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Colouring cream

BLOND U Nir vel Professional has developed BLOND U, the colour line especially designed to meet the needs and characteristics of blonde hair. BLOND U REINVENTS BLONDES Taking the concept of blonde hair to a new dimension, achieving cool and warm Blondes according to own identity and personality. Blonde hair dyes have never had before such innovation opportunities, as BLOND U has now. This range of 6 shades of super-lightening colouring cream, with excellent lightening action, it can lift up to 5 tones while providing colour at the same time, all in one single process, and with impeccable colour quality. The BLOND U line is completed by 6 tints and Clear, a base cream which is used to tone down the intensity of the pigments, enabling the professional to mix and add shades, making the most of his or her creativity. This way a complete colouring ser vice is offered, aimed specifically at blonde hair, which will make all the difference in the salon. Ref.



60 ml.

Application: 1:2 • 45 minutes (to lift tones) 1:2 • 20 minutes (to add shades)


Dossier nirvel 2017 en  
Dossier nirvel 2017 en