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On Stage is Authentic On Tuesday evening sitting in the theatre watching the Grade 2-5 performance of Gladiators really got me thinking about how real or authentic an experience a show of this size is for the students. Think of all the skills they are demonstrating to their classmates on stage and to the audience. They are learning about how to present themselves as individual performers as well as being part of a collective stage presence. They are remembering movements, facial expressions, words and songs. They are on a large stage in a big theatre performing to entertain. There are so many ways we assess students and they usually have a grade or comment that goes with the assessment as a form of feedback. The assessment during the performance is demonstrated with immediate feedback from the audience. There is no grade or written feedback but an experiential sense of achievement which I would suggest stays with the students longer than the usual feedback they get in class. This was an authentic learning experience. A number of parents have asked me a simple question ‘How do the teachers do it ?’ There is a deep commitment amongst teachers to the value of the learning and so they go beyond their usual degree of commitment to make this happen for the children. Teachers enjoy your feedback as well so remember to tell them if you think they did well. We all crave recognition to validate the efforts we put into developing the children; parents, peers and teachers..

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Have a Memorable March Laurie McLellan Contact Information Nanjing International School, Xue Heng Lu 8, Xian Lin College and University Town, Qi Xia District, Nanjing, P.R. China, 210023 Tel: +86 25 8589 9111 Email:


Upcoming Events:

NIS Board Update

The Upcoming Week Is W27

Membership of the NIS Board

Tuesday, 25th March PTA Meeting

The NIS Board experiences the same challenge to continuity that occurs throughout our community with families coming and going from NIS. The Board has an ad hoc committee made up of three members from the Governance Committee to seek out possible future Board members should openings occur. We are looking to add to the diverse group of parents who are ready to serve should the need arise.

Wednesday, 26th March PYP/MYP Counselor Workshop Regional PYP School Differentiation Job A Like

There are two very important points to consider based on our Articles of Association: 1. Any person who is co-opted to fill an opening must stand at the next election. 2. Any person nominated from the Governance Committee to fill an opening at the end of year must stand for election against any other nominated member.

Thursday, 27th March DP VA Exam EARCOS Teachers’ Conference Friday, 28th March DP VA Exam EARCOS Teachers’ Conference Saturday, 29th March EARCOS Teachers’ Conference Earth Hour Event

In other words the Board is involved in Succession Planning for membership, but the final decision is left to the members. Louise Liu was co-opted this year.

Current Status of Members of NIS Board Of the current NIS Board: Andy Chang and Mirella Savegnago are at the end of their current two year term. Mirella Savegnago has advised that she will be standing again for election to the NIS Board for a further two year term. Andy Chang will not be standing for re-election. Louise Liu was coopted this year and must stand for election. Julia Gusten (Board Chair), Bernhard Weber (Finance Committee Chair), Patrick Heckelmann (Board Vice Chair) and Monique Taylor (Governance Committee Chair) are at the end of their first year and have confirmed they will continue as Board Members. The school website link to Governance has a brief bio for Board members. Annual Election of Members for the NIS Board The Governance ad hoc committee is presently meeting possible candidates. If you would like to be considered please contact Monique Taylor, Governance Committee Chair Nanjing International School Board Mobile - 18252016664 Laurie Mclellan


Important Information About School Fee Payment Dear Parents, NIS regards parents as the entity responsible for fee payment. Please find the invoice for your child(ren) for 1st Semester (Aug 2014 – Jan 2015), Academic Year 2014/15 in Veracross ( ) -Parent Portal-My invoices. For school year 2014-15 we will stop issuing hard copy invoices. A deposit, or minimum payment, of RMB 25,000 per student is required to ensure the applicant’s place in the grade for 2014/15 school year, and it must be paid by 15th April 2014. The balance of RMB70,000 must be paid by the due date 31st May 2014. The deposit will be refunded in full if the Admissions Office receives written notification on or before the 16th June 2014 of your intention to leave NIS. The notice must be sent to the following email address :

After this date, the deposit will not be refunded. After the payment has been settled, PLEASE send the proof of payment to or by fax at 86-25-8589 9222 Accounting Office,and quote the invoice number on it. If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact me at school. Yours sincerely, Arek Owczarek Operations & Finance Manager Email:

NIS Welcomes New Student Name






Ong Lee, Kai Jia



Ong Lee, Hung Ping



Lee, Hung Jie


Malaysia 3


PYP Student Led Conferences. Dear Parents, Student Led Conferences are approaching. This is an opportunity for your child to share their learning with you. The conferences are always one of the highlights of the school year and take place on Wednesday, April 2. Please sign up for a time on Veracross. The Student Led Conference is compulsory. There are no classes on this day; however, it is a school day and your child’s attendance with you is required for the length of their conference. Student Led Conferences are an important aspect of the Primary Years Programme and for developing your child’s ability to reflect on and communicate about their work and progress. If you have any further questions, please contact me. Derek Pinchbeck

MYP Student Led Conferences A NEW & IMPROVED FOCUS FOR 2014 Dear Parents, This year will focus on students demonstrating new skills and understandings through application of knowledge, performance, and discussions. In each class students may be:

•Performing ... a dialogue / exercises / a technique •Solving... problems and explaining their method and applications • learning has changed your opinion; how the learning can be applied to real life •Comparing... a first draft to a second attempt •Setting ... specific and achievable goals for Semester 2 •Identifying ... two stars and a wish Remember that this is a compulsory regular attendance school day. Although there are no scheduled classes, students must attend either in the morning or the afternoon WITH THEIR PARENT(S) OR A “SURROGATE” PARENT. Please work around scheduled PYP conferences. Students MUST bring their laptop. Remember to SIGN IN when you arrive. If you have any questions, please contact Arden Tyoschin at:


PYP Student Led Conference Sign Ups As mentioned in the item above parents can now sign up for the Student Led Conferences on Veracross. From the Parent page click on Parent/Teacher conference Signups at the top of the page (see screen shot below.

This takes you to the sign up page where you can select one of the available times from the drop down menu. (see screen shot below) During the Student Led Conference your child will also take you to see the work they have been doing in specialist lessons. You do not need to make an appointment for seeing the specialist.

Derek Pinchbeck


Information for Leaving Families Dear Parents, This is a time of year when some families will be moving on from Nanjing, either returning to their home countries or embarking on their next overseas posting. To assist our planning for the coming year please read and follow the exit procedure below. This information may have a direct impact on new families wishing to enter the school. We understand that some parents are still unsure, but if you know kindly let us know as soon as possible. Exit Procedure 1.As soon as you know you are leaving please email: indicating your intention to leave and requesting any documentation that you may require. 2.Collect a clearance form from Reception or the Admission’s Office 3.Clearance forms must to be completed by the parent and student; in the PYP the Homeroom teacher will assist with this, in the MYP and DP this is the student’s responsibility. 4.On the last day of school the transcripts will only be released on receipt of a completed clearance form. Thank you for your cooperation and if you have any queries please let us know. Monica Bian


COLLE G E TA LK REPS COME TO NIS Savannah College of Art and Design The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is a private, nonprofit, accredited institution conferring bachelor’s and master’s degrees in distinctive locations and online to prepare talented students for professional careers. SCAD offers degrees in more than 40 majors and more than 60 minors in Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia; in Hong Kong; in Lacoste, France; and online through SCAD eLearning. This visit will occur on Monday, March 24th at 1:15pm in the HS Counseling Office. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland - Joshua Gan to meet with G11 class at 8am on Tuesday, The Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne March 25th, in the MYP LGR. (EHL), established in 1893, was European University the first hotel school in the world. Today, it trains and In 1973, European University is a tripledevelops the next generation of accredited, top-ranked international leaders and managers for the business school with main campuses in international hospitality industry. Switzerland (Geneva and Montreux), Its diverse student body Germany (Munich) and Spain comprises 2000 students from (Barcelona). We encourage students to more than 90 different transfer between our international nationalities. EHL is the first campuses all of which follow an hospitality management school identical curriculum taught exclusively worldwide with double accreditation at in English. a university level. Everyone welcome on Wednesday, March 26th at 1:30pm in HS

Final SAT of the Year

COLLEGE NIGHT (G11 Parents/Students)

The final SAT will be held in June 7th, 2014!

April 17th, Thursday 7 - 830pm MYP LGR The evening will go over the general process of the college application to the USA, Canada, UK and Hong Kong. There will be time to answer questions as well.

Final ACT of the Year

Deadline for application: April 1st/14

The next ACT will be on April 12th, 2014. Cost: 434RMB No Writing or 533RMB with Writing

Test Center Code: 74345 School Code (NIS): 694219 Country Code: 457

For these tests you MUST register ONLINE and not through the school.

Cost: ! SAT I 564RMB SAT II 403RMB and ! ! 80RMB per subject test

ACT Test Center Code: 872250

External Test Dates for 2014-2015 School Year: PSAT - Saturday, October 18th, 2014 SAT I The external testing dates have been set for next year and here they are: , December 6th, 2014; and Saturday, Saturday 2014; 8th, er Novemb , Saturday 2014; and II - Saturday, October 11th, 2015! 18th, April , June 6th, 2015 ACT - Saturday, October 25th, 2014 and Saturday

Grade 11 Student/Parent College Prep Meetings

month to create a plan for the upcoming I will continue meeting with G11 students and their parents over the coming ent appointm an up set to Tang Zoe Ms. months leading up to the application cycle. See m) (


ACAMIS Speech & Debate Showcase!

Events include: Duet Acting, Dramatic Reading, Oratory Where? Black Box Day? Wednesday, 26th March Time? 7:00pm Susan Larson 8

Grade 10 Trip to Electric Motor Factory

Last week, Mr. Fleming took the grade 10 Physics classes to the Bosch Siemens Home Appliance Park to see how electric motors are made. The students have studied how electricity is used and generated.

Back in the classroom the students got in teams and built electric motors.

Thank you to Mr. Eisert for him time in both explaining the theory of electric motors, the modern advances with brushless DC electric motors and showing us the factory floor.

safety first Russel Fleming 9

CISSA Junior Volleyball Last Friday our 18 players for the CISSA Junior Volleyball travelled to Shanghai to participate in the tournament on Saturday at Shanghai American School. We made up 3 teams, teams played between 6 and 8 games. Our players improved significantly over the season.

All teams won some games and enjoyed the experience of playing against many school from Shanghai. Erik, Felicity and Anthony were selected by their teammates to play in the representative game at the end of the day. Special thanks to our student coaches Ebba, Kali and Lauren for assisting each week.

Athletics & Activities Office Contact Details: (Room D236, in the glass office at the top of the stairs in the main building) Robin Hutchison(Activities Coordinator) extension:1037 Danny Clarke (Athletics Director) extension:3058 Vicki Hong (Athletics & Activities Secretary extension 1036



CISSA Senior Girls Volleyball

After 8 weeks of training, it was time to put all of the hard work into practice in the final volleyball tournament of the season. We travelled to SAS Pudong and played 6 games for the day. The girls began sluggishly and found it difficult to get into the first game. The serves weren’t going in, there was no calling of the ball and minimal movement.

Each game the girls gained a little more confidence and improved their game play with some very close results. By the last game the girls were getting serves in, calling the ball and moving well around the court which resulted in our only win for the day. Loeke and Milly were selected to play in the rep games and won both. Congratulations to all the girls for a great learning season! Coach Weatherly

Athletics & Activities Office Contact Details: (Room D236, in the glass office at the top of the stairs in the main building) Robin Hutchison(Activities Coordinator) extension:1037 Danny Clarke (Athletics Director) extension:3058


Vicki Hong (Athletics & Activities Secretary extension 1036

CISSA Boys Volleyball On March 15th at SCIS Hongqiao, the CISSA Senior Boys Volleyball team had a friendly competition with schools from the Shanghai area. There were two boys teams made up of 8 and 9 players each. This was a great opportunity for the students to use the skills which they had been building on all season long in one final tournament. The two boys teams continuously improved and learned a lot throughout the tournament and both teams won their last game while showing incredible teamwork, improved serving, and great sportsmanship. Thanks to all of the players for their great attitudes and amazing efforts during practice and during the tournament.

Coaches Fischl and Watkins

Athletics & Activities Office Contact Details: (Room D236, in the glass office at the top of the stairs in the main building) Robin Hutchison(Activities Coordinator) extension:1037 Danny Clarke (Athletics Director) extension:3058


Vicki Hong (Athletics & Activities Secretary extension 1036


Saturday 29th March at NIS From 6:00 p.m. Lights out at 8:30 p.m. for one hour


•Fire-pit (BRING A BLANKET TO SIT ON!) •Music, dance and drama performances by students, teachers and parents e Us o ! s t •Sing-alongs (BRING YOUR nu er Joi pow a INSTRUMENTS!) ur yo make ce! •Book & toy exchange ren e f f di •Story-telling

•Games in the dark •Arts and crafts •Sales •Star-gazing •Gardening: planting, potting for a vertical garden, tour of school garden •Environmental presentations

•‘I will if you will’ environmental pledges •Save Our Species art exhibition (animal/Earth-themed contributions welcome) •Bring a ‘nude food’ picnic (no wa ste) or buy from PTA (wraps, fruit kebabs, pizza) Why not arrive on foot, by bik e, on skates, by bus or metro or car pool that evening . Dress to show you care for th


e Earth, e.g animal costume

s, in green

NB:In PAC/cafeteria if rainy

See for more details

Kath Adams 14

Kath Adams 15

Toy and Book Exchange Bring your used toys and books to the Earth Hour Event on March 29th, 2014 From 6:00PM with lights out at 8:30PM

You will be able to exchange the toys and books you no longer read or play with for ‘like new’ toys and books A

Clean books and toys that are in good repair please

great opportunity to find some new books and toys! Note: Exchange is from 6-

Saturday, March 29th 2014 (6:00 to 7:00 PM)

Nanjing International School PYP Student Council will host the exchange and invite all to participate!! Let’s exchange and reuse rather than buy new books and toys!!!

Kath Adams


NIS Grade 4 Maker Faire As part our inquiry into how we organise ourselves, Grade 4 students organised a Maker Faire. By voting they created a committee that booked the facilities and large equipment like tables and chairs. Students decided on a personal project, something they wanted to make. Some students worked alone and others cooperated as part of a team. They constantly needed to consider their organisational skills, preparing equipment, designing an advertising campaign. Some groups needed to research before they could start making, while others used trail and error. It was challenging at times, especially finding the right materials and trouble shooting the problems. The final Faire was a chance for grade 4 to show their products and their process. They hope to inspire you to join the maker movement too.

If you were inspired, then you may be interested to learn about the Jinqiao Mini Maker Faire, to be hosted by Concordia International School in Shanghai. Tickets are free, but must still be booked in advance online. Check out their official website for further details, to book visitor tickets or even to book a booth if you would like to display. They welcome makers of all ages.!



Cycle 2

Community Activities March 22 - 28th


Ballet lessons Hip Hop

9am- 1.20pm

1.30pm- 3.30pm

Taekwondo / Wushu Gymnastics

9am- 12pm

9.30am- 11.50am

NIFC Soccer

10- 11.30am preK- Gr 2

11- 12.30pm Gr 3 & above

Nanjing Rockets Rugby Team 3.30- 6pm DP & Parents Crossfit Workout


Rugby Club

3- 4.30pm MYP/DP & Parents

9 - 10am Kids 10 - 11am MYP & Adults

Volleyball 3- 6pm MYP/DP & Parents


English: 8.15- 9.45am (Eva), 10- 11.30am (Daniel) Pilates: 8- 9am (adv), 9- 10am, 10- 11am Zumba: 2- 2.50pm Yoga (Neila): 4.30- 5.30pm Ladies Soccer

6- 8pm MYP/ DP & Parents

Basketball 7 - 9.30pm

Sandra Fuchs

mobile 1381 5445 813


Cycle 2

Community Activities March 22 - 28th


English (Daniel): 8.15- 9.45am Pilates: 8- 9am, 9- 10am, 10- 11am Zumba: 2.35- 3.25pm MYP/ DP & Parents Badminton 6 - 9pm MYP/ DP & Parents

Wednesday: English (Eva): 8.15- 9.45am, 10- 11.30am Yoga: 8.30- 9.30am (Shylaja), 4.30- 5.30 (Neila) Kick Boxing: 10- 11am Golden Ball Football Club 6 - 9pm Parents Pilates: 6.30- 7.30pm (Heidrun), 7.30- 8.30pm (Francesca)


English (Daniel): 8.15- 9.45am Pilates: 8- 9am (adv), 9- 10am, 4.30- 5.30pm Nanjing Singers Choir 7.30 - 8.45pm Volleyball 6.30 - 9pm MYP/ DP & Parents


English (Eva): 8.15- 9.45am, 10- 11.30am Yoga (Shylaja): 8.30- 9.30am

Sandra Fuchs

mobile 1381 5445 813


Reminder: Next PTA meeting will be on Tuesday 25th March The Centre Cafe @8:15am Everyone is welcome to attend.

The PTA would like to thank all the NIS community members who participated in the 2014 International Day Expo. All the nations booths looked fabulous and the performances were very entertaining. Overall, it was a successful day, with the sun shining and many happy faces. Thank you to all that were involved in making it a wonderful experience. PTA Merchandise will be available for sale every Tuesday from 2 until 3pm in the foyer at our new PTA merchandise store. ✴ Please note that classroom sales are delivered to your child every Friday, and are available by using the order forms located on the wall near the display cases in the corridor of the foyer leading to the Admissions Office. Orders must be paid at the cashier by 10:00am Thursday for delivery the next day. ✴ Please note that we have some school hoodies available in limited sizes. Price is 250RMB each. You can come to try out sizes on Tuesdays from 2:00-3:00pm ✴

PTA - 20

Nanjing International School Weekly MENU

Tel: 025-85899111-3010/18651816852 21

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