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The Tale of Zara the Bunny  and Neema the Naughty  Fox   

There once lived a very well known family of bunny rabbits in the woods. Along with these rabbits lived a young bunny named Zara. Zara was the youngest of the bunch and was always willing to try something new. Sometimes, her behavior was a little worrying for her parents who were becoming old. In the woods also lived bears, birds, possums, and foxes. The most well known fox in the woods was Neema. Around in the woods they called him Neema the Naughty fox because his behavior would always get him in trouble and others as well. One day, Zara overheard her mother talking to another bunny rabbit.

The word in the woods​ ​was that the animals’ habitat was soon going to be destroyed by the city people, which meant none of the woodland creatures would have a place to stay. It was time for creatures to leave. The bunnies, the birds, the foxes, the bears, and many more had to flee. All the families huddled up creating a game plan for where they were going to move to next. But Neema the Naughty fox had a different plan than any of the families in the woods.

Neema was thinking about stealing the berries and worms in the birds nests, taking the fruits and seeds from the possums, stealing the rodents that were found in the bears’ cave. In the meantime, Zara and her family were huddled together in their nest. Many ideas were going through the families mind. Zara’s mother and father were thinking about creating an underground trail for not only their family to live in but all the other rabbits in the woods, but then again that could been destroyed by the city people. They also realized that they had no food saved up. This would make it very difficult for Zara and her family to live since they never knew where they would eventually live. Zara stepped out the nest to look at the woods one last time until they would have to flee soon. As Zara looked

around, she heard a sudden crunch, the sound of dried up leaves. She searched around only to find Neema the Fox picking out a bunnies nest that was right next to her family nest. She freaked out. She didn’t want Neema to find her and end up eating her or...her family that was right below her feet. She hid by the tree right next to her. She was confused as to what Neema was doing in that families nest. All of a sudden, he managed to make his way in. She could see his fluffy tail moving around back and forth like a tree branch when the wind gust is just a little too rough.

5 minutes later he finally stepped out of the nest, but he wasn’t the only one stepping out of the nest. It was him and a bunch of fruits, berries, and nuts that the rabbits had been collecting. Zara abruptly remembered that her family were in need of these fruits, berries, and nuts too. She knew stealing was a bad idea. Her parents raised her well, but if this was the only thing that would save her family she thought it wouldn’t be too bad of an idea. She started picking at another rabbit’s nest. As expected, she found the fruit, nuts, and berries that she wanted. She had such a variety to choose from. She was so adrenalized by the amounts of fruit that were coming to way, excited to show her family when she went back to the nest. She came back with a full basket. As she headed back to her nest, her heart suddenly sank along with the basket. She saw that her family's nest had been destroyed. She ran inside only to find that her family ​had​ no longer b ​ een​ there. Neema the Naughty fox had eaten her family. Zara had realized that maybe following Neema’s pathetic behavior may have not been a good idea after all.

The Tale of Zara the Bunny and Neema the Naughty Fox  
The Tale of Zara the Bunny and Neema the Naughty Fox