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Volume 1, Issue 6

January 27, 2011

NIS Dolphin Wave Seniors Find Balance By Kiyomi De Zoysa We all know that being a senior is no easy task, especially here at NIS. The stresses of college applications and all the countless IB tests and IA’s that go along with them can cause serious fatigue and genuine unhappiness. This alone is the reason seniors allocate themselves days necessary to their health, also known as senior “balance” days, also known as Senioritis. For us Seniors, these days, where we take our minds off IB and school work, are strictly for health purposes and are in NO way correlated to indulging ourselves in selfish desires such as watching Family Guy all day or hanging out at the Oasis 21 with that new special someone and they are definitely not related to the release of new video games that just have to be played (pshh...that would be lame… right Shu?). Nevertheless,

these days happen and they are just seniors’ way of finding balance. As our days here at NIS are now down to just a few months, we are beginning to realize that balance is an important part of our lives right now.

Senior Find Balance


Technology OnThe-Go!


Humans are Strange, Especially on New Years


Looking Back at 2-3 the Retreat Seniors enjoy their last NIS Winter Retreat, making a “snow-camel”

It is disappointing that our best days here at NIS where fun is at an all time high and anxiety is pretty much ruled out from our vocabulary (with only IB exams to worry about now), are the days closest to graduation. But on a positive note, there is still enough time to pull off an excellent Senior Prank that is creative, funny and harmless that in no way damages the integrity or property of the school (I do not want to get blamed for anything you guys do). After countless hours of research, I arrived at the logical conclusion that stu-

dents need to take full advantage of their weekends to wind down a bit. Go to the tanning salon and get a sexy pre-summer tan. Or why not go kick it in downtown Sakae after school or go to the park and play some Ultimate Frisbee instead of rushing home to do homework? So basically, my only piece of advice to all the seniors would be to find a balance in your life and make the best of your last few months of your high school life. After all, we are still only kids and we will never be able to get these days back.

Alberto Zaccheroni: The European Way


How to Buy the 4 Perfect Valentines Gift

Chief Editors Kiyomi DeZoysa Noriko Iwata

Writers Junro Shibata Aubrey Clark Inhye Choi Chethaka Ekanayake Shusaku Isomura

Technology On-The-Go! By Shusaku Isomura From cell phones to the iTouch, technology has been evolving at a very rapid pace. Along with this technological advancement, portability has changed drastically as well. What I mean by this is how various mer-

Inside this issue:

chandise are gradually being made so that they could be more easily carried. A good example of this is Apple products. From the iPod classic to the iPod Nano, we can clearly see the difference in portability. Not only

is this matter affecting the music playback but desktop as well. The Xi3 Modular Computer is a 3.6 by 3.6 by 4 inches computer desktop. With the price of 850$ it has all the necessary component to fully function as a

Lay-out Editor Masaya Ando

Supervisor Ms. President

computer. These include dual core processor and even supporting screen resolutions up to 2560 x 1600. Another new type of device being produced is the Switchblade developed by PC gaming Hardware Company named

Razer. The Razer Company took the normal PC component and decided to create a fully portable device to allow PC gaming to be more portable. One special thing about Switchblade is that the keyboard quickly recognizes the

“A Revolution in PC Gaming” - Razer on Switchblade

game you’re playing and rearranges itself. So that depending on what game you’re playing, the keyboard can change on – thefly to give the controls you need.

Humans are Strange, Especially on New Years By Noriko Iwata Fireworks, counting down to the New Year, and kissing everyone in sight (or only your loved ones for those who are shy) at midnight aren't the only New Year's customs celebrated around the world. In Spain, everyone starts the new year off with a mouthful of grapes (a dozen, to be exact) for another happy twelve months (a very healthy way to pig out). In the Philippines, it's a national wear-polka-dots day (I can't imagine Mr. Cook wearing polka dots). In Colombia, families burn a huge male doll – Mr. Old Year – stuffed with some fireworks to literally burn away all

the bad memories of the past year. In Korea, there's a superstition that if you sleep on New Year's Eve, your eyebrows turn white. In Ireland, single women place mistletoes under their pillows to find a husband (if marriage were that easy). According to Mrs. Legault, Venezuelans walk around the block outside with their suitcases at the stroke of midnight, and kids are given artificial fires to play with (hopefully their parents aren't drunk enough to overlook the 'artificial' part). In Denmark, it's time to throw dishes at neighbors' doors – our of love, of course. In

HS Student Council Presents:

China, everyone has to wear new clothes on New Year's Eve ( they don't even have to beg their parents for a new wardrobe?). And in South America, everyone invests in colorful underwear to sport on New Year's Day (the highlight of the year for undergarment stores). But one custom that's common to most cultures today is that everyone ends up making New Year's resolutions that they can't keep like me: I even procrastinated on my New Year's resolution to stop procrastinated.

Monday: Twin Day


Tuesday: Lady Gaga Day

February 7th ~ February 10th

Thursday: Class Theme Day

Wednesday: Clique Day

High School Winter Retreat: Nagano By Junro Shibata Filled with laughter, drama and our favorite winter sports, this year's winter retreat was a success. The highlight of day one was the musicals performed by each grade level (thanks to Mr. Dodd, who came up with the idea in the first place). Each show was about a character or characters attempting to overcome obsta-

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cles to achieve their dreams, let it be in a singing contest, Bollywood, a classroom or a rapping contest. Even Japanese reggae and that famous dance by KARA made it into the musicals. The students’ spirits peaked on the second day as we headed up to Mt. Norikura for a day out on the slopes.

The feeling of the freshly fallen powdered snow under my skis was uplifting. And everyone enjoyed themselves, whether it be on the ground or gliding down Black Diamond slopes. Not to complain, but there's one downfall I just HAVE to mention: the pungent smell of sulfur at Raicho. Us men had to constantly fight the odor

NIS Dolphin Wave

from the time we woke up until we hit the hay. And when your room becomes a victim of a sudden barf attack and the two combine, it almost feels like you're receiving cruel and unusual punishment. The biggest issue for us was bathing: who wants to wash themselves with sulfer-polluted onsen water filled with white goo? Can we really call this 'washing our bodies'? The question remains unresolved.

Looking Back at the Retreat... Thank you Mr. Prosek and Facebook for the photos!

Alberto Zaccheroni: The European Way By Chethaka Ekanayake Question: Do you know who Alberto Zaccheroni is? Answer: The successor of Takeshi Okada, who led the Japanese national team to the knock-out stage at the World Cup in South Africa. Before Okada’s contract had become void, the maestro resigned from his position as head coach. With the Asian Cup approaching, JFA (Japanese Football

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“It’s a young team and sometimes we play fantastic football, but we still need to improve” - Alberto Zaccheroni Association) needed a shogun able to lead the Samurai Blue towards victory. That’s where the former manager of AC Milan and Italian Coach of the year, Alberto Zaccheroni, came in. Zaccheroni’s coaching career back in

Italy wasn’t at all positive: he was sacked by AC Milan and unable to qualify for the UEFA Champions League. But he turned his career around 180º when he devised a 3-4-3 player formation everyone else questioned.

NIS Dolphin Wave

But before he can get down to business, he first has to tame the fierce Japanese press. The media is uncertain as to how their stars would handle Zaccheroni’s 3-4-3 formation. Attacking full backs have long been an area of strength for the Blue Samu-

rai. However, in Zaccheroni’s system, there might not be room for the likes of Yuichi Komano, Atsuto Uchida and Yuto Nagatomo. Unlike Okada, Zaccheroni is equipped with some of the most talented players Japan has seen in dec-

ades: Keisuke Honda, Shinji Kagawa and Atuso Uchida to name a few. A lack of knowledge of different styles of football in different cultures has often been a problem for previous Japan coaches. The upside of having Zaccheroni as coach? This isn’t a

How to buy the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift By Aubrey Clark Forget roses, a box of chocolates or cheesy poetry. Here are some great tips for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your Valentine. Give your special someone something to really make them feel “special”. In fact, your gift is probably so great, why not give one to everyone you know? Surely your Valentine won’t mind if they receive the same thing as all your friends. Don’t even put thought into it. Buy a bulk candy bag at Costco and spread it around. Don’t be creative. Why be creative? It is a waste of time and energy. Besides, with CAS, and all that homework...(thanks IB) Don’t make any-

thing; just get it from the store. Your significant other doesn’t need to know...don’t even try to bake anything. They’d jjust swallow your eggshellfilled cupcakes down with a forced smile, anyway. Go to Daiso. Come on: everything is 105 yen! You can’t beat those prices. (Tip: Just be sure to remove the huge MADE FOR DAISO JAPAN sticker). Forget Shakespeare. He’s definitely no Bieber or Sinatra. If you do want to include a note with your gift, make sure to use text-speak. Thts how we all cmmnic8 these days, and its probably how one of you asked the other out - so go 4 it! Don’t worry: I think they even print those now on sweethearts too. (Note the heart shaped candies to the right...) Oh, and one last thing, leave it to the night before. Or even the morning of…. When’s Valentine’s Day again?

* DISCLAIMER : DON’T FOLLOW MY ADVICE Follow my advice, and you’ll probably find yourself watching romcoms with ice-cream in one arm and your dog in the other. If you really need some advise, do the opposite of what I have listed here. Pay special attention to that person. Be creative, maybe even make or bake something for them. You don’t have to buy them anything extravagant, but a little thought goes a long way. For a nice touch, use poetic or smooth language - something that is sure to set your Valentine’s heart aflutter. I wish you all luck this Valentine’s season. Love is in the air!


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