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Publish in an Open Access Journal like PloS BIOLOGY. Negotiate with the publisher in order to retain your right to publish a copy on your website. Check out the directory of Open Access Journals: Copyright Be aware of your copyright rights and possibilities. Check your copyright restrictions and post-print publication options at the Sherpa/Romea website:

Repository NIOO-KNAW has established a publications repository with Eprints ( and a data repository http://data.nioo.knaw.n They are not Open Access per se. Mostly you can publish your final peer reviewed manuscript (post-print) Open Access there. Fund NIOO-KNAW encourages researchers to publish in Open Access Journals. Until it is common to make funding reservations with each project to pay for Open Access Publishing there is a NIOO fund to pay the uthor fee. First: check out your funding with NWO Incentive Fund and the NWO OA Agreement with Springer (OA costs with NWO funded research is covered when publishing in BiomedCentral or SpringerOpen). Read about the European Union Policy:

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European Union embraces Open Access in Horizon

Open Access Week 2012  
Open Access Week 2012  

Announcement of Open Access Week 2012