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NIS Dolphin Wave Volume 1, Issue 2

Nagoya International School

Student Publications The Back-bone of “Samurai Japan”by Junro Shibata The 2010 World Cup fever has faded away, but it doesn't stop many students’ passion for football. The Japanese national team, for the first time in a World Cup outside of Japan, was able to make the tournament round. It's a revolutionary year for Japanese football. Surely, the football population of the entire nation is bound to increase. For those of you thinking about giving football a try, there is one player that I recommend you watch and learn from, from the Japanese national team: Makoto Hasebe.

Chief Editors Kiyomi DeZoysa Noriko Iwata Writers Junro Shibata Chethaka Ekanayake Shusaku Isomura Inhye Choi Nasa Brehmer Aubrey Clark Lay-out Editor Masaya Ando Supervisor Ms. President

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The Back-bone of “Samurai Japan”


By Junro Shibata

New Freshmen Dolphins

In or Out of My Friend Circle By Aubrey Clark

his exquisite performance and technique as a football player. During the 2008-09 season when Wolfsburg conquered the German professional league, Bundesliga, for the first time in team history, Hasebe had established his position in the team as the permanent defensive mid-fielder, contributing significantly to the team's triumph. With his accurate passing and controlled shots, Hasebe played full-time against Hanhe played for over nover , contributing the team’s first win of the season (9/19) 90% of the games that the team played. will shouting at his teamAs for his performance mates, especially those in the this year, he recorded an midfield to adjust their positions for opponent attacks. assist on the first game of the season, and contributed to Communication is a key to a the win of Wolfsburg against successful team, and Hasebe Shalke 04, one of the strongacted as the center star of communication during the est teams in Bundesliga. All the football fans of NIS, World Cup games. In other please support and cheer on words, he is the 'glue' that this young, talented Japanese holds the national team tofootball player in Germany; gether. he is truly inspirational. Currently playing for a German professional team Forza Hasebe! called VfL Wolfsburg, he is a vital player not only for his communication skills, but for


New Freshmen Dolphins

By Inhye Choi

Once on the Internet, Always on the Internet

Many football fans may believe the key to the Japanese success is Keisuke Honda, or some other aggressive attackers of “Samurai Japan”. Hasebe and many of the defensive players do not receive as much recognition as the goal scorers and the dribblers of the team; however, they are key to winning a match. Hasebe is a defensive midfielder, often referred to as the “Volante”. His job is to control the entire center half and prevent the opposing team from entering the vital areas of the Japanese side of the field, as well as sending

accurate passes to the offense. Watching him play, you will notice him constantly


by Inhye Choi

Hey guys! As you may recall, I introduced to you some of your new colleagues in the freshmen class in the last issue. This time, I took the initiative to interview two students from the sophomore class.

sents, this is the day! It's coming up soon so DON'T miss it.) She's Japanese but has lived in USA and France before she came to Nagoya. She has one sister in Scotland and learned to ride her bike when she was three!

Entry one: Kanna Marukawa

Entry two: Michaela Rajarathnan

Kanna is 14 years old and her birthday is on Oct. 17th! (So guys, if you are planning on buying Kanna birthday pre-

Michaela is also 14 years old, and she is from South Africa. She was born on January 23rd (Another birthday to

mark on your calendar!) She's already had a boyfriend before, and Michaela has a little brother in grade five. Her favorite food is Oreos, and she has phobia for needles! Remember to say 'hi' to them in the high school hallway :)

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NIS Dolphin Wave

Once on the Internet, Always on the Internet — In or Out of My Friend Circle

“...Technology is changing the conception of privacy control, and sharing” — Elliot Schrage

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Liking, Posting, Poking, Tagging, Commenting. With theses actions, only one place comes to mind: Facebook. With more than 500 million active members, Facebook has skyrocketed into the spotlight, bringing with it many security concerns. Without knowing, users of Facebook are connecting with more than just those they know. Facebook differs from other social networking sites such as Twitter and MySpace, because it offers a

“meeting spot”, or information to be used in identity theft. By accessing a friend's account hackers may view information such as an address or email, and even photos. Is anything you post really safe? Even Facebook board members have reported that their accounts have been hacked.

by Aubrey Clark ment, using their GPS on their mobile device. At first this seems like a cool way to brag, but I see it as a huge invasion of privacy, allowing many to know your exact location at the time. I’ve seen countless occasions where people have posted things saying, “See you guys in two weeks: I’m going on vacation!” You don’t wave and yell and advertise to your whole neighborhood when you are leaving on a trip, but people find no problem doing it via Facebook. Now with “Places”, people can follow your EXACT location. Creeped out yet? People will know when you will be gone. And often on their profiles, people will list all their contact info such as address, cell phone number, etc., compromising their security.

Facebook has taken action. To prevent information from “leaking”, every so often there seems to be a new security update. Jeffery P. Ament from Rockville, MD, had this to say: "Facebook has become more scary than fun...Every week there seems to be a new privacy update or Facebook is a social networking change, and I just can’t service with more than 500 million keep up with it.” He active users world wide deleted his account, Mr. Schrage of Facebook even though he had said, “Facebook has been made false sense of security (“only my been an active Facebook mem- the center of attention around a friends will see it”) when in ber for three years. What hap- really important issue of how reality information remains pens when you delete your technology is changing the conaccessible to many: both legally account? To be honest you ception of privacy control and can’t: your Facebook account sharing. People are uneasy and illegally. can never be totally erased. about it, but as they start to see When you sign-up for Turning back to the handy- the benefits and advantages of Facebook, you must agree to dandy user agreement I find it, they start to see the value of the user contract, filled with out that "you may remove your the experiences.” This article technical jargon and confusing User Content from the Site at wasn’t meant to totally scare legal terms. What it contains any time...but you must ac- you, but to raise awareness may surprise you. Facebook’s knowledge that the Company about the dangers of online user agreement contains this may retain archived line: "We may share your infor- copies of your User mation with third parties, in- Content." In short, cluding responsible companies Facebook never forwith which we have a relation- gets. So can it be ship." Third parties? trusted? 'Responsible' companies? We Postings can come can never know exactly where our information is going; it is back and haunt you no matter how long ago now owned by Facebook. you posted them. Those are just some of the Think about your near Elliot Schrage, Vice President of legal ways your personal, and future: when you are Communication and Public Policy of once thought "private" informa- trying to get a job, do Facebook tion can be attained. But there you want a stupid are many illegal ways to creep status update, or into your security bubble, as photo, you posted years or social networking. Facebook is a well. Most recently, a new scam months ago stand in the way? great way to connect with othis reeking havoc on the unsus- Phrases as simple as “So ers and share information, as stressed out from my work day long as you use common sense. pecting members of Facebook. today”, or “I hate my Biology Consider all these factors before Nowadays companies ask class, my teacher works us to you hop onto your cyber-social you to 'follow us on Facebook'. death” have gotten people fired life, because what you post now Did you ever stop and think, and expelled, leaving them can haunt you forever. who may be following you? embarrassed. Is Facebook at Your friends might not be who fault? Or should users simply you really think they are. start employing common Strangers have been known to sense? hack into unsuspecting users’ accounts, posing as them. Facebook has introduced a They'd talk to the hackie’s new feature that allows users to friends asking for money, a post where they are at the mo-

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