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N Ninth Letter Plan b™

“I will be called

exotic, which sometimes means beautiful

but always means

strange, foreign, other.”

—Nalini Jones

“He can read fine but he doesn’t seem to understand color.”

—Robyn Carter

“Still, if I could hold onto it I would.” —Robyn Carter

“You break my heart every time you open your mouth.”

—Amelia Gray

“The elite. The prepared. The blessed. Each and every one of them was perfect.�

—Colin Winnette

“He told me that the world is vast and beautiful and would never stop astonishing me.”

—Jessica Wilbanks

“Are you fucking crazy?” —Ariel Lewiton

“People on vacation are disgusting.” —Caitlin O’Neil

“No uniforms this day for the protesting Goth-clad students.” —Greg Rodgers

Ninth Letter: Plan B  
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