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* Music video case study

Katy Perry – California Girls By Nisha Sreedharan

*The video The video I have chosen is ‘California Girls’ by Katy Perry. I have picked this video as it is different to her other videos and is very engaging to the audience. The video also uses various camera movements and angles to make the video seem more enchanting and fascinating to the audience. The song is about California girls, the video however is about girls who have been trapped within candy in the board game and Perry moves around the game freeing the girls with Snoop Dogg trying to block her when she gets to close. Which leads to a battle on the beach between the girls and Snoop Dogg and Katy Perry defeating them. The video does not exactly match the video but it makes the song more intriguing to watch. I chose this video because I find it very charismatic and it is a summer anthem which means that there is a higher chance of it being played on the radio and when your on holiday to get you into the mood of things . C4SAW4

*Record Label Katy Perry is signed to a Capitol Music group which is a major record label so it will pay for the production of videos for the artist. A major record label will also have a mainstream appeal, they also have a lot of money to spend on big marketing campaigns, especially advertising this is good for the artist as they will be placed in the eye of the viewer from the beginning. A video by a major label will have a higher budget allowing the artist to have actors, large crew and famous directors to create the video, they may also have a well known artists usually signed to the same record label and the video will get loads of mainstream airplay. This is good for the artist as she will be in the eyes of the public for longer than other artists, so this will increase audience appeal and will bring the sales up.

*Promotional Artists use websites like Facebook and Twitter to promote their new singles, and upload their video to YouTube to get more hits and it is more likely to get around on these sites and creates more fans. It also increases the awareness to the audience that the artist is releasing a new single, making the audience more excited at the prospect of having a new song to listen to. For example Katy has in this case has put on Facebook that her new single will be on the television so that her fans all over the world know when it will be on so they know when they can watch it. This is good for many reasons like the fact that it enhances the awareness of the song as it will be premiered on different channels at different times. This also helps the artist become more well known as someone may not necessarily have like Katy Perry on Facebook but a friend might and it will pop up on their news feed

*Visual The visual representation also allows the artist to show off their particular style by how they dress and how they act in front of the camera, an example of this would be the way Katy Perry dresses throughout the video like the bejewelled bikini tops and the high waist shorts. Another outfit that Katy wears is a red “wonder women� like costume and attaches whipped cream cans to her breasts when she is going against Snoop Dogg and the gummy bears. This would appeal to the audience as they would like to see what see is doing and why she is doing that, it also enhances the awareness of the song as it will be known as the song with Katy Perry half dressed. This also makes the artist well known as she was in the limelight due to this video for wearing very little and controversial outfits, this helps the record label as they are going to become more well known.

*Extended playability The song did well worldwide, peaking number one on the Billboard Hot Hundred for six weeks running, the song also reached number one in over 10 countries. California Girls was the first song in 2010 to top the 300,000 mark in digital sales more than once, the first being 318,000 sales and the second being 359,000 sales. Within the first seven weeks of it being released it sold over two million downloads, which was the second fastest in digital history. As of August 2012, the song has sold 5,358,000 digital copies in the US alone. Elsewhere ‘California girls’ reached number one in Canada and debuted in the top 20 in Belgium, New Zealand and Norway. It debited on the Australian singles chart at number then later at number one, it also received a Gold certification from RIANZ in New Zealand. ‘California Girls’ also did well in the UK Singles Chart reaching one making it her second chart topper in the country and sold 123,607 copies in its first week. On October 29, 2010, the British Phonographic Industry classified the single as a ‘platinum record’, and as of March 2012, the single has sold 741,001 copies in the United Kingdom becoming her second best-selling single behind ‘Firework’. Due to the song being played a lot the artist is seen more in eyes of the world and her audience especially if they enjoy this song, it also reminds the world of what she has done and the image she has made for herself.

*Synergy Synergy and business tie-ins are a reason why music videos are made. Many artists are asked to record a single for the soundtrack or a couple of songs for the soundtrack for movies and TV to promote a TV show or a film. The reason that many artists do this is that it allows them to broaden their careers by this they can appeal to the audience of the film and similarly the film could address the audience of the artist. The film industry can also benefit from this as music videos for a film show parts of the film and are longer than the film trailer so they promote the film and there is a higher chance of people seeing the music video than the trailer. Katy Perry may not have been asked to record a single for a movie but she did however make a part – biopic, part - concert 3D film titled Katy Perry : Part of Me which gathered positive reviews, the film also previews songs from both her albums. Katy also played a voice role in the movie The Smurfs, although none of her songs were played in the film and no soundtrack was made the movie allowed Katy to get into the film industry. This would appeal to the audience of Katy Perry as they would like to see how well her acting skills are even though it was a voice role, it also helps make the artist more well known especially if they are in a big production like the Smurfs as it already has a sequels planned.

*Art The video shows a slight artistic side to it as it is different from her usual videos. The art in this video clearly shows that the ‘California Girls’ are fun and wild girls who like to party and go to the beach. The lyrics are about California girls so in the video they are dressed in bikini tops and daisy dukes and them having fun by defeating Snoop Dogg and the evil gummy bears. The video also shows female power as they show Katy go against obstacles to free the girls and then the finale battle where they win, showing that women are just as strong as men and can do things they do. This is good for the artist as the amount of female fans will increase as they will like that it shows them in a strong, positive light.

*Music Channels The artist may not just want to have their music video on a TV channel but would prefer to have it on a music channel as they play music videos 24/7. The music video is also played for about a month and then they slowly, slowly play the video less and less allowing the artist to stay in the public eye. Another reason would be that music channels play the song for a royalty payment meaning that every time the song is played the record label pays the music channel. Katy Perry was in the public eye for a while as 11 weeks later her next single ‘Teenage Dream’ was released allowing both songs to be played simultaneously. Also when the album was released she would mention her songs so that kept the audience aware of the song. It was also featured in the Top 40 songs and the best summer anthem.

*CD/DVD Special Katy Perry is a well known artist and has done well with her two albums and with her album Teenage dream she released a deluxe version which contained all the songs and some remixed versions of the songs especially ‘California Girls’ and ‘Teenage Dream’ so the audience has different versions of the song. This is also good for extended playability as the song will be played more often and it will increase the amount of money they will get because of the increased sales of the song. The record label earns a lot of money due DVD sales and it also allows the fans/audience to have a permanent copy of it at all times. However there are downsides to this as people may not want to go out a buy a copy because it is expensive, and they can illegally download it for free so they do not have to pay a large amount of money. Some people also go on to ITunes and download the video from there then it is portable and they can watch it whenever, wherever.

*Streaming Websites Streaming websites are very popular, especially YouTube which is used worldwide as it shows both old and new music video so you can find any music video you want at any time. Streaming websites are also very easy to access with the videos are on demand, so you can watch them as much as you want. Streaming websites like YouTube allow the artist to promote a new single and to expose their songs to people all around the world to millions of viewers, its also has a link to social networks. Katy Perry is a worldwide phenomenon and has a mainstream audience, so these sites make it easier for the audience to see the video and watch it when ever they want. The video has had 59,436,492 views and is still on-going especially in the United States, Philippines and Mexico.

*Artist website Artists uses websites to promote singles, their new albums and their tour dates so their fans know when and where they will be touring. The site can also be used to sell merchandise and tickets for the upcoming tours. Katy Perry has a official website which promotes her latest single and shows when her DVD will be released so that people will go and buy it, the website also keeps up to date with what she is doing, the site also shows her latest tweets so that also keeps her fans up to date. This also attracts an audience however it may not be that big of an audience as there are advertisements that promote the DVD release or on music channels they show a brand new music video and they promote the artists tour and where they will be touring. The audience may only want to watch the music video so they have streaming websites to do so which they can easily access.

*Downloads (Illegal and Legal) Downloads are also another way in which artists make more money. It was first released on ITunes first before being released worldwide, this shows that Katy Perry has a mainstream appeal. Illegal downloading has become very popular lately as it is used by many especially by people who are between the ages 13 -25 as they do not want to pay for the songs that they like to listen to, however this is bad for record labels as they will not get paid and missing out on rapid sales. Nowadays people do not believe in paying for their music so artists not only Katy Perry lose out on making more money due to people downloading illegally and now the only people who really pay are parents or the most dedicated fans

*Mainstream TV Mainstream TV has many channels that are very well known so they already have a wide audience but when they show a new music video or song the audience of the artist may start watching the show. Katy Perry’s video was not shown on either of these shows as KOKO POP has ended now so they would never have previewed the songs on the show and T4 on the beach have never had Katy Perry perform on their concert show so she never got any publicity from it. However it was mentioned so this will enhance the awareness of the song as the audience will look up the song so it will appeal to the audience more, as they will see it first hand and they will show their friends.

music video case study  

A case study about katy perry

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