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A HUGE  THANK  YOU  TO  THE  FOLLOWING     2013  SEAYBST  VOLUNTEERS                    

Accommodations Coordinator:    Karen  LaBranche    

Awards Banquet   Team:     Machi   Pohly   (Chair),   Suzie   Nam,   Angelica   Neira,   Joanne   Butterfield,  Becky  Crowley,  Amber  Cochran,  Doreen  Chou     Fundraising  Team:    Mark  Fogle,  Rhonda  Fogle,  Tri  Pham,  Jonathan  Chou,  Tina  Datta     Treasurer:    Shawn  Savarino       Field  and  Grounds  Coordinator:    Bob  Brundage                     Uniform  Coordinator:    Lori  McConaghy     Rules  &  Umpiring  Coordinator:    Kate  Brundage     Game  Schedule  Coordinator:    Brad  West     Awards  Coordinator:    Maria  Burquest     Night   at   the   Park   Team:     Amy   Zamboldi   and   Kira   Skill   (Co-­‐Chairs),   Henrietta   Hurst,   Emily   Bodden,   Kelly   Kassela,   Janie   Carmichael,   Soo   Yeon   Kim,   Karen   LaBranche,   Angie   Bennick,  Machi  Pohly,  Melissa  Gonzales,  Jack  Machulski,  Bart  Broadman,  Kate  Brundage     Communications  and  Publicity  Coordinators:    Nishu  Raina,  Kelly  Kassela     Tournament   Sales   &   Souvenirs:     Kay   Schot   (Chair),   Nishu   Raina,   Chris   Ferguson,   Doreen  Chou     Scorekeeping  &  Statistics:    Andrew  Windheim  (Chair),  Jon  Shoemaker,  Bart  Broadman,   Annette  Hagewiesche,  Marc  Bauche,  Tri  Pham     Tournament  Concessions:    Emily  Bodden       Security  Coordinator:    Marc  L’Heureux     Photography  Coordinators:    Nishu  Raina,  Ronald  Beck     Division   Liaisons:   Brad   West,   Harris   Hurst,   Tri   Pham,   Kate   McCabe,   Henrietta   Hurst,   Stan   Kassela     Team   Moms:     Karen   LaBranche,   Nishu   Raina,   Yuko   Froemke,   Henrietta   Hurst,   Kira   Skill,   Angie  Bennick,  Amy  Zamboldi,  Kelly  Finefrock,  Joanne  Butterfield,  Suzie  Nam,  Angelica  Neira,   Becky  Crowley,  Kay  Schot,  Soo  Yeon  Kim,  Kendall  Jackson,  Gretchen  Hearne  


Andrew Barker Kaden Bernhard Justin Blumenthal Many thanks to Singapore for hosting what promises to be a great 2013 SEAYBST Tournament with lots of competitive baseball! This year, Bangkok is sending teams to SEAYBST to compete in three divisions – Minors, Majors Baseball and Seniors Baseball. The majority of players from the Majors and Minors teams traveled to Singapore to participate in the Turkey Tournament in November 2012 and they have been looking forward to returning for SEAYBST. All of our players have been very committed to practicing twice a week for several months and working hard to improve their skills for SEAYBST. Our teams have participated in a number of tournaments and scrimmages internationally and within Thailand) to prepare for SEAYBST 2013. The Minors team is coached by Andy Minckler, Ira Blumenthal and Dan Smith. The Minors Team has been playing very competitive baseball and we hope to see their outstanding play continue through SEAYBST. We are all very excited to be in Singapore and participating in SEAYBST 2013.

Sam Michaels Mick Eddy Hunter Lazoruk Ryan Minckler Sean Ogden Jack Pendleton Andrew Smith Christopher Tang Andy Minckler Ira Blumenthal Dan Smith


7 22 15 58 5 13 27 14 12 1 11 17 34 44



Jakarta PLAYER Name Bryton William Sumbles Kohei Yamamoto Kotaro Ueda Keigo Sugita Taisei Miyamoto Darrel Marcellus Aribowo Fabian Jonathan Azraf Nabil Trimora Bakri Ryoma Takada Nicholas Bhagasinsan Eagan Alexander Eldrick Alexander Rafael Ngkaion William Sumbles, Yoshihito Takada Hirokazu Ueda

Jersey # 7 15 17 23 6 55 10 50 3 19 28 33 12


The Jakarta Minors team is excited to be a part of the 2013

Jr - Manager Coach Coach

SEAYBST games. We have a talented group of boys that is truly internationally represented. Our boys come from as far away as the USA, Japan, Philippines and of course Indonesia. There are several boys that are making the team for the second time, which include Ryoma, Enzo and Eagan. Our team also includes a big group of newcomers to SEAYBST this year by the names of Bryton, Fabian, Azraf, Rafael, Nicholas, Darrel, Taisei, Keigo, Kohei, Kotaro and Eldrick. We think we have a fairly solid club that covers all aspects of the game; including, hard accurate pitching, great gloves in the field and big bats at the plate. Jakarta Minors team would like to thank Singapore for hosting the event this year and we look forward to some great competitive baseball!! LET’S PLAY BALL!!!


Compared to previous years, this year’s ILLAM Seaybst Minors baseball team is quite small. In fact, we are already used to others mistaking us for a coach-pitch team! The group is also relatively young with several players born in 2001 and 2002. Consequently, our boys are quite playful and the coaches sometimes scratch their heads and wonder if they’re back in kindergarten. Yet despite the team’s small size and youth, the boys play baseball with feistiness and skill that surprise many. They also play with a passion for the sport that is innocent yet intensely competitive at the same time. Truly, these boys give life to the saying “small but terrible!”

PLAYER Name Akita Naoki Carpio Nathan Evaristo Caleb Goldstein Kyle Guzman Marcel Limpo Javi Montemayor Lorenzo Russell John Salazar Matti Santos Reed Sasaya Rikuro Raymundo Esab Tony Montemayer Egay Delos Reyes Darwin Dela Calzada

Jersey # 51 13 7 3 15 11 2 10 18 38 8 21

Ferdinand Recto

Nationality Japanese Filipino American American Filipino Filipino Filipino American American American Japanese Filipino Manager Coach Coach Coach

Perth PLAYER Name Bailey Foulk Caiden Deal Mitchell Chase Adam Erdmann Evan Perera Jordan Abrahams Caitlyn Power Mikayla Hyde Brock Molloy Yki Murakami Luke Warren Matthew Hendrickson

Jersey # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Brandon Jones


Craig Lewington Phil Kendall



Head Coach Asst.Coach

After last year’s finals success many of the boys have graduated meaning this year is a rebuilding year. We are fortunate to have two boys returning from last year, along with another two with international experience, which we hope will provide the leadership for the squad for this year’s tournament. We have a solid nucleus with handy mix of players who are able to fill various roles which will be hopefully add flexibility while maintaining consistence. The squad has been training is a positive sign for another successful tournament in Singapore. Good Luck to all the teams in March…

MINORS BASEBALL Singapore Warriors

The 2013 Warriors are led by captains Cal Crowley and Kevin McComb and coached by Stephen Haley, Dennis McComb, Paul Terrile, and Larry Rucinski. The group consists of students from four different schools in Singapore – The Singapore American School, The Canadian School, and both campuses of the United World College of Southeast Asia. Many of the kids have participated in various tournaments throughout the region, but only one has been involved with SEAYBST previously. As the host country, Singapore is allowed to have two teams participating in the minors division of the tournament – the Wolfpack and the Warriors. The team has been working very hard not just throughout the past few weeks since the team has been chosen, but since all the kids began their baseball careers in Singapore. We are all very excited to be part of SEAYBST and hope to play great baseball while having an excellent experience!


Jersey #


Samir Bhalla Zack Cook Cal Crowley Emma Froemke Rylan Haley Jake Intrater Kevin McComb

12 5 4 51 32 8


Joshua Nam Jorge Neira Timothy Pham

Luke Rucinski Reid Terrile Alex Windheim Paul Terrile Stephen Haley Dennis McComb Larry Rucinski

10 42 11 34 00 9 45 27 41 55


Coach Coach Coach Coach

Singapore Wolfpack PLAYER Name Justin Bieker Sam Bodden Henry Butterfield JJ Chou Spencer Cochran Chris Conyers Hammy Finefrock Charlie Hogan Haruki Konishi Yosuke Nakata Tuscan Savarino Kyohei Takara Ben Zamboldi Chris Hogan Brad Finefrock Chris Conyers Dom Savarino

Jersey # 7 17 13 23 21 24 2 22 6 25 3 1 28

Nationality American American American American American American American American Japanese Japanese American Japanese American Coach Coach Coach Coach

The Singapore Minors Wolfpack baseball team is ready to play hardnosed, old-school baseball and leave it all on the field! Their motto is “Starve Alone-Feast Together” and each and every player on the Wolfpack team has made a pact to have the back of their teammates. They are fully aware that nothing great ever happens if you hold back and they are confident in their ability to compete with their very talented opponents from Bangkok, Manila, Perth, and Jakarta. After all the hard work they have put in preparing for this SEAYBST tournament, the Wolfpack goal for the week is to have fun! They will take advantage of everything that the SEAYBST tournament has to offer: great baseball competition, fantastic ballpark food, trading jerseys, not being in school for a week, and most importantly, the chance to meet new friends. Good luck to all the teams and remember, if you call one wolf, you get the whole pack!

MAJOR BASEBALL Bangkok PLAYER Name Kotaro Sato Kengo Shigeta Chris Keating Many thanks to Singapore for hosting what promises to be a great 2013 SEAYBST Tournament with lots of competitive baseball! This year, Bangkok is sending teams to SEAYBST to compete in three divisions – Minors, Majors Baseball and Seniors Baseball. The majority of players from the Majors and Minors teams traveled to Singapore to participate in the Turkey Tournament in November 2012 and they have been looking forward to returning for SEAYBST. All of our players have been very committed to practicing twice a week for several months and working hard to improve their skills for SEAYBST. Our teams have participated in a number of tournaments and scrimmages internationally and within Thailand) to prepare for SEAYBST 2013. Tom Irwin, Chris Oglesby and Peter Shigeta are the coaches of the Majors team which has many veterans returning from last year, several players who moved up from the 2012 Minors team and a few new players.

Sam Oglesby Jacob Karaul Kevin Irwin Alex Bernarding Heromi Mizuno Chris Rowland Peter Lee Nico Ramirez-Icaza Tom Irwin Chris Oglesby Peter Shigeta

Jersey #

1 6 10 21 2 99 17 69 5 18 12 98 3 30

Nationality Japan USA USA USA USA USA USA Japan USA Korea USA Coach Coach Coach

Jakarta PLAYER Name Muhammad Luthfi Mahir Karim Mohammad Arief Achmad Nouval Averdi Raymond Ongkowijaya Muhammad Rizki Mahalik Ibrahim Radjazufar Norman Raken Praba Ibrahim Hassim Raynaldi La'lang Muhammad Evan Nusantoro Ken Ambai Muhamad Muflich Wibowo Matthew Feder Sinder Masao Ambai

Jersey # 7 27 15 9 43 13 10 3 2 29 8 17


Manager Coach

It will be a fresh start for the Jakarta Majors team as all of the players will be playing at the SEAYBST Majors level for the first time. Four of our players have participated in SEAYBST Minors during the Bangkok and Perth tournaments. From past SEAYBST, we know to expect strong teams across the board from Singapore, Perth, Bangkok, and Manila. Our team led by Radja, Afi, Nouval, Rizki, and Ken is working hard to prepare for the upcoming competition. We would like say a big thanks to Chris, Kim, and everyone else who has been working so hard to get everything ready for the great event in Singapore. Looking forward to some exciting next to the equator baseball.


Jersey # Nationality

Angeles Rogelio Miguel Alvez

4 25 31 5 43 21 19 8 28 51 18 77 90 57

Beltran Marco Danilo Camina Bilbao Adolfo Francisco Typhoons are a fact of life in the Philippines, with an average of 20 tropical storms visiting the country every year. The Manila Majors Team is figuratively a streak of typhoons because its style of baseball has the potential of wreaking havoc on opponents, from both the offensive and defensive sides of the game. Expect a whirlwind of fastballs, off-speed pitches and everything in between from our 8-man pitching rotation. Marvel as our base runners blaze around the diamond with lightning quickness. Prepare for a torrent of hard swings and clever bunts from our reliable hitters. Watch out for a deluge of web gems from our steady defenders. This year’s edition of the Manila Majors includes 5 gritty veterans from the champion Minors Team in Bangkok 2011: Justin “The Assassin” Garcia, Jag “Flash” Gonzales, Paolo “Phenom” Hernandez, Enrique “Wild Child” Olivares, and Rymer “The Bomber” Tionloc. Three played in Perth 2012: Nathan “Hitman” Rosal, Hernandez and Olivares. The rest of the team, although first-timers in Seaybst, all have solid tournament experience: Miggy “The Cure” Angeles, Marco “Prodigy” Beltran, Adolfo “Bigshot” Bilbao, Javi “The Kid” Cojuangco, Paolo “Coup d’ Grace” Dumlao, Luis “The Beast” Goduco, Migs “Next Gen” Orbeta and Kaoru “Ice-K” Suzuki. They are a bunch of easy-going and fun-loving dudes; your ordinary schoolboys who just enjoy eating, laughing, and playing pranks together. Off the field, they exude innocence and boyish charm; but on the field they are always ready to play hard. And so to our friends from Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta and Perth, we have this to say: when these Manila boys flash their toothy smiles at you, please remember that it is only the “calm before the storm”. Because once the games begin, brace yourselves for the 14 “typhoons” that Team Manila will unleash in the Lion City for Seaybst 2013...

Cojuangco Javier Guingona Dumlao Paolo Luis Ramos Garcia Justin Rafael Agojo Goduco Luis Paras Gonzales Jose Esguerra Hernandez Miguel Echave Olivares Enrique Quintero Orbeta Miguel Garcia Rosal Nathaniel Mojica Suzuki Kaoru Tionloc Rymer Tionloc Gonzales Benedict Dizer Anthony Jose Pepe

Filipino Filipino Filipino Filipino American Filipino Filipino Filipino Filipino Filipino Filipino Filipino Japanese Filipino Coach Coach Coach

Play Ball!!!

Perth PLAYER Name Ulrich Bojarski Ryan Brice Reece Buck Ram Elford Jared Foster David John Courtney Jones Jayden Keeler Tristan Morris Jordan Power Nathan Roddy Luke Satie Adam Warren Maclain Wilson Frankie Chong David Snow

Jersey # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 0 31


Last Year’s Champions…. This year we have 7 new players to the SEAB &ST tournament. With the rest made up of past players of this team and players going up in age group from last year’s minors. We are looking forward to coming over to Singapore to defend the title. This year’s coaching staff is Head Coach Frankie Chong, Assistant Coach David Snow who was in last year’s senior team and on Field manager Phil Nichols. We hope everyone has a great tournament…..


This year’s U-15 Majors SLAM Team is a very talented group of players from top to bottom. The SLAM roster is a good mix of players from SAS, UWC the Japanese school and the team chemistry is very good.

PLAYER Name Ryan Yoo Zack Atlas Conor Bachman Koji Nakata Peter Burquest Takaya Ueno Kai Sato Kyle Froemke Alex Jackson Nicholas Hurst Jack Laurent Kio Underwood Mike Froemke Jeff Laurent

Jersey # 17 21 11 2 13 47 1 16 24 34 5 15


Singapore Tempest PLAYER Name Brendan Barnes Michael Bennick Conner Carmichael Patrick Devine Tucker Fogle Zach Fried Roscoe Hill Sterling Kassela Bradley Park Peyton Skill Jacob Vore Tomohisa Wada Jay You Mark Fogle

Jersey # 0 18 9 28 12 3 42 14 20 8 44 7 10


Stan Kassela


Eric Carmichael


David Fried


The 2012 Singapore Tempest is a team made up of students from the Singapore American School and the Japanese Secondary School who represent families from Japan, South Korea and the United States. Although many of the team members have grown up playing baseball in Singapore, this is the first time for them to come together on the same team. The Tempest welcome all the visiting teams and look forward to a great Seaybst Tournament.

SENIORS BASEBALL Bangkok PLAYER Name Jeremiah Hoehn Yuta Koiwai Kazuya Shigeta Joseph Meisberger Many thanks to Singapore for hosting what promises to be a great 2013 SEAYBST Tournament with lots of competitive baseball! This year, Bangkok is sending teams to SEAYBST to compete in three divisions – Minors, Majors Baseball and Seniors Baseball. The majority of players from the Majors and Minors teams traveled to Singapore to participate in the Turkey Tournament in November 2012 and they have been looking forward to returning for SEAYBST. All of our players have been very committed to practicing twice a week for several months and working hard to improve their skills for SEAYBST. Our teams have participated in a number of tournaments and scrimmages internationally and within Thailand) to prepare for SEAYBST 2013. The Seniors team, coached by Matt Hoehn and Mehmet Karual, will lose only two players to graduation this year. We are all very excited to be in Singapore and participating in SEAYBST 2013.

Aiden DeLozier Zachary Karaul Keitaro Tada Ryan Irwin Connor Curtis Yasuaki Jitsuyama Nick Pendleton Yuta Hashiguchi Matt Hoehn, Mehmet Karaul

Jersey #

14 17 15 22 4 0 2 23 32 1 34 10 29 42

Nationality USA Japan USA USA USA USA Japan USA USA Japan USA Japan Coach Coach

Jakarta PLAYER Name

Jersey # Nationality

Girvandi Ilyas Purba


Ashilla Safiya


Alexander Rudolf Aribowo


Randy Adianto Prathama


Rayesha Ikram Hardono


Azfarhan Munaf


Yeremia Adhisatya Prabhaswara


Alan Edrian Gerves


Muhammad Rizqi Fauzan


Aryo Damar


Riyanto Sudjana


Kazuhiro Kuramitsu


Hadi Nur Muhammad


Rizki Jodiansyah Ramadhan


Mia Fausia Andijana


Yuliastono Sukamad

Coach Coach

Hello Baseball Lovers.., We are the Jakarta Seniors Baseball Team and we’re excited to be in Singapore for the 2013 SEAYBST. Apart from Hadi Jodi and Aggi, our team this year consists of players who have participated in SEAYBST within the past 4 years. However, Ashilla, Randy and Ray are the only returning Senior Players from last year’s SEAYBST. Our young and energetic players have trained hard to prepare for this year’s tournament under the direction of our Coaches, Yuliastono, and Mia Purnamasasi. We will try to do our best in every game that we play in and thrive to reach the best result in this year’s tournament. We wish all the teams a great and memorable tournament. Let’s Play Ball!!!

SENIORS BASEBALL Manila PLAYER Name Akita Hiroki Banzon Roque

The Manila Pirates Senior Baseball team is comprised of fifteen determined and highly skilled baseball players who have been training hard for weeks. The team is excited to play with the teams from host Singapore, Perth, Bangkok and Jakarta and renew friendships which started when these boys were still playing in the Minors division. The team is comprised of four Senior players who are playing in their last SEAYBST tournament Nacho Cojuangco; Gabriel Esguerra; Junjun Salinas; & Joaqui Silvestre. They are committed to make their mark on and off the field to celebrate their final SEAYBST season and the other players look up to them as the leaders of the team. The Manila Pirates lineup is comprised of nine pitchers led by Cojuangco, Macasaet, Silvestre, Masaaki, Macasaet, Salinas, Esguerra, Habana and Akita. The pitching crew will be throwing to Salinas and Iwasaki who will alternate holding the fort at home plate. The infield will be defended by Banzon and Silvestre at first base; Macasaet and Akita at second base; Salinas and Concepcion at third base; & Macasaet and Salinas at shortstop. Our last line of defense will be manned by Esguerra and Beltran at left field; Cojuangco and Habana at centerfield; & Villarin &Unson at right field. The team will have power and speed in offense with our big bats coming from the top to the bottom of the batting lineup. Homerun hitters Habana, Macasaet, Banzon, Iwasaki and Esguerra will pose threats to all the pitchers in the tournament. Contact hitters Cojuangco, Macasaet, Silvestre, Villarin and Salinas will bring in the much needed runs to put the pressure on any teams. Salinas, Unson, Beltran, Akita and Concepcion can have a break out offensive game at any given inning contributing to the cause of the Manila Pirates. All the strategies on and off the field will be orchestrated by Norman Macasaet, team manager; Randy Dizer, head coach; and, Dan Gomez, the youngest coach in the tournament and our very able team statistician. We are all glad to be back in Singapore and in Singapore American School to play and enjoy with our friends from all over!!! Lets play ball!!!

Beltran Miguel Cojuangco Nacho Concepcion Jam Esguerra


Habana Miguel Iwasaki Masaaki Macasaet Javi Macasaet Paulo Salinas Josh

Jersey #

6 43 2 55 11 21 9 20 7 10

Salinas Junjun

16 17

Silvestre Joaqui


Unson Matt Villarin Carlo

8 27 48 54 18

Norman Macasaet Randy Dizer Dan Gomez

Nationality Japanese Filipino Filipino Filipino Filipino Filipino Filipino Japanese Filipino Filipino Filipino Filipino Filipino Filipino Filipino Coach Coach Coach

Perth PLAYER Name Nathan Debnam Steven Baxter Matthew Swayn Jack Smalpage Dion Urbas Travis Erdmann Joshua Morris Ben Ivey Josh Williamson Nathan Vagg Nick Stubbs Chris Hendrickson Ricky Barnett Zackary Sforcina

Jersey # 1


Ian Mccullough

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 25


David Nichols



After last year’s finals success many of the boys This year we a bringing a A mixture of players from last year senior team, new players and a few coming up from the major team of last year. We have been training hard and have come together well as a team. The players can’t wait to get to Singapore and start playing ball. So all I would like to say is see you on the diamond and let’s play ball.


Say Hello to your 2013 Singapore LIONS ! The LIONS are ready to play some great baseball this Seaybst tournament, and with a lineup that includes 13 returning players from last year’s Singapore seniors teams, we are looking forward to having a fantastic tournament ! Our solid infield corps of Beck, Erdmann , Bieker ,L’Heureux, and West will be an important part of our success. Lots of range, and experience, make this an iron curtain infield . Our outfielders include Devine, Brundage, and Broadman. Let it be known, they can track down the long ones with the best of them, and have the strong arms to hold those runners where we want them. Our talented catchers Hogan and LaBranche , will keep our strong pitching lineup of Kwang Oh, Nelligan, McConaghy and others working hard to be their best . The LIONS are especially proud to have our Singapore baseball community highlighted this year, and we want to thank the many volunteers that put this tournament together. Through the fantastic efforts of our local Singapore supporters, we know our many visitors will enjoy some great baseball and softball fun. A special thanks to all of the teams that traveled to Singapore to join in the fun. Let’s hope for good weather, even better baseball, and lots of smiles from the players and fans!

Good luck to all, and ENJOY SINGAPORE !!!!

PLAYER Name Jersey # Kwang Oh 20 Jack Hogan 44 Jacob L'Heureux 39 Liam Nelligan 6 Daniel Brundage 17 Brendan Bieker 23 Daniel McConaghy 7 Bart West 5 Sam Devine 34 Tucker Erdmann 3 Matt Beck 51 Jared Broadman 24 Nic LaBranche 11 Jeff LaBranche 28 Marc L'Heureux 40 Neal Bieker 21

Nationality Korean USA USA USA USA USA USA Singapore USA USA USA USA USA Coach Coach Coach

GO LIONS !!!!!!!!!

Singapore Tigers PLAYER Name

Will Baud Chris Bohling Craig Broadman Brian Ford Jake Hall Frankie Hearne

Jersey # Nationality 15 USA

Rahul Kaul

12 33 41 22 32 8


Creighton Little Riku Sato Nick Sheung Justin Shoemaker Jack Temple Yuki Wada Oscar Marcelino Tim Hearne Robert Brundage Jon -Shoemaker

10 18 99 1 26 2 56 42 17 35

USA Japan Singapore USA USA Japan Coach Coach Coach Coach

Tigers Head Coach Oscar Marcelino is so passionate about baseball that he truly believes that “baseball is the center of the universe and without its position in the universe the earth would tilt off its axis and we would all perish in a huge ball of flame”. This is why Coach Marcelino and Assistant Coaches Tim Hearne and Bob Brundage have worked so hard preparing this team for this year’s SEAYBST tournament. The Tigers roster may have some of the younger competitors in the Seniors Baseball Division but it would not be wise to underestimate them. The Tigers have a good mixture of talented veteran players, first year SEAYBST players new to Singapore, and boys moving up from the Majors Division who collectively have a potent combination of power, speed, and winning attitude. Good luck to all the teams!

The SACAC Softball Council proudly supports our 3 all-star teams

the Unicorns ● the Scorpions ● Crush

Our girls know the secret to success...

It’s all about the team.

Why are SACAC softball players so cool? Because they always have their fans!


A very Fresh team, but very Ripe for the competition. The members SEAYBST 2013 Manila Team is made up of “Young Veterans” who have experienced playing in Seaybst, and “Seasoned Rookies”, who just moved up from the lower-age divisions. Coming back to SEAYBST are Pam Concepcion, Nikki Fajardo, Annika Valdes and Therese Macasaet. Raring to go for their 1st SEAYBST games are Tara Imperial, Elie Horan, Nikki Limpo, Marianna Solitaria, Alex RomeroSalas, Kat Santos, Sophia Santos and Hajie Nepumuceno

PLAYER Name Macasaet Therese Santos Sophia Santos Katrina Solitaria Mariana Horan Ellie Concepcion Pam Fajardo Nikki Valdes Annika Limpo Isabel Nicole Nepomuceno Hannah Romero-Salas Alex Imperial Tara Karen Solitaria Cristina Daque Apol Rosales

Jersey # 10 33 31 29 2 5 15 23 55 13 1 18

Nationality Filipino Filipino Filipino Filipino American Filipino Filipino Fil-Am Filipino Filipino Filipino Fil-Am Manager Coach Coach

The Team, together with Manager Karen Solitaria, is looking forward to the competition!

Perth PLAYER Name Jersey # Rebecca Armstrong 1 Emily Ashworth 2 Leanne Bolton 3 Breanna Goodwin 4 Kiara Heron 5 Mackenzie Keast 6 Rachel Leong 7 EMMA Mclean 8 Beth Nolan 9 Kate Nolan 10 Samantha Oakley 11 Charlotte Pooley 12 2 Jess Wareham


Amanda Wareham



After winning the tournament in Perth we head to Singapore with a relatively new team however we have retained 4 players from from last year who will lead us with the experience on and off the field. The girls have come together well and look forward to playing softball. They have prepared and trained really well and they are looking forward to putting their skills on show in Singapore and hopefully go back to back. Coach

I would like to wish all the teams the best of luck in the tournament, play hard and have fun.

MAJORS SOFTBALL Singapore Scorpions PLAYER Name Ally Abeles

The Singapore SCORPIONS are ready to STING! our opponents in 2013. With nine players returning from the gritty 2012 Majors teams who played in Perth, we are a little older, a little wiser, a little better, and still a lot of FUN! If you want to see some great softball played by girls who love the game, come and cheer us on. GO SCORPIONS!!!

Erin Chung Julia Delaney Gabby Hagewiesche Erin Hearne Georgia Jackson Lucy Kassela Juliet Pohly Lillian Vore Madeline Vore

Maria Cayanan Rei Wong Jim Vore Craig Jackson David Pohly

Jersey # 24

Nationality USA

9 6 00 5 8 11 77 3 2 7



Singapore Coach Coach Coach

Singapore Crush PLAYER Name Morgan Hall Sophia Datta Brooke McConaghy Christina White Emily Koncki Kyra Bachman Kolbe Bachman Renee DeMaio Mariel Boden Maggie DeLaney Rina Peterson

Lisa Low Lynn John Delaney Gayle Hall Elle Koncki

Jersey # 3 10 12 15 2 14 6 27 5 1 17 7

Nationality USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA Singapore Coach Coach Coach

The Crush is one of two Singapore U15 Girls Softball teams participating in the 2013 SEAYBST Tournament. These ladies are well below 15 on average, but work harder than any team around. The attention, grit, and determination of this team is awesome. The Crush is a dynamic group of girls who have come together in a short time to become a strong close knit bunch who like to play hard and have fun. Go Crush!!



Devika Pokhriyal


Madelynn Montgomery Holt

The Jakarta Seniors Softball team combines both youth and experience. The mixed age team includes seven returning players and is looking to build upon the experience gained in Perth. Dinda, Arini, and Nadia will be leading the pitching staff. When Jakarta comes to the plate, the big bats of Kristyn, Gaya, and Rani will be showing the way for their teammates. The Seniors Softball team is looking forward to intense competition and also to reconnecting with friends from the last SEAYBST. Thanks Singapore for hosting what we know will be a great tournament.

Jersey #

Kristyn Alyse Peacock



Rani Putriarni Taulu


Amira Btari Ryandini


Luh Made Arini Candraputri


Ilka Arunia Lisapaly


Putty Ekadewi


Adinda Alya Faradina


Adji Gayatri Ariaputri


Maula Nadia


Marissa Mirzania Putri


Chantique Milenissa


Rudolf Maulwi Lisapaly


Karen Allemand Peacock


Toar Albert Taulu


Perth PLAYER Name Sophie Campbell Ashleigh Jarvis Stephanie Pelham Andai Elford Brittany Keen Madison Barnes Kaitlyn Barnes Erika Bojar Kelsey Turtle Kate Gayfer Loralyn Plummer Kacey Gilchrist Brooke Gayfer Amanda Wareham Jess Wareham

Jersey # 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 2


After winning the tournament in Perth we head to Singapore with 6 players from last year returning, who will lead us with experience on and off the field we have 3 players who have moved up from last year’s 15’s team and 5 new players to experience this great tournament. These girls have been working and training hard together and they look forward t putting their skills on show in Singapore and hopefully retain the trophy. Coach Coach

Good Luck to all competing


After missing SEAYBST last year, the Manila Senior Girls are up and ready, raring to go and get dirty. Led by 2 graduating members Adrianne Mei Uy and Daniella Uichico, and senior players Ysa Urquiaga and Trini Roxas, the team boasts of a lot of promising youngsters just up from the majors division. They are Nikki Borromeo, Noelle De La Cruz, Aya Ermac, Chesca Imperial, Franky Guerrero, Via Lim, Gelai Penales and Kaira Ventoso. The team is looking forward to the competition and aims to be an awesome force to be reckoned with. See you at the field……


Jersey #


Borromeo Nikki



Ermac Aya



Guerrero Frankie



Lim Via



Penales Gelai



Roxas Trini



Uichico Ella



Imperial Cheska



Uy Mei



Ventosa Kaira



De La Cruz Noelle



Arbis Jentry



Urguiaga Ysa


Marisun Uichico


Aileen Concepcion


Ronaldo Villarico Alvaran


Singapore Unicorns PLAYER Name

Jersey #


Katie Blakeman Allena Ferguson Madeline Hurst Claire Lim Samantha McCabe Alex McConaghy Devon Reagan Sydney Reuter Abby Sardjono Larissa Schot Miranda Schot Tiffany Yu Dan McConaghy Steve Ferguson Rene Schot Rick Reagan

5 6 13 8 15 12 10 1 11 2 55 66

Canada USA USA Singapore USA USA USA USA Indonesia USA USA USA Coach Coach Coach Coach

The Singapore Senior Girls are really looking forward to competing on our home field this year against so many talented teams. We are confident about our players’ strong capabilities and look forward to the challenge! We bring a great abundance of tournament experience to SEAYBST this year. Returning players from last year’s Senior Girls SEAYBST team include: Team Captains Alexandra McConaghy and Devon Reagan, Claire Lim, Katie Blakeman, Allena Ferguson and Larissa Schot. New to the Senior Girls SEAYBST team this year is: Miranda Schot, Maddie Hurst, Samantha McCabe, Sydney Reuter, Abby Sardjono and Tiffany YU. Experienced coaching staff, with returning coaches from last year’s Senior Girls team are Coach McConaghy, Coach Ferguson, Coach Reagan, Coach Schot and team mom Kay Schot. New to the coaching staff is Coach Reuter. The team’s success in this year’s tournament is highly dependent on the strong batting line up and versatile defence. The Singapore Seniors are excited about playing against quality, experienced teams, and most of all the opportunity to meet players and make new friends, while also catching up with old friends from prior tournaments. We wish to thank all of those committed volunteers for their hard work in putting this tournament together, and we look forward to a fun filled week.

SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD “BEST OF DIVISION” AWARDS (One of each of these given out for each of the 5 divisions) SILVER SLUGGER (top hitter of the division) TOP GUN (top pitcher of the division) GOLD GLOVE (top fielder of the division) MVP Also there will be first, second, third place team awards and every player will get a participation award.




Brendan Beiker Jared Broadman Kwang Oh


Nathan Vagg


Keitaro Tada Yuta Hashiguchi


Nacho Cojuangco Gabriel Esguerra Joaqui Silvestre Junjun Salinas Carlo Villarin

SOFTBALL Katie Blakeman Alex McConaghy Larissa Schot

Mei Limpe-Uy Ella Uichico

Thanks to all of the SEAYBST Country Directors Kristen Keating - Bangkok Matt Sinder - Jakarta Aileen Concepcion - Manila Caron Nichols - Perth Chris Hogan/Kim Conyers - Singapore

GO CHRIS!!! GO WOLFPACK!!!!! All of New Jersey is rooting for you. Love, Poppy & Jani, Amanda & Josh, Linny & Matt, and the Wolf Cubs- Jack, Katie, McKenna and Dylan

Kevin, we are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments in baseball this year. Looking forward to a great tournament and the experience of playing in an event as great as SEAYBST. You should be proud too! Let’s win some games –we’ll be coaching and cheering hard! We love you – Mom and Dad

Hey, Zack! We’re rooting for you. Hit one for us. Hit another for your other US relatives! Most of all, have fun. Love, B & Z

Chris, Mimi and grandpa Sam are so proud of you and all you have accomplished. GREAT JOB! Love you More always.

“To Kate Nolan (Kit Kat ) #10, Perth All Stars Major Softball, wishing you all the luck from everyone in Perth for a fantastic tournament. Love Mum, Dad, Luke, Scott and Kira XX”

Goodluck to the Perth Allstars Major Girls Softball Team. From Gordy & Jo Nolan

YEA!!! RAH!!! GO TEAM!!!!.... Someone in Maryland is cheering for the “SINGAPORE WOLFPACK”. Good Luck, Chris!

Jack ... We will miss you next year! Good luck at The Hill School and keep making us proud!

Charlie ... Out of all our kids you are one of them! Seriously, you are one of a kind and thank you for putting a smile on our face every day!

Good luck in the tournament & remember to have a blast!!! Love ... Mom, Dad, Ennie, Rosie, Grace, Lily, Nan, Pop, Big Mama, Papa Doc, Annabelle & Maggie

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Proudly Supporting SEAYBST 2013

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To our  awesome  grandson  Reid–  best  wishes  in  the   tournament  from  Nana  and  Grandpa  Bud!    


Reid –  we  are  so  proud   of  you  and  have  loved   watching  you  be   passionate  about   baseball  since  you  were   a  baby!    Best  wishes  in   the  SEAYBST   tournament!    We  hope  it   will  be  the  first  of  many!     Love,  Mom  and  Dad   (Coach  Paul)      

are the proud sponsors of


be YOU


CPE Registration Number: 196400340R Registration Period: 22 June 2011 to 21 June 2017 Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

SEAYBST 2 013 The Tournament Directors would like to extend a special thank you to the following people and organizations who were instrumental in the success of the tournament: Chip Kimball Floyd Smith, Jon Gabrielson and the staff of the SACAC office Mimi Molchan, Kim Criens and the staff of the Athletics Office Mr. Toh and the staff of the Grounds Support Office Orchid Country Club Brewerkz


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Hey Ally, The Tournament is finally here! We know that all the hard work you have put in will pay off. You are such a great athlete! Just play your best and have fun! Wishing you & all the Scorpions good luck this week !We love You! Mom & Dad

solutions without compromise is our edge.

MEDICAL EMERGENCY INFORMATION An Ambulance will be located near the Cafeteria Building, as noted on the facilities map. Trained medical professionals will staff it at all times during the tournament. Woodlands Polyclinic: 10 Woodlands Street 31 Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Saturday 8:00 am - 12:30 pm

Ambulance: Gleneagles Hospital: Mt. Elizabeth Hospital: Singapore General Hospital:

995 6470-5700 6731-2218 6321-4311


Tournament Control Room

Concessions Drink Sales


Lockeroom Showers


Wed-Thur Night

8am - 7pm Wed - Sat

8am - 8pm Wed - Sat

8am - 8pm Wed - Sat


lift High School

Hoe Brothers Catering












SEAYBST 2013 Tournament  

SEAYBST - 2013 Singapore tournament program

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