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AUTORE: Stefano Parrini

Photographer co-founder of the collective Synap (see), since 2007 has participated in numerous exhibitions all over Italy, earning several awards and publishing on some magazines. Since 2012 is part of the project Photo Ltd Author's collecting, he participated in the project Reflexions Masterclass.


magazine closes its quadrilogy CMYK_Farewell to the Press with a key number to rethink the city of the present and the future, dedicated to the theme of time and change: Key: Time to Change. The last hundred years have been marked by enormous changes which have often distinct nature and origin, different but resulting by social, urban, environmental phenomena, inherently and deeply connected. And as well as the unstoppable transformations taking place, In Progress, insinuates like a magnifying glass between the "folds" of our planet, showing the effects of two of the most controversial issues of our times, represented by climate change and depletion of resources. An articulate and keen project that proposed by the Tuscan photographer Stefano Parrini, an invitation to look beyond, to learn how to actually "see" and to "live" the time in a conscious and ethic way.

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In Progress Seen from above, through a modern tool such as Google Earth, our planet clearly shows the face of the man and the work of climate change that will lead future generations to have to adapt to a different life. The project In Progress shows the progress of the ability to deliberately move away from the events, as in the case of the Amazon tragedy. A disaster, the death of the forests and the animals, the pain and the danger become trunk groups and indifferent forms. In a way this series of photographs is a running commentary from those territories where reality is intertwined with the virtuality and loses the power to excite the most acute and profound emotions. Here the "progress" solves in miniature its most important task, to free us from discomfort. Progress numbs the souls that should hurt to protect life. In Progress is a project consisting of 80 Polaroid divided into four chapters: deforestation, desertification, melting glaciers and rising seas. Have a good trip.

NIP #34 Luglio2016  

NIP #34 Luglio2016 Rivista bimestrale di paesaggio, architettura e cultura contemporanea / Bimontly Webzine about Landscape, Urbanism, Archi...

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