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Nintenews New Korean 3DS Exclusive! Animal Crossing: New Leaf Guide!

Villager announced in new super smash bros wii U and 3ds!


Mario Kart 8 has been announced on E3! Here are some of the features. •

Anti-Gravity Feature

The Anti-Gravity feature is new to Mario Kart 8. You can race on walls, on upside down track and more! Your kart will change into Anti-Gravity wheels. •

HD Graphics

With the Wii U having HD graphics, the Mario Kart series will finally have HD graphic with a larger frame rate, your TV will look stunning with the game. •

Mario Kart TV

This new feature will show off your moves with Miiverse. Friends can watch your Mario Kart videos you share. •

Returning features



Motorbikes have now returned from Mario Kart Wii. Get racing now! 2.

Hang Gliders and Underwater tracks

Hang Gliders and Underwater tracks have also returned from Mario Kart 7! More features will be revealed later, so stay tuned!


Wii Party U is a new upcoming game coming to the Wii U. It’s planned to be released on summer 2013. Here are some features in the new Wii Party: •

Remote Wii U games

Some Wii Party U games don’t need a TV to play. Games like foosball and baseball don’t need the TV and need a Wii U Gamepad to play. •

New Mini Games

Mini Games such as Map Quest and Fly Swat are going to be added to Wii Party U!

Returning features


Board Game Island

The Board Game Island returns from Wii Party. This feature is kind of like Trouble. You play mini games in order to progress. 2.

Hide And Seek

The Hide and Seek mini game returns from Wii Party but there is a slight change. Instead of hiding the Wii Remote, you hide the gamepad. •


Nintendo rumours/rumors online multiplayer support.


New Super Luigi Bros U DLC for the New Super Mario Bros has been released! A standalone copy will come out on July the 13th in Japan, July the 26th in Europe, July the 27th in Australia and August the 25th in the USA. The DLC is currently in the Wii U eShop and requires a copy of the New Super Mario Bros. U. •

New Characters

The new characters are Luigi, the two toads (Yellow and blue) and Nabbit. They have special abilities (for example, Luigi can jump higher and Nabbit is invincible to mobs.) •

New Courses

New courses have been added although the world name has stayed the same.

No More Mario!

This is the first game where Luigi is the main character and that Mario doesn’t appear. So you can live the Luigi and forget about the its-a-me-a Mario! :3

Wii Fit U is a fitness game. It’s the sequel to the Wii version: Wii Fit. It is going to be released during the Holiday season. Article

Here are some features: •

Wii Fit U Pedometer

The Wii Fit U Pedometer is a new featured bundled to the Wii Fit Balance Board. You use the pedometer for the jogging activity. When the fit meter is near the Wii U, its infrared signal will be sent and uploaded to the Wii U. •

Transfer data

Data from Wii Fit/Wii Fit Plus can be transferred to the Wii Fit U game. •

Returning Features


Mini Activities

Just like the Wii Fit Plus, this version will have some Wii Fit Mini Activities from the original game! 2.

Wii Balance Board

If you have a Wii Balance Board, you don’t need to purchase the bundle.


Cover Article

Super Smash Bros is a new game for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. It is the sequel to Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii. Between the 3DS and Wii U, the characters are the same in both editions but the stages are different. More handheld stages are in the Nintendo 3DS edition and console stages are in the Wii U edition. •

Characters announced:

The Villager from Animal Crossing is a new character to Super Smash Bros. His abilities are to pick up items including the weapons thrown at him. He also can trap other people using the net, shovel people and drop a bowling ball on other people.

Mega Man from Capcom is also a new character to Super Smash Bros. His abilities are the Mega Upper, the Mega Blaster, the Charge shot, he can use the metal blade and he can use the crash bomb (like the gooey bomb in Brawl).

Wii Fit Trainer from the Wii Fit game now joins Super Smash Bros. Her abilities are exercises in the Wii Fit game. Her final smash is called Wii Fit (LOLS). She can give workout tips to herself in game.

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf has just been released to all regions on the 3DS! You might have it, but do you have the tips and tricks to it? Here are some tips! •

To get exclusive DLC?

How do you get Arbor Day DLC? Or 7/Eleven exclusive DLC? Simple, have a friend that is kind enough in a different country and tell them to open their gate. Then they will give you the item and they can close their gate (using the start menu) •

How to earn bells?

There are many ways to earn bells but to earn bells, harvest Perfect fruit

and tell a friend (who has different native fruit) to open the gate. Then go to the recycling shop and sell your perfect fruit! You’ll get approx. 30000 – 300000 Bells! There is also another way, refresh your town using the Dream Suite, you will get 10000bells. If they tell you to update Animal Crossing, then update! :3 •

What is Aika Village?

Aika Village is a horror town, its code to visit can be found here: 2600 – 0218 – 7298 to visit via the Dream Suite. It’s based on Aika, a little girl who loves her mom and her mom. As you venture through this village, you’ll find some scary things. •

What is smug and uchi?

Smug and uchi are the two new villager personalities; smug villagers are polite, kind and gentlemen-like. They can get along with other villagers easier. They can also flirt with the player occasionally. Uchi villagers are very caring, and have less care than the snooty or peppy villagers. They can be more blunt and rude on occasions. Players can receive medicine if they get stung by a bee and they stay up late. Uchi villagers will treat the player with lots of respect. •

Happy Home Showcase?

Happy Homes Showcase does not have the same feature as Happy Room Academy (City Folk). Players that you have street-passed with can view your houses while you can view their houses. You can favourite a house and can keep it in the Happy Home Showcase. The maximum number you can favourite is 16. Once you go to another house, you can order 5 things inside the house, this limit includes all houses.


Cover Article

MapleStory: Girl of Destiny is the second game in the MapleStory DS series. It’s a localized game in South Korea, so anyone who doesn’t have a Korean 3DS will not be able to play this. The Girl Of Destiny has to fight the black mage in order to bring peace to the Maple World. She is part of a class named the Resistance, which fights against the Black Mage. You can also play the PC version at


Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014 is an upcoming game on the Wii U and the 3DS, partnering up with Sega. On the Wii U version it will use the gamepad, Wii Remote Plus controller and the Wii Remote. •

New Minigames

New Sporting Mini games such as skiing, figure skating and curling will be in the Mario and Sonic at The Olympic Winter Games. •

Returning 1.

Character List

The character list contains all the characters returning from Mario and Sonic at the London Olympic Games. Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games Sochi 2014 is set to be released in November 2013 in the USA and somewhere in 2013 in Europe.

Super Mario 3D World is the first 3D multiplayer platform game in the Mario series. It is an upcoming game for the Wii U and it’s planned to be released during the Holiday Season. Article


Princess Peach is now the new character in Super Mario 3D World replacing the yellow toad! Mario, Luigi and the Blue Toad are the other characters. The 4 characters have different abilities and controls. For example, Mario has the normal running speed and jump while Luigi can jump higher and fall slower. Princess Peach can jump and float in the air and the Toad can run the fastest. •

New Suit:

The new suit is called the Cat Suit, the Cat Suit allows you to climb up walls, run faster and you can climb to the top of the end pole, regardless of where you land.




The Fire Flower and the Tanooki Suit is also in this game returning from Super Mario 3D Land and the Fire Flower, returning from the first game!

Thank you for reading Nintenews! Look out for the next Issuu later! :3 Games are made by Nintendo!

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