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The New Britain Times September 14th, 1923 The Center Office

Addams view, our people. Addams perspective, our inventions. This interview is with Jane Addams, founder of Hull House, and has been interviewed by Nirvika Tugnait. Who is Jane Addams you may wonder. Well, here is the answer, Jane Addams was born in 1860 she founded Hull House, which was the first settlement house in the United States of America, which serves to the families who immigrated to Chicago at the beginning of this unimaginable industrial Jane Addams, Hull House revolution. For nearly fifty years, Jane has been working non-stop for improved living and working conditions for America's poorer side, and has also helped in preventing women's suffrage on an international basis.

Q. What is one of the ways you have made an impact on the industrial revolution today? A. Well, I had founded a settlement house called the Hull House, in Chicago. I believe this has impacted the revolution because the Hull House supports shelter for the poor, needs of children, issues women are facing today, and public health.

Q. Tell me more about the Hull House? A. When my partner, Ellen Gates Starr, and I started the Hull House in 1889. We opened the doors to everybody, and European immigrants as well. And by 1911 Hull House had grown and had 13 building. And just a few years back, in 1920 we had reached to 500 or more settlement The Hull House, Chicago houses all around the United States of America. This is just such a great feeling for Ellen, and I to know that we are able to help out so many people, and that we are helping them climb the steps to a better life. Especially when they are coming from all over the world, and that we are able to help on an international basis.

Q. Can you tell us about some great inventions like your which impacted the industrialization? A. When you ask me that question, lots of great inventions which have impacted the industrial revolution these days, come in mind. But one personal favourite of mine would be the Textile Industry, which had been started by the Great Britain. I believe that the textile industries had made a huge impact on the industrial revolution because of how it firstly did not impact a large group, but has a connection with each individual. The textile industry is such a major part in each person life, because of what it supplies. This industry gives us our basic Textile Machine, Textile Industry needs, like clothes. Everyone has clothes, so this industry has been truly very helpful to the public, since we would have such difficulties making clothes for

our homes, and the progress for them was really great as well. The textile industries have a good impact on us and the staff of the industries, which is just so great. And I believe that each invention should be a great for both side, thus the textile industry is one of the greatest inventions in history for me personally. I feel that the textile industry also helped the ‘Hulk House’, because it helped us by serving the people living in the settlement houses with clothes. It helped us since we could easily buy them clothes instead of making them ourselves. Making clothes for them was difficult, since we did not have enough of people working to make enough of clothes for everyone. But these textile industries really gave us progress and more supplies for the people of the settlement homes.

Q.Is there any invention in the industrial revolution we are in, that you seem to be fascinated by? A. Fascinated. There are two or three inventions which pop up in my mind immediately. But I think I am going to talk about the invention, which has changed the way we transport forever. James Watt created a master piece, the steam engine. An invention that has again impacted the common man. I remember when I had to travel a long distance, it would take me so long to walk that far, and while sitting on a horse, I remember that it would really start to get uncomfortable after a while. But now days because of the steam engine you can rely on a relaxing, calm, comfortable journey. When I was young I remember I dreamt about how I wanted to be so great and known in James Watt history, as James Watt. And I feel like right now my father who supported me through my life, and my mother who unfortunately past away when I was at a very young age, are looking upon me, and are truly very proud of me.

Q. Why do you think that this era in known as the Industrial Revolution?

A. Personally I feel that we are in the Industrial Revolution because of new machines which are being invented consistently, each invention with a good cause. Such as machines, this has helped tremendously decrease the amount of human labour around our nation. I also feel that this era is known as the Industrial Revolution, because of the inventions that have come up, giving us more facility options on transportation, communication, and production.

Q. If you could find some flaws in the industrial revolution, what would they be and how do these affect your subject of work? A. Yes, I find many flaws in this revolution. Some flaws which could have ruined someone’s life. Example the cottage industry, which had people hand-make items, but due to the inventions of all these machines, jobs of these artists is gone. And there are many unemployed people, who are just sitting at home now. Also the division of rich and poor got stronger, since the factory owners were earning, and since public had no jobs they couldn’t earn more. These flaws really do affect the settlement houses. Some of these would be that the immigrants are having a harder time getting jobs, earning their own money, and getting basic needs for their families. These immigrants were searching for the jobs of artists and wanted to work in cottage industries, and since these were taken away, they were absolutely jobless. Q. What would be some positive aspects of this era? A. Well, I think that the positive aspects of this era would be the development in science and technology. Especially science has been a great impact with the improvement in medical science, the agricultural side of science and many more. The improvement of the inventions is a huge aspect of this era, and it is helping with the communications, and transportations, which will always be important for us.

Q. What do you think will be the outcome of this revolution and the Hulk House? How do you think the generation after us, will feel about our revolution? A. There will no longer be a shortage of goods, and cities will start to develop and appear more. There will be an improvement in the standard of living, in terms of health, wealth, economy, progress as a society. I hope that the Hulk House will continue to grow, and there will be more settlement houses. These settlement houses will help the immigrants, and I know that with the progress of these homes the world will be a better place.


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Addams view, our people. Addams perspective, our inventions.  

An interview with Jane Addams

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