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Library and Information Newsletter Autumn 2010

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Title: Als water je lief is Author: Carla van Lingen; Nederlands Instituut voor Ecologie (NIOO-KNAW) / Nieuwersluis Publisher: Nieuwersluis : NIOO-KNAW / KNNV Uitgeverij, 2010. ISBN/ISSN: 9789050113243 9050113249 A book about the research, history and garden of the Centre of Limnology. In all libraries there is one copy for consultation. You can get/buy your own copy from Mayra Albers.

LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SERVICES DEPARTMENT • For general information, please contact our general library mailbox, website, phone: 06-23199594, chatbox. • iPad

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In our quest for promoting digital reading we have been testing e-readers for their usability as replacement of all the printed pdf-papers. In July a new kind of e-reader became available in The Netherlands: the iPad. This device works like an iPhone with apps. You can read pdf’s from journals and e-books with the iBook app or with Stanza. The Nature app also is available for the iPad. After installing the first initial settings you can borrow it to test its functionality as an e-reader, in the same way as the other ereaders are available for testing. Read the article by Alex Golub "The iPad for Academics" in Inside Higher Ed July 12,2010 and read my and Johan's review on the NIOO library weblog.

• Library Committee On August 3, 2010 the Library Committee came together. Main issues were: ●

● ● ●

expected price increase of the journals of 7200 euro. The MT will decide if we have to cancel journals or can the library budget. shift within linksolver: price and functionality (in Web of Science, Google Scholar etc.). We will evaluate the linkresolver later this year. the library in the new building. The committee advised to have quiet places for reading in the new library. paper journals in the new library (in Wageningen). The Library committee unanimously judged that all the paper journals from the Heteren en Nieuwersluis library can be removed. The Management Team advised to move all journals, not yet available in the University, to the University Library (of Wageningen).


Nature News presents the problem of plagiarism and the CrossCheck software to detect it. Declan Butler wrote an article " Journals step up plagiarism policingCut-and-paste culture tackled by CrossCheck software" that was Published online 5 July 2010 | Nature 466, 167 (2010) | doi:10.1038/466167a . 83 publishers, all CrossRef members, have joined the CrossCheck database, and about 8000 articles are checked each month. The CrossCheck database is for CrossReff members only, but is based on the plagiarism detected software of iThenticate.Authors and researchers can pre-screen manuscripts or dissertations using iThenticate to ensure that they have attributed all sources and are not inadvertently misappropriating content. • Research Code

European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity is presented on the World Conference on Research Integrity. The code addresses good practice and bad conduct in science, offering a basis for trust and integrity across national borders. The code is published in the report 'Fostering Research Integrety in Europe'. • Open Access http://infoserver/library/news/lis_news_autumn10.cfm (2 of 7) [5-10-2010 15:57:45]

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Read more about Open Access and what you as a researcher can do on the researchers page at www. or consult the NIOO Open Access Brochure.

Springer lauches a new platform SpringerOpen. From beginning of 2011 Springer will be publishing a forthcoming series of peer reviewed open access journals. • Peer review system

In Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America Jeremy Fox and Owen Petchey publish a contribution entitled "Pubcreds: Fixing the Peer Review Process by “Privatizing” the Reviewer Commons". In this article they give a sketch of the current and future problems with the peer review system and they propose a solutions. Their proposal is a Pubcreds Bank for all scientific publications. When you submit an article to the peer review system you pay 3 Pubcreds and you receive 1 Pubcred for every manuscript that you review. Thus the peer review system can get a better balance. You can also sign the petition. (Thanks to Gerlinde). In The Scientist attention was given to the initiative of Liquid Publications in an article by Jeff Akst "Publish or post". A project entitles " Liquid Publications: Scientific Publications meet the Web: Changing the way scientific knowledge is produced, disseminated, evaluated, and consumed. ""I [could] have my own journal, which I maintain on peer review, for example," he explains. "[When I find an interesting paper], I drag and drop the pdf file [in] the journal" using the platform provided by LiquidPublication, which recognizes the file, obtains the url, and retrieves the metadata, etc. "I do this because I want to keep track of it for myself [and alert] all my team, [but] by doing this, we also share [our thoughts on the research] with the world." The Liquid Publications projects is funden by the EU in the FP-7 framework. In another article in The Scientist, Jef Akst sketches the problems with peer review under the title " I Hate Your Paper: Many say the peer review system is broken. Here’s how some journals are trying to fix it. There are 3 main Problems: #1 Reviewers are biased by personal motives #2 Peer review is too slow, affecting public health, grants, and credit for ideas # 3 Too many papers to review. And he offers organisational solutions to these problems. In the article "Redesigning Scientific Reputation: Rewards and incentives for online collaboration can make better science" Bo Adler, Ian Pye, and Luca de Alfaro propose a different system for peer review. " Peter Frishauf, founder of Medscape, has proposed that quantifiable “reputation systems” would reflect the depth of review a paper has undergone, and could serve as a reward system for those scientists who contribute to enhancing or judging a paper’s value. " • Narcis

Narcis, the National Academic Research and Collaborations Information System, is an information systems that presents and harvests all academic repositories in The Netherlands. In Narcis there are some new features available: you can search on an item, say 'biodiversity ' and have the search questions as an RSS feed, or as a widget that you can copy into your webpage or blog. http://infoserver/library/news/lis_news_autumn10.cfm (3 of 7) [5-10-2010 15:57:45]

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Data Management •Large scale Data Management Nature Review has published an overview of computer solutions to handle large scale scientific data sets: "Computational solutions to large scale data management". Eric Schadt e.a. explain in a flash video how to use the new methods of computer soutions. They introduce two types of large scale collaboration: - cloud computing: web-based working together with lots of computer, or grid computing - heterogenous computing: integrating different computersystems into the network He compares these types of networking with the traditional networking. •Distributed Data Management is the website of Pacific Ecoinformatics and Computational Ecology Lab based in Berkely, California. Their mission is " to promote awareness of ecological interdependence through research. " Funded by the National Science Foundation they maintain the websites WOW, Webs on the Web. This involves an interdisciplinary collaboration of experts in ecology and computer science. This is much about 3D images. Another project is Semantic Prototypes in Research Ecoinformatics(SPiRE): "Spire is a research project investigating how semantic web technologies can be used to support science in general and the field of ecoinformatics in particular. " The idea is to use different, heteregenous sources to extract and fuse information in response to a query. A testbed for this is the National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) Another example of distributed data management is the Meta data portal of the International Polar Year. The metadata (the description) of the datasets is on the NASA server, but the actual datasets are in other places and can be reached through links. CITATION TRACKING • NIOO publications in 2009 and 2010 In the three quarters of the year of 2010, 213 NIOO publications were published, of which 154 can be found in Web of Science. See also NIOO Publications New in 2009 and NIOO Publications New in 2010 Or subscribe to the RSS-alert from Web of Science to get the latest updates. • Citations of NIOO publications published in 2009 & 2010 In Web of Science we can find in Sept 2010: 200 articles published in 2009 and 154 articles published in 2010. These 354 articles have been cited 581 times, and from these 354 articles 170 have been cited at least once. The best cited articles are: http://infoserver/library/news/lis_news_autumn10.cfm (4 of 7) [5-10-2010 15:57:45]

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Hopkins, R. J., N. M. van Dam & J. J. A. van Loon (2009) Role of Glucosinolates in Insect-Plant Relationships and Multitrophic Interactions. Annual Review of Entomology, 54, 57-83. Times Cited:21 Both, C., M. van Asch, R. G. Bijlsma, A. B. van den Burg & M. E. Visser (2009) Climate change and unequal phenological changes across four trophic levels: constraints or adaptations? Journal of Animal Ecology, 78, 73-83. Times Cited: 20 Dicke M, van Loon JJA, Soler R (2009) Chemical complexity of volatiles from plants induced by multiple attack NATURE CHEMICAL BIOLOGY Volume: 5 Issue: 5 Pages: 317-324 Times Cited: 13 • Database barometer

How do search results differ and develop? As a test we will make a search on the topic "biodiversity and climate change" for articles published in 2009.

Database Web of Science Science Direct SpringerLink BioOne Google Scholar Scopus (not free acccessible) Pubmed

Search question TS=(bio diversity AND "climate chang*") Pub.Year=2010 pub-date > 2009 and TITLE-ABSTR-KEY(biodiversity) and TITLE-ABSTR-KEY ("climate chang*") Search For (Title-Abstr > biodiversity AND "climate change" Publication Date > Greater than Monday, January 01, 2010 Anywhere in the article: biodiversity climate change from 2010 to 2010 biodiversity "climate change" 2010- 2010 Basic Search: biodiversity AND "climate change" Since 2010 - present "Biodiversity"[Mesh] AND "Climate"[Mesh] AND ("2010/01/01"[Publication Date] : "2010/12/31"[Publication Date])

results March July 126 256 34 54

Oct 374 68




0 2550 100

1 6420 213

13 8800 330





JOURNALS New Journals

AoB Plants (open access from Oxford Journals) 1.2009 Ecosphere 1.2010 - (open access from ESA) Inland Waters 1.2011 - (previously on paper: Verhandlungen der Internationalen Vereinigung für Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie) Journal of negative Results in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (open access, peer reviewed) mBIO (open access journal from ASM) The R Journal (open access from the r-project) • New database platforms Science-Direct changed to SciVerse http://infoserver/library/news/lis_news_autumn10.cfm (5 of 7) [5-10-2010 15:57:45]

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Wiley Interscience changed to Wiley Online Library SpringerLink changed to the new SpringerLink The Nature Report on Climate Change, a free compilation of news, artuicles, blogs and podcasts on climate change, will stop and be replaced by a monthly journal. This journal Nature Climate Change, will be launced in April 2011. BOOK ACQUISITIONS IN THE LIBRARY Check out all the new books in 2009

New Books: Als water je lief is Carla van Lingen. 2010. Nieuwersluis Bookcode: 100-A / 2010-01 Reg.# 3189 Het milieu van de natuur : herkennen van verzuring, vermesting, verdroging in de natuur Rolf Roos, Renee Bekker and Joke 't Hart. 2000; 2000. Heteren Bookcode: 411-D / 2000-01 CD Rom ontbreekt Reg.# 3182 Introduction to flow cytometry James V. Watson. 1991. Nieuwersluis Bookcode: 107 - I / 1991-01 Reg.# 3188 Molecular phylogeny of microorganisms Aharon Oren and R. Thane Papke. 2010. Nieuwersluis Bookcode: 112-A / 2010-01 Reg.# 3187

Monitoring bird populations using mist nets C. John Ralph and Erica H. Dunn. 2004. Heteren Bookcode: 601-S / 2004-02 Reg.# 3186 Naar meer natuur in tuin, park en landschap : praktische handleiding G. Londo. 2010. Heteren Bookcode: 412-A / 2010-01 Reg.# 3185 Colophon This newsletter will inform you about new developments in information and information technology (internet, online resources) and on the developments in the NIOO Library and Information department (library acquisitions, licenses, access to online resources). http://infoserver/library/news/lis_news_autumn10.cfm (6 of 7) [5-10-2010 15:57:45]

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For more information, remarks and/or suggestions, please contact Marianne van der Heijden.

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Library and Information services Newsletter autumn 2010  
Library and Information services Newsletter autumn 2010  

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