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By Us. For Them. Catalogue | 2019

GIDEON is a Twin Cities (MN) based multimedia organization. We exist to develop community through our undying passion for what we do & our love for whom we do it.

We are GIDEON.

We believe that beauty feeds the soul. We believe servanthood makes us great. We believe learning keeps us alive. GIDEON collaborates with local artisans and craftspeople to create empowering content and cultivate encouraging experiences. As we grow we want the Gideon experience to extend to different mediums: music, clothing, open mics, life-skills workshops, trade shows, artist showcases and exhibits and so much more. This book is a collection of our different strengths and perspectives.

About this Collection

“By Us. For Them.� means learning the skills to lead our lives, mindful of the plight of others. We believe cultivating culture begins first with knowing ourselves. Our collective seeks to remember our own individual and shared stories, sharing them in a way that inspires others. This collection is serves to introduce each member of our group as we develop practices, strengthen core values and touch communities that GIDEON exists for. Just like the barbershop is a center for exchange, GIDEON, too, is a marketplace for ideas. Just like an open mic it is meant to cultivate truth-telling and respect, GIDEON wishes to hold space for growth and more meaningful connections. These are the values we all need to espouse to live whole lives. This is our aim.

The Year Ahead

Over the course of 2019, we will share the stories of our partners, while we also want to recruit more Artists/Educators/Servants to join us. If that involves creating artwork on some of our topics for the year; then great! If you would like to help promote the content we are developing, we welcome that too. For now, please follow us on Instagram @We.Are.Gideon or on the web

Jacob “Giddy” Deisch Occupation Barber/Artist

Mission Statement I was raised by a tailor and a social worker, who showed me that creating & caring go hand in hand. I founded “GIDEON” in order to seek out people who would build with me a community with the arts as our vehicle. I want GIDEON to be the light that inspires deeper personal growth and a better connection to the world around us.

What keeps you doing your ‘Craft’?

Name of business Gideon CC, llc

As a barber my role is to esteem people. That means providing a great haircut, along with an enjoyable interaction. A barber is a part of more than a transaction.

And for whom do you do it (‘Courtesy’)? Tucks & Hems By Rita

Tucks & Hems By Rita

A barber is a part of a sacred transition in people’s lives. When people leave my chair and barbershop I want them to feel known, valued and encouraged. To me, this is what ‘Craft&Courtesy’ means.

Rita Picard

Mission Statement

Seamstress /

From consultation to completion, Tucks & Hems is a tailoring service that listens and will be honest in its appraisal of your sewing needs. The work is affordable, impeccable, and is completed on time as promised.

Sewing Instructor /

What keeps you doing your ‘Craft’?



Name of business Tucks & Hems By Rita

Tucks & Hems By Rita

To transfer knowledge through teaching a skill set that will continue to be of value in many sectors of society. Whether it’s for and in the home, it’s medical, recreational, vehicular, etc.

And for whom do you do it (‘Courtesy’)? I also find great satisfaction of seeing a garment fitting someone’s needs and watching postures change and eyes to smile, light up never gets old. To me this is what Craft and Courtesy means.

Brittney and Gerard Klass Occupation Brittney: Fitness Instructor / Restaurateur Gerard: Chef / Restaurateur

Mission Statement Brittney: Fit 2 Praise is a Christian-based fitness and nutrition program designed to unite and uplift women in the community. Gerard: Klassics creates a new experience, putting our twist on down-home dishes fusing it with the vibrant flavor of hip-hop culture and the highest level of guest service.

What keeps you doing your ‘Craft’? Brittney: We share very similar backgrounds in the restaurant business with slightly different experiences. I have 14 years of restaurant experience, from fast food to fine dining; from front of house to back of house. In Gerard’s 13 years as a chef, he’s gone from a line cook to a Regional Chef, opening 10 restaurants nationwide and overseeing five restaurants locally. In our work with Soul

Name of business

Bowl, we want to bring our expertise of food and service

Brittney: Fit 2 Praise

And for whom do you do it (‘Courtesy’)?

Gerard: Klassics (Soul Bowl MN)

together to change the dining experience.

Gerard: Together we brought our full selves to the table, blending flavors from African American and West Indian cuisine, with our mixed backgrounds of hospitality and customer service, to give you Soul Bowl. At its center, Soul Bowl is family. Community seating, lawn games, and "Grandma’s House" service create the togetherness that

@chefgerardklass @bklassi

soul food is all about. It is a soul food experience that is meant to warm your mind, body, and soul.

Josh and Morgan Chitwood

Mission Statement


The heart of our work is to create diverse media that cultivates inspiration, expands perspective, empowers community and affirms hope. Our films reflect the unique creativity ingrained in each individual that goes beyond mimicking the popular. The themes of our storytelling and cinematography challenge stereotypes, reveal beauty, and reflect our personal faith.

Filmmakers /

What keeps you doing your ‘Craft’?


Name of business Chitwood Media

In a day-and-age of over stimulation and easy access to content creation, we believe artists have an obligation to be stewards over our craft. Every frame, stroke, verse, layer, chord - every moment is pivotal.

And for whom do you do it (‘Courtesy’)?


It is our hope that the viewers and artists find new ways to see a story through focused attention to detail and a new lens. We hope our that our films do not add to content clutter, but rather that they are generative experiences that live beyond the last frame.

Jalena Campbell Occupation Entrepreneur

Mission Statement Making itchy and dry skin feel like water, without water.

What keeps you doing your ‘Craft’?

Name of business

After an extreme breakout of eczema, I didn't want anyone to be stuck feeling the way I did.

Lena Bean

And for whom do you do it (‘Courtesy’)?

Organic Plus


As a “Youtube Kid” I discovered a healing solution to deal with itch and irritation. It’s the relief that I just want to share with the world.

Mission Statement

Terrence Thigpen Occupation Middle School Administrator

I was born in Chicago. Raised by a single mother. I recognize how crucial the perseverance women has been to my life and I believe in the power of education. I want to live in a world where people see life as an opportunity, not a burden.

What keeps you doing your ‘Craft’? I feel that it is my duty to empower youth and to disrupt systems that have been utilized to disenfranchise certain groups of people.

And for whom do you do it (‘Courtesy’)? I believe that in order for more people to have equity and opportunity that many of those systems have to be dismantled. I believe in women. I believe in education. And most importantly I believe in the youth.

Raquel “Rocky” Crushshon Occupation Beautician

Name of business My Hands | Your Hair

Mission Statement Have you ever had a shampoo that can put you to sleep? Have you ever had a head massage that helped you have healthier scalp? Have you ever been educated, or given tips and feedback to make sure you know exactly what’s going on with the health and overall outcome of your hair? My Hands | Your Hair can do amazing things!

What keeps you doing your ‘Craft’? Energy is contagious. A smile can go a long way. The beauty world is full of art and expression. In my work as a stylist, I am always looking for new ways express myself through healthy touch, lots of smiles and simple comforts for everyone who sits in my chair.


And for whom do you do it (‘Courtesy’)? This is me, a happy positive girl that loves to do hair and I want to share this positive energy with all my clients. To turn bad days around or making a good day that much better. That’s what’s rewarding about my job and that’s what keeps me going.

Jaralyn and Benny Roberts

Mission Statement


Benny: Bennyfit Oth=rs is here to glorify God by loving His creation well, and building th=m up.

Jaralyn: Transformation Coach /

Jaralyn: GEM is about people living in their purpose, develop healthier and meaningful lives producing more inspired individuals, families, and communities.

What keeps you doing your ‘Craft’?

Yoga Instructor

Jaralyn: Everyone has a deep-seated purpose they were


created to fulfill in this world. In today’s society people

Director, College and Career Center /

have been bombarded with negative messaging, have

Speaker /

see themselves as they were created: purposed, beautiful,

lost hope, and are living lives seeking escape from the overwhelming trials we see daily. Everyone deserves to


and valued. We develop strong relationships to support

Name of business

a lasting impact on those around them.


others in rediscovering and igniting their purpose to make

And for whom do you do it (‘Courtesy’)?

G.E.M. Coaching & Wellness, LLC

Benny: We see our community as resource rich and its’


the Imago Dei. We’re inspired to honor God by loving

Bennyfit Oth=rs

others also created in God’s likeness well. We desire to

people as valued assets. Despite human suffering we see

live a life that benefits others by supporting the purposes of others through philanthropic generosity generated

@jaralynroberts @ben_above_avg

through a creative lifestyle brand that invites people to see others as valuable. We want to live lives that Bennyfit Oth=rs.

Chauncee Hollingsworth Occupation

Mission Statement My mission is to use sports to develop outstanding

Professional Basketball Consultant

humble athletes, by using unique teaching methods

Name of business

What keeps you doing your ‘Craft’?

Hoops And Christ

to increase intrinsic determination, and desire in each athlete. My passion is to see youth grow into a relationship with Jesus.

And for whom do you do it (‘Courtesy’)? When I was a sophomore in college I accepted a relationship with Jesus and God revealed the vision of Hoops and Christ to me so now I’m just living out my purpose.


Mission Statement

Josh Ganados Occupation Minister/ Speaker/ Youth Development

Drive - Complacency can slowly kill us. My drive to unlock new ideas in the world that better serve the people. My aim is to push the norms by comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable. Development - Helping launch others into their dreams and passions through investment and empowerment. We “add” a lot of things to our lives, but “multiplying”, though much more difficult, gives us much more in return.

What keeps you doing your ‘Craft’? Young people aren’t the future, they are the present. Others invested in me to help me discover and wonder. Without knowing our purpose, identity or calling, we can aimlessly wander in life.

And for whom do you do it (‘Courtesy’)? @joshganados

All it takes is one person believing in someone by sacrificing their time and committing to invest in that person long-term. We can’t microwave growth or investment, it’s more like smoked ribs.

“If you are like us and you love the work you do and the people you do it for… then you are We. And We Are GIDEON.” -Jacob “Giddy” Deisch | Founder of Gideon CC, llc


By Us. For Them. GIDEON | 2019  

GIDEON is a Twin Cities (MN) based multi-media organization. We exist to develop community through our undying passion for what we do & our...

By Us. For Them. GIDEON | 2019  

GIDEON is a Twin Cities (MN) based multi-media organization. We exist to develop community through our undying passion for what we do & our...