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NIOO-KNAW Further Information OPEN ACCESS WEEK October 19-23, 2009

FAQ’s about Open Access : SURF on Open Access: ek/openaccess/Pages/default.aspx Greater Reach for Research Report: Reuse of materials in the context of education and research (SURF): seofmaterial.aspx Report: Costs and Benefits of Research Communication: The Dutch Situation: (SURF) tsandBenefitsofOpenAccessPublicationlTheDutchSituati on.aspx Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities: Open Access Week declared (SPARC): Open Access Week:

For more information: tel: +31 (0)6-23199593 copyright issues: http://infoserver/library/ manuscripts/copyright.cfm

NIOO-KNAW in support of Open Access.

What can NIOO do?

NIOO’s actions for more open access.

NIOO Actions Policy NIOO-KNAW is in favor of open access to research publications and research data.

Fund NIOO-KNAW encourages researchers to publish in Open Access Journals like PloS BIOLOGY (fund for payment of author fee).

Open Choice NIOO-KNAW has an aggreement with Springer to publish open access.

Repository NIOO-KNAW has established a publications repository with Eprints ( and a data repository (

What can YOU do?

Open Access (OA)

Researcher Actions

is free online access to articles that have traditionally been published in scholarly journals.


- "Gold OA": A peer reviewed cover to cover open access journal hosted by the publisher with no barriers to online access. - Hybrid open access journals provide open access only for some articles, those for which payment is made on behalf of the author. -Delayed open access journals open access to particular articles only after a period of embargo. -"Green OA" is open access self-archiving (deposit by its authors) of material which may have been published as toll access. (

Take your responsibility as a society member, a reviewer, as editor and author by promoting open access and giving research a broader reach.

Copyright Be aware of your copyright rights and possibilities and check your copyright restrictions at the Sherpa/Romea website:

Open Access Archives /Repositories Publishing Simply make their contents freely available to the world. They may contain unrefereed preprints, refereed postprints, publisher’s open access articles or both.

Publish in an Open Access Journal like PloS BIOLOGY.

Open Access Journals

Negotiate with the publisher in order to retain your right to publish a copy on your website.

Perform peer review and then make the approved contents freely available to the world. Their expenses consist of peer review, manuscript preparation, and server space.

Repository Deposit your preprints or postprints in the NIOO repository. Deposit your data in the NIOO data repository.

NIOO Open Access Brochure  

Brochure created for the Open Access Week 2009, describing the concept of Open Access and the actions NIOO can do and the actions researche...

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