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Know All About Engineering Education In India Reference & Education > College | By: Aanchal Mishra (06/07/12)

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India now has the second highest number of engineering students in the w orld. In a recent research it has been found that the economy of India is the eleventh largest in the w orld by nominal GDP and the third largest by purchasing pow er parity (PPP). More over the latest advances in scientific, industrial and technology, mainly in space, nuclear and missile technology has earned India in attaining global recognition of India as a w orld pow er.

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The grow th of schools has been dramatic over the last decade. The outturn of engineering graduates doubled over a period of 10 years from about 30,000 in 1987 to 60,000 in 1996. During the same period, the outturn of polytechnic diploma holders increased from 56,560 to 95,283. Given the proliferation of large-scale institutions, AICTE is concerned to ensure that the quality of programs offered by them is not compromised. It has, therefore, the configuration of the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), w hich introduced a system of accreditation of each program offered by the institutions. Civil engineering is measured to be the oldest of the main branches of engineering. Tw o other branches are comparatively are know n as Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. As a result of advances in science and technology, these days in many new fields of engineering and technology has been rising. Engineering and technical education is available in five levels. At the low est level is the training in different negotiated offering a large number of Industrial Training Institutes (s) throughout the country. The duration and eligibility requirements vary depending on the nature of the operation. In the next higher level courses are three years graduates in different branches of engineering and technology available in institutes like polytechnics. Eligibility requirements for admission to diploma course are a step in class 10 examination. In some states polytechnic offered after 10 +2 and diploma course also. The first degree programs leading to BE / B.Tech in computer engineering or degree in (B.Arch), you need five years to complete. Eligibility requirements for the BE (B.Tech) and B.Arch courses are a step in the 10 +2 examination in science stream w ith Mathematics as one of the combinations. Graduate programs leading to the aw ard of ME / M.Tech and M.Arch degree are 18 months (three semesters). Candidates are required to take a specialized subject in the field of their study at first degree level. IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi and IIT Chennai offers integrated M.Tech courses in five years. IIT Chennai, IIT Delhi and IIT Mumbai also offer degree programs mourning period of 5 years in various course. A small number of universities offer B.Tech course like B. Tech in Communication Engineering last three years especially in the fields of technology open only to holders of BA degree.

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In many universities, polytechnic diploma holders are allow ed in side for the second year of the regular programs of BE / in electronic engineering and other courses through separate entrance tests such as lateral entry, technical tests (LEET). There is also provision for certificate holders to enter the degree programs and diploma holders to degree programs. B.Tech degree course registration, how ever, is made on the basis of an All India Entrace Test.

About the Author Aanchal Mishra Aanchal Mishra is an experienced in education industry and w orks for B.Tech in computer engineering and B.Tech in Communication Engineering. There are now the best of institute in delhi ncr. It is running them.

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Know All About Engineering Education In India  
Know All About Engineering Education In India  

Engineering and technical education in India have developed faster than anywhere else in the world since the early eighties, due to fast ind...