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Current Projects: Title:   Vellore  Hill  Restoration Restoring  barren  hills  of  Vellore  ushering  better  climate  for  tomorrow  and  employment  for   local  youth Background: The  project  will  support  salaries  of  7  Exnora  Green  Cross  volunteers  per  hill  range  for  one   year.  The  goal  is  to  dig  and  de-­‐silt  percolation  ponds  on  the  hill,  protect  the  area  from  fire,   patrol  the  hill  range  to  prevent  grazing  and  other  destructive  activities,  and  plant  saplings. Amount  approved:  Rs.  2,52,000 This  project  was  approved  in  2010  but  due  to  FCRA  issues  approved  funds  could  not  be   disbursed  in  2010.  The  FCRA  has  been  temporarily  sorted  and  we  have  sent  the  funds  in   2012.

Title: Deepa Academy  for  the  Differently-­‐Abled,  Bengaluru,  India “There  is  no  lovelier  way  to  thank  God  for  your  sight,  than  by  giving  a  helping  hand  to   someone  in  the  dark”  Helen  Keller Chapters  involved:: AID,  Penn  State  Chapter  &  Pittsburgh  Chapter,  and  ASHA,  Philadelphia  Chapter Mission  of  the  Academy:

Empowering the  differently  abled  with  quality  education  promoting  overall  development   with  the  guiding  principles  of  self-­‐help,  interaction  and  involvement. Description: To  work  towards  the  Education  and  Rehabilitation  of  the  Blind  and  the  Differently  abled   students,  particularly  from  rural  Karnataka  (  2006) Facts: Services:  Free  education,  lodging,  boarding,  medical  and    supportive  services Curriculum:  Regular  Karnataka  Secondary  Education  Examination  Board.    Braille,   Orientation    &  Mobility,  Music,  Dance  and  Home  Science Computer  education:  Free  IT  education  and  training. IED  Program:  Integrated  Education  for  the  Disabled  Program Internship:  Hosted  two  interns  from  AID  India. Future  Plans: Beneficiaries:  Increasing  the  number  from  25  to  60 Programs:  Establishing  a  vocational  training  institute,  computer  learning  center,  and  a   cultural  academy. Funding:  Seek  funding  from  the  Scheme  for  the  welfare  of  children  in  need  of  care  and   protection.  Government  of  Karnataka Internship:  Continue  collaborating  with  the  AID  Internship  program  to  host  interns  from   AID,  USA. Amount  Approved:  Rs.  150,000 This  project  was  approved  in  2011  but  due  to  FCRA  issues  approved  funds  could  not  be   disbursed  in  2011.  The  FCRA  has  been  sorted  and  we  are  awaiting  further  update  on  this. Pictures:  

Title: Unmesh  Child  Protection  Centre Agartala,  Tripura,  INDIA Description: The  main  goal  of  Unmesh  Child  Protection  Centre  is  to  give  disadvantaged,  orphaned  and   street  children  the  childhood  they  deserve.  Many  of  these  children  are  forced  into  slavery  as   child  laborers  in  hotels,  tea  stands,  workshops  or  as  domestic  helps.  Young  girls  are   particularly  vulnerable  to  cross  border  trafficking.  These  marginalized,  extremely  

underprivileged children  need  care,  protection  and  education  –  in  short,  the  childhood  they   deserve. Mission  of  the  project: To  prevent  child  trafficking  and  violence  against  children Provide  basic  healthcare,  education  and  shelter  to  rescued  children Reintegrate/  Repatriate  them  into  society Upgrade  the  life  skills  and  self  reliance  of  underprivileged  children  through  training Facts: Total  number  of  children  under  shelter:  50 School-­‐age  children  go  to  government  school Regular  health  and  psychological  monitoring  and  timely  intervention  to  children  who  are   lagging  behind Regular  computer,  health  education,  dance  and  music  classes An  agricultural  field  has  been  developed  at  the  centre,  where  children  get  the  training  in   agricultural  practices,  poultry  farming,  vermicomposting  and  rain  water  harvesting Pictures:  

Amount Approved: Rs.  200000.00

Title AID Rural  Technology  Resource  Center Gajapati,  Odisha Background: ARTRC  was  established  in  2006  in  one  of  the  most  backward  districts  of  Orissa,  Gajapati   District.  The  project  was  is  spearheaded  by  AID-­‐Sathi  Dr.  Dhanada  Mishra. Objective  of  ARTRC  is  to  promote  rural  technology,  sustainable  livelihoods  and  skill  training   for  villagers/local  artisans,  experiments  in  organic  farming  and  promotion  of  basic  education   with  the  ultimate  objective  of  development  in  the  backward  and  tribal  region. ARTRC  has  been  successfully  running  elementary  school  with  74  students  with  the  intention   to  educate  children  in  the  surrounding  region.Tailoring  training  has  been  proved  successful   and  useful  to  local  people.  This  is  livelihood  generation  training.  The  trained  students   started  earning  their  livelihood.  This  training  empowers  rural  women.  ARTC  have  been   running  a  small  experimental  organic  farm  to  demonstrate  and  educate  farmers  about   organic  farming.  ARTRC  also  gives  free  basic  computer  training  to  the  interested  people.   Industrial  Training  Center  (ITC)  of  ARTRC  has  applied  for  Govt  approval,  if  approved  it  will  be   only  third  ITC  school  in  the  district.  

Amount Approved: Rs.  180000.00

Title Project Asha,  Nutanhat  Development  Society Purulia,  West  Bengal Description Nutanhat  Development  Society  (NDS)  works  on  various  socio-­‐economic  issues  in  the  remote   villages  of  the  district  Purulia  in  West  Bengal.  Asha  is  a  project  undertaken  by  NDS  in  ten   such  villages  of  the  district  Purulia,  West  Bengal.  These  villages  are  in  a  semi-­‐arid  drought-­‐ prone  region.  The  majority  of  the  population  is  tribal.  Most  of  the  villagers  are  migrant   laborers.  Even  though  there  exist  one  high  school  in  the  locality,  the  infrastructure  for   elementary  education  is  very  poor  in  these  villages.  As  a  result,  local  kids,  most  of  whom  are   first  generation  learners,  cannot  cope  with  the  high  school  education  and  drop  out  of  the   school.  The  project  “Asha”  employs  local  unemployed  youth  to  run  informal  education   centers  in  ten  villages  in  the  area.  These  educational  centers  provide  a  learning  environment   for  the  kids  and  prepare  them  to  cope  with  high  school  education. Mission  of  the  project Creating  a  learning  environment  among  the  less  privileged    tribal  and  backward  children Helping  dropouts  and  non-­‐enrolled  children  with  education Help  children  in  their  self-­‐growth  and  be  good  citizens Facts Ten  villages,  ten  centers Each  center    is  run  by  a  local  youth The  project  is  conceived  and  supervised  by  a  local  graduate Total  number  of  children  under  the  project  so  far:  374 There  is  only  one  local  high  school Elaborate  monitoring  has  been  done  to  track  progress  of  each  student  over  the  years Extensive  data  collection  and  analysis  for  the  kids  enrolled  in  the  project Achievements: Steady  increase  in  skills:  There  has  been  a  steady  increase  in  academic  skills  of  the  students   in  all  the  villages Increase  in  enrollment:  Number  of  students  attending  “Asha”  centers  has  increased  over   the  years Increased  awareness  of  parents:  The  parents  are  now  more  aware  about  quality  education   for  their  kids  and  puts  extra  effort  to  ensure  their  kids  go  to  school Equal  participation:  The  number  of  girls  attending  the  centers  is  almost  equal  to  that  of  the   boys.  This  is  an  encouraging  fact  given  the  general  negligence  towards  girl  child  in  India Increased  demand  for  more  centers:  Neighbouring  villages  are  demanding  for  more  “Asha”   centers  in  and  around  the  area,  but  due  to  shortage  of  resources  this  has  not  been  possible. Seed  Self-­‐Reliance  among  the  youth:  By  employing  local  youth  this  project  has  helped  build   confidence  in  the  community

Training: Twice-­‐a-­‐year,  three-­‐day  trainings  have  been  given  to  the  teachers  of  these  centers Amount  Approved: Rs.  403,850.00

Title: Parivartan Sikshan  Sanstha Mumbai,  Maharashtra Parivartan,  established  in  1997,  seeks  to  educate  disadvantaged  children  living  in  the  slums   of  Wadala,  Mumbai,  who  otherwise  would  not  be  able  to  attend  formal  school.  The   specialized  curriculum  focuses  on  basic  academic  and  life  skills  and  the  theme  of  social   justice.  Parivartan  provides  equal  education  to  approximately  120  children  regardless  of   religion,  caste,  culture,  language,  or  gender. Amount  Approved: Rs.  288,000.00 Events  in  2012: Taste  of  India,  April  14,  2012 This  is  our  annual  fundraiser  -­‐-­‐  a  food  festival  where  the  community  cooks  and  donates  the   food.  More  than  500  guests  attend  this  event.  This  is  a  hugely  popular  event  and  has   become  a  tradition  in  the  greater  State  College  community.  This  event  is  also  a  completely   green  event  as  everything  used  in  the  event  is  biodegradable  and  are  composted  after  the   event  with  help  from  the  local  borough  authorities. Money  raised:  $12,999 Independence  Day,  August  15,  2012 Independence  day  was  celebrated  with  some  patriotic  songs,  a  documentary  and  a  fun  quiz   about  India. AID  Freshers  Picnic,  August  25,  2012 This  is  a  free  welcome  picnic  for  welcoming  the  new  students.  The  weekend  before  the   classes  start  everyone  gathers  in  a  local  park  and  has  fun  with  friends  and  food! Bollywood  Night,  September  29,  2012 The  students  and  community  once  again  came  together  to  have  a  gala  evening  celebrating   100  years  of  Bollywood!  All  the  performances  was  from  the  local  talents.  Along  with  the   event,  a  campaign  -­‐-­‐  “Sing  for  India”  -­‐-­‐  was  also  organized.  This  fall  fundraiser  was  a   remarkable  success. Money  raised:  $5426

AID PSU projects and events  
AID PSU projects and events  

AID PSU projects and events.