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Choose From Different Kinds Of Lighting Towers On Hire And Sales At Leading Firms In Western Australia Wikipedia describes light tower as “a piece of mobile equipment which has one or more high-intensity electric lamps and a mast.� The lights of the lighting tower are attached to the mast, which is attached to a trailer having a generator set which is powered by a diesel engine to power the lamps in outdoor environment. The lamps in the lighting tower are usually metal halide bulbs and are able to turn 360 degrees and provide sufficient lighting which is enough to light up an entire local town baseball field. There is an increasing demand across the world to provide sufficient lighting cover for all types of outside working and public events and thus lighting towers find themselves in great demand by construction, emergency, industrial, mining and civil engineering industry and even in event lighting.

They even find usage in highway intersections, site entrances, car parking, ports, airports and emergency response teams. In fact the global market for mobile lighting towers is rising at a rapid rate and the prime reason behind it is the demand which is because of various industries conforming to worldwide directives on health and safety in the work place. Because of the demand for lighting towers, a number of manufacturers have made their foray into this industry trying to meet the demands of the clients. Australia too is seeing an increase in the number of firms manufacturing different kinds of lighting towers with the best ones being located in Western Australia and have combined a wealth of knowledge across all industry sectors so that they are able to deliver solutions to meet our customers growing needs. These firms have set up benchmark standards when it comes to lighting towers in Australia and deal with a wide variety of applications for mobile lighting. Clients can approach these firms not just for sales but even for taking a lighting tower on hire.

These leading firms in Western Australia have the perfect lighting tower for hire and also sales for all kinds of strong but temporary outdoor illumination needs including for mining, motion picture production, sport, demolition, emergency services and oil refining, too. These firms have an in-house team of experts who are committed to providing clients with the best service and support and even tailor a package to meet the customer’s specific requirements for any kind of lighting tower.

These firms stock up only on the best quality of portable lighting towers available in the market and every product available with them has been engineered and designed to the highest standards to be able to withstand the harshest environment- from the coldest winters to the harshest desert too. From Jlg to Allight to other well known brands; clients will all kinds of lighting tower in Australia at these leading firms. Clients can even get customised mobile lighting tower at these leading firms to suit their individual specifications. They also have the option to choose from various engine options and alternators so as to blend into their current fleet servicing requirements. These leading firms in Australia prove to be the best one stop shop for all kinds of lighting tower needs of clients.

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Lighting Towers For Sale In Australia | Nion Industries  
Lighting Towers For Sale In Australia | Nion Industries  

Nion Industries have provided our company with assistance on many occasions and are now our go to supplier for the any mobile lighting we ne...