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Library and Information Newsletter Spring 2012

Content • News from Library department Digital Library Website, Digiborrel, Bad performance web of science • Writing & Publishing/Open Access Post publishing peer review, New ways for peer review process, Scientist vs Elsevier •Research Collaborative data infrastructure, Managing Research Data in UK • Citation Tracking Tweetations: citations on twitter, Twitter mentions and Citations, altmetrics: social media and scientific impact • Database barometer • Book acquisitions • Colophon

Book:Biometry: The principles and practice of statistics in biological research. Fourth edition Robert R. Sokal and F. James Rohlf. 2011. Wageningen Bookcode: 102-A / 2011-03 Reg.# 3319 Finally it is published: the fourth edition of this standard statistical reference book. The fourth edition has been thoroughly revised and updated using computer calculations

LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SERVICES DEPARTMENT • For general information, please contact our general library mailbox, website, phone: 06-23199593, chat box. • Digital Library Website On the NIOO website we created a spot for the NIOO Digital Library. You can read there the news on searching, publishing, citations & reading. And you can find our major support pages : Books, Journals, Endnote, Metis, Open Access. Also there are the links to Web of Science and to our online journals. Remember that access to online journals is IP based and can only be achieved via the NIOO network in Wageningen or remote via VPN • Digiborrel On March 29 we have organized, together with the Party Planners a 'digiborrel': an introduction to our multimedia facilities. NIOO Digiborrel: Learn and enjoy multimedia in the temporary “experience hall” in the heart of the building Find us on GPS location 51.987, 5.671 65 m z


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Video conferencing equipment (Life Size, watch the promo) can be found in room 2.203. You can use it to contact any PC with web cam and fixed IP-address, ask Roy for help Make your own video on your scientific research and use our video-equipment (Canon EOS 55d incl tools) and software (Adobe Premiere), ask Marianne/Monique for help. See the video we made as a test, and check our Youtube channel. Use the smart board (incl c-tools software)in the library for small group discussions. The Information boards/news screens on every floor will contain the latest news and information on what is going on in the NIOO, send your own (your departments) news to Brechje See the presentation of the extended research test equipment support from ICT. Use WebObs and your smartphone for GPS registration in your research In the listening chair (Sonic Chair) you can watch video's (NIOO-film), webinars etc., see the list of selected iTunes videos

•Bad performance Web of Science / researcherID In the later half of last year and in the first months of 2012 we have experienced some major problems with the performance of Web of Science and ResearcherID. At first the difficulties came from the version update in Web of Science, later on we had difficulties in using the browser Internet Explorer together with Web of Science. Because of the more strict control of security regulations you have to enable the compatibility view in IE (the broken page icon in the address bar). But the difficulties remain and it was not until the end of February that ICT together with ICT of the Royal Academy found the cause of the problem. The cause of the problem lies in the firewall settings of the Royal Academy. In order to catch some of the major



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spam mails from ABN/AMRO the firewall settings have been set too tight and they were causing the disruption in the performance of Web of Science, ResearcherID and also in Metis. Fortunately the cause was found and corrected. WRITING & PUBLISHING/OPEN ACCESS •Post-publishing peer review In Nature of December 22, 2011, the creators of the blog 'Retraction Watch' write about their experience with retracted papers and correction on published papers in an article entitled "Science publishing: the paper is not sacred". They are in favor of something like the new CrossRef service 'CrossMark' that will give an overview of all corrections and retractions. But it still would be better to have a kind of post publication evaluation. •New Scholarly Publishing Chain

From the report: Redefining the Acadenmic Library. University leadership Council, The Advisory Board company, 2011. •New ways for the Peer review process Ecography is trialling in a community service called 'Peerage of Science'. This is a community of scientist who work together on a web-service to tackle the 'peer review ' problem. peerage of Science offers: "offering automatically controlled, standardized, rigorous, fully anonymous peer review." Both authors and reviewers are anonymous, but the reviewers get a visible sign of reward. Editors can make a publication offer for a reviewed article. Check out the Peerage of Science poster. RESEARCH • Collaborative data Infrastructure

As an EU solution to the challenge of data proliferation the project EUDAT - European Data Infrastructure - was launched. Eudat will investigate the possibilities to facilitate multidisciplinary data management. The Collaborative Data Infrastructure will support the existing scientific communities and data services. The news website 'International Science Grid this week' reports.

• Managing Research Data in UK Most public research funders in the UK require their researchers to manage their research data in such a way it can be re-used by others. In 2012 JISC - UK's organisation for IT in higher education - organises several programs to support the management of research data. There will be programs to help develop the data infrastructure of universities and research groups with implementing data management plans and policies. The Managing Research Data Programme 2011-2013 is on the website. •Scientist vs Elsevier In January a British mathematician, Tom Gowers, started a protest movement against the raise of journal prices and about the support from the scientific publishers to some US law proposal to restrict the free flow of information. SOPA and PIPA law proposals are so-called 'anti piracy' legislation that give the possibility to close



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down websites after some protest (the protest of illegal practices). The RWA act stands for the prohibition of open access (esp. as mandated by NIH). This protest resulted in a petition called The cost of knowledge. In this petition scientist declare that they will not publish in Elsevier's journals anymore unless they change their way of working. Read the story in Science magazine, the Guardian or follow the links on the Journal Publishing Reform Wiki. In The Chronicle a response by an Elsevier official is published. She says that Elsevier "improves access rather than impeding it" and the support of the RWA act is to secure investments. Jani Kotakoski also published an answer from Elsevier on his blog. Elsevier's answers: "A message to the research community: journal prices, discounts and access" "A message to the research community: elsevier, access, and the Research Works Act" Also Springer (not an AAP publisher that supports RWA) has given a statement. The blog Open and Shut from Richard Poynder gives a good overview of the position of the several players like the publishers from Nature and Science, Biomed Central and Wiley. Later on in March 1, 2012: Elsevier retracts support for RWA, in an open statement.And they have published a 'Letter to the Mathematical Community'. CITATION TRACKING/ RANKING • Tweetations: Citations on Twitter In the Journal of Medical Research Gunther Eysenbach wrote an article on the correlations between citations of scholarly research papers and their mentioning on Twitter "Can Tweets Predict Citations? Metrics of Social Impact Based on Twitter and Correlation with Traditional Metrics of Scientific Impact". He argues that there is a relation between scholarly citations and metrics from social media. He writes:"t is a fascinating and compelling finding that the collective intelligence of Twitter users can, within limitations, predict citations, which normally take years to accumulate."

•Twitter Mentions and Citations Another study on the effect of Twitter mentioning pre publications in arXiv was done by Xin Shuai "How the Scientific Community Reacts to Newly Submitted Preprints: Article Downloads, Twitter Mentions, and Citations." They concluded that the role of social media in the scientific impact of a publication may be high: "We find that Twitter mentions follow rapidly after article submission and that they are correlated with later article downloads and later article citations, indicating that social media may be an important factor in determining the scientific impact of an article •Altmetrics: social media and scientific impact Apart from the regular bibliometric methods of counting scientific impact based on scholarly citations other calculation techniques are on the rise: altmetrics is an example of tracking impact of the social Web. Some research into the validity of these alternative scientometric methods has been done by Jason Priem et. al 'Altmetrics in the Wild: Using Social Media to Explore Scholarly Impact' published on on behalve of Surffoundation the organisation that executes bibliometric research in The Netherlands CWTS has published a report entitles: "Users, Narcissism and Control: Tracking the Impact of Scholarly Publications in the 21st Century". For this research they have measured the impact of several web based impact tracking tools, like altmetrics. •Webometrics: ranking according to website Apart from the well known university ranking sites like THE and Sjanghai Ranking (in which we, not being a university, do not play a role), there is also a webometric ranking. This ranking attempts to rank research institutes based on their web presence. The ranking is based on a formula which combines the criteria of size (web pages), visibility (inlinks), rich files (added pdfs) and scholar(papers and citations from Google Scholar). In this ranking NIOO is number 6079 of the world web sites for R&D centers, and in KNAW setting # 19. • NIOO publications in 2011 The NIOO publications are published on the website dynamically from Metis. The publication lists on the website for the individual departments / working groups are also directly from Metis. In 2011 204 NIOO publications were published, of which 199 can be found in Web of Science. Check out the latest NIOO publications on our website: NIOO Publications Or subscribe to the RSS-alert from Web of Science to get the latest updates. There is a widget which shows the latest NIOO publication entered in Web of Science on our Publication Page. • Citations of NIOO publications published in 2011



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In Web of Science we can find in March 2012: 199 articles published in 2011. These 199 articles were cited 182 times. In 2012 in March there were published in Web of Science 43 articles. The best cited articles are: Belova Svetlana E.; Baani Mohamed; Suzina Natalia E.; Bodelier, Paul L. E; Liesack, Werner; Dedysh, Svetlana N.

Acetate utilization as a survival strategy of peat-inhabiting Methylocystis spp. ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY REPORTS Volume: 3 Issue: 1 2229.2010.00180.x Published: FEB 2011 Times Cited: 11

Pages: 36-46

DOI: 10.1111/j.1758-

Halfwerk Wouter; Holleman Leonard J. M.; Lessells C. (Kate) M.; et al . Negative impact of traffic noise on avian reproductive success . JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY Volume: 48 Issue: 1 Pages: 210-219 DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2664.2010.01914.x Published: JAN 7 2011 Times Cited: 11 Keurentjes Joost J. B.; Angenent Gerco C.; Dicke Marcel; Dos Santos, Vitor A. P. Martins; Molenaar, Jaap; van der Putten, Wim H.;de Ruiter, Peter C.;Struik, Paul C.;Thomma, Bart P. H. J. Redefining plant systems biology: from cell to ecosystem. TRENDS IN PLANT SCIENCE Volume: 16 Issue: 4 Pages: 183-190 DOI: 10.1016/j.tplants.2010.12.002 Published: APR 2011 Times Cited: 6 Verhoeven Koen J. F.; Macel Mirka; Wolfe Lorne M.; et al. Population admixture, biological invasions and the balance between local adaptation and inbreeding depression . PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY BBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Volume: 278 Issue: 1702 Pages: 2-8 DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2010.1272 Published: JAN 7 2011 Times Cited: 6 โ€ข Database barometer How do search results differ and develop? As a test we will make a search on the topic "biodiversity and climate change" for articles published in 2011 Database Web of Science Science Direct SpringerLink BioOne Google Scholar Scopus (not free acccessible) Pubmed

Search question TS=(biodiversity AND "climate chang*") Pub.Year=2012 pub-date > 2011 and TITLE-ABSTR-KEY(biodiversity) and TITLEABSTR-KEY("climate chang*") limit to climate change Search For (title abstr > biodiversity AND "climate change" Publication Date > Greater than January 01, 2012 Anywhere in the article: biodiversity climate change from 2012 to 2012 biodiversity "climate change" 2012- 2012 Basic Search: biodiversity AND "climate change" Since 2011 - present "Biodiversity"[Mesh] AND "Climate"[Mesh] AND ("2012/01/01"[Publication Date] : "2012/12/31"[Publication Date])

results March July 106 46



26 33 4910 153 7


Onzekerheid troef : het betwiste gezag van de wetenschap H. Dijstelbloem and Rob Hagendijk. 2011. Wageningen Bookcode: 201-C-1 / 2011-01 Reg.# 3317 Uncertainty is the case: the disputed authority of science. In this book in Dutch the authors seek for the reasons why people doubt the truth of what scientists claim. With examples like the disputed climate debate. Is scientific knowledge on which it relies reliable?

New Journal Methods in Ecology and Evolution 1.2010 - (from free access to paid subscription) New Books: Biometry: The principles and practice of statistics in biological research. Fourth edition Robert R. Sokal and F. James Rohlf. 2011. Wageningen Bookcode: 102-A / 2011-03 Reg.# 3319 Defensive mutualism in microbial symbiosis James F. White and Mรณnica S. Torres. 2009. Wageningen Bookcode: 505-B / 2009-01 Reg.# 3320 Free-living nematodes of Hungary (Nematoda errantia) Vol. I. /II / III I. Andrassy. 2005-2009. Wageningen Bookcode: 601-H / 2005-01 Reg.# 3326 ; 601-H / 2007-01 Reg.# 3327 ;601-H / 2009-01 Ijsbreker : Terug kijken op het International Polar Year (IPY) NWO. 2011. Wageningen Bookcode: 100-A / 2011-02 Reg.# 3324 Introduction to meta-analysis M. Borenstein, L. V. Hedges, J. P. T. Higgins and H. R. Rothstein. 2011. Wageningen Bookcode: 111-B / 2011-01 Reg.# 3322



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Onzekerheid troef : het betwiste gezag van de wetenschap H. Dijstelbloem and Rob Hagendijk. 2011. Wageningen Bookcode: 201-C-1 / 2011-01 Reg.# 3317 Plankton culture manual F. H. Hoff and T. W. Snell. 2008. Wageningen Bookcode: 413-E / 2008-01 Reg.# 3318. R in action R. I. Kabacoff. 2011. Wageningen Bookcode: 102-A / 2011-04 Reg.# 3321 Resolving ecosystem complexity O. J. Schmitz. 2010. Wageningen Bookcode: 413-A / 2010-02 Reg.# 3323

Universiteiten en onderzoeksinstellingen in Nederland 2012 DANS (KNAW). 2011. Wageningen Reg.# reference bookInformation is also available in NARCIS. Colophon This newsletter will inform you about new developments in information and information technology (internet, online resources) and on the developments in the NIOO Library and Information department (library acquisitions, licenses, access to online resources). For more information, remarks and/or suggestions, please contact Marianne van der Heijden.



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