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MYP PPP Exhibition K2 Assembly Grade 10 Business Trade CNY Assembly Author and artist Peter Brown at Book Week ACAMIS Girls Soccer Tryouts


The International Schools Assessment Every year in October students in grades 3 - 10 participate in the International Schools Assessment (ISA), which focuses attention on literacy in English and Mathematics, as well as two styles of writing. Around 300,000 students worldwide participate in the ISA, with results grouped into various categories of ‘like schools’ based on the percentage of English native speakers, allowing for effective comparisons between an individual school and a set of norms. Parents receive individual reports for their children in February which indicate a band of performance for that child compared to all other children in the grade level. This gives quite a clear picture of the child’s achievement on this assessment. NIS does not use these individual results to determine rates of progress - but they do help in creating a better understanding of individual students. More specifically, NIS uses the schoolwide results to address our teaching programmes. How does this work? An example would be in Literacy, where our detailed school reports might indicate that students, in general, are at average in predicting outcomes. A consequence is that we review our current reading programmes and libraries to ascertain where improvements may be found. Therefore, the ISA school results are used in a systematic manner to address our curriculum areas. What is particularly important for us is that it is not possible to ‘teach to the test’, nor is there any need to try to create a worldwide curriculum. Rather, information gathered provides us the opportunity for reflection on our practices and resources. Further information on the ISA can be found on their website: In the following pages Mr McLellan analyses our tracking report to see if students benefit from studying at NIS. We’d be happy taking questions from you on the ISA and our findings.

Content 01-03 School Fee! ! 04 NIS Rules of Ddakj! ! ! ! ! ! ! 05 Students Led Conferences 06 07 College Talk G5 Students Exhibition Information Afternoon 08 Gladiators Production!! ! 09 10 A Fantastic Book Week with Peter Brown ASA Cycle 3! ! ! ! ! ! ! 11-12 CISSA Boys Badminton 2014! ! ! ! ! 13 CISSA Girls Badminton 2014! ! ! ! ! 14 Girls NUX Football 2014 15 Community Activities ! ! ! ! ! 16-17 3rd Floor Changing Room Notice! ! ! ! 18 Pool Closure 19 Maker Faire 19 Earth Hours 20 PTA News 21 Weekly Menu!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 22 LC Meeting Minutes ! ! ! ! ! ! 23-25 International School Assessment!



Richard Swart Principal Contact Information Nanjing International School, Xue Heng Lu 8, Xian Lin College and University Town, Qi Xia District, Nanjing, P.R. China, 210023 Tel: +86 25 8589 9111 Email:


International School Assessment (ISA) - Data as Evidence of Learning Cautionary note - all standardised assessment results are limited by their very nature - they only ever show part of the picture when looking at student learning. Teachers’ continual feedback and assessment as learning, both formative and summative, are the best measures. As the tests are taken in October they are more a reflection of learning from previous grade level. In Mathematics students who have been 3 years at NIS outperform like schools at all grade levels except Grade 9.

In Reading students who have been 3 years at NIS outperform like schools at grade levels 7-8 & 10.


In narrative style writing students who have been 3 years at NIS outperform like schools at all grades except Grade 7.

In expository/argument style writing students who have been 3 years at NIS outperform like schools at Grades 6, 8 & 10.

RATE OF GROWTH In the four learning areas highlighted in the graphs above, for the five grade levels (Gr 6-10), we have 20 sets of data. NIS students who have 3 years experience at the school have a higher rate of growth in 17 of 20 categories when compared with like schools. CONCLUSION - This evidence suggests that NIS has an accelerated impact on student growth and achievement over time. In research we call this ‘Value Added’ which demonstrates growth above the norm. 3

Important Information About School Fee Payment Dear Parents, NIS regards parents as the entity responsible for fees payment. Please find the invoice for your child(ren) for 1st Semester (Aug 2014 – Jan 2015), Academic Year 2014/15 in Veracross ( ) -Parent Portal-My invoices. For school year 2014-15 we will stop issuing hard copy invoices. A deposit, or minimum payment, of RMB 25,000 per student is required to ensure the applicant’s place in the grade for 2014/15 school year, and it must be paid by 15th April 2014. The balance of RMB70,000 must be paid by the due date 31st May 2014. The deposit will be refunded in full if the Admissions Office receives written notification on or before the 16th June 2014 of your intention to leave NIS. The notice must be sent to the following email address :

After this date, the deposit will not be refunded. After the payment has been settled, PLEASE send the proof of payment to or by fax at 86-25-8589 9222 Accounting Office,and quote the invoice number on it. If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact me at school. Yours sincerely,

Arek Owczarek Operations & Finance Manager Email:


Ddakji Upcoming Events: I am sure that all of us remember fondly the crazes we had at Primary School. Showing my age, but I still wonder what ever happened to my marble collection? Many parents of PYP students will be aware the current craze is for playing Ddakji. These crazes normally last between 4-8 weeks before students move onto something else. Like all crazes that come and go through primary schools there are many positives as children make new friendships and develop their social skills. There are also a few negatives that an over focus on the craze can cause and we would like to help students to avoid these as much as possible. The following 4 rules of Ddakji are therefore in place at school. Teachers have gone over these with their students. If your child is a Ddakji enthusiast please also go over these rules at home. In particular make sure that your child is aware of whether they can play ‘for real’ or not. Students in Grade 2 and above need to understand, and accept, that if they do choose to play ‘for real’ there is a chance that they will lose their pieces. Students should only play with the number of pieces they are prepared to lose.

The Upcoming Week Is W26 Monday, 17th March MYP PPP Exhibition Evening Tuesday, 18th March PYP Gr2~5 Production Thursday, 20th March ACAMIS Badminton @ SIS Friday, 21st March ACAMIS Swim Meet @ NIS Maths Olympics @ BCIS MYP Attends Gr2~5 Production ACAMIS Badminton @ SIS Saturday, 22nd March ACAMIS Swim Meet @ NIS Speech & Debate @ BCIS ACAMIS Badminton @ SIS Sunday, 23rd March Speech & Debate @ BCIS ACAMIS Badminton @ SIS

NIS Rules of Ddakji 1) Grades 1 and below must only play ‘fake’ . This means that all Ddakji pieces are returned to their original owner at the end of the game. 2) Ddakji is to be played only in the playground at playtimes. If teachers see Ddakji being played at any other time they will take them off the students for the rest of the day. 3) Grade 2 and above students can play ‘for real’ i.e. the winner gets to keep the pieces they win provided everyone agrees. All players must agree whether they are playing ‘real’ or ‘fake’ before a game starts. 4) Students playing ‘for real’ should only play with the number of pieces they are prepared to lose. Any player can choose leave the game if they are uncomfortable with the number of pieces they are losing.

Derek Pinchbeck



PYP Student Led Conferences. Dear Parents, Student Led Conferences are approaching. This is an opportunity for your child to share their learning with you. The conferences are always one of the highlights of the school year and take place on Wednesday, April 2. Please sign up for a time on Veracross. The Student Led Conference is compulsory. There are no classes on this day; however, it is a school day and your child’s attendance with you is required for the length of their conference. Student Led Conferences are an important aspect of the Primary Years Programme and for developing your child’s ability to reflect on and communicate about their work and progress. If you have any further questions, please contact me. Derek Pinchbeck

MYP Student Led Conferences A NEW & IMPROVED FOCUS FOR 2014 Dear Parents, This year will focus on students demonstrating new skills and understandings through application of knowledge, performance, and discussions. In each class students may be:

•Performing ... a dialogue / exercises / a technique •Solving... problems and explaining their method and applications • learning has changed your opinion; how the learning can be applied to real life •Comparing... a first draft to a second attempt •Setting ... specific and achievable goals for Semester 2 •Identifying ... two stars and a wish Remember that this is a compulsory regular attendance school day. Although there are no scheduled classes, students must attend either in the morning or the afternoon WITH THEIR PARENT(S) OR A “SURROGATE” PARENT. Please work around scheduled PYP conferences. Students MUST bring their laptop. Remember to SIGN IN when you arrive. If you have any questions, please contact Arden Tyoschin at:


COLLE G E TA LK REPS COME TO NIS Savannah College of Art and Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in Design Switzerland The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is a private, nonprofit, accredited institution conferring bachelor’s and master’s degrees in distinctive locations and online to prepare talented students for professional careers. SCAD offers degrees in more than 40 majors and more than 60 minors in Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia; in Hong Kong; in Lacoste, France; and online through SCAD eLearning. This visit will occur on Monday, March 24th at 1:15pm in the HS Counseling Office. Everyone is welcome to attend.

StrengthsExplorer® in Family Connection?

The Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), established in 1893, was the first hotel school in the world. Today, it trains and develops the next generation of leaders and managers for the international hospitality industry. Its diverse student body comprises 2000 students from more than 90 different nationalities. EHL is the first hospitality management school worldwide with double accreditation at a university level. Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland - Joshua Gan to meet with G11 class at 8am on Tuesday, March 25th, in the MYP LGR.

Final SAT of the Year

StrengthsExplorer® is a strengths assessment that assesses 10 talent themes for individuals and identifies each student’s three strongest emerging talents. Upon completion of StrengthsExplorer, students will be provided with explanations of their top three themes and will learn how to capitalize on their success and discover what they need to do next to continue.

The final SAT will be held in June 7th, 2014!

European University In 1973, European University is a tripleaccredited, top-ranked international business school with main campuses in Switzerland (Geneva and Montreux), Germany (Munich) and Spain (Barcelona). We encourage students to transfer between our international campuses all of which follow an identical curriculum taught exclusively in English. Everyone welcome on Wednesday, March 26th at 1:30pm in HS Counseling Office.

Final ACT of the Year

Deadline for application: April 1st/14

The next ACT will be on April 12th, 2014. Cost: 434RMB No Writing or 533RMB with Writing

Test Center Code: 74345 School Code (NIS): 694219 Country Code: 457

For these tests you MUST register ONLINE and not through the school.

Cost: ! SAT I 564RMB SAT II 403RMB and ! ! 80RMB per subject test

ACT Test Center Code: 872250

External Test Dates for 2014-2015 School Year: PSAT - Saturday, October 18th, 2014 SAT I The external testing dates have been set for next year and here they are: , December 6th, 2014; and Saturday, Saturday 2014; 8th, er Novemb , Saturday 2014; and II - Saturday, October 11th, 2015! 18th, April , June 6th, 2015 ACT - Saturday, October 25th, 2014 and Saturday

to design a single national "The human mind is simply so complex, fluid, multi-faceted, that trying trip up a blind alley." -ental exam to measure performance, or capability, or promise is a monum . Bill Hiss is a Senior Leadership Gifts Officer and a Lecturer in Asian Studies

Don Tingley <> 7

ts n e d tu S 5 e d a r G f Parents o

n o o n r te f A n o ti a m r Exhibition Info



DAT E : Thursday, 2

0th March

W H E R E : PYP Large Group Room

Our passions can hel p make the world a bet ter place

T IM E : 2.00 P.M. to

3.00 P.M.

All welcome! Steven Fielke <>


Sam Brown 9


Michelle Rinker <> 10

ASA Cycle 3 ASA Cycle 3 Signup ASA signup will open at 1:00pm on Monday 17th March. Please sign up on your parent or student Veracross portal:

Important: There will be a staged signup. Please read next page for the details.

Cycle 3: Sta

rt Date

Monday Ap

ril 1st

End Date: Friday June


Robin Hutchison (Activities Coordinator) Danny Clarke (Athletic Director) Vicki Hong (Secretary)


Week 25: Friday 14th March ASA Schedule available for viewing on Veracross Week 26: 1.00 pm Monday 17th March All K2-G12 students can signup for 1st ASA

1.00 pm Tuesday 18th March All K2-G12 students can signup for 2nd ASA

1.00 pm Wednesday 19th March G6-12 students can signup for 3rd ASA

Please note that some ASAs are listed as full in the catalogue. This is because they are full year ASAs, require special skills or entry requirements. They are in the catalogue so that students in these ASAs cannot not enrol in other ASAs if there is a conflict with time.

Week 28: Monday March 31st - Cycle 3 Starts Week 37: Friday June 13th - Cycle 3 Finishes

Robin Hutchison (Activities Coordinator) Vicki Hong (Secretary)



On Saturday March 8th, twelve boys went to Suzhou to participate in the CISSA boys badminton tournament. Due to the large number of participants, students played games of doubles instead of singles. This was the first time CISSA tried this format and it made great logistical sense. There were seventy doubles pairings at Suzhou and all students were able to play eight to ten games over the course of the day. The NIS teams fared well over the course of the day. Most pairings won many more games than they lost and there was one team (Takita and Adi) who did not lose a game all day. This is somewhat humorous because we had to call Takita to get him out of bed just as the bus was ready to leave Nanjing. Toshi and Ilwoo had a great day as a team as did Chris and Alex. Derron( grade nine) deserves recognition as an assistant coach for the team. We should also thank SSIS in Suzhou for hosting the event. The tournament is a great way for students to see their growth as badminton players over the course of the season. Its also a fun day for the students and their coaches. Charlie McBride ( MYP/DP Science) Danny Clarke ( Athletic Director/ IB Business Management)


CISSA Girls Badminton The CISSA Girls Badminton squad traveled to Shanghai Singapore International School on Saturday 8th March. There were 12 girls, paired up into 6 formidable Doubles teams. The teams were: Linda & Iris, Lynn & Nina, Lili-Anna & Cathy, Joy & Chuan, Felicity & Annabelle and Marissa & Serena. The format was a round robin in the morning and then, from those results seeded round robin in the afternoon. All pairs performed very well, especially in the afternoon after a bit more practice and in groups suitable to their level. Everyone can feel proud of their progress and achievements over the season. Thanks to all players and keep up the practice ready for next season. Coaches Clarke and McBride

Athletics & Activities Office Contact Details: (Room D236, in the glass office at the top of the stairs in the main building) Robin Hutchison(Activities Coordinator) extension:1037 Danny Clarke (Athletics Director) extension:3058


Vicki Hong (Athletics & Activities Secretary extension 1036

GIRLS NUX FOOTBALL 2014 NIS hosted the high school football NUX tournament on Friday 28th Feb. and Saturday 1st March. This consisted of various schools from around the country coming to take part in a two day tournament. There was a great atmosphere, which was not dampened by the cold, wet weather, and the football was great. NIS was represented by two girls teams consisting of 8 players each (Maxi(3), Elena, Lena, Kyana, Michelle, Hannah G(3), Sophie G, Freja, Tyra (1), Solange (4), Hannah N, Jayla (3), Sophia, Sara(3), Paola, Gloria). Overall the girls won 4 games and drew 2.   A large number of the girls got on the score sheet, that is the numbers by each girls name.  No one can score unless the whole team plays well and as you can see, from the number of goals scored, they all played exceptionally well.  The tournament was a great preparation for the upcoming tournament and it was really great to see so many supporters that we hope will  be there for the ACAMIS tournament we will be hosting in April.

Go Lions!!

Paul Underwood <> 15

Cycle 2

Community Activities March 15th - 21st


Ballet lessons Hip Hop Taekwondo / Wushu Gymnastics NIFC Soccer



Nanjing Rockets Rugby Team 3.30- 6pm DP & Parents Crossfit Workout


Rugby Club

4.30- 6pm MYP/DP & Parents LATER START!!!

9 - 10am Kids 10 - 11am MYP & Adults

Volleyball 3- 6pm MYP/DP & Parents


English: 8.15- 9.45am (Eva), 10- 11.30am (Daniel) Pilates: 8- 9am (adv), 9- 10am, 10- 11am Zumba: 2- 2.50pm Yoga (Neila): 4.30- 5.30pm Ladies Soccer

6- 8pm MYP/ DP & Parents

Basketball 7 - 9.30pm

Sandra Fuchs

mobile 1381 5445 813


Cycle 2

Community Activities March 15th - 21st


English (Daniel): 8.15- 9.45am Pilates: 8- 9am, 9- 10am, 10- 11am Zumba: 2.35- 3.25pm MYP/ DP & Parents Badminton 6 - 9pm MYP/ DP & Parents

Wednesday: English (Eva): 8.15- 9.45am, 10- 11.30am Yoga: 8.30- 9.30am (Shylaja), 4.30- 5.30 (Neila) Kick Boxing: 10- 11am Golden Ball Football Club 6 - 9pm Parents Pilates: 6.30- 7.30pm (Heidrun), 7.30- 8.30pm (Francesca)


English (Daniel): 8.15- 9.45am Pilates: 8- 9am (adv), 9- 10am, 4.30- 5.30pm Nanjing Singers Choir 7.30 - 8.45pm Volleyball 6.30 - 9pm MYP/ DP & Parents


English (Eva): 8.15- 9.45am, 10- 11.30am Yoga (Shylaja): 8.30- 9.30am

Sandra Fuchs

mobile 1381 5445 813



NOTICE For hygiene reasons all equipment will be removed from the 3rd Floor Changing Rooms this Thursday, March 20th and put in lost property. If you have shoes, clothing etc stored in this room, please come and collect them by Wednesday, March 19th. The Centre Manager John Holbery


The Centre

Nanjing International School

POOL CLOSURE THURSDAY ~ SATURDAY, MARCH 20TH ~ 22ND, 2014 The Swimming Pool will be closed from 4:30pm Thursday March 20th until Saturday, March 22nd due to the ACAMIS Swim Meet. The Cafe @ The Centre will be available. John Holbery

Matthew Perry <>


Earth Hour A Little Night Music! Open mike on the night! Calling any performers who would like to acoustically perform. Ms Amy Keus will be organizing  student led music, Ms Annie Phillips drama.  Parents, teachers please email ALL WELCOME

Kath Adams

2-litre Plastic Bottles Needed!

Please drop off in Room C122 (Grade 4B) and in Centre Foyer Collecting Box During Earth Hour activities on March 29 we will make a hanging garden using these plastic bottles.

Marina Gijzen


✴ PTA Merchandise will be available for sale every Tuesday from 2 until 3pm in the foyer at our new PTA merchandise store. ✴Please note that classroom sales are delivered to your child every Friday, and are available by using the order forms located on the wall near the display cases in the corridor of the foyer leading to the Admissions Office. Orders must be paid at the cashier by 10:00am Thursday for delivery the next day. ✴Please note that we have some school hoodies available in limited sizes. Price is 250RMB each. You can come to try out sizes on Tuesdays from 2:00-3:00pm

PTA - 21

Nanjing International School Weekly MENU













Egg Salad

Pumpkin Salad

Corn Cob Salad

Broccoli Salad

Mushroom Salad

Menu A

Grilled Breaded Chicken Breast

Beef Sausage Roll

Hotdog Served with Pickles, Ketchup

Pan-Fried Crumbed Fish

Chicken Drumstick Served with Yogurt Sauce

Menu B

Spaghetti Bolognaise

For Vegetarian Option Please pre-order before 10:00am

Mushroom & Egg Rolls(Vegetarian)

Pasta with Tomato Sauce (Vegetarian)

Baked Veg with Cheese & Mashed Potato (Vegetarian)

Samosa with Egg Fried Rice (Vegetarian)

Potato Cheese Balls(Vegetarian)


Roasted Eggplant

Buttered Carrot & Celery

Grilled Cauliflower

Sautéed Green Vegetables

Roasted Zucchini

Dessert Choice and Fruit Piece

Lemon Tart

Banana Cake

Fruit Jelly

Ice Cream

Mini Cake


Steamed Rice

Potato Rosemary/Rice

Dressed Up Potatoes with Cheese and Chicken

Steamed Rice

Egg Fried Rice






Pumpkin Salad

Spinach Salad

Celery Salad

Zucchini Salad

Mushroom Salad

Carrot Salad

Corn, Cucumber, Crouton Salad

Chicken & Potato Salad

Baby Corn Salad

Caesar Salad

Tomato Salad

Beans Salad

Millet Grains, Lemon, Cherry Tomato Salad

Ham, Potato Salad

Coleslaw Salad

Soup of the Day

Broccoli Soup

Farmer Style Soup

Radish Soup

Mushroom Soup

Pumpkin Soup

Menu A

Roasted Crumbed Chicken Breast

Beef Sausage Roll

Hotdog Served with Pickles, Mustard, Ketchup

Pan-Fried Crumbed Fish

Chicken Drumstick Served with Yogurt Sauce

Menu B

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Chicken Stewed with Light Curry Sauce

Fried Rice with Bacon, Beef with Oyster Sauce Egg& Mixed Vegetables, Served with Chili Sauce

Lamb Stewed with Creamy Sauce

For Vegetarian Option Please pre-order before 10:00am

Mushroom & Egg Rolls(Vegetarian)

Pasta with Tomato Sauce (Vegetarian)

Baked Veg with Cheese & Mashed Potato (Vegetarian)

Samosa with Egg Fried Rice (Vegetarian)

Potato Cheese Balls(Vegetarian)

Grilled Cauliflower

Sautéed Green Vegetables

Roasted Zucchini

Fruit Jelly

Ice Cream

Mini Cake

Steamed Rice

Egg Fried Rice




Roasted Eggplant

Dessert Choice or Fruit

Lemon Tart


Steamed Rice

Sweet and Sour Chicken Beef with Oyster Sauce with Pineapple


Buttered Carrot &

Banana Cake


Potato Rosemary/ Dressed Up Potatoes with Cheese and Chicken

Tel: 025-85899111-3010/18651816852 22

Fried Rice with Bacon, Vegetable Spring Rolls Egg & Mixed Vegetables




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