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Economic Liberalisation & Globalisation -Advantages & disadvantages of liberalization -Recent trends -Positive and negative implication of Globalisation -Driving forces of Globalisation Very Short Q.1 Define Globalisation Q.2 Enumerate 4 main factors motivating globalization Short Q.1 Short note on scope of economic liberalization Q.2 Explain the 4 main negative implication of globalization of business. Long Q.1 Critically examine the policy of economic liberalization in India Q.2 What do you mean by globalization ? Give arguments for & against globalization of business.

Date : 30.01.2014 SEBI Very Short Q.1 What is SEBI Q.2 Write 3 functions of SEBI

Short Q.1 Narrate the main powers of SEBI Q.2 How SEBI is constituted ? Essay Q.1 Describe the role of SEBI in regulating & controlling stock exchange in India

Date 31.01.2014 Business Combination Types & Form of Business Combination Very short Q.1 What is pool? Q.2 What is cartel? Q.3 What is vertical combination? Q.4 What is Diagonal combination ? Short Q.1 State the various forms of business combination Q.2 What is lateral combination ? Explain its types.. Long Q.1 What is trust ? How does it differ from a holding company? Give the main types of holding company

NSE + Advertising & Publicity Very short Q.1 State the main objectives of NSE Q.2 When was NSE established ? Q.3 What is advertisement ?

Short Q.1 Distinguish between advertising and publicity Q.2 What are the different media of advertising ? Q.3 Eligibility criteria of NSE in case of partnership firm



Date 29.01.2014 Planned selling approach A. Sales Forecasting B. Sales Quotes & territories

Very short Q.1 What do you mean by ‘market potential’ Q.2 Explain the term – ‘market share’ & ‘market factor’ Q.3 Define ‘sales quota’ Q.4 What is ‘budget quota’? Short Q.1 Discuss the five factors to consider when establishing sales territory Q.2 What is ‘break down method’ of designing sales territory Q.3 Explain the forecast & potentials based method of fixing sales quotas Long Q.1 Describe the procedure & methods of establishing sales territory

Date : 30.01.2014 Consumer Psychology -Buying motives A. Importance B. Difficulties

Very short Q.1 What is ‘buying motive’ ? Q.2 What are ‘Psychological motives’? Q.3 Describe ‘Dormant motives’ Short Q.1 How will you identify buying motives Q.2 Describe 3 emotional reasons for why people buy? Q.3 What do you mean by rationale buying motives.? Long Q.1 Explain the importance of studying the buying motives of consumer.

Date : 31.01.2014 Control of sales operations -need , importance -methods & tech. -process

Very Short Q.1 What do you mean by sales control?

Q.2 What is sales audit? Q.3 What is budgetary control? Short Q.1 What are the main objectives of sales control? Q.2 What is providing feedback in sales control? Q.3 State any 2 methods of control of sales operation Essay Q.1 Explain the need & importance of control of sales operation

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