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Where to eat and drink in Chemnitz – inside tips how to spend the evening in our city without spending too much money

You like Asian food and you want a lot of it? Go to the ENTENHAUS at the Leipziger Straße 129. For 9,90€ you can eat as much as you want. They offer a variety of typical Asian meals – from sushi to spring rolls and from chicken curry to wontons.

At the beginning of the Reichenhainer Straße, there‘s a small (so small that some take no notice of it) Irish Pub called IMAGINE. At house number 9, you can enjoy the biggest steak in town for a student-friendly price. Moreover, guests are provided with a wide range of whiskeys from all over the world and with little snacks.

Here‘s an extra tip for all the ice cream lovers among you: WINTER‘S EISGARTEN at the Kaßbergauffahrt provides you with the best creemee in town! All Chemnitz goes on a pilgrimage to get the soft ice cream. Let‘s hope there‘s something left for y‘all ;)

Sweet cocktails or nonalcoholic creations? No matter what you prefer, the BUSCHFUNK offers you everything. Situated in the basement of Zschopauer Straße 48, you can chose from 400 delicious cocktails. If you come between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. you‘ll pay one cocktail and get one for free.

Against all scepticism, our city is only grey and rainy at all! Here are some options where to spend a hot summer day in Chemnitz. The summer in the city is hot and dry. So why should you stay inside? Go out and watch movies in the open air. The best place to do this are the MOVIE NIGHTS on the Theaterplatz. On screen, you cannot only see new blockbusters but also older but still good movies. Although it‘s a film festival, you can also enjoy concerts and cabaret shows there.

Beach feeling in the city? YES! That‘s possible. Just visit the UFERSTRAND (Bahnhofsstr./Annaberge r Str.) in the center of Chemnitz. It‘s located near the Chemnitz river where you can enjoy the sun in beach chairs and ice-cold cocktails are served. BTW: there‘s a filmfestival from the 12. – 21.07.2013 which offers you watching movies for FREE! Flashmobs are getting more and more popular. And they have arrived in Chemnitz as well. On the 5th of July, you should blow bobbles at the bubble flashmob in front of the Karl-MarxMonument. Go there and have fun for FREE!


I have not seen a movie as good as Intouchables in a very long time. Obviously, many other people had the same opinion about this film and so went a few of million people in the first couple of days into the movie. Although, one has to say it is a French movie, critics have nothing to talk down about this touching tragiccomedy. It is a movie where the viewer has loads of scenes to burst out in tears, laugh their head off or just to be part of a big friendship that seems to be rare in the nowadays world. Especially in the case of those two protagonists, Driss and Philippe, people who would never deal with each other in normal life, because Philippe is rich and lives in a noble city house but at the same time has lost a lot in his life, and then there is Driss, living in the bedraggled area Banlieue, were criminality and poverty play a big part. Nonetheless, a great friendship arises. The jobless Driss is looking for companies that give him a signature to

reassure the employment agency that he tried to find a job but he is overqualified to work there. To get his last signature, he wants to be the nurse of the paraplegic Philippe, who is handicapped since his crash whilst paragliding. But because Philippe does not accept Driss attitude towards life and work, he decides to want of all people Driss to be his nurse. Because Driss has nowhere to stay at the moment after leaving prison, he accepts the over to work for Philippe for four weeks and accepts the bet that Philippe says, Driss would not weather the offer. One of the first scenes of the movie is, when Driss and Philippe drive in a sports car and Philippe pretends to have an epileptic fit. Driss does not want to drive with the usual car for his handicap and so he and Philippe

cruise around Paris with Philippe’s Maserati, smoke Joints and have a great time. Due to Driss’ company, Philippe gets his joy of living back and shares his inner secrets with him. Driss sometimes makes fun of him because Philippe sees things in life too serious and so the friendship balances both personalities. Driss helps him to open up again for women, because Philippe lost his wife years ago. Also Philippe shares his secret that he cannot have an orgasm again but is very sensitive at his ears, so Driss does not hesitate to book two prostitutes to have a great evening together.

What firstly sounds like a bad and icky movie about a handicapped guy shows the viewer what it means to be dependent to other people and what a great difference makes a good relationship to the nurse. Driss shows Philippe sympathy but also teaches him to not loose the joy of life and make the best out of the situation. Also for Driss it is a great opportunity to show Philippe what a great personality he has, Even though his background makes a bad prejudice. Based on a real story about an Ex-Chef of a great company, the viewer gets a great story with loads of humor but also seriousness and without the feeling of class distinction of the rich Philippe and the poor criminal Driss.

This movie shows that it is good to change the point in life and to regard highly what one has and that friendship is a great and very important thing in life and prejudice not always a good thing (as we can see, not all French movies are bad). So it is no wonder that this movie had success in over 40 countries and it is definitely worth it to watch this movie, even twice or three times. Those two hours guarantee amazing music, great humor, terrific actors and a masterly production of a wonderful story. What else do you need for a perfect movie night?

Genre: French Comedy, Drama (2011): Intouchables Run time: 112 min Main actors: Franรงois Cluzet, Omar Sy, Anne Le Ny Directors: Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano

BAD WHEATHER IN CHEMNITZ There‘s nothing going on in the city on bad wheather days? Here are some of the inside tips to prove the opposite. 1 You wanna know what we usually eat in Germany? If so, you should visit a cute restaurant that usually would not attract any attention. It‘s called EMMI and it‘s situated at Zöllnerplatz 22. Once you step in, you are greeted by rustic wooden furniture and the lively owner of the restuarant. She wants to know your names and shakes hands with you. It‘s a very intimate and personal atmosphere there and you can taste typical German home-made food for a moderate price. If you want to spend a German evening, you should definately go there and enjoy the service!

2 It‘s a rainy day, all open-air swimming pools are closed and the woods is full of sodden paths to go for a walk? If you still want to do any sports? On these days, the town pool is the right thing for you. The entrance fee is just 1,60€ (for students). Then, you can swim in a 50m long swim lane AND/OR use the gym equipments upstairs – as long as you want!!

3 There are these days, where you cannot go outside because of the weather. However, our city offers a wide range of opportunities how to spend a stormy and rainy day. Either, you sit on the sofa and have a nice read (see our book review on page…). Or you go to the ONSIDE climbing gym in the Matthesstr. 20. The hall gives you the possibility to climb inside under perfect conditions. For more information, turn the paper!

Main Climbing area

Outside Area / Low Rope Course

 climbing walls up to 14.50 m height  120 routes on approximately 1,500 square meters of climbing surface  Routes in difficulty 3-9 +  Varied climbing structures:  Straight walls - overhangs – Structural  walls – pillars  climbsnake

In the outdoor area you can take advantage of the low ropes course, which OnSide have integrated into their terraced landscape. A low ropes course means that the elements of a ropes course's are mounted at a height that at any time permits you with safe free jumping. People with acrophobia can face the challenges regarding balance, improved body awareness, etc... But don’t worry: it is still challenging for everybody!

Boulder Area  Bouldering is referred to as climbing without rope and harness in jump height. Soft mats will provide a cushioned bounce, So you do not have to meet any special requirements in order to get going  Climbing area of about 350 m²  about 50 Boulder in 4 different difficulty degrees  campus board, breadboard and pull-up bar

Beginners  Separate climbing area, especially for beginners, with a height of 9.50 m.  Difficulty of routes in the 3 - to 7 UIAA (mostly 3 to 5 degrees)  "top stop rope brakes“

Advantages:  Very easy-to-learn system.  increased safety compared to conventional management techniques  children can easily understand the security technology  Overweight people can easily secure the top brake cable stop For more information:

Different elements / stations:  “Butterfly Crossing X”, “Glockenspiel”,”Lose Rolle” “Mohawk Walk”, “Low V” ...  The entire area is "padded" with bark mulch  balance and endurance are trained  Different team games promote communication and improve mutual trust and respect among participants

High Rope Course  The indoor high ropes course is a personal challenge for everybody. You will go home full of excitement and thrill, but most of all you will have loads of fun out there!  our "Rope-Roller" system ensures maximum safety (no capes required)  Five different elements, for example vibrating beams and ropes of more than 12 m

Via ferrata  Indoor climbing with a length of about 24 m  up to 10 m above the ground you can show that you don’t fear height ;)  There are two routes to choose from


“What are you going to do with your life?” One Day, published by David Nicholls in 2009, is a touching story of two young graduates, Emma and Dexter that meet on St. Swithins Day on their last day of university. They fall in love and then part ways, what seems for ever at the beginning. But every chapter of this book becomes a glimpse into their current life and tells the story of how they fall and grow together as the years roll. The reader hopes that they would fall in love again and every now and then there is a glimpse of hope but under weirdest and saddest circumstances it does not work with them. There is a very nice momentum of longing that slowly builds up. As readers we clearly see their mistakes and that is the frustrating part because they are so blind to their own shortcomings that you feel like shouting at them or shaking them to wake up.

Success also comes to each at different times; while Dexter is at his TV presenter peak. and goes through wild drug excesses, Emma is working away in a restaurant, wondering what the hell happened to her dreams. The book is fascinating and frustrating at the same time because with each chapter the reader hopes that Dexter and Emma finally will become a couple but they start to lose each other and so the hope of the reader fades away as well. The reader starts to feel sorry for Emma and how her life goes and hates Dexter for his stupidity and opaque behavior. Their story of finding then losing each other with the years is very affecting and despite it being fictional it had some uncomfortable parallels with real life which made me think how life plays cards with people’s destiny. I really liked that Nicholls put the story like this and not like any other typical love story. He also shows that it is not easy to live one’s dream they had

in their youth and even though two persons know that they belong together, it seems to be the hardest thing to realize the easiest. I thought a quote in the book describes this scene perfectly: “You can live your whole life not realizing that what you're looking for is right in front of you.”(One Day) With this part of the novel, Nicholls gets the reader to think about what one is doing with their life and if they should rather live their dreams or live a life they never wanted to live. Emma as the protagonist is working in the restaurant and hates every day of work and her dream is to become a writer and publish a book. So why not do it? Because it is easy to say it, but realizing it is the hardest. Dexter is living his dream and with his rich parents in his

back everything seems to work in his life. But it is not. “Live each day as if it's your last', that was the conventional advice, but really, who had the energy for that? What if it rained or you felt a bit glandy? It just wasn't practical. Better by far to simply try and be good and courageous and bold and to make a difference. Go out there with your passion and your electric typewriter and work hard at...something. Change lives through art maybe. Cherish your friends, stay true to your principles, live passionately and fully and well. Experience new things. Love and be loved, if you ever get the chance.� (One Day) OUR RECOMMODATION: Read this book and dive into reality and see how the tide can change. After all these years it seems to work out with the two lovers but sometimes things happen too late.

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