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Library and Information Newsletter Spring 2011

Content • Ne ws fr om Li br a ry de pa rt me nt N ew N I O O l i br ar y Wageni ngen, T r i al O x fo r d Scho l ar shi p , Data day • Wri t i ng & P ubl i shi ng O p en A ccess, O pen data •E ndno t e / We b o f Sci e nce / R e se a rche r ID End no te X4 , Resear cher I D • Da t a Ma na ge me nt D ata o n d em an d • C i t a t i on T r a ck i ng • Da t a ba se ba rome t e r • Ne w Journa l s • Bo o k a cqui si t i o ns Best Bi r d Bo o kA war r d , l i br ar y stati sti cs • C ol ophon

Book De N eder l andse b i o d i ver si tei t

T hi s b o o ks gi ves a r ecent sur vey o f al l the Dutch pl ants, ani m al s, fung i and si ng l e cel l cr eatur es: the who l e o f the b i o d i ver si ty i n T he N ether l and s. In to tal 2 0 4 g r o up s ar e b ei n g co ver ed fr o m fl agel l ates to l i chens and fr o m fer ns to m am m al s. (thanks to E. Mo r r i en).

LIBR AR Y AND INFOR MATION SER VICES DEPAR TMENT • For genera l information, please contact our genera l libra ry ma ilbox, website , phone: 06-23199594, cha t box. • Ne w NIOO Wa ge ni nge n Li bra ry

LI BRARY Li br ar y news 20 1 1 spr i ng

We ha ve moved into the new libra ry since ja nua ry 2011. The books are - more or less - on the shelves, but need to be rearra nged. We send a rest pa rt of our pa per journa ls to Wa geningen UR Libra ry, a nd the new items, focus on digita l rea ding a nd on a udiovisua l ma teria ls need to be implemented still. La ter on there will be more information on the new NIOO Wa geningen libra ry, for the tome being we ha ve a small brochure, tha t you ca n rea d.

• Oxford Scholarship Online We set up a trial for the ebooks of the Biology Module of the Oxford scholarship Online. Oxford University Press offers his schola rly books on an online pla tform. Until the end of the yea r we ha ve a ccess to the Biology Mod ule of Oxford Scholarship Online. It conta ins books on: Anima l Biology, Aqua tic Biology, Biochemistry / Molecula r Biology, Biodiversity / Conserva tion Biology, Biotechnology, D isea se Ecology / Epidemiology, Ecology, Evolutiona ry Biology / Genetics, Microbiol ogy, Na tura l H istory a nd Field Guides, Ornithology, Pla nt Sciences a nd Forestry. All books are available full text. It appeared that you ca n only download 5 pa ges of a book, and not a complete book. So, although some titles were very interesting to us, we decided not to proceed for subscribed a ccess.

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•Data d ay On Ma rch 8 a nd on April 20 we orga nised da ta da y's in respectively Yerseke and Wa geningen. The da ta da y is intended to give you the opportunity to a rchive your da ta , a nd if needed a sk for a ssista nce from us or from the people from VLIZ. Since it wa s the first time in Wageningen we a lso ha d a genera l introduction. You ca ncheck out the introduction powerpoint a nd rea d more a bout the da ta da ys, in a short description with checklists. WR ITING & PUBLISHING/OPEN ACCESS •Ope n a cce ss a nd t he i mpa ct of OA on t he ci t a t i on score s

An inventory of 31 studies into the impact of publishing Op en Access: 28 show that an OA Article is cited more than a non-Open Access article; 4 stud ies do not show any difference.

Swan, A. (2010) The Open Access citation advantage: Studies and results to date. Technical Report , School of Electronics & Computer Science, University of Southampton. http://eprints.ecs.soton.a

This pa per presents a summa ry of reported studies on the Open Access cita tion adva ntage. There is a brief introduction to the ma in issues invol ved in ca rrying out such studies, both methodological and interpretive. The study listing provides some deta ils of the covera ge, methodological approa ch and ma in conclusions of each study. Describes the advantag es of Open Access. It can be done by making a peer reviewed manuscript available as soon as the articlehas been accepted . Because an article is available sooner, it can be cited sooner.

Gargouri Y, Hajjem C, Larivière V, Gingras Y, Carr L, et al. 2010 Self-Selected or Mandated, Open Access Increases Citation Impact for Higher Quality Research. PLoS ONE 5(10): e13636. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0013636 e13636. doi:10.1371/journa l.pone.0013636 Articles whose a uthors ha ve supplemented subscription-ba sed a ccess to the publ isher's version by sel f-a rchiving their own fina l draft to ma ke it accessible free for all on the web (“Open Access”, OA) are cited significantly more than articles in the sa me journa l and year that ha ve not been ma de OA. Some ha ve suggested that this “OA Adva ntage” ma y not be ca usal but just a self-selection bias, beca use authors preferentially ma ke higherquality articles OA. To test this we compared self-selective self-a rchiving with ma ndatory self-a rchiving for a sa mple of 27,197 a rticles published 2002–2006 in 1,984 journa ls. This advantag e is also valid if the p ublishers version can be made Open Access sooner. With PNAS this happens after 1 year. Articles that were Op en Access from the beginning (by author payment), are cited more. Question is here whether q uality p lays a role. An author may be inclined to pay for an article he judges v ery important.

Eysenbach G, The Open Access Advantage. J Med Internet Res 2006;8(2):e8. URL: / or doi: 10.2196/jmir.8.2.e8

A study published toda y in PLoS Biology provides robust evidence tha t open-a ccess a rticles a re more immediately recognized and cited than non-OA articles. This editorial provides some additional follow up da ta from the most recent a na lysis of the sa me cohort in April 2006, 17 to 21 months a fter publica tion. These da ta suggest tha t the cita tion ga p between open a ccess a nd non-open a ccess pa pers continues to widen. I conclude with the observation that the “open access adva ntage” ha s at least three components: (1) a citation count adva ntage (as a metric for knowledge upta ke within the scientific community), (2) an end user upta ke adva ntage, and (3) a cross-discipline fertilization adva ntage. More research is needed, and JMIR is inviting research on all aspects of open access. As the adva ntages for publishing open access from a researchers' point of view become increasingly clear, questions around the sustaina bility of open access journa ls rema in. This journa l is a living exa mple tha t "lea n publishing" models ca n crea te successful open a ccess journa ls. Open source tools which ha ve been developed by the Public Knowledge Project at the University of British Columbia with contributions from the Epublishing & Open Access group a t the Centre for Globa l eHea lth Innova tion in Toronto are an alternative to hosting journa ls on commercial open access publisher sites. Open data and citation impact It ap pears that p ublishing d ata will also cause a higher number of citations of the related publication.

Heather A. Piwowar, Roger S. Day, and Douglas B. Fridsma, Sharing Detailed Research Data Is Associated with Increased Citation Rate, PLoS ONE, March 21, 2007. UR L:

/fetchArticle.a ction?a rticleURI=info:doi/10.1371/journa l.pone.0000308 Abstra ct: Background. Sha ring resea rch da ta provides benefit to the genera l scientific community, but the benefit is less obvious for the investigator who ma kes his or her da ta available. Principa l Findings. We examined the cita tion history of 85 ca ncer microa rray clinical trial publications with respect to the availability of their da ta . The 48% of trials with publicly available microarray da ta received 85% of the a ggrega te cita tions. Publicly a va ila ble da ta wa s significa ntly (p = 0.006) a ssocia ted with a 69% i ncrea se in cita tions, independently of journa l impa ct fa ctor, da te of publication, and author country of origin using linea r regression. Significance. This correlation between publicly available da ta and increased literature impa ct ma y further motiva te investigators to share their deta iled research da ta. Comment. Ma ny studies ha ve shown a correlation between OA articles a nd cita tion impa ct. I believe this is the first study to document a simila r correla tion between OA da ta a nd cita tion impa ct. Sprea d the word to colleagues who are still hoarding da ta , wa iting too long before releasi ng it, or una ble to see any ga in for themselves in da ta sha ring. Upda te (7/13/07). Also see Hea ther Piwowa r's presenta tion on this paper a t the NLM Biomedical Informatics Trainee conference. http://resea tionon-citation-ra te-for-sha red-da ta / or iningprogra m/funding.html Endnote / W eb of Science / ResearcherID •E ndnot e X4

The current version of Endnote tha t we a re using now is Endnote X4, (14) Adva ntages of using Endnote X4 apart from the usua l bibliographic ma na gement, CiteWhileYouWrite features, finding full text application is the possibility to search in the pdf's. Please check out the powerpoint a nd/or the handout of the presentation held

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in Ma rch this year, or read the Endnote X4 help.

•R e se a rche r ID

From this yea r (2011) on we will use the citation metrics from the ResearcherID for the Business Report. Via the ResearcherID youc an ma inta in ourself your publication list and thus your cita tion report. The recommended pa thwa y is to use your persona l login a ccount from Web of Science a s your Resea rcherID , and to ma inta in your list of publications via EndnoteWeb. In short you ca n follow the next stept: Ma ke a ResearcherID: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Login (or first register if you do not ha ve it a lrea dy) in your persona l a ccount in Web of Science Click MY RESEARCHERID in the top menu in the Web of Science screen Register for Resea rcherID (using the sa me userna me a nd pa ssword a s your WoS persona l login) Go ba ck to Web of Science Search for your own publica tions Check ‘full record’ and export them to EndnoteWeb Click MY END NOTEWEB in the top menu in the Web of Science Screen Open group ‘Unfiled’ Check ‘All’ and move them to the group ‘MY Publications’ Repeat 5-9 until all your publications are in the group ‘MY Publications’ Click RESEARCHERID in the top menu in the Endnoteweb screen Check whether the list of ‘My publications’ in Endnoteweb is the sa me as ‘My publications’ in ResearcherID Add non WoS refereed publica tions via Endnote (no effect on the cita tions metrics)

Upda te your Resea rcherID : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Login i n your persona l a ccount in Web of Science Go over steps 5-11 until all your new publications are added to the group ‘MY Publications’ Click RESEARCHERID in the top menu in the Endnoteweb screen Click ‘Manage’ under ‘MY Publications’ Check ‘Select Pa ge’ a nd click “Upda te using Web of Science” Repea t 5 for ea ch pa ge until a ll your records a re upda ted

For the Resea rcherID you ca n a lso use the upda te FAQ’s on NIS. In these Questions & Answers I give you the simplest wa y to set up your resea rcherID. Data Manag ement •Data on demand In the new journa l Na ture Climate Change a feature article is dedica ted to research da ta ma na gement. Kurt Kleiner writes in his article entitles 'D ata on dema nd' on climate sci entist, who ma ke their da ta more openly available. Na ture Clima te Cha nge 1, 10-12(2011) is the first edition of the new Na ture journa l on climate cha nge. CITATION TR ACKING • NIOO publications in 2010 In 2010, 289 NIOO publica tions were published, of which 234 ca n be found in Web of Science. NIOO Publications New in 2010 Or subscri be to the RSS-a lert from Web of Science to get the latest updates. • Citations of NIOO p ublications published in 2010 In Web of Science we ca n find in April 2011: 234 a rticles published in 2010. These 234 a rticles ha ve been cited 249 times, a nd from these 234 a rticles 111 ha ve been cited a t lea st once. The best cited articles are: Va n Bers, N.E.M., K. Va n Oers, H.H.D . Kerstens, B.W. Dibbits, R.P.M.A. Crooijma ns, M.E. Visser & M.A.M. Groenen. (2010). Genome-wide SNP detection in the grea t tit Parus major using high throughput sequencing. Molecular Ecology 19 , 89-99. Times Cited: 12 Va n der Putten, W.H., M. Ma cel & M.E. Visser. (2010). Predicting species distri bution a nd a bunda nce responses to climate change: why it is essential to include biotic intera ctions across trophic levels. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 365 , 2025-2034. Times Cited: 11 Verhoeven, K.J.F., J.J. Ja nsen, P.J. Va n Dijk & A. Biere. (2010). Stress-induced D NA methyla tion cha nges a nd their heritability in asexua l da ndelions. New Phytologist 185 , 1108-1118. Times cited: 11

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• Da t a ba se ba rome t e r

H ow do search results differ and develop? As a test we will ma ke a search on the topic "biodiversity and clima te cha nge" for a rticles published in 2011 r e sul t s Se a rch que st i on Ma rch Jul y T S = (b i o d i ver si ty A N D "cl i m ate chang * ") Pub . Y ear = 2 0 1 1 217 p ub - d ate > 2 0 1 0 and T IT LE- A BS T R- KEY (bi o d i ver si ty) and 7 9 T IT LE- A BST R- KEY ("cl i m ate chang * ") Sp r i ng er Li nk Sear ch Fo r (T i tl e- A bstr > b i o d i ver si ty A N D "cl i m ate 51 chang e" Pub l i cati o n Date > G r eater than Mo nd ay, J anuar y 01, 2011 Bi o O ne A nywher e i n the ar ti cl e: b i o d i ver si ty cl i m ate chang e fr o m 14 2 0 1 1 to 2 0 1 1 G o o gl e Scho l ar b i o d i ver si ty "cl i m ate chang e" 2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 1 4440 Sco p us (no t fr ee Basi c Sear ch: bi o d i ver si ty A N D "cl i m ate chang e" Si nce 2 0 1 1 2 0 4 acccessi b l e) - p r esent Pubm ed "Bi o d i ver si ty"[Mesh] A N D "C l i m ate"[Mesh] A N D ("2 0 1 1 /0 1 3 5 /0 1 "[P ub l i cati o n Date] : "2 0 1 1 /1 2 /3 1 "[P ub l i cati o n Date])

Da t a ba se Web o f Sci en ce Sci ence D i r ect


De c

JOUR NALS Ne w Journa l s

The Na ture Report on Climate Change, a free compilation of news, articles, blogs and podcasts on climate change, will stop and be replaced by a monthly journal . This journa l Na ture Climate Change, will be launched in April 2011. The pre-la unche website is already available as is the first issue. Ardea Bioone 2007 - Ardea -site 1989. - 2006 (free copy) 2007- Userna me 'niookna w' password '1ecology%' IBIS ba ck issues since 1859 BOOK ACQUISITIONS IN THE LIBR AR Y BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) a nd British Birds a re plea sed to a nnounce tha t the winner of the Awa rd for Best Bird Book of the Yea r 2010 is ‘Living on the Edge: wetl ands a nd birds in a cha nging Sa hel’, by Leo Zwa rts, Rob G. Bijlsma , Ja n va n der Ka mp a nd Eddy Wymenga (KNNV Publishing, 2009). Rea d more

In the NIOO-Wa geningen Libra ry 601-S / 2009-01 C he ck o ut a l l t he ne w bo ok s i n 2010

Library stastistics: Tota l number of books in Libra ry ca ta logue 19904 titles, of which 4987 a re online books. In Yerseke Library there a re 11342 books a nd reports, in Wa geningen Libra ry we ha ve 3593 books. In 2010 we a cquired 819 books, of which 25 a re print books. On loa n a re 1151 books. Requested pdfs of loa ns in 2010: 374 New Books: Animal migration : a synthesis E. J. Milner-Gulla nd, J. M. Fryxell a nd A. R. E. Sincla ir. 2011. Wa geningen Bookcode: 600-F / 2011-01 Reg.# 3279 Soil microbiology, ecolog y, and biochemistry Eldor Alvin Pa ul. 2007. Wa geningen Bookcode: 408-I / 2007-01 Reg.# 3278 Stable isotope probing and related technologies J. C. Murrell a nd Andrew S. Whiteley. 2011. Wa geningen Bookcode: 112-A / 2011-01 Reg.# 3277 Grenz eloz e natuur : de internationale betekenis van Ned erland voor soorten, ecosystemen en landschapp en J. H. J. Scha minée, J. C. H. P. Dirkx a nd J. A. M. Ja nssen. 2010. Wa geningen Bookcode: 412-B / 2010-01 Reg.# 3276

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Plantafweer tot onder de bodem uitgez ocht N. M. va n Da m. 2011. Wa geningen Bookcode: 505-C / 2011-01 Reg.# 3275 m/2066/83232 /1/83232.pdf De Nederland se biod iversiteit J. Noordijk, K. va n Achterberg, A. J. va n Loon , Nederla nds Centrum voor Biodiversi teit Na tura lis., Europea n Invertebra te Survey. a nd Na tiona a l Na tuurhistorisch Museum (Netherla nds). 2010. Wa geningen Bookcode: 412-H / 2010-01 Reg.# 3257 Marine phytoplankton : selected microphy toplankton species from the North Sea around Helgoland and Sylt M. H oppenra th, M. Elbr채chter a nd G. Drebes. 2009. Wa geningen Bookcode: 413-E-2 / 2009-01 Reg.# 3207 Colophon This newsletter will inform you about new developments in information and information technology (internet, online resources) a nd on the developments in the NIOO Libra ry a nd Informa tion depa rtment (libra ry acquisitions, licenses, access to online resources). For more informa tion, rema rks a nd/or suggestions, plea se conta ct Ma ria nne va n der Heij den.

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Newsletter from the Library and Information Services Department of the Netherlands Institute of Ecology. News on searching, publishing, cit...

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