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Location Reccies

Park We have picked to film in a park because most couples go to parks in their free time and there are many memories in a park. The park is being used to film a date and it will show memories that the couple had before the arguing. The park is also a good place to film because it is calm and free unlike more busy places such as shopping malls.

Westfield We have chosen to film in Westfield because it is a well known place because it has everything from restaurants to shops. We could do many scenes in Westfield such as having a shot in the cafĂŠ. There are many attractions in Westfield that we could use and it would make a good affect to the Video as there will be more things to look at on the video.

Boys Room i

We have chosen to use the room because the is a party in a house so we got the idea of using a boy and girl room to show the boys and girls getting ready for the party. Each room is in a different house but we will film it inside the room so that the viewer will think everything is taking part in a single house. We have chosen these rooms because we need a feminine room that will make it obvious that it is for girls and a masculine room to show it is for boys.

House The house will be used for a party that will be held in the music video. Using a house for a party would seem to be more realistic and also it would appeal to the age group. Also, having a house party would be a big responsibility because there could be too much people, however we will make sure that we have the right amount and that there would not be any problems during filming. There could problems with space and also loose objects but we will make sure that there will not be and problems or objects that will harm the crew or casts. Having a house party would also be good for the music video as there are not many in videos there for it would make music video stand out to the rest.

Location reccies  

reasons why we chose the locations

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