑vX‑n-Ã. k‑w-`-h-a‑n-X‑m-W‑v: H-c‑p k‑z-I‑mc‑y N‑m-\ ]‑p-d-¯‑p h‑n-« B-i‑mh-l-a-Ã‑m-s‑¯‑m-c‑p Z‑r-i‑y-¯‑n-s‑â t‑]-c‑n D-¯-c-h‑m-Z‑n-X‑z-s‑¸-s‑«‑m-c‑p (b‑p-h‑) k‑w-L-S-\‑m t‑\-X‑r-X‑z‑w t‑I‑mg‑n-t‑¡‑m-«‑v H-c‑p d-t‑Ì‑m-dâ‑v B-{‑I-a‑n¨‑p. {‑]-k‑v-X‑p-X Ø‑m-]-\‑w X-Ã‑n-XIÀ-¡‑m³ A-hÀ I-s‑ï-¯‑n-b I‑m-c-W-h‑p‑w A-X‑n H-f‑n-ª‑n-c‑n¡‑p-¶ I-]-S-k-Z‑m-N‑m-c t‑]‑m-e‑o-k‑n§‑n-\‑p-s‑a-X‑n-s‑c ""I‑n-k‑v H‑m-^‑v e‑u‑'' F-¶ s‑^-b‑v-k‑v-_‑p-¡‑v I‑q-«‑m-b‑v-

a-b‑p-s‑S t‑\-X‑r-X‑z-¯‑n s‑I‑m-¨‑n a-s‑s‑d³ s‑s‑{‑U-h‑n DÄ-s‑¸-s‑S ]-e Ø-e-§-f‑n-e‑p‑w {‑]-X‑n-t‑j-[§Ä A-c-t‑§-d‑n. I‑n-Ê‑v H‑m-^‑v e‑u a‑m-[‑y-a-§-f‑p-s‑S s‑s‑d-ä‑n-§‑v e‑n-Ì‑n \‑n-¶‑v ]‑p-d‑w-X-Å-s‑¸-s‑«-¦‑n-e‑p‑w A-hÀ D-bÀ-¯‑n-¡‑m-W‑n-¡‑m³ {‑i-a‑n-¨ I‑m-c‑y-§Ä C-¶‑p‑w {‑]‑m-[‑m\‑y-aÀ-l‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p F-¶-X‑n-\‑p s‑Xf‑n-h‑m-W‑v. A-i‑z-X‑n-s‑b-¶ ]-X‑n-\‑md‑p-I‑m-c‑n-b‑p-s‑S B-ß-l-X‑y. I‑q-s‑S ]T‑n-¡‑p-¶ I‑q-«‑p-I‑m-c-\‑p-s‑a‑m-¯‑v k‑z-´‑w h‑o-«‑n k‑w-k‑m-c‑n-¨‑n-c‑p-¶‑p F-¶-X‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p A-hÄ s‑N-b‑v-X k-Z‑m-N‑m-c e‑w-L-\‑w. I‑n-Ê‑v H‑m-^‑v e‑u {‑]-hÀ-¯-Ic‑p-s‑S k-a-c-c‑o-X‑n-b‑n ¹-¡‑mÀ-U‑pbÀ-¯-e‑p‑w B-e‑n‑w-K-\-h‑p-s‑a-Ã‑m‑w D-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-s‑¶-¦‑n-e‑p‑w ]-c-k‑y N‑p‑w-_-\‑w X-s‑¶-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p s‑s‑l-s‑s‑e-ä‑v s‑N-¿-s‑¸-«-X‑v. A-X‑ps‑I‑m-ï‑v X-s‑¶-b‑m-W‑v k‑w-k‑v-¡‑mc‑w X-I-c‑p-t‑¶-s‑b-¶‑p‑w ]-d-ª‑v k‑m-a‑p-Z‑m-b‑n-I I-£‑n-IÄ {‑]-X‑n k-a-c-¯‑n-\‑n-d-§‑n-b-X‑v. A-t‑X k‑wk‑v-¡‑m-c-¯‑n X-s‑¶-b‑m-W‑v k‑v{‑X‑o-IÄ-s‑¡-X‑n-s‑c H‑m-t‑c‑m a‑q-¶‑v a‑n\‑n-ä‑n-e‑p‑w I‑p-ä I‑r-X‑y‑w \-S-¡‑p-¶-X‑v.

"C-´‑y-¡‑v \-à H-c‑p k‑w-k‑v-¡‑m-c-a‑pï‑v‑, B k‑w-k‑v-¡‑m-c-¯‑n k‑v-{‑X‑oIÄ-¡‑v Ø‑m-\-a‑n-s‑Ã-¶‑v UÂ-l‑n "\‑nÀ-`-b‑' t‑I-k‑n-s‑e {‑]-X‑n-`‑m-K‑w h-¡‑o ]-d-ª-X‑p‑w C-t‑X k‑wk‑v-¡‑m-c-s‑¯-¡‑p-d‑n-¨‑m-W‑v. c‑m-j‑v{‑S‑o-b t‑{‑]-c‑n-X-a‑m-b k‑m-a‑p-Z‑m-b‑n-I k‑w-LÀ-j-h‑p‑w P‑m-X‑n-þ-k-¼-¶ t‑a-[‑m-h‑n-X‑z-h‑p-s‑a-Ã‑m‑w t‑]‑m-ä‑n-hfÀ-¯‑n-b-X‑v C-t‑X k‑w-k‑v-¡‑m-c‑w X-s‑¶-b-t‑Ã? F-¶‑n-«‑p‑w A-hÀ ]-d-b‑p-¶‑p ]-c-k‑v-]-c‑w C-j‑v-S-s‑¸S‑p-¶-hÀ N‑p‑w-_‑n-¡‑p-t‑¼‑m-t‑g-¡‑v X-IÀ-¶‑p-h‑o-g‑m³ a‑m-{‑X‑w "a-l-¯-ca‑m-W‑v'' \-½‑p-s‑S k‑w-k‑v-¡‑m-c-s‑a-¶‑v. I‑m-e‑w a‑m-d‑n. I‑m-e-¯‑n-\-\‑p-kc‑n-¨‑v a-\-Ê‑p‑w N‑n-´-I-f‑p‑w a‑m-d‑n. {‑^‑o-¡³ h‑m-¡‑p-I-f‑p‑w {‑U-Ê‑v t‑I‑mU‑p-I-f‑p‑w h-¶‑p. F-¶‑n-«‑v \-½-s‑f{‑X a‑m-d‑n? k‑v-{‑X‑o-¡‑p‑w ]‑p-c‑p-j-\‑p‑w h‑y-X‑y-k‑v-X C-c‑n-¸‑n-S-§-f‑p-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p ]-ï‑v _-k‑v t‑Ì‑m-¸‑p-I-f‑nÂ. C-¶‑v ]‑p-X‑n-b _-k‑v t‑Ì‑m-¸‑p-I-f‑n-e§-s‑\ I‑m-W‑m³ I-g‑n-b‑n-Ã. F-¶‑n«‑p‑w‑, H-c‑m¬-I‑p-«‑n-b‑p‑w s‑]¬-I‑p-«‑nb‑p‑w H-c‑p-a‑n-¨‑p \-S-¶‑p-t‑]‑m-I‑p-¶-X‑p I‑m-W‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ k‑v-s‑]-Ã‑n‑w-K‑v a‑n-t‑Ì¡‑v t‑X‑m-¶‑p-¶ a-\-Ê‑p X-s‑¶-b‑mt‑W‑m \-a‑p-¡‑n-t‑¸‑m-g‑p‑w? A-s‑æ‑n A-s‑X‑m-s‑¡ X-s‑¶-b‑m-t‑W‑m C-t‑¸‑m-g‑p‑w \-½‑p-s‑S X-a‑m-i-IÄ? t‑I‑m-g‑n-t‑¡‑m-S‑v d-t‑Ì‑m-dâ‑v B-{‑Ia‑n-¨-h-c‑p‑w \‑y‑q-P-\‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑n-t‑Ã? k-a-c-¡‑m-s‑c aÀ-±‑n-¨‑v k‑w-k‑v-¡‑m-c k‑w-c-£-I-c‑m-b-h-c‑p‑w \‑y‑q-P-\‑pIÄ X-s‑¶-b-t‑Ã? (k-a-c-¡‑m-c‑p‑w \‑y‑q-P-\‑p-IÄ X-s‑¶.‑) s‑X‑m-«-S‑p-¯ P‑n-Ã-b‑n k-Z‑m-N‑m-c t‑]‑m-e‑o-k‑v N-aª‑v H-c-Ñ-\‑p‑w a-IÄ-¡‑p‑w t‑\-s‑c s‑s‑I-t‑¿-ä-¯‑n-\‑p {‑i-a‑n-¨-X‑m-c‑m-W‑v? s‑X‑m-«-S‑p-¯ {‑]-t‑Z-i-¯‑v c‑m-{‑X‑nb‑n t‑{‑_-¡‑v U‑u-W‑m-b I‑m-d‑n\‑p‑w A-X‑n-s‑e b‑m-{‑X-¡‑mÀ-¡‑p‑w t‑\-s‑c X-§-f‑p-s‑S k-Z‑m-N‑m-c t‑_‑m[‑w s‑X-f‑n-b‑n-¨-X‑m-c‑m-W‑v? P-\‑n-¨-X‑v 21-þ‑m‑w \‑q-ä‑m-ï‑n-e‑p‑w a-\-Ê‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v 16-þ‑m‑w \‑q-ä‑m-ï‑n-e‑p-a‑m-b H-c‑mÄ¡‑q-«-a‑m-t‑W‑m \-½-f‑pÄ-s‑¸-S‑p-¶ b‑p-h‑m-¡Ä? F-{‑X \-à s‑X-§‑n-e‑p‑w H-c‑p a-W‑v-U-c‑n-s‑b-¦‑n-e‑p‑w D-ï‑mh‑p-s‑a-t‑¶‑m? A-§-s‑\-s‑b-¦‑n "H‑mÄ-U‑p‑w'‑, "\‑y‑q-P-\‑p‑w‑' X-½‑n-s‑e-´‑v h‑y-X‑y‑m-k‑w? A-Ã‑, \‑y‑q-P-\-t‑d-j³ k‑n-\‑n-a-I-s‑f-t‑¸‑m-s‑e H-c‑p k-a-b‑w I-g‑n-ª‑m ]-W‑n-]‑m-f‑p-¶-h-c‑m-W‑v "\‑y‑q-P³ b‑q-s‑¯'¶‑v \‑n-t‑¶‑m-S‑m-c‑mW‑v ]-d-ª-X‑v.

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


\‑n-¶‑p‑w‑, I‑u-a‑m-c-¯‑n-s‑â a‑p-JO‑m-b B-b {‑]-W-b‑w. {‑]-W-b‑w t‑X‑m-¶‑n-b B-t‑f‑m-S‑v C‑u {‑]-W-b‑w X‑p-d-¶‑v ]-d-b‑m³ F-Ã‑m X-c-¯‑ne‑p‑w s‑s‑[-c‑y-h‑p‑w‑, ]n-´‑p-W-b‑p‑w X-¶‑v H-S‑p-h‑n {‑]-W-b‑w A-ek‑n-t‑¸‑m-b‑m I‑q-«-a‑m-b‑n C-c‑p-¶‑v I-f‑n-b‑m-¡‑n-b‑p‑w s‑h-d‑p-¸‑n-¨‑p‑w H-S‑ph‑n k-a‑m-[‑m-\‑n-¸‑n-¡‑p-¶-h-c‑p‑w. t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑v ¢‑m-k‑v I-«‑v s‑N-b‑v-X‑v I‑mâ‑o-\‑n-e‑p‑w ^‑n-e‑o-a‑n-\‑p‑w t‑]‑m-I‑p¶-X‑p‑w t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑n A-S‑n-]‑n-S‑n D-ï‑m-b‑m I‑q-s‑S \‑n-¶‑v A-h-k‑mapl½-Zv dn-bmZv \‑w I‑q-s‑S D-Å-h³-a‑mÀ-¡‑v k-k‑vS4Bcom CA s‑]³-j³ I‑n-«‑n-b‑m A-X‑n s‑S³-j³ A-S‑n-¨‑p‑w‑, t‑I-k‑m-b‑m I‑m C-S-d‑n h‑o-g‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ s‑s‑I-]‑n-S‑n-¨‑v F-g‑p-t‑¶Â-]‑n-¨‑p‑w‑, h‑o-«‑p-I‑mÀ A-d‑n-b‑m-s‑X H-X‑p-¡‑n F-´‑v t‑I‑m-a‑m-f‑n-¯-c-¯‑n-\‑p‑w I‑q-s‑S \‑n-¶‑p‑w‑, I‑u-a‑m-c-¯‑n-s‑â F-Ã‑m‑w t‑k‑mÄ-h‑v B-¡‑m-\‑p‑w‑, t‑I‑ma‑p-J-O‑m-b B-b {‑]-W-b‑w. {‑]-W-b‑w t‑X‑m-¶‑n-b B-t‑f‑m-S‑v C‑u t‑f-P‑n t‑{‑]‑m-{‑K‑m‑w-k‑v h-c‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ {‑]-W-b‑w X‑p-d-¶‑v ]-d-b‑m³ F-Ã‑m X-c-¯‑n-e‑p‑w s‑s‑[-c‑y-h‑p‑w‑, {‑U-Ê‑v-t‑I‑m-U‑v C-«‑v P‑q-\‑n-t‑b-g‑v-k‑n]n-´‑p-W-b‑p‑w X-¶‑v H-S‑p-h‑n {‑]-W-b‑w A-e-k‑n-t‑¸‑m-b‑m s‑â a‑p-¼‑n s‑s‑j³ s‑N-b‑v-X‑p‑w‑, I‑q-«-a‑m-b‑n C-c‑p-¶‑v I-f‑n-b‑m-¡‑n-b‑p‑w s‑h-d‑p-¸‑n-¨‑p‑w H-S‑p-h‑n t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑v a‑p-g‑p-h³ X-s‑â A-[‑o-\X-b‑n B-s‑W-¶ `‑m-h-t‑¯‑m-s‑S k-a‑m-[‑m-\‑n-¸‑n-¡‑p-¶-h-c‑p‑w. t‑Ì-P‑n I-b-d‑n I‑q-X-d I‑m-W‑n-¡‑m\‑p‑w‑, A-h-k‑m-\‑w F-Ã‑m‑w I-g‑n-ª‑v F-I‑v-k‑m-a‑n-s‑â k-a-b-a‑m-h‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ A-\‑nÀ-Æ-N-\‑o-b-a‑m-b H-c‑p ¡Ä D-ï‑m-b‑n. P‑o-h‑n-X-¯‑n-s‑â H-c‑p A-äâ³-k‑n-\‑p‑w C-t‑â-W \‑p‑w A-\‑p-`‑q-X‑n-b‑m-W‑v k‑u-l‑r-Z‑w. A-X‑v `‑m-K-a‑m-b‑n I-g‑n-ª‑p A-hÀ. t‑I‑mt‑h-ï‑n S‑o-¨À-a‑m-c‑p-s‑S ]‑n-d-s‑I h‑o-ª‑v-t‑]‑m-s‑e-b‑m-W‑v. ]-g-I‑p‑wt‑f-P‑v F-¶‑v t‑IÄ-¡‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ X-s‑¶ \-S-¡‑p-¶-X‑p‑w‑, I-¼-b‑n³ Ì-U‑v t‑X‑m-d‑p‑w h‑o-c‑y‑w I‑q-S‑n-¡‑q-S‑n h-c‑p‑w. A-h-c‑m-W‑v a-\-Ê‑nÂ. ]‑n-s‑¶ A-hÀ F-¶‑v ]-d-ª‑v h‑o-«‑p-I‑m-c‑p-s‑S P‑o-h‑n-X-b‑m-{‑X-b‑n F-{‑X-t‑b‑m t‑] k-½‑m-\‑n-¨ \-à \-à H‑mÀ-½-I-f‑p‑w. I-®‑n s‑]‑m-S‑n-b‑n-«‑v F-Ã‑m-c‑p‑w À \-½‑p-s‑S k-l-b‑m-{‑X‑n-I-c‑m-h‑pt‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑v F-´‑m-W‑v F-¶‑p‑w t‑I‑mH-¯‑v t‑NÀ-¶‑v I-f‑n-¨‑p N‑n-c‑n-¨‑p ] ¶‑p. A-h-c‑n N‑n-eÀ \-½Ä-¡‑v t‑f-P‑v s‑s‑e-^‑v F-§-s‑\ F³-t‑P‑m-b‑v T‑n-¡‑m-s‑X k-a-b‑w I-f-b‑p-¶-X‑p‑w‑, {‑]‑n-b-s‑¸-«-h-c‑m-b‑n-¯‑o-c‑p-¶‑p. A-h- s‑N-¿‑m‑w F-¶‑p‑w R-§Ä ]T‑n-¨‑p. t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑v h‑n-«‑m-e‑p‑w h‑o-«‑n t‑]‑ms‑c \‑m‑w k‑p-l‑r-¯‑p-¡Ä F-¶‑v A-à A-h-s‑c-s‑¶ ]T‑n-¸‑n-¨‑p. I‑m-s‑X A-h‑n-s‑S-¯-s‑¶ C-c‑ph‑n-f‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. C-h‑n-s‑S C‑u a‑q-¶‑v I‑m C-S-d‑n h‑o-g‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ ¶‑v k-a-b‑w N‑n-e-h-g‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑p‑w‑, hÀ-j-¯‑n-\‑n-S-b‑n k‑z-´‑w F-¶‑v s‑s‑I-]‑n-S‑n-¨‑v F-g‑p-t‑¶Â-]‑n-¨‑p‑w‑, A-§-s‑\ \-½Ä A-d‑n-b‑m-s‑X ]-d-b‑m³ H-c‑p-]‑m-S‑v k‑p-l‑r-¯‑pF-´‑v t‑I‑m-a‑m-f‑n-¯-c-¯‑n-\‑p‑w I‑q-s‑S X-s‑¶ \-½-f‑n B-s‑c‑m-s‑¡-t‑b‑m B-b‑n a‑m-d‑p-¶ \-½‑p-s‑S k‑p-l‑r¯‑p-¡Ä \-½‑p-s‑S k-t‑´‑m-j-¯‑ne‑p‑w‑, Z‑p:J-¯‑n-e‑p‑w H-c‑p-t‑]‑m-s‑e I‑q-s‑S \‑nÂ-¡‑p-¶-hÀ. t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑v I-g‑n-b‑p-¶ Z‑n-\-§-f‑n i-c‑n-¡‑p‑w C-¯-c-¯‑n-e‑p-Å k‑p-l‑r-¯‑p-¡s‑f I‑n-«‑n-à F-¶ N‑n-´.-C-hÀ C‑u a‑q-¶‑v hÀ-j-¯‑n k-½‑m-\‑n-¨ \-à \-à H‑mÀ-½-IÄ A-s‑X-Ã‑m‑w C-\‑n H‑mÀ-½-I-f‑m-b‑n t‑]‑m-h‑p-I-b‑m-W‑v F-¶‑v B-t‑e‑m-N‑n-¡‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ a-\Ê‑n D-ï‑m-I‑p-¶ h‑n-Im-c-s‑¯ F-´‑v t‑]-c‑n-«‑p h‑n-f‑n-¡-W‑w F-¶‑v A-d‑n-b‑n-Ã. F-{‑X h-e‑p-X‑m-b‑m-e‑p‑w‑, F-{‑X D-b-c-§-f‑n F-¯‑n-b‑m-e‑p‑w H-c‑n-¡-e‑p‑w a-\-Ê‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w a‑m-b‑ms‑X a‑m-b‑n-¨‑p I-f-b‑m³ ]-ä‑m-¯ H-¶‑m-b‑n-c‑n-¡‑p‑w F-s‑â t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑v. F-s‑â k‑p-l‑r-¯‑p-¡Ä ]‑n-s‑¶ F-t‑¸‑m-t‑g‑m C-j‑v-S‑w t‑X‑m-¶‑n-b B s‑]¬-I‑p-«‑n-b‑p-s‑S a‑p-J‑hpw.




Magazine 2014-15

H‑m-t‑c‑m s‑X-ä‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w DÛ--h‑n-¡‑p-¶ i-c‑n-IÄ C-c‑p-«‑nÂ-¸‑m-d‑p-¶ a‑n-¶‑m-a‑n-\‑p-§‑n-þ s‑\-t‑¸‑m-s‑e {‑]-I‑m-i‑n-¨‑p-s‑I‑m-t‑ï-b‑n-c‑n-¡‑p‑w. H‑mÀ-¡‑p-I a-\-Ê‑n-s‑â \‑n-b-{‑´-W‑w a-\‑p-j‑y-s‑\ a‑r-K-a‑m-¡‑p-I-b‑n-Ã.

ARvP-en ]n.Fw S4 , Sociology

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15



a-®‑n-e‑m-g‑v-¶‑n-d-§‑p-¶ t‑h-c‑v a-\-Ê‑n-s‑â h-©‑n-X‑p-g-b‑p-¶ ]‑p-g-b‑m-I-s‑h H‑m-f-§-f‑n R‑m³ I‑m-W‑p-¶‑p a‑n-g‑n-b‑n I-c‑n-b‑m-¯ a‑pÄ-s‑¨-S‑n-IÄ. A-d‑n-b‑p-¶‑p R‑m-s‑\-s‑â l‑r-Z-b‑w ]‑n-S-b‑p-a‑o k‑v-a‑r-X‑n \‑m-f-§-f‑n N‑n-´‑m-a-Þ-e‑vw A-SÀ-¶‑p-h‑o-g‑p-¶-X‑v a-g-b‑n I-S-]‑p-g-I‑n-b h³-a-c-a‑m-I-s‑h H‑mÀ-¡‑p-¶‑p X-s‑â \-à \‑m-sf H‑mÀ-¡‑p-¶‑p X-s‑â X‑n-·-I-s‑f I-S-e‑n-\-S‑n-b‑n-s‑e ]-h‑n-g-a‑p-¯‑p-IÄ I‑p-ª‑p-a-Õ‑y-¯‑n-s‑â I-f‑n-¸‑m-h-I-f‑m-I‑p-¶‑p a-\-Ê-e‑n-b‑p-¶‑p H‑m-t‑c‑m k-t‑´‑m-j-¯‑n-\‑p‑w k-¦-S-¯‑n-\‑p‑w t‑h-ï‑n. h‑n-I‑m-c-§-f‑p-s‑S s‑I‑m-«‑m-c-a‑m-I‑p-¶ a-\-Ê‑v F-¶‑p‑w... a-\‑p-j‑y³ H-c‑p a‑r-K-a‑m-b‑n a‑m-d‑p-¶‑p. I‑m-«‑n h‑n-i-¶-e-b‑p-¶ I-S‑p-h-s‑b-t‑¸‑m-s‑e ‑!



Magazine 2014-15


S6 Bcom Finance

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15



56 56


Magazine 2014-15

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15



A-¶‑v.... H-¶‑p a‑n-ï‑m-\‑p‑w... H-¶‑n-¨‑n-c‑n-¡‑m-\‑p‑w H-c‑p I‑p-S-¡‑o-g‑n s‑s‑I t‑I‑mÀ-¯‑p \-S-¡‑m-\‑p‑w R‑m³ H-c‑p-]‑m-S‑v s‑I‑m-X‑n-¨‑n-c‑p-¶‑p... I‑m-´-¯‑n-t‑\-¡‑mÄ a‑qÀ-¨-b‑p-Å B t‑\‑m-«-h‑p‑w h‑n-i‑z-k‑u-µ-c‑y-s‑¯ s‑h-Ã‑p-¶ B ]‑p-©‑n-c‑n-b‑p‑w N‑p-c‑pÄ-a‑p-S‑n-b‑n X-g‑p-I‑n-¯-t‑e‑m-S‑p-¶ h‑n-cÂ-X‑p-¼‑p‑w F-s‑¶ A-h-f‑n-t‑e-¡‑v h-e‑n-¨‑n-g-¨‑p s‑I‑m-ï‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. H-S‑p-h‑nÂ... F-Ã‑m‑w s‑h-d‑p-s‑X B-s‑W-¶ t‑X‑m-¶-e‑nÂ... R‑m³ a-\-Ê‑n-e‑p-d-¸‑n-¨‑p. ""C-\‑n H-¶‑p‑w t‑h-ï'' F-¶‑v. F-Ã‑m‑w R‑m³ D-Å‑n-s‑â D-Å‑n G-t‑X‑m H-c‑p t‑I‑m-W‑n I‑p-g‑n-¨‑p a‑q-S‑n. ]-s‑£... I‑m-e-§Ä-¡-I-s‑e \‑n-¶‑p‑w R‑m³ A-d‑n-b‑m-s‑X H‑mÀ-¡‑p-¶‑p c-ï‑p X‑p-Å‑n I-®‑p-\‑o-c‑n-s‑â \-\-t‑h‑m-s‑S... "A-hÄ F-t‑â-X‑m-b‑n-c‑p-s‑¶-¦‑nÂ' F-¶‑v.

kmZnJv S4 BBA



Magazine 2014-15


S2 BA English

{‑]X‑o-£-t‑b‑ms‑S R‑m³ I‑m¯‑n-c‑p¶‑p Xf-c‑ms‑X {‑]X‑o-£-t‑b‑ms‑S B ad‑p-]-S‑nb‑v¡‑v t‑hï‑n‑! ad‑p-]-S‑n-IÄ¡‑v ]e `‑mh-§-f‑mW‑v ]‑qh‑n-c‑n-b‑p¶ t‑]‑ms‑e‑m-c‑pþ ]‑p©‑n-c‑n-b‑mI‑m‑w Ih‑nX X‑pf‑p-¼‑p¶ Hc‑p t‑\‑m«-a‑mI‑m‑w l‑rZ-b-¯‑n-t‑e-¡‑pÅ h‑m¡‑p-I-f‑mI‑m‑w H‑mÀ½-b‑n-t‑e¡‑v ]X‑n-b‑p¶ Hc‑p \‑oä-e‑mI‑m‑w \‑oï a‑u\-¯‑ne‑p‑w AX‑v ad-ª‑n-c‑n¡‑m‑w ad‑p-]-S‑n-IÄ ]e-t‑¸‑mg‑p‑w {‑]X‑o-£-b‑ps‑S h‑n¯‑p-I-f‑mW‑v t‑N‑mZ‑y-§-f‑ps‑S acW‑w hs‑c ad‑p-]-S‑n-IÄ ]‑nd¶‑v s‑I‑mï‑n-c‑n¡‑p‑w‑!‑!‑!

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15



]-d-ª {‑]-W-b‑w

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Magazine 2014-15

l‑r-Z-b-¯‑n B-c‑p‑w A-d‑n-b‑m-s‑X H-f‑n-¸‑n-¨‑p s‑h-¨ F-s‑â k‑v-t‑\-l‑w. ]-d-ª‑n-à R‑m³ A-h-t‑f‑m-S‑v F-\‑n-¡‑v A-h-t‑f‑m-S‑p-Å {‑]-W-b-s‑¯-]-ä‑n. \-s‑Ã‑m-c‑p I‑q-«‑p-I‑m-c-s‑â t‑h-j-¯‑n A-`‑n-\-b‑nt‑¡-ï‑n h-¶‑p A-h-f‑p-s‑S a‑p-¼‑n F-\‑n-¡‑v. ]-c-k‑v-]-c‑w k-t‑´‑m-j§-f‑p‑w k-¦-S-§-f‑p‑w R-§Ä ]-¦‑p-s‑h-¨‑v. R‑m³ A-d‑n-b‑m-s‑X X-s‑¶ F-¶‑n HcphÄ B-b‑n A-hÄ a‑m-d‑n-s‑¡‑m-ï‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. {‑]-W-b‑w F-´‑m-s‑W-¶‑p‑w A-X‑n-s‑â AÀ-°‑w F-´‑m-s‑W-¶‑p‑w A-d‑n-ª‑p X‑p-S-§‑n-b-X‑v A-hÄ I‑q-s‑S-b‑p-Å B Z‑n-h-k-§-f‑n B-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. ]-s‑£‑, A-h-f‑p-s‑S a‑p-¼‑n H-¶‑p‑w X-s‑¶ X‑p-d-¶‑p ]-d-b‑m³ D-Å s‑s‑[-c‑y‑w D-ï‑m-b‑n-Ã. s‑]‑m-X‑p-s‑h F-Ã‑m I‑m-a‑p-I³-a‑m-c‑p‑w ]-d-b‑p-¶ t‑]‑m-s‑e. F-\‑n-¡‑v t‑]-S‑n-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. F-s‑¶-t‑¶-¡‑p-a‑m-b‑n A-hÄ F-¶‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w A-I-e‑p-t‑a‑m F-¶‑v. Z‑n-h-k-§Ä I-®-S-¨‑v X‑p-d-¡‑pt‑¼‑m-s‑e t‑]‑m-b‑n-s‑¡‑m-ï‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. F-\‑n-¡‑v F-h‑n-s‑S-s‑b‑m-s‑¡-t‑b‑m k‑w-i-b‑w t‑X‑m-¶‑n-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. A-h-f‑p‑w F-s‑¶-t‑¸‑m-s‑e a-\-Ê‑n F-t‑¶‑m-S‑p-Å {‑]-W-b‑w H-f‑n-¸‑n-¨‑v s‑h-¨‑v F-s‑â I‑q-«‑p-I‑m-c‑n-b‑p-s‑S t‑h-j-¯‑n A-`‑n-\-b‑n-¡‑p-I-b‑m-t‑W‑m F-¶‑v. C-X‑v H-c‑p k‑w-i-b‑w a‑m-{‑X‑w. H-c‑p Z‑n-h-k‑w A-hÄ F-s‑â a‑p-¼‑n h-¶‑p. F-¶‑p‑w A-h-f‑ps‑S a‑p-J-¯‑v R‑m³ I-ï‑n-c‑p-¶ {‑]-I‑m-i‑w A-t‑¸‑mÄ A-h-f‑n R‑m³ I-ï‑n-Ã. R‑m³ t‑h-s‑d H-c‑m-f‑p-s‑S k‑z-´-a‑m-I‑m³ t‑]‑m-h‑p-I-b‑m-W‑v F-¶ h‑mÀ-¯-b‑p-a‑m-b‑n-«‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p A-hÄ F-s‑â a‑p-¼‑n h-¶-X‑v. a-\-Ê‑n A-t‑¸‑mÄ F-\‑n-¡‑v t‑X‑m-¶‑n-b h‑n-I‑m-c-s‑¯ F-´‑v t‑]-c‑n-«‑p h‑n-f‑n-¡-W‑w F-¶‑v F-\‑n-¡‑v A-d‑n-b‑n-Ã. B \‑n-a‑n-j‑w X-s‑¶ R‑m³ ]-d-ª‑p F-s‑â C-j‑v-S-s‑¯ ]-ä‑n. A-t‑¸‑mÄ F-h‑n-s‑S-\‑n-¶‑p h-¶‑p s‑s‑[-c‑y‑w F-s‑¶-\‑n-¡-d‑n-b‑n-Ã. H-c‑p-]‑m-S‑v s‑s‑h-I‑n-t‑¸‑m-b‑n R‑m³ C-X‑v ]-d-b‑m³ F-¶ a‑p-J-`‑m-h-¯‑nÂ. H-c‑p ]‑p-©‑n-c‑n k-½‑m-\‑n-¨‑v ]‑p-dt‑I‑m-«‑v F-s‑¶ t‑\‑m-¡‑m-s‑X A-hÄ \-S-¶-I-¶‑p. I‑m-e‑w H-c‑p-]‑m-S‑v I-S-¶‑p-t‑]‑m-b‑n. P‑o-h‑n-X‑w ]-e c‑o-X‑n-b‑n a‑m-d‑n a-d-ª‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑n-c‑p¶‑p. C‑u P‑o-h‑n-X-b‑m-{‑X-b‑n R‑m³ B-c‑n \‑n-t‑¶‑m A-d‑n-ª‑p R‑m³ A-¶‑v k‑w-i-b‑n-¨‑n-c‑p-¶-X‑v k-X‑y-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. A-h-f‑p‑w F-s‑â a‑p-¼‑n A-`‑n-\-b‑n-¡‑p-I-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p F-¶‑v. F-s‑´‑m-s‑¡-X-s‑¶- B-b‑m-e‑p‑w s‑s‑Z-h‑w ]-c-k‑v-]-c‑w k‑v-t‑\l‑n-¨‑n-«‑p‑w H-¶‑m-¡‑m³ k-½-X‑n-¡‑m-¯-h-c‑n c-ï‑p-t‑]-c‑m-b‑n a‑m-d‑n R‑m-\‑p‑w A-h-f‑p‑w R-§-f‑p-s‑S {‑]-W-b-h‑p‑w. {‑]-W-b‑w BÀ-¡‑p‑w B-t‑c‑m-S‑p‑w F-t‑¸‑mÄ t‑h-W-s‑a-¦‑n-e‑p‑w t‑X‑m-¶‑m‑w. A-X‑v ]-d-t‑b-ï k-a-b-¯‑v ]-d-b-W‑w. N‑n-e-t‑¸‑mÄ H-c‑n¡-e‑p‑w \-½Ä-¡‑v ]-d-b‑m³ k‑m-[‑n-¡‑m-s‑X h-c‑p‑w.

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(Ip-ªp-®n amjv)

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


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S2 BA English

A-½ I‑p-ª‑n-s‑\ a-S‑n-b‑n-e‑n-c‑p-¯‑n X-s‑â s‑\-©‑n-s‑e A-a‑r-X-I‑p‑w-`-§t‑f‑m-S‑v t‑NÀ-¯‑p ]‑n-S‑n-¡‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ I‑p-ª‑n-s‑â N‑p-ï‑n-s‑e B-Z‑y-s‑¯ Z‑m-l‑w H-c‑p s‑s‑h-Z‑y‑p-X X-c‑w-K‑w t‑]‑m-s‑e {‑X-k‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. A-½-b‑ps‑S i-c‑o-c-t‑¯‑m-S‑v I‑p-ª‑p-N‑p-ï‑pIÄ t‑N-c‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ A-½-b‑p-s‑S i-c‑o-c-¯‑n-s‑â H‑m-t‑c‑m k‑n-c-I-f‑p‑w t‑NÀ-¶‑p ]‑m-S‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ A-h‑n-s‑S a‑m-X‑r-X‑z‑w h‑n-S-c‑p-¶‑p. "\‑o A-½-b‑ms‑W-¶‑v' H‑m-t‑c‑m \‑m-U‑n-b‑p‑w R-c¼‑p‑w A-h-s‑f H‑mÀ-½‑n-¸‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p.


-½‑' F-¶ h‑n-I‑m-c-¯‑n-\‑p a‑p-¶‑n ]-e-t‑¸‑m-g‑p‑w A-ѳ H-f‑n-a-§‑p-¶ h‑n-f-¡‑m-b‑n a‑m-d‑m-d‑p-ï‑v. h-b-ä‑n ]-¯‑p a‑m-k-h‑p‑w H-c‑m-b‑p-j‑v-¡‑m-e‑w a‑p-g‑p-h³ l‑r-Z-b-¯‑n-e‑p‑w I‑n-S-¡‑p-¶ I‑p-ª‑p-§-f‑m-W‑v A-½-b‑v-¡‑v a-¡Ä. \‑nÀ-Æ-N‑n-¡‑m-\‑m-I‑m-¯ h‑n-I‑m-c-a‑m-W‑v a‑m-X‑rX‑z‑w. kÀ-Æ h‑n-I‑m-c-§-f‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w H-c‑p k-a-\‑z‑n-X k-¦Â-¸-a‑m-W-X‑v. "a-e-a-b‑o i-¿‑m-N:k‑m-h-Õ-c‑o...‑' "F-s‑â a-e-a‑q-{‑X-s‑¯ s‑I‑m-Ã-¡-W-¡‑n-\‑p I‑m-e‑w i-¿-b‑m-¡‑n-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p-t‑h‑m-‑' F-¶‑v t‑N‑m-Z‑n-¡‑p¶‑n-S-¯‑v a‑m-X‑r-X‑z‑w B-c‑w-`‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. C-¶-s‑¯ ]‑mT-]‑p-k‑v-X-I-¯‑n C-h-s‑b‑m-¶‑p‑w ]T‑n-¸‑n-¡‑p¶‑n-Ã. (A+B)2 = A2+B2+2AB F-¶ k-a-h‑m-I‑y-§-s‑f‑m-s‑¡ ]T‑n-¡‑m-\‑p‑w ]T‑n-¸‑n-¡‑p-h‑m-\‑p-a‑m-W‑v \‑m‑w k-a-b‑w I-f-b‑p-¶-X‑v. A-X‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v X-s‑¶ k‑z-´‑w A-½-s‑b ]-S‑n-¡‑v ]‑p-d-¯‑m-¡‑p-¶-h-s‑c‑m-s‑¡ h‑n-h-c-h‑p‑w h‑n-Z‑y‑m-`‑y‑m-k-h‑p-a‑n-Ã‑m-¯-h-c‑m-s‑W-¶‑v [-c‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑v s‑X-ä‑m-W‑v. A-h-s‑c‑m-s‑¡ h-e‑n-b _-l‑p-a-X‑n-I-s‑f‑, h-e‑n-b A-£-c-¡‑q-«-§-s‑f k‑z-´‑w t‑]-c‑n-s‑â A-I-¼-S‑n t‑NÀ-¯‑v F-g‑p-X‑n s‑h-b‑v-¡‑p-¶-h-c‑p‑w _‑n-c‑p-Z I‑q-¼‑m-c-§-f‑n P‑o-h‑n-¡‑p-¶-h-c‑p-a‑m-W‑v. F-¶‑m A-½-s‑b X‑n-c‑n¨-d‑n-b‑m³ t‑h-ï-X‑v k‑v-t‑\-l-¯‑n-s‑â Ú‑m-\-a‑m-W‑v. "A-½ h‑o-ï‑p‑w \‑nÀ-_-Ô‑n-¨-t‑¸‑mÄ i-¦-c³ H-c‑p t‑Ç‑m-I‑w s‑N‑m-Ã‑n... X-s‑â A-½-b‑v-¡‑v \-µ‑n ]-d-ª‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v;' "\-a-k‑v-t‑X \-a-k‑v-t‑X P-K-¶‑m-Y h‑n-j‑v-W‑p \-a-k‑v-t‑X \-a-k‑v-t‑X K-Y‑m‑, N-{‑I-h‑m-t‑W...

a‑m-X‑r-X‑z‑w F-¶




Magazine 2014-15

\-a-k‑v-t‑X \-a-k‑v-t‑X {‑]-`-¶‑mÀ-°‑nl‑m-c‑n³ k-a-Ø‑m-`-c‑m-Y‑w £-a-Ø‑m-L‑n-t‑ei‑w‑, a‑p-J N-{‑µ l‑m-k‑w‑, \t`N-{‑µ-`‑m-k‑w I-t‑c-N‑m-c‑p N-{‑I‑w k‑p-t‑c-i‑m-`‑n a-²‑y‑w `‑p-P-t‑K-i-b‑m-\‑w `-t‑P ]-ß-\‑m-`‑w'-. F-¶‑v a-I³ s‑N‑m-Ã‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ A-½-b‑p-s‑S I-®‑p-I-f‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w I-®‑p-\‑o-c‑n-s‑â {‑]-h‑m-l-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p. A-§-s‑\-b‑m-W‑v B-c‑y‑m‑w-` I-®-S-¨-s‑X-¶‑v N-c‑n-{‑X‑w \-t‑½‑m-S‑v ]-d-b‑p-¶‑p. a‑p-l-½-Z‑v \-_‑n-b‑p-s‑S a‑p-¼‑n s‑N-¶‑v H-c‑p i‑n-j‑y³ t‑N‑m-Z‑n-¨‑p; R‑m³ B-t‑c‑m-S‑m-W‑v G-ä-h‑p‑w I‑qS‑p-X \-µ‑n I‑m-W‑n-t‑¡-ï-s‑X-¶‑v? s‑s‑Z-h-Z‑q-X-\‑m-b \-_‑n D-¯-c‑w \Â-I‑n. "\‑n-s‑â a‑m-X‑m-h‑n-t‑\‑m-S‑v! t‑N‑m-Z‑y-IÀ-¯‑m-h‑v h‑o-ï‑p‑w t‑N‑m-Z‑y‑w B-hÀ-¯‑n-¨‑p. c-ï‑m-a-s‑¯ BÄ B-c‑m-s‑W-¶‑v; "A-b‑mÄ-¡-d‑n-b‑ma‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. A-t‑±-l‑w ]-d-ª‑p "\‑n-s‑â a‑m-X‑m-h‑n-t‑\‑m-S‑v." A-b‑mÄ h‑o-ï‑p‑w t‑N‑m-Z‑y‑w B-hÀ-¯‑n-¨-t‑¸‑mg‑p‑w \-_‑n ]-d-ª‑p; "\‑n-s‑â a‑m-X‑mh‑n-t‑\‑m-S‑v '! \‑m-e‑m-a-X‑p‑w t‑N‑m-Z‑y-IÀ¯‑m-h‑v B-hÀ-¯‑n-¨‑p. A-t‑¸‑mÄ ]-d-ª‑p "]‑n-X‑m-h‑n-t‑\‑m-S‑v'‑! a‑q-¶‑ph-«‑w a‑m-X‑m-h‑p‑w \‑m-e‑m-a-X‑v a‑m-{‑X‑w ]‑n-X‑m-h‑p-t‑]‑m-e‑p‑w I-S-¶‑v h-c‑p-¶ h‑y‑m-J‑y‑m-\-a‑n-Ã‑m-¯ hÀ-®-\-I-f‑nÃ‑m-¯ k‑p-I‑r-X-¯‑n-s‑â t‑]-c‑m-W‑v "A-½'. A-½ I‑p-ª‑n-s‑\ a-S‑n-b‑n-e‑n-c‑p¯‑n X-s‑â s‑\-©‑n-s‑e A-a‑r-XI‑p‑w-`-§-t‑f‑m-S‑v t‑NÀ-¯‑p ]‑n-S‑n-¡‑pt‑¼‑mÄ I‑p-ª‑n-s‑â N‑p-ï‑n-s‑e B-Z‑y-s‑¯ Z‑m-l‑w H-c‑p s‑s‑h-Z‑y‑p-X X-c‑w-K‑w t‑]‑m-s‑e {‑X-k‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. A-½-b‑p-s‑S i-c‑o-c-t‑¯‑m-S‑v I‑pª‑p-N‑p-ï‑p-IÄ t‑N-c‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ A-½-b‑p-s‑S i-c‑o-c-¯‑n-s‑â H‑m-t‑c‑m k‑n-c-I-f‑p‑w t‑NÀ-¶‑p ]‑m-S‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ A-h‑n-s‑S a‑m-X‑r-X‑z‑w h‑n-S-c‑p-¶‑p. "\‑o A-½-b‑m-s‑W-¶‑v' H‑m-t‑c‑m \‑m-U‑nb‑p‑w R-c-¼‑p‑w A-h-s‑f H‑mÀ-½‑n-¸‑n¡‑p-¶‑p. C‑u t‑e‑m-I-s‑¯ G-ä-h‑p‑w t‑{‑i-j‑vT-a‑m-b I-e‑m-a‑p-l‑qÀ-¯‑w B k-µÀ-`-a‑m-W‑v. a‑m-\-h P‑o-h‑n-X¯‑n-s‑â G-ä-h‑p‑w DÂ-I‑r-j‑v-S-a‑m-b I-e‑m-a‑p-l‑qÀ-¯‑w‑!‑!‑!. A-X‑v A-½-b‑v¡‑v a‑m-{‑X‑w h-i-a‑p-Å-X‑p‑w A-\‑p-I-cW-§Ä-¡-X‑o-X-h‑p-a‑m-W‑v. A-½-s‑b B-«‑n-¸‑p-d-¯‑m-¡‑p-¶ H‑m-t‑c‑m a-¡Ä-¡‑p‑w N‑n-´‑n-¡‑m³ I-g‑n-b-s‑«‑, H³-]-X-c a‑m-k-t‑¯‑m-f‑w

A-½-b‑p-s‑S KÀ-`‑m-i-b¯‑n I-g‑n-ª‑n-c‑p-¶ k-a-b-¯‑v A-½-b‑p-a‑mb‑n a-¡Ä-¡‑v D‑uÀ-Ö k‑w-t‑h-Z-\-¯‑n-\‑m-b‑n _-Ô-\-a‑p-ï‑m-b‑nc‑p-¶‑p. A-X‑n-e‑q-s‑S h‑n-i-¸-S-¡‑n... Z‑m-l-a-Iä‑n... i‑z-k‑n-¨‑p... ]‑n-¶‑o-S‑v P-\‑n-¨‑v h-fÀ-¶‑v h-e‑n-b B-f‑m-b‑n B-I‑m-i‑w a‑p-t‑« h-fÀ-¶-t‑¸‑m-g‑p‑w s‑s‑Z-h‑w A-h-s‑â t‑Z-l¯‑v H-c‑p a‑p-{‑Z _‑m-¡‑n s‑h-¨‑p. "s‑]‑m-¡‑nÄ‑'. a‑m-X‑m-h‑p‑w a-¡-f‑p‑w X-½‑ne‑p-Å _-Ô-\‑w ]-c‑n-i‑p²-a‑m-b _-Ô-a‑m-b‑n a‑mä‑p-¶ C‑u-i‑z-c-s‑â a‑p-{‑Z. a‑m-X‑m-h‑n-s‑\ N-h‑n-«‑m³ I‑m-t‑e‑m-§‑p-¶-h-s‑â t‑Z-l-¯‑n-c‑p-¶‑v C‑u a‑p-{‑Z t‑X-§W‑w. H³-]-X-c a‑m-k-¡‑m-e-s‑¯ P‑o-h-X‑y‑m-K-¯‑n-s‑â a‑p-{‑Z-a-\‑p-j‑y³ a-c‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑p-h-s‑c A-h-s‑â t‑Z-l¯‑v D-ï‑m-I-W-s‑a-¶-X‑v k‑r-j‑v-S‑n-b‑ps‑S X‑o-c‑p-a‑m-\-a‑m-W‑v. a‑m-X‑m-h‑n-s‑â a‑p-{‑Z a‑m-b‑v-¨‑p-I-f-b‑m³ C‑u t‑e‑m-I¯‑v H-c‑p i-k‑v-{‑X-{‑I‑n-b-s‑I‑m-ï‑p‑w k‑m-[‑y-a-Ã. A-{‑X h-e‑n-b A-S-b‑m-fa‑m-b‑n A-X‑v P‑z-e‑n-¨‑p \‑nÂ-¡‑p-I-b‑mW‑v. "a‑m-X‑m-h‑n-s‑â I‑mÂ-N‑p-h-«‑n-e‑mW‑v k‑zÀ-¤-s‑a-¶‑v' {‑]-h‑m-N-I³ ]-d-ª‑p. {‑]‑m-b-a‑m-b a‑m-X‑m-]‑n-X‑m¡-t‑f‑m-S‑v "t‑O‑' F-¶ h‑m-¡‑p-t‑]‑me‑p‑w ]-d-b-c‑p-s‑X-¶‑v ]-c‑n-i‑p-² J‑pÀ-B³ h‑n-e-¡‑n. h‑m-¡‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v t‑]‑m-e‑p‑w A-h-s‑c t‑h-Z-\‑n-¸‑n-¡-c‑pX‑v. A-X‑v H‑mÀ-½‑n-¸‑n-¨ A-½-b‑mW‑v a-ZÀ-s‑X-t‑c-k. h-e‑n-b H-c‑p A-½‑! H-c‑p-]‑m-S‑v a-¡-s‑f a‑m-t‑d‑m-S‑v t‑NÀ-¯‑n- h‑m-Õ-e‑y \‑n-[‑n. "k‑v-t‑\l-s‑a-Ã‑m‑w P-b‑n-¡‑p‑w k‑v-t‑\-l-s‑aÃ‑m‑w s‑]‑m-d‑p-¡‑p‑w‑' F-¶‑v ]T‑n-¸‑n-¨ A-½... s‑X‑m-«‑n-e‑n I‑n-S-¡‑p-¶ I‑p-ª‑ps‑s‑]-X-e‑n-s‑\ t‑\‑m-¡‑n H‑m-t‑c‑m ]‑n-X‑m-h‑p‑w a‑m-X‑m-h‑n-t‑\‑m-S‑v t‑N‑m-Z‑n¡‑p‑w "F-s‑â t‑a‑m³ D-d-§‑n-t‑b‑m‑' "F-s‑â t‑a‑mÄ D-d-§‑n-t‑b‑m‑'! \‑nÀÆ-N-\-§-f‑n-Ã‑m-¯... A-\-´-a‑m-b ]‑n-X‑r-k‑v-t‑\-l-¯‑n-s‑â B-g-h‑p‑w ]-c-¸‑p‑w H-ä t‑N‑m-Z‑y-¯‑n-e‑q-s‑S A-\‑p-`-t‑h-Z‑y-a‑m-I‑p-¶‑p. B k‑v-t‑\l-¯‑n-s‑â K-Ô‑w C-¶‑v H‑m-t‑c‑m a-¡-f‑n-e‑p‑w D-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p-s‑h-¦‑n \-a‑p-¡‑v N‑p-ä‑p‑w h‑r-² k-Z-\-§Ä

H-¶‑p‑w X-s‑¶ D-ï‑m-I‑p-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶‑n-Ã. H-c‑p l‑n-µ‑p-Ø‑m-\‑n I-h‑n h‑n-e]‑n-¨ t‑]‑m-s‑e I‑m-e-h‑p‑w h‑n-e-]‑n-¡‑p¶‑p. "A-Ñ-\‑p‑w A-½-b‑p‑w h‑o-«‑n H-ä-¡‑nc‑p-¶ I-c-b‑p-¶‑p. a-®‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v D-ï‑m-¡‑n-b I-f‑n-¸‑m-«¯‑n-\‑p-t‑]‑m-e‑p‑w N-´-b‑n \-à h‑n-e-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p... a-\‑p-j‑y-s‑\ \‑nÀ-½‑n-s‑¨‑m-c‑p-¡‑n-b a‑m-X‑m-h‑n-\‑p‑w ]‑n-X‑m-h‑n-\‑p‑w H-c‑p h‑n-e-b‑p-a‑n-Ã‑!‑!‑! I‑m-e-h‑p‑w I-h‑n-X-b‑p‑w IÀ½-s‑¯ I‑m-W‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p‑, k‑v-t‑\-l i‑q-\‑y-X-b‑m-W‑v C-X‑n-s‑â-b-Ã‑m‑w A-S‑n-Ø‑m-\ I‑m-c-W‑w. A-X‑n \‑n-¶‑m-W‑v `‑o-I-c-h‑m-Z‑w D-ï‑m-I‑p¶-X‑v. A-X‑n \‑n-¶‑m-W‑v X‑o{‑h k-¦Â-¸-§-f‑p-ï‑m-I‑p-¶-X‑v. A-X‑n \‑n-¶‑m-W‑v a‑m-X‑m-]‑n-X‑m¡-s‑f s‑]-c‑p-h-g‑n-b‑n-e‑p-t‑]-£‑n-¡‑m\‑p-Å k-µÀ-`-§-f‑p-ï‑m-I‑p-¶-X‑v. C‑u ]-I-e‑n-s‑â {‑]-`‑m-h‑w H-c‑n-¡e‑p‑w Ø‑m-b‑n A-Ã. h‑o-ï‑p‑w N-{‑µ‑n-I h-c‑p‑w... H-c‑p ]‑p-X‑p ]‑p-e-c‑n h-c‑p‑w... A-¶‑v \-½-f‑p‑w I‑m-e-¯‑n-s‑â s‑I«‑p-]‑m-S‑p-I-f‑n ]‑n-W-ª‑p-t‑]‑mI‑m‑w... P-·‑w \Â-I‑n-b P‑o-h-\‑p-Is‑f I‑m-W‑m-s‑X k‑z-´‑w P‑o-h‑n-X‑w t‑X-S‑n ]‑m-b‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ I‑m C-S-d‑n h‑o-W‑m ]‑n-S‑n-¨‑p-bÀ-¯‑m³ C‑u-i‑zc-\‑p-ï‑m-I‑n-Ã. a-d‑n-¨‑v, F-¶‑p‑w l‑r-Zb-¯‑n k‑v-t‑\-l‑w a‑m-{‑X‑w I-c‑p-X‑n h-b‑v-¡‑p-¶ a‑m-X‑m-]‑n-X‑m-¡Ä a‑m-{‑Xs‑a D-ï‑m-I‑q‑!‑!‑!

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


Mohammed Shakeeb.T. S6, BA English


he simplest definition of photography provided by the Oxford dictionary is,” the art or practice of taking and processing photographs”. Photography is a science, art or practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor or chemically by means of a light sensitive material such as photographic film. It comes from two Greek words: photo, for ‘light’ and graph, for ‘drawing’. ‘Drawing with light’ is the way of describing photography. The first permanent photograph



Magazine 2014-15

image was produced by Joseph Nicephor Niepce who was a French inventor. He placed a metal plate in a box and successfully was able to capture light. His discovery was named “heliograph”. His fellow Frenchman, Louis Daguere was experimenting with ways to capture an image. In 1829, Joseph and Louis teamed up to improve the process Joseph first developed. This was basically the beginning of photography. Fast forwarding to today’s era, we find that photography plays a vital role in one’s life. Some use it professionally, some use

it for holding a memory forever, and where as some use it showing off. Yes! This attitude of people using photography to show their life out to others with pride has even led to the introduction of various social medias used exclusively for photo or video sharing like instagram, flickr, photobucket, snapchat, etc. it basically means that photography is becoming an extremely powerful tool when it comes to communication and visually expressing one’s self. Photography has gone through different phases to become what we see today. Today if a person wishes to record a moment all he/ she needs to do is take his/her mobile or DSLR and capture the moment with a click. Basically everyone with a DSLR has converted themselves to a professional photographer. It is told that every person with a DSLR will own a page in Facebook, to upload the pictures taken by him/her. But it is just not a DSLR that makes you a professional. It needs talent. By talent it not only means the amazing click a DSLR gives out. It means the idea of clicking an object and moreover what is required is the passion for it. Passion is required for any art form. There is a famous quotation stated by Elliot Erwitt. “Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see them’. Basically you don’t take a photo. You make it. So if you consider yourself a photographer remember this. Photographers have a duty. A duty to think far more about the stories they are trying to tell-what they are trying to say and who they are trying to say it to. Their question to themselves should be ‘has this story been told before’ and if so ‘how can I tell it differently’.

‫‪ter Science‬‬

‫‪Rahma‬‬ ‫‪S 5 Computer Science‬‬



‫‪Rahma‬‬ ‫‪S4, Computer Science‬‬

‫أ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬‬

‫ّ‬ ‫‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬‬

‫ـ ـ ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬‬

‫ّ‬ ‫‪‬أ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ك‪‬‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬أ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـﻄ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ّ‪ّ ‬‬ ‫‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬‬

‫ّ‬ ‫و‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫و‪‬أدري‪ ‬ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬‬

‫وأ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ا‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ‪‬ا‪ ‬ـ‪‬‬

‫ّ‬ ‫‪‬إ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬أ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ت‬

‫ّ‬ ‫ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬‬

‫وأ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ا‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ‪‬ا‪ ‬ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ‪‬‬


‫ّ‬ ‫و‪‬أ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ع‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬‬

‫و‪‬ن‪‬أدري‪‬أ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ّ‬ ‫‪‬أو‪‬‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬أ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ‪‬‬

‫و‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‬

‫‪ ‬ـ‪‬وﷲ‪‬أ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬إ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬‬

‫‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ك‪‬‬

‫ّ‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬‬

‫ّ‬ ‫وأ‪‬أ‪‬ة‪‬ا‪‬‬

‫و‪‬أدري‪ ‬ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ‬

‫و‪‬أ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ع‪ ‬ـ ـ‬

‫‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ت‬ ‫‪65‬‬

‫‪GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15‬‬

‫و‪‬ن‪‬أدري‪‬أ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪ ‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ‪‬‬


ss{K-k³ imPp S6 Bcom CA



Magazine 2014-15


H‑F-mÀ½ I Ä s‑â I‑y‑m-¼-k‑v

CÀ^m³ l-_o-_v Sn. S4 Bcom Finance

E-X‑p-¡Ä a‑m-d‑p-¶-X‑p‑w hÀ-j-§Ä s‑]‑m-g‑n-ª‑v X‑o-c‑p-¶-X‑p‑w \‑n-s‑â I‑p-f‑nÀ-½-b‑mÀ-¶ k‑m-¶‑n-²‑y-¯‑n-e‑q-s‑S-b‑m-W‑v R-§-f-d‑n-b‑p-¶-X‑v. k‑u-l‑r-Z-¯‑n-s‑â ]‑p-X‑n-b h‑m-b-\-I-f‑p‑w A-\‑p-`-h-§-f‑p‑w \‑n-¶‑n \‑n-¶‑m-W‑v R-§Ä ]-IÀ-¶-X‑v. R-§Ä-¡‑v e-`‑n-¨ A-£-c-§Ä-¡‑p‑w h‑m¡‑p-IÄ-¡‑p‑w ]‑p-X‑n-b AÀ-° X-e‑w s‑X-f‑n-¨-X‑v \‑o-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. s‑k-a-Ìd‑n-s‑â h-e-I-®‑n-I-f‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w {‑]-W-b-¯‑n-s‑â X‑o-£‑v-W-X-b‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w k‑u-l‑r-Z-¯‑n-s‑â I‑p-f‑nÀ-½-b‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w R-§-f‑p-s‑S B-i-¦-IÄ-¡‑v, \‑n-s‑â k‑m-¶‑n-²‑y‑w \Â-I‑p-¶ k‑p-c-£‑n-X-X‑z-t‑_‑m-[‑w B-ß-h‑n-i‑z‑m-k-t‑a-I‑n-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p. F-Ã‑m-h-c‑p‑w ]-d-b‑p‑w \‑n-\-¡‑v t‑i-j‑w s‑]‑m-Å‑p-¶ N‑q-S‑n-s‑â b‑m-Y‑mÀ°‑y-§-f‑m-s‑W-¶‑v, ]-s‑£‑, h‑m-Õ-e‑y ]‑qÀ-®-a‑m-b \‑n-s‑â X-t‑e‑m-S-e‑p‑w l‑rZ-b i‑p-²‑n-t‑b‑m-s‑S-b‑p-Å k‑u-l‑r-Z-h‑p‑w B-hÀ-¯-\ h‑n-c-k-X-b‑n-Ã‑m-¯ C-S-s‑]-S-e‑p-I-f‑p‑w k‑v-t‑\-l-¯‑n-s‑â-b‑p‑w ]-c‑n-c-£-W-¯‑n-s‑â-b‑p‑w K‑r-l‑m-X‑pc-X N‑m-e‑n-¨ H‑mÀ-½-I-f‑p‑w I‑q-«‑n-\‑p-Å-t‑¸‑mÄ G-X‑p N‑q-S‑n-\‑m-W‑v R-§-s‑f s‑]‑m-Å‑n-¡‑m³ I-g‑n-b‑p-I? R-§-f‑p-s‑S I‑p-k‑r-X‑n-I-s‑f ]-e-t‑¸‑m-g‑p‑w k‑m-lk‑n-I-X-b‑n-s‑e-¯‑n-t‑b-¡‑m-h‑p-¶ X-a‑m-i-I-s‑f ]‑n-X‑r-\‑nÀ-`-c-a‑m-b h‑m-Õ-e‑yt‑¯‑m-s‑S K‑p-W-t‑Z‑m-j‑n-¡‑m³ \‑o-s‑b-¶‑p‑w R-§-t‑f‑m-s‑S‑m-¸-a‑p-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. C-X‑v h‑n-S-]-d-b-e‑n-s‑â A-h-k‑m-\ h‑m-¡-Ã. R-§-f‑p-s‑S B-i-¦-I-f‑p-s‑S AÀ-² h‑n-c‑m-a-h‑p-a-Ã. H-c‑p s‑I‑m-g‑n-ª‑p-t‑]‑m-¡‑v \Â-I‑p-¶ t‑X-§-e‑n-s‑â B-Z‑y-s‑¯ A-e-b-S‑n-b‑m-W‑v! I‑y‑m-¼-k‑v. P‑o-h‑n-X-¯‑n-s‑â k‑m-b‑m-Ó-§-f‑n I‑m-e-s‑â I‑m-s‑e‑m-¨ A-I-s‑e \‑n-¶‑v t‑IÄ-¡‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ P‑o-h‑n-X-¯‑n-s‑â h-k-´-I‑m-e-s‑¯ H‑mÀ-¡‑m³ H-c‑n-¡Â I‑q-S‑n R-§Ä \‑n-¶‑n-t‑e-s‑¡-¯‑p‑w.... H-c‑n-¡Â I‑q-S‑n.

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


jn_n ap-l½Zv S4 Bcom Finance

I‑y‑m-¼-k‑v F-¶‑m F-\‑n-¡‑v C-§-s‑\-b‑m-W‑v I‑y‑m-¼-k‑v F-¶‑p‑w a-t‑\‑m-l-c-a‑m-b H-t‑c‑mÀ-½-b‑m-W‑v. a-\-Ê‑n-s‑â s‑N¸‑n \‑q-d‑v hÀ-®-§Ä h‑n-c‑n-b‑n-¨‑v a-ª‑p-a-g-b‑p-X‑nÀ-¡‑p-¶ k‑w-K‑o-X‑w. I‑ua‑m-c ]-S-h‑p-I-f‑n \‑n-¶‑v b‑u-Æ-\-¯‑n-t‑e-¡‑v N‑p-h-S‑p-s‑h-¡‑p-¶ ]‑q-X‑p-¼‑n-If‑p-s‑S I-h‑n-X. I‑y‑m-¼-k‑n-s‑â k‑z-]‑v-\-§-s‑f s‑X‑m-«-d‑n-ª G-s‑X‑m-c‑mÄ-¡‑p‑w ]-d-b‑m³ H-«-\-h-[‑n I-Y-I-f‑p-ï‑v. A-h-t‑c‑m-t‑c‑m-c‑p-¯-c‑p‑w X-§-f‑p-s‑S P‑o-h‑nX-¯‑n k‑p-hÀ-® I‑m-e-L-«-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶ B H‑mÀ-½-IÄ N‑n-X-e-c‑n-¡‑m-s‑X a-\-Ê‑m-I‑p-¶ B U-b-d‑n-b‑n F-¡‑m-e-h‑p‑w I‑m-¯‑p-k‑q-£‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. H-c‑p ]‑p-X‑n-b t‑e‑m-I‑w‑, I‑y‑m-¼-k‑v H-c‑p k‑z-]‑v-\-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-s‑¶-¦‑n-e‑p‑w A-X‑n-s‑â H‑m-t‑c‑m ]-S‑n-b‑p‑w I-b-d‑n-b-t‑¸‑mÄ a-\-Ê‑n-s‑e-s‑´-¶‑n-Ã‑m-¯ H-c‑m-



Magazine 2014-15

\-µ‑w. ]-s‑£‑, ]‑n-¶‑o-S‑v I‑y‑m-¼-k‑v X-s‑â X-s‑¶ `‑m-K-a‑m-b‑n a‑m-d‑n. A-h‑n-s‑S k‑u-l‑r-Z-¯‑n-s‑â ]‑p¯³ \‑m-¼‑p-IÄ DÄ-X‑n-c‑n-ª‑p. I‑y‑m-¼-k‑n ]‑m-d‑n \-S-¡‑p-¶ ]‑q-X‑p-¼‑n-IÄ‑, I-e‑m-I‑m-c³-a‑mÀ‑, k‑m-l‑n-X‑y-I‑m-c³-a‑mÀ‑, _‑p-²‑n-P‑oh‑n-IÄ‑, a‑n-ï‑m-]‑q-¨-IÄ‑, c‑m-j‑v-{‑S‑ob-¡‑mÀ‑, k‑v-t‑\-l-k-¼-¶-c‑m-b A-²‑y‑m-]-IÀ‑, C-hÀ-s‑¡-Ã‑m‑w C-Sb‑n B-c‑p‑w I‑m-W‑m-s‑X I-®‑oÀ X‑p-S-¡‑p-¶-hÀ C-§-s‑\ B \‑m-e‑p I‑q-«‑p-I‑m-c‑p-s‑S \‑n-c \‑o-f‑p-¶‑p. I‑y‑m¼-k‑n-s‑e H‑m-t‑c‑m a¬ X-c‑n-¡‑p‑w H‑m-t‑c‑m N‑p-h-c‑n-\‑p‑w A-h‑n-s‑S h‑oi‑p-¶ I‑m-ä‑n-\‑p‑w ]-d-b‑m³ H-¯‑n-c‑n a-[‑p-c s‑\‑m-¼-c-§-f‑p-s‑S I-Y-I-f‑pï‑v. c-ï‑v hÀ-j‑w I-S-¶‑v t‑]‑m-bX-d‑n-ª‑n-Ã. t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑n-t‑\‑m-S‑v h‑n-S ]-d-b‑p-¶ t‑h-f a-\-Ê‑n \‑n-¶‑v h‑ne-s‑¸-«-s‑X-s‑´‑m-s‑¡-t‑b‑m \-j‑v-S-s‑¸S‑p-I-b‑m-s‑W-s‑¶‑m-c‑p t‑X‑m-¶Â. k‑u-l‑r-Z-h‑p‑w k‑v-t‑\-l-h‑p‑w k‑m-´‑z\-h‑p-s‑a-Ã‑m‑w‑! C-¶-s‑e-b‑p-s‑S H-c‑p ]‑n-S‑n \-à H‑mÀ-½-IÄ. X‑m-t‑e‑m-e‑n-¨‑v \-j‑v-S-s‑¸-S‑p-¶ C-e-IÄ-¡‑v ]-I-c‑w N‑n-Ã-b‑n ]‑p-X‑n-b h-g‑n I‑n-f‑nÀ-¡‑ps‑a-¶ {‑]-X‑o-£ t‑]‑m-s‑e \‑m-f‑n-t‑e¡‑v a-\-Ê‑v X‑p-d-¡‑p-¶‑p. \‑n-d-a‑n-g‑n-I-t‑f‑m-s‑S C-h‑n-s‑S \‑n-¶‑p‑w ]-S‑n-b‑n-d-§‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ H‑mt‑«‑m-{‑K‑m-^‑n-s‑e `‑w-K‑n h‑m-N-I-§-t‑f¡‑mÄ C-j‑v-S-s‑¸-S‑p-¶-X‑v F-´‑p‑w a-\-Ê‑n A-W-b‑m-s‑X I‑m-¯‑v k‑q-£‑n-¡‑m³ H-¯‑n-c‑n H‑mÀ-½-IÄ k-½‑m-\‑n-¨ I‑y‑m-¼-k‑n-t‑\‑m-S‑p-Å \-µ‑n-b‑m-W‑v. H-c‑p P-·‑w X‑oÀ-¯‑me‑p‑w X‑o-c‑m-¯ I-S-¸‑m-S‑m-W‑v...

H-c‑p ]qh‑n-s‑â ]-X-\‑w ]-I-t‑e‑m-f‑w k‑p-K-Ô-h‑p‑w I-®‑n-\‑p I‑p-f‑nÀ-a-b‑p-t‑a-I‑n \‑o k‑q-c‑y-mk‑v-X-a-b‑w‑, C-c‑pÄ N‑q-S‑p-¶ \‑n-a‑n-j-§-f‑n F-´‑n-\‑p \‑o \‑n³ i‑n-c-k‑‑p-I‑p-\‑n-¨‑n-S‑p-¶‑p. \‑m-W-a-à \‑n³ a‑p-J-§Ä a-c-W-`‑o-X‑n-b‑m-W‑v t‑I‑m-]-a-à \‑n³ a‑p-J-¯‑p \‑n-c‑m-i-b‑m-W‑v C-c‑p-f‑n³ a-d-h‑n \‑n³ A-´y-i‑z‑m-k‑w R‑m³ {‑i-h‑n-¨‑n-S‑p-¶‑p A-h-s‑b³ I-c-f‑n-s‑\ \‑o-d‑n ]‑p-I-¨‑n-S‑p-¶‑p. `‑m-c‑w t‑]-d‑p-a‑o X-ï‑p-IÄ \‑n-e‑w-s‑]‑m-¯‑n-S‑p-¶‑p C-\‑n-b‑p-a‑n I‑m-g‑v-N-IÄ F-\‑n-¡‑p I-ï‑n-t‑S-ï C-\‑n-b‑p-s‑a‑m-c‑p ]‑p-h‑n-s‑\ \‑o P-\‑n-¸‑n-¨‑n-t‑S-ï


S4 Bcom CA

a-g-h‑n-Ã‑n³ N‑m-c‑p-X

AJn Pn \mbÀ S4 BBA

B \‑o-e‑n-a-b‑n I‑p-¶‑p-I‑q-S‑n-b t‑a-L-§Ä-¡‑n-S-b‑n \‑n-d-h‑mÀ-¶ ]‑p-©‑n-c‑n-b‑p-s‑S a‑p-J‑w R‑m³ I‑m¬-s‑I F³ k‑z-]‑v-\-k‑p-µ-c‑n \‑o G-g‑p \‑n-d-§-f‑m t‑a‑m-l‑n-¸‑n-¨‑p-S‑p-sa‑³ l‑r-Z-b-s‑¯ X‑m-X‑v-I‑m-e‑n-I‑w a‑m-{‑X‑w \‑n³ t‑i‑m-` {‑]-I‑r-X‑n-X³ I‑p-k‑r-X‑n a‑m-{‑X‑w \‑n³ k‑u-µ-c‑y‑w B k‑q-c‑y-I‑n-c-W‑w \‑n-s‑¶ s‑h-d‑p-¡‑p-¶ a‑m-{‑X-b‑n \‑o-b‑n-Ã‑m-b‑v-a-b‑n-t‑e-b‑v-¡‑p-X-s‑¶-b‑m-ï‑p t‑]‑m-I‑n-t‑Ã. k‑v-t‑\-l-¯‑n³ {‑]-X‑n-^-e-\-a‑m-W‑p \‑o k‑v-t‑\-l-¯‑n³ I-S‑m-£-a‑m-W‑p \‑o k‑q-c‑y-I‑n-c-W-h‑p‑w a-g-X‑p-Å‑n-I-f‑p‑w H-¯‑p t‑N-c‑p-¶-X‑m-W‑p \‑n³ P-·‑w A-hÀ-¡‑n-S-b‑n-s‑e k‑v-t‑\-l-a‑m-W‑p \‑n³ D-Z-b‑w

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15



S4 BA english

thÀ-]‑m-S‑v C‑u I-Y-b‑p‑w C-X‑n ]-c‑m-aÀ-i‑n-¡‑p-¶ I-Y‑m-]‑m-{‑X-§-f‑p‑w X‑nI-¨‑p‑w k‑m-¦Â-]‑n-I-a‑m-W‑v. C-\‑n F-s‑´-¦‑n-e‑p‑w k‑m-a‑y-X \‑n-§Ä-¡‑v t‑X‑m-¶‑p-¶‑p-s‑ï-¦‑n A-X‑v X‑n-I-¨‑p‑w a-\:¸‑qÀ-Æ-a‑m-W‑v. I-c‑p-X‑n I‑q-«‑n ]‑m-c X-¶-X‑p X-s‑¶-b‑m-W‑v. I‑p-f‑n-c‑p s‑N‑m-c‑n-ª H-c‑p a-g-¡‑m-e‑w. a-g-b‑p-s‑S B-c-h-¯‑n ]-e e-£‑y-§-t‑f‑m-s‑S-b‑p‑w ]-e ]-e N‑n-´-I-t‑f‑m-s‑S-b‑p‑w H-c‑p I‑q-«‑w ]-d-h-IÄ B I‑p-¶‑n³ a‑p-I-f‑n-s‑e a-c-¨‑n-Ã-I-f‑n h-¶‑p t‑N-t‑¡d‑n. ]-e ]-e N‑n-Ã-I-f‑n h-¶‑p t‑N-t‑¡-d‑n-b C-hÀ-¡‑n-S-b‑nÂ... C-S-t‑h-f-I-f‑n-s‑e k‑u-l‑r-Z k‑w-`‑m-j-W-§-f‑m-e‑p‑w a-ä‑w F-t‑´‑m H-c‑p ]‑p-X‑n-b k‑u-l‑r-Z I‑q-«‑m-b‑v-a-b‑p-s‑S \-d‑p-s‑h-«‑w I‑m-W‑n-¨‑p. X-a‑m-i-I-f‑p‑w I‑p-k‑r-X‑n-I-f‑p‑w s‑I‑m-ï‑v k-a-b‑w A-h-c‑n \‑n-¶‑v A-I-e‑p-¶-X‑v A-hÀ A-d‑n-ª‑n-Ã. C-W-¡-§-f‑p‑w ]‑n-W-¡-§-f‑p‑w {‑]-W-b-h‑p‑w A-hÀ-¡‑n-S-b‑n ]‑p-¯-\‑p-WÀ-Æ‑p‑w B-Ë‑m-Z-h‑p‑w D-ï‑m-¡‑n. k-¦-S-§-f‑p‑w k-t‑´‑m-j-§-f‑p‑w ]-¦‑p-s‑h-¨‑p‑w I‑m h-g‑p-X‑n h‑o-g‑m³ t‑]‑m-b-h-s‑c s‑s‑I-]‑n-S‑n-¨‑p-bÀ-¯‑n-b‑p‑w A-hÀ D-Ã-k‑n-¨‑p. a-g-b‑p‑w a-ª‑p‑w I-g‑n-ª‑p t‑]‑m-b-X-hÀ A-d‑n-ª‑n-Ã. H-S‑p-h‑n ]‑n-c‑n-ª‑p-t‑]‑m-I‑m³ k-a-b-a‑m-b‑n. G-s‑d t‑h-Z-\-t‑b‑m-

s‑S A-hÀ a‑q-I-c‑m-b‑n. C-\‑n F-¶‑p I‑m-W‑p‑w‑! F-¶ t‑N‑m-Z‑y-¯‑n-\‑p a‑p-¶‑n A-hÀ ]-e-c‑p‑w ]-I-¨‑p \‑n-¶‑p. ]-s‑£... H-S‑p-h‑n F-´‑n-t‑\‑m t‑h-ï‑n-b-hÀ X-½‑n-e-S‑n-¨‑p‑w s‑I‑m-¯‑n-¸-d‑n-¨‑p‑w b‑m-{‑X-t‑]‑m-e‑p‑w ]-d-b‑m-s‑X A-hÀ F-s‑¶-t‑¶¡‑p-a‑m-b‑n B k‑u-l‑r-Z-¯‑n-t‑\‑m-S‑p‑w B ]‑m-h‑w h‑r-£-¯‑n-t‑\‑m-S‑p‑w b‑m-{‑X ]-d-ª‑p. F-´‑n-t‑\‑m t‑h-ï‑n H-¶‑n-¨‑p t‑NÀ-¶hÀ... F-´‑n-t‑\‑m t‑h-ï‑n k‑u-l‑r-Z-¯‑n B-Ë‑mZ-¯‑n I-g‑n-ª-hÀ F-´‑n-t‑\‑m t‑h-ï‑n h-g‑n ]‑n-c‑n-ª‑p t‑]‑m-b‑v...

Dss\-kv sh-«-¯qÀ S4 BBA

R‑m³ t‑]‑m-I‑p-¶ h-g‑n h‑m-X‑n-e-S-¨‑m-e‑p‑w X-S-¦‑n-e-S-¨‑m-e‑p‑w a-\-Ê‑n-s‑\ ]‑n-S‑n-¨‑v \‑nÀ-¯‑n-b‑m-e‑p‑w I‑m-e-N-{‑I‑w X‑n-c‑n-b‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ R‑m³ h-c‑p‑w \‑n-¶‑n-t‑e-¡‑v k-a-b-§-e‑n-s‑e H‑m-t‑c‑m \‑n-a‑n-j‑w t‑]‑m-e‑p‑w R‑m³ \‑n-¶‑n-t‑e-¡‑m-W-t‑Ã‑m.



Magazine 2014-15


S4 Bcom CA

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


MYSTERIOUS LEGEND... Ages ago, when wars were fought for freedom! Years ago, when kids went to school by foot! A peculiar man was seen in the kingdom. His hair grown so long with a black huge horse and kinky boot. Never he spoke to anyone or went for any social talks! When the war called off, the kingdom drenched without water and bread! Our hero with the black horse lived a forest away from the kingdoms blocks! In the era of war many kids, women and men were counted dead.


The king came across the thought to give up his kingdom, He could not see his kingdom die in blood without food and water! So he cried to his minister who was the only one behind the kings wisdom! Minister suggested the king, a man who was punished and thrown to the drylands 15 years ago by the king itself can help the king to slaughter, Slaughter all the enemies of the kingdom all alone by himself! Minister sent army to call his son from the drylands! Who was punished for loving the princess of the kingdom! The man came with the army on his black horse! As he entered the palace gates, he saw the princess sorrow on her balcony! He bowed to king, king with fear said you can lead the army force. He with elegant style lead the army and conquered the enemy kingdom! Happiness and peace was brought back by the peculiar man on black horse! After the war no one saw the man! No one really cared though! Except for the princess, she loved him and was desperate to live with him for the rest of her life! One fine night, the princess called her gaurds and went to the drylands in search of her lover! Saw him in the moonlight sitting on the horse miles away! He shot an arrow at the gaurds warned them from entering his land! Princess ran towards him and he held her in his arms! Soon the king and his armies who followed the princess shot the man ! The man once again proved his skills and killed all the army , Leaving the king alone! Myth continues........



Magazine 2014-15

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15






Magazine 2014-15

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15






Magazine 2014-15

jmZn sI S4 Bcom CA

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


Zainul Abid. C. P. S4 BCom Finance

The ROAD not Taken is the ROAD to be taken T

here is a famous quotation stated by St. Augustine, “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page�. Travelling is something everyone needs the embrace. It gives you lots to remember and is a way to stay happy. It gives you exposure to an outside world and where the food, culture, tradition, customs, religion and the people will be different. Travelling helps you to breakout of your shell. You discover a new you due to the influence of the place you have just travelled and it helps you to gain knowl-



Magazine 2014-15

edge and be more social. Travelling to a new place means to embrace new cultures. You see humans with totally different cultures which you may or may not like. After all travelling is not just about being adventurous. When you are travelling you are leaving your own society and moving to another. It means you can actually enjoy like never before, being you. You need not care about what people think about you and how they are going to judge you. You get to learn new languages and taste new food. And the best part of travelling

is of course yes, you can embrace the beauty of nature. You get to see some of the most beautiful places around the world. It is after all more than the seeing of sights, it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. Travelling is moreover a brutality, it forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of the all the familiar comforts of home and friends. You are constantly of balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things: air, sleep, sea and the sky. So find a beautiful place and get lost.

Personality jle Sn

S2 BA English


-¨ k-a-b‑w‑, ]-X‑n-h‑p-t‑]‑ms‑e A-b‑mÄ I‑m-d‑n \‑n-¶‑p-a‑n-d-§‑p-¶‑p. I-h-e-b‑n-t‑e¡‑v \-S-¡‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ B-f‑p-I-s‑fÃ‑m‑w ]-X‑n-h‑p-t‑]‑m-s‑e-¯-s‑¶ A-¼-c-¶‑p t‑\‑m-¡‑p-¶‑pï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. A-b‑m-f‑p-s‑S t‑h-j-h‑n-[‑m-\-§Ä B-f‑ps‑S k‑z-`‑m-h-s‑¯ F-S‑p-¯‑p ]-d-b‑p-¶‑p-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. C³-s‑s‑k-U‑v s‑N-b‑v-X jÀ-«‑p‑w

h-S‑n-s‑h‑m-¯ ]‑mâ‑p‑w A-b‑ms‑f BÄ-¡‑q-«-¯‑n t‑h-d‑n-«‑p \‑nÀ-¯‑n. A-\‑nÀ-h-N-\‑o-b-a‑m-b H-c‑m-c‑m-[-\-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p F-Ã‑mh-c‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w {‑]-X‑y-£-`‑m-h‑w. X-«‑p-I-S-b‑n H-c‑p s‑_©‑n A-b‑m-f‑p‑w Ø‑m-\‑w ]‑n-S‑n-¨‑p. "I‑p-d-¨‑p t‑N‑m-d‑v ' A-b‑mÄ h‑n-\-b-]‑qÀ-Æ‑w ]-d-ª‑p. `-£-W‑w t‑a-i-¸‑pd-s‑¯-¯‑n-b-t‑¸‑mÄ A-b‑mf‑p-s‑S t‑^‑m¬ d‑n‑w-K‑v s‑N-b‑vX‑p. `-£-W-¯‑n-\‑n-S-b‑n-e‑p‑w A-b‑mÄ t‑^‑m-W‑n-e‑q-s‑S k‑wk‑m-c‑n-¨‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. B-f‑pIÄ A-t‑¸‑m-g‑p‑w B a‑m-\‑y t‑Z-l-s‑¯ I‑u-X‑p-I-t‑¯‑m-s‑S t‑\‑m-¡‑n-s‑¡‑m-ï‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. `-£-W-¯‑n-\‑v t‑i-j‑w s‑s‑I I-g‑p-I‑m³ F-Ã‑m-h-s‑cb‑p‑w t‑]‑m-s‑e \‑o-ï h-c‑n-b‑nÂ

A-b‑m-f‑p‑w \‑n-¶‑p. D‑u-g-s‑a-¯‑nb-t‑¸‑mÄ ]‑m-X‑n s‑]‑m-«‑n-b s‑s‑]¸‑n-\‑n-S-b‑n-t‑e-¡‑v A-b‑mÄ s‑s‑I \‑o-«‑n. a-d‑p I-¿‑n A-t‑¸‑m-g‑p‑w t‑^‑m-W‑p-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. h-S‑ns‑h‑m-¯ C‑w-¥‑o-j‑n-e‑p-Å B k‑w-k‑m-c‑w I‑u-X‑p-I-t‑¯‑m-S‑p‑w N‑n-eÀ a‑p-j‑n-t‑¸‑m-S-b‑p‑w t‑I-«‑p. s‑h-d‑p-s‑X t‑\‑m-¡‑n-s‑¡‑m-ï‑n-c‑n¡‑m-s‑\ I-g‑n-ª‑p-Å‑q... ""C-b‑mÄ-¡‑v ]‑n-¶‑n-e‑p-Åh-s‑c-s‑b‑m-¶‑p‑w I‑m-W‑p-¶‑nt‑Ã? C-s‑X-´‑v k‑w-k‑v-I‑m-c-a‑m C-X‑v...? A-X‑p-h-s‑c-b‑p-ï‑m-b‑nc‑p-¶ B-c‑m-[-\-b‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w‑, I‑u-X‑p-I-¯‑n-s‑â-b‑p‑w t‑a-e-¦‑n‑, s‑R‑m-S‑n-b‑n-S-b‑n A-g‑n-ª‑p h‑o-W‑p. h-c‑n-b‑p-s‑S \‑o-f‑w I‑qS‑p-t‑´‑m-d‑p‑w k‑w-k‑m-c-¯‑n-s‑â s‑s‑ZÀ-L‑y-h‑p‑w I‑q-S‑n-s‑¡‑m-t‑ïb‑n-c‑p-¶‑p.

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t‑P‑m-e‑n k

À-«‑n-^‑n-¡-ä‑v a‑p-g‑p-h-\‑p‑w F-S‑p-¯‑v A-b‑mÄ C-d§‑n \-S-¶‑p. C‑u t‑]‑m-¡‑p‑w H-c‑p ]‑m-g‑v-t‑h-e-b‑m-I‑p-t‑a‑m? \-S-¡‑p-¶X‑n-\‑n-S-b‑n A-b‑mÄ N‑n-´‑n-¨‑p. {‑]-X‑o-£-b‑p-s‑S B-d‑v I-®‑p-IÄ I¬-s‑h-«-¯‑v \‑n-¶‑v a-d-b‑p-¶-X‑v h-s‑c A-b‑m-s‑f ]‑n-´‑p-SÀ-¶‑p-s‑I‑mï‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. t‑N‑mÀ-s‑¶‑m-e‑n-¡‑p-¶ I‑q-c-b‑p-s‑S t‑N‑mÀ-¨ A-S-¡‑m-s‑\¦‑n-e‑p‑w C‑u t‑]‑m-¡‑v H-c‑p ]-c‑n-l‑mc-a‑m-I‑p-s‑a-¶‑v `‑m-c‑y-¡‑p‑w c-ï‑v ]‑n-©‑p-I‑n-S‑m-§Ä-¡‑p‑w {‑]-X‑o-£b‑p-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. IÀ-®-]‑p-S-§Ä \-S‑p-¡‑n I-f-b‑p-¶ H-c‑p C-S‑n-\‑m-Z‑w A-b‑m-s‑f-b‑p‑w I‑p-S‑p‑w-_-s‑¯-b‑p‑w `-b-s‑¸-S‑p-¯‑n-s‑¡‑m-ï‑v A-t‑¸‑mÄ a‑p-g-§‑n. s‑s‑h-I‑p-t‑¶-c‑w a-S-§‑n h-c‑pt‑¼‑mÄ A-b‑m-f‑p-s‑S {‑]-X‑o-£-IÄ a‑p-g‑p-h³ A-k‑v-X-a‑n-¨‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. A-§-I-s‑e k‑q-c‑y³ I-c-ª‑v X‑pS‑p-¯ a‑p-J-h‑p-a‑m-b‑n `‑q-a‑n-t‑b‑m-S‑v h‑n-S-s‑N‑m-Ã‑m-\‑m-b‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. ]‑p-ds‑¸-S‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ a‑p-g-§‑n-b C-S‑n-\‑m-Z¯‑n-s‑â a-g A-t‑¸‑mÄ A-b‑m-f‑p-s‑S



Magazine 2014-15

I-®‑n-s‑\-b‑p‑w l‑r-Z-b-s‑¯-b‑p‑w \-\-¨‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. F-{‑X I‑m-e-a‑m-b‑n C‑u t‑P‑m-e‑n X‑p-S-§‑n-b‑n-«‑v. A-t‑]-£-b‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w h-ï‑n-¡‑q-e‑n-b‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w ]-W‑ws‑I‑m-ï‑v C-{‑]‑m-h-i‑y-s‑a-¦‑n-e‑p‑w C‑u I‑q-c-b‑p-s‑S t‑N‑mÀ-¨ A-S-¡‑m-a‑m-b‑nc‑p-¶‑p. `‑m-c‑y-b‑p-s‑S \‑n-c‑m-i-a‑p-ä‑n-b h‑m-¡‑v t‑I-«-t‑¸‑mÄ D-d-¨ H-c‑p X‑o-c‑pa‑m-\-s‑a-S‑p-¡‑m-\‑p-Å X-¿‑m-s‑d-S‑p-¸‑ne‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. ]-{‑X-¯‑n-s‑e s‑X‑m-g‑ne-h-k-c h‑mÀ-¯-IÄ-¡‑v A-t‑]-£ \Â-I‑n I‑m-¯‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-I-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶ A-b‑mÄ CâÀ-h‑y‑q-h‑n-\‑p-Å H-c‑p £-W-¡-¯‑v I‑n-«‑n-b-t‑¸‑mÄ \‑m-s‑f b‑m-{‑X X‑n-c‑n-¡‑m-\‑p-Å H-c‑p-¡-§Ä X‑p-S-§‑n. I-S‑w h‑m-§‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ X-s‑â k‑p-l‑r-¯‑n-s‑â 'F-¶‑m-W‑v X‑n-c‑n-¨‑p X-c‑n-I' F-¶ t‑N‑m-Z‑y-¯‑n\‑v A-b‑mÄ-¡‑v a-d‑p-]-S‑n C-Ã‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p. {‑]-`‑m-X-a‑m-b-t‑¸‑mÄ CâÀ-h‑y‑qh‑n-\‑m-b‑n A-b‑mÄ h‑o-S‑v h‑n-«‑n-d-§‑n. t‑P‑m-e‑n t‑X-S‑n-b‑p-Å s‑\-t‑«‑m-«-¯‑n-\‑v H-c‑p ]-c‑n-l‑m-c‑w t‑X-S‑n. X‑n-c‑n-¨‑v h-c‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ Ø‑n-c‑w ]-Ã-h‑n X-s‑¶b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p A-b‑mÄ-¡‑v `‑m-c‑y-


S4 Bcom CA

t‑b‑m-S‑v ]-d-b‑m-\‑p-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶-X‑v. F-s‑¶-¡‑mÄ h-e‑n-b U‑n-{‑K‑n-¡‑m-c‑pÅ-t‑¸‑mÄ F-\‑n-s‑¡-§-s‑\ t‑P‑m-e‑n e-`‑n-¡‑p‑w. s‑]-s‑«-¶‑v B-I‑m-i‑w C-c‑p-ï‑v X‑p-S-§‑n. Z‑p:J-¯‑n ]-¦‑v t‑N-c‑m³ B-I‑m-i-¯‑n-s‑\-s‑´‑m-c‑p [‑r-X‑n. t‑N‑m-c‑p-¶ t‑aÂ-¡‑q-c-s‑b-b‑p‑w ]‑p-I-b‑p-¶ A-S‑p-¸‑n-s‑\-b‑p‑w t‑\‑m¡‑n I-c-b‑m³ X‑p-S-§‑n-b-t‑¸‑mÄ A-b‑mÄ F-g‑p-t‑¶-ä‑v e‑m-a‑n-t‑\-j³ s‑N-b‑v-X kÀ-«‑n-^‑n-¡-ä‑p-IÄ F-S‑p¯‑v t‑N‑mÀ-¨ A-S-¡‑m³ {‑i-a‑n-¨‑p. C‑u l-X-`‑m-K‑y-s‑\ I-ï‑v a‑p-ä-¯‑nc‑p-¶ I‑p-b‑n H-c‑p K‑m-\‑w a‑q-f‑n. Z‑p:J-¯‑n k-l-X-]‑n-¡‑p-¶ t‑]‑ms‑e _‑m-¡‑n h-c‑p-¶ kÀ-«‑n-^‑n-¡ä‑p-IÄ ]‑p-I-b‑p-¶ A-S‑p-¸‑n-t‑e-¡‑v h‑m-c‑n-b‑n-«‑p. N‑m-b‑n-¸‑n-e‑n-c‑p-¶ X‑p-¼s‑b-S‑p-¯‑v A-b‑mÄ a‑p-ä-t‑¯-¡‑n-d§‑n. `‑q-a‑n-t‑b‑m-S‑v t‑]‑m-c‑m-S‑m‑w‑, h‑n-i¸-S-¡‑m‑w. ]‑p-I-ª‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑n-c‑p-¶ A-S‑p-¸‑v B-f‑n-¡-¯‑m³ X‑p-S-§‑n. B-I‑m-i-¯‑n-s‑â Z‑p:J‑w F-t‑§‑m t‑]‑m-b‑v a-d-ª‑p. k‑q-c‑y³ A-b‑ms‑f t‑\‑m-¡‑n H-¶‑v ]‑p-©‑n-c‑n X‑q-I‑n.





inter-group violence in the society. Reasons of Intolerance in Indian Society

The situation of intolerance may occur because of economically depressed and politically charged situation among the people of different groups. In such situation, people find hard to tolerate those different from themselves. It harms everyone badly and most importantly the nation. The country where intolerance exists may be the home of discrimination, repression, dehumanization, and violence. What is Intolerance Intolerance is the separation of unity which creates the condition of dislike, refusal

and quarrel among the people of various groups. Whereas, tolerance appreciates unity in diversity (India is a best suited example) and develops understanding to live equally. Tolerance is the ability which develops positive attitude in the people’s mind towards those with different religions, practices, opinions, nationality, customs, etc. Intolerance is the condition of failure which motivates people to dislike the practices, opinions and beliefs of people related to another group. For example, a high degree of intolerance exists between the Israeli Jews and the Palestinians. Intolerance gives rise to the

Intolerance arises in the society because of various reasons. Generally religious intolerance arises in the society which divides the nation. It creates the condition of war by setting neighbors against neighbors. Intolerance may arise between individuals because of the absence of their own experiences. Generally they make their opinions to one another on assumptions which get influenced very easily by the positive or negative beliefs of closest or most influential ones in life. Individual attitudes towards other person of different group also influenced very easily by his/her images in the media. Bad education system based on the myths can also dehumanize students against other cultures instead of promoting cultural understanding and tolerance among people for diversity and differences in the society. Tolerance is the quality which motivates people to live happily and let others live.

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


Growing too fast


The worlds in a run. As Hebert spencer had coined the world today is the “survival of the fittest”. In this fight for survival there is something parents forget about. The growth of their children and by growth it means their mental growth.


elcome to the new generation. A generation where everything is easy, fast and is possible. Generations were almost everyone is getting educated. Generations were everyone has knowledge about what’s going on around him or her and mostly a generation were the kids are growing fast. Actually not just fast, but too fast. The worlds in a run. As Hebert spencer had coined the world today is the “survival of the fittest”. In this fight for survival there is something parents forget about. The growth of their children and by growth it means their mental growth. The fact is that the pressures of the modern world are eroding childhood. This is mainly because of a combination of early testing in school, advertising, bad child care and reliance on computer games and television. The children are subjected to increasing commercial pressures. They begin their formal



Magazine 2014-15

education even before the desired age and they spent more of their time indoor with screen based technology rather than outdoor activity. It is said that childhood should be so beautiful that the end of the day the child feet should be dirty, hair messy and their eyes sparkling with innocence. Childhood was perfect before technology took over the world. One of the major reasons for this is the early schooling. The children of nineties use to start their schooling with kinder garden at the age 4-5. Till that period children used to enjoy themselves playing around. But today kids are put in to pre-school by the age of three. They are constantly under stress of works in pre-school. Childhood is supposed to be a period where kids are meant to learn through playing, and here learning doesn’t mean formal education. Another major problem faced by the generation is the influence of

technology over them. Almost 20 years ago children used to play outside all day; riding bikes, playing sports, shipping or building forts. They used to be masters of imaginary games. Yea! Children of the past created their own forms of play that didn’t require costly equipment. Children now rely on technology for majority of their play, limiting challenges to their activity and imagination as well as limiting necessary challenges to their modes. Scientific study shows that 4 critical necessary factors are required to achieve healthy child developments, which are movement, touch, human connection and exposure to nature. Children today have lost their innocence. They act as teenagers. That’s not how childhood is supposed to be. Childhood is supposed to be fun and memorable. Not lazy and under stress. Children meant to be children, those with innocence face and heart and loved by all. Let’s hope that the children get away from technology and we can see those happy innocence kids around. Remember that childhood is a journey not a race and after all everyone have only one chance to have a childhood.

]T‑n-¨‑n-d-§‑p-¶ h‑n-Z‑y‑mÀ°‑n-IÄ-¡‑v A-h-k-c§Ä e-`‑n-¡‑p-¶‑n-à F-¶ A-`‑n-{‑]‑m-b-s‑¯ J-Þ‑n¡‑p-I-b‑m-W‑v B-Z‑y-a‑m-b‑n A-t‑±-l‑w s‑N-b‑v-X-X‑v. t‑I-c-f-¯‑n P-\‑n-¨‑v h-fÀ-¨‑v 1966-þ t‑I-c-f b‑q-W‑n-t‑h-g‑v-k‑n-ä‑n-b‑p-s‑S I‑o-g‑n t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑v H‑m^‑v F³-P‑n-\‑o-b-d‑n‑w-K‑n C-e-t‑{‑Î‑m-W‑n-I-‑vk‑v Bâ‑v I-a‑y‑q-W‑n-t‑¡-j³-k‑n F³-P‑n-\‑n-b-d‑n‑w-K‑v _‑n-c‑pZ‑w-t‑\-S‑n. X‑p-SÀ-¶‑v a‑ps‑s‑_ Z‑m-Z‑m B-t‑ä‑m-a‑n-I‑v d‑n-kÀ-¨‑v s‑kâ-d‑n s‑{‑Sb‑n-\‑n‑w-K‑n-\‑m-b‑n t‑]‑m-b‑n. X-s‑â P‑o-h‑n-X-¯‑n-s‑e t‑\-«-§-f‑p-s‑S X‑p-S-¡‑w X‑n-c‑p-h-\-´-]‑p-c‑w F³P‑n-\‑o-b-d‑n‑w-K‑n CIG  \‑n-¶‑m-s‑W-¶‑v A-t‑±-l‑w A-`‑n-a‑m-\-t‑¯‑m-s‑S-b‑m-W‑v ]-d-ª-h-k‑m-\‑n-¸‑n-¨-X‑v.

b‑p-h-X‑z-¯‑n-s‑â I‑p-X‑n-¸‑p‑w I‑n-X-¸‑p‑w P‑n. a‑m-[-h³ \‑m-bÀ‑, C-´‑y-b‑p-s‑S A-`‑n-a‑m-\‑w‑, a-e-b‑m-f‑n-b‑psS k‑z-I‑m-c‑y A-l-¦‑m-c‑w. t‑e‑m-I-¯‑v C-´‑y³ Space Technology bv¡v ]-I-c‑w-h-b‑v-¡‑m-\‑mI‑m-¯ t‑\-«-§Ä¡v t‑\-X‑r-X‑z‑w \Â-I‑n-b hyànXzw C´y³ _-l‑n-c‑m-I‑m-i i‑m-k‑v-{‑X c‑w-K-¯‑n-\‑v Ç‑m-L-\‑o-b-a‑m-b a‑pl‑qÀ-¯-§Ä k-½‑m-\‑n-¨ t‑e‑m-I-¯‑n-s‑e X-s‑¶ {‑]-a‑p-J i‑m-k‑v-{‑X-Ú-·‑mc‑n H-c‑m-f‑m-W‑v P‑n. a‑m-[-h³ \‑m-bÀ. A-X‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v X-s‑¶-b‑m-W‑v C-´‑y c-ï‑m-a-s‑¯ h-e‑n-b k‑n-h‑n-e‑n-b³ A-h‑mÀ-U‑m-b ]-ß-`‑q-j¬ \Â-I‑n A-t‑²-l-s‑¯ B-Z-c‑n-¨-X‑v. _-l‑n-c‑m-I‑m-i i‑m-k‑v-{‑X c‑w-K-¯‑v C-´‑y-b‑ps‑S \‑m-g‑n-I-I-Ã‑m-b "N‑m-{‑µ-b‑m-\‑v' N‑p-¡‑m³ ]‑n-S‑n-¨-X‑v a‑m-[-h³ \‑m-b-c‑m-W‑v. X‑p-SÀ-¶‑v h-¶ N‑m-{‑µ-b‑m³ 2þ-D‑w a‑w-KÄ-b‑m-\‑p-s‑a-Ã‑m‑w A-t‑±-l-¯‑n-s‑â ]-c‑n-{‑i-a-§-f‑p-s‑S _‑m-¡‑n-]-{‑X-a‑m-W‑v. G-s‑d X‑n-c-¡‑p-IÄ-¡‑n-S-b‑n-e‑p‑w b‑p-h-X-t‑b‑m-S‑v k‑w-h‑m-Z-¯‑n-t‑eÀs‑¸-S‑m³ B-t‑h-i‑w I‑m-W‑n-¡‑p-¶ A-t‑±-l‑w‑, b‑p-h-X-e-a‑p-d-b‑v-¡‑v G-sd {‑]-t‑N‑m-Z-\-h‑p‑w t‑{‑]‑m-Õ‑m-l-\-h‑p‑w \Â-I‑m³ X‑m-X‑v-]-c‑y-s‑¸-S‑p-¶‑p. P‑o-h‑n-X-¯‑n-s‑e G-ä-h‑p‑w h-e‑n-b t‑\-«-§Ä-¡‑p-Å B-Z‑y-N‑p-h-S‑v s‑hb‑v-¸‑v F-h‑n-s‑S- \‑n-¶‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p F-¶ t‑N‑m-Z‑y-¯‑n-\‑v G-s‑d D-Õ‑m-l-t‑¯‑ms‑S-b‑m-W‑v A-t‑±-l‑w a-d‑p-]-S‑n ]-d-ª-X‑v. ]T‑n-¨‑n-d-§‑p-¶ h‑n-Z‑y‑mÀ-°‑n-IÄ-¡‑v A-h-k-c-§Ä e-`‑n-¡‑p-¶‑n-Ã

F-¶ A-`‑n-{‑]‑m-b-s‑¯ J-Þ‑n-¡‑pI-b‑m-W‑v B-Z‑y-a‑m-b‑n A-t‑±-l‑w s‑N-b‑v-X-X‑v. t‑I-c-f-¯‑n P-\‑n-¨‑v h-fÀ-¶v‑ 1966-þ t‑I-c-f b‑q-W‑nt‑h-g‑v-k‑n-ä‑n-b‑p-s‑S I‑o-g‑n t‑I‑mt‑f-P‑v H‑m-^‑v F³-P‑n-\‑o-b-d‑n‑w-K‑n C-e-t‑{‑Î‑m-W‑n-I-‑vk‑v Bâ‑v I-a‑y‑q-W‑nt‑¡-j³-k‑n F³-P‑n-\‑n-b-d‑n‑w-K‑v _‑n-c‑p-Z‑w-t‑\-S‑n. X‑p-SÀ-¶‑v a‑p-s‑s‑_ Z‑m-Z‑m B-t‑ä‑m-a‑n-I‑v d‑n-kÀ-¨‑v s‑kâd‑n s‑{‑S-b‑n-\‑n‑w-K‑n-\‑m-b‑n t‑]‑m-b‑n. X-s‑â P‑o-h‑n-X-¯‑n-s‑e t‑\-«-§-f‑p-s‑S X‑p-S-¡‑w X‑n-c‑p-h-\-´-]‑p-c‑w F³P‑n-\‑o-b-d‑n‑w-Kv tIm-tf-Pn CIG  \‑n-¶‑m-s‑W-¶‑v A-t‑±-l‑w A-`‑n-a‑m-\t‑¯‑m-s‑S-b‑m-W‑v ]-d-ª-h-k‑m-\‑n¸‑n-¨-X‑v. P‑n. a‑m-[-h³ \‑m-bÀ

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


F-¶ h‑y-à‑n-b‑p-s‑S‑, h‑y-à‑n P‑o-h‑n-X¯‑n-e‑p‑w H‑u-t‑Z‑y‑m-K‑n-I P‑o-h‑n-X-¯‑ne‑p‑w F-S‑p-¯‑p-]-d-b‑m-\‑p-Å t‑\-«‑w N‑m-{‑µ-b‑m-s‑â h‑n-P-b‑w X-s‑¶b‑m-W‑v. A-X‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v X-s‑¶ A-X‑n-s‑â h‑n-P-b-I-c-a‑m-b h‑n-t‑£]-W-¯‑n-\‑v a‑p-¼‑v t‑\-c‑n-« s‑h-Ã‑p-h‑nf‑n-IÄ F-s‑´-Ã‑m-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. N‑m-{‑µ-b‑m-s‑\ ]-ä‑n-b‑p-Å t‑N‑m-Z‑y-§Ä-¡‑v G-s‑d A-`‑n-a‑m-\t‑¯‑m-s‑S-b‑m-W‑v A-t‑±-l‑w {‑]-X‑nI-c‑n-¨-X‑v. H-c‑p h-e‑n-b Z‑u-X‑y-s‑a-¶ \‑n-e-b‑n "N‑m-{‑µ-b‑m-s‑â‑' h‑nt‑£-]-W‑w h-f-s‑c k-¦‑oÀ-®-X \‑n-d-ª-X‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. \‑n-c-h-[‑n B-f‑p-I-f‑p-s‑S IT‑n-\‑m-[‑z‑m-\‑w B Z‑u-X‑y-¯‑n-s‑â h‑n-P-b-¯‑n-\‑p ]‑n-¶‑ne‑p-ï‑v. N‑m-{‑µ-b‑m-\‑n D-]-t‑b‑m-K‑n¡‑m-\‑n-c‑p-¶ "Star Senser‑' B-Z‑y‑w ]-c‑m-P-b-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. ]‑n-¶‑o-S‑v ]-e i‑m-k‑v-{‑X-Ú-‑v·‑m-c‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w k-l‑mb-t‑¯‑m-s‑S A-X‑n-\‑p-]-I-c‑w A-X‑n\‑q-X-\-a‑m-b ]‑p-X‑n-b k‑w-h‑n-[‑m-\‑w c‑q-]-s‑¸-S‑p-¯‑p-I-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. G-s‑X‑m-c‑p Z‑u-X‑y-¯‑n-e‑p‑w _‑p-²‑na‑p-«‑p-I-f‑p-ï‑m-I‑p‑w. A-X‑v a‑p³-I‑q-«‑n I-ï‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑p-t‑h-W‑w \‑m‑w {‑]-hÀ¯‑n-¡‑m³ F-¶ i‑p-`‑m-]‑v-X‑‑nh‑n-i‑z‑mk‑w R-§-f‑n-t‑e-¡‑v ]-IÀ-¶‑p-X-c‑ph‑m-\‑p‑w A-t‑±-l-¯‑n-\‑m-b‑n. C-´‑y-b‑p-s‑S a‑n-s‑s‑kÂ-a‑m\‑m-b A-_‑v-Z‑pÄ I-e‑m-a‑p-a‑m-b‑p-Å A-\‑p-`-h-§-s‑f-]-ä‑n t‑N‑m-Z‑n-¨t‑¸‑mÄ A-t‑±-l‑w G-s‑d h‑m-N‑m-e\‑m-b‑n. k‑m-[‑m-c-W-¡‑m-c‑n k‑m-[‑m-c-W-¡‑m-c-\‑m-b A-_‑v-Z‑pÄI-e‑m‑w X-\‑n-s‑¡-¶‑p‑w H-c‑p A-Û‑pX-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p-s‑h-¶‑v A-t‑±-l‑w H‑mÀ-½‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. a-\‑p-j‑y-\‑n A-[‑n-j‑vT‑n-X-a‑m-b I-g‑n-h‑p-I-f‑p-s‑S



Magazine 2014-15

{‑]-X‑y-£ c‑q-]-a‑m-W‑v I-e‑m‑w F-¶‑v A-t‑±-l‑w ]-d-b‑p-¶‑p. N‑m-{‑µ-b‑m³ h‑n-t‑£-]-W L-«-§-f‑n t‑\-c‑n-« ]-c‑m-P-b-§-s‑f {‑]-X‑n-t‑c‑m-[‑n-¡‑m³ I-c‑p-t‑¯‑m-s‑S I‑q-s‑S \‑n-¶-X‑v A-t‑±-l-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-s‑¶-¶‑p‑w‑, `‑m-h‑nI‑m-c‑y-§Ä-¡‑p-Å i‑p-`‑m-]‑v-X‑n h‑ni‑z‑m-k-h‑p‑w D‑uÀ-Ö-h‑p‑w ]-IÀ-¶‑v \Â-I‑m³ A-t‑±-l-s‑¯-s‑I‑m-ï‑v a‑m-{‑X-t‑a k‑m-[‑n-¡‑p-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p-Å‑ps‑h-¶‑p‑w A-t‑±-l‑w ]-d-ª‑p. b‑ph-X‑z-t‑¯‑m-S‑p-Å A-`‑n-\‑n-t‑h-i-h‑p‑w I‑m-c‑y-£-a-a‑m-b {‑]-hÀ-¯-\-s‑s‑ie‑n-b‑p‑w I-e‑m-a‑n-s‑\ X-\‑n-b‑v-¡‑v H-c‑p K‑p-c‑p-X‑p-e‑y-\‑m-¡‑n F-¶‑v A-t‑±-l‑w H‑mÀ-a‑n-¨‑p. UÂ-l‑n-b‑n \-S-¶ "In-

ternational Conference the Re-establish Vedic India'' F-¶ h‑n-j-b-¯‑nÂ

A-§‑v a‑p-J‑y {‑]-`‑m-j-I-\‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶-t‑Ã‑m‑! A-¶‑v A-§‑v i‑m-k‑v-{‑Xh‑p‑w t‑h-Z-h‑p‑w X-½‑n-e‑p-Å ]‑q-c-I _-Ô-s‑¯-I‑p-d‑n-¨‑v {‑]-`‑m-j-W‑w \-S-¯‑n. H-c‑p i‑m-k‑v-{‑X-Ú-s‑\-¶ \‑n-e-b‑n A-X‑n-s‑\-]-ä‑n ]-d-b‑m³ ]-d-ª-t‑¸‑mÄ A-t‑±-l‑w N‑n-c‑n-¨‑ps‑I‑m-ï‑m-W‑v a-d‑p-]-S‑n ]-d-ª-X‑v. k‑z‑m-a‑n {‑_-l‑v-a‑m-t‑Z-h‑vP‑n B ]-c‑n-]‑m-S‑n-b‑n-t‑e-¡‑v a‑p-J‑y {‑]-`‑m-j-I-\‑m-b‑n £-W‑n-¨-t‑¸‑mÄ R‑m³ X‑oÀ-¯‑p‑w A-Û‑p-X-s‑¸-«‑pt‑]‑m-b‑n. F-s‑´-¶‑m t‑h-Z-¯‑n F-\‑n-¡‑p-Å A-d‑n-h‑v G-s‑d ]-c‑n-a‑nX-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. ]-s‑£‑, A-X‑n-s‑\¸-ä‑n H-c‑p K-t‑h-j-W‑w \-S-¯‑n-bt‑¸‑mÄ h‑n-k‑v-a-b‑n-¨‑p-t‑]‑m-b‑ I‑p-t‑d k-X‑y-§Ä F-\‑n-b‑v-¡‑v a-\-k‑n-e‑m¡‑m-\‑m-b‑n. A-t‑±-l‑w ]-d-ª‑p. 16 k‑q-à-§Ä a‑m-{‑X‑w D-]-t‑b‑m-K‑n-¨‑v t‑h-Z-§Ä H-c‑p-h‑n-[-s‑¸-« F-Ã‑m K-W‑n-X-{‑I‑n-b-f‑p‑w s‑N-b‑v-X‑n-c‑p-¶‑p.

A-¶‑v I-®‑v, s‑N-h‑n‑, h‑n-cÂ‑, N‑n´‑m-t‑i-j‑n F-¶‑n-h a‑m-{‑X-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p A-h-c‑p-s‑S D]-I-c-W-§Ä. A-hÀ F-¯‑n-t‑¨À-¶‑n-c‑p-¶ \‑n-K-a-\-§Ä F-Ã‑m‑w X-s‑¶ C-¶‑v t‑e‑m-I‑w i‑m-k‑v-{‑X k‑m-t‑¦-X‑n-I h‑n-Z‑y-b‑p-s‑S A-X‑y‑p-¶-X‑n-b‑n \‑nÂ-¡‑p-¶ A-h-Ø-b‑n \-a‑p¡‑v e-`‑n-¨-h X-s‑¶ B-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. F-¶‑m i‑m-k‑v-{‑X-t‑e‑m-I‑w C-¶‑p‑w A-h A‑w-K‑o-I-c‑n-¡‑p-¶‑n-Ã. F-s‑´¶‑m A-h-b‑v-s‑¡-Ã‑m‑w ^-e-§-f‑p‑w \‑n-K-a-\-§-f‑p‑w a‑m-{‑X-t‑a D-ï‑m-b‑nc‑p-¶‑p-Å‑p.... A-h-b‑v-¡‑v h‑n-i-I-e\-§-t‑f‑m‑, h-g‑n-I-t‑f‑m H-¶‑p‑w-X-s‑¶ C-Ã‑m-s‑b-¶-X‑m-W‑v C-X‑n-\‑p-Å I‑m-c-W-a‑m-b‑n a‑m-[-h³ \‑m-bÀ ]-d-b‑p-¶-X‑v. A-¡‑m-e-¯‑v C-¯-c‑w A-d‑n-h‑p-IÄ e‑n-J‑n-X-§Ä B-¡-s‑¸«‑n-c‑p-¶‑n-s‑Ã-¶‑p‑w‑, h‑m-s‑a‑m-g‑n-b‑m-b‑n e-`‑n-¨‑p-h-¶ h‑n-h-c-§Ä a‑m-{‑X-t‑a‑, H-c‑p Z-i-I-¯‑n-s‑â A-´‑y-t‑¯‑m-s‑S F-g‑p-X-s‑¸-«‑n-«‑p-Å-X‑v F-¶‑p-a‑m-W‑v. b‑p-h-X‑z-¯‑n-\‑v K-t‑h-j-W c‑w-K-¯‑v B-t‑h-i-I-c-a‑m-b G-s‑d A-h-kc-§Ä C‑u t‑a-J-e-b‑n D-s‑ï-¶‑v k‑q-N‑n-¸‑n-¨‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑m-W‑v A-t‑±-l‑w A-h-k‑m-\‑n-¸‑n-¨-X‑v. G-X‑p {‑]-X‑n-k-Ô‑n-b‑n-e‑p‑w X-f-c‑m-s‑X a‑p-t‑¶-d‑m³ X‑m-¦Ä-¡‑v I-g‑n-h‑p-ï‑v F-¶-X‑v N‑m-{‑µ-b‑m³ F-¶ Z‑u-X‑y-¯‑n-s‑â h‑n-P-b-¯‑n a-\-Ê‑n-e‑m-b‑n. A-X‑m-t‑W‑m X‑m-¦f‑p-s‑S P‑o-h‑n-X-¯‑n-s‑â h‑n-P-b-c-lk‑y‑w F-¶ t‑N‑m-Z‑y-¯‑n-\‑v A-t‑±-l‑w \Â-I‑n-b a-d‑p-]-S‑n G-s‑d {‑i-t‑²-ba‑m-W‑v. {‑]-X‑n-k-Ô‑n-IÄ D-ï‑mI‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ \‑m‑w A-X‑n-\‑p-Å ]-c‑n-l‑m-c‑w A-t‑\‑z-j‑n-¡‑p-I-b‑m-W‑v t‑h-ï-X‑v. F-\‑n-b‑v-¡‑v A-§-s‑\ H-c‑p {‑]-X‑n-k-Ô‑n-L-«‑w h-¶-t‑¸‑mÄ A-X‑v ]-c‑n-l-c‑n-¡‑m³ \‑n-c-h-[‑n h-g‑n-IÄ I-s‑ï-t‑¯-ï-X‑m-b‑n h-¶‑p. X-f-c‑m-s‑X a‑p-t‑¶‑m-«‑v t‑]‑mb‑m BÀ-¡‑p‑w h‑n-P-b-¯‑n-s‑e¯‑n-t‑¨-c‑m‑w. G-s‑d B-t‑h-i‑w \‑n-dª-X‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p A-t‑±-l-¯‑n-s‑â h‑m-¡‑p-IÄ. ]‑p-X‑n-b X-e-a‑p-d-b‑m-W‑v c‑m-P‑y-¯‑n-s‑â I‑p-X‑n-¸‑p‑w I‑n-X-¸‑p‑w \‑n-Ý-b‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑v. A-X‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v X-s‑¶ b‑p-h-X‑z‑w c‑m-P‑y-t‑¯‑m-S‑v G-s‑d {‑]-X‑n-Ú‑m-_-²-c‑m-s‑W-¶‑v A-t‑±-l‑w H‑mÀ-½‑n-¸‑n-¨‑p.

2015  \-S-¶ k‑o-t‑k‑m¬ I-t‑e‑m-Õ-h-¯‑n A-`‑n-\-b¯‑n-s‑e h‑y-X‑y-Ø-X-s‑I‑m-ï‑p‑w‑, B-h‑n-j‑v-I‑m-c s‑s‑i-e‑ns‑I‑m-ï‑p‑w t‑{‑]-£-I l‑r-Z-b‑w I-hÀ-¶ \‑m-SI-a‑m-b‑n a‑m-d‑n-b‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-I-b‑m-W‑v s‑P‑w-k‑n-s‑e I‑q-«‑p-I‑mÀ H-c‑p-¡‑n-b "]-¨-¡-½‑o-k‑v'. {‑]-i-k‑v-X \‑m-S-I I‑r-¯‑m-b {‑i‑o. k-¡‑oÀ s‑N-½-¦S-h‑n-s‑â X‑q-e‑n-I-b‑n h‑n-c‑n-ª C‑u I-Y-b‑v-¡‑v P‑o-h³ \Â-I‑nb-X‑v c-ï‑m‑w hÀ-j _‑n.t‑I‑m‑w ^‑n-\‑m³-k‑v h‑n-Z‑y‑mÀ-°‑n-b‑m-b l‑m-j‑n‑w B-W‑v. \‑m-S-I-¯‑n-s‑e t‑I-{‑µ I-Y‑m-]‑m-{‑X-a‑m-b 'k‑p-s‑s‑ea‑m-s‑\' A-h-X-c‑n-¸‑n-¨‑n-c‑n-¡‑p¶-X‑p‑w l‑m-j‑n‑w X-s‑¶-b‑m-W‑v. _‑p-²‑n-Ø‑n-c-X-b‑n-Ã‑m-¯ k‑ps‑s‑e-a‑m-\‑v k‑p-µ-c‑n-b‑m-b k‑q-dt‑b‑m-S‑v {‑]-W-b-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. C-X‑v A-h-s‑f h‑n-h‑m-l‑w I-g‑n-¡‑p-h‑m³

A-h-s‑\ t‑{‑]-c‑n-¸‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. C‑u I‑m-c‑y‑w A-h-s‑â ]‑n-X‑m-h‑n-t‑\‑mS‑v A-h-X-c‑n-¸‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. ]-t‑£‑, B-Z‑y-c‑m-{‑X‑n-b‑n \‑m-«‑n-s‑e H-c‑p {‑]-a‑m-W‑n-b‑m k‑q-d ]‑o-U‑n-¸‑n¡-s‑¸-S‑p-¶‑p. k‑p-s‑s‑e-a‑m³ C-X‑v I‑m-W‑p-h‑m³ C-S-b‑m-h‑p-I-b‑p‑w h‑o-«‑n-s‑e‑m-c‑p Z‑p:J‑m-´-c‑o-£‑w k‑r-j‑v-S‑n-¡‑p-I-b‑p‑w s‑N-¿‑p-¶‑p. "I‑p-¯-d‑m-¯‑o-_‑v' \-S-¯‑m-¯X‑m-W‑v h‑o-«‑n C-¯-c-¯‑n {‑]-i‑v-\-§Ä D-ï‑m-I‑p-¶-s‑X-¶‑p‑w Z-Ã‑mÄ _‑m-¸‑p A-d‑n-b‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. F-¶‑m I‑p-¯-d‑m-¯‑o-_‑n-s‑â k-a-b-¯‑v k‑p-s‑s‑e-a‑m³ B-ßl-X‑y s‑N-¿‑p-¶‑p. C-X‑m-W‑v I-Yb‑p-s‑S c-X‑v-\-¨‑p-c‑p-¡‑w. \‑n-d-ª s‑s‑I-¿-S‑n-I-t‑f‑m-s‑S-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p k-Z-Ê‑v \‑m-S-I-¯‑n-s‑e H‑m-t‑c‑m \‑n-a‑n-j-§-s‑f-b‑p‑w s‑\-©‑n-t‑eä‑n-b-X‑v. k‑p-s‑s‑e-a‑m-\‑v l‑m-j‑n‑w

P‑o-h³ \Â-I‑n-b-t‑¸‑mÄ k‑q-db‑m-b‑n c‑w-K-s‑¯-¯‑n-b-X‑v S2 Sociology b‑n-s‑e P‑n-j B-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p. {‑]-a‑m-W‑n-b‑m-b‑n S6 EC b‑n-s‑e I-_‑o-d‑p‑w‑, {‑]-a‑m-W‑n-b‑p-s‑S k-l‑mb‑n-b‑m-b‑n A-`‑n-\-b‑n-¨-X‑v S2 BCA b‑n-s‑e A-a‑o-\‑p‑w‑, k‑p-s‑s‑e-a‑m-s‑â ]‑n-X‑m-h‑m-b‑n S2 CS s‑e AÀÖ‑p-\‑p‑w‑, a‑p-k‑v-e‑n-b‑m-c‑m-b‑n S2 t‑k‑m-t‑j‑y‑m-f-P‑n-b‑n-s‑e k‑m-b‑q-P‑p‑w c‑w-K-s‑¯-¯‑n-b-t‑¸‑mÄ ]‑n-´‑p-Wb‑p-a‑m-b‑n ]‑n-¶-W‑n-b‑n S4 B.Com Finance s‑e A-P‑v-a-e‑p‑w‑, S4 B.B.A b‑n-s‑e d‑m-k‑n-^‑p‑w‑, S4 Sociology b‑n-s‑e _‑p-s‑s‑\-k‑p‑w D-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p. \‑m-S-I-¯‑n-\‑v A-\‑p-t‑b‑mP‑y-a‑m-b k‑w-K‑o-X ]-Ý‑m-¯-e‑w H-c‑p-¡‑n-b-X‑v S4 BMMC b‑n-s‑e A-\‑o-k‑v (a‑m-W‑n‑) b‑m-W‑v. C-hÀs‑¡‑m-¸‑w "Z-Ã‑mÄ _‑m-¸‑p' F-¶ I-Y‑m-]‑m-{‑X-s‑¯ A-\-i‑z-c-a‑m¡‑n S4 English s‑e A-_‑v-Z‑p-k-aZ‑v C‑u hÀ-j-s‑¯ k‑o-t‑k‑m¬ a-e-b‑m-f‑w \‑m-S-I a-Õ-c-¯‑n "a‑n-I-¨ \-S-\‑p-Å‑' ]‑p-c-k‑v-¡‑m-c‑w I-c-Ø-a‑m-¡‑n. k‑w-`‑m-jW N‑m-c‑pX-b‑m-e‑p‑w‑, i-c‑o-c N-e-\-§-f‑m-e‑p‑w‑, B-h‑n-j‑v-¡‑m-c c‑o-X‑n s‑I‑m-ï‑p‑w Z-Ã‑mÄ _‑m-¸‑p B-b‑n A-c-§‑p X-IÀ-¡‑p-I-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p A-_‑v-Z‑p Âk-a-Z‑v. k‑o-t‑k‑m¬ I-t‑e‑m-Õh-¯‑n a-e-b‑m-f-¯‑n-s‑e 8 \‑m-SI-§-f‑n \‑n-¶‑v "F' t‑{‑K-t‑U‑mS‑p I‑q-S‑n a‑q-¶‑m‑w Ø‑m-\-h‑p‑w‑, s‑_-Ì‑v B-I‑v-äÀ ]‑p-c-k‑v-¡‑m-ch‑p‑w I-c-Ø-a‑m-¡‑n s‑P‑w-k‑n-s‑â t‑]-c‑n H-c‑p s‑]‑m³-X‑q-h A-W‑n-b‑n-¨‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-I-b‑m-W‑v "]¨-¡-½‑o-k‑' F-¶ \‑m-S-I‑w.

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


F³.-F-k‑v.-F-k‑v. d‑n-t‑¸‑mÀ-«‑v 2014-þ15 t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑n-s‑e F³.-F-k‑v.-Fk‑v. b‑q-W‑n-ä‑n-s‑â I-g‑n-ª hÀ-jh‑p‑w \‑n-c-h-[‑n k-¶-² t‑k-h-\ {‑]-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä \‑n-d-ª-X‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p. t‑{‑]‑m-{‑K‑m‑w H‑m-^‑o-kÀ A-_‑vZ‑p e-¯‑o-^‑v k‑m-d‑p‑w‑, s‑k-{‑I-«-d‑na‑m-c‑m-b A-l-½-Z‑v \‑n-k‑m‑w‑, Z‑nÂ-j F-¶‑n-h-c‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w t‑\-X‑r-X‑z-¯‑n A-W‑n-\‑n-c-¶ 100 h-f-ï‑n-bÀ-a‑mÀ {‑]-i‑w-k-\‑o-b-a‑m-b \‑n-c-h-[‑n {‑]-hÀ¯-\-§Ä I‑m-g‑v-N-s‑h-¡‑p-I-b‑pï‑m-b‑n.

]-c‑n-Ø‑n-X‑n Z‑n-\‑m-N-c-W‑w

P‑q¬ 5 ]-c‑n-Ø‑n-X‑n Z‑n-\‑w ]‑p-X‑p-a-I-t‑f‑m-s‑S-b‑m-W‑v F³.-F-k‑v.F-k‑v. h-f-ï‑n-bÀ-a‑mÀ B-N-c‑n-¨-X‑v. a-c-s‑s‑¯-IÄ s‑h-¨‑p-]‑n-S‑n-¸‑n-¨‑p‑w‑, h‑y-X‑y-k‑v-X-a‑m-b s‑k-a‑n-\‑m-d‑p-IÄ \-S-¯‑n-b‑p‑w‑, t‑_‑m-[-hÂ-¡-c-W ¢‑m-Ê‑p-IÄ k‑w-L-S‑n-¸‑n-¨‑p‑w F³.F-k‑v.-F-k‑v. b‑q-W‑n-ä‑v h‑n-Z‑y‑mÀ-



Magazine 2014-15

°‑n-IÄ-¡‑n-S-b‑n ]-c‑n-Ø‑n-X‑n k‑w-c-£-W-¯‑n-s‑â B-h-i‑y-I-X t‑_‑m-[‑y-s‑¸-S‑p-¯‑n-s‑b-S‑p-¯‑p.

c-à-Z‑m-\ I‑y‑m-¼‑v

a‑p³-hÀ-j-¯‑n-t‑e-s‑X-¶ t‑]‑ms‑e X-s‑¶ C-¯-h-W-b‑p‑w s‑P‑w-k‑v F³.-F-k‑v.-F-k‑v. b‑q-W‑n-ä‑n-s‑â t‑\X‑r-X‑z-¯‑n c-à-Z‑m-\ I‑y‑m-¼‑v k‑wL-S‑n-¸‑n-¨‑p. "c-à-Z‑m-\‑w a-l‑m-Z‑m-\‑w‑' F-¶ k-t‑µ-i‑w D-bÀ-¯‑n-s‑¡‑mï‑v {‑]‑n³-k‑n-¸‑mÄ \-h‑o³ k‑mÀ c-à-Z‑m-\-¯‑n-\‑m-b‑n A-W‑n-\‑n-c-¶ h‑n-Z‑y‑mÀ-°‑n-I-f‑n B-t‑h-i-a‑p-WÀ¯‑n. s‑]-c‑n-´Â-a-® K-h¬-s‑aâ‑v t‑l‑m-k‑v-]‑n-ä A-[‑n-I‑r-X-c‑m-W‑v c-à‑w t‑i-J-c‑n-¨-X‑v. c-à-Z‑m-\-¯‑ns‑â {‑]‑m-[‑m-\‑y‑w h‑n-f‑n-t‑¨‑m-X‑n h‑nZ‑y‑mÀ-°‑n-IÄ kÀ-Æ ]‑n-´‑p-W-t‑b‑mS‑p‑w I‑q-S‑n c-à-Z‑m-\‑w s‑N-b‑v-X‑p.

]‑m-e‑n-t‑b-ä‑o-h‑v Z‑n-\‑w

\‑m-S‑n-\‑p‑w \‑m-«‑p-I‑mÀ-¡‑p‑w a‑m-X‑r-I-b‑m-b‑n F³.-F-k‑v.-F-k‑v. b‑q-W‑n-ä‑n-s‑â ]‑m-e‑n-t‑b-ä‑o-h‑v s‑I-bÀ Z‑n-\‑w. [-\-k-a‑m-l-c-W-h‑p‑w \‑nÀ²-\-c‑m-b t‑c‑m-K‑n-I-s‑f k-l‑m-b‑n¡‑p-h‑m-\‑p-Å C‑u ]-²-X‑n-b‑p-s‑S `‑m-K-a‑m-b‑n h-f-ï‑n-bÀ-a‑mÀ t‑I‑m-t‑fP‑n-e‑p‑w ]-c‑n-k-c {‑]-t‑Z-i-§-f‑n-e‑p‑w t‑_‑m-[-hÂ-¡-c-W‑w \-S-¯‑p-I-b‑p‑w t‑c‑m-K‑n-I-f‑p-s‑S N‑n-I‑n-Õ-¡‑m-b‑n B-h-i‑y-a‑m-b [-\‑w k-a‑m-l-c‑n-¡‑pI-b‑p‑w s‑N-b‑v-X‑p. h‑n-h‑n-[ {‑K‑q¸‑p-I-f‑m-b‑n X-c‑w-X‑n-c‑n-¨‑p-Å C‑u {‑]-hÀ-¯-\‑w s‑]‑m-X‑p-P-\-§-f‑n-t‑e¡‑v t‑k-h-\-§Ä F-¯‑n-¡‑p-¶ X-c-¯‑n-e‑p-Å-X‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p.


c‑m-P‑y-¯‑n-s‑â 67-þ‑m‑w k‑z‑m-X{‑´‑y Z‑n-\‑w k-a‑p-N‑n-X-a‑m-b‑n-¯-s‑¶b‑m-W‑v F³.-F-k‑v.-F-k‑v. I‑p-S‑p‑w_‑m‑w-K-§Ä s‑I‑m-ï‑m-S‑n-b-X‑v. {‑]‑n³-k‑n-¸‑mÄ ]-X‑m-I D-bÀ-¯‑n-b N-S-§‑n C-X-c A-²‑y‑m-]-IÀ k‑z‑m-X-{‑´‑y Z‑n-\ k-t‑µ-i‑w \Â-I‑n. X‑p-SÀ-¶‑v h‑n-Z‑y‑mÀ-°‑n-IÄ-¡‑m-b‑n a-[‑p-c‑w h‑n-X-c-W‑w s‑N-¿‑p-I-b‑p‑w h‑n-h‑n-[ a-Õ-c-§Ä k‑w-L-S‑n-¸‑n-¡‑pI-b‑p‑w s‑N-b‑v-X‑p. I‑q-«‑m-b‑v-a-b‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w ]-c-k‑v-]-c k-l-I-c-W-¯‑n-s‑â-b‑p‑w h‑n-P-b‑w a‑m-{‑X‑w h‑n-f‑n-t‑¨‑m-X‑n F³.-F-k‑v.F-k‑v. h-f-ï‑n-bÀ-a‑mÀ N-c‑n-{‑X‑w


A-§‑m-S‑n-¸‑p-d‑w d-b‑nÂ-t‑h t‑Ì-j³ ¢‑o-\‑n‑w-K‑v

F³.-F-k‑v.-F-k‑v. b‑q-W‑n-ä‑n-s‑â i‑p-N‑n-X‑z ]-²-X‑n-b‑p-s‑S `‑m-K-a‑m-b‑n \-S-¶ d-b‑nÂ-t‑h t‑Ì-j³ ¢‑o-\‑n‑wK‑v h-e‑n-b t‑X‑m-X‑n {‑]-i‑w-k ]‑n-S‑n-¨‑p ]-ä‑n-b H-c‑p t‑k-h-\ ]-c‑n]‑m-S‑n-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. A-§‑m-S‑n-¸‑p-d‑w d-b‑nÂ-t‑h t‑Ì-j³ ]-c‑n-k-c-¯‑v I‑m-S‑p-a‑q-S‑n I‑n-S-¶‑n-c‑p-¶ Ø-e‑w s‑h-d‑p‑w c-ï‑v a-W‑n-¡‑q-d‑n-\‑p-Å‑n F³.-F-k‑v.-F-k‑v.s‑e D‑uÀ-Ö-k‑ze-X-b‑p-Å h-f-ï‑n-bÀ-a‑mÀ h‑r-¯‑nb‑m-¡‑n-s‑b-S‑p-¯‑p. b‑m-{‑X-¡‑mÀ-¡‑v {‑]-b‑m-k‑w k‑r-j‑v-S‑n-¨‑v \‑n-¶‑n-c‑p-¶ `‑o-a³ ]‑pÂ-s‑¨-S‑n-I-f‑p‑w a-ä‑p‑w D‑uÀÖ-k‑z-e-X-¡‑p a‑p-¼‑n H-¶‑p-a-Ã‑mb‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. t‑Ì-j³ a‑m-Ì-d‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w b‑m-{‑X-¡‑m-c‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w {‑]-i‑w-k ]‑n-S‑n¨‑p-]-ä‑n-b‑m-W‑v H‑m-t‑c‑m h-f-ï‑n-b-d‑p‑w t‑Ì-j³ h‑n-«-X‑v.


{‑]-a‑m-Z-a‑m-b a-s‑ä‑m-c‑p {‑]-hÀ¯-\‑w I‑q-S‑n F³.-F-k‑v.-F-k‑v. I‑m-g‑v-N-s‑h-¡‑p-I-b‑p-ï‑m-b‑n. C-e£³ s‑F.-U‑n.-I‑mÀ-U‑v F-S‑p-¡‑p-¶X‑n-\‑p t‑h-ï‑n t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑n-s‑e BMMC Department‑ a‑m-b‑n t‑NÀ-¶‑v 120 h‑n-Z‑y‑mÀ-°‑n-I-f‑p-s‑S s‑F.-U‑n.-I‑mÀU‑v F-S‑p-¡‑p-h‑m³ k‑m-[‑n-¨‑p. C-X‑v h‑n-Z‑y‑mÀ-°‑n-IÄ-¡‑v h-f-s‑c-b-[‑n-I‑w k-l‑m-b-I-a‑m-b‑n. N.S.S. 7 days Camp

F³.-F-k‑v.-F-k‑v. {‑]-hÀ-¯-\-

¯‑n-s‑e \‑nÀ-_-ÔnX k-]‑v-X-Z‑n-\ I‑y‑m-¼‑v s‑s‑k-eâ‑v-h‑m-e‑n-¡-S‑p-¯‑v a-‑p-¡‑m-e‑n-b‑n \-S-¶‑p. t‑{‑]‑m-{‑K‑m‑w H‑m-^‑o-kÀ-a‑m-c‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w s‑k-{‑I-«d‑n-a‑m-c‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w t‑\-X‑r-X‑z-¯‑n 50 h-f-ï‑n-bÀ-a‑mÀ ]-s‑¦-S‑p-¯‑p. h‑y-X‑y-k‑v-X-a‑m-b-X‑p‑w‑, i‑m-´-X \‑n-d-ª-X‑p-a‑m-b I‑m-e‑m-h-Ø-b‑ne‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p I‑y‑m-¼‑v. `-h‑m-\‑n-¸‑pg-b‑p-s‑S X‑o-c-¯‑p-Å N‑n-ï-¡‑n s‑s‑{‑S-_ k‑v-I‑qÄ I-c‑p-h‑m-c-b‑ne‑m-W‑v h-f-ï‑n-bÀ-a‑mÀ X‑m-a-k‑n-¨X‑v. I-c‑n-bÀ s‑s‑K-U³-k‑v, a‑m-e‑n-\‑y \‑nÀ-½‑mÀ-Ö-\ ¢‑m-k‑v, t‑I‑m-f-\‑n ¢‑o-\‑n‑w-K‑v X‑p-S-§‑n-b-h-t‑b‑m-s‑S‑m-¸‑w t‑^‑m-d-Ì‑v U‑n-¸‑mÀ-«‑v-s‑aâ‑v s‑s‑d©‑v H‑m-^‑o-kÀ P-b³ k‑m-d‑n-s‑â t‑\-X‑r-X‑z-¯‑n-e‑p-Å ]-c‑n-Ø‑n-X‑n ] T-\ ¢‑m-k‑v, B-t‑c‑m-K‑y k‑w-c-£-W I‑y‑m-¼‑v, \‑m-S-I I-f-c‑n X‑p-S-§‑n-b-h \-S-¯-s‑¸-S‑p-I-b‑p-ï‑m-b‑n. ]-c‑n-a‑n-X k‑u-I-c‑y-§-f‑n P‑o-h‑n-t‑¡-ï-X‑ns‑â B-h-i‑y-I-X-b‑p‑w {‑]-b‑m-k-§f‑p‑w F-Ã‑m h-f-ï‑n-bÀ-a‑mÀ-¡‑p‑w a-\-Ê‑n-e‑m-¡‑m³ k-]‑v-X-Z‑n-\ I‑y‑m-¼‑v k-l‑m-b-I-a‑m-b‑n.


7 day camp s‑â ]-c‑n-k-a‑m-]‑v-X‑ns‑b- I‑p-d‑n-¨‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v s‑s‑k-eâ‑v-h‑me‑n _-^À-t‑k‑m¬ t‑a-J-e-b‑nÂ-s‑]-« I-c‑p-h‑m-c s‑h-Å-¨‑m-«-¯‑n-t‑e-¡‑v {‑S-¡‑n‑w-K‑v \-S-¯‑n. s‑I‑m-S‑p‑w-I‑m-S‑n-e‑qs‑S-b‑p-Å Z‑oÀ-L-a‑m-b b‑m-{‑X h-fï‑n-bÀ-a‑mÀ-¡‑n-S-b‑n k‑m-l-k‑n-I a-t‑\‑m-`‑m-h‑w D-ï‑m-¡‑n. B-S‑n-b‑p‑w ]‑m-S‑n-b‑p‑w a‑p-I-f‑n-t‑e-¡‑p-Å H‑m-t‑c‑m A-S‑n-b‑p‑w A-hÀ B-\-µ-`-c‑n-X-a‑m-

¡‑n. I-S‑p-¯ A-« i-e‑y‑w D-ï‑m-b‑n«‑p‑w A-s‑X‑m-¶‑p‑w h-I-s‑h-¡‑m-s‑X B-ª‑p-]‑n-S‑n-¨‑m a-e-b‑p‑w t‑]‑mc‑p‑w F-¶ h‑m-I‑y‑w a-\-Ê‑n D-d-¸‑n¨‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p H‑m-t‑c‑m h-f-ï‑n-b-d‑p‑w a‑p-t‑¶-d‑n-b-X‑v. Painting & Cleaning

F³-F-k‑v.-F-k‑v.s‑â B-`‑n-a‑pJ‑y-¯‑n F.-b‑p.-]‑n.-k‑v-I‑qÄ sN-c-¡‑m-]-d-¼‑v k‑v-I‑qÄ A-²‑y‑m-]I-c‑p-s‑S B-h-i‑y-{‑]-I‑m-c‑w G-X‑m\‑p‑w h-f-ï‑n-bÀ-a‑mÀ t‑NÀ-¶‑v k‑v-I‑qÄ t‑I‑m-¼‑u-ï‑v ¢‑o-\‑n‑w-K‑p‑w A-t‑X‑m-s‑S‑m-¸‑w s‑]-b‑nâ‑n‑w-K‑p‑w \-S-¶‑p. k‑v-I‑qÄ A-[‑n-I‑r-X-c‑p-s‑S {‑]-i‑w-k ]‑n-S‑n-¨‑v ]-ä‑n-b H-c‑p a‑n-I-¨ {‑]-hÀ-¯-\-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p.

t‑k-h-\- Zn\w H-I‑v-t‑S‑m-_À-þ2 K‑m-Ô‑n-P-b´‑n-Z‑n-\‑w t‑k-h-\ {‑]-hÀ-¯-\§Ä \‑n-d-ª-X‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. F-Ã‑m h-f-ï‑n-bÀ-a‑m-c‑p‑w H-s‑¯‑m-c‑p-at‑b‑m-s‑S t‑k-h-\ {‑]-hÀ-¯-\-§f‑n ]-¦‑m-f‑n-I-f‑m-b‑n. t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑v ]-c‑n-k-c‑w ]‑p-Ã‑p‑w a-ä‑p‑w s‑N-¯‑n h‑r-¯‑n-b‑m-¡‑p-I-b‑p‑w s‑N-b‑v-X‑v ]‑p-¯-\‑m-¡‑n-s‑b-S‑p-¡‑p-¶-X‑n h-f-ï‑n-bÀ-a‑mÀ h‑n-P-b‑w I-ï‑p. K‑mÔ‑n-P‑n-b‑p-s‑S t‑k-h-\ a-t‑\‑m-`‑m-h‑w G-h-c‑p‑w P‑o-h‑n-X-¯‑n h-fÀ-¯‑ns‑b-S‑p-¡-W-s‑a-¶ k-t‑µ-i-a‑pÄs‑¡‑m-ï‑v F³.-F-k‑v.-F-k‑v. t‑I‑m-þH‑mÀ-U‑n-t‑\-äÀ A-_‑v-Z‑p e-¯‑o-^‑v k‑m-d‑n-s‑â {‑]-k‑w-K‑w F-Ã‑m-h-c‑n-e‑p‑w s‑s‑N-X-\‑y-a‑p-WÀ-¯‑n.

Ph: 9946 20 6643

GENTS LAND Perinthalmanna Road, Padapparamba GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15


Charity Club

A-`‑n-\-µ-\‑mÀ-l-a‑m-b {‑]-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä k‑w-L-S‑n-¸‑n-¡‑p-¶ I‑q-«‑m-b‑v-ab‑m-W‑v t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑v N‑m-c‑n-ä‑n ¢-º‑v. 06-þ01-þ2015 \‑v 3.30 \‑v t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑v s‑k-a‑n-\‑mÀ l‑m-f‑n s‑h-¨‑v k‑wL-S‑n-¸‑n-¨ B-Z‑y a‑o-ä‑n-t‑§‑m-s‑S-b‑m-W‑v N‑m-c‑n-ä‑n ¢-º‑n-\‑v X‑p-S-¡‑w I‑p-d‑n-¨-X‑v.{‑]-k‑n-Uâ‑v \-h‑o³ t‑a‑m-l³ k‑mÀ ({‑]‑n³-k‑n-¸‑mÄ‑)‑, s‑s‑h-k‑v-{‑]-k‑n-Uâ‑v A-j‑o-d P‑p-a‑m-\.-h‑n.-F. (S2 t‑k‑m-t‑j‑y‑m-f-P‑n‑)‑, s‑k-{‑I-«-d‑n A-l-½-Z‑v I-_‑oÀ (S6 C-e-I‑v-t‑{‑S‑m-W‑n-I‑v-k‑v)‑, t‑P‑m-b‑nâ‑v s‑k-{‑I-«-d‑n l-\‑m³ A-e‑n (S2 _‑n.F.C‑w-¥‑o-j‑v)‑, {‑S-j-dÀ A-_‑v-Z‑pÄ d‑u-^‑v (S2 P‑n-t‑b‑m-f-P‑n‑)‑, _‑p-s‑s‑\-k‑v (S4 t‑k‑m-t‑j‑y‑m-f-P‑n‑) X‑p-S-§‑n A-²‑y‑m-]-I-c‑p‑w h‑n-Z‑y‑mÀ-°‑n-I-f‑p-a-S-§‑p-¶ H-c‑p-]ä‑w k-¶-² {‑]-hÀ-¯-I-c‑m-W‑v I‑m-c‑p-W‑y {‑]-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä-¡‑v t‑\-X‑r-X‑z‑w \Â-I‑p-¶-X‑v. 09-þ01-þ2015 \‑v N‑m-c‑n-ä‑n ¢-º‑n-s‑â B-Z‑y {‑]-hÀ-¯-\-a‑m-b‑n A-]-I-S¯‑nÂ-s‑]-«‑v N‑n-I‑n-Õ-b‑n I-g‑n-b‑p-¶ ]‑p-g-¡‑m-«‑n-c‑n k‑z-t‑Z-i‑n-¡‑p t‑h-ï‑n [-\-k-l‑m-b k-a‑m-l-c-W‑w \-S-¯‑n. A-X‑n-s‑â X‑p-SÀ-¨-s‑b-t‑¶‑m-W‑w 16-þ02-þ2015 \‑v c-ï‑m‑w-L-« {‑]-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä-¡‑v \‑m-µ‑n I‑p-d‑n-¨‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v N‑m-c‑n-ä‑n ¢-º‑v A‑w-K-§Ä H-c‑p h‑r-²-k-Z-\‑w k-µÀ-i‑n-¨‑p. 10-þ03-þ2015 \‑v X-h-\‑q-c‑p-Å h‑r-² a-µ‑n-c‑w k-µÀ-i‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑n-\‑p-Å H-c‑p-¡-§Ä ]‑qÀ-¯‑nb‑m-¡‑n. 2014 þ2015 A-²‑y‑m-b-\ hÀ-j-¯‑n {‑]-i‑w-k-\‑o-b-a‑m-b {‑]-hÀ-¯-\§Ä I‑m-g‑v-N-s‑h-¨‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑v N‑m-c‑n-ä‑n ¢-º‑v h‑n-Z‑y‑mÀ-°‑n-I-f‑n-s‑e I‑m-c‑p-W‑y-h‑p‑w k‑v-t‑\-l-h‑p‑w h-fÀ-¯‑p-¶-X‑n-\‑v t‑{‑]-c-W-b‑m-b‑n a‑m-d‑p-¶‑p.



]-ï‑p-]-ï‑v t‑S‑m-¡‑n-t‑b‑m \-K-c-¯‑n \‑n-¶‑p a‑m-d‑n P‑n-b‑p-t‑K‑m-I‑m X‑o-hï‑n t‑Ì-j-\‑p k-a‑o-]‑w H-c‑p k‑v-I‑qÄ {‑]-hÀ-¯‑n-¨‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. t‑ä‑m-t‑a‑m i‑ms‑I‑z-b‑v³ F-¶ C‑u Ø‑m-]-\‑w B-c‑w-`‑n-¨-X‑v s‑k‑m-k‑m-I‑p s‑I‑m-_-b‑m-j‑n a‑m-Ì-d‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. k‑w-K‑o-X-¯‑n-e‑p‑w {‑]-I‑r-X‑n k‑u-µ-c‑y B-k‑z‑m-Z-\-¯‑n-e‑p‑w i‑n-i‑p h‑n-Z‑y‑m-`‑y‑m-k-¯‑n-e‑p‑w A-X‑o-h XÂ-¸-c-\‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p A-t‑±-l‑w. A-¯-c-¯‑n t‑ä‑m-t‑a‑m-s‑b A-\‑p-k‑v-a-c‑n-¸‑n-¡‑p‑w h‑n-[‑w \-½‑p-s‑S \‑m-«‑ne‑p‑w H-c‑p K-h¬-s‑aâ‑v k‑v-I‑qÄ {‑]-hÀ-¯‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p-ï‑v. kÀ-¡‑mÀ h‑n-Z‑y‑m`‑y‑m-k c‑o-X‑n-s‑b ]‑n³-X‑p-SÀ-¶‑m-s‑W-¦‑n-e‑p‑w t‑S‑m-t‑«‑m-þ-a‑m-s‑\ t‑]‑m-s‑e ]‑m-d‑n-¸d-¡‑p-¶ s‑I‑m-¨‑p a-\-Ê‑p-IÄ C‑u k‑v-I‑q-f‑n-s‑â B-a‑p-J-a‑m-W‑v. 1924 \‑p a‑p-¼‑v h-s‑c a-{‑Z‑m-k‑v {‑]-k‑n-U³-k‑n-b‑p-s‑S I‑o-g‑n H-c‑p H‑m-¯‑p-



Magazine 2014-15

]-Å‑n-b‑m-b‑n X‑p-S-§‑n-b-X‑m-W‑v F.F‑w.-FÂ.-]‑n.-k‑v-I‑qÄ s‑s‑a-e-¸‑p-d‑w. 1924 H‑m-s‑S H‑m-¯‑p-]-Å‑n k‑v-I‑qÄ B-b‑n c‑q-]‑m-´-c‑w {‑]‑m-]‑n-¨‑p. {‑]‑m-c‑w-`-¯‑n H-c‑p A-²‑y‑m-]-I\‑p‑w 14 I‑p-«‑n-I-f‑p-a-S-§‑p-¶ 3þ‑m‑w X-c‑w h-s‑c-b‑p-Å H-c‑p k‑v-I‑qÄ a‑m-{‑X-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p C-X‑v. \‑m-«‑ns‑e {‑]-a‑m-W‑n-a‑m-c‑n H-c‑m-f‑m-b I-f-¸‑m-S³ I‑p-ª‑n-¡-½‑p B-W‑v k‑v-I‑q-f‑n-s‑â Ø‑m-]-I³. A-t‑²l-¯‑n-s‑â ]‑n³-X-e-a‑p-d ]‑n-¶‑o-S‑v k‑v-I‑q-f‑n-s‑â h‑n-I-k-\-¯‑n-\‑p‑w h-fÀ-¨-¡‑p‑w t‑h-ï‑n {‑]-b-X‑v-\‑n-¨‑p. t‑ä‑m-t‑a‑m-b‑n-s‑e s‑I‑m-_-b‑m-j‑n a‑m-Ì-s‑d-t‑]‑m-s‑e H-c‑mÄ C-h‑n-s‑Sb‑p‑w D-ï‑v, _‑m-_‑p k‑mÀ. k‑z-´‑w a‑m-X‑m-]‑n-X‑m-¡Ä ]T‑n-¸‑n-¨ C-t‑X k‑v-I‑q-f‑n ]T‑n-¨‑v, C-t‑¸‑mÄ A-h‑ns‑S A-²‑y‑m-]-I-\‑m-b‑n A-t‑±-l‑w t‑P‑m-e‑n s‑N-¿‑p-¶‑p. 1969 \‑v t‑i-j‑w 5þ‑m‑w X-c‑w h-s‑c-b‑p-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶ k‑v-I‑qÄ 1970 s‑e ]‑mÀ-e-s‑aâ-d‑n k‑v-I‑q-f‑n-s‑â `‑m-K-a‑m-b‑n 4þ‑m‑w X-c‑w h-s‑c-b‑m-¡‑n. 2008  FÂ.-s‑I.P‑n.‑, b‑p.-s‑I.-P‑n. B-c‑w-`‑n-¨‑p. 10 A-²‑y‑m-]-I-c‑p‑w 265 I‑p-«‑n-IÄ (1st std 4th std) 113 I‑p-«‑n-IÄ (LKG & UKG‑) A-S-§‑p-¶-X‑m-W‑v 92 hÀ-j‑w ]-g-¡‑w s‑N-¶ k‑v-I‑qÄ. s‑s‑{‑]-a-d‑n h‑n-Z‑y‑m-`‑y‑m-k-s‑a-¶‑m I‑p-«‑n-I-f‑n-s‑e k‑m-a‑q-l‑y-hÂ-¡-cW-¯‑n-s‑â X‑p-S-¡-a‑m-W‑v. N‑p-ä‑p]‑m-S‑p-I-f‑n-t‑e-¡‑v I-®‑p‑w I‑m-X‑p‑w

X‑p-d-¶‑v s‑h-¡‑m-\‑p-Å t‑i-j‑n s‑a-s‑à A-h-c‑mÀ-Ö‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p. I‑pc‑p-¶‑p-I-f‑n-s‑e \‑n-j‑v-I-f-¦-X-b‑n-e‑qs‑S I-S-¶‑v t‑]‑m-I‑m-\‑p‑w A-h-c‑p-s‑S D-Å‑w X‑n-c‑n-¨-d‑n-b‑m-\‑p‑w H-¸‑w \‑n-¶‑v ]‑m-S‑m-\‑p‑w B-S‑m-\‑p‑w D-]-t‑Z-i‑w \Â-I‑m-\‑p-a‑m-b‑m-W‑v s‑P‑w-k‑n-s‑e H-c‑p-]-ä‑w h‑n-Z‑y‑mÀ-°‑n-IÄ k‑v-I‑qf‑n-s‑\ k-a‑o-]‑n-¨-X‑v. 4þ‑m‑w ¢‑m-k‑n-s‑e 60 I‑p-«‑n-I-f-S-§‑p-¶ H-c‑p k‑w-L¯‑n-s‑\‑m-¸-a‑p-Å A-\‑nÀ-Æ-N-\‑ob-a‑m-b \‑n-a‑n-j-§-f‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p A-X‑v. h‑m-¡‑p-IÄ I‑q-«‑n-s‑¨‑m-Ã‑m³ {‑]‑m-b-s‑a-¯‑m-¯ I‑p-c‑p-¶‑p-Is‑f s‑s‑h-t‑e‑m-¸‑n-Å‑n h‑n-f‑n-¨-X‑v s‑s‑Z-h-Ú-s‑c-¶‑m-W‑v. A-hÀ-¡‑v Z‑oÀ-L-ZÀ-i-\‑w s‑N-¿‑m-\‑p-Å I-g‑nh‑p-s‑ï-¶-t‑±-l‑w ]-d-ª‑p. B h‑m-¡‑p-I-s‑f A-S‑n-h-c-b‑n-S‑p-¶-X‑mb‑n-c‑p-¶‑p A-¶-s‑¯ H‑m-t‑c‑m \‑n-a‑nj-h‑p‑w. _‑m-_‑p-k‑mÀ I‑p-«‑n-I-s‑f s‑P‑w-k‑n-s‑e h‑n-Z‑y‑mÀ-°‑n k‑w-L-h‑pa‑m-b‑n H‑u-]-N‑m-c‑n-I-a‑m-b ]-c‑n-N-bs‑¸-S‑p-¯-t‑e‑m-s‑S-b‑m-W‑v ]-c‑n-]‑m-S‑nIÄ-¡‑v X‑p-S-¡-a‑n-«-X‑v. _‑n.t‑I‑m‑w U‑n-¸‑mÀ-«‑v-s‑aâ‑n-s‑e j‑m-l‑n-Z‑n-s‑â A-h-X-c-W-t‑¯‑m-s‑S I‑p-«‑n-I-f‑n D-Õ‑m-l-h‑p‑w B-Ë‑m-Z-h‑p‑w \‑n-c‑o£-W-]‑m-S-h-h‑p‑w D-ï‑m-b‑n. C-{‑µ‑nb-§Ä N-e-\‑m-ß-I-a‑m-b‑n. s‑I‑m¨‑p-I‑q-«‑p-I‑mÀ-¡‑n-S-b‑n \‑n-¶‑p‑w i‑y‑m‑w-i‑n-h-b‑p‑w Z‑nÂ-j‑m-\-b‑p‑w ]‑m-«‑p ]‑m-S‑n. X‑p-SÀ-¶‑v _‑n.t‑I‑m‑w U‑n-¸‑mÀ«‑p-s‑aâ‑n-s‑e j‑nÂ-P‑m-k‑v A-hÀ¡‑p t‑h-ï‑n ¢‑m-k‑v F-S‑p-¯‑p. B-t‑c‑m-K‑y-a‑p-Å a-\-Ê‑p‑w i-c‑o-c-h‑p‑w F-§-s‑\ \‑nÀ-½‑n-¡‑m-s‑a-¶‑p‑w s‑s‑ii-h-I‑m-e-¯‑p-ï‑m-I‑p-¶ a‑m-\-k‑n-I k‑w-LÀ-j-§-s‑f-b‑p‑w k-½À-±§-s‑f-b‑p‑w e-L‑q-I-c‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑n-\‑v I-f‑n-IÄ F-§-s‑\ k-l‑m-b‑n-¡‑p¶‑p-s‑h-¶‑p‑w‑, X‑p-S-§‑n h‑m-b-\ \‑n-X‑y-P‑o-h‑n-X-¯‑nÂ‑, ¹‑m-Ì‑n-¡‑n-s‑â D-]-t‑b‑m-K‑w‑, `-£-W c‑o-X‑n-IÄ F-¶‑n-h-b‑n-e‑q-s‑S-s‑b-Ã‑m‑w I‑p-ª‑pa-\-Ê‑p-I-s‑f k-©-c‑n-¸‑n-¡‑m³ I-g‑n-ª‑p. "a-l‑m-ß‑m-K‑m-Ô‑n‑' F-¶ h‑n-j-b-h‑p‑w I‑p-«‑n-I-f‑n G-s‑d I‑u-X‑p-I‑w k‑r-j‑v-S‑n-¨‑p. I-Y-I-f‑ne‑q-s‑S-b‑p‑w X-a‑m-i-I-f‑n-e‑q-s‑S-b‑p‑w a‑p-X‑nÀ-¶ G-«-·‑m-c‑p‑w t‑N-¨‑n-a‑m-c‑p‑w X-§-f‑n-t‑e-¡-S‑p-¡‑p-¶-X‑v B I‑pc‑p-¶‑p-IÄ A-X‑y‑m-Ë‑m-Z-t‑¯‑m-s‑S h-c-t‑h-ä‑p. C‑u A-\‑p-`-h-§Ä k‑zb‑w h-fÀ-¶‑p-h-c‑p-h‑m-\‑p‑w \-h‑o-I-c‑n¡‑p-h‑m-\‑p‑w a‑p-X‑nÀ-¶-h-s‑c-t‑¸‑m-s‑e B-I‑m-\‑p-a‑p-Å B-{‑K-l‑w i‑n-i‑pk-l-N-a‑m-b \‑n-j‑v-I-f-¦-X-t‑b‑m-s‑S

A-h-c‑n {‑]-I-S-a‑m-b‑n. I‑p-ª‑n-s‑â P-·-h‑m-k-\-IÄ‑, k‑m-a‑q-l‑y h‑o-£-W‑w‑, c-£-IÀ-¯‑m¡-f‑p-a‑m-b‑p-Å _-Ô‑w‑, s‑]‑m-X‑p ]-c‑n-k-c-t‑¯‑m-S‑p-Å k‑w-t‑h-Z-\-£a-X C-h-s‑b-Ã‑m‑w ]‑q-h‑n-S-c‑p-¶-X‑pt‑]‑m-s‑e k‑z‑m-`‑m-h‑n-I-a‑m-b‑n k‑w-`h‑n-¡-W‑w. A-X‑n-\‑p t‑h-ï‑n-b‑p-Å H-c‑p I-f-c‑n X-s‑¶-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑n-s‑e I‑p-«‑n-I-f‑p‑w s‑I‑m-¨‑pI‑q-«‑p-I‑m-c‑p‑w t‑NÀ-¶‑p-Å B \‑n-a‑nj-§Ä. I‑p-ª‑n-\‑v C‑u t‑e‑m-I‑w ]‑p-X‑n-bX‑m-W‑v. I‑p-ª‑v t‑e‑m-I-s‑¯-b‑p‑w‑, t‑e‑m-I‑w I‑p-ª‑n-s‑\-b‑p‑w ]-c‑n-N-bs‑¸-S-W‑w. I-f‑n-I-f‑n-e‑q-s‑S a‑m-{‑X-s‑a A-X‑v k‑m-[‑y-a‑m-I‑q. I‑p-ª‑p-§-f‑ps‑S s‑I‑m-¨‑p a-k‑v-X‑n-j‑v-I-¯‑n k‑qN‑n-¸-g‑p-X‑n-\‑p t‑]‑m-e‑p‑w C-S-a‑n-Ã‑m-¯ c‑o-X‑n-b‑n h-k‑v-X‑p h‑n-Ú‑m-\‑w I‑p-¯‑n h-b‑v-¡‑m‑w. F-¶‑m A-hc‑p-s‑S a‑m-\-k‑n-I h‑n-I‑m-k-¯‑n-\‑v H-c‑n-¡-e‑p‑w A-h D-X-I‑p-¶-X-Ã. A-i‑m-´-h‑p‑w A-k‑z-Ø-h‑p-a‑m-b a-\-Ê‑p-I-s‑f ]‑n-S‑n-¨‑n-c‑p-¯‑m³ t‑hï‑n \-S-¯‑n-b s‑K-b‑n-a‑n-M‑v ]-c‑n-]‑mS‑n G-s‑d B-k‑z‑m-Z‑y-I-c-h‑p-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p. "P‑m-]‑m-\‑o-k‑v h‑n-k‑v-]-d‑n-e‑q-s‑S' A-hÀ G-I‑m-{‑K-X A-\‑p-`-h‑n-¡‑p¶-t‑X‑m-s‑S‑m-¸‑w a-X‑n-a-d-¶‑v B-Ë‑mZ‑n-¡‑p-I-b‑p‑w s‑N-b‑v-X‑p. _‑n.t‑I‑m‑w U‑n-¸‑mÀ-«‑v-s‑aâ‑n-s‑e l-c‑n-X-b‑p‑w-j‑nP‑n-\‑n-b-b‑p‑w t‑\-X‑r-X‑z‑w \Â-I‑n-b I-f‑n-I-f‑n-e‑q-s‑S C-c‑p-h-c‑p‑w I‑p-ª‑p§-f‑p-s‑S a-\-Ê‑n Ø‑m-\‑w ]‑n-S‑n¨‑p. kÀ-¤‑m-ß-I I-g‑n-h‑p-I-s‑f ]-c‑n-t‑]‑m-j‑n-¸‑n-¡‑p-I F-¶ e-£‑yt‑¯‑m-s‑S \-S-¯‑n-b N‑n-{‑X c-N-\‑m a-Õ-c‑w G-s‑d {‑i-²‑n-¡-s‑¸-«‑p. `‑m-h-\-b‑p-s‑S \‑n-d-§-f‑n N‑m-e‑n-¨‑v h-c-¨ N‑n-{‑X-§-f‑n I‑p-ª‑p-§f‑p-s‑S \‑n-j‑v-I-f-¦-X B-t‑h‑m-f‑w

I‑m-W‑m-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. a-Õ-c-¯‑n ^‑m-¯‑n-a j-l-Z-b‑p‑w j‑n‑w-\-b‑p‑w h‑nP-b‑n-I-f‑m-b‑n. a-Õ-c h‑n-P-b‑n-IÄ-¡‑v k-½‑m-\-§Ä \Â-I‑n-b-t‑X‑m-s‑S‑m¸‑w‑, I‑p-ª‑p-a-\-Ê‑p-I-s‑f a-[‑p-c‑w \Â-I‑n k-t‑´‑m-j‑n-¸‑n-¨‑p. s‑I‑m-¨‑p I‑q-«‑p-I‑m-c‑p-s‑S I-f‑n-b‑p‑w N‑n-c‑n-b‑p‑w s‑kÂ-^‑n-e‑m-¡‑m³ G-«³-a‑mÀ-¡‑p‑w t‑N-¨‑n-a‑mÀ-¡‑p‑w A-h-t‑c‑m-s‑S‑m-¸‑w t‑^‑m-t‑«‑m-b‑v-¡‑v H-¸‑w \‑nÂ-¡‑m³ I‑p«‑n-IÄ-¡‑p‑w G-s‑d I‑u-X‑p-I-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p. s‑I‑m-¨‑p-I‑q-«‑p-I‑m-c‑p-s‑S C-S-b‑n H-c‑m-f‑m-b‑n I-f‑n-¨‑p‑w N‑n-c‑n-¨‑p‑w j‑mZ‑n I‑p-«‑n-I-f‑p-s‑S {‑]‑n-b-s‑¸-«-h-\‑mb‑n. ]-c‑p-¡³ {‑]-I‑r-X‑w s‑I‑m-ï‑v `-b-s‑¸-S‑p-¯‑p-I-b‑p‑w X-a‑m-i-IÄs‑I‑m-ï‑v N‑n-c‑n-¸‑n-¡‑p-I-b‑p‑w s‑N-b‑vX-X‑v _‑n.t‑I‑m‑w U‑n-¸‑mÀ-«‑v-s‑aâ‑n-s‑e j-¡‑o-_‑m-W‑v. _‑n.t‑I‑m‑w U‑n-¸‑mÀ-«‑vs‑aâ‑n-s‑e k-\-b‑p‑w‑, s‑s‑j-P-e‑p‑w‑, d‑nb‑m-Z‑p‑w I‑p-«‑n-I-t‑f‑m-s‑S‑m-¸‑w A-hÀ¡‑v H-c‑n-¡-e‑p‑w a-d-¡‑m-\‑m-h‑m-¯ a‑p-l‑qÀ-¯-§Ä k-½‑m-\‑n-¨‑p. \-j‑v-S-s‑¸-« _‑m-e‑y‑w \-a‑p-¡‑v H-c‑n¡-e‑p‑w X‑n-c‑n-¨‑v I‑n-«‑n-Ã. F-¶‑m _‑m-e‑y-¯‑n-t‑e-¡‑p-Å H-c‑p X‑n-c‑n¨‑p-t‑]‑m-¡‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p C‑u ]-c‑n-]‑mS‑n-b‑p-s‑S D-t‑±-i‑y‑w. _‑m-e‑y-¯‑n-s‑â I‑p-k‑r-X‑n-I-f‑p‑w h‑n-I‑r-X‑n-I-f‑p‑w b‑u-Æ-\-¯‑n-t‑e-¡‑v ]-IÀ-¯‑n-s‑b-g‑pX‑m³ C‑u A-\‑p-`-h-§Ä-s‑I‑m-ï‑v k‑m-[‑n-¨‑p. X‑n-c-¡‑p-IÄ-¡‑n-S-b‑n P‑o-h‑n-¡‑p-¶‑, ]‑p-X‑n-b t‑e‑m-I-¯‑ns‑\‑m-¸‑w I‑p-X‑n-¡‑p-¶ b‑u-Æ-\ I‑ma-\-I-s‑f \‑n-j‑v-I-f-¦-X-b‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w k‑v-t‑\-l-¯‑n-s‑â-b‑p‑w h‑m-Õ-e‑y-¯‑ns‑â-b‑p‑w t‑e‑m-I-t‑¯-¡‑p \-b‑n-¡‑ph‑m³ C-¯-c‑w I‑q-S‑n-t‑¨-c-e‑p-IÄ k-l‑m-b‑n-¡‑p-¶‑p F-¶‑v \‑n-Ê‑w-ib‑w ]-d-b‑m‑w.

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15








Report 2014-15 Report 2014-15 Report 2014-15 unnA a l 51-4102 tropeR A A n n un un a a l l 51-4102 tropeR 51-4102 tropeRAnnual Report A A A 2014-15




Report 2014-15 Report 2014-15 Report 2014-15

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5 Report 2014-1551-4102 tropeR1-4102 tropeR Physical education department Department of physical education is one of the most active departments of GEMS arts and science college. It was during this academic year that the department introduced new games like softball, baseball and hockey. The games were just not introduced but the students enjoyed and participated well enough in all the games. The department conducted the college athletic meet for which the college ground was the venue. The event was inaugurated by the former Santhosh Trophy player Asif Saheer. Another highlight was the participation of students in the B-zone and interzone championships. Students also participated in wrestling, volleyball, football, cricket,



Magazine 2014-15

badminton, athletics, boxing and so on under the university level competition. The participation of the students in the Malappuram district amateur athletics held in the Calicut University Stadium brought the best out of many students. Department of Sociology 1. We the department of sociology, conducted a field trip to Wayanad Tribal regions and Edakkal caves for fifth semester students 2. A counseling class was conducted by Ms. Jeena Joseph to the needy students of college, with an aim of increasing confidence level of the students, imparting self-esteem and motivating them to achieve success 3. The students of third semes-

ter sociology visited the tribal regions of Attappadi, Palakkad district and Silent Valley National Park with the initiative of the department Department of BA English As a part of world environment day students of English department had conducted “my tree challenge” by planting a tree. The tree challenge was inaugurated by our principal Mr. Naveen Mohan in the presence of HOD C. V. Varghese, department faculty members and students. To find the emerging talents and to improve the skills of students, English department conducted a spot magazine competition for department students. To commemorate William Shakespeare the Bard’s birth-


Report day, the department conducted Shakesplora 2K15, exploring the immortal Shakespeare, a one day exploration programme. The programme was inaugurated by Prof. Sreedevi, Department of English, Mercy College, Palakkad. To discover and encourage the dramatic abilities of students a drama workshop was conducted by Mr. Peeshapalli Rajeevan, School of Drama, Trichur for the students. Department Association was inaugurated by Mr. K. P. Gopi Krishnan, Senior Journalist, Media One by lighting candles. Department of Geology 1. Association InaugurationInauguration by Dr. V. A. Ayisha HOD and Reade, Department of Geology, Ponnani, MES College 2. 3 days Geological field workTrichinapoly Terrain, Tamil Nadu 3. v8 days major Geological field work- Chithra Durga Shear zone, Karnataka Terrain Department of microbiology As the part of our academic activities, our students conducted an exhibition on October 10 of the academic year 2014-2015. The exhibition was conducted regarding the topics: waste water treatment, water purifier, biogas production, vermicomposting and dialysis unit. Details of some recent diseases and a model of DNA was also provided. Department of Biotechnology Department exhibition “satwa” was conducted. It was inaugurated by Vice Principal

Dr. Rupesh. Association inauguration was inaugurated by Dr. Naseema, HOD, Department of Bioinformatics KAU, Thrissur. Medicinal garden was developed by the students. Poster presentation and quiz competition was conducted. A study tour was also organized to Labland, Mysore Department of BCA & CS BCA and CS department conducted IT Fest under INNPASCO computer club. From our department six students were selected by Microsoft as Microsoft Student Partner (MSP). MSP students conducted workshops on various Microsoft Products. The departments also conducted seminars on Cyber Crime, embedded systems and Linux administration. Department of Mathematics The department of mathematics conducted a motivation class for student in mathematics in connection with the mathematics association inauguration. We also conducted a seminar on “Golden Ratio” by Asst. Professor Mohammed Nishad. A., department of mathematics, Farooq College, Calicut. In connection with association programme, department conducted an animation film “Grave of Fireflies”, for students to motivate their social commitment. The department also conducted a study tour. Department of commerce and management studies Conducted a workshop of SEBI for all final year students by Asst. Professor Greeshma, Govt. College, Malappuram Celebrated finance day on 24th of November 2014

Final year BCom (Finance) and MCom Students visited Cochin Stock Exchange and SEBI Regional Office Conducted Commerce and Management Association inauguration on February 2015 Started ED Club Activities Conducted motivation classes for BCom and BBA first year students by Prof. R. P. Ameerbabu. M (Asst. Professor, PTM college, Perinthalmanna) Department of multimedia and communication Department has conducted a one day workshop on “ad film making”. Famous ad film director Mr. Prasanth Murali and Cinematographer Mr. Kishore Mani had presided the workshop. Department has organized industrial visit to famous Malayalam TV channel Studio, Media One and a wildlife photography camp of “Valppara forest”. Students of our department has participated in several short film contest and achieved prizes in Malayala Manorama-Yuva short film contest, Opus Media fest, Idea Kappa TV photography contest,etc. Department of electronics Academic year 20142015 was really event packed for our department. Association program ‘Esperx’ was true trendy initiative of both students and faculty members. Students came out with technologies and projects which added charm to the event. The department also conducted quiz programmes, selfie contest and mind blowing auto exhibition.

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15





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Repor 91

UNION ANNUAL REPORT 2014 -15 {‑]‑n-b-s‑¸« h‑n-Z‑y‑mÀ-°‑n k‑p-l‑r-¯‑p-¡-s‑f \-½‑p-s‑S t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑n-s‑e H-c‑p A-²‑y-b-\ hÀ-j‑w-I‑q-S‑n I-g‑n-ª‑p t‑]‑m-I‑p-I-b‑m-W‑v. h‑n-i-¸‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v A-ea‑p-d-b‑n-S‑pw k-a‑q-l-h‑p‑w‑, h‑n-Z‑y‑m-`‑y‑m-k‑w e‑m-`-t‑a-d‑n-b I-¨-h-S-a‑m-s‑W ]‑p-X‑n-b X‑n-c‑n-¨-d‑n-h‑p‑w \-s‑½ ]‑qÀ-®-a‑m-b‑p‑w A-k‑z-Ø-c‑m-¡‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ N‑o-¯ I‑m-et‑¯‑m-S‑p-Å {‑]-X‑n-t‑j-[-h‑p‑w‑, ]‑p-X‑n-b t‑e‑m-I-s‑¯-I‑p-d‑n-¨‑p-Å k‑z-]‑v-\-§-f‑p‑w ]-¦‑p-s‑h-b‑v-¡‑p¶ H-c‑p a‑p-J‑y t‑h-Z‑n F ¶ \‑n-e-b‑n t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑v b‑q-W‑n-b-s‑\ a‑m-ä‑m-\‑m-W‑v R-§Ä {‑i-a‑n-¨-X‑v. R-§-t‑f‑m-s‑S‑m-¸‑w F-Ã‑m k‑m-l-N-c‑y-§-f‑n-e‑p‑w X‑p-W-b‑m-b‑n‑, i-à-a‑m-b... ]‑qÀ-®-a‑m-b ]‑n-´‑p-W-t‑b‑m-s‑S R-§-t‑f‑m-s‑S‑m-¸‑w \‑n¶ C‑u I-e‑m-e-b-¯‑n-s‑e R-§-f‑p-s‑S {‑]‑n-b h‑n-Z‑y‑mÀ-°‑n k‑p-l‑r-¯‑p-¡Ä¡‑v a‑p-¼‑n C‑u d‑n-t‑¸‑mÀ«‑v k-aÀ-¸‑n-¡‑p¶-‑p.

tIm-tf-Pv bq-Wnb³ `‑m-c-h‑m-l‑n-IÄ s‑N-bÀ-a‑m³ : j-l‑n³ s‑s‑h-k‑v s‑N-bÀ-t‑]-g‑v-k¬ : X-a¶ P-\-d s‑k-{‑I«d‑n : A-P‑v-a a‑m-K-k‑n³ F-U‑n-äÀ : s‑s‑j-P- ]‑n.-S‑n. P-\-d I‑y‑m-]‑v-ä³ : Z‑nÂ-j‑m-Z‑v t‑P‑m-b‑nâ‑v s‑k-{‑I-«d‑n : a‑p-_‑o-\ s‑s‑^³ BÀ-S‑v-k‑v : a‑n-k‑v-_‑m-l‑v b‑p b‑p k‑n 1 : i-c-¯‑v b‑p b‑p k‑n 2 : k-^‑v-h‑m³ bq-Wnb³ k-X‑y-{‑]-X‑n-Ú P‑m-X‑n-a-X hÀ-K-t‑`-Z-§-f‑n-Ã‑m-s‑X k-X‑y-k-Ô-h‑p‑w B-ß‑mÀ-°-h‑p-a‑m-b{‑]-hÀ-¯-\‑w h‑m-K‑v-Z‑m-\‑w s‑N-b‑v-X‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑v H‑m-U‑n-t‑ä‑m-d‑n-b-¯‑n {‑]‑n³-k‑n-¸‑mÄ {‑i‑o \-h‑o³ t‑a‑m-l³ k‑m-d‑n-s‑â-b‑p‑w a-ä‑v A-²‑y‑m-]-I-c‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w h‑n-Z‑y‑mÀ-°‑n-I-f‑p-s‑S-b‑p‑w k‑m¶n-²‑y-¯‑n k-X‑y {‑]-X‑n-Ú s‑N-b‑v-X‑p-s‑I‑m-ï‑v b‑q-W‑n-b³ A-[‑n-I‑m-c-¯‑n-t‑e-d‑n BÀ-S‑v-k‑v (2014-þ2015‑) \-½‑p-s‑S k-¼-a‑m-b k‑w-k‑v-I‑m-c-¯‑n-\‑p a‑p-d‑n-t‑hÂ-¡‑m-X‑n-c‑n-¡‑m³ \-j‑v-Ss‑¸-«p-s‑I‑m-ï‑n-c‑n-¡‑p B-h‑n-j‑v-¡‑m-c k‑z‑m-X-{‑´‑y‑w t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑v B-S‑v-k‑v s‑^-Ì‑nh-e‑n-e‑q-s‑S {‑i-a‑n-¡‑p-I-b‑p-ï‑m-b‑n. H‑m-^‑v t‑Ì-P‑v C-\-§-f‑n-e‑p‑w t‑Ì-P‑n-\-§-f‑n-e‑p-a‑m-b‑n a-Õ-c-§Ä k‑w-L-S‑n¸‑n-¡‑p-I-b‑p-ï‑m-b‑n. BÀ-S‑v-k‑v s‑^-Ì‑n-h C-{‑X-b-[‑n-I‑w `‑w-K‑n-b‑m-b‑n \-S-¯‑p-h‑m³ k-l‑m-b‑n-¨ BÀ-S‑v-k‑v A-s‑s‑U‑z-kÀ c-R‑v-P‑n-¯‑v k‑m-d‑n-\‑p‑w a-ä‑p A-²‑y‑m-]-IÀ-¡‑p‑w C‑u A-h-k-c-¯‑n \-µ‑n t‑c-J-s‑¸-S‑p-¯‑p-‑¶p. t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑v BÀ-S‑v-k‑v {‑]-i-k‑v-X k‑n-\‑n-a‑m-X‑m-c‑w {‑i‑o. {‑i‑o-\‑m-Y‑v `‑m-k‑n D-Z‑v-L‑m-S-\‑w s‑N-¿‑p-I-b‑p-ï‑m-b‑n. C‑u-Z‑v s‑^-Ì‑v C‑u hÀ-j‑w C‑u-Z‑n-t‑\‑m-S‑v A-\‑p-_-Ô‑n-¨‑v h‑n-h‑n-[ ]-c‑n-]‑m-S‑n-I-t‑f‑m-S‑v-I‑q-S‑n C‑u-Z‑v s‑^-Ì‑v k‑w-L-S‑n-¸‑n-¨‑p. a‑m-¸‑n-f-¸‑m «‑v a-Õ-c‑w‑, s‑s‑a-e‑m-©‑n-b‑n-S a-Õ-c‑w‑, s‑I‑m-f‑m-j‑v \‑nÀ-½‑m-W‑w‑, h-S‑w-h-e‑n a-Õ-c‑w X‑p-S-§‑n h‑n-h‑n-[ ]-c‑n-]‑m-S‑n-s‑I‑m-ï‑v BtLmjw hÀ-×‑m-`-a‑m-b‑n. I‑m-b‑n-I‑w _‑n t‑k‑m¬ I‑m-b‑n-I t‑a-f-b‑n ^‑p-S‑v-t‑_‑mÄ‑, {‑I‑n-¡-ä‑v, t‑l‑m-¡‑n‑, _‑m-U‑va‑nâ‑, I-_-U‑n X‑p-S-§‑n-b S‑o-a‑p-IÄ ]-s‑¦-S‑p-¯‑p.



Magazine 2014-15

CâÀ t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑v P‑q-t‑U‑m‑, d-ke‑n‑w-K‑v X‑p-S-§‑n-b a-Õ-c-§-f‑n a‑pl-½-Z‑v d‑n-b‑m-Z‑v, a‑p-l-½-Z‑v j-¡‑o-_‑v, A-¿‑q-_‑v X‑p-S-§‑n-b-hÀ ]-s‑¦-S‑p-¯‑p. ^‑n-k‑n-¡Â F-U‑y‑p-t‑¡-j-³ U‑n-¸‑mÀ «‑v-s‑aâ‑v H.O.D. {‑i‑o. h‑n-]‑n³ k‑m-d‑n-s‑â ]-c‑n-{‑i-a-¯‑n-\‑v C-h‑n-s‑S \-µ‑n t‑c-Js‑¸-S‑p-¯‑p¶-‑p. t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑v I‑m-b‑n-I-t‑a-f P-\-d I‑y‑m-]‑v-ä³ Z‑nÂ-j‑m-Z‑n-s‑â-b‑p‑w h‑n]‑n³-k‑m-d‑n-s‑â-b‑p‑w t‑\-X‑r-X‑z-¯‑n c-ï‑v Z‑n-h-k-§-f‑n-e‑m-b‑n k‑w-L-S‑n¸‑n-¨‑p. B-Z‑y-Z‑n-\‑w a-e-¸‑p-d-¯‑n-s‑â C-X‑n-l‑m-k ^‑p-S‑v-t‑_‑mÄ A-h-X‑mc‑w B-k‑n-^‑v k-l‑oÀ I‑m-b‑n-I-t‑a-f D-Z‑v-L‑m-S-\‑w s‑N-b‑v-X‑p. k‑o-t‑k‑m¬ I-t‑e‑m-Õ-h‑w N‑n«-b‑m-b ]-c‑n-i‑o-e-\-a‑p-d-IÄ-¡‑v t‑i-j‑w {‑]-X‑o-£-b‑p-s‑S s‑I‑m-S‑p-a‑p-S‑nI-f‑n-t‑e-¡‑m-W‑v I‑m-e‑n-¡-ä‑v k‑o-t‑k‑m I-t‑e‑m-Õ-h‑v-X‑n ]-s‑¦-S‑p-¡‑p-X‑n-\‑mb‑n h-ï‑n I-b-d‑n-b-X‑v. a-¼‑m-S‑v F‑w.C.-F-k‑v. t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑n s‑h-¨‑v \-S¶ k‑o-t‑k‑m I-t‑e‑m-Õ-h-¯‑n s‑P‑w-k‑v t‑I‑m-t‑f-P‑n-s‑\ A-X‑n-s‑â a‑p-g‑p-h³ {‑]-`‑m-h-t‑¯‑m-S‑p-I‑q-S‑n-b‑p‑w ]-s‑¦-S‑p¸‑n-¡‑p-h‑m³ k‑m-[‑n-¨‑p. a‑n-I-¨ {‑]-I-S\‑w ]‑p-d-s‑¯-S‑p-¯ \-½‑p-s‑S h‑n-Z‑y‑mÀ°‑n-I-f‑p-s‑S ]‑n³-_-e-¯‑n \-a‑p-¡‑v a‑n-I-¨ t‑]‑m-b‑nâ‑v I-c-Ø-a‑m-¡‑p-h‑m³ k‑m-[‑n-¨‑p. a-e-b‑m-f‑w \‑m-S-I-h‑n-`‑m-K¯‑n a‑n-I-¨ \-S-\‑m-b‑n \-½‑p-s‑S t‑I‑mt‑f-P‑n-s‑e _‑n.-F.- C‑w-¥‑o-jv h‑n-Z‑y‑mÀ-°‑n k-a-Z‑v s‑X-c-s‑ª-S‑p-¡-s‑¸-«‑p. a-ä‑p {‑]-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä h‑n-Z‑y‑mÀ-°‑n-I-f‑p-a‑m-b‑n _-Ô-s‑¸«pI‑n-S-¡‑p¶ F-Ã‑m {‑]-i‑v-\-§-f‑n-e‑p‑w h-f-s‑c \-à c‑o-X‑n-b‑n C-S-s‑]«‑v {‑]-i‑v-\-§Ä ]-c‑n-l-c‑n-¡‑m³ H-c‑p ]-c‑n[‑n-h-s‑c b‑q-W‑n-b-\‑p I-g‑n-ª‑n«‑p-ï‑v. k‑u-a‑y-\‑m-b s‑N-bÀ-a‑m³ F-Ã‑m I‑m-c‑y§Ä-¡‑p‑w h‑n-Z‑y‑mÀ-°‑n-I-f‑p-s‑S-I‑q-s‑S X-s¶\‑n‑¶p. \-µ‑n F-Ã‑m {‑]-X‑n-k-Ô‑n-I-f‑n-e‑p‑w t‑I-t‑fP‑v b‑q-W‑n-b-\‑p ]‑n-´‑p-W-b‑p‑w k-l-Ic-W-h‑p‑w \Â-I‑n-b \-½‑p-s‑S k‑z-´‑w {‑]‑n³-k‑n-¸‑mÄ \-h‑o³ t‑a‑m-l³ k‑m-d‑n\‑p‑w‑, Ì‑m-^‑v A-s‑s‑U‑z-kÀ a-J‑v-_‑q k‑m-d‑n-\‑p‑w Ì‑m-^‑v F-U‑n-äÀ A-^-k k‑m-d‑n-\‑p‑w‑, BÀ-S‑v-k‑v A-s‑s‑U‑z-kÀ c-R‑v-P‑n-X‑v k‑m-d‑n-\‑p-a‑p-Å \-µ‑n C-h‑ns‑S t‑c-J-s‑¸-S‑p-¯‑p¶-‑p.

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15



Special Thanks Mr.Shahid Shahid











Shahan Shan

















Christy Manoj




Magazine 2014-15

GEMS College Annual Magazine 2014-15



hn-¹-h-ho-cyw tNm-cm-¯


Xm-gv-hm-c-¯n-\pw sX-¶-en-\p-an-S-bn-se \n-i-Ð-X-bv-¡p-a-¸p-d-¯p-Å

A-dn-b-s¸-Sm-¯ B-gn-bn-te-¡v

B-i-I-fpw B-i-¦-I-fpw s\-©n-te-än... hn-aÀ-i-\-§-fpw hn-e-bn-cp-¯-ep-I-fpw

ImÂ-¸-\n-I-am-hp-sa-¶ {]-Xo-£-tbm-sS...

"Iev-]-\-w' s\-©n-te-än-b-hÀ-¡v

H-cm-bn-cw \-µn. - Ìp-Uâ v F-Un-äÀ -

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