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Intech Hotel Solutions

Changing the way you make bookings

From the desk of CCO The Indian economy today is one of the fastest emerging economies in the world, next only to China. India's consistently high growth rate has resulted in higher per capita income and more disposable income in the hands of the consumer. It has also resulted in better awareness among people when it comes to travel accommodation. Today, consumers are no longer confined to the established luxury chains or cheap budget hotels that offer nothing more than a bed. They are looking to explore different accommodation options when traveling. Travelers today want something that offers value for money rather than a brand name, and that is where the need for properties hitherto unexplored arises. Intech Hotel Solutions (IHS), established in January 2010, aims to fill that void in the travel industry.

Sabina Chopra CCO Intech Hotel Solutions

Our motive is to go beyond the usual and explore different options out there, to give the domestic and the international travelers what they are looking for. In a short span of nine months, we have managed to add to our database a wide variety of properties that include B&B's, heritage resorts, luxury camps, service apartments, homestays, houseboats and boutique properties among the usual budget and star category hotels. At present, our database stands at more than 4000 hotels across various categories, giving you the advantage of offering your clients more choices for their holiday accommodation.

It is also our constant endeavor to get you the best rates for these properties to help you get more out of every booking. The success of our efforts can be gauged from the fact that we have a customer base of 2000 plus travel agents already and growing steadily. But this is just the beginning of a story where your success drives it forward and we hope to help you reach new heights so that the story never ends.

IHS Business Model


Intech Hotel Solutions

Travel Agents




Channel Partners

Galileo A broad based business services company providing critical transaction processing solutions to companies operating in the global travel industry. With a presence in160 countries, Galileo powers the travel industry on a global scale by serving travel providers, travel agencies and corporations.

iXiGO A travel search engine for Indian consumers. Ixigo is not a travel agency, rather, it is an infomediary. It lets the user search across multiple airlines, hotels, buses, trains and online travel agencies, thus, making it easy for travelers to find and book their travel requirements in a jiffy.

Thomas Cook It is the largest integrated Travel services company in the country. Thomas Cook launched its Indian operations in 1881 and has been going strong ever since.

DOTW Destinations of the world (DOTW) is a dedicated B2B travel industry wholesaler, connecting travel professionals around the globe. It has a presence in 16 countries covering 33,000 travel agents worldwide, offering dedicated hotel services to the travel industry.

Yatra Yatra Online Pvt. Ltd. is a travel company providing information, pricing, availability and booking facility for air travel, hotels, buses and car rentals across 5000 large cities, small towns and rural areas around the globe. It acts as a complete tour planner and is a one-stop shop for all the travel needs.

Intech Hotel Solutions

Connecting with us

Like everything else, we give you choices when it comes to connecting with us. You can choose any of the following options to connect with IHS and make use of our specialized booking solutions to give your business a boost.

IC (Intech Connect) This is the complete booking solution for those who want to make the best use of Intech's professional booking solutions. This option allows you to use single or multiple login IDs to access the IHS database. Along with that, you also get to see the latest offers and packages from IHS, view booking reports, process cancellation requests and do much more, all with a click of the mouse. In other words, everything related to the booking process at your fingertips

API (Application Programming Interface) A perfect option for those who want to own the payment gateway and retain their own user interface. We offer web services that enable you to integrate with our rich realtime hotel database.

WL (White Label) Connecting with this option means getting a search engine placed on your website which allows you to search properties in our database. It is an ideal option for those who want access to our complete database without any installation of software on their system.

Intech Hotel Solutions

Why Choose us?

We offer a dedicated solution to make bookings with our revolutionary software. Specifically targeting budget hotels, boutique hotels , guest houses, home stays and many more categories across the country, IHS seeks to ease the process of finding and filling rooms using real time data so as to avoid any duplication or elimination of bookings. Choose us if you are looking for simplicity in the booking service- IHS gives you real time access to hotels' inventory which means you can view up-to-date availability of accommodation anytime. Choose us if you want a wider array of options- IHS has more than 4000 properties in its kitty and expanding rapidly. Choose us if you want the best rates- With IHS, you get the best deals on all the properties. The properties are physically validated by us to give you the best quality. Choose us if you want transparency in your booking process- IHS gives you online statement of accounts, online invoicing and detailed booking reports. We also send instant updates regarding bookings via SMS and e-mails. Choose us if you want flexible payment modes.

Choose us if you want impeccable service with a dedicated Helpdesk at your service.

Intech Hotel Solutions

Our Advantage The largest database of hotels to choose from. A wide variety of hotels ranging from B&Bs and budget properties to four star and five star hotels. Custom made packages, based on your needs. Fantastic commissions with each package. The best rates for some of the most popular properties Pan India. Easy booking process, with online as well as offline booking facility available. Prepaid as well as postpaid payment options.

Intech Hotel Solutions

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